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1965 - 2016 A.D. #brownsupremecy was #US law.

Team #beast

Nigger won ∧ There is no solution to crackers at any America. Leave before they kill every one. They only use and abuse § of course, this is of a personal reflection of my life being abused by niggers and sand niggers and white traitors who are controlled by the sand and full blown Niggers.

I am done. I lost every fight against nigger from  8 years old, when I first encountered them. I cannot stand white traitors like the Clintons.

#DEVIL  #Bush sr. Announced #Nigger world order at 1980 A.D that was a while ago. see our world being taken over by the Niggers except China, except Russia and except Japan? Perhaps  except Korea(s)?

#emails by #DNC campaign manager claims #hillaryclinton took bribes from #terrorist #states . so #antichrist Obama blames a #ghost that he claims has #whiteskin and their fellow people. #bookoflife #arcmichael #draintheswamp 01 04 2017 A.D. updated.







#whitelivesmatter ≡ definition. get it strait #falseprophets.  It does not  mean the Book of Life is open for your choice and  for your free will. It means it was taken away from you, because you cannot lead our world. There is real White Genocide on a macro to micro  scale all over planet earth. I had to doge #MEAMIC assassination teams last night. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11092016ad no fear people of #GOD we are going all the way. We are going to clean up the scum off of earth, any color and race and that is final.

There are two types of whites DNA in our World ( Earth).

I have been in DPSS Government system since age 15 years old. Beaten and killed by Niggers in jail for being only homeless at the age of 15 years old. I am 50 years old now and have never had a white DPSS government worker. They all say, just await while they give illegal niggers and sand niggers all the benefits, all the privilege and all the respect.  So my plan is to wipe out the white race on earth, because the nigger race cannot sustain itself without the abuse of its white creation.


White #Superstars and White #Traitors to their own #race  = who are controlled and worship the Big Nigger Phallace . There are no other secrets. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton said all whites are #deplorable, racist, #bigots and not qualified to live in the #unitedstatesofamerica #bookoflife #arcmichael #11082016ad   do not call me a liar ; you are a liar, they said this for decades by many phrases and expressions. They have #blacks controlling their every move. There can never be forgiveness to her or bill because they ran white genocide for decades. That was their thingy!

Establishment white traitors breitbart is Team Bush Beast Anti white establishment.

why were White people who invented Gun Powder and white people invented Guns ( Prussians)?


Niggers are never equal to whites. They are superior in strength and wise.


What do you do when Police and assult are all Niggers on whites, and these violent niggers are backed by white sissy traitors to their own race?





Ishmaelites. I know you and  you are reincarnated. You have direct Heavenly authority to kill at will for Allah. You can take out white to brown to black, all over earth. Get it done by 2060. All leaders off the planet #arcmichael #bookoflife #lga1230

#Ishmaelites. I know you and  you are reincarnated. You have direct Heavenly authority to kill at will for Allah. You can take out white to brown to black, all over earth. Get it done by 2060. All leaders off the planet #arcmichael #bookoflife #lga123 post v.

Stem Cell Rebirth Due To Fasting of Body

#stemcells now rejuvenate upon dedicated  #fasting . just recent studies now conclude.  From 19 - 21 years old, I  used to do them every week. and a few times a year, very long ones. & numerous in past lives.
Does not matter to gordo USarabian tubbers and flubbers. They are TV Couch potatoes and love sloth and false accusations and #warlords FBI Michael Brown, 45.and wife are still alive Hillary. They want pay back. #bookoflife #arcmichael so  are #benghazi victims; they are here too.  #11092016ad #beast team.
 photo be me. 11 14 2008


Niggers are Evil Proof

if we learnt one thing about America, the niggers started it and will end it, while using white traitors.

Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton have called every #white, a racist,  a #bigot, a #deplorable and unfit to serve in any #US capacity. These Clintons are known in our white community as a white traitors.

update: at Polling Lib. Burbank; Hooked nose Jew starred me down. It was over 10 mins. I walked up and said " You have a problem with my skin" and prepared to fight and die. it turned away and the smirk left its evil Jew sand nigger face. 1:10 pst appx.

meamic podesta group 1990s to 2016 current


#johnpodesta put our the  fake #rape story people and killed FBI #blacks the other day a part of this team.  So blacks, the #antichrist ( to #Islam the top #eviljin ) are killing your black people. So blacks, you know who you are  & U need to step up. They are also #abducting ( at least 22 #Haitian b* blacks for devil  rape worship , sacrifice as the head of Haiti has demanded them to stop.) . Even #NRO are using satellites to abduct yous' blacks.  #christian blacks as all or other #Christians Moslems, Krishanites, Militant Bhuddists and Yahwenites and Ishmalites  are free to kill at will. I will not punish you. This is real folks, this is #Armageddon section at #apok . the #beast and #antichrist and #eviljin and other bad types have been identified. Now it is your turn to step. up. You can find me all over earth in many religions. Yo, people, it is me. #biblestudy  
#veda #koran   & yes, I was there and connected to Islam. Around 777 AD. we are scripting this at #bagdhad people.  we there id #obomination of #desolation and you can figure that one out, it is very simple.

b* orphan blacks that have little protectionism, especially by a superpower who took control of #Haiti. = #teambeast  

#arcmichael #bookoflife #11102016ad  

Semitic Controlling white white and White arab for personal power and avarice.

#seconddeath discourse. #NYPD found Tony's bedroom walls full of kiddie porn. lolz. #Georgetown must hire total retards. Helped #beast #defray #WMD to rogue agents during 1990s. Yo, freako gurl Tony,  #scalia is alive , yep, and he wants to kick your a$$. Loretta, another member,  shut #NewYork good cops down. #comey freed these turdos. #spook got tracking, go away. I have 23 quasars and can point a nine diameter beam and take out a country, if I so choose. You can open your Bible to chap. 12, and see my name. I am also all  over the Qu'ran, Vedas ( updated 7 th century versions too) , The #Hebrew and #Christian Bibles and much older forms of ancient Hannic scrips. You two  #semitics who look like alquaeda members, and act like real  Satanist blood suxers are a very bad influence on my white people. You keep #hillaryclinton drunk and drugged and control her so I coded her soul so she could never become any POTUS on earth in this lifetime. You can look at my web discussions in  2008, and in 2010, entries and see the science too. You are too dumb to comprehend. US IQ in the 1950s was #1 and because you freako #Antiwhite #bigots dropped it to 24 th place, now in 2016ad. We have zombies roaming the streets calling for racial justice when they are here because of you . The eastern Churches speak to their congregations about the US Congress funding Islamic State under the code term #syrianrebels . It put a shame on #democracy and is used for all sorts of voter careerist retention stuff you #estabby me in da back crews operate. It funds Bush war industry = current rulers of the MEAMIC = Military complex is included in that acronym. He is also a member with SC attached too. Most lake of fire members will not have 'sc' attached to their names. They will do their time and rejoin the human race to leave earth. Those with 'sc' ascriptions will later be assessed after 1,000 years. If you are found, still, wanting; your soul will be deleted by me. I am #immortal and can operate live or dead.  This is just my job. I reincarnate into #hebrew or white white and many ethnicities  over the course of thousands of years. You just cannot figure this reaction.  #whitegenocide      is being performed by your #brown bigot #DNA damaged zombies. All you are is a user of white whites, and made them traitors. So you are really screwed there baby rapers and  human blood and semen and urine drinkers.

check out my seal one, written in 2013 ad . you forgot to check it and ran #hillaryclinton = about as dumb as one can be. I coded her soul, she cannot ever win #potus ; that is because I use exclusively science. at levels your faulty synapses cannot register.

also you two are killing my #blacks and  that is waaaaay not cool.  now that is real bigotism because it is solely done for your selfish power and #avarice .

crimes are RICO ed out like when You freakos put me to death, in prior lives or championed  them.

UN to #Obama 2016 Sept. Bush and Obama responsible for 65,000,000 refuges and 1.5 Million deaths North  Africa, Middle East and south  America.  that is called their careerist retention plan God's people. These are real demons who are so desensitized they need the energy of young girls, in pain, to suck their life forces, because they cannot feel normally.  so we need to take care of these two.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #11102016ad  609pst


What is the dress code for in #KKK?

they dress because they sucked big nigger dick, have panties and bras underneath to meet the big dick niggers after the parade. that is a sworn fact. Bitch. Yo, White Pride needs no hoods.

Govt Workers Outnumber Manufacturing by 9,977,000... gov always vote establishment USA Completes 22 Straight Years of Trade Deficits With Mexico…Bwahahahahahahaahahahhahaha!

Madonna breaks promise to give oral to Hillary voters— #baaahhhhawaahahahhahhahha

PA VOTERS REPORT SEEING TRUMP VOTES SWITCH TO CLINTON BEFORE THEIR EYES ≡ Breitbart long ago taken over by Establishment Bushites anti white Demon traitors. Hahaha and Bwahhahahhahhahahhahhahahah !



Update on Recount

#wisconsin #recount 2016 #crookedhillary lost 50,000 votes. Major polls went missing for five days, not connected to RNC. DNC got blamed. #pennsylvania recount 2016 denied by judge, it would show more fraud by #DNC . #hillaryclinton latched on to #jillstien ( #semitic both of them) and #georgesoros funded, found out that blacks did not vote for Hillary, the same blacks that voted #obama did not vote for #hillaryclinton . She believed the blacks came out and voted for her, she was found wrong. we found out there are 3.9 Million fraud votes and so the recounts were stoppped because #fakenews = #MEAMIC remains covering up their fraud vote system they have had in power for a long time. #alexpadilla deregistered me, I was deregistered in 2008 up at the bay area, see photo of mail on web. Everything out of its #antichrist mount is a lie. #obama won by #votefruad was called in by #bilderburger   = old spelling for merchant ';  #bilderberg group = Code for corpo #bansters and globalist elite baby rapers. Just like #beast was called in by Bilderbooogers just before his first election win. we do not live in any democracy. Some sort of rigged system, fake people, #fakenews #fakeedu all say #USA is evil and must go.

Julian Assange repeatedly goes on Fox's Sean Hannity to deny these emails came from Russia. He said this in 2015 and 2016 and countries #wikileaks but #antichrist bigot gurly #barackhusseinobamaii , w/ fake #birthcertificate is a jihad nigger, antiwhite, hater of his own #whitemommy and hated his white step and grand parents, as he vocally admitted too ad nausea on his racial talks. He is a low wit bully and antihuman being.

General Election 2016 A.D. POTUS results Data.

Hillary Clinton's popular vote in part is based upon 113,200 plus alquadians now occupying #California. These terrorists voted for #hillary yesterday.

 New Popular Poll numbers today has Donald Trump supporters surpassing California and Hillary's total by 1.5 Million votes.

White Rural Framed Election understanding as Nationalism vs. Globalism in both Brexit and #triumphant.


#warlord period of USA: whites said, no longer in fear of the big bullied, semi literate bodies attacking and killing us. so they came out and voted. They are the warlords, & UK Brit ‡ Cameron and Blair were very much a part of in all of these schematics.

UK Steven J Davies commented upon similarities’ of all supporters in media were for Cameron and were blind sided by the people. #brexit was in part rural Islanders registering and going to the Polls in the historical Brexit vote.

Nigel Farage Claims Donald Trump’s Election Win as ‘Brexit Times Three’ Time Mag‚ Nov. 2016.

Media performance ⇔ F- total epic fail. The U.S. and to some extent the World Media supported white traitors Bernie and Hillary and so the people rose up and said, enough is enough. Polls and performers and false accusations and voter fraud revealed systemic bias and even violence promoted and paid for by elite global CORPO backers. . Media heavy weights were intermarried with the top Political families and teams of #unitedstatesofamerica . Most media had the looks of the deer in the head lights, confused, lost and upset. They polled only themselves, the elites and their 'keep the dog starving' inner city migrant populations who they really never cared for but for a vote. These behaviors were revealed by massive DNC leaks, because the world wanted these elities’ out of power for the time being.

40% switcharoo from Obama's  male and  female white voters switch form Hillary to Trump, which she believed she  had polled correctly These are the disaffected white white of #America.
+30 Donald 2016 white males
-30 Clinton 2016 white males
+10 white  women Donald  Trump
-10 white women Hillary Clinton

1965 - 2016 A.D. #brownsupremecy was #US law.
 legal name ; #aa #politicalcorrectness #obama reigned under #brownsupremecy law.
 #Blacks said #white pride  or as academics call it black agency are not allowed on earth. only black pride/ agency   ( #brown dna b/c they do not go  to school and learn to read nor write. ) so they blame the innocents.

Rural Areas of Mid north West and South East were never targeted by the #DNC

Establishment relied upon new immigrant inner city populations ⇒ why they gave them preference for #1 Desired US citizen for the period of 1965 to 2016 A.D. They were mainly colored immigrants that latched on to a colored promoted party ruled by white traitors, the US establishment media.  The U.S. establishment media covered up the crimes of the US white leader or black face traitors and targeted the rural many generation whites that are being eradicated. So they registered and came from the rural areas the DNC never polled and showed up in droves yesterday.

To keep power the elites for 50 plus years broke God's laws and called all whites that were generationists at USA: Bigots, whores, white trash, deplorable and racist and xenophobes et. al. why? This was never a democracy but a ruling oligarchy of careerist politicians. 11092016ad

AM e RICA is a melting pot of race-wars.

#whites to #Obama 2008 = Not my president
#Browns () to #Trump 2016 = *Not my president
yeah, #armageddon is a full blown #racewar

source #UCBerkeley undergrad newspaper, campus. **
(*) Most browns  call themselves  blacks. Nope, most black black are Mid African , like Obama's real father was a black black  and not an Oakland brown mixer that calls themselves blacks. So Browns also include #semitic latino to darker skinned arab or jews or moslems, whatever culture they have been reared into and deposited on American shores.



Cyring Women for Hilllary Clinton: “Oh No, I have to get up off my butt and work and not have elite cushy job as a white traitoranylonger”


How does everyone like #sealone   ? operation since 2016 vernal. We are only 8 months into activation. #Brexit, #uprisings #usa   and #revelations anything happening out in our world? #arcmichael #bookoflife #11092016ad  

Niggers Created Universe before white big bang. They control it all. Here is the proof.

#gravity in #xxx format. #blacks = #gravity and whites equal #energy in all its forms. Blacks = #evolution #whites were created by the blacks to abuse the whites as blacks laugh. Here is an illustration  .  I forgive #Comey , he is being F&(* every which way to Friday.  #secrets of our #universe #bookoflife #arcmichael #11082016ad  

#hebrew bible: No light, first day black clouds roam around. Facts. Explosion before big bang has 250 Million years before first Light" God said let there be light." So Whites come from the niggers and so Niggers came first.  Cracker light must await until the violent niggers begin to amass together and start anger fights, that creates friction and inertia and critical masses, ‘ignite’ the white race = #bigbang.

#black #DOJ strapon #whitescot #sissy w/ Phallace  of #niggers   #potus   thrust into cracker's mouth. The pressure forms a critical mass and white explodes and niggers again laugh.
#niggers are the empty black mass of our universe, and they are numerous and win every time. whites just commit suicide to escape the Nigger pressures.

#blackshist1 #bookoflife early modern nigs #blacks created #america here is the  proof. blacks are the #snake in #Bible , the  'wise' who tricked whitey at the garden of #eden #bookoflife #arcmichael #11082016ad  
#godless #niggers vs. God whites and their counterparts the white nigger lover traitors.

Niggers Created USA: Here is the Proof

#blackhist2 #niggers created crackers and created #satan or #america AM e RICA = winged serpent = serpent in #Bible is snake, black momba. Traitor to the white people. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11082016ad here are the #FACT proofs that blacks created #America and will end it; they own the  whole thing.

Niggers and Crackers at the Garden Of Eden

#blackhist4 #niggers at the garden of #Eden the niggers are more wise than honest weakling #Crackers . #bookoflife #arcmichael #11082016ad  
all men are not created equal Mr. #Thomas #Jefferson , white #cracker traitor to the white race.  If a nigger is same intelligence as  whitey, this is not equal because dis nigger has huge phallace and da whites have lil' ones. so #Niggers always win.

Niggers always win. I am zero for a trillion against the nigger. Thus I am a loser. I do not want to support the Nigger for the rest of my life.

#niggerhist6 #niggers are #evil #bookoflife #arcmichael #11082016ad #crackers no solution. Niggers always win; you must run. White traitors like Glenn Beck will trick you. he is filthy rich, so he can sux the phallace of #obama  

— Arc Michael up until early morning. de registered by Alex Padilla and who cares about #USA it belongs only to the Niggers that created Universe. They never once did anything good for me. 11082016ad and written early morning hours. Too tired to type this out now.

Light vs. Dark Space to Social Keys

#jayz cannot be an #Illuminati He can only be a Black -ahole #Naugthy . Light = #white#black #holes = #niggahs   ; is not  that correct Mr. Jay Pee pee ?  don't worry Jay, u bee a #brown #arab #African in scholastic matters. Idiot. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11122016ad  
#race #tribe #mindofdarkspace  
 Yo Beyonce and Jay Z be running #semitic global invasion violence ce systems because they masturbate to the carnage they inspire. now nice.

and Beyoncé is a #wasa ascription beyotch Brown arab africans always stealing others cultures' names.

that is global  disrespect. How about a new name. Uggah Buggah beyotché.  you voted for a white person being controlled by Semitics that are abducting and killing  black babies, Mr Jay pee Pee swallower. You and your whore are arab brown traitors to black #Haitian babies abducted by her semtic crews. #podestaemails   

just got back from hiding for two days. 11122016ad


ArcMichael Mayan History coding see final page of ch. 2, Dresden Codex, aka Mayan Codex. Obama at end of 2012 A.D. captured by us mystics thousands of years ago. We track this stuff and retrieve it for our purposes, later on in future reincarnations.

#racist #whites yo Niggahs, here is your hero Obama in the ancient 3100 bc, proto mayan codex ( #olmecians ) viagermany bought after #spanish #conquest of #america Yo, #antichrist we track yah! the black face white man; how #NPR #oakland black leaders on radio last night said their community leaders see Mr. Obama as a white man with a black face -= thus #establishment ; well blacks we been on this crusade to  oust the #Warlords fro a long time. we got you covered. #christians before  #Christianity we are bad a$$ persons.  what an historical election period.  #brexit #trumppence2016  

no one in our black community approve of Obama's performance as 50% or higher.  = election special coverage talk  radio , early morning hours .  the fact is these polls are asked to Harvard elite snobbies. so they cannot get recognizable data on the climate of earth.



Jtem bosten orders Mass Murder on all Donald Trump supporters. 11072016ad

meamic #gravity and blacks win always

ARC 082

arcmichael real photo of 911 pentagon missile.

bye bye americadiscorse on the second death



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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