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soros funder of hate

: CEO threat to kill Donald Trump

Team #beast φ fake news new

#altleft = 1963 , December ---- nov 8 2016

PoliticalFactoid: #altleft needs #safespace away from #white people or Christians.





#zikaforest #uganda 1956. Not from Mosquito but from Human Africans.

Chronic Moonbatiosis < Xavier googlegroups > Arc Ξ def. caused by exposure for 60 plus years of US altleft godless Semitic Edu Public∫ Private Education–curriculum.

11 30 2016 a.d. Google social media: 2,300 followers∏ 1,245,033 views

People are conditioned.

White people are conditioned to keep jobs by being anti-American, so that the minorities believe they have a value in their society. The white people have decided that fighting and demanding their freedoms is not worth the pain and suffering it brings. — 01102008 mjm--liberals


1:58 p.m. first post gift of the topic deleted after 15 minuets. complain post at 330 ish, and then 336 pst the post re appears. &⊆ post that was deleted was hard. see sub section below for original post text, in full.

#fakenews deleted by #Google Alqueadanites already. that was fast. this is accurate. You blame white with no proof for all bad things in history. You are fake news and you are run by #semitics   so here it is again. Go ahead and delete me. Ha ha ha, you have no freaking idea how  much trouble you are in. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11302016ad Google hired foreign illiterate or semi illiterate. And they must be #babyrapers too. apparently.
 we all know the delete is because google = #coloredhatersagainstwhitey foreigner employees that have one role in life to kill off the #white #race. #fakenews #directory post deleted here was link.

&⊆ #fakenewsDirectory here are the Fakies people. 30,000 #oligarchists or Radical Altleft Anti American #babyrapecultureites #bookoflife #arcmichael #11302016ad    #cubanomassmurderers   >    murderer = Good human rights leader; but in reality, Fidel #Castro was a #dictator who suppressed and murdered and raped blacks = #altleft adoration. But AmericanFirst people are called bigots, racists, xenophobes, pediophiliates and etc all bad things under the Sun. Methinks you altleft are #antichrist #demonic #liars . The #coldwar was a bigot #semitic vs. #white #Russians racist war, run and led by #semiticbabyrapercullturealites   even today, All things are blamed on White white Russians or white something or another. By these white traitors with afro large phallaces up their rear ends, and nose full of mexi meth or crack and bank full of pedio sex slaves who are parentless #orphanites . . 

Arc Michael — 11 29 2016ad 7 40 pst. pm. Somalia migrant speaks a little English comes to my spot in library and eyes my belongings. Stars a fight to take a library book i am reading. The staff looks on in horror as they do nothing. I pick up my things and the book and leave for a break. The staff still awaiting to see if I fight back. They are useless Jews. and white Arab traitors. If I attack the African migrant, I get the cops called on my and banned from here, but if he attacks, they do absolutely nothing. He was argumentative and demanding I help him with other things.

No Christmas Because it is Racist— AntiChrist Obama proclaims.

No members of #altleft = #Establishment #DINO #RINO should be celebrating #Christmas , anywhere. Why? #DOJ since 2009, January, Obama had Janet Napalitano, #Barbados immigrant  who is a multi millionaire by special immigrant privileged status put #christians as a domestic terrorist organization. So support Islam only. people that is #altleft only. #DOJ list Christians as potential dangerous terrorists. Islam is not mentioned. OK peoples, get it clear now. #bookoflife #arcmichael #Obama the #antiChrist has declared this a free christian zone.
  #altleft needs #safespace away from #white people or Christians.

#11302016ad You can celebrate #rapeculture, #stoning #culture, #headchopping culture, #brownshariahsupremecylaws   but not praying to #God, ok ?  #crookedhillary put your Christian or whites strait. You are no qualified for life itself. You are bigots, xenophobes and racists and pedophiles and all bad things under the Sun which is white too and very racist , so we need to shut off the Sunlight form the  brown to dark skinned people; it upsets them and does not give them dark safe spaces. OK ?

Universities Fast-track Foreign Students into 147,000 White-Collar U.S. Jobs

Fakenewspolls Fifty percent may not be the grade you want to see on an essay or a calculus test, but as President Barack Obama’s final approval rating, it looks pretty good. Just like all polls , except LATIMES had Hillary Clinton polling to win easily.

according to a new Quinnipiac University national poll put out 11 29 2016ad said Hillary would win all battleground states by 10 points. Now it says Obama has approval rating of 50%. Bawahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhaha

#white people are the world's problem = #chucktodd who is a Frog in the book of #Revelations and looks, acts, speaks and reasons like an Al qu'eadan #terrorist why? #CNN has been fake news since  Ted sold it to the babyraper groups. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11292016ad  
 this #frogite runs Jew greed facilitation programs to start wars with white nations for big nigger phallace deepthroating pleasures. #biblestudy  
 he looks like this #FBI most wanted terrorist = maybe they are secret brothers. Both sell the same #fakenews to the masses.


Bush = #feminine noun = #sissyways #clint + ton ( #etymology ) = Deep Pit ( as in edge of the #abyss ) and O= #bama means son of a witch, which of course was his godless jew white #arab Mother.  I do not blame Barack for hating his own mother, she was no good for him. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11292016ad what a string of sissy warmongering creepos, eh ? #history #UShistoryfail #fakenews = Mainstream #media = lowest IQ in any time of USA history. 


How to spot Fake News Websites:

it is very simple procedure:

#newyorktimes ≡ owned by Saud Royal #11092001ad attack facilitators and #mexicandruglord #carlosslim =#NYTimesfakenews

how to spot it? #CNN #ABC #NBC #Clintonfounation rapeculture = #NPR #CBS #comedycentral = where college kids get their mind warped, by jew greed news lies. #telemundo = #babyrapeculture and #UN = United Niggah Apocalypse and #latino = #azttec human sacrificers and Congress = #IS  
#SNL run White arab jew mind warp = thus #fakeentertainment  
#whitehouse = AntiChrist Bush = feminine noun beyotch sissy ways + #deeppit Bill Clinton etymology and O- Bama son of  a crooked witch. he is  white house disinfo #antichrist #antiallah #antivishnu etc..  Godless African  zombite .@amazon=  #arabgoldessjihad by #jeffbezos = Islamicterrorfangurl ; he runs #associatedpressfakenews now.

the #hill → the establishment mind warpers #thehillfakenews & → do not forget #foxnews & Roger Ailes ran South and central American propaganda campaigns for the Secret Military Jew complex KKKers.

Green Party goes Clinton Cash

#jillstein    ( #allinthefamily ) Semitic hatred worldwide =       had no worries about a recount. She lost huge. But when #HillarySoros ( now both are famile  members by DNA) said, take our millions, she said, OK. but Penn has 25% computer vote, so that cannot be recounted, and was owned by #crookedClinton  
 The #voting #machine s , many owned by #HillaryClinton whooops besty buddies George Soros, we have video of battleground states changing from #trump to #clinton. I guess #john will abduct another of God's children and rape it before it ritual tortures it to death so Hillary and Bill can have more #sadist fun, eh? #bookoflife #arcmichael #11282016ad  

#soros is on #crookedhillary side even if Chelsea wed a quasi Polish #Russian.( link to googleplus)  


#politicalcorrectnessdumb people get privileges based upon some  historical lies .

CIA officers new book claims Obama directed terrorist attacks on USA people.

98,799 Somali Refugees Settled Since 9/11…

#OSU Diversity Officer #Apologizes For #Terrorist In Facebook Post, Urges Sympathy and to accept Jihad  from her #is on your home and children. World out of Control.  Assistant Director of Residence Life #Stephanie Clemons Thompson understands for women to get large foreigner cock, they need to tolerate a little terrorism. It is in their #DNA#ohio = #alqueada land now. Fully taken over and a whole bunch of white sissy gurl slaves to the brown jihad cock. #xxx #xratedhistory #bookoflife #arcmichael how the west was conquered by big phallace #immigrant barbarian animals , the desire of these white jew whores adore.   #diversity is a #fascist
  #agenda #UShistory  

google plus post
#ironically ort happily for Godless punks the #londonstan current Mayor also holds the same sentiments. To have #multiculturalism and include arabs from the middle east born by #rapeculture, you are going to have terrorism in your cities =' something we need to #tolerate.'  No shyte #Sherlock.  Londonstan, because the Queen of England such Saud Cock while her son Charles rapes the lil girls and why Diana was offed for knowing this which she detested.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota: Americans should wear terrorist colored  headscarves in solidarity with violent acts of disobedience; because we all hate whitey !  

#CNNfakenews = CNN's Alisyn #Camerota : demands  #Americans should wear terrorist colored  headscarves in solidarity with violent acts of disobedience ; because we all hate whitey !   = true news. They are the enemy. #CNN told 3 truths in the last 25 years.  and why FOX continues to beat them as Fox tells half truths, at least half of truth is better than full blown lies by the #brown #jihadiers .
 #CNN is the #terrorcell  

Terrorist cells proclaiming Israel and US white spaces torched for brown jihad.

#trumpsupports led an #insurrection not a wallop, but a full blown denial of #babyrapeculture Arc 11 29 2016ad


ʿUmar ibn Al-Khattāb

Starts pensions and welfare plans. This is born c.583 CE – died 3 November 644 CE), was one of the most powerful and influential Muslim caliphs in history.


#nazi #sealteam #666 Barracks by legislation #1947 #navy becomes #nsa = #german White arabs who hated @white scandos and noordics and white #Russians and white #Asians. #NAZI aligned to brown people. and tricked whites and jews lied about NAZI taregets. Jews are arabs and mainly white so they did the #NAZI thing as a support basis of #AMeRICA to kill all of us #whites on earth, including #coldwar = #bigotracist #war #bookoflife #arcmichael #11262016ad  

 Augustine of Hippo, #christianity   father, early writers in late antiquity rome, he says you can be jealous and still be with God inside you or  supported.   The problem is the  colored foreigners do not have jealousy, they have #envy   = Kill whitey policy.

what a foolio


Geert Wilders persecuted by Arabs at Europe.   

grow up, he is being prosecuted by white arabs, brown arabs olive skin arabs in control of #EU . it is all #racist crap.  They want babyrape, he and his people, do not. Anymore questions? that is it, and very , very simple.


Bible synoptic bereft versions of Old Testament

Does God of the Universe Support the Jews?

old testament relic, Book of Judges God says FU to the jews.  Prophets say, God has a change of thought and will send a redeemer. Jews reject #jesus and still  the jews are awaiting their savior.
that is the bereft Old Bible synopsis.

so today, Only a few long time #Coptic Christians are allowed in Jerusalem's districts. but not #israel   Israelis polled, over and over, say #christians are idiots, there is no #god  




لسلام علیکم !


Kellogg’s NYC run by #mexicandrug #lords now. They have most factories in #mexico and so does #generalmills so we do not or ever again buy these products. OK? #americafirst #kellogg #nyc   #death to their company program. #Commencement They ever utter another word of anti #American sentiment as they did this week, they need to have their CEOs tracked, the family tracked and attacked.  we are not  here to hail #hitlerkelloggs OK< people? #bookoflife #arcmichael #11302016ad   #buyamericanjoy not Mexican anti American kelloggs that only has #NYC address to fool you that its factories of production ware south of the American boarder where feces and spits are applied liberally for their hate of all things white white. #DNAmatters   #kelloggs = #ashkaNAZI #semitic #semiticsupremacy racial hatred to other #cultures and races.  #politics

#whites stop going to #Nordstroms and fight people who do as #Racists . They have white #gurls for #arabic #brown gawking  or secret #babyrape opportunities.  The place is #rigged  
 any establishment that hates whites ( such as Arab Semitic or Latin Mexican #semitic ) , boycott and propagate for total destruction of their families and  lives.  #commoncore has Irish #scot as creating the world's institutions of slavery, which is a #jew #lie   . all these brown people who control our world are filthy liars; and false histories they promote  - yodu

#mcdonalds = #semitic #antiwhite hate and so we do not go there, ever, not once, we destroy them. They hate whites, so we do not go and seek for revenge. true revenge.

My mom awaited 40 years and never got her citizenship. we ( sister and  dad, and I suffered greatly for this. Mexicans cross boarder, get free home for life in one week, sec 8 and #SSI for life and are set up conformable;y by the filthy #whitetraitor arabiite #Jews . 99% OF all Jews on earth are #Godless cretins.   Jew profit is always on top of their minds.  they will murder at any cost to keep the jew #semitic control.

never met a jew or Semitic latin that did not want all whites on planet earth eradicated. They do not like you people. that is why Democracy fails too. They do not run democracies of multiculturalism in their #histories so why should they do so now? It is all but again a #lie.

this #semiticracehate will not stop. #DNA #arcmichael #bookoflife #11262016ad  







why do retailers now have machines instead of brown people we are accustomed to seeing at the registered or check out counter at any retail chain?

These machine kiosks are there so #whites ∫ Noord, scandos, white Asians and white Russians ∫ do not need to go to semitic black, to semitic brown or part semitic white arab jew registeres and be put down, and hated upon by these Genetic Racist bigots.



Google Plus Post

we have a lot to do in our world to make it work. My mom, white white, was denied citizenship, for over 40+ years, and did not get it and had to be deported.  we want fucking serious payback from these jews who ran this browning of Europe and American hatred program.   She had no home, we suffered mutherfuckers. #bookoflife #arcmichael #12022016ad  
the problem? Jews lied and said Scot only white did slavery when jews were the largest  majority population that owned #slaves   = #1860census we want serious fucking revenge for these #lies and in the #bible AntiChrists are defined by #Liars . Jews say #Jesus was not #God , but a punk. #holybible God tells the Jews to fuck off, get out of his group. They are evil. They worship #baal, baby rape, and  do all sorts of false accusations and lie.

ArcMichael — 12022016ad Googleplus post

Paul Ryan half noordic and half semetic Arab defunded Veterens admin. some $6,000,000,000 US Dollars in order to defray that pot of Gold to new incoming refugesss that vote 99% for the #establishment Careerist Politicans.


Jew USA Slavery

#SCOTUS forced by evil Jews made #jews a #race in 1952 and not the #bible jews need their asses kicked hard. Hitler's family, tested  over and over again has 17.5% AshkaNAZI #DNA so Hitler was part jew too and they need to pay for his jew sins. He  Perhaps has more since he had dark features but for his  eyes, light. He was not white  white as Common Core Jewfilth entails. in fact. 1.5% 1960 US Census were white whtie owning slaves, the rest were jew white Saxon AshkaNAZI jews who owned slaves and that was 40% of thier entire populations. and 25% of the free blacks owned slaves and slave plantations. I roomed with one my first year at #cal  

Richard #Nixon Resigned for wire tapping one Office at Venice  Beach California  The U.S.  & U.K. #Congress / Parliament (s) passed a wire tape on all devices by all Americans ?UK  in all rooms, 70% US congress yea, 30 % tea Party - No. . #Explaindatshyte ? ArcMichael


what is a Country's change? How can we observe it? Looky here!

Richard #Nixon Resigned for wire tapping one Office at Venice  Beach California  The U.S.  & U.K. #Congress / Parliament (s) passed a wire tape on all devices on all Americans + #UK   in all rooms:::  #surveillancevote   70% establishment politicians  US congress yea, 30 % tea Party - No. . #Explaindatshyte ?

#NSA are Niggah Stupid Animals or white traitors that put NSA up their bums. .



12 01 2016 A.D

Paul Ryan Cuts 6 Billion from Veterans Admin. and instead gets 90,000 homes in the USA for Somalian and Honduras and North African refugees because they vote establishment politicians who hate us citizens.

#paulryan even alqueadian captured members have faces looking like you. #interesting , eh?  and  he does have % of #noordic scot #DNA . not much though.
 got that #adolfhitler mixed WASA dna, part #arabite #Semitic and part Noordic. but here we see him more of a #semitic so naturally he funds #semitics which are foreigner migrants and deny white white noords or #WASA Germans that fight for the US military and come home lame and dying and get pushed to the #gutter by these #fakepolitians  
#captionthis : I believe he is laughing to himself and trying the hardest to conceel his laughter at destroying the people who are shoved to the Military life because they been shut out of #civic #civicAmerica .

#fascist #oligarchy 1963, December - Current; with hope we elected our first noordic for over 50 years now. Minus Bill Clinton's arab white dna. 

Monsantos was a semitic brown looking Iberianite who owned multiple islands full of white, brown and black slaves and the US Jew Government said, hey come be our new agri corpo #1

anymore  questions? Stop blaming white people

These are brown. 1.5% of white white owned slaves compared to 40% White arabs, Jews or Latin Olive skinners or German mixed ashkaNAZI jews, who look white and owned most of the slaves and then 25% were African migrants many black  but most were african brown colored like Jay-Z or Kanye, these are the nigger slavholders.


breaking source: Antichrist has secret Honduras war and under Obama the Antichrist since 2009 A.D. the United States of America has received legally these illegals, some 89,000 Somalians. I nearly was beaten and robbed at Burbank by one of them yesterday as city workers starred in horror, not knowing what to due because of racial quotas .

12 01 2016 A.D.

#Antichrist has secret #Honduras war;   and under Obama  who is an  Antichrist one at #Somalia , since 2009 A.D & and we found out this one at #Somalia too  just this week. surprise #democrat #warmongering goons.  94,799,999 + Somalians have immigrated and sworn #bokoharam as their #religion#ohio got a taste this last week.  . Why does #fakenews say  #Obama is a peace president, he made no wars like #Neocons ? remember that #Jewliestick ? . Richard #Nixon Resigned for wire tapping one Office at Venice  Beach California  The U.S.  & U.K. #Congress/ Parliament (s) passed a wire tape on all devices by all Americans in all rooms. #Explaindatshyte ?

#bookoflife #arcmichael #12012016ad  

Fake News? How about Fake People?

#fakenews and now #fakepeople His entire career is shooting guns , illegally and legally at others for protection #hollywoodmovies   still equals mind conditioning. However, #Demon boy, #MattDamon wants all of your protection striped, while #Hollywood has armed cops 24/7/365 with fire power guns to protect these fake people #fakepeople #bookoflife #arcmichael #11302016ad

Why McDonald’s really changed to Machines. personal reflection and I worked there , some three times. I was never fired pushed out by bigotry racial quotas.

The real issue was mexicans took over 1992 or then abouts and kicked out white white workers, working for jew white traitors . the whites stopped going and mcDs lost Billions and billions. So it had to get rid of the bigot Latino race that hates other cultures. The machinese were the solution. Faceless and do not spit in your face.

when a white went to McDs, it could not complain to corpo or anyone. so if Browny said 25 cents a piece fo catsup packet after you ordered 15 dollars worth of food, you have no recourse.

post google plus Kelloggs is a bigot industry now

#boycott all #mexicanbuisness and #Products now. They are pulling more #racist Mexican Parliament crap at  the corpo level against white arabs and white whites.  McDonald's did by putting in robots because mexicans beat up all the white  and black workers by 1993 and why they went out of business or lost huge money. No one wants to be around #semiticlatinoracists Just like the jews that never cohabit. they stay by themselves and  issue hate at every corner against those [outside cultures]. #mcdonalds tried to cover up the racist problems, but in the USA , the largest market  or used to be, the Mexicans are some nasty-ass bigot and exclusionists and  hated on me and other #whites ; & why we and millions stopped going to the fastfood restaurant, although we loved it as kids and wanted memories. .   McDs made menu excuse after excuse and that was not the problem   #Mexicans hate whites , and have done so for centuries and millennia, dna wise.

I hate their babyrape culture and mafioso supremacy laws .  otherwise the religious are OK by me and approved. not many of them at all.

#Mexico ( #semitic FBI #1st #criminals and #rapists since 1970s. facts on #FBIwebsite   ) who runs #Kelloggs incorporated threatened all #Americans to force them to keep eating the new Mexican economy foodstuff and they pulled adds off of American websites with 45,000,000 readers.  #generalmills as well . I f you look people. There are plenty of new cereal companies at competitive pricing. #mexicans want your businesses , your home, your son or daughter and your lands.

#fordcars #breakfastcereal and more companies going to Mexico as we speak. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11302016ad  

Trump can bypass Congress on almost all appointments Post Google plus

#harry #scary #reid if we remember correctly forced a rule change so Obama can skip #Congress #confirmations on top appointments. So this allows #donaldtrump to by pass congress for his appointment picks. Except of course for #scotus That takes a bipartisan committee and many days to weeks for any confirmation. #politics #bookoflife #altleft has a history of never thinking #forward but always applying a quick fix which later backfires in their #disfavor #11302016ad  

#election2016 elected again by #RINO #DINO in name only = #establishment #oligarchists. Her antiwhite policy is legendary and illegal voter drives. Sanctuary city and fake Religionite. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11302016ad she started with 2,000 in bank, in 1993, now is a multi, #mulit 10s of Millionaire , and owns hotels, sport teams and drug carteller connections.  She loves #Mafioso lifestyles and hates whites, personally hates them in her soul. #pelosi is a semitic dna and hater of American people. Loves power and calls herself, the QUEEN OF CALIFORNIA.  she then hates democracy and is  a liar about this issue.

Somalia War

Jews ⇐ Secrets here> love Multisexualculturalism but deplore by empirical science #Multiculturalism . Jews again get kicked out of London 1917 and go to USA or germany where we get more trouble in the 1930s. 

I find, like in the Book of Judges, Holy Bible, hebrew part. Jews hate others, do not share, worship baal babyrapeculture. So God said to them in that book: FUCK OFF! Get it? source is linked to photo. Jack La Mmoine & In 1260 the Jews of England were told to leave. but also in 1917 A.D. or commonly 1920s.

art sisnaros an arab will not vote for trump and worships Satan Texas:   #artsisneros      = #sandnigger who's #religion is a #semitic   Death Cult #latino babyrapers and mass murderers. not the God of  the Holy Bible;  #biblestudy   they are from Aztec Human sacrificers. They are the new desired USArabian semitic populatino whores.

Julian Assange Missing since Oct. Wikileaks has been infiltrated. ISIS Created by USA, last meme by Julian Assange. posted 11282016ad

why important?
it's not just rape they do, but also ritual murder, code word for torture the child to death and sux energy from the child's screams.

#wikileAK #wikileaks #comprimised issues #carter cables, and that is not what #julianassange was doing.  sounds like M-I  15 or 16 got involved. lolz. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11282016ad
this is also a Military Tracker page, so they know in all of the world to whom  then need to assassinate to keep up the #Pedophile #rapecultures .

how do we understand it was compromised and Julian perhaps is no longer 'in house.' ? He said to have released these same cables, two weeks before the #generalelection   #NSA = #niggahsuckingassholes are in charge or #orphan rape abuse clubs, all over America, run by #Obama and #Harvard .



#georgesoros was behind recount, #crookedhillarylawyer   just called it off. It was more of a cash grab for the Jew gurl #Greenparty   #slushfund #georgesoros = Satan Sissy  ( #SS ) on his #NAZI uniform. He is altleft's darling bank funder. #voterecount off for now. Hillary would damage the Democratic Party if she went through with this scheme of slush funding. #jillstine got already $7,000,000 from #soros , and the #fakestreammedia = ABC- ZZZ establishment are confused, yet again. #Bookoflife    It is the white people's fault of Russia the semitics claim, over and over for the last 60 + years #arcmichael #11292016ad  
#altleft = #NAZI 4realz Bush are NAZI and best buddies to #crookedhillary   and #georgesoros = they call him lovey dovy.

#carter is white and #CIA funds or gets funds by #USCongress code word, Funds for #syrianrebels   = #USA Military WASA Bush Beyotches #is pediophile unit

CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979.
By Jon Austin
PUBLISHED: 15:38, Mon, Nov 28, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:46, Mon, Nov 28, 2016

AP — ABDUL ARTAN, Somali refugee immigrant. African drives car through Ohio Students, and gets out and begins to stab them as ISIS called for months ago.

weird that since the jews took over 1950s, all seats of power and their puppet toys ( Bill, George, Barack, etc...) the place has gone to hell and hatred. 3:26 pst Burbank, C.A. 11 28 2016ad


#CNN caught lying in #Aleppo reports.  a nasty habit of false accusations.

Fake News CNN

#CNN calls #Trump a #fascist  while it lavished praise to a life long lying dictator #Fidel #Castro. &  Castro convinced Harvardites, at Harvard speech, he woulds choose #democracy. They jumped up and supported him. He then instantly became a fascist dictator of #Cuba . #CNN supports #misogyny


Obama on Fidel Castro ⊇

" I want to be dictator for life like Fidel Castro" = Barack Hussein Obama, ii. Nov 26 2016. A.D.  " At least that is how I tried to rule."

Democratic Party is now dominated by identity politics, which defines whites, particularly heterosexual males, as oppressors of every other population in the U.S city journal

Fake News: ABC — NPR, and all in between.

New York Times calling Fidel Castro a civil rights leader and a progressive. But they are #babyraperculturalites

Geert Wilders persecuted by Arabs at Europe.   

Cuba Dictator used Blacks and Women as civil rights to mask Dictatorship of the #whitearab #semitic #DNA . #cuba was a prison farm for Arab white semitic babyrapers.

#Privacy Hypocrisy at its hight 2016 A.D.

#cuba was a prison farm for Arab white #semitic #babyrapers. #fidel +#Raul = 11 Rape Islands, playgrounds, and cocain distribution airports for 1980s Influx of #cocaine to Florida, via. #Cowboycocainwars #castro used #black ( he suppressed them) and #women to mask his #dictatorship of the Baby raper cultures.  #NSAKeylogger run by #babyrapers = #nixon resigned for a few wiretaps but #NSA steals all privacy and Obama or #Bush or Clinton never  resigned  Why ? #teamantiGOD  


Aleppo Anatolia Run by Arab US traitors to humans

#CNN has #Aleppo #fakenews campaign to start war with #white people again.  we remember Kuwaiti ambassador daughter was a #newyorklawfirm plant by Military Complex bush, and faked the first #gulfwar There were no #Iraqis going into hospitals and killing babys out of their mother's arms. That was establishment  #CNN lies
  #russian #satillite declassified has  #iraqboarder to #kuwait with no Iraqi troops near or over that boundary.  Just like #911 has cruise missile hitting the #pentagon
 the #establishment are all puppet traitors to large #semitic #phallace

#Mainstream news is only #altleft = #antiAmerican or globalist #babyrapeculture


Standing Rock Dakota Pile Oil Line Protests are dumb people'

#mexican army core beating up Mexican indigenous. lolz. standing Rock is Obama's policy.

100 years later after #cowboy genocide, #brown #obama Running this scheme. He controls the #USAramy brown people. Stop blaming #whites . Your brown brothers, all  over planet earth are warmongering goons. You have famile fealty to them. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11262016ad #Solution are pumping stations for oil pipes to go #overtherivers and by pass all underground aqueducts. It costs more in the short run but not the long run. #obama is brown arab and so are the #Indigenous . There are no proofs that 1,000s of years ago, Natives took this land peacefully.  #11262016ad #standingrock #hypocrisy The natives support the #neolibs who all voted and approve this pipeline. So #nativeamericans stop blaming us white, we have no control.

American Indians were never a peaceful people.

Actually if you read your Colonial books, the drink caused Indians to raid local establishments and rape or carry of the  #white   women, drunk on fire water.  Indians were never peaceful people, they fought each other and there is no evidence to support that over , 1,000s of years ago these natives took North America by peaceful measures. .

 Indians showed colonists how to scalp their enemies. 

#USmilitary = #brownmexicans now and #NAZI brown to olive skinned Arabites = #germans are not white white.
After listening to #democracynow and your interviews, you sound uneducated. So stop the false blaming. Not cool for your God or Ours!

Fake news used by establishment to squash political descent.  

Yeah baby

 Mongalis Tatars

#afganistan and North Africa ( #Benin City exmp.)    and even Pakistan have new archeological  civilization sites that are found; these were ancient people who were killed or eradicated by #ghengis #khan 's notorious vicious son #Ögedei who acted like #Qin Shi #Huangdi or pre #tokugawa   's Obu #Nobunaga who in part created or led to the development of #ninja , #spookwarriors who could strike anywhere, and help lead the correct ruler to create  the Tokugawan government.

Ashikaga Shogunate , Muromachi period 1338 -1573, State Bureaucratic Organization.

#Mongolian: Чингис хаан,  circa 1240s post daddy and then four sons take over, given different parts of planet earth to control.

#REINCARNATION = #REAL folks #bookoflife #premodernhistory #arcmichael #11262016ad  


Chinese history. Racial color types go back 3500 years, at least. White rabbit tales vs brown or dark rabbit are racially contextual to their mythoid thematics. White Chinese or white north Koreans are still the white race. South Asians are more semitic and more olive skin to brown. and these groups fight fiercely like whites vs browns.


Man of Steel was or still is Barack Obama's hero

#stalin was #semitic #jew with fake name, he was #crazy #insane and #lenin called him retarded, stupid and unworthy to run a state. He killed Trotsky at #mexico   because he was considered smart.  Stalin killed Russian whites and #Ukrainian white Semitics for the fun  of it.  He was not a traditional white leader, but a mongolian Tartar generations of mixed breeding. Joseph stalin used to pick people to murder based on the color of their hair, mustache style or body type or just for fun.

his namesake comes from American Comic Books, Man of  Steel



How does everyone like #sealone   ? operation since 2016 vernal. We are only 8 months into activation. #Brexit, #uprisings #usa   and #revelations anything happening out in our world? #arcmichael #bookoflife #11092016ad  

Blacks Created Universe

crusades in Russian History olga E.

1070-1080s Extreme crop famines and spice trade cut off by Seljuck Turkoman tribes that decades earlier destroyed the Basilica of Jerusalem to Jesus Christ built by Constantin's wife.  The cop rot, as it was known, caused hallucinations, #ergot = natural forms of LSD  (Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)) where cereal crops can form LSD as was found out at #harvard 1960s that started the #LSD #drugfad here at California, the harvardites came to California to mass produce it.
 The #Europeans were suffering , thus a natural split as civilization broke down. Many of these decisions, plus the Eastern Emperor's call to help fend off the Barbarians played key roles in the ' behind the scenes' to the first #Crusade's passions.

Jews posts again between Christian and Jew Hebrew not. Jews have DNA of semitics. Like Latino  or mixex races, darker versions of cacausionest #hindi groups. Africans are called jew  brown by Moslem scholars. You people's minds have been twisted by Fake Jew texts. It claims scottish were only people to do slavery in ALL OF HISTORY.  the jew made that up to cover its evil tracks of running #Timbuktu slavery for 3000 years. taking black from black in central Africa, and getting paid to  ship them to new Semitic master homes.  Jews took over USA in 1950s, and took it down hill. We are nearly a Banana  republic warmongering empire due to the white traitors kissing the arse of the Semitic white traitor.  God, in Jew Bible, Book of Judges, tells the Jews to FUCK OFF.

can you read the #BIBLE ?

#ISIS = #USA ; so #USA two months ago called for knife attacks. And Ali Mohamed OHIO STATE, who cannot spell, well = followed orders. Part of the #altleft Obey society. Terrorist attack 11 28 2016AD, all over major news.


UCBerkeley’s Brave New Sexual World

#dirks is from my #historydept he started this and no one else in the last 40 + years. Conflict. Importation of  Latin Semitic that have 22 state laws on child sex and fake #shariahlaws for child marriage and rape are issues. Random rape of foreigners is also permissible to certain foreign cultures. Rape and sexual abuse has long been mis reported by the  faculty on purpose to not  then upset the #babyrapecutluralites #bookoflife #arcmichael the Chancellor has received numerous death threats for opposing #IS #rapeculture and #latinsemiticrapeculture   so we see the real culture class in this last general election. Two ideologies. One to protect and love a child, and the other is a sex toy for the community. Two very different cultural styles, indeed a conflict here. #11302016ad  

Aldous Leonard #Huxley b. 26 July 1894 – d. 22 November 1963 and #UCLA has most of  his origianl works and effects & he wrote upon these themes in his famous work #ABraveNewWorld ; a standard text in almost all schools on earth. It teaches conditioning children for adult sexual pleasure . He tried to cohabit all the world' s cultures into a new world order.

New York Time is owned by criminals

ARC 082

arcmichael real photo of 911 pentagon missile.

Bush white arabs wtih white relatives but arabites and hate Noords ; semitics dna are evil toward whitesdiscorse on the second death



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



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