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Apokálypsis; "Article VII." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 14 th April 2014, Studio City , Los Angeles county, United States of America.  4:11 p.m. (Daylight ST).  will be the designation as this directory is rather full at this time, and this section, an autobio will be large too.

Gamma (m)


Notice: These pages will eventually ( if I do not move it for space) become a directory to autobiographical writings. I'm absolutely poor, almost to death, cost have risen 30% and SSI has accompanied a rise for 1.2% and I cannot eat well, very sick. I have an old outdated laptop, Pentium 3 single core, 2 mb RAM, I and it is damaged, it crashes frequently, and I have no home to plug it in so I use the library which has limited space and time, and there is nothing I can do. I cannot use the library computers of the Los Angeles branches as corruption took out the good ones about 5 years ago, and replaced them with inadiquite computers, unable to use or yahoo properly, failed browsers, inadiquite RAM and processors -- just like the Fernandez Case, Superintendant of LAUSD/Building Projects, he wrote laws and then paid himself 10s of millions of dollars and cut back on school supplies so harsh that kids cannot do homework. All of my options are limited, so if it takes a long time, or I do not finish, oh well. No one cares about me anyway. The only reason anyone will read this is if they can make a dollar off of my suffering and work or advance their career somehow. 





The same people ( 1987 - '88 A.D.). Revelations, personal. Took visions awake, on purpose, not what I expected. Released in email to a select body of people, only once no communications.

Date: January 04,1999

In this document is the Armageddon code, absent of explanatory applications, which should not be difficult as I do such things on the general pages of this website.  Why do I not explain it to you? Perhaps you are not a friend, and I do not share life or global ending information to non friends.


During the early spring of 1987 A.D. I was emotionally and physically  struggling ( orphanlike), just back from Montana and with no family support, scared, and beginning to learn manual house painting to feed myself, I was living in the driveway, in Canoga Park, California, in a mini camper truck and I had demanded to know why my I life was in such disarray? I often regreted my enquiry. Time travel is the most scariest thing imaginable!


I then time traveled I ( it happened on some unconcious past life methods), saw things that I later regretted, and tried to forget about this, keep it quiet, and not to mention it to anyone. In the preceding few years, names pop into my world, and years later I would search deep archives for affirmations, at least to myself.


Why keep it private? There are no processes but by oral admission for reincarnation or past life analysis. Most research is done by facial and body recognition, and to a lesser extent of the mind or of ideas associated to your current circumstances and outlook;


And for  major problems, I found that souls do not reincarnate with the same central purpose over and over again; so that is a novice mistake. However, my decision to open up is cathartic and as well as applicable. My bones are all over the Earth, so perhaps someday, I will get D.N.A. confirmation and we will begin to code our bodies ourselves. So for 27 years I kept this basically to myself. Some years I would investigate, do research, others I wanted to forget and not bother. But overall keeping quite was logical, there is no method of confirmation, only spiral plausibility. Part of my fear is that I have been put to death by various states or governments ( people within those) in multiple past lives. The reason, I would not shut up and keep quiet on the mysteries of life and the pursuit of truth. This fear still exists, especially now we are into a major portion of the apocalypse.



Carter Baines McDonald (a.k.a. MJM, Archangel Michael) same father ( Georges Bizet, as current). 


Carter Baines McDonald Reincarnated as Michael Nostredame, née famile, Gassonet Nostradamus
Prophet, South France.

Carter Baines McDonald Reincarnated as Georges  Bizet Classical Composer; Opera, Paris.


Carter Baines McDonald Reincarnated as Socrates , an Hellenic Truth Seeker, Athens, Hellenus.




This is not tropical astrology: this is unknown Biblical Astronomy, completive forms, not practiced by anyone but needed for visual looking periodically.






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