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Classification? Orphan.

typology: both parents abandoned child, so no mother or no father support . Individualism replaced community/family. My grandfather and father did not get along, my father however was close to his mother, my paternal grandmother, photo below.

U.S.A. reality. If you are damaged, the U.S.A. does not want you, you will fail. R.A.M. born, Hollywood California. October 1st 1934 A.D. Grandfather arrived when he was eight years old to Los Angeles from Chicago, U.S.A. So I am a third generation Los Angeleno.

Proof: No orphans have succeeded or social climed.

Some orphans turn into mythical heros.

How do states view orphans? They are the top danger in all cultures and States.

So they are not perfered in jobs. A boss will never like an Orphan if treated on the same level as privledged or established person with community power.

This is pure evil but the historical norm. This perhaps clarifies the philosophical argument that Earth is hell and inescapable and luck or fortune defines justice and morality, which is basically senseless, random and unmeaningful..


My father is in a suit, on your left. A photo form the web, a political function, not me. He has Olive skin, my sister received his gene type. She too has olive skin and can tan very quickly. I and my mother burn if we do not put on sun screen.


The last time I saw my father was in Chatsworth California, a new office building he rented sometime in 1993 A.D. before the Northridge Earthquake, and I was visiting his offices and he was speaking to my sister, who I had a fight with because my father had stolen my accident insurance to fix my vehicle and a larger problem of Tax Fraud ( I was living in my car, my father in a million dollar two story home, with pool and tennis court, in Chatsworth with his new wife ) and I over heard him say to my sister, "I do not care about him." He or she did not know I was in the building, I was standing right outside of the office door and heard this loud and clear, and understood this was his and hers true feelings. I walked out, did not look back, and each year I celebrate with a little more happiness than the preceding year over this issue.

I did not say anything, walked out the door and said 'that is it for this life', to myself. I cannot deal with hatred to which he has a lot of baggage. Within a short time afterwards, my sister alerted me that the IRS was after me for not paying a lot of taxes. When I got the letter she had brought, it said I worked for my father as a fulltime employee and make somewhere around 10,000s of thousands of dollars, a total lie. My job in his office was to be a maid, like a cleaning lady, and so I emptied the trash frequently. One day, I found tax returns, with my fake signature and data that claimed I made $100,000 ( a document I kept till this day) of my fathers writings trying to secretly make me his tax shelterer, when I cleaned maybe twice a week for a few hours for $5.00 of gas money -- and that was it. Because my father was a CPA ( Certified Public Accountant) and a son trusts his father, so -to- speak, I signed empty tax forms and he would overlook them or fill them out, including having my sister, training as the same thing for a career and she was the one that gave me the IRS letter saying I owed thousands upon thousands of dollars for things I did not do. So what to do? I was too frightened to go to the authorities, this imbecile followed me around after I ran from him before I was an adult, and he meddled in persons close to my life on the run, so I was scared. He still lives in Chatsworth, a home I had visited a few times, but have not allowed myself to go there, and for what -- so I had to struggle since then on a autobiography to people I would meet and have any type of relationship. My father claimed to have made people rich by legal tax shelters. But to me, he used me as an illegal tax shelterer and this was Tax Fraud. At this time, I had to really try to understand I was an Orphan, in reality, I was unwanted and I refused to accept it; but after this event, I had no choice and had to suffer for 15 years, working day-labor and under the table jobs so not to go to jail. I had this dilemma of honoring a father, when looking back he never honored me and so I was just doing my naïveté character.

Having a terrible childhood, I became chronically homeless and my mode of lifestyle was to live in an automobile.

The only thing my father ever bought me was in 1991 A.D., he purchased a cheap vehicle for me to sleep in to get me out of his office ( without telling me so). It cost $2,500 and I had it less than one year, it was parked out in front of his business and was stolen when I was inside, something I never done before, just that night, and I had $200 in cash under the front seat -- all was stolen. I filed a report, the police found it the next day, never notified me, and I found this out over three months later by an Torrance Auto Wreak had my vehicle as a skeleton, with my license plates stripped and cut up and dumped in a pile to which I was forced out by gun-point by a worker, it is illegal to cut up license plates and not notify the owners, and so it was unsalvageable . From there, I learned my car was recovered in tact, no damage less than 24 hours that it had been stolen, the thief or thieves may have recovered the $200 in cash and just split rather than trying to sell-off the car for junk parts -- they made their funds. When I went to the police, they did say everything I'm telling and said I could take the city to court for my loses. I filed, and the return letter claimed I would have to have a lot of money to go to court for a trial, and so I was homeless, broke and no family or friends, and thus evil prevails. I found out that police make a $25 fee selling stolen vehicles to junk yards, and lying to these junk yards that this is an un recovered vehicle. My father bought my sister a nice new jeepy car and so she gave me her Ford mini-Pickup, 4 - cylinder, a very small truck. After putting it in my name, with my sisters prodding so she would not get billed if I was in a car accident, I lived in his small vehicle, the front seat, in a fetus position to sleep until 1998 A.D. This position presently destroyed my knees and my upward mobile motion. The only saving grace was my very vigorous work ethics and routines of keeping physically fit, and even then my legs could not be saved. The other option was sleeping on a park bench or outside, which I do not feel as safe as others who sleep outdoors and are chronically homeless.

Not having fees to register my vehicle in 1998 A.D. the police towed the mini truck and I had no money to retrieve it. I had to sleep on a freezing park bench ( it was winter, and it can get cold in the Valley Areas) for three days, newspapers for my blankets and had to walk to 7-11 in the early morning hours to warm up because of the cold;  and for some unknown reason, I had landed a job and got about $750 dollars to buy a Junker station wagon, that lasted about one year and by that time I had worked my own jobs and get enough money to buy a more modern station wagon, and in these manners have my legs strait when I slept. During this time I had been fleeced by a low cost auto insurance, and for two weeks before purchasing the more modern station wagon from Moslems in Van Nuys, I had to live in an immobile car, parked it close to where I had once lived in 1988 A.D. Morrison St., North Hollywood, and got a car before the neighbors kicked me off the street. So I had this station wagon until 2004 and my back-pay SSI check came in and with my school financial aid, the sum I had saved, all went for this 1998 salvaged Jeep Cherokee, a dream car of mine for a long time and this car was good enough to make trips to San Francisco when I choose to attend U.C. Berkeley. It is the current automobile I live in at this time. I doubt it will last and any time soon it may go caput!


Paternal Grandmother ( Virginia Untershur, remarried John Fink, made coat hangers, thus a domestic factory economic engine), me in Santa clothes, Poodle's name: Lucky; this home was a few houses below Mulholland Drive, street and road of eastern Santa Monica Mountains, famed of novels, of television, on radio, in film., near the 405 Freeway Pass and a main connector from main Los Angeles to San Fernando Valley, where most of the globally famous music, entertainment, and Hollywood people live. The side back yard had a small area of view, but a view of the San Fernando Valley at night, and it was very pretty with electricity lighting up the growing population of San Fernando Valley.


In this life, and my life as Georges Bizet are the same soul. This is a part of my father's real biography.


Richard Albert McDonald (only son, he liked to be called DICK) or Virginia ( remarried to John Fink, no offspring). My paternal grandmothers' grand-parents migrated from Rus' period of Muscovy to German controlled lands or during the next century's Times of Troubles. During the times of troubles, the Muscovy leadership begged German intellectuals and engineers to come to Russia and help modernize itself, which happened in separate districts of living areas -- mirrors of the much earlier Ottoman Racial districts.  Then from Germany to Chicago ( my paternal grandfather, who then came to Hollywood at the age of 10 years-old or about, and my father was born in Hollywood, California on 1 st of October 1934 A.D. Time unknown.

I may have met my grandfather but he died when I was young, and my father spoke rarely if all about him. He supposedly had eight wives, one child, a female with another women, otherwise only my father and one female sibling were communicated to me ( the knowledge of a later female was when I was an adult). 

My father always intended my mother was his first and only married, up until that time, but this turned out to be not true. He married, a quickly at Las Vegas, and the marriage lasted I believe less than one week, so perhaps he just wanted to put it behind him. He remained an American Indonesian women named Cheryl Aquino.  They adopted a little girl named Kelly, the last I had known. He seemed very happy. He did love my mother and she loved him, but it was not a life-long marriage -- both were youthful and he was rich at that time which really complicated things for my mother, who was an illegal alien for over 40+ years before she finally became an American citizen so she could return to her home birth country of Canada, after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. 

I will not accept an apology form my father, his decisions were long throughout and deliberate and thus his true feelings. In his public bio, because she still promotes his pet causes, he leaves out me, my sister and his marriage from his biography. What is strange is that my sister and father got along very well together, and he does not recognize her in his curt bio on his website(s).

Parents relations to me as a young child

It took me a long time to learn the truth about whom I was to my parents. Just prior to my mother leaving back to her home country and my self imposed distancing from my biological father, I had learned that my mother claimed he had cheated the second week of their marriage. My father was brass and coming off a U.C.L.A.  CPA degree and working for Auther Anderson ( a law firm) and then getting to work for J. Paul Getty, as his personal CPA; he had became rich at the time of a serious marriage -- and he saw a playing field of women and choose that instead of marriage. My mother first had my sister about 1 1/2 years older than I; At this time, my mother desperately wanted to keep her money man and promised him a male, she believed he would settle down once he got a male. So this is where I came in and her plan backfired, and they separated before I was 8 years -old.  So my mother had me to try to keep her philandering husband and it did not work out well for me, she just got more legal reasons to stay in America -- she claims her father kicked her out of Canada ( my maternal grandfather). So I came into this world as a bargaining chip, so-to-speak! It took me until my early 20s that I realized my father did not want me, and just tried to please the authorities and social constructionists, a possible reason he came after me in long distances to boys homes when I had already taken him and my mother to court and emancipated just about my age turnover to 16 years-old.

Global Morality Poll Reveals the obvious.

A major moral poll was conducted by Pew Research, released its findings on April 15 2014 to no surprise;  but people that have tight families this may not apply. In a list of global immoral social ills of society, believe it or not, the choice of a cheating  spouse or even one extra marital relation was the top voted immorality on global stability,  out of 40,119 participants in over 40 countries. I did not take part in this poll, but I too would have voted for this choice as well, as the number one immorality on a global sustainability environment. I rather would even take a tight family that lived with a policy of an open relationship (e.g. allowing outside lovers into the marriage) than to have a mother and father break up the family unit. In fact, a long time ago, I tried to rectify those of us that have these relationships and I said, treat everone as your mother, father or sibling and this will self corret these situations -- but nothing gets followed, so I'll have to change the playbook on your future. Living as an Orphan is the worst existence possible. Everyone, even law abiding citizens are out to get you and take advantage of you and this should not be so.

Father in this life In Print:

Ronald Getty “in a partnership with veteran producer Leon Fromkess and business man Richard [Albert] McDonald [ my father], Ronny set up a company called GMF Productions at 8730 Sunset Boulevard. The first production was Flare-up which gave Rachel Welch the opportunity to show she could act.   This was followed by the movie Zeppelin with Michael York, Elke Sommers,  and Shiela.  The movie ended Ronny’s career because it featured a white man and a black women falling in love – and was too premature for its time.  ( House of Getty, Russell Millar, Bloomsbury Publishing, Sep 28, 2011 - Biography & Autobiography – pp. 546).

My father on God and early death with fairness

My father from a early age always questioned me about God and fairness. Why did babies Die? Why didn't they get a chance to live a full life? They were too young and didn't make a choice to go at that time, to die at this early age. He would tell me privately " I don't believe in God' a God who would be that mean to his children." I knew someday I would have to explain this to him. However, his intellectual ability is severely limited.