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#bookoflife The process for predicting all world leaders in some form or another of an elective vote; &  these special relativity laws connected to the soul produce 100% results. This was why I could for 10 or more years claim Hillary Clinton cannot nor ever in this lifetime become a country’s elected leader. She  does not have  the birth gravities.  Here I can show you how to do this so you can predict every leader on earth, before the election and with 100% accuracy. #gamma #classified

(A) #Conditions are accurate data () if not, I time-travel to get it.
In case of Nixon — Kennedy 1960 A.D. General Election both have it but John F. Kennedy has an assassination placement; I will not teach it. So in these cases, weight is given to the strings #Mars and given to #Saturn as they relate to #spinposition & placement. The closer to these angles the more weight is given. Also, there are cases that sidereal and loose quadrant boundaries such as 10 degrees or less into an angled opposite house can still hold relevance if the challenger has a non-aspect chart, meaning no 'signatures.' Treat each signature as a vector for a string carrousel.

(A) #Quadrants 1,7,10 and in that importance but also include 4 th are all factors in elected officials for any top leadership position that has some sort of electoral processes.

#beastwife I coded so she has no  'signatures' so if she tries again in 2020 she will witness the same event as #2016AD   & #2008ad  

If leaders do not have them, any country, any time in history, they have an error in their birth-charts as the system is only difficult standards for #science = #religion but today we do not do either, Science or Religion. Just rehash the past and copy others w/o giving due.

many machines today were coded  in the 1990s and now can calculate a birth chart  , of any given time which good accuracy if only back to 1850s, and that is it. So with correct birth info, plug in the data and look. It takes me less than 10 seconds now a days.

Bush 41 loss to  Bill Clinton was Mars is smack  on eastern horizon with Clinton. So he had it too strong. So does Obama, both Mars and Saturn are natally in quadrant 7. Mitt Romney has one signature in the 4th and weak, so he could not challenge Barack Hussein Obama ii. aka as #antichrist with Bush #antichrist 43. advanced forms of prediction use the US foundational chart, 500 pm 1776 July 4th, Philadelphia works fine for me, the Galactic Center aligns to Reagan ( great shift) and earlier to the Civil war (great shift) and accuratly foretasted both recession = depressions of late 1920s and 1930s and later 2000s and continuing under Obama's regime 2016 A.D. But these are added string structures that must be combined or scaled and then reconnected. It clears things up. You can also use wave functions for the two part system. First get the foundational stars ( GOP = hydor aquarii and DNC = al ghoul persei ) and when  US chart or other mundane charts combined with Biblical  Progression PB we have two generals  with al ghoul prominent by BP ( a scalar math form with special relativity) we get general forecasts, accurate too.

while numerous individual may have these 'signatures' also, they perhaps rise to their leadership fields  too but advanced forms of coding ( strings) will weed-out the  non world  players. Often I use new astronomy: Pluto, Uranus and Neptune's connection to luminaries at birth or by progression, lesser  effect.

Also advanced understanding of code over millennia of time helps to reach conclusive positions, prior and much prior to the event in question.

How to archive these results. Look to all past #POTUS or world leaders, they are all the same system. Also, dictators have different qualifications, I and other has written of these things in the  past .

does #NSA or #chinaintel know how to time terrorist bomb explosions down  to the millisecond, anywhere on earth at any time? I do.

so as any election gets near, any country,, and you have correct data, you can take more than an educated guess for any winning outcome.

#jesus be a better prophet. #maths #mas0nic #level34  

#Godchildren 4 you. #arcmichael #secrets #revelations top level.

addendum: As promised. :)

How does everyone like #sealone   ? operation since 2016 vernal. We are only 8 months into activation. #Brexit, #uprisings #usa   and #revelations anything happening out in our world? #arcmichael #bookoflife #11092016ad  


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