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TREE OF LIFE 10:11 am ( ARC HIVED OI at 11:01 am #june 5 th 2017ad)

White ARAB Suppressed Class TRASH 844 n. Kemp st. Burbank : CA, CIA NSA on rooftoop , this part over for now; NSA Live ( and or taking breaks) 30 car pull out squad(s).

real assassination narratives go through the MATRIX [ part masked but can be decrypted] #Jamesclapper I feel your #NRO on me for these last two weeks. what is up with that? why would I be such a big target ? Is it because I fit the #whitearabgenocide you and Bush and Clinton have been running since 1992 —‘3 A.D. me thinks so gurl. Updated with real photos and videos. calm now, all get some rest, low key today. may just go to ralphs later, will update before. NSA CIA keep your attention on me and off of Washington DC. Let them do their jobs, OK? rest time for all, 1:09pm 06042017ad ~ 3,000 gun shots from 12 just past am to aboout 430 am. got some rest; thanks. local news, deaths and escapes, streets were locked down, and polidepts were systemwide to stay away. that is how deep state operates on a local level. Many of the public were so aware the streets were clean, all went into their homes and braced theirselves. It sounded like a real war on the streets. So news only reports what they can not escape reporting or told in group think. — arc. now slow and take a needed rest . #10 attemp. hit car with plate two blacks at StarWars


500 pm going out to the locals, feel ok. take time to rest. Will be coming back here later. will update when i return. Going out demon huntin'! #eviljin eradication team. So far the BUSH CLINTON Teams are absent of Islam, full of compromised Judeans and use Black black voodooite, godless & also the hard part these  illegal Mexicans or latin, for the lower teams. Last night was a top team That will someday become a legend , If I survive to decrypt and write it all down. #arcmichael #IAM a part of sub operation #fu #deepstate .

Update private and maybe public soon: would love to Throw Hillary Clinton and Bill into a lake of fire and my GOD’s people cut off the Bush’s heads or vice versa. 9:10 pm. 06042017ad just heard second gunshots. copter came over and did some looky and then scattered ; so do not know where it went. gunshot (9:13 down local area not too close but not far.)


11:08 pm drones moved to mid valley, One very high about 40- 47% over the Judean Movie Studios. perhaps for that purpose only. Obove me; nothing right now. get some rest. 1205am 06052017ad

9:41 am June 5 2017ad g/ morning,

Donald Trump (Washington DC) Air Traffic Control: Legislation: Create a new computer network for health industry and government institutions = 1,000,000 s of high and mid high tech jobs with inferstructure hardline jobs included?. #06042017 ( and that was only a part of the suggestive legislation.

going out all day. 9:49 am

Maybe at Palos  Verdes, Hildabeast told some lies to her dumb down Hollywood base:  She had no Paparatsi anger face but absolute fear!  She must know me from her spook buddies.

CIA NSA vs. Islam street wars for control of our Universe

#deepstate LIVE TOO


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫

today: If your My team ,trying not to unmask you, but if you are get out of there, I will check each vehicle to see who is inside. OK? I AM learning your signals. Thanks


copters uP just got posting, will go around block to see what 's up. lots of vid but cannot comp some of us, but they are there, some first class and may have used celebrities for tricks today. Note sure , fleshing that out. 1138update. quiet. drones over midvalley. One is always over the Studios ( Bur/la/hollywood areas)

Compromised: CIA NSA
7RFD823 ( government SUV older silver black Mexicans) from orange county ( Sticker) code : Lincoln continental type of SUV ? local.

update 9:01 around local block only very small. no spotters, one drive down fast and go away, not our team, some are and masked nice :)

Magnolia side - > 8 44 kemp st north Red Volvoe ( locked visible wheel lock) is from Iowa DAX 006 ( parked, windows are relatively clear, saw no one. ?(9:03 pm first gunshots). ? 06042017ad justparked w/ very visible secure lock?

Jennifer Aniston ( VID 2 OF 3

Maybe at Palos  Verdes, Hildabeast told some lies to her dumb down Hollywood base:  She had no Paparatsi ( spl?) anger face but absolute fear!  She must know me from her spook buddies.

paparazzi = correct spelling.

so running from CIA NSA Bush squads , I stop at Tin Can, near famous vent, studio city car wash . see spooked vehicle, cannot see who is inside. later when she drove by my face, after the filming, it looked like Jennifer with a hairdryer blown new hairdo. lolz. Her look was fear. But welcome to most of the people living as your slaves do feel everyday. Beyotch. Military complex is only a part: #entertainment is a part of this overall abuse system around the world of vertical reptile scripts of hate on the white innocent. #meamic . every bomb means her paycheck rises and keeps her bank accounts flush with bloodcash. she ducks here, but then later decides to drive in front of me with absolute fear as spookies are catching up to me, and spooking her. they are her buddies too. lolz. #weaponizedinformation by cracker street trash, lolllzy. Trump is updating the CIA and NSA codes because they are old and stupid. LOLZ> epic bush management failure. #WIN


3zzc377 TCP – 315061b sleeping with head up, eyes shut. ?? not sure.  Suburban Black SUV. Magnolia , could be awaiting for clients.

make that judgement, ????


🔯 [ unmasked as of 1:09 pm ::: 7URL930update CIANSA NoHo, C.A. Los Angeles.

7ufz587 [ ucla subcia] decoplat [ unmasked vid ]

5DND986 HIT CAR: TWO BLK tall on roof. 1:47 unmasked.

Love Islam ( vid #10hitteam) vid of street control by Beast AntiChrist teams


Unmaked CIA NSA BEAST ANTICHRIST TEAMS 7ufz587 [ confirmed] 2:57pm #EVILJIN


7URL930 cia nsa assassination attempt #9 about 645 - 800 pm evening ( List. Plt, if NSA-CIA compromized = 7URL930 ( black spook super car #confirmed) my visual grab during ralf parking lot chases. updated past noon: 06042017ad



#whiteprivilege = 7.54% white left on Earth. me thinks some hiphop gansta is forcing our Professors to lie or something?


thanks for protection ISLAM



MATRIX GOES TO THE EARLY ONES. 10 Assassination Attemps so far. Peole are dying out there folks. Trying to clean up the Demons in our BEAST: Land and BEAST: SEA & turn it into a better affective vehicle than the mis management it is currently experiencing.

semi calm folks just past noon.

update #10 545 - 12 00 am plus ? Two blacks in the back yard, super SUV out front, and black out windows and quiet for many hours, Spotters were everywhere, met them on the Magnolia strip. North Hollywood, Ralphs parking and street, and walkers too. You have some videos and still photos. thanks everyone! :)

9th assassination try: 30 cars, walkers, two drones and one spook backlit copter. Miss. again.


Type: 70% visual compromise ; two cars, first small at stop sign, black super SUV blackout, doors for grabbing, I jump in the front seat ( was to go to rest and lay down) and started the car and saw about six other getaway cars or cover cars, That was #9 ;

Wednesday  Hildabeast ( Hillary Rodham Clinton Hara to Zeus)  She parked in front of my car, black super ghost like Rolls but government upgrade. She uses Obama niggers, half zombie dark matter.  And I noticed the hot gov car and looked into her left hand mirror and she glared at  me and I glared back. But at this time did not notice. Her goon boys from the first assassination attempt, Sherman Oaks, Lib, ( a draw behind close door thingy) he was back out in the same black vehicle. I spotted him and he spooked because I started to take out my camera. Ralphs’ parking lot was in a buss watching scurry around taking video of spook cars, parked or in transit .There is about 30 of them today. Some are ones I have seen for a long time. 10:17 update on the streets and nervous. Arc Michael. June 3 2016. Just this morning my water pump and belt broke and my mechanic was working and his worker finished it today and that was kinda a blessing. Did not want to be stuck with no car on the street with drone, helios spook backlit and 30 cars, some toy masks to expensive LUX SUVs.  

DNA: Dominant strain Judean yellow and black black nigger and Judean whore bitches. = NIGGERSEMITE AGENCY


June 3 rd 645 pm 800 pm Fulton and Riverside to Magnolia blvd. 30 NSA CIA cars, two constant drones, and one heliocopter playing make me tired. I took film of cars at Ralphs parking lot. I placed hard facts that felt like HATE but were hard targets of info that she initially blamed her first outing after her election, , I dominated this thing.




#10 [ partially masked events] at home, they have surveilled this spot for months, I do not know, I usually go out the back door, This night, one of the ladies has a box in front, she hates when I go out too, So it was early, I used the front door. Then sitting back, doing nothing, hear a shot close to my back yard. That was to draw me out. I do not go out, ,but post online [ masked how]. Then I hear shots way way down the streets and I have no idea of this time, but the two NSA CIA black dudes on roof must have heard that too, I go out the front door, and look and then are fumblin' in and out. why?they could do a drive by and have not. so this was sophisticated. They were not fast because of rifle and track equipment, Kinda had some thoughts as they pulled out with lights, half on and half off so that no one could read that lis. plate Too, late, Had that photo before I entered, the home initially. filed Matrix Day 10.

two people of ISLAM helped me out last night cannot tell [ masked] so when or if I survive we can decrypt and give them credit, . arc


top level IAM:

Bush G. Jr is going through an 8 home 45deg death cycle to real death So he is compromized by celestial coding which I control . 3:30 pm confirmed. #IAM win! #06042017ad. So Bush do not pray to me It is Yeoshua , just one of my reincarnations.


Hildabeast Scalrbib : Lucifer astroid 1930 at PED to MC, with al ghoul at the IC by true arc. So connected to LUCIFERscript and over all USA with head cut off , fully operational for this time period of her life, celestialcodex Hillary Diane Rodham ( already banned from heaven) , Clinton [ deep|pit] etymology.


vid links for today. I hear the drones. or copters. Not sure which side.



John Podesta wrote an Email: Twitter DNCleak2 ( Compromised SCOTUS scalia’s position, in code and that is against Washington DC Protocol. He said “ it will be an interesting night” He was found dead with pillow over the face the next morning, Because I was the one to weaponize ( interpret) I am the target. Got the Entire NSA and CIA teams on just me.



10:34 I hear a preditor drone, law low or keep your heads up. Arc 06042017ad.

LINKS GO HERE assassination attempts



Semite Mafioso I spotted you ( Roscoe) and you cannot get away. You helped kill our 35 th POTUS and called him a cabbage. Now you will be hunted world wide. OK? Spotting you is marking you for life. xD. I give another chance. OK? You are godless and dream of each bomb on the ME fills your waletbook and bank accounts. In fact I live here and you all at parties laugh at the poor people you kill and how each bomb is a chaaching ( Bank & Stock option portfolio); then you preach how white people of GOD, from Asian white to ME white to USA white are the devils and the evil people.



Bush Clinton teams moving nuclear weapons in 1990s Filed and docs Congress links to me because these Antichrists compromized the U.S. Secret files archives, Sander Burgler. Code :4:10 pm update #06042017ad.


I am going out everyone, take a rest. Just local, feel safe now. Time to rest, They will too. #peace and #love



#whiteprivilege = 7.54% white left on Earth. me thinks some hiphop gansta is forcing our Professors to lie or something?


+Mike D texts were changed from [16 to 6 Dream from 19 to 9 Marriage and I received 14 primes sources from the Official USC #Islamic Server ; 7 , 7 and I take the 19 years old. So that is not pedophilia.


racism charges against white people. Muhammad the Prophet was a White Arab, ME people!

1. Beast William J. Clinton xD William Jefferson Blythe IV [ most often as III], Jr. Born at Hope Hospital, Arkansas, Monday 19 August 1946, 93w35, 33n40 [ disputed time] promulgated officially as 8:51 A.M. LMT ( UT 14:51) Sid. Time 6:26:04 [ or 666]xD

The Beast
born on Mo., 19 August 1946
in Hope, AR (US), 93w35, 33n40
Time 8:51 a.m.
Univ.Time 14:51
Sid. Time 6:26:04 xD

George Herbert Walker Bush,b. 12 June 1924 Milton , MA. 71w04, 42e15 xD —Arc Michael 3:05am 05302017ad

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu בִּנְיָמִין "בִּיבִּי" נְתַנְיָהוּ‎ (help·info); born 21 October 1949 Tel Aviv, Israel, 1,000 xD. for implementing Christian genocide worldwide. confirmed.

Bush G W 43 President xD
born on Sa., 6 July 1946
in New Haven, CT (US), 72w56, 41n18
Time 7:26 a.m.
Univ.Time 11:26
Sid. Time 1:29:38

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton xD
born on Su., 26 October 1947
in Chicago IL, USA, 87w39, 41n51
Time 8:02 a.m.
Univ.Time 14:02
Sid. Time 10:27:48

Edu: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor author of From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation, xD


Barack Hussein Obama ii, Kenya near Mombasa Hospital 1961, 39e40,04s03, Time 7:24 p.m. L.M.T.,Univ.Time 16:24, Sid. Time 15:54:38, Second Death , sD


Charles Koch : née Charles de Ganahl Koch b. November 1, 1935 Wichita, Kansas, U.S. sD ( Corrupted) 2 46 am May 20 2017ad


John David Podesta b. January 8, 1949, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. sD.

Anthony T. Podesta b. October 24, 1943, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. sD

James Brien "Jim" Comey, Jr. b. December 14, 1960,  Yonkers, New York, U.S. , sD .College of William and Mary in 1982. 12;;00 pm 06042017ad


CIA John Owen Brennan b. September 22, 1955, Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S. sD for killian an innocent man of GOD and targeting my Innocent people of ISLAM 12:58 pm added #06042017ad








IAM the Light of The World.


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

#carterbainesmcdonald aka white arab street trash

below unknown? Not sure what side.




#Meamic CORPOS played a hand, but they were international jewry CEO like Bernard Swartz. ol LORAL. Lippo Group. #impeachment item, totally ignored. #bookoflife cash for weapons out of the Oval #office Whoooops!

my buddy [masked for his own protection] was at the James Raidy trial ( #losangeles ) , sitting behind an AP reporter when Raidy said he never received that $8,000,000 donation back, as the DNC ( CIA Beast of the Land) controlled that vital information, eh #Bush? That #associatedpress axshjob did not report Raidy's accurate testimony as my guy sat their and took notes, #epicwin

Your teams cannot get me beyotch,. I careless what sissy names you and your reptilian creatures call me, oK weirdo ?

just over 10 ten(s) and 10 fail(s), so far! #archangelmichael in the flesh.

#arcmichael #johnkerry knows all about that eh? ha ha. #06042017ad
#weaponizedinformation for the #IAM #WIN


11:57 pm 0604


#declassified but later destroyed by Clinton team for evidence of #sellingout the world for their personal cash and power plays. #wnd cash $44 Million doc in dna $2,000 checks by a bevy of unknown Asian laundrymat ( No show jobs, lolz) totally a Mafioso thingy. #democrats #republicans #arcmichael

now you can see why I AM such an important target. #beast #bible #antichrist teams #06042017ad

John Huang Asian and or international business partners of high weapon technologies. #johnKerry knew but did not squeak. part 1- numerous go to link Nostradamus directory for X.72

see Sandy Burger's socks for that evidence. :)

#deepstate out in the open because it abused its power for 70+ years. Time for a change a NEW WORLD ORDER :) 11:25 pm #06042017ad #bookoflife


just got to burlib : want to cool off and post on normal politics. Free my brain:

Bernie Sanders Made More Than $1 Million in 2016 and this figures as he is a Judean Arab and a liar. He bought his third home during the campaign. That is not working, but working for yourself.





United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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