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Apokßlypsis; "Article VII." ę Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 27th April 2013, Studio City , Los Angeles county, United States of America.  ( will be updated). Most people will not be able to understand this stuff, even the best code-breakers or astrologers, because if you have not been reincarnating within the know so you can code in the past to retrieve in the future to adjust celestial coding, and then use those insights in the past to start -&or-stop points for time-space vectors, and absurdity use, at least people today in the 21 st Cent. tropical astrology you will not understand this stuff -- which also includes my no access to funds and to support to accomplish a pedagogical mini - book on this stuff, and time restraints, you get only what I can get out. The Abode of the Blessed was added on 27 March 2014 A.D. for historical notations.

Topic:   Rare Feild Biblical Astreology

Archangel Michael




Visuals here ( catphotos 1 , catphotos 2))



ψ versian 2.0


220 km/s (the speed 139.8085182534 miles per second ) The speed that the Sun of our solar system orbits the invisible vortex at the center of the Milky Way. Since the Sun carries the solar system planets with them, then twins being born are not so precisely in the same geometrical formation of the sibling. Compare this speed to 500 km/s The vortex  at the center of the super giant elliptical galaxy M87 in cluster Virgo fifty million light-years away? The elliptical galaxy M87 measured -6.6 billion solar masses.

Gizāh pyramid scored line evaluations:

Scored line pyramidial Biblical Progression: 2016 ( war)  = ( ref. War cat.), vindemiatrix virginis = cut off.  ( recorded 10 October 2013), p mid ->  p <-  mid p , domain 1. Desc. mebsuta geminorium = big star.


War Codex Reported to Nostradamus wiki page. ~ 2:30 p.m.,  PST.

  θ sagittarii ( ancha, "Hip", or "Hipbone" of the Water Bearer), the Mercury planet is just below it today, 7 th February 2014. On The nostradamus wikipedia page, in the talk section I released or sent notice of the war codex.


Mercury just below this star.

Constellation: Aquarius
Right ascension: 22h16m50.00s
Declination: -07░47'00.0"
Apparent magnitude: 4.16
Distance: 58.685 parsecs
Proper motion RA: 119.2
Proper motion Dec: -21.4
B-T magnitude: 5.398
V-T magnitude: 4.268
NEPTUNE 7 th Feb 2014, just posted and under this light.
Constellation: Aquarius
Right ascension: 22h24m07.56s
Declination: -10┬░11'51.8"
Apparent magnitude: 7.166
Distance: 259.74 parsecs
Proper motion RA: -53.7
Proper motion Dec: -23.4
B-T magnitude: 8.938
V-T magnitude: 7.313


Proper Names Ancha
Chinese tradition for 'tear drop.'
Bayer θ Aqr
Flamsteed 43 Aqr
HD 1989 HD 211391
TYCHO-2 2000 TYC 5803-1996-1
USNO-A2.0 USNO-A2 0750-21158672
BSC 1991 HR 8499
HIP HIP 110003

The Sun  ( ) 7th Feb. 2014 ~ 300 p.m. PST, is just post and above

HD 204057

Constellation: Capricornus
Right ascension: 21h26m27.05s
Declination: -15░14'42.8"
Apparent magnitude: 7.992
Distance: 166.945 parsecs
Proper motion RA: -28.2
Proper motion Dec: 10.9
B-T magnitude: 9.465
V-T magnitude: 8.114
Proper Names  
HD 1989 HD 204057
TYCHO-2 2000 TYC 6360-281-1
USNO-A2.0 USNO-A2 0675-36404819
HIP HIP 105861

Belly of the Whale:

ι Cet (Deneb Kaitos Shemali) on many major war or attack events in modern times. on the angles or connected to people in their own personal timelines.


Constellation: Cetus
Right ascension: 00h19m25.70s
Declination: -08┬░49'26.0"
Apparent magnitude: 3.56
Distance: 88.81 parsecs
Proper motion RA: -14.7
Proper motion Dec: -37.5
B-T magnitude: 5.107
V-T magnitude: 3.674


Proper Names Deneb Kaitos Shemali
Bayer ι Cet
Flamsteed 8 Cet
HD 1989 HD 1522
TYCHO-2 2000 TYC 5261-1084-1
USNO-A2.0 USNO-A2 0750-00075127
BSC 1991 HR 74
HIP HIP 1562


Tropical Astrology Foundations:

The Abode of the Blessed

Anu: Still the lead god of all, very ancient, and tied directly to annunaki, found in the Bible or the giants that came down from heaven to copulate and make babies with the earthy women. It is Anu is some very ancient legend that we first note the location of Europe, and here the first Greek God ( which was not really considered a Greek god) was Atlas, whom in the Herculean narratives, resides at the gate of Hercules, where the hero struggled with Atlas for the control of the unknown. The pillars of Hercules are today's Straits of Gibraltar, a natural ocean barrier that blocks the violent oceans from the Atlantic, and where Plato pointed to the story of the ancient legends' of Atlantis ( and how we gave title to the oceans that lay from the Gilbralter to the eastern American coasts, up and down to lats.

The 12 lve Gates of Osiris mirror by interpretation to domiciles or modern names of  astrological houses, but here these are equaled house testimonies.

The Papyrus of Ani : Provides 4,000+ year - old tropical, with sidereal references to an order of things. The sky is cut into 12 sections while there were only 6 major constellations, often combining of our modern ones. If this manner we may take hints to when a construction of these ideas were first put forth, because we cannot use the only surviving texts which are all copies, we must take the data and implant it into a time period. These are folklores to 12lve bodies of the Gods, and other sophisticated identifications. At Ogodad, a very ancient city, today's Heliopolis, Egypt, was where much of the first cardinal points were established called the four winds, but here there were 8 winds, because of the bi-directions, south-east and south-west, north-east and north-west, as well as direct north, east, south and west. The idea of the wind' terminology, meant a long distance or a vast area of geography that can be pointed too by directions.



The Seventh at was called ses (Budge, p. 139), and is considered at times, evil. Perhaps the name comes from the later ┼st who later became known as Set. This was in the story of Isis and Osirus, both brothers, Set gets angry and kills and then dismembers Osrius' body, scattering all around Egypt, which gave forth journey narratives in search of life, body-parts, and happiness -- a  vast dynastic Egyptian literary tradition had developed. The Seventh at then was associated to the seventh house ( late middle ages, often called a domicile), a mathmatical-geometrical devision of a circle, which during the 14 th century at Padua University a more correct sidereal viewpoint was added which develped into a popular Titus de Placido ( The Placidus House/Domicle System). Initially developed by his Padua professor and menter, Magini, who pioneered advanced forms of trigonometry, cuts the day and night arc, prior to developing the M.C. and I.C. positions. To me, this made the more ancient fardariya ( Arabic for a system of multi-and disputed time-astrological-schedules, usually by some form of a rhythm or in science terms, an algorithm, because the beta persei star 'vibrates' and this star had a certain rhythm, thus its lore for launching attacks in ancient history texts. 


On the Soul: The soul is "lasting and incorruptible," but the physical body when fused with the spiritual body of energy allows the soul to communicate to the body, and in the spirit form, the spirit body can leave the physical body and travel places (Budge, p. 71).

Egyptian's equivalent of omnipresent and omnipotent God or just the top God of all things of the Universe.

Anu is the supreme god, but originally of the summer pantheon, yes Egyptians were no different than today, were adoption of ideas and traditions abound, for example Bhuddah was Indian but adopted 100s of years later by many Asians and far easterners, but in ancient Egypt neter or nether, a word only surviving in Coptic as 'Nuti'  and never understood, although there have been many tries.  In some melliena of trasscriptions to translations, the connotation to neither(world) can be taken but to the much later Hellens ( Greeks) °ύσις, and the Latin, natura. So we can see the millennia later battle in the western Early Modern Age over the fights of God and Nature, who created what? So to clarify, the Egyptians, while academics still cannot agree to what this most ancient word implies or means, in text, this term is always refereed too as the supreme God or any god who possess Devine an attribute or a characteristic.

[...] Thus the great cosmic powers, and the beings who also held to be " divine" were yet finite and mortal, and were endowed by the Egyptians with love, hatred, and passions of every sort and kind, were called neteru [hieroglyph illustrations on various spellings) and the word is translated [as] "gods" by Egyptologists ( Budge , pp. 99, 100).

word adoptions, my opinion: nephlihem [ = annunaki, Hebrew trans.] , nibiru, nature, nefarious,

Examples are numerous, as in this precept: "This Pepi is then god [ i.e. neteru], the son of god,"[ c.f....], p. 101, examp.  Budge surmises correctly, to what god, a local deity or the overall supreme deity? So this is one of the oldest known or often recorded words, and no one really knows yet to how the Egyptians or proto Egyptians used the term. 



Sir. Wallis Budge ( late keeper of Egyptian and Syrian antiquities at the British Museum) NY, New York, University Books, inc.,  ed. 1960, "The Book of the Dead,", head title:  Hieroglyphic transcripts of the Papyrus of ANI...[...]," the Book of the Dead, in three different sources, The Papyrus of Ani, The Pyramid Texts, Coming forth by Day, all are under the auspices of the Book of the Dead, because its main character is Osiris, although Ani claims to be the successor or just the archival recorder and much earlier traditions, perhaps predynastic or even Pre flood. We know by later historical guesses and one modern climatology study, Egypt went through a few periods of massive reorganization of power and depopulations due to natural or man/women made disasters. This edition mirrors the Medici Society edition on the Book of the Dead.






Rare 9/11 mundane New York Chart has PED al goul on the ascendant. 20 March 2001, Vernal judicial astrology. al ghoul = asc PED, at New York. visual here.

here is the 10-12 th century judicial astrology chart applications that became famous in the western medieval ages, banned by the Church at various times, it was too difficult for them to fully suppress. This is the official 11 September 2001 New York Judicial Astrology application. The process of creating them are simple, the reading is more a trick. But here is some clear signs that something was foul and afoot.  
processes:  create a vernal sig. chart. and then read it. This can tell of the year in advance and the portents pertaining to predictive purposes. It must be remembered that the USA chart does have beta persei on its angle of the horizon so the location  will be matched even if we treat this chart in a mundane application.  
who can see these portents. They are blatant, overt, and stick right out at you.  What will happen to New York this year? Any signs in the sky dome?  


Connie Reynolds and I were investigating Cetus and terrorist events, and we came up with baten kaitos cetii as a key element found in many terrorist attacks, the most recent was the Boston Bombings. Here it is on the arc of the ascendant, smack on it. This star is associated to 'explosions' and high casualties, and can be found in violent Hollywood films too, that I have found.




Historiography: Hell

Zargos mountain planisphere (The Planisphere of Nineveh, acc. to L.W. King, British Museum, 1912 Similar), Sumer 3300 B.C. illustrates the Ĺpathĺ of the damaging Earth meteors comes from the direction of the stars of hyades taurii. The four out of five original Genisis cities that were destroyed by fire and brimstone from above reference this planispheric recording of one such 1.75 k.m. wide asteroid slammed into the Alps which projected a plume of Earth matter into the atmosphere some nine miles high, and down stream some 1,400 miles and reigning down fire and brimstone, on four of the five cities of Genisis, two popularly known as Saddam and as Gomorrah; and a surface temperature for a few seconds reaches 400 Fahrenheit.

Bronze Age Disasters: The underworld or Hell are colloquially the same thing. Hyades in Greek translated is literally the Ĺunderworldĺ. This is where the God Hyades reigned, and fire and brimstone, whatever earth or dry surfaces resided, he had domain. These stars are in the middle of modern boundaries of the Zodiac Constellation of Taurus ().  In the last few years some have dated this to 29 June 3123 BC Julian Cal., said to be less than a degree for the K÷fels astroid inpact. Others have placed it at K÷fels impact on the Sumerian Planisphere date of July 4, 2361 B.C.

K÷fels astroid Path: Origins, Hell ( hyades, start of arrow of The Planisphere of Nineveh. then it goes above triangulum ( if in southern hemesphere), past and above the stars of Aries and then goes toward the ecliptic to pass Pegasus, then onto Sagitta.  For those that are not intelligent, proof lay all over the academic class rooms, professor ships and the internet, making copies, even 1,000 years of age were simplistic as wetting certain mud(s) and pressing out a copy. Since record keeping was raised clay molds, all one had to do was to press another copy onto these for reproductions. Scholars then as well as now do have language skills, so translation of the text would also be possible. For example, about 1,700 B.C. , in Sumerian cuneiform, we have the Moon translated as ruling the zodiacal constellation of Cancer. Today, some 3,700 years-later the Moon is ;still'  being translated as the zodiacal constellation rule of Cancer. Do you have a difficulty understanding this? Making copies were non too difficult.

( question the findings)



Asterological weights

|23 Setp. 2013|: Astreological Relationships in Relationships = mass/mass (prime). as a nominal vector. This can be compounded by other 'masses' that hold a relationship to the (prime).

Asterological weights: In synnastry, a comparative relationship astrology chart, there seems to be an issue to mass as it relates to the social makeup of the family or relationship(s) unit(s).

So if a women has over a man's the normal interpretation is that she 'wants' him badly. Or in general, this is a fitting relationship aspect. So this is because s out weights the ? I have not researched this aspect much, I'm wondering if it gives a penchant for the women to wear the proverbial pants in the family?  
On the other hand, I have studied the s in synnastry and many marriages that last for some time , however,  not a lifetime  have either aspect of a square or -- nothing absolute but definitely confirming.  
both masses of both of the syn-s then cancel themselves out.






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