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Apokálypsis; "Article VII." © Michael

Released: 1 July 2012,  5:49:30 a.m. P.D.T., Burbank/North Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States of America.  Updated new section: 'The Symbols of 7' 27 Feb 2014

Topic: Bible: Biblical Elementary Astrology

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  2. Elliptical to Pole Star Astrology: Tropical astrology, Sun-sign astrology, most modern forms of astrology. PAGEREF _Toc329538526 \h 3

  3. Theological Devils Horns associated to the Vernal Bull-King. PAGEREF _Toc329538527 \h 6

  4. This is how Tropical Astrology Works. PAGEREF _Toc329538528 \h 8

  5. Baghdad’s Foundation and Tropical Astrological Implications. PAGEREF _Toc329538529 \h 9

  6. ObamaHellCare and Hororary Astrology. PAGEREF _Toc329538530 \h 10

  7. Supreme Court Majority to uphold The Destruction of Democracy Legislation. PAGEREF _Toc329538531 \h 10

  8. How Does Hell Work? Hyadian Biblical Signatures. PAGEREF _Toc329538532 \h 11

  9. The Democratic Party Biblical Astrology Chart PAGEREF _Toc329538533 \h 13

  10. Gizāh pyramid foundational scored line U.S.A. Democracy Party Chart PAGEREF _Toc329538534 \h 14

  11. The Democratic Party & Algol?. PAGEREF _Toc329538535 \h 15

  12. Republican Party & alpha star of Aquarius, llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis. PAGEREF _Toc329538536 \h 17

How Time Works with Elementary Biblical Astreology


Geometrical expressions of these cosmic bodies orchestrate mostly undetected frequency information. The best detection science applies to all types of occultations and forms of solar system geometrical masses, and in addition some geometrical Sun-Spot cycles based solely upon Jupiter and Saturn geometrical positions around the Sun duly apply. Otherwise scientists are in the dark when it comes to figuring out life and the cosmos. Fortunately studying the phenomena one needs a photographic memory to retrieve geometrical astronomical data, and preferred about 30 years.  And when analyzing new material cross-referencing all of these studies of 30 years – done is minuets of a second, so you can do other things the day demands.  However, this is a part of the brain that simulates the same qualities to all humans who have concentrated over the decades on things which interest them. 


Time is not of a cycle but often of these ellipses reveal some intersubjective spaces of linear time that at relative interval-sequences will demonstrate human recognition-patterns from a mundane to a personal application. Time also spans out from within oneself forming equidistant fields or domains (similar to climata or the Cartesian universe). This time produces scalar forms of mathematics applied and introduces space to which can be measured at different dimensions.


How time works: there are some oscillating strings, moving clockwise and counter clockwise, all  directions, some horizontal, some diagonal, and all variations in-between as these strings move through the theater of existence connecting to other oscillating strings from other bodies or things – which then affect your internal clock ‘times.’ The easy way to say this remains the motions of the celestial bodies affect all things alive or dead ( in reality it is all alive!). Most often the phrase uttered of the purpose of astrology intends “the planets, the Sun and the Moon affect human affairs.” This prelocutionary utterance pacifies the majority of the human Earth population of souls. First of all, an astrologer studies all mathematical formulas; to question and then discover human recognition-patterns and try to make sense of the universe.


CERN, The Large Hadron Collider (at Geneva, Switzerland) is a 27 kilometer loop and protons are magnetically accelerated toward each other to  reach 99.999997% the speed of light and they are directed to smash into each other in a viewing area called L.H.C. detector. The quarks, inside these protons, provide the evidence by smashing these particles into each other from opposite directions.  Scientists believe the empty space created after the near-light speed collision will leave small black holes and scientists hope to analysis the streaks left on the plate of the L.H.C. detectors. They believe a small string vibrates back and forth; an on one side as the string vibrates to another side opens a small black hole or wormhole. Scientists intend this nicknamed god particle allows for emptiness to take on a physical shape, thus mimicking the mythical big bang − from out of nothing comes everything. There are over 100 countries invested in this project, 10,000 scientists, and close to one trillion dollars to find this particle. Most critics intend these experiments are intended for more super weapons as the rational sciences that replaced spiritual science has overwhelmingly used science to create weapons of torture and mass destruction for profit and sexual excitement.


In Biblical Astronomy one uses some  logical visionary empiricism.


My Charts MC in ultra violet Click for larger photo, more detail Uranus position feb 2014.

Here is my M.C. or the culmination point for my birth, and superimposed is Uranus' current Feb. 2014 position, and this snapshot was a delayed ultraviolet filter looking toward the circlet piscipus stars, and this is below these stars between lower stars of  Aquarius and  beginning stars of Cetus.



Protons are made up of three quarks which are held together like gluons – think of the peptide bonds that hold D.N.A. molecules together. When smashed together at such a high rate of speed, these quarks breakdown and explode into bosons or an unknown phenomenon which produces this god particle after-affect signature. It was postulated by Higgs and thus the name of the Higgs-Boson particle. On the fourth of July 2012, CERN public relations announced it has evidence of a boson discovered but remained cautious about calling it the elusive Higgs particle,  they had hoped positively identify. Instead the ‘signature’ after the smashing of these protons produces ‘strings’ protruding outward in many directions. Although at the current timing these strings are produced for only three trillionth of a second, a glimpse into time was breached. However, astrologers been defining these complexive time signatures for millennia. Basically they appear as spherically-geometrical and astrologers have been studying these types of ‘forms’ (Plato’s astrology) that cannot be seen by the naked eye but exist in the æther. For example, quarks are held together by a triangle forms inside of a proton, and the gluons act as small gravity forces holding the shape, and the shape is what is important to the space-time.


Astrology works in basically the same ‘conceptual idea.’ There are many forms of astrology but there are a few basic genus forms. Visual astrology remains the oldest of the recorded (historical) record. This astrology remained local but often had traditions and compilations of 1,000 plus years of data and archival material – in which to work from and pass on to future generations. Geometrical expressions result at the local level, visual field observation then accompanied interpretations. Judicial Astrology (fate) evolved from this form of ancient visual astrology. Judicial Astrology remains the most ancient and complex geometrical acceptation of forms known in the art. For example, a conjunction can be a vertical alignment at the local horizon, where as tropical astrology some P.E.D. or elliptical conjunctions can have a myriad of geometrical angels based upon the local horizon and the pole-star.


The Symbols of 7.

In the first half of the 20th century, there were five (5 ) Uranus and Pluto tropical conjunctions, to which then described the rise of the agents of World War II, some people intend to periodize history by Uranus/Pluto squares -- but this remains too general. However, numerologicaly,  this time, there are seven (7     ) , a number frequently used in the Book of the Apocalypse. This is because as the Rock revolves around the central system Star further out solar system bodies are then following standard gravitational grids and so the orbits of the two perspective bodies will contain visual anomalies' during just after oppositions -- or counter parallel to eachother where the Sun is the fulcrum or the Sun lay in between these two solar system bodies. Scientifically and historically this has been called retrogression, a visual anomaly where a slower moving body appears, even momentarily, to become stationary and/or just begin to move backwards, when in reality that body continues its forward motion. Ancient Academics told the philosophers to get lost and formulated illusionary fantasies called 'epicycles' to explain these visual anomalies'.

One key historical element garnered a marker for the Early Modern Age was when a Priest, Astrologer, Dr. of Humanities, and Astronomy Nicolas Copernicus, who had told the European leftist academics to shove their fantasies up their behinds. While he did not throw out the epicycle garbage, he did manage to switch the Sun and the Earth around! Thus causing him and his friends death threats but  beneficially later having an astounding affect, a subsequent scientific revolution thusly followed.

He Contributes to Humankind Our Heliocentric System -- modern name, Solar System


Frequent Internal Angle of Large Gizāh pyramid = solar system off-set to galactic plane.




Elliptical to Pole Star Astrology: Tropical astrology, Sun-sign astrology, most modern forms of astrology


Solar astrology replaced lunar mansion astrology (Moon moves past 28 divisions of Stars for a lunar month) in wide use around the world. When the Sun intersected the New Years’ vernal equinox, this became the constellation of Taurus in the ancient times and around 150 A.C.E. the frontal stars of Arities ( Venus was replaced as the patron of war) graced the vernal equinox point (Tetribiblios c. 150 A.C.E.) – thus the modern first sign of the tropical astrological system is Aries and its ruler misapplied as Mars. 


Tropical Astrology already in use during Claudius Ptolemy’s doctrine on astrology and stars – this places the Vernal Equinox as the arbitrator of human affairs. All of our lives revolve around a wacko false pseudo-science and his pseudo scientist sources. For example, all space-time, the cosmos, is based upon rational scientists plagiarizing a weirdo –whacky false scientist. Times, dates, seasons, years, decades, periods, centuries, millennia, ages, etc... are all based upon pseudo scientists.


Everyone knows that Albert Einstein plagiarized weirdo-whacko pseudo scientist astrologer Johannes Kepler’s rule of space-time to form Special & General Relativity, already in play before Einstein penned the paper. Kepler’s universally accepted law two, not composed in historical order, this was his first,  says Arcs = Area. Arcs are curved space and if you associate this idea with space it becomes space-time – the same thing.


If Arcs are some relative time: Kepler intends, “The line joining the planet to the Sun sweeps out equal areas in equal time as the planet travels around the ellipse.” Einstein apparently during his young years ignored the acceleration and deacceleration nuance of Kepler’s definition – thus when Einstein reached his middle age he finally realized the nuance, admitted his mistake and also corrected his early statement that there was no God, which is a main mystery of the forces of the Universe.


It was not until another weirdo-whacko pseudo scientist astrologer Sir. Isaac Newton co-created Calculus and by using Descartes grid system we can understand Kepler’s true understanding of his nine year war with Mars (normally stated as a seven year war to find out Mars’ true motion). Planets do not follow a true circle around other bodies such as the Sun, the youthful mistake of Einstein’s views.


Once you plot these ellipses to the Cartesian system as Einstein did only then can one assume space bends -- looking at your penciled drawing on a piece of scratch paper --  and this measurement is calculated by advanced calculus.   In the most simplistic of terms,  Kepler’s second law proves that space and time are of one thing and it is the bending of this one thing creating our total perception of our universe and how planets accelerate and deaccelerate and thus follow an ‘ellipse’ around the Star!


Johannes Kepler dubbed The True founder of the New Astronomy, grew up in Southern Austria, a local European hero, held testimony to a standard reading for science classes at the schools Einstein attended as a youth. Wait, it was! Kepler’s foundation was another weirdo whacko astrologer Nicolaus Copernicus [1] who relied on the Ptolemy pseudo-scientist’s tropical vernal point to reorganize our solar system to a heliocentric model. When Copernicus did this at his own peril another pseudo scientist ( added insult he was a man of the cloth) affirmed space-time belonged solely to the wackos-weirdo pseduo scientists and so tenured or approved professors at the universities still considered the earth flat – and of course they had all the prestige, celebrity, social authority and economic purse strings. 


Rheticus, an associate, believed Copernicus was following Plato and Pythagoreans divine mathematics. These are two more pseudo scientists laughed at in all academic institutions across the earth.  Then Kepler used this same Ptolemy pseudo-scientist’s tropical vernal point and applied it to the known planets, and, therefore,  Einstein had all the work done for his space-time bending concept that became a large part of General Relativity. He just had to attend class and have an interest in the cosmos.


Meanwhile the British rational scientists plagiarized these weirdo whacko pseudo scientist astrologer Ptolemy et al., and while the French marked the Earth to measure this weirdo whacko pseudo scientist’s claim ( and Newton’s claim the earth is actually egg shaped – but the very ancient people that inhabited Egypt has already concluded this about 5,000 year ago)  to the cosmos at Greenwich village England and to add insult to injury by telling the world this is how you will understand life and operate your lives according to our time the world seems imprisoned to the ideas of these whacko-weirdo pseudo scientists. 


After the Russians and Americans kidnapped the NAZI scientists, those two superpowers and now all current space agencies map the cosmos using these weirdo-whacko pseudo scientist astrologers. So tropical astrology which bore out of astrological curiosity is basically the same as looking at a clock and managing your life to schedules, dates, and times;[2]   there have been many attempts to sway the scientific community to abandon these pseudo scientists, but these plagiarizing scientists have no better model – because astrologers provided the top-of-the-line physical properties to the cosmos. 


All astrological systems mentioned had already been practiced before our historical record.  So, let us call it Modern Tropical Astrology (MTA or M.T.A.) takes the northern hemisphere’s vernal point and gives non measurable ascriptions to domain sectors which provides more reason or rationality to understanding the human condition. Modern Tropical Astrology (MTA post Ptolemy c. 150 A.C.E.)  bore a host of sub-disciplines as melathesia (medical astrology), hororary (Early Modern Age, often as crime fighting astrology), modern metrological astrology (almanac period, weather astrology), electional ( itinerary astrology)


By the late 15th century the magazine type of Sun-Sign Astrology was created by the very famous Marsilio Ficino’s (Libri de vita,  first edition Florence 1 August 1489 old style calendar!) whose fame commences with the authoritative translations of corpus platonicus and of these the Greek Corpus Hermeticum texts (books on Enoch, on Thoth, etc...), perhaps of the most influential works in history. This type of astrology remains widely popular today, as it was a best seller then, and is solely tropically affiliated to interpretations of the most simplistic of assumptions. For example, a natives Sun in tropical Leo (e.g. α =120° – 150°) characterizes a native as gregarious, often loyal, sometimes arrogant and self centered but also capable of possessing a caring heart and compassion for their fellow people.


Tropical astrology never stays true to the positions of stars and their respective tropical locations. Our solar system is our local time ( tropical) and stellar space moves from our perspective slowly backwards – unnoticeable for one generation – usually by two generations ( if 40y = generation) a civilization becomes ‘aware’ there are multiple times in existence. This is why Einstein opted to call this phenomena space-time, because most people on the planet believe there is one linear time operating at all levels of the universe.


This reality led critics of the discipline to denounce any such rational scientific purpose. For example, alpha (α) piscipii Alrischa currently from the vantage of Israel around 1948 has a right ascension of α 28°38'51".[3] Yet the constellation have no bearing to 30° increments either ancient or modern no matter how many Ph.Ds or  head of top world Universities – all who lie to lie to control the world’s populations so they can build military weapons to control you; however some are close such as the constellation of Leo. The modern constellation of Virgo is about 40° of longitude.  Pisces is so large that we will not move out of the Vernal Pisces position until around the 2,800 A.C.E. Therefore the age of Pisces is roughly 150 A.C.E. to 2,800 A.C.E (~ 2,650 mean tropical years). Currently, alpha (α) leonis Regulus has entered tropical Virgo (or nominally the domain of α 150° -180°. This will provide help to end global types of slavery.


However, tropical astrology in my practice has absolutely no relation to signs or constellations as they remain purely geometrical formulated upon the northern hemisphere’s vernal signature. For example during the medieval times the guilds made board games that acted as an astrological chart where gamers threw dice upon the astrological board. Here below are the western elementary ascriptions and if you note they have no constellations nor rulerships – only what each modernity provides them to be – remember Venus as the first house ruler in the ancient times? The parenthesis are some of my own addition ascriptions of modern times.


The houses ( a.k.a. domains).


1. Life (existence)

2. Inheritance (wealth, possession)

3. Siblings (information, short travels)

4. parents ( home, the past)

5. children ( entertainment, games, music)

6. sickness ( health and class companionship)

7. marriage ( relationships)

8. death (other people’s money)

9. travels (higher to highest knowledge)

10. honors ( government, ruler ship)

11. favorable ( the collective)

12. unfavorable ( the mysteries)



What you are looking at above are tropical astrological ascriptions to the domains. Signs, planets, luminaries, and constellations have no part in its practice. For example, in the ancient times the constellation of Taurus was the first sign of the zodiacal wheel and Venus was still the ruler. Athena, the patron of Athens was a female (Venus as a female) and she was the patron of war, her ruler was the planet Venus, and she was also the prime protector of Athens. In modern times (post c. 150 A.C.E.) Mars assumes this same position and the constellation of Aries assumes the same characteristics as Taurus once had influenced these astronomical/astrological fields of discipline.


Taurus and Venus was the first zodiacal ruler or the king, and Marduke a Sumerian supreme deity, held this position (Marduke as 12 names in some sources). In later post Sumerian cosmology, Marduke became associated to Mars; hence Aries was becoming the vernal signature.  Marduke did not change the planets, constellations and luminary positions changed and this is the core of tropical astrology.


13 th Constellation

1755 Mars, Jupiter Saturn, with mid focal on IMAD ophiuchi.

George Washington’s defining moment in history was being told to man a fort in the Indian|French vs. British War for more American land – the American Revolution is starting to form its thoughts at this time. The reason for the French Revolution was that France bankrolled the War in the New World; therefore they could not pay their employees, even royal employees, thus the revolution over BREAD.

July 9 French and Indian War Braddock Expedition: British troops and colonial militiamen are ambushed and suffer a devastating defeat inflicted by French and Indian forces. During the battle, British General Edward Braddock is mortally wounded. Colonel George Washington survives.[1]

Theological Devils Horns associated to the Vernal Bull-King


The Bull horns on the artistic memories of our ancient world depict leaders from Moses to kings of Babylon all of them wore horns of the Bull to symbolize a leader of a group of people, a king, and/or a ruler. Symbolic or real, as head dress vogues a fashion, the Biblical precept: “As above so below” popular culture tied directly to ruler ship or academic culture.  El nath,  boarding the anti-dark rift, above horn from a northern hemisphere perspective, produces “Luck, fortune, success, quarrels, headstrong” [4] and al Hecka, produces “Honours, wealth, power, greed, aggression” a seventeenth century text relates traditional meanings – which also apply to the ancient times when Taurus was at the head of the astrological wheel --- all these normative traits found in state to local rulers in this sense symbolized a Bull, the first zodiacal ruler of the Heavens – as today as in ancient times the Vernal Equinox pertains to the preferred cosmic construction from the northern hemisphere.


The Hero narrative began during the Aries constellation’s passage as the first house ( astrological or right ascension domain 0°- 30°) thus providing precedence for the numeral 1 as the first prize or head of a thing. For example when Aries was the true constellation of the first domain (0°-30°), and the stars only span about 20° of the relative elliptical projection, we have 2,500 B.C.  α  9.16°, relative to local view of Hamal the alpha star traditionally brings personal conflict, hardship, struggle, then a path and or steps to heroism. Visually then, we have 2,000 B.C. α 15.42° [5]which we have less then 5° of the constellation that remains to pass as the Vernal Equinox position. About 1,000 B.C. we have α  28.12° as Aries constellation by a visual perspective no longer graces the Vernal Equinox and the first stars of Pisces have not found their way to Vernal intersection. Therefore, we have a void, and this helped tropical astrology greatly by giving it a purpose, where visual perspectives no longer applied and ideas had to be constructed.


This star graced the vernal position when renowned literary agent, the Hero, exploded onto the scene with Greek Mythos, Homer, et al great writers and poets of the past in all cultures and geolocals.


Another example as Beta (β) Persi was near four degrees of right ascension at 1,000 B.C ( α =3.97°) and this was the high mark of the Perseusian legends. Perseus in these legends place him into the role of Hero and some as the founder of Greece’s famed polis, Athens. However, not all Medusian legends have Perseus as the slayer of the Medusa, and later Hebraic adoptions created the anti-Eve narrative of the story of the Garden of Eden. The culprit introduced Eve as Adam’s second wife. His first wife, Lilith, and Adam apparently quarreled too often and called it quits. Divorce was excluded from the Garden of Eden narrative, however, overtime this star changed its implications more than any other star, sometimes by misconceptions. Most stars, if not incorrectly passed down by scribal or miss appropriations, the tropical signs change but not the characteristics. Some of the Hebrew Bible was composed (as any other text for this period) during Perseus’ constellation’s vernal signature(s).


Beta (β) persi had been misconceptualized in modern times. It replaced the Chinese ancient M44, Praesepe cluster near the center of the crab ( cancer constellation). This records come from 100 A.D. from Chinese historians, who often were also court astrologers. al-Gol, a modern name for Beta (β) persi, became associated to ‘Pilled up Corpses’ a direct plagiarism from the Chinese texts. These texts intend that during peasant revolts to leadership when official bodies were pilled up by the masses of angry peasants, al Gol was noted as prominent by Chinese historical astrologers. We can test the Pan-mundane interpretation for World War I and II. For the Great War, Uranus formed a true arc opposition in the northern hemisphere from the 30°s 45°s north Latitude. For World War II, a common name, Pluto directly transited Praesepe during the heaviest battle years. This is a part of New Astrology, where the outer planets link our entire global community. Therefore the Chinese recording were correct about Praesepe and pilled up corpses, and al-gol nominally pertains more to events of great emotional investiture.


During the western civilization Early Modern Times, al-gol became the excuse for the most ‘evil’ star in the heavens. Luckily star astrology remains the rarest of practices in the field of astrology. al-gol is angular in the John Hancock United States of America foundational chart (Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776, Philadelphia, 5:00 p.m. local time), as well as connected to current celebrity political figures such as Bill Clinton (parans his Sun by a true arc) or to Julius Caesar’s chart,  and found in one of the sacred Gizāh pyramid foundational preset charts.  Websites on the Internet most often use elliptical and tropical locations connecting all type of people to the star to illustrate a non-judgmental attribute to personality in an association to al gol.  However, tradition of al-gol as the Medusa’s severed head and an advanced military weapon has a complicated history.  Like alpha cancri, Acubens, this star practically disperses dishonesty which creates strong emotional investment, and these interpretations pertain to ancient ascriptions.


Venus ruled, as the symbol of the Bull horns (Eye of Thoth, when the Moon posited between the Horns, visual astrology!), the constellation of Taurus. Venus transits of the ancient proto-Maya understood Venus as scheduling warring periods between the different sub-tribal groups, known in the wider Mesoamerican civilization. While the constellations and planetary or luminary rulers change every so often in history, tropical meanings of the domains (Vernal equinox 0°-30°, 30°-60°, 60°-90°, etc... 360°) do not change. The qualities of our current Aries now apply to the mid-section of Pisces.


Let us take a prime example of tropical astrology and apply it to our current famous self proclaimed (false) Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. His natal (birth) Sun is posited in the sixth domain (α 150° - α 180°) the domain on health and on servants. He was able to ram through the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. ( mandatory insurance scheme to tax the very poor that cannot afford insurance, 30-50 million poor do not carry insurance, they cannot afford it – but now they will have to pay the insurance instead of feeding their families, b/c the government will reap $100,000,000 billion in ten years in profits – always government). This was a major legislation for any president, and it happened under a native that has his sun posited in the sixth domain of health ( and...sickness, welfare, servitude). It matters not that Obama has his natal Sun in tropical Leo or Sidereal Cancer, the tropical importance remains the defining qualities of the sixth domain.

This is how Tropical Astrology Works


Roman Emperors (Augustus onward) were usually elected as a child if this astrological –tropical signature was evident in their birth astrological charts. Roman Emperor Hadrian who was born at Italica, España (Iberia, today modern Spain), he had no need for astrologers because he cast and interpreted his own charts.  Here is how it works.


The ruler of α 30°– α 60° if relatively posited in the domain of 0°– 30° often intended persons surrounded by wealth. This ‘signature’ communicated to the mage who communicated to Roman élite families that their child would be able to handle the pressure of working and possessing wealth. Here are some examples. 


Abraham Lincoln grew up poor and became wealthy through American civic institutions and had to handle the economic challenges of reorganizing the economic foundations of American commerce. One such plan was to rid black slavery and form a low-class (all colors of people) replacement. This actually happened as the replacement signature associates the Galactic Center on angle as Civil War takes place. So once black U.S. slavery was abolished, the west went East and enslaved China and then lost and came back to the minimum wage which solved temporarily the low class worker solution! Lincoln’s second house ruler is the constellation of Pisces, linteum piscipus (a star of Pisces, which is in the vicinity of our modern Vernal) intersects the second domain (domicile system used, Titus de Placidus, Padua University) and Venus is posited in the first domain; also, Jupiter is positive in the first domain: dom. 1: 0°-30°, dom. 2: α 30°– α  60°. This is visual astrology and is superimposed on the tropical astrological canvas – from the location of Hodgenville Kentucky.  While Abraham Lincoln was not wealthy as we see persons like Bill and Hillary Clinton (both have this ‘signature’) this embattled leader of the U.S.A. managed large amounts of monetary concerns keeping a nation intact. This was what the Roman astrologers looked for in their Emperors.


Albert Einstein while poor as a youth and while struggling for work early in his life he ended up very wealthy. Thus he inspired and actualized scientists making a lot of money, at the top positions in Universities. For example. a low intelligent Latin migrant and Superintendant of The Fullerton, California School District pays herself $636,000 a year, many in her staff she pays $400,000+ a year and a more others she pays $350,000 a year. This is from Californian Tax Payers THAT HAVE NO VOTE ON THESE FINANCIAL DECISIONS and these 'Educators'  that vote in million dollar$ of retirement packages for their migrant families are all a result of Albert Einstein's celebrity successes, as an Academic rock-star!


He was one of the first academics to make a good living and become famous too  for ideas on physics.  His second house constellation is Pisces and Venus sits near kaht piscipus which is approaching the second house domain; and therefore Venus spans both the first and the second (called a cusp). Such the case as today's stars of Pisces are linked to science ( the Uranus sidereal cycle over linteum piscipus demarcates this perfectly down through the centuries; and in other more advanced astreology, this signature is a vernal region, & not a direct alignment , but by a slow progression for the Vernal Angle ( = 00°00′ 00″ ∞ ), such as any star system to inhabited space/domain/rockmetalbodiesinspace);  the satisfies the utterance, ' knowledge increases!' ---   as global or planetary civilizations bloom and take over the planet!



Baghdad’s Foundation and Tropical Astrological Implications


This applies to states and cities as well. For example, the famed Abassīd Chronocrator Astrologer Māshā’allāh ibn Athari was asked by the first Abassīd Caliph’s officials to lay the Baghdad foundation stone. Athari chose to place Jupiter close to the eastern horizon, and thus chose 2:40 p.m. local time to place the foundation stone. This date converts to our modern Gregorian calendar as 31st of July 762 A.C.E. The constellation of Sagittarius (older name Chiron) intersects the second domain and Jupiter the ruler is positive toward the ascendant, just below the horizon – thus fulfilling the tropical prescriptions. The affect allowed the Abassīd civilization to hold a place in its historical time as the wealthiest and advanced civilization of its time.


Henri II, King of France, son of François I, born 5:06 a.m., Le Vésinet 1519 A.C.E. has Taurus as the cusp of the second domain and Venus resides in the first domain (Venus rules Taurus). Hillary Rodham Clinton has Sagittarius as the cusp of the second domain and Jupiter resides in the first domain. William Jefferson Blythe (Clinton) the 42nd U.S.A. President of the United States of America has tropically Scorpio on the second domain cusp as his Mars is posited in the first domain and almost smack on the eastern horizon. Unlike Hillary, Bill Clinton came from a lower middle income family unit and today is one of the wealthiest individuals on the face of the Earth. He and Hillary combined have more than $100,000,000 U.S. dollars [$175,000,000 U.S. dollars  updated Feb 2014]  in their many bank accounts.


Adolf Hitler does not have this signature but surely he managed a large German economy and was surrounded by wealth. This is what gives astrology a bad name,  there is no consistent massage. Hitler has Scorpio as his second domain cusp and Mars is posited in the seventh domain – in other words the opposite or the axis of the first domain. This is the tropical interpretation, but Hitler can have a compound using sidereal locations. Libra visually intersects the second domain, and Venus is posited in the seventh domain, thus padding the tropical interpretation. Commodus, the Roman Emperor who put statues around the Empire of himself with inscriptions he was the living deity and thus ordered all to worship him, also had Mars is in the seventh domain and Aries as the tropical second domain cusp.


Another example is multi talented entertainer Britney Spears and she tropically has Scorpio as the second domain and mars in the twelfth domain. However, Mars is tropically less than 10° from the eastern horizon at Kenwood, California. Visually Libra is the second domain constellation and Saturn, its co-ruler resides in the first domain. She has a New Astrology (addition of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc...) indicator of massive wealth to which George Soros, Bill Gates and other very wealthy persons all poses. But this is not a discourse on New Astrology so let’s return to these tried and true classical versions. However, alpha scorpius and Neptune, a higher octave of Venus, are true arced and powerfully influential in her chart.

ObamaHellCare and Hororary Astrology


Proposition: Greek mythology of Hyades as Hell (prison ) applies to the hororary time of the release of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Health Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Venus represents economy, it resides in Hell; and Jupiter represents Justice and it resides also in hell, and in the domain of the government (tropical astrology α 270°- α 310°. Thereby the correct interpretation intends the economy and the justice system reside in Hell at this time for the American population.


Hororary traditionally implies the shifting of the ninth house/domain to be the first house/domain normally used in crime fighting, and thus sectors 180° -270° become sectors 270°- 360° (0°).  therefore the shifting from the traditional hororary quadrant ruled by Jupiter 240°-270° home constellation Chiron/Sagittarius to the Direction of the Rays (DOR or D.O.R., e.g., Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Greek astrological advanced mathematical formulas) allows the legal domain to become predominant in the analysis. Hororary astrology literally is a method of inquiry predicated upon the moment of the question or event. And by the reading of the angles, solar system bodies, and stellar positions one can peer into the future or the past, determining dignities or hell on earth.



Supreme Court Majority to uphold The Destruction of Democracy Legislation


Time 10:10 a.m., Univ.Time 14:10, Sid. Time 3:30:10

Planet positions Jul. Day 2456107.091056 TDT, ∆T 67.3 sec.

Washington, DC (US), 77w02, 38n54.

Nominal Date: 28 June 2012.

Planet positions Jul.Day 2456107.091056 TDT, ∆T 67.3 sec

Event? takes place after mundane Venus transits the Solar Disk.

Acronychal Rise: Marfik,kaHer.

Heliacal Setting: Procyon,alCMi.

Heliacal Rising: Bellatrix,gaOri.

Eastern Horizon, EH (ASC): Regulus, alpha (α) leonis ( 0°05',s), raw power.

Western Horizon, WH (DESC): Hyadum I (4°25',a), Hyades.


Jupiter conjuncts Hyadum II (4°36',a) by a true arc in the tenth house. This star is 153 light years *LY) and resides in the cluster of stars known as Hyades ( hell or disaster). Venus conjoins Hyadum II (Con 0°28',s), by a true arc in the tenth house. The tenth house is government, Venus is commerce, Jupiter is law, and Hyades is Hell. So this Supreme Court ruling against the Constitution ( Law) and forcing the poor to pay for the rich ( Venus in Hyades) means The Health Care Act (Obamacare) will result in the government possessing hell and implementing it on its people; Sun oppose Facies (Opp 1°25',s), and Facies implies some far visionary possibilities and resides in the home of justice; so the Sun opposes Justice during the Supreme Court Decision as all understood it to be but the democratic propagandists who denied it all. One would think that Washington D.C. would not choose this time to release the Decision. The universal health care movement has been desiring the legislation for fifty years – but why under a Uranus and Pluto tight square and Venus and Jupiter in Hyades? after the Supreme Court sided against the United States of American Constitutions one of the severest lightening and windstorms formed across the mid-west and plowed into Washington DC, killing people, and destroying electricity for days and even some parts of the north east for weeks.


How Does Hell Work? Hyadian Biblical Signatures.




Proposition: We will use Baghdad founding and run historical wars off the signature of Hyades and you will become frightened of its portents to your future.


Currently, our period, at 32° north latitude Hyades makes a relative paran to Zosma leonis during the spring season. Zosma has many attributes, one of them is suffering. The paran to Hyades angular geometrical signature increases the zosmic explicative both influencing their traditional constructions.


Naubakt, a Persian and court astrologer to first Abassīd Caliph al Masūr consulted Māshā’allāh ibn Athari who selected the early afternoon for laying of the foundational stone for the new city on the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers we know today as Baghdad. His prime reason to place Jupiter close to the eastern horizon, instead placed the difficult electional point of Imad, ophiuchii, and Sinistra ophiuchii has a true arc to the eastern horizon at Baghdad (J2000 λ  269.75321219, 29° Sagittarius 45′ 11.564″  { ~180° alpha orionis, Betelgeuse axis} , Winter Solstice Position 1952.72482626 AD {70y=1°}). Mars sets and al pharates anti-culminates, one of the powerhouse stars Gienah corvii culminates and Zaniah virginis is the zodiacal culmination star ( Visual Astrology). Mercury is over Acubens in the eight domain – home of death – so pay attention to these acubenic signatures! Athari happen to place Jupiter with a P.E.D. to the Galactic Center, Sgr*A as the ascending signature.


For a comprehensive science study:

   War celestial coding.

Baghdad Foundation: Natal Foundation Chart.[6]

Biblical Astrology F (x) = y ( Methodology Jewish Bible, one day for one year!)

Biblical Astrology: 20 March 1258 Huligu’s troops enter Baghdad and line up 200,000 Baghdad residents and slaughter all. al Cyone, Pleiades on Ascendant with Saturn in a relative conjunction, Acubens cancri on the I.C. ( anti-culmination), Zuben el Akrab relative to the descendant.

Biblical Astrology: Tamerlane’s troops sacked Baghdad in 1410. Saturn transits passed Hell/Hyades.

Biblical Astrology: mean 1550s, Ottomans (at this time Sunni) and Safavīds (Shi’i)  war for Baghdad ( Hyades angled).[7] Hyades approaches anti Culmination in increments of decades 1550s 1560s, and Uranus transited Hyades in the Biblical Chart beginning 1530s.

Biblical Astrology: Ottoman conquest of 1638 which is particular to the date for 2003’s U.S.A. toppling of Dictator Saddam Hussein and the reorganizing of the government system and the rebuilding of the city.

Biblical Astrology: 15 Nov. 1989,[8]

Biblical Astrology: 1 Jan. 1990 Gulf War Kuwait/Iraq, World Coalition War. ( al cyone, alpha (α) Pleiades  relative to Ascendant, Uranus projected elliptical degree to al cyone, alpha (α) Pleiades;  Acubens anti-Culminates, Saturn by true arc to al hecka, taurii and inside the anti Dark Rift. Zuben el Akrab, Gīzah pyramid foundational star.

Biblical Astrology: 20 March 2003 Gulf War II, Iraq, U.S.A. and some coalition invasion and ouster of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Hyades is directly on the ascendant ( EH, Eastern Horizon. Difficult stars, Acumen and Aculeus approach the western horizon along with the Galactic Center, therefore a dark rift proper parans at the latitude of Iraq to Hell. The node has a P.E.D. to alpha (α) scorpio, Antares, the bully star. So the interpretation of ‘memories’ will be seen as a bullying action by the protagonist. Uranus continues its P.E.D. to al cyone, Pleiades.


Iraq War II, Advanced Biblical Astrology: Indentifying Agents:  U.S.A. foundational chart progressed to 20 March 2003 and Baghdad’s Foundational Chart progressed to 20 March 2003 and then mid-point all comparisons. Zaniah virginis and node relative to I.C., Uranus approaching Hyades, and Jupiter has a P.E.D. to al cyone, Pleiades.[9] Saturn is on Regulus.


Base bi State Chart for U.S.A. and Baghdad: Jupiter culminates, Zaniah approaches, power star Gienah corvi also culminates by a true visual arc. Uranus relative P.E.D. to al cyone pleiades, toward the western horizon which is ±10° to Hyades, Hell. Moon and Dark Moon Lilith in a relative P.E.D. to Antares, the bully star. Pluto is Facies, and notice that today in our modern times for us Pluto transits Facies, sagittarii.* first domain). And mass popularity or notoriety intends al pharates on the I.C. Sun, Vertex, Saturn, and Mercury straddles the relative position of Praesepe cancri, true arc in the eighth domain – the house of death. The U.S.A. Presidents intimately involved to the ousting of Saddam or the executive order (Bill Clinton, Nov. 1998, authorized the U.S.A. removal of Saddam Hussein carried out by his predecessor) and George W. Bush, Jr. the 43 rd U.S.A. President both have ‘very’ prominent Praesepe signatures. Neptune is over alpha leonis, Regulus, and posited in the ninth domain – providing the religiosity to the ancient location of the Tigress and Euphrates mentioned in the Bible.


Abraham Lincoln is considered a ‘war’ president. He has al debaran taurii paran to his I.C. and has Hyades relative to his I.C., as his Sun rises (relative).


The Democratic Party Biblical Astrology Chart


The Democratic Party Chart has Mercury at 26 TAU ( Data, Democratic Party, 13 May 1792, Philadelphia, PA, 12:00, 75w09[ 10], 39n57) and so the communication tool of the Democratic Party is aggressive physicality – and or vocal bullying.  In the Gizāh pyramid foundational chart, [10] while Hyades graces the ascendant, Bogardus parans the ascendant by conjunction as Hyades rises.


Beta (β ) persi is a famous ‘bully’ star, an overly irrational or greedy influence which sometimes expresses a response of ‘might equals right,’ regardless of love, compassion, friendship, or common love of fellow humans. It is raw power and in Greek myth the Medusa’s head could turn to stone anyone or thing that looked at it. Bete persi remains anciently famous as today, it showed its ‘signature’ on 11 September 2001 over New York, U.S.A. , the Clearwater horizon gulf oil rig explosion, and spill, Columbine massacre, and many more –usually by the star’s true arc and sometimes by its tropical P.E.D.


Reverse psychology intends that a possession of al gol, such persons try to fight these bully instincts, often to little avail. al gol is a star beloved by the elite because it is found prominent in leftist ideology of class warfare. Karl Marx has it connected to his Mars, he advocated for a world proletarian revolution ( he died without defining proletarian), predicated upon global genocide ( to reach the goals of class equality). The Communist Manifesto a pamphlet which replaced the Holy Bible in academia and is taught to almost every young child across the earth as a standard curriculum text advocates for a global genocide of the poor of Earth.  The Chinese genocider Mao Tse Tung also has al gol and Mars on a relative 180° axis – thus the Martian actionary implications. Tse-tung was not intelligent enough to read most of Marx’s numerous volumes, but top academics who do not lie know Tse-tung ‘knew’ the propositions in the Communist Manifesto.


al gol’s  P.E.D. is about 24° TAU for the year of 1792 and the Sun is at 23° TAU 45 ,  Mercury is at 25TUA54, so is ahead of al gol’s PED position ( data used Universal Time 22:43:40; Local Mean Time 5:43 pm; Sidereal Time 9:12:27; 75w10, 39n57).  Therefore democratic Presidents should have beta persi, al gol,  predominant in their charts. William Jefferson Blythe, Clinton,[11] the 42nd President of the United States of America has his Sun in paran to al gol. The U.S.A. chart has al gol on the descendant for the horoscope as well as one of the two main Great Pyramid astreological foundations. This allows us to realize that a great change takes place when a string of Democratic Party Presidents have al gol prominent in their charts. As Obama’s Sun culminated (using 4 August 12:24 pm local time at Mombasa, Kenya) al gol sets. Since the U.S.A> chart is based upon the editor Thomas Jefferson ( the father of the Democratic Party) it remains evident that his work, the Declaration of Independence has al gol as an angular signature when John Hancock first signed his name to the rebel document. Therefore, when these American events that have lasting consequences appear in history, they often have al gol as a ‘signature’ and it links to the foundational chart (U.S.A. natal chart).


Gizāh pyramid foundational scored line U.S.A. Democracy Party Chart


More to the point, the Gizāh pyramid foundational scored line astreological chart has Hyades ascending, giving it power over the destiny of America. Typical of leftwing personalities, such as F.D.R. or Obama, these charts have western hororary placements ( 7 th domain through 9 th) and Saturn is posited in the eight domain for this foundational chart. This intends the government seeks to use other peoples’ money to conduct human destiny. This idea remains as ancient as the famous Chinese historians coping older historical Chinese state archival materials that forewarned that Dynasties of China begin right wing and over time a massive bureaucracy ensues which allows corruption to go unnoticed until it is too late and the dynasty either falls from within and peasants from the south take over governmental controls or its boarders to the north become compromised and invasions replace the rulers with a new set of rulers. Usually progressive tax becomes an excuse for the elite governmental workers to distribute to their special interests, with little to no concern for the greater good of the whole populations. Yet, this has nothing to do with Chinese history; this type of explanation was explained in many western sources speaking upon the fall of Rome. When multiculturalism, they intend by academic language of their time, takes over the ideology of the state, different cultures fight in the streets for monetary and land control, which weakens the state and allows for foreigners to invade or a complete breakdown in laws and governance.


Albert Einstein has al gol and the gorgones on the eastern horizon at the moment his Moon culminates at Ulm Germany (5:11:19 a.m. local time, 10e00, 48n24, U.T. 4:31:19 ), by a true visual arc. Einstein was the only individual to bully (Antares with Moon close to culmination at the natal chart) Franklin Delano Roosevelt to build and use The Atomic Bomb. Einstein while acting in public as an pacifist activist privately did more than any individual in world history to turn nuclear mechanics into the Cold War era of global weapons of mass destruction. The global Euthanasia movement began around the 1920s and even then the motive of the movement was to globally reduce the population of Earth for human sustainability.


The Democratic Party & Algol?


The Democratic-Republican Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson (ideology: defaulting to an agrarianism and a populous approach, and segregation of populations of humans) and James Madison (a principle author of the United States of America Constitution) around 1792, and it was the dominate political party from around the year of 1800 to the year of 1824, when the parties diverged into competing factions, one which became the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party evolved from the Anti-Federalist factions that opposed the fiscal policies of Alexander Hamilton (George Washington’s close friend). The northerner Federalists had no need to practice segregationist ideas; they were concentrating on innovation, structuring the American economy and practicing industrial progress. The only trouble were the northerners were inherently linked to the efforts of the Revolution with the South and many of the slave plantation owners were the footing much of the U.S. Revolutionary War debt, while the northerners struggled to contribute their share. Things became heated by the time the Galactic Center moved to the I.C of the Biblical Chart for the U.S.A. and Abraham Lincoln destiny linked intrinsically to the Biblical Chart and slavery was changed from color or global regionism to privileged class to working class.


From the Galactic Center’s I.C. transit during the Civil War, the next angle came in 1927, with the Galactic Center on the western horizon and the asteroid Lucifer culminating. Uranus is also in a relative angle over al debaran, a Persian Royal Star, indicating an ideological change and the economic system collapses in the next two years in America as the Milky Way’s Galactic Center transits by Biblical Astrology across the western horizon. The lunar mean node is separating its P.E.D. position to alpha cancri, Acubens, a powerful star accorded to leaders in power that can dupe the masses. Since the human bondage laws no longer allowed for cheap labor, at this time in American history, the roaring ‘20s, revealed a massive poor class and an angry World War I veteran class, which a decade later a total shift in the U.S. economic ideology. We observed class and civil worker rights, Marxism, communism, and state sponsored welfare systems, eventually realized under American dictator Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s economic-social-political reforms. A movement occurred between the original states rights, such as keeping humans as economic slaves which were each states’ right, and prior to F.D.R.s reorganization from a republic to a government dictatorship, a states’ right movement advocated that each state deal with cultural autonomy. Each state, for example, could have its own laws, such as homo-Marriage, or allowing of openly practicing homosexuals. The majority of the founding fathers of the U.S.A. letters, we become aware they distrusted Congress the most, even more than a central bank. F.D.R. solved this dilemma by catering to the founders’ most fears – placing Congress as the arbiters of the ideas of Democracy. It was a large mistake to change an isolationist viewpoint to a imperialist nation. F.D.R. tied almost all states to the government with massive alphabet agencies, that today make up almost the entire Congress as the Aristocracy with bankers and special interests influencing all decisions.


By the Vernal Biblical U.S.A. Astrological Chart for the year of 1927 the Sun had just separated from its elliptical projection to alpha (α) scorpio, Antares and the ideology of isolation moved to the theme of Global Imperialism – drawn up by hand by F.D.R. in his hand edited speech, the Four Freedoms. This historical speech was to give Americans hope of freedoms for all, but F.D.R. changed this speech in the last minuets to include the Four Freedoms for all on the Planet. This gave Americans an excuse to spread democracy (actually not) across the earth by military force. This was exactly what happened and by the year of 1940,  lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis culminated placing a key star of the large Gizāh pyramid on the Biblical American chart’s angle at culmination. Venus in the eight domain approaches Pluto in the eighth domain, trined to Mars (actions for the home) in the fourth domain. So, the interpretation is that America gets its money from ‘others’ in which the Marshall Plan excelled. F.D.R.s idea was to decimate the world’s space and then force them to purchase materials to rebuild their civilizations. Mao Tse-tung never flinched at this idea and he actions garnered him renown in China for resisting the leftist U.S. policy of the U.S.A. destroys your land and then we will force you to purchase materials to rebuild what we destroyed. While the American who are indoctrinated by revisionist leftist academics, the Asians hold the view I just discoursed, because it was true to an observation of after World War II, the Americans sent the fifth Navy Fleet to bomb to smithereens the east coasts of China’s mainland to make them submit to the American policy of F.D.R. Mao resisted and Americans eventually gave up trying for force an entire civilization to become economic slaves of the American prosperity period.


The Democratic-Republican Party, as it was first called,  favored States’ rights ( because it could continue slavery this way!), as opposed to supporting a national bank to support a national military against foreign aggressors and a general policy of isolationism. More notably, Hamilton favored the merchants and affluent classes which were educated, but Thomas Jefferson continually slandered and libeled Hamilton accusing him of favoring monarchy and preserving the British House of Lords’ model. Hamilton wanted to create a central bank to pay of the vast war debt to save the emerging country from solvency and military reprisal.   In opposition to Hamilton, Jefferson aligned with the masses, which were mostly agrarian considering the colonies were vastly under developed at that time. This meant that he chose a populous sentiment that had a defaulted predication upon an underdeveloped empiricism. Jefferson did not like modernity nor the industrial revolution.  Hamilton’s vision of a smaller but elite modern developer party would have to wait as both Democrat and Republican political interests took shape.


After the war of 1812, and as the English no-longer were interested in resubjugating the American colonies, the Federalist Party disbanded. In a letter sent to George Washington by Thomas Jefferson dated the 13th of May of the year of 1792, it read, “The Republican party [at this time also known as the Democratic Party], who wish to preserve government in its present form, are fewer in number than the monarchal Federalists.” At this time, the terms Republican and Democrat were synonymous as apposed to Monarchy (i.e. kingship). The confusion only laid in fear that Jefferson was promoting.


On the positive side, the Democratic Party foundational chart has the lunar mean node as a true conjunction over alpha (α) virginis, Spica. This signature posited in the fifth domain provides an excellent confirmation that the Democrats know how to party, make entertainment, play games, excel in sports and produce literature on the importance of the family unit and how the family intertwines with all parts of life as we know it.


Republican Party & alpha star of Aquarius, llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis (older name, Hydor)


Everyone speaks about a new age where things will be more equal and better for all humans, a time of peace. This is called the Aquarian Age. Since there are gaps in these zodiacal constellations and each constellation is not an equal increment of 30° each, no one has yet to pin-point when the age will arrive. In the late 1970s, popular culture claimed it arrived but with out a scientific or astrologically sound backing to the ideas the frontal stars of Aquarius arrived upon the Vernal Equinox.


This star is the alpha Aquarius star and the key foundational star of the Gīzah pyramid predicated upon the descending passage’s scored line measurement. The Republican Party Founded in Ripon, Wisconsin, in 1854 [ traditional time 1:00 pm local time]  by anti-slavery expansionists and modernizers ( may we perhaps call them progressives?). This party first came to power in 1860 with the election victory of Abraham Lincoln, a former Whig Party member. Its destiny lay at the anti-culmination where the galactic center was transiting based upon the Biblical Astrology of the U.S.A. chart.


Lincoln was born in Hodgenville Kentucky U.S.A. with alpha (α ) scorpii, Antares, and Neptune culminating. Antares posited here allowed Abraham Lincoln to bully persons into his of wishes. Saturn over the frontal stars of the zodiacal constellation of Scorpio and posited angular toward the midheaven portend assassination because Decapoda cancri is on the western horizon at conception of Abraham. In addition the mode of death’s instrument is natal Mars posited in the eight house, and one of Mars’ attribute are pistols or firearms. The Moon forms a wide square to the eleventh house indicating someone from the common masses or some group, small or large, will be involved; and Hyades (Hell in Greek mythology) posits itself on Lincoln’s I.C. or the lasting memory of an ending – the Civil War President. The asteroid designated 1930, called Lucifer, forms a relative right angle to Antares, Neptune and the Midheaven.  Lucifer can show one where an enemy resides. For example, Lucifer the asteroid is conjunct to Obama’s natal Sun and thus a double whammy – Obama’s worst enemies, one of them is himself.


The powerful constellation position on the angles also exhibits destiny applications. For example, at Hodgenville on 12th of April of the year of 1809,  llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, rises about the same time as the Sun. Hyades intersects the anti-culmination section. The Sun parans Neptune (Sun rises as Neptune culminates) provides the mirror we see Lincoln as his role of an American spiritual leader while the United States of America remained divided and many southern and westward states desired to break away and form a separate country.


Lincoln remains one of the most famous of U.S.A. Presidents. He admirably led a divided and warring country and al pharates ( alpha α andromeda) lay on the ascendant arc at the time of his conception. This placement indicates mass popularity. For example, one of the most popular cities in the world history is Baghdad, and this city at its founding has al pharates in a relative alignment to the city’s I.C. In cultural relevance, the popular Bill Clinton, the 42nd U.S. President, has this same star on one of his angles. Adolf Hitler has al pharates on his western horizon when he was born.


The first official party convention was held on 6 of July of the year 1854, in Jackson Michigan.[12] The name Republican comes from the Declaration of Independence (1776) ( its ancient Greek roots comes from a representative to the public, expression idiomatic – condensed to Republic, a multilogue text from a classical Hellenist philosopher, Plato, made aware to the western world by pseudo scientist Fincino, already mentioned), and is associated to its author, Thomas Jefferson. Its ideals were laid as a foundation for civic virtues and an opposition to aristocracy and an opposition to corruption.[13] These views were certainly a stark contrast to Post- Modern thought. While Post- Modern thought takes a myriad of forms, its basic concept is all things are positive and nothing is negative.


This came from former New French leftist, Michel Foucault whose claim intended all energy is positive. This was because Einstein did not like the concept of what we call today ‘dark energy,’ – which may hold counterparts to positive energy! Einstein  claimed there was really no need for black holes of any function in the universe. Today, black holes ( I always call them vortices) are not only great attractors, but galaxy formers, the most vital of organs of a star conglomerate system.   The early twentieth century New French Left thought blossomed into all things observed in life are positive energies and there are no rights or wrongs nor does anyone hold the power of truth – there is no such thing as negative energy. Taken to the extremes, then, this thinking breads immorality, and a disintegration of virtue and ethics – Jefferson saw this thinking, which today permeates almost the entire’s globes’ education curriculum, as the enemy of democracy itself. If you can adapt a similar socially psychological idea, positive thinking would have a person intend there are no needs for some black holes or any bizarre physics stuff, just some basically robotic training.


Foucault’s later years, before he passed away, he had changed his views and called for people to seek ideas of ‘discontinuity,’ a made up term to indicate that human evolution is not a teleological progress from primitive to sophisticated. When Einstein was young and cocky, he implied by proclamation he was smarter than God. Then during his middle age he realized he based his special relativity law on positive thinking, and it surely was flawed., Oppppss! Time is not continuous in a strait and linear function. He realized this by observing cars travel the various American streets. They had to start up before they moved, they had to speed up to meet the speed zone, and they had to slow down ( Thus Einstein 's  young and cocky, he left this portion out because of positive thinking) before they come to a stop light. Or in heavy traffic a car slows and speeds up, and thus time is not linear, because these are observed physical phenomena.


6 July 1854, Republican Party’s first meeting Natal

in Jackson, MI (US), 84w24, 42n15

Time 12:00 p.m.

Univ. Time 17:37:36

Sid. Time 6:57:30

Planet positions Jul.Day 2398406.234530 TDT, ∆T 7.4 sec.



Alhena, gamma Geminorium,  Heliacal Rising Star and cosmic 6 July 1854 (-0) visible on 31 July 1854 (+25).

NEAR anti-DARK RIFT Sun to Alnilam orionis (Rise-Rise, 0°14'a,alh), Gīzah Plateau pyramid


Sun to:  Merope Pleiades  (Cul-Cul, 0°05'a,vaa), Maia Pleiades (Cul-Cul, 0°06's,vaa), Asterope Pleiades (Cul-Cul, 0°07's,vaa),


Son to alpha (α) hydrae,  al fard (LCul-Set, 0°12'a,ms).


Sun to Wasat ( 2°15',s), Mekbuda ( 2°26',s)

Moon to Zubenelakrab ( 4°15',s)

Mercury to Asellus Australis ( 3°21',s), Acubens ( 4°40',s)

Venus to Ain ( 1°05',a), Hyadum II ( 2°03',s), Phaeo ( 3°44',a), Phaesula ( 3°50',a), Hyadum I ( 4°05',s), Aldebaran ( 4°07',a), Hyades relative.

Mars to Zavijava ( 3°34',s), Zaniah ( 4°16',s)

Saturn to  Ain ( 4°02',s), Aldebaran ( 4°38',s) ( Hyades relative)

Uranus to  Botein ( 3°43',s)

Pluto to  Phycochroma ( 2°47',s), Mira ( 4°00',s)

Mean Node  to Alcyone ( 4°09',a)

True Node to  Alcyone ( 4°48',s)

Lilith to  Propus iotGem ( 4°08',a), Wasat ( 4°55',a)

Asc.: Arcturus ( 1°22',s)

Desc.: Algenib ( 0°31',a), Baten Kaitos ( 1°28',a), Marakk ( 3°57',s)

MC: Muliphein ( 0°05',s), Mekbuda ( 0°31',s), Sham ( 3°39',s)

IC: Hecatebolus ( 0°06',a), Al Thalimaim Anterior ( 0°16',a), Deneb el Okab Australis ( 0°19',a), Manubrium ( 0°23',s), Alfecca Meridiana ( 0°31',a),

Bered ( 0°54',s), Albaldah ( 0°54',a), Ascella ( 1°02',s), Deneb el Okab Borealis ( 1°07',s), Zavijava ( 3°59',s).


When one does the correct applications of Biblical Astrology one sees the favorability to either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.



13. Vernal Mundane ( ancient methodology) Astreology ( added 29 July 2013).


7:01 a.m., Studio City, Los Angeles, CA. 20 March 2013 A.D. , 118w24, 34n09.
is 00° 00 00 Right Ascension for 2013, sinistra ophiuchii culminates at Studio City, a suburb city of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan county. Betelgeuse or alpha orionis has a relative elliptical alignment, as well. This star denotes lasting fame when other circumstances allow.

TRUE: The Sun  ( )  and Venus ( ) have a true arc to the ascendant.  

TRUE: sinistra ophiuchii  means left-side in Latin connotatively.

Ecliptically:  Moon  (  ) al hena geminorium are conjunct.  

Ecliptically:   +  ruler of second house ( sidereal, constellation ) as posited in the first house = mode= money. The indicates a frustrated self-expression, a desire for real change, not promised and empty promises.

TRUE: The planet  is in hyades ( Greek Hell) taurii;  this shows revolutions and an ousting of political leaders of any state ( 11 th c. mudane astrology, middle eastern contributions) and this has happened in 2013 A.D. Also, Jupiter  () rules legal things and is in hell, and the N.S.A. and U.S.A. government have now formulated a surveillance society, which is mirrored in NAZI Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist China, Dictator South Asian, and South American states -- which all collapsed under their mediocre leaders who lied and told the people over and over they are number one and know better than anyone else. It is also posited, at Studio City, in the 3 rd domain, thus the information coming from the legal systems are from hell and distributed by . And by about 4+ degrees and thus we face radical challenges to our information feeds in the coming year.

Ecliptically: The natal Moon ( ) , nocturnal and in its ruling house of the 4 th, forms a grand-trine to Saturn  ( ) in the eight house and Mercury ( ) in the 12 th house of hidden agendas. Since Saturn is in the house of other people’s monies and banks and lenders, it has a secret problem with Mercury in the 12 th domain.

Ecliptically: Pluto ( ) is in the 10 th house or the governance house so Pluto rules for the year of 2013 A.D. government and corporations.  

Chiron () is in the 12 th domain, thereby secrets are shown somehow and it hurts to have these revealed because it shows non-democratic operatives working in the U.S.A. government to suppress individual destiny and happiness.








[1] 1473 Nicolaus Copernicus (born February 19, 1473 – died May 24, 1543) was a Polish astronomer of German origin, who is remembered for providing the first modern formulation of a heliocentric (Sun-centered) theory of the solar system in De revolutionibus orbium coelestium. Attached  geometrics to the principle of uniform circular motion which included the earth creating a new field of thought of a natural motion of the spheres. All editions after the second edition of De Rev., Narratio Prima was included, this work by Copernicus was solely astrological with some judicial flavoring included on astrology of states and periods. Osiander performed ‘damage control’ so the Catholic Church would not burn Copernicus at the stake.

[2] which spans countries as Universal Time (correctly described as a false scientist astrologer weirdo whacko Time) and you cannot escape its creation of you for our modernity

[3] Jul.Day 2432685.901232 TDT, ∆T 28.4 sec.

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[7] Progressions for 15 Feb. 1536 jul. Ref. place: Baghdad, IRAQ, 44e25, 33n21

Progr. Date: 12 Sept. 764 greg. (773.57 days after birth), UT: 1:23:33 key day for 0:00 UT: 4 Feb. 1536 greg., Sid. Time: 62:03:08 Jul.Day 2000359.595356 TDT, ∆T 3226.0 sec. notations: The planetary positions given in the table are referred to the equinox of the 31 July 762 greg.

[8] Foundation of City Baghdad Modern Iraq, in Baghdad, IRAQ, 44e25, 33n21

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[9] I use the John Hancock 5:00 p.m., Philadelphia 4 July 1776 astronomical date for the U.S.A. chart.

[10] The Large Giza pyramid scored line chart progressed to 2 July 1792, equivalent to Dec. 30, -2134 B.C.E., greg. U.T. 16:52:33, Swiss Ephemeris.

[11] Data: Monday, the nineteenth of August, 1946, at Hope, Arkansas, at 08:51 am LMT, 93w35, 33n40, Sidereal Time 06:26:04, UT at 14:51, Method Astrodeinst Fixed Stars, Placidus).

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