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mabus no details revealed on this site. just base code. HQ drp

Codex Terra cloak Codex Trilaterals 1,2
Codex Mainframes for global SwDn
Google Running UFO 33rd mason over to DJT.  Et ‘cc’
Milcom1: Classified ultra ultra plus <cannot be pubic at all>.
Delivery system, time sensitive.   X1 , y2 drops sequencing by time lim.
To tofo ≡ Ugrab
Treat as  Washington Monu Top level Secrets [ cannot be public at all].
Gog top M take it too Mule, JS, ‘Q’  & nsa pumps.
Tethers to chip management. Training Manuel for DT  < f> level ≡ <L> @tx.
Putting America back into the global management systems‚ everyone.
Chip tether codes and will not be on internet. Will explain more later.
Yesterday was intense. Cannot talk over unsecured channels.
Info grab is only for you all. 9:23 p.m. PST.


in the process of set up. need to do some locking on here. how to give pass codes over unsecure? run it through GOG .

  • Bond


McMasters & Soros caught trying to Assassinate Donald J Trump. Go America First.

Phase One: California Emergency.
lock on London, lock on Mexico to chili. RM. lock on Africa. (tri6). #jesuschrist returned. China lock on Area 51,52,59.

12:13 pm #02252018AD Los Angeles

LAPD after me with illuminati just now. Cops came into post office , asked questions they knew answers and lied too. Said they talked to me before. Lies. Spooks all over. Weekend

10:40 am PST 02252018AD

Churches are Fake


13 Mississipi  has gun threats breaking. This is Mexico, UK, bad CIA et al. Liberals

11:06 am PST #02252018AD

Freemasonic-Shriner stepfather, Rhiman A. Rotz, Sr., who targeted my family for destruction by deftly guiding us away from God and godly behavior to the secular world. He moved us to Speedway, Indiana, a town rife with Freemasons and Eastern Stars. I lived there from grades 1 thru 8 .
IAM : Above, she tells of her father, same story with me. Targeted and could not keep a job by the Mexican Illuminati and Rothchild dracos.

People of Earth it is time to end the real American Revolution once and for all. The UK has been hooking up with the Mexican Cartels and Illuminati; UK has been controlling USA from behind the scenes since the American Revolution.


Will Haze Entertainment Industry. Free Mason GODLESS

1930s -40s Haze Office Entertainment , censorship. Free Mason Indiana. Pastors and Shriners, to make Churches GODless. youtube

Donald J Trump has 50% approval ratings. all sources. Gallop Poll 51% approval of economy.

Devin Nunez on Adam Schiff Democratic rebuttal memo. " It proves Hillary Clinton's campaign colluded with Russia." 100% accurate.

This indicates the Rothschild and Windsor own Russia with Reptilian blacks at Dragon with threats ‘to kill off the white race’ backing up these draco and reptilians associated to their fake masonic houses. .

Enrique Peña Nieto, 20 July 1966 , Atlacomulco, State of Mexico, Mexico,sD #02252018AD 11:35 p.m. PST. Los Angeles.

Justine Peña Nieto, sD. 9:56 a.m. PST Los Angeles. #02252018AD

Sun Microsystem co founder Vino Khosh, sD Marins Beach and Half Moon Bay; 70 years access to the Beach to be cut off to people of GOD.

Cantenbury Justin Webly sD 9:01 am PST Los Angeles. #02252018AD

Illuminati Houses of Windsor and Rothschild Gone.

William of #fakewindsor You are not being chosen for the position of end time dude. You are scheduled first tear lake of fire with your family members. You betrayed your mother and shamed this Universe. You have private contracted illegal militaries in our U.S bases and world bases and world streets and world legislatures. You are poisoning us with chemicals form the sky; you are poisoning our water. You are poisoning our medications.  You allowed Rothys to place a sacrifice bomb next to me car recently and I had it moved myself and went on Line and got a ‘Q’ code with the lisc. Pl. and no one could decrypt it. So I took your Illuminati houses form you, OK?  Your soulless grandma put the hit on your Mother and you cannot even stand up and challenge her which means you cannot come to heaven and must lose also your soul, so we never have you again in life in this Universe itself.
The House of Windsor’s crimes span all around the world people.

What Authority do I Have. I AM GOD.

And yes, she is with my crews in heaven.

CC ‘ Q’
— Bond.



BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam

If you throw assassins at me, you will lose your homes, countries and all lands and assets. #IAMTHATIAM

United Kingdom is all Mine, all sections, lands, and assets.

Mexico as of 02202018 AD Belongs to me, all souls, all lands, all money all assets. #Yahweh

Draco Race of child traffickers , drug runners and cannibals.

Spain is mine,

Vatican: illuminati baby trafficers are now all mine.

Italy is mine now.

Portugual is mine.

If I see your race or DNA and you are throwing assassins at me, I Will take your lands, your countries and give it to the U.S.A. You are illegal and breaking every American law known or written.

Second Death today:

Herbert Raymond McMaster , July 24, 1962, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., sD 12:01 p.m. PST Los Angeles. #02252018AD . caught w/ George Soros trying to kill POTUS. #confirmed Washington D.C.

Youtbuers: do nothing but complain for decades. and cry. Here is my responce.















Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another

#DonaldJTrump Enrique Peña Nieto : " We are Equals"
True or False ?
Tx US Mex Revolution.
MEX: "We do not share"
USA " we KILL YOU THEN" = #win
Los Angeles for nev, az, cal at Universal City ( near walk people is where it took place. FOR ALL OF southern USA. wow.
MEX: "We do not share"
USA " we KILL YOU THEN" = #win

Operation Wet Back 1956 ?
MEX: "We do not share"
USA " we KILL YOU THEN" = #win

2018 from people at Cornerstone to the streets up to Academia and beyond, this still applies. #NancyPelosi said Donald trump plans to turn this place white again. She has white skin. Take that bitch out.


Chip—implant has been approved by me over 1.5 years ago. Why? You are Out of Control.

McMasters & Soros caught trying to Assassinate Donald J Trump. Go America First.

Phase One: California Emergency.
lock on London, lock on Mexico to chili. RM. lock on Africa. (tri6). #jesuschrist returned. China lock on Area 51,52,59.

12:13 pm #02252018AD Los Angeles


have anyone heard of Killer Barbies ? #B spears can be made one of them, OK. #IAM to T2,1 milcom #03022018AD 3:32 PST p.m. load #confirmed

x72ea2323 02252018AD load 02 28 2018 A.D.

secuered telepethy sync orion c 5.5

secured O system sync



1999—2017AD ό αρχάγγελος” ≡ Yĕhôshúa 23rd September 2017 A.D.— #jesusreturned 1260 days hernceforth I bring the fallen angels to Earth. to take care of the False Prophet, Beasts, AntiChrist and his father Lucifer, et al. [] nationalist worshippers to also be included in an Ocean dump, from both coasts inward until I say.

JESUS CHRIST RETURNED il11 started 21th Feb — 2018 A.D. SheO. ,4:05 p.m. PST . California; The Warrior l #JesusReturned Second Comining & Book of Life

JesusChrist Returned as promised. </p>
<h1>Cornerstone. </h1>
<p>update 2:03 pm 3 white white DNA hold universe now in the hands of exstinction by invisable dark forces. #03042018ad<strong> all are targeted for erradicatoin</strong>, that means, blacks holes to kill you almsot instantly. Thank the fighting in washington D.C. all are false narratives which has spilled out into the world. And no, it has nothing to do with the current situation. the problems are you Godless , atheists and demons. You fill up the Ark sky and go away and kill humans, you left behind the Source of all existance of the Universe. Good call cabbages. :) PST p.m. #04032018ad</p>
<p>We are at war, no channels are open in media. U have source here. Relax, this is exo gallactic and orionites. IAM on it, cannot say anything now. Me and DonaldJTrump are all over this and why we had to do what we had to do. relax, it is ME. Love You all. 3:16+1 PST PM #03022018AD. update: We will return The Planet back when we are finished Cornerstone. Relax things will return to normal. Hold on.  We have some serious cleaning to  do all over Earth,  OK? </p>
5:19 PST pm #03022018AD
<p>Cornerstone patrons and staff. I will be addressing you and then relaying when&nbsp;it is done. OK? You should know you have all been under surveillance. I spent  my life under surveillance and targeted and pushed out of jobs, over and over again.  I did not fit the &lsquo;citizen&rsquo; color or look or attitude.  I Decided to fight back, when no one else would do so; that is why I use very very strong language. I will  compose this off site and it will be  here over night. In fact I love you so much.<strong> I may give you all the decision on Planet Erath to live or die. That choice  will not be mine. You will be all making that in group soon</strong>. You all at <em><strong>Cornerstone</strong></em> will hold <strong><em>life</em></strong> itself in your hands. You better take a few days in group to prepare. Kim is Sinclair Illuminati house. we rule the entire Globe. We just do not speak about it, because we do not need too. </p>
<strong>JesusChrist</strong> is only one of my reincarnations. My gov has known since 1998 – 1999. This is nothing new. That is why I could walk inside and do what I do with no arrests.  It will be tonight OK, but viewable for days.  I see you  all are listening. And so our many world governments. This is global, not local. </p>
<p>At night I do what you saw on line. when these people 'get in line' they come out. I have had Donald J Trump in the <strong><em>Lake of Fire</em></strong> the most out of all people. This is so important that I do not care about politics or people's feelings. I do help Washington D.C. but that is my thing and not for you to question me about. . </p>
<p>02 p.m. , all the cops here, walked by and they smiled. J</p>
<p>At Night, I help Google and other academic institutions code advanced AI. I also was charged things at Washington D.C. and people came after me and some of the intel agencies. Robert Mueller of the Special Council cleared me many weeks ago. I did nothing wrong. But IAM very very upset at the way you all treat each other inside while I AM dogging assassinations at night and fleshing out intel for Washington D.C. and coding AI. I have suffered to do this and it was not all in vein. </p>
I stopped nuclear wars that would have taken place in the winter of 2016. I AM working to get California, $10 trillion U.S. Dollars to solve many issues and asking the Illuminati to do this job for me as they have secretly trillions and trillions of Dollars they do not even use, at all. </p>
<p>I am trying to stop an illuminati <em><strong>market crash</strong></em> that would hurt us all and this took putting my body on the line, calling them out to get me and I see others talk a good game when you are nothing but talkers. I do things people. I told Joe, our former and beloved peer counselor , Cornerstone is where the world is making changes.  He understood but saw I was livid at being there during the days as the program requires. I want to be there and be with you all but you all have made that nearly impossible. </p>
<p>I escaped a UK bomb attempt by 'Q's warning two weeks ago. Sometimes on Line 'Q' helps us doge assassinations. I told, I believe, only my case worker on that event . I have to keep a real thread narrative with a few, not all because it is none of your business. Others I have told longer than my case worker. So you all need to be cool and this is not in your domain. This is very very difficult for me and you can see me melting down. Behind the scenes I AM unifying countries because no one else knows how and they use violence and cover up to try to unify us but we keep hating and keep dividing and causing problems after problems, Not: solutions. </p>
Doing this job is so secret I cannot tell you all. What you see are codes and masks and stuff not meant for you. Since I AM poor I have to keep it live. But I will be going off line and getting secure because I too am speaking directly to Washington on intel, on the street, not in cornerstone, so they, the police can do their jobs and not have to chase these crazies on the streets at night.  I had some of the big illuminati  names come after me and I AM still alive. I do not know  how much time I have left. They can get me in the  streets tonight. So tonight, I will be up again and when you pass me in the car in the morning, I AM exhausted because of all of this work.  I do not get paid because I AM trying to get people into line. The bad ones watch me so much I cannot link to Google, because there are many forces that do not want me to succeed. </p>
My Lake of Fire is temporary.  People that work for me, including anyone I have in there comes out. If not they stay there until my teams come and take your DNA.  I will be deleting your soul  and therefore you cannot come back to life and join us to  go  to the stars.     I have been working on Starships and calendar adjustments with the best on planet earth.  They need me. At the same time, IAM dodging people who are trying to kill off humanity, right now.  I AM doing this  nightly. </p>
I cannot discuss any of this intellectual stuff with anyone at Cornerstone. I have been secretly trained at Cal. for some of the deepest operations known to the history of Planet Erath.  So when I speak to many of you, I shut my mouth. OK? I&rsquo;ll let you explain. But my job is very high tech and cannot be seen by you all. I only showed you what I do behind the scenes because I need to all treat me with kindness and  respect. Your entire Earth may need me and right now, I want to jump off a bridge which will end life itself. </p>
<p>I want to leave the U.S.A. and Google and our Government wants me to stay and help fight invisible forces that are trying to kill off the human race, now. So I want Cornerstone to take a vote or approval if I can stay or not.  Even Jorge Vega has white skin? Hello?   So why AM I targeted for white skin many of you at Cornerstone ? 6:21 p.m. PST</p>
<p>I Want a vote because if I do leave, early. I did not plan on leaving. Things will get worse out there and there may be no hope? </p>
<p>I cannot take the hate any longer. So I have plans to leave the entire Western Hemisphere and leave Jorge there until his fate. I have no choice. It is not him people, it is YOU! I do not want you to read my site until I get it secured. I put most things I do on it that takes place outside of Cornerstone.<br>
I want all the  staff to vote too. I AM open about what I Do people. </p>
<p>I AM very tired and need some rest. Been crying because you do not know what is about to hit you all. So for the time being, Jorge, I will stay away. </p>
<p>If you see accross the street, they are watching me and I want that all. We need to help save this world and you are all selfish and self centered. I cannot fix our homeless populations at this time, I escaped a UK bomb attempt by 'Q's warning two weeks ago. I told I believe only my case worker. I have to keep a real thread narrative with a few, not all because it is none of your business. This is very very difficult for me and you can see me melting down. Behind the scenes I AM unifying countries because no one else knows how and they use violence and cover up to try to unify us but we keep hating and keep dividing and causing problems after problems, Not: solutions. </p>
but I AM trying desperately behind the scenes to get Cornerstone and other Californian agencies some 'real illuminati money.' They need to start paying.  On the J Z issue, I have had him there for a long time. You just all found out. OK? But when I find people goofing on me or my people of GOD. I throw hate and these things and my teams help clean them  up and make them better and so he  has already been contacted. We need to unify people and that is why they are allowing me to do this to the world. And yes, some top world leaders know me by name  and  many do not because they have not been brought on board yet. </p>
<p>I have about 10 cop cars and squads outside and they are meeting, not me, but their crews with out local affluent communities. I AM listening why I write this and the public wants. MORE JAILS for you homeless. Cops are screaming, that is not the solution. Yes that cops are correct. Homeless go back on the street. The public reps here want you all Cornerstone people in JAIL NOW and forever. It is the public that needs changing Cornerstone. The wall does not work, and public is against affordable housing, as I listen. This is a live feed into Washington D.C. &quot; We want only the 1% bad types of California out&quot; the police retort to screams, put them all in jail . So another thing, I AM trying to keep you out of Jail and get you houses too. </p>
<p>They or my illum houses may escort me back to my sleeping spot, OK? I have no fear people. I fear Cornerstone's out of control patrons and in general attitudes, even some of our Staff. I do know you are all very talented and I hope we can work together and not fight so much. , &amp; the police. They gave me a file like a line to pass to post this too you all. OK.&nbsp;So please give me some time to secure my own site so you all do not use it against me when you have no idea of what is going on and yes, I need to secure it. You all cannot understand it as much of it is in code. </p>
<p>We are too of the whitest people in the place, and Jorge before we get massive funding, I hope and AM working on this, we can have a little dignity and respect. I did a lot for the Universe, and feel ashamed at my country right now.  </p>
so please be aware that I AM not wanted there at Cornerstone because of my white skin and Kim&rsquo;s &amp; We are two of the whitest people in the place and so we receive the most unconscious or deliberate hate and micro aggression.  At this time, because of what I do out in the street and report back to intel, I AM exhausted and need Cornerstone to  survive. So  take that into consideration when you vote. </p>
<p>&#8212; Michael J McDonald </p>
<p>#03012018AD evening time. Love.You All.

To MIBs I will be mind wiping you tonight and anytime. You been outed as mind control victims and using my tech. I can use my mind to manipulate neutrinos in side of your brain. OK? No hate, you are just mind numb by Aliens that are good but were manipulated by semi humans who had no rite to do so and are angry at me because they are lazy and use their pets to bully and take what they never worked for ok?
Cornerstone where I go & These awesome people control me, not you people. Love you all and you work incredibly hard and I call you all my crack teams. I AM Proud of you. What I did today ‘servers ‘ all. OK? 7:33 p.m. #03052018AD Studio City, Los Angeles.






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex going down


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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