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billions of Judeans, latin ( by different names but reincarnating over and over again) judged me by the cover of my book . I no longer play stupid. I play revenge on a biblical Scale. Thusly I have cut my grace — off from this world and do not offer anything in return.

Michael Bible

“My Only Purpose is Self Love” 5162017



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫 🔯


Don’t read this unless you want our mind raped with light. Warning.

Who is GOD 05 26 2017ad
Take this to your world leaders please. I AM Archangel  Michael of the  Holy Bible.
Important Message to the People of Earth.

You Hollywood Honcho and star actors  framed me as #street white trash or various other things that Jesus Christ was a loser, fraud and, just a chump on the stump. How do I contact people to say, heah  , look  I  May be  Jesus and will kill the planet over my anger?

Morgan Freeman ( African Hollywood Actor, Narrator and a global celebrity) who after taking many roles and crowding out others, often plays dominant role figures and even  figures like GOD.  He is robust , tall, firm, strong and stiff countenance and actually a decent actor.
Hi  all, I  believe and really for personal  reasons know  I hung on that cross 2000  years ago.  I AM writing this letter to say I have tried for 40 plus years to convince the world to listen to the plight of the poor and helpless, now just mainly the  very small white  pure race on earth, about 6% now.  CNN March 2017, has white USA population at 10%, in real DNA terms, and that includes a little mixing above 17% ashkaNAZI DNA.  My Mom I believe was mother Mary.  At 12 I opened the Bible upstairs in our above the garage guest room and read some Gospel sections and had one of the ‘instinctive’  feelings  I was intimately involved.
My home was chaotic , after the Sylmar Earthquake, 1971 we were forced to relocate and ended up in Northridge and my father  and mother separate,  and he got a small rental home. Over a few years, My  father without my knowledge cut off foodstamps and child support payments. My Mon, originally from Canada, thrown  out by her own daddy came to Los Angeles and met my Father at a U.C.L.A. football event, and danced on tables for one of the teams playing that day – where my father caught her eye and they eventually married.  And at Northridge my Mom was cut off and was denied, over and over foodstamps  and welfare or support.  She had tried  for over 40 years to get her citizenship. But Blacks, Browns ( Semite or the New Latin people flooding in to the southland) and mixed white and white  traitors all denied her and us help. Meanwhile, Blacks and  browns were receiving, even in the late 1970s and mid-1980s, preferences over native Eu white people. This helped explain to me why my mom denied food in the  fridge and had her boyfriend’s use strong arm tactics to throw me out on the street with my boy belongings, at least eight times if I can  remember correctly,  over courses  of years.

You will throw your policies from your phones but the local help places will not follow. White are street  or garbage trash to all  these foreigners.  They treat us like  cockroaches.  So I have suffered and been abused and  while crying out to local  social services, I have been judged by them as pure white privileged and pushed to the back of the Buss.  When I went to Holms Jr. Hight ( Northridge) we had over 12 busloads of San Fernando Latinos bussed in that rioted periodically with 25 -50 police cares as they stabbed and beat students and teachers/faculty . This happened like three or four times a year. So parents pulled  out  their children to a private high school.  Home with my mother was too difficult, my sister a little  Older worked illegally to feed us and this caused fights. The other fights were because my father secretly cut off my Mom and she had no rites ( no citizenship). She  started to drink and do drugs to manage her  emotional pain.  This is, Morgan Freeman, where you come into the picture in a multi Dimensional format.

Ax handle or 3 – ax handle or -5 ax handles were descriptors for my Mom to tell me and the house, those that lived there, often friends or suppressed or boarders that these bullies at these DPSS or social service departments would push her around.  She was denied so many times her  rite to feed her kids that she attacked me for this and blamed the entire world’s problems, over and over for years, daily too, on  to my psyche .  Eventually all of these pressures and running away, dying in jail because niggers decided to gang up and lynch me for fun, but  prison guards revived me, going to boys homers and abused by those systems, running away and living with a Jr High female with her parents over the summer to escape my Mom’s wrath.  I was thrown out so many times the neighbors  contacted  DPSS and my Mom and Sister locked me out and left me to die on the streets. The neighbors got tired ( they had their  own lives) of feeding a loser white  kid on the streets.  So the LAPD picked me up and took me to homeless jail, at that time a lock down 16 ft. walled facility in [ city]. Later it would become known as one of the most horrendously violent street kid  holding facilities in all of the U.S.A.
I was at Maclaren Hall for over three months and the death event of being killed and brought  back to life was just one of these common #NED  (  near death experiences).  I would record on paper and to  memory of being  happey and ascending,  past earth to  bright  white light,full of love and  compassion. Something  put its hand upon my left shoulder and forced me back to Earth and into my body .  when I first felt it, pull, I screamed no! and it said, you must go back and do something, and I tried not too go back and do [ later 15 years old] and the forced pulled me back down to earth and into my body.  I do not know that interpretation and never will. I feel today like this was a fixed event to show me I had no control and I am not GOD.  Here let me explain.



I just want you dead so  I and my Mother ( I Do not care about my father) do not have to reincarnate on an Earth full of bully niggers, bully white traitors and white mixed traitors and browns of all shapes and sizes.   You win and always win and this may be your scream to keep me and white people as slaves and suppressed as dark energy always wins  over white light.  The stars are held captive by black monster garbage disposables, which renew energy but act as cannibal vampires, a very moribund tableau. The new Universe model has a collapse  which would send a balkanization of light, which then acts as an everlasting thing. But we know this is a lie and the  universe, just reboots and so the Bible section on creation to the end is also a lie. Therefore, GOD’s people get chump change rest or rewards and evil continues forever.  EVIL = de evolution. Live=Evil.  = Light/Antilight.  Darkmatter starts, white light  is second, and end is  collapse into white everlasting light ( a mask by the reptilians) and then a reboot and evil rules for another 1.5 trillion ys., according to my secret scalar modes in Genesis  ( I believe I had a hand in this writing but cannot confirm  , at this time).
So your narration of some new models on our Universe led me to a massive meltdown ( 05 23 2017) and left me awake for three days and in  almost constant crying, hard  crying too. I felt relieved I was not the origins of GOD.  You are and its dark energy matter that pushes and compresses to burst us white light individuals.  That is a classic membrane ( brain) transference, eh?  So after the  near death experience, I left to multiple boys homes and one foster home and kept being moved  around  and or thrown out for various space issues. When I ended up at the last boys home, in Woodland Hills ( I attended Talf High), I decided to join Church Universal and Triumphant.
After about six months of so , I moved to Montana at their ranch and was very happy I had left my troubles behind.  In my late 20s in December of 1986 I got ill by stomach cramps and this was do to sensitive body issues.  So I called my father and he got me back to Los Angeles, and left me with Church members. They moved from Los  Virgins rd .  apartments to Canoga Park and  put me outside in a  pickup trailer, parked on silts.
Un known to me for about 20 years Supernova 1987A exploded and six facilities out of eight I know of caught neutrinos directly for this phenomena.  Meanwhile, I was suffering as these Church  members tried to keep me fed but could not and I was nearly starving. In the camper, I played nylon string guitar and decreed, a type of breath, speed uttering passages of various poems or scrips with a group of others and when speeds picked up to very fast, the human ear could not recognize , unless you were a practicing fast decreeer and could listen at high speeds by the natural adjustments in ear-brain connections ( no idea about what I said , here . cannot explain it correctly).  Over a period of about three to three and   a half weeks, I timed traveled.  This was due a persistant silent call in my head to #who AM I and why do I live in a camper and everyone lives in a middle class home? So a beam of light entered my top head and pushed me to a fearful place and I was asked If I wanted to go inside  and it is like  stepping through a door . It was  like a pass code permission. Granted access by my command, not automatic. So after going inside, slender and love erupted and no more fear. I say my self and others, very quickly, all over planet earth, all times and  different locations  with NO specific info , at all.

I kept accessing it for weeks, taking breaks and my eyes became wide open, the people around me , in the house too, realized this and asked me about my eyes. So I just wondered and wondered by kept going  and the last few sessions, I was outside of a ball of light and begging to return. Because just days prior, I was like I do not want to live. But I quickly interpreted this ( as compared to other omens I address 30-40 years later) separation as me being separated from the fold. I was scared. It ended  like that  and I  had to go to the hospital, my stomach was bleeding from an ulcer which I deemed related to these lights  going from the top of my head and into my stomach.  The key to time travel was not  my head, the beam went to my center of  my chest and that is where my consciousness dropped from its  head location where we hear it to my stomach and then I get that pass ask if you want to go thingy, and víola.  The light put holes into my stomach. Perhaps those Attican  1,000 bc to 500 bc places that  interpret things in caves were not gaseous things that shorten these prophetess  lives but this intense  light that brings  powerful information. – later for one to interpret.  The whole episode shocked me, to  my core. I saw myself as women, Hagar in the Bible and other male figures, but also at Greece and Rome and other ME places but could not interpret, it was all brand new.

I stopped it, It did not leave me. I wondered into  traffic and was almost shaken to zombies but with powerful thoughts into  my mind.  Over the next year, things you think are voices came into my head and mentioned a name, and I shook  it off most of the time.   My first reincarnation was Georges Bizet.  A Few months later it was Michel Nostradame. I had only head the later named  once and my mom used to put me to bed with Carmen and other Bizet treats. I had no idea what  this meant.  I was out on my own, working odd hand jobs ( Painting, sand papering, such as construction things) for cheap to  eat and pay rent to a camper and just was overwhelmed to believe how  in the  hell can I be these people, they are powerful in the textbooks,  big figures.  I  worked slave labor street jobs  and wandered around in  a daze but put this in the back of my mind. I  could  not write  a single sentence , but  scored perfect on all High school vocabulary tests. I could read but not write and I had  not really investigated who these characters of history were and then years later, Socrates pops into my  head.
I decided to put into the back  of my to do list and kept playing guitar  ( music made me escape) but in the back of my mind, this lone episode had changed my life or rapped my mind to believe I was living in an alternative world by the age of 21 years old , past May of 1987. The Church leader told her congregation for a few years, during her things she does that by the end of 1987, the followers needed to be in a correct place that something would happen. I left the Church at Montana and took those  vision, if you like to call them that but spiritually left the Church , gong back to Montana just for one more  conference, laying for days in the tent knowing I lived prior lives and was  semi-literate and could not communicate to anyone, because I  was a street trash and white with no parental support of family or friends, so I existed in varying alternative universes, just at 21 years of age.
I lived in squalid and poor conditions, eventually  moving to live in a car at the age of 22, with a few breaks  in an apartment, for about nine months, trying to keep various Fast-food or paining house jobs.  So my first day on the Job at McDonald ( Ironic my last name) a  black supervisor shorted my cash register $20 because at the night shift portion, she was showing me how to clean a French fry vat and when she bent over that bill dropped from her boson where she originally put it. I reacted quickly and said, Oh, well there is my missing money, and she said nothing  and scurried off.  Being an orphan ( did not see myself  that way at that time) I had no resources . The Franchise owner was a white jew and had latin supervisors and latin crews. They eventually bullied me out and I had no state apparatus to help me, so I had to leave and leave my apartment.  I went to live again in my car and applied to Little Ceasars and there, latin supervisors physically bullied me and again, I had no  resources.  Every time I was encountered on the street by LAPD, they treated me as unwanted and inhuman and with bigotry. So I was always in fear of  the law and had no institutional support with antiwhite narratives running through all sorts of socioeconomic avenues of life support for U.S. 
I got another place, and worked as a painter but could not pay the rent, again, slow jobs and no rights for a white street trash, and got slapped with a lean, and lost credit. I got this place after living a my father’s business, a wheelhouse in Chatsworth. There some so-called friends bullied me to paint their  home for a spray machine and then they ganged up and forced me to give back what was mine to them. Again, no recourse.  So this time my sister and father had secretly signed off 30,000 in tax monies hiding it in my tax return without my knowledge, they asked to sign it prior and they were accountants.
Later that year, while living out of my car, at my sisters’ residence she handed me a tax return envelope that said I owed them over $5,000-10,000 in back taxes and I pressured my sister and we had a fight and I left telling her’ “see you have a good life.”  At this time, my sister gave me her old Ford pickup, mini, running on three cylinders and that  became my home for over 10 years and bend my legs as I slept in fear, inside and with a bent body.  Solution was to keep actively working out or exercise but over time my legs became weak or twisted.  I had not help or support, and cut off both my dad and sister.  Just days after  to me being handed that tax letter by my sister I headed to my father’s office to pick up any mail that was sent there. He had a receptionist called Flo and I had entered and she was extinguish office and she commented I was there, and he told her, and  he had no idea I was out side, he said to her he does not care about me. I got my mail, and turned around and never looked back. That was it. Just after the Northridge earthquake, I contacted my  Mom and we spoke for a few nights and I came to see her. The steps had fallen down and she was trapped and inside. She was no longer drinking, that was encouraging but boyfriends and support were gone.  She told me she just got her citizenship  1994 A.D. and  that  allowed  her  to return home, she had nothing left. My sister had left for a partnership and her boy friends disappeared and she  was sober, timid and scared. She  went back to Canada, and I never heard from her again.  She tried to get her citizenship for 400 years and was always denied, smart, white, spoke seven languages, including  one native American BC tribe she grew up with while my grandfather was a forest ranger, with vary large street creds up there, and with many street names after our family.

So by 1994 I was on my own from then onward and about 1995 I walked into  library and began to type out basic sentences. I lived out of my car and practiced during the day to right and get educated.  Over time I  learned basic html and page formatting  and  email  and posting places.  For work, I stood on the street corner with the illegal  Mexican  and  meso-south Americans to  look for paining work, under the table,  but was paid  by these middle class  homeowners  or small business painters very cheap wages, even under the minimum wage. But to eat, you had to work  for cheap.  About the mid 1995s I was so hungry I took a job others rejected  to clip hedges for $5 bucks a day . The  owner said  he lived up in the hills and put $5 dollars into my gas tank.  I was asked back and on the second day I went inside of 3005 Benedict Cyn. Rd.  mansion (8.5 baths) and he was beginning to sand paper for painting the inside. We  spoke and he asked me to do one day ‘s worth of paining , inside and wen he returned asked about my private life and I told him I live in my car and he said it was an empty house, he would pay $5 an hour and I could live there and paint the inside and varnish , and first stain the wood  floors. That took me about nine months, and he put a king-size bed upstairs, one of his and I stayed there  inside, after early evening the  home was mine, all mine.  I  played guitar and plugged in my Marshall amp my mom had brought me decade or more ago and played  guitar at night. I was not concentrating on my reincarnations.  When he moved into upstairs, He moved my into a closet like maids towel and storage place, a place that a single bed could just be fitted in between the walls, narrow. It had  just a small shower and bathroom I faux painted.  Here I would stay for over a year and be witness to 200 plus Porno shoots by the various big companies and overseas. At times the owner would  take a week vacation to Chicago or whatnot and I would own the house and run the oversite of these crews.  SO I met most of the stars, they used one of  my  props (  a belonging of mine) and  won that years Adult Entertainment Award(s).  I sunbathed naked for over a year and was fully brown and cute  porno girls  tried to get their managers to have me in scenes, but those are all on contracts with medical  checks.  At this  time I had  finished the inside and was not working but living for free without us speaking about it. Then one day I was lifting that small bed out of the way and  tripped and hurt my right leg; did not know it would lead to a major operation in the summer of 2,001.  During that period I first was injured, I told no one and did not know it  loosened a silver-dollar  size piece  of bone or cartilage. So I worked, even on ladders and adjusted this loose piece while  trying to convince myself this was just temporary. I Started to use pot and some of his workers used their Mexican cheap but pure strain cocaine. So for about six to nine months I got hooked but never had money to use in real ways like the owner. I had known he had it all over the house and I never  touched it, but for one time. He found out, and then slowly pushed me out of the home. I stopped and never did it again. Over the course of leaving, I returned to the library and said. 

It is time to investigate these things, my visions and thoughts on the events of these past lives. I ran these investigations always as this was false data and this was an illusion.  To me, semi or nearly illiterate but could  always read at a high level  I began to discover my true self with my sensitiveness, like my Mom, and things would click inside, that was me.  I started at the Nostradamus and focused on family and poems for 16 th century, and always had in the back of my mind to not look at the current dated ones or the future, for pure revelatory purposes.  I loved history about those times and kept reading . I eventually got to a race Bizet biography at the LA central lib. That was not burnt in the major  fire and that was the first time I saw myself in a past reincarnation. I was alive in the past and therefore I understood I must be alive in the future, the entire things was a rigged system.  I quickly put logic to that scenario.  I kept everything in the back of my mind to keep it fresh. No  books on reincarnation and still to this day , I have never read one. I like to keep it pure .

Concurrently while painting during the day if I found work, I would listen to a local AM radio talk show that slammed the defrayment of  all or our top Duel-Use nuclear secrets to rogue Asian and foreign  agents that would lead, eventually to  the original and real charges of WilliamJClinton. I heard all sorts of dirt , from an high operation to  Silence the first black African Commerce Sec. and other  assorted things. I was only interested in the weapons transferences and the traitor corpo, as Bill removed restrictions  from the state dept to the commerce to get around selling nuclear weapons for campaign cash, discovered $44 million, by three separate committees. The media ran 17 minuets, the entire 1999 year on this topic and focuses on Monica.  SO I checked my Les Propheties, trans. Engls. And looked for these years in books.
I linked him to x72 and the defrayment of this to an encrypted word, that some believe pointed to Chinese leadership.  The calendar adjustments placed a meeting with Jiang Zemin and WilliamJ Clinton on  the first day of the seventhmonth. That would be Sept= seventh and the Gregorian adjustment places this at the mark of 11, Sept. 1999. That day, they met and Jiang called him that open spook word, Dear Friend  ( means compromised nationalist) ; So I got spooked by my own  account.  Later, many years later I would tether this to the 911 event because the date has a pure NASA calendar) +1 year left out) to place the poem at 11 th Sept 2,001. Therefore, the King of Terror ( first copy at France archives is deffraiure  = sell out [of the office of the church, Bacon] a word heavily used in the later 15 th and certainly prior to the mid 16 th centuries as someone that pays-off for a favor, like the modern thing called defrayment.  But most texts have ‘terror’ and so on 11 th sept. 2,001 form the sky comes the great king of Terror.  I was confused at any tether  because I did not  do  maths  or strings, played guitar, worked at house painting and learned to read and write html to address my stories.  The first National French archive Les Propheties, most authoritative has the 1558  version where it said ‘sell out’ leader will resuscitate the Mangolis ( anagram: medieval latin for Mongols, which I just took as a greater reference for China).  So I started to figure out maybe Nostradamus  was on  to something.
After I read this, I wanted to keep myself clean and turned back to regular stuff, like language skills and reading Bizet biographies and discovering my music ( I die before I become popular, as like always).  So after a major  surgery to remove a silver dollar disk shape cartilage or bone, I  was taking a buss to  recovery appointments at USCmedical center when I woke up to hear the second tower fell.  The only thing I could think of that day as the U.S was on lock down and I was traveling by Bush to the medical center was the calendar conversion and it was at 11 th Sept 2001. So the poem with logic placed that at bullseye target.   Still I put that at the back of my mind.
So to continue to recover from surgery, the medicos said go take PE class to help  strengthen my leg. So I signed up for LAVC community college and being street car home I found that campus comforting.  The next semester I enrolled in classes and took what I found interesting. Astronomy, History and  stuff. So I returned to school and found my English testing at lower than acceptable so I attended ESL classes for two semesters. After that I was able to get to classes that forced kids to write, creatively at least to get practice on the written skills. By my fourth Semester, I was getting all As and got existed, not to go anywhere, but I felt I had accomplished something, for the first time in my life.  I was informed to take  special classes to achieve higher marks to get into a good University. 1204 AD first Paris, Colleges, interdisciplinary and multicultural, sanctioned by my CHURCH even when knowing it would lead to the Reformation and later its demise. That is my team and I call them the #realcoolkids. You know that term, well. So I was advised to take language classes and such and eventually the front office called me in and said it is time to move on and here are applications. I filled out Californian ones and Got into all of them, and U.C.L.A. had accepted me , two week prior, but a phone call kept coming into the office, and when I got around to contacting them, it was the admissions office of #U.C.Berkeley begging me to halt my decision and go with them. I was application poor and so I could not explain this.  Since I  stopped my reincarnation stuff to focus on education, I looked up the History Dept. creds of Cal and they had top places for world ( never the us, those are east coast schools) at 1-3 over thirty years by college peer review.  So I accepted and packed my home/car and went north to Cal.
At Cal, I put my reincarnation studies to the back burner and concentrated on this school: bootcamp for your mind. I  decided to take what I wanted because I could and my life status was on choosing what I wanted instead of a family decision.  So I took emeriti. Where ever they were I targeted them and people who scored the Ottoman archives, best on earth, to the emeriti of South Deccan studies to even the History of Science,  a higher level undergrad and mandatory physic dept requirement. He too was an emeriti and forced us students to construct astrolabes by scratch and then test us for 30% of our grades on using them with difficult questions. This school was super hard core .  It took years for Ottoman astrolabe builders to make there’s’.  I took a reduce course load, because of my early DPSS, run away/boys home status and scoured the Bancroft Archives, the deep ones. I started to look for nuclear weapons origins and movement and ideas. I found most of this info  had vanished but I knew I could flesh it out by correlating provost and chancellor and top scientist communiqué. It worked.  I need ed to know what was going on for these transfers I heard on the radio.  So while I was continuing each semester I never went back to my studies but in the back of my mind, I had known that was the true research rather than mundane politics and history.  I took the old and very popular professor Anthony Gregor who interviewed while a grad student  some of the original members of the Italian Fascist Mussolini crews, who had exiled  to China.  So he has some of their personal effects in his office too. He liked me because he say me as smart and could grasp his ideas. When most kids do rote memorization for tests and we spoke a lot about  these things in history.
I was taking random classes, here and there with no focus and my department was not really concerned. So I kept targeting the emeriti and most left after I did and filled them up with young but less IQ talent. So the first year I lived near campus in grad housing, because of my advanced age, and then next two semesters a private residence, a room and the last year in a co-op to get that experience;  When it came time to do my thesis I had my Seal one up but could mask it and do something like immigration of the 15th century to jew safe spaces ( thrown out of Spanish lands) or any other topics. And, just like the movies, I was sabotage. But why?  No one would talk, and I knew all the professors, except one my thesis instructor who was the lowest level U.S. historian I ever met in my life. After going here  and there and getting scammed I had a routine eye exam that permanently damaged my rods and cones and the campus, my dept involved betrayed  me.  I lost 2.50 acuity and they told me noting happened go get $200,000 to seat a jury. They decided this after enquiring about my personal expenses and life. So once they targeted me that I was desperately poor, they pulled the trigger not to help me. I left pissed and had to recover secretly in my co-op and take that special one semester absence to recover. It never did and I really knew it instantly that day.  So that changed again  my direction and I spent six months recovering and hiding this from others. After the six months and a break period I had to go and went to live back to my vehicle. To this day, that is where I live.  I started to do my own studies and had no purpose but just to discover and decrypt codes and History.  So I stay up at the Berkeley marina and go to campus and do studies by my self with my school pass and kept quite. About 2010, early winter I get kicked out by a Mexican who sees shades for sleeping in my car. The white old man who was a state worker, never harassed me; this Mexican kicked me out and I headed back to Los  Angeles.  I was not bothering anyone, left for the day, parked  near campus, and the parking lots were empty ; I guess the brown dude wanted whitey out of there.  

I go home to Los Angeles, where I AM born and within  two months, my left leg gets permanently  injured by Wade Boehnke, son or  Richard Boehnke, RI, a partial  reptilian like you.  Dumb as a rock, but can be quick when in it wants  to be and he pushed me on purpose and demanded I do  a online  difficult reading test for  guard duty, so  he  and his dad could make $2 extra an hour.  As reptilians, they could do it, but if they can use someone, they will do it and I had  just returned  .  My plan was to recuperate more and return to painting houses, something  I could  still do with my laser damage  from the campus eye center.  I spent six more months recovering using what I had left to drink hard liquor to subdue the pain because the Hospitals were already compromised.  I then worked on html updating meta from the search engines and doing various things to massive to discourse.

Nostradamians. 1998 late, I was in trouble,  car was towed and I  had a put a fake sticker on from a real car and so the Police made a deal they would just keep the car and so for  the first time I  slept on a park bench at 38 deg in the winter and would periodically strolled to 7-11 market to warm my body. After a few days of this, and newspapers covering my chilling body, I decided to start thinking of ending it all. I sent a serious of letters to various important and did not know what I was doing. So I  re examined one superstring set ( my terms, do not know that language) and figured 2016 is the start of the Apocalypses.  Again, I do not have Seal_1 in mind, but for thinking I was to apply this to the undergrad thesis, which I quickly understood without letting it be known it exists I could do that at a University which are compromised by you people.  I sent  many letters but the same info and placed my reincarnation codes, but I was not certain, and always keep doubting, critically I was yeoshua.  Not remembering all I sent, one reply was  do you want to buy something, Nostradamians John Hogue (compromised)  and Peter Lemesurier ( Mask) .  Hogue contacted me to just say hi, but never tried again. I did have some stuff up on a website but still computer codes still were not at levels they are today to display correlating data sets as seen on Seal_1 columns.  Hogue called for Hillary Clinton to win, leaving up that prediction well into four days after the insurrection .  He then posted a new front  page saying he was at a perfect general election since the 1980s. At 4:30 or about on election night, I took a break after reading a post that said, I think we can do this. And like my Mom, I Get these gut feelings like ‘yes’ and I knew at 4:30 pm  ,west coast that Donald Trump had already won the election. I stated in 2010 on my website but those are suspect and I said it at least 15 times on G+ ( not my servers) so date that I coded Hillary Clinton’s soul never to become POTUS.  I now teach that system, but I guess no one can understand. You can predict anyone, on earth, elections for the win by these coded celestial string sets. So I knew already who would win but I loved the emotions  of the final days of the campaign.  Lemesurier last tweet was on the final date of my letter. We had not communicated but for a few times in early 2002. I started to discover Seal_1 by predicting the Iraq 2003 war in April of 2002 and he knew  about it and  it was a public page that some website copied and hosted on theirs’ without my permission but it was ok because it was then secured.  He came out with a fake almanac joke post and predicted Iraq I one month before it launched. But he was compromised by  Stars of 911 page. Now old news.  So he is out.  So this is when I began to discover this code. Then, in another instance, I AM in U.C.L.A. secured rare books department coping an unknown 1568 edit. Which reacquaints me with many of my poems. Here, I found out that L. claim that all texts are different were a result of his lack of training on latin declensions.  Many of my books that are like, different words are the same, just a trained academic needs to flesh them out. Most of the books are the same but these words appear stylized.  Dictionaries are just coming off the printing press and the language was not  yet codified , universally around the southern Europe domain.

I was doing this on breaks from CAL. Semesters. So I decided to end it all, but within just days, I got a high day paying job of $120 and the job boss allowed me to sleep inside and I got another car to sleep in just days after I was to end it all. So I have no idea.  So I had to leave that behind and move on to securing a website to produce  my mark . I could not get and so org and net were open and I first purchased .org and registered it on 24 th , 1999 March, and the online registers changed it to  a UT of 25 th.  But to me, the timing is needed to be accurate. I had to use free geociites the first online community on the world wide web. There we could use basic html code to build basic pages and I started to release what I believed was the x 72 poem of a U.S. leader selling out to Chinese business men and linked to War  /March ,1999 24. Kosovo was a hit job by you on my Christians using the #BEAST
In February , Mario It. Propheties, archive targets Bush, New York as the event  location ( arch my site), archived on line. I pay no attention. He links to a Columbian U. doc I flesh out at Cal, but unknown to him. This will lead a mainframe U.S.A. Code.  Mr. Ed Dames on Remote viewing ( no contact , do not use that system or know about it – my system works so I do not care)  confirmed a massive terrorist attack on Giants’ stadium form the sky or bomb.  No full picture, he often says on radio his timing is the problems. So we know he  does not use stringsets.   So that system is compromised.

I set the U.S. resurrects China post on Sept 29, 1999 to secure that frame. Gurnon a Canadian publisher and  poster on APN of others’ idea and  maybe  his own does a subset for Jiang and the French leader , now knowing 1524, super code will be New York’s mainframe, archived on docs at Columbia ( restricted cal access for universities).  There, New York’s name appears in angoulesme which is thee French town/district of King François I,  and that was a deception code for them as part anagram and multidimensional.  So the poem says two leades will meet on Sept Month of 1999 and that converted and adjusted Gregorian modern places the Julian stamp at 09 th Sept 1999. From 09-11 Clinton meets with Jiang Zemin at the New  Zealand Asian Pacific  Summit. AP releases a blurb behind the scenes and the  #beast utters #dear friend  = code for U.S. compromise.  Using the NASA adjustment codes places 911 at the event and king of terror from the skies. But most  people are not plugged in and I was not concentrating as I was just getting started on my reincarnation of this subject.  Years later I review a 1925, many edis to 1952 of a pyramid book places 13 th of Sept ,2,001 at the annu mark of AK6,000 Gizāh.  So I AM in a studio city library and looking at the date of 911 in the pyramid and it is confirmed by Petrie’s critical measurements ( He tried to destroy his pyramidological father, and show the pyramid was not a  prophecy complex). Annu= code.  Pre Sumerian.  So I stare and wondered. Wow, it was there for decades or more than half a century in illustration. Book shows it by illustration. Says look out for this date. Oh, well we all missed that one, eh? So that  at least aligns our  strings.  You  just need to adjust your precessional scripts as they are all unreliable past -1850AD  NASA, PE, 2003 updated.  So I do this secretly with code.  I run certain analyticals pre and plug in to the system.

For example, Mario also found a full blown plagiarism, smack in the public address of my Les Propheties. So wide open but hidden.  Savonarola was just cut-n-pasted, for lack of a better term all over to mask the Jesus celestial  code.  I asked my followers please never give out my yeoshua birth data. They are the cool kids and  never did that. So I have access to that stringset, a superset I guess and can run that too. And also to confirm my  collusion sets of super multidemential string sets to those Seal Dates.  So I AM at least running thousands of dimensional codes already and your people are at 10+M? That is junk stuff.  What is obvious is we have been here  and done that too : lived here and  live  there, all over this planet and are re capturing our codes from our own time traveling selves.  So those end all letters of ‘98 are actually Edgar Casey’s I found out about 2010. He has a mysterious second number of ’58. I have no clue at all. Not interested at this time.  So I can retrieve data from one embodiment  to another and keep activating them and analyzing them, even though in that life, they may be operational  and  I will not visit them again for  another 500 years or so from multidates.  By the time IAM out of Cal , laser eye damage I began to  test my own codes [ nothing] on the pyramid interior surfaces for string- connections . Is this complex or do you want me to switch to stupid Ron Brown earth, wind, fire, water base idiocy antimatrix?  You sure teach the world some low level stuff at Hollywood.  So I cannot even address the ’58 code as it lay to 2060 which is very emotional to even think.  I keep that out of my system and off site for downloading later. Never touch this stuff for these times in any recorded material.  So masking done by me is an old thingy and so I can do it well .

After I  purchased my websites .org and .net ( not paying for that now) a few years later while reading an Archive of my many books this website has Catholic  Saints in late 18th and early 19th  link a prediction that some say was about March of 1,999. I wrote about this so it is somewhere. Source code is off  site and on that site.
The new outer Planets have a code too and found in Jeff Green’s   Pluto book. It is about one sentence, not linked to astrology, and it address a key part of this new new system. This is at my soul level and off your dna access scripts.  This is at my soul level and off your dna access scripts.  The comment is just an observation and grabbed that and junked in my  mind the rest of his work.  My stuff is solar system wide to be plugged  in at any time and Astrology is so bunk on maths. If you jump 10 feet off the earth, if you can, that throws that entire system out the door. If you plug in from  Saturn, let’s say of my system, only minor adjustments but the code  is operational anyway. I use at least light from at least 100 ly to 12.5 billion as code setters.  Over the centuries these need to be  adjusted. So just plug in and that is important for later solar system management. So do you see where  I AM getting at here.   I may be the real deal, I have no idea.  What do your peeps do? Oh, yeah, they steal. It, suppress me and profit form it, all the while celebrating on  access Hollywood. Lolz.

So the show I watched on Dark Matter, perhaps you produce it a year ago led to a meltdown of me for about three days and nights and crying. I then began to feel the matrix, all around me and new ideas came flooding into my mind. Do not know if you tricked me in that but I feel it and notice it and things are very different inside o f it. Your stringers are low level you know?  I  do not read their books or know their  work.  So how do I know?
So I have been working on future planets and star systems laid more openly masked in my Notradame writings. So I am working publically at AMUC Archangel Michael Universe Catalog .Discover open rips or largest black holes years before NASA announces them. I discovered massive tears in the fabric of space/time years and years ago using Chandra X- Ray telescope data.  I  think  the scientists released this observation recently as a ‘wonder’.  The Bible masks the new planet and kingdom, well . It is there. Confirmed.  So my system is discovery, operational and  rediscovery.  The conscious levels are more weighted than you reptilians.  So we already know we are in a war in heaven and on earth and I will tell you also , within us all.

Dark Matter episode I saw before  but paid little attention  ( often I work on something, never pay attention to other  things).  This last week, led to a massive meltdown.  I want to thank your personally.

I AM no longer  GOD, not the Adam, and not the snake. The genetic rib engineering is me, by the way.  That’s for you Reptilian upgrades  . Adam is the dark matter code and the second is the dark mater defusion.  So you already know I AM changing you. An upgrade, at  least.  I have not gone to past mars, but have nephrtiti’s bust on it, lolz.  That photo I do not keep on line or I place it deep with no links. Search engines are on lock down already  I see.  I Have no idea of Dark Matter but I use its stringset, but thought it was a light  set of diferent properties. SO thank you for that upgrade. I no longer believe IAM GOD, you are and I AM just a street white trash.  The code can also scalar stretch the dark envelope and a future light envelope, a separating of two #trees of life.  AT Cal , for over a decade and in deep secret we are growing AntiMatter and just looking at it and  “wondering!” So do you believe we have come a long way form the 16 th century pre science revolution(s)? If you know anything about my Nostredame writings you will see a warning for Geneva and a raypos. I say nothing.

Start treating my apostles and life as Yeaoshua with a little more respect on any future documentaries. They are also plugged in and very good when charged up and running.  They are all over history too. Whoops. You forgot that in your last ‘hate on Christianity’ episodes from Haterwood.  


, healing and recuperating my knee surgery.






Take this to the world:
Actions have serious consequences.

I bring civi to white, brown, black = nation rise, statis, fall = Code. Operational all cultures, including monotonous cultures: China is coded 3100 BC/Olmecian 3100 BC with: White rabbit vs. Black Rabbit = spectrals  of skin colors, but monoculturous systems. World – Wide. Some of these string sets are placed on Dresden ch. 2 End ( not end of the world) coded by us cool kids. And today, the reassembled codex not bombed to death by Dresden -Churchill terrorism is Barack Hussein Obama, ii. In  coded black and white garment pointing to Jupiter near ain tauri, scripted as illustrated the taurruian constellation linked to their zodiacal vine.  So my crews are already tracking one AntiChrist or your reptile.  Time set 2012, shift one to galactic plane. Code.

I coded that I guess a long time ago. So that is always operational. Code: USA is white, now past Statis and coded for black African ( but this time, I will interrupt it with Armageddon).

Islam Archangel Michael = IAM
Code : Game On







Buddha: Suffering is an Attachment ≈ solution to move to the Real Matrix.  
then let us #play in the #realmatrix because that is all about frame shifting, so attach and de attach [mask sub particle spinning functions]. wow this stuff is soooo cool. 3:03 pm 05272017ad


Second Death for George Herbert Walker Bush 12 June 1924 Milton , MA. 71w04, 42e15

. Arc Michael 305am 05302017ad


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


PSWA academy
144 #Palestinians will be the first elect on Earth to start the new #StarWars Training.
Confirmed ! Spread the Word.

U.S. #Christians Compromised, #ISLAM YOUR ARE IN. #IslamArcMichael fs 3:03 am 05 27 2017ad
Typology: PSWA #Palestine #Star #Wars Academy
No one else can get this, OK? I went to the sub atomic for the spin rates and will not publish them but teach them and not allow them to be understood on earth .by these demons ! Because we are going demon hunting. Live on earth, OK people.
Hollywood can pay for it too, they have all the money while they drop bombs on the world, which increases their wallets.

N.S.A. n 17 other Spook Agencies. Listen up. [ NSA jacked code by the rip, offline hacks on this computer when I plugged in, all is open retardos!

Who AM I? not GOD, Morgan Freeman is and I AM just Yeausha/Muhammad etc. You have a problem with that ?

OK? N.S.A. listen up. I can put every bomb explosion and every IED on many of your super computers both forward and backward in time and on an exact geolocal and timed down the Millisecond . Here is your Apocalypse.
X.LXXII: Michael Nostradame
N.S.A. C.I.A. humiliation substring, operational.
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf ƒept mois
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur[105]
Reƒuƒciter le grand Roy Dangolois,[106]
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

Source: 20th -21st = Apostle Mask at UK to World : string set: Roger Bacon: Ling code #sellout , multidemential string date for written by me in the mid 16 th century , south of France. Reincarnation is real peoples. Start to celebrate Immortality.

N.S.A. I live on the streets because you put me here with your group think system wide AntiGOD,, ANTIWHITE, ANTIPOOR ideological systems. So you are compromised.

Star Wars First Group:
Purpose Defense Systems against AntiZion.

N.S.A. is compromised so they get nothing. Mussad ID too. So stand down and do not steal my tech. I own it , not you!
Forth day on what is Dark Matter, Dark Energy. 05272017ad 12:45 am #Vatican #notethis we own they do not.

Starwars/Matrix ( above, below) energy transferences
Starwars stuff come later , first we need to address our issues. On the Force. First it is out of the Matrix and thus ‘sucked’ from a brain from the Dark Side and then transferred out of the brain to the controller ( humanoid) and the real world. So mental states are key to transferences because they operate on moving energies by the second dna set unknown to Erath. Therefore some of our lower dna sets, reptilian are coded for receptors of the second set, which then the mind access and and manipulates matter, according to strength of a varying forces of energy. Kinda difficult, Never read a Star Wars book. Pyscic codes. Load time gives sub abtonic celestial codes for Mind operation Force Flows. Pasadena, California, 1977 ID this and it is such a bizarre orbit we have not yet tracked it as it is a slow roidrock and it is linked to Karl Marx’s and Joseph Engle’s at two war distinct dates, related to masses socioeconomic disturbances on tradition ( code a massive transference between two forces). Basically is a bizarre triple figure eight orbit/function. FSET (1)Thus your mind bends in and out of the Matrix to grab the real world object to shift it , using your transfer energies. Its Symbol is a KEY!

Matrix, you are not out of the multidemential brain, it exists just next too you; you exist on two planes but the can seem to be single when the energy is low. Turned up high and the demon faces appear before your eyes. The disciples and I were already operating these things and why we are the cool kids and not Hollywood. I make Movies appear Live and in Real Time, what do you do? Lie? That is your job to pretend. For Earth Access You need to go to your Reptilian secret facilities. OK?
Interdimensional energy transference are both systems but if Dark uses the Force it seeks to grab the light and vise versa. Sub atomic particles and spin rates of dark force and light forces not recorded or discussed here for spook reasons. These are for the kids and trainees to grab the wave functions to plug into consciousness – material grabs. That is a type of mental discipline.
Yo! George #Lucus, now you can edit into your movie, frame string the training details, kinda cool eh ?
FSET (1) Frame Set Energy Transfer (Force Set)

PORTAL IDd. Set material with spirt to string from rip to matter to earth. #discovery
Celestial Code: Mars fabric Position. MFP 230am 05 27 2017ad
Celestial Code #mars in fabric time rip in Universe ID by me over a decade using the Chandra-X Telescope. #Key = #PORTAL for strings to Mars, Portal, Earth. 1:59ad

Local energy systems will be provided by my Light.
White street Trash took four days to solve the Force and the Rabbit Hole.

Code celestial: one object linked to war or conflict is in a fabric split , very very far away for a Portal Match. These empty spaces were ID by me over a decade ago. But I did not plug it into now.

IAM the Light of The World.

#mason #level34 #arcmichaelmichael #starwars #georgelucas
4th day on what is #darkenergy
#Morganfreeman is GOD people, Not me, #IAM just the light of the #Universe
PSWA Palistine Star Wars Academy
11:11 am Sherman Oaks, CA.

go to your GOD #morganfreeman for information. IAM not GOD, just some white sissy trash on the street as the NSA Mucreepos and others have framed me, OK, see ya.

#darkmatter #darkenergy





Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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