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Seal ONE discourse March 1 2015
I’m going to begin the  Great Tribulation!

  1. How to predict general time line of large wars.
  2. I was born with science stars at my midheaven (PED  culmination point)
  3. This is a part of my thesis for Cal Berkeley. However, David Hollinger and other objected to people who believed in God. So they lied and sabotaged me. Here it is in visual format. It comes from a variety of previous embodiments.
  4. Why deliver this message? I warned you for millennia not to treat my people, the poor, this way, in every culture. So what I will do is allow them to watch you on video, films, television, streaming your suffering and destruction. They can stand beside others and look grieving but in side they will be jumping for  joy.
  5. The final trump of the seventh cycle since Jesus’ birth comes to a close on the last of  the blood moons in Fall of 2015. By December we enter Apok Proper as I said in 1999 A.D. As the close we begin the 8 th cycle or a start of another seven cycles. 02.28.2015 studio city, CA. The meaning is I will begin to show you your resurrection form the dead, and life eternal which inherently will bring up some major problems for you, as you will not know what to do or expect. Overtime fear will develop for all humans on Erath as this ’revelation’ becomes scientific. When this seal opened goes in effect, the “ I got mine, screw you” will be the number one enemy of the human race. When you die, and have no place to rebirth, and you cannot die even in death, you will start to fear and become terrified, unimaginably.  I will open your eyes to eternity.
  6. Shame: nothing is more shameful than having a nobody halt your civilization that you have built for 1,000s of  years, destroy it and destroy all the arks. Then force you to remain alive and go back to the starting place. You have worked so hard for millennia, but you have failed. I will therefore take it from you.
  7. What are my credentials: “Been there, done that.” My name is Michael, You can find me all over the Holy Bible.
  8. Today, I’m assembling our Earth’s collective Souls‚ so they can all enjoy the tribulation.  If a child dies, young, I will quickly bring that soul back to take part, so they do not miss out.
  9. 03 29 2016 A.D. Locked in Armageddon. I take no chances of being crucified‚ poisoned ‚ tortured or abused. You follow the path and I make it.