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Arc Michael Empirical Science through time

#lacounty spends $380,000,000 each month on illegal = #latimes , 2004ad. Perhaps today, much more. This included free #hospital , #section8 , welfare + food money. I AM approach ing 51 years, & first time #dpss adult version offered a month ago housing help. They, controllers, then fired my recent state worker. So back of buss for #whites. #section8 is filled with #noncitizen , BC #sanctuarycity , #1979ad by #california rulers ( see journal and USA files and OI for these types of assessments.

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#la 250+ team so far count 47,000 people living on the #losangeles #_ streets, this is not lacounty this city only. Car + foot teams helped Revise lower figure #may 35,000. After 60 years finally #bookoflife #arcmichael #01272017ad . they did not count me, at all . and I am not in the last US Census either.

Import Islam, Export Christian.

British Colleges argued 1800s—1970s Christianity and not the east‚ but in the west was more adopted by white white and WASPS and Latino Arabs. There never was a democracy for all cultures because cultures by nature and not self-human government fight for completion reasons from resources to the most desired locals on Earth. WASP † white Arab DNA ⟨Angelo ≡ white white noord⟩ and < Saxon ⇒ arab DNA like middle eastern brownish or olivish skin types > Whites are the only group to argue democracy‚ first rejected by arabs at Greece, after throwing the white white founder of Democracy under the buss, per say, they tried to mix the messages of democracy but lied and tricked all when only a few families ran the entire Hellenistic Democratic system at Athens. I was put to death because I complained about this sâõ‰

White Genocides ⇒ World War i & World War ii ≅ global white genocide first by the N.A.Z.Is. and then by U.S.A. and somewhat U.K. THe Civil War depleted the Irish male populations who had just arrived and also a heavy white but poor and lower classes fought for the rich corporations on both the north and south side of the Civil War.

1965 Ted Kennedy and Democrat ⟨ republicans today⟩ passed major legislation debanning Islam and brining up a quota of importing at least 100,000 a year.

Fraudulent science at a U.S.A. Court for Brown vs. Federal US Education I was beaten to a pulp by Watts and South Central Blacks since I was 8 years old. My Government acted like a kidnapper or a foreign military torture prison. I could not escape and the hands were tied to all LAUSD employees who could only report major bodily injuries like a loss of a limb or a homicide. They just moved blacks away from whites and courts barred any recourse. This led to animosity and further segregation.

Obama was correct arabs formed the working foundations of America and built it because it ran white white genocide and the African black community played along. I am at Doe Library underground and reading a 1690s colonial court case records book and memoirs and I found out white white irish were given non privileged by these arab white mixers, WASPS in all judicial matters. Like today they were allowed to exist but were wrongly given blame by White Arab mixers and this goes into the photographic period where we see No and Do not want signs and often Irish or white is posted above an average American east and south coast store or production facility. These people were never desired and why Kennedys were always assassinated when any of then sought real power.

So being an orphan and trying to make a real life in America which holds a national ideology of respecting all classes, types and races of people this country betrayed me and my people. I will enact serious revenge. I would go out during recess inside the elementary school grounds and suddenly an 18 year old black ⟨ I am 10 years old⟩ would jump out from behind the dodgeball courts and sucker punch me in the face leaving it bleeding. The LAUSD could not do anything and these blacks would beat them up too and nothing they could do about it unless it was overt and injurious .

Then the Latinos began in unrest in the 1970s as the U.S. make conflict in Middle and South America to puss fleeing refugees north to Mexico who runs its Operation Wet Back Apocalypse ; the LA rAZans, even during this period swore an Oath to destroy the white and black races of America and flood them into our system and reject their government premises by being silent and only for an establishment Political Party which places their interests over native and longtime generational Americans.

DNA Spanish &± Portuguese ≡ white arab mixers and same as WASPS of the Holy Roman Empire. 1950s American Jews flood into America after World War iI scattering. They align to WASPS in economic cultural relativism. They are like Spanish or Portuguesa or Turkish ∉ racemix Ottomans ↔ white arabs, which also today are found in nortern Iran and thus if normative, shi'i have white white DNA plus Arab of black, in parts.

By Junior High school ages 11 –13 my community pulled most of their white kids out of public LAUSD the poor had to endure massive riots and beating by Arab Mexican plus the wider latino arab communities vying for control of the U.S. foreigner cash machine controlled by globalist corporations under strict patent laws. In stead of a physically superior Central Los Angeles black attacking me, about seven or eight ganged up on people at Holmes Junior High at Northridge.

Had to learn to clime tall fences and jump for my life as the whole school did this including the faculty and teachers. These were wild Arabian nomadic attack- like and these were Mexicans demanding to all traditional Americans to cede control for LA RAZA. The decade is 1970 and we are in the 2010 decade many – many years ago. The Jews decided to use them as social control against their enemies, GOD, and make a financial windfall on Wall Street. That was a part of Ronald Reagan eliminate Christians inn the middle east and at home by unknown or noticed legislation.

Black Man Jay Edgar Hoover ⟨ slave name⟩ and the cia decided to end Christian dominance and offer up a neo liberal religion of the Blue Turban which is heavily WASP agnostics. This change offered a color destinction ⌊ non–white white dominant breeds; Long associated to white white Europeans in history.

Christian eradication and importing of religious Islam will be a different USA. People who fought to rid Christians from planet earth: black dude Jay Edgar Hoover, Allen Dullas and his brother; Southern Poverty Law bigots, EDU full of sand niggers , and WASP Arab dnawe that were confused traitors. The Clintons took over for Christian killer Ronald Reagan, passing numerous Antichrist legislation and got many in America hating him even though his economy was not in the dumps and —whose entire polices were aimed at eliminating white people off of planet earth. He was Arab white and had Arab DNA that made him hate Christians.

#hillaryclinton supporter #democrat #registered from #indiana #usa #orlando #shooting #06122016ad called 911 to pledge allegiance to #daesh #isis
Anti– Semite means no blacks and no white white dna people wanted please. Adolf Hitler made one five minuet meeting to OK genocide of Jews late in the war and run by Henry Himmler who himself a WASP considered the jews a white race but with Arab body features.

Adolf Hitler was half arab and half white DNA and attacked white countries of Poland and Russia and aligned with Arab DNA countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain and the Arab Muslim countries. Joseph Stalin < fake name > and Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong are all arab mixed DNAers and not white at all.

Jews are arabs and thus Semitic as are latinos and half of the DNA of WASPS but I am white white and take all the blame for slavey when it was the wasps and middle eastern arabs and not my people.

Qu´ran says no such thing as radical

KPFK California FM talk radio and part time host sonalikolhatkar is a Hillary Clinton supporter who claimed Hillary Clinton is not a murderer; on air 06132016 she said this was untrue. the guest then detailed her involvement in bombing 20,000 innocent north africans in her and no one else’s Libyan regime change program. Women are too dumb on the progressive side because they cannot even define progressive. Most understand migrants are here not for left wing ideologies but for the money grab and that has no moral or political party ideas.

Sonali Skolhatkar wants Hillary Clinton because she is not a murderer and she is not a crook and she is not like men, all the little girls look up to Mrs Clinton and say I can be that too. Than, Sonali has a wrong message. Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning released classifieds on Hillary which showed that males ruled over her in state department affairs, she was a robot to the male ego. Than Sonali our U.S.A. criminals should not be taught to school gurls as a model to uphold. Hillary helped Bill Clinton sell nuclear weapons and he was Impeached for this and not for Monica Lewinsky.

President Obama cannot say radical islam. The qu´ran says kill the fags‚ anymore questions? — Rising Up With Sonali— Uprising Radio was founded in July 2003 by Sonali Kolhatkar AND TO CONNECT FORIGNERS WITH INFO TO INVADE THE USA. in my opinion. . Sonali Skolhatkar is a bigot and hates white people and is too dumb to know that Hillary is not white but an Semitic arab white mixer and why Hillary supports Islam over white Christians.

Barack hussein Obama ∈He destroyed race relations. every islamic jihad shooting he blames a white granny making an apple pie as the global boogygrandma. þ Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegals Inside USA… zero hedge fund.
Classmates say Omar celebrated 9/11…
LGBT of Arizona just endoresed Donald Trump 06132016ad

The FBI spent 10 months investigating Omar Mateen in 2013 and 2014 — including secretly recording his conversations and monitoring his Internet communications — after the Orlando nightclub killer had claimed to co-workers that he had “family connections to al–Qaida” [sic] and made “inflammatory” statements that raised concerns about possible ties to terrorism, FBI Director James Comey said today.

The FBI closed out that probe in May 2014 after Mateen, during the course of two FBI interviews, told agents he had made those statements “in anger” because he thought his co-workers were discriminating against him and were “teasing him because he was a Muslim,” Comey said. yahoo news

Omar Mateen family are from Afghanistan. Bill Clinton and the then Afghani government supported the creation of the Taliban.