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Apokálypsis; "Article VII." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 20 May. 2012,  4:46:57 p.m., Studio City, Los Angeles, United States of America. 

Topic: Bible: Little Scroll

Revelations: 10:1-11; Jeremiah 15:16; Psalms 19:103; Ezekiel, 2:10, 3:3, 3:14.

Archangel Michael

The Mysteries Revealed

  1. Consuming Information: PAGEREF _Toc325275180 \h 1

  2. 2012, May, Annular Eclipse Semantics. PAGEREF _Toc325275181 \h 1

  3. Los Angeles (City of the Angels) visual eclipse 6:38 p.m. Local meantime. PAGEREF _Toc325275182 \h 2

  4. Release coordinates for ‘little scroll: PAGEREF _Toc325275183 \h 2

  5. Venus & Eye of Ra. PAGEREF _Toc325275184 \h 3

  6. Little Book. PAGEREF _Toc325275185 \h 4


Consuming Information:


Knowing of the mysteries of life is a two edged sword. Knowing makes one special, but the price of knowing the truth may not be in one’s best interests. This is why these knowledges are kept form the majority of the world’s populous? Usually one must be initiated, chosen, or vetted, because these things can cause mass confusion and/or personal self-inflicted destruction. However, every once in a while this information must be released so that all will know of its existence.


2012, May, Annular Eclipse Semantics


20 May 2012 (or 21st for some eastern U.T. zones) the historical cluster of these Pleiades’ forms a relative conjunction (true > 5°) to a rare annular “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse. This is because this eclipse takes place one day after the Moon’s apogee. It is like an anti-super Moon or reverse super Moon. The Moon will cover (for southern California) 86% of the Sun’s diameter or 79% of its area. When the Moon passes the closest to the center of the solar disk, this phenomena produces the outer-circumference of the Sun’s disk to be seen, which looks like a ring of fire – thus its name.


(Eta taurii or alpha Pleiades’): al-Cyone P.E.D. eclipse links East Asia to the western and southwestern United States of America with the central maximum over the Pacific Ocean. The eclipse spans 74% of the length of the planet.


Greatest (maximum) point of the eclipse: over the Pacific. Sun’s altitude is at 61° above the oceanic-horizon; path-width is 237 kilometers, 23:52:47 U.T., duration 5m46s.


Set for release Eclipse over P.E.D. al-Cyone. 2012.  Soros 128, the 33 rd eclipse in the series. The first eclipse in the series began in 0984 A.C.E., 29 April. This eclipse begins at Hainan, the southern limit, a little above Nannig, China, above the northern limit. The Central line is just above the large city of Guangzhou – and continues and between the southern and central line passes Hong Kong. Then the southern limit passes below Ta-pei, Taiwan, and then onto Japan, passing Osaka, and later Tokyo, near the central line just pre- 22:35 U.T.


2012 Solar Annular Eclipse (ring of fire) a day after apogee – Sirius culs. ±1° at 3:42 p.m., PDT, North Hollywood; Porrima A.C., Sirius opposes Pluto.


Redding, Calif. (30 kilometers south of the central line) Time of start of California’s section of Eclipse, 5:14 p.m. Sun’s altitude at 20°, duration at this time 4m30s. The U.S.A. land limits of the Moon’s path encompass parts of California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and a western edge of Texas.


The eclipse ends before passing Lubbock, New Mexico, U.S.A., and its final southern limit is at Odessa, Texas, U.S.A.  At Albuquerque, N.M. (01:34 U.T.), the Sun’s altitude is at 5° above the horizon, duration 4m30s.


Los Angeles (City of the Angels) visual eclipse 6:38 p.m. Local meantime.


At Southern California, U.S.A., the visual eclipse takes place 15° 34’ 25” (6:38 p.m. local time for Studio City, Suburb of Los Angeles County) above the western horizon. At this time, the tropical Sun is at 00° GEM 34’58” ( speed 57’45”), the tropical Moon is at 01° 15’10” (speed 11° 49’15”); the Sun’s latitude is at 00° 00’ 00”S, the Moon’s latitude is at 00° 21’05”N. The Sun’s declination (δ) is 20° 14’08” and the Moon’s δ = 20° 45’10”N.  Western Horizon declination is 16° 37’19”N.


Tropical: eclipse (RA) = 60° 20’: This release concludes with the 2012 PED al-Cyone ring of fire eclipse and all of the large Gizāh pyramid foundational stars are represented at the tropical conjunction, at least where I reside in Southern California currently (also where I was born) by true angles at 4:47:57 p.m. local time, North Hollywood, California. α


Release coordinates for ‘little scroll:


Typological methodology: electional astreology.

Calendar, Gregorian modern, Sunday 20 May 2012. U.T. 23:47.

Tropical Sol: 00 GEM 20’31”; Tropical Luna 00 GEM 20’30”, ± one arc second. α eclipse (RA) = 60° 20’.

Local: Studio City, 118w23,34n10 (local actually North Hollywood, CA): 4:46:56 P.M. P.D.T., U.T. 23:47; Sidereal Time 07:49:36.

Sun 0° 00’ S.

Moon 0° 26’09” N ( scalar form to main ‘mean’ slope of large Gizāh pyramid passages).

Sun δ = 20° 13’ 12”N.

Moon δ = 20° 38’ 46”N.

Pollux, beta (β) Geminii culminates with 00° 53,’s., Castor’s twin. -4699 B.C.E., Castor is the equinox signature (lat. 45°) for the regress of the anno pyramid, visible autumnal equinox (anti-Sun), and invisible to sunlight at Vernal.

I.C. or anti-culmination: al-tair with 00° 27’a. ( the relative location of the nova of the Bethlehem Star ).


Event: Solar Annular Eclipse (ring of fire) one day after apogee.

Soros 128, the 33rd eclipse in the series.

Year: 2012.

Tropical position relevance: All four foundational stars of the large pyramid at Gizāh scored – line have major signatures at 00° 00” tropical readings for southern California, U.S.A.

Relative position: Projected Elliptical-to-Polar Degree of These Pleiades.

true position: Sun conjunct al-Cyone, eta taurii or alpha Pleiades at 4° 03’’s. Moon relative conjunction to al-Cyone at 3° 37’s. (large pyramid at Gizāh foundational star!).

Mars opposed to alpha (α) Aquarii, Ekkyhsis at 1° 30, a. (large pyramid at Gizāh foundational star!).

Mercury opposed to al-Zuben al-Aqrabi at 3° 40’, s. (large pyramid at Gizāh near foundational star!).

Astre: Cosmic and Heliacal Setting star: Regel, bete (β) orionis.



(1) Sun culminates as al-Fard rises at 0° 09’, s. (large pyramid at Gizāh foundational star!).

(2) Sun rises as al-Zuben al-Aqrabi sets at 0° 01’. (large pyramid at Gizāh foundational star!).


Saturn in a relative conjunction to Spica, alpha (α) virginis, both objects by a relative horizonal signature.


Venus’ declination is 26° 38’04”N (6:38 p.m.) and the speed is negative (-13’ 07”); Venus’ tropical location is 23° GEM 23’53” retrograde. This trine Saturn’s tropical signature at 23° LIB 45’01” retrograde.  Thus Venus and Saturn are 00° trine 21’ which involves Spica; and if applying the tropical conjunction, this combination graces the eastern horizon, as a major angular signature.


Venus & Eye of Ra


Venus currently will be posited at the traditional ancient ascription in the sky as the Eye of Ra ( Egyptian: New Kingdom period, sometimes called an eye of Thoth). The Eye of Ra concerns the position in the sky where the Bull’s Horns of the modern constellation of Taurus resides, especially if Venus resides between these two horned stars. The two stars, el-Nath and al-Hecka, and Venus, took its retrograding position inside the Eye. The border of the al-Hecka begins the anti-dark rift (Mayan lexicon; or Dark Way, Vedic lexicon) section of the night sky.


Special Circumstances: The Galactic Center is about 151° degrees of longitude from culmination signature at Los Angeles for the tropical conjunction at 4:47’ p.m. At the visual sighting at Los Angeles (6:38 p.m.), the Galactic Center is 41.5°. It is near the 42 degrees, so it fits the upper-chamber low-passage height. Thus the significance of all these ‘signatures’ intend this is a major historical eclipse.


Local Horizon: The traditional planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all above the horizon post 4:47 p.m. (Los Angeles) and the New Astrology, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and even Chiron are all below the horizon.


Architectural Mysteries: True angles, Mars over Lion, Neptune over the Human ( star Ancha, AQU),  the lunar node is over Dschubba scorpius, the Eagle; and Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all over the Ox/Bull at the time of the tropical conjunction. Saturn is the only aberration and forms a relative grand-trine to Venus and Neptune.


Tropical M.C. is at 25° 26’00” and tropical AC is at 22° 59’29”.


Universal Relevance: everyone has an al-cyone signature, even if arcs travel through the material earth, if one was born at the extreme latitudes. Two of the major traditional seven stars of These Pleiades’ have entered sector ‘3’ (RA = 60°) or in normative astrological circumstances, zero degrees of Gemini. So al-Cyone has entered, as well, sector ‘3’ ± 1°.


Personal Relevance: al-Cyone & These Pleiades’ form a P.E.D. to my natal lunar node. My progressed birth astronomical chart forms a 2012 conjunction to the true angle of These Pleiades’. Finally, al-Cyone therefore culminates for 2012, as for my personal Earthly life.


Little Book


Topic: most persons have reincarnated numerous times on planet Earth.[1]

Jesus, Muhammad, Siddhartha, Zoroaster, Confucius, etc... and other historical figures have been reincarnating around you from numerous embodiments– without you knowing! Each reincarnation, [2] one does not follow a repeated life thematic. These are aggregated and complex talents for you to understand.[3]


Appearance:  You do not look the same in each embodiment.

Gender: You change genders (disturbing to realize in a gender polarized world).

Ethnicity/Race: Each one of you had embodied into more than one ethnicity/race during your time on Earth.[4]


Rev. 9: 6 ,  During those days men will seek death, but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them. [doctrine of reincarnation a future application] .













[1] These mysteries are hidden from all, partially because psychological propensities limit clear acting organisms, limiting their ability to function. 

[2] Intuitive, a spiritual motion, lays outside of a scientific methodology, like love and other emotions. These cannot be measured for a proper scientific proclamation for a reality of such things.

[3] Consciousness, feelings, thoughts, and the mind remains a mystery to professional academic scientists. Love does not exist to scientists, they do not know of its particle properties, nor do they know where these particles come.

[4] Many persons of history have had intuitive reactions to the topic of reincarnation. The Fear of an endless existence succumbs to the senses for a denial. Now that ‘matter’ science has made strides toward the higher spiritual science we now understand that no substance in the universe can be destroyed.




Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Michael Johnathan McDonald