GAMMA CLASSIFIED: OPERATION IMMORTALITY:  Article vi, sec. i, H Bill Clinton's CIA Files & by Archangel Michael more sacred Files.

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B E A S T : What is It?

It is found in Apokálypsis ( usually last book in NT)

It is a live Demon on Earth at this time!

I lived under his president, he was worshiped accross the Earth

The massive Vortex I helped modernize its description, it ia a vortex with 17x the total mass of the Solar System, it is that huge ( green spot, upper left in photo) . Bill Clinton has both his luminaries on its tropical  ( ecliptical ) axes. Why would anyone in the world allow someone with this type of Chart to assume any leadership, even a lemonade stand juicer?
Below is not  astrology, & none of its types. This is Biblical Astronomy, only used by a handful of people in history and usually by the same soul.
Bill Clinton's Presidential Signature in 1 st Century A.D. Hebrew totals a sum of 666. Celestial Coding conceptual devine relevancy: rel. asc. α ped  = ( 3 ~rel vector  60°  ~3 rel vector)Visual at Birth of Horizon, Not Astrology: ( one modern characteristic: promotion of advancement of science and technology, and with Mars on horizon ( or rel. P.E.D.)  an action oriented behavior to higher knowledge :  horizon paran beta pegasei true visual. The scheat is pronounced like the slang word, Sh*t. Perhaps it fits its mundane description. This star can be involved in violent natural and or man made phenomenon and also be tied to some type of 'break - through;' therefore this position in the heavens forms our geocentric perspective and alerts us that this is another piece of the greater Aquarian  theme of change and with this star often things that are not as smooth as we like to have things change in our lives can cause anxiety. Bill Clinton has 6 planets at 60 degrees making 3 double sex (6) tiles (2x 3) in elliptical astrology. This mean 6,6,6, is a main signature of his soul's sequence.  = beta persei (or the Demon star(s), as gorgones, see beta persei in photo above, X-ray to see two flanking massive vortices ). When the B E A S T's Demon Axis is resolved to its midpoint form the closest angle, then it resides in the home of government and rulership. So Bill Clinton's has his Demon Stars on a critical axes and midpoint to his life career as a self important buffoonism. Bill Clinton goes to struggling African nations, steals from their charities, gives apologetic speeches & promises, 'wait until next year, ' which of course the same excuse happens each year. In this career manner both the combined Clinton's have amassed some $175,000,000 ( I.R.S. 2013) and with no avaridic slowdown.

Both pri'apus  (a  hypo) and Fortuna ( a hypo relationship between these luminaries) are smack over a star that seeks fame, global fame, as in love with fame, and needs fame to survive. A narcissistic hater of the human race can be an obsession here with these two indicators.


Created Usama bin Laden as International Patsy.
31 Oct 1998 AD Iraqi Invasion and Iraqi Leader Assassination Act

 24 March 1999 Launches War Against Christians.

1993-1999 A.D. Congress stopped this on March 12, 1999 defraying WMD to Asian Militaries – the real reason for Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

X. LXXII 1558 Poem on Modern Times WMD proliferation by demons

Killed in 1999 3x times more innocent Christians than 9/11/11


Demonic Lie: Slobodan Milosevic Genocide 350,000 people in 1998, we must take the U.S. Military and get him out!

24 March 1,999 Launches War Against Christians, displaces 1,000,000 + families permanently, murders 11,994 innocents -- as compared to -- some 2,998 people on 11 th September 2,001. Methodology? Aerial Bombing form high altitude, banned by World War I global policies -- massive protests erupt in late March 1999  ( just not in the U.S.A. MEAMIC worshipped the Beast) all across Earth, as Bill Clinton for a short period is seen as a war criminal. He is indicted in Europe by R. Clark.  He only started the war to kill Christians, there was never a genocide as MEAMIC claimed out from the White House , just political wars over some Kosovo territory. The U.N. representatives only found by late Nov. 1,999 A.D. some 2,001 graves of potential Christian vs. Islam conflicts, where Milosevic represented the Christian side.  Milosevic could not be found guilty of these charges, even after a few years in an jail from a Hague International Criminal Court; The Elitist upper class court did not convict Clinton ( considered upper class)  but  to save face, as an embarrassment, because in reality, Bill Clinton's 1999 War X. LXXII killed some 1,000 times more people than what the United Nations found out to be true -- and in this manner the U.S.A. was lying all the time to the world. So the elitists denied medication to Milosevic so he would die in jail, which happened, and we are suppose to call this new International World Court a improvement on global justice. In fact, they have not arrested Bill Clinton, so obviously this Hague is but an extension of MEAMIC.


So Bill Clinton murders 3 x times the amount of humans in southeast Europe than died on the U.S. soil during 11 th September 2,001 A.D. and you still worship this Demon? 


All the Text Books do not Implicate (D) Bill Clinton as any war criminal, which forces us to consider ' the corruption of the minds of the youth.' How can one teach justice or truth when lies and confusion, be it forced by Satan's beast, are laid out in pedagogical systems by MEAMIC?


Legacy: War on Terror

Originator: Bill Clinton

Ramsey Yousef told to the U.S. authorities that a philanthropist Usama bin Laden was where they stole money from to purchase the materials for the first World Trade bombings. Usama bin Laden used his small portion of his inheritance ( his family constructed the Meccan complex, thus the families vast wealth, but ) as Usama had to share the inheritance with over 100 siblings, so he was never really rich. He funded roads, schools. and buildings, and when possible, opportunist terrorists would skim from these charities. Then Bill Clinton, says, 'Well that is great, I will make him a patsy, just as Oswald who killed my mentor that I used to get into office ( J.F.K. and his boy club meeting  ) but never followed one policy by John F. Kennedy, in fact, Clinton did the opposite. So Clinton makes up Usama bin Laden as a patsy, throws a few Million dollar cruise missiles to kill innocents in the Middle East, get these people 'reacting' see Hillary's thesis, and then blame Usama bin Laden for funding acts of terrorism, when we know that MEAMIC is a liar of the highest conditions of world management. We have audio of Bill Clinton turning down Saudi Arabian authorities that have bin Laden in Libya, and could arrest him. Bill Clinton, on the phone, says, we let us not get him. Because in reality, Usama bin Laden had no role in funding terrorism, and on the other hand it was Bill Clinton's manufacturing of the War on Terrorism that launched the modern U.S. Imperialism into the Middle East.


The Yemenis connection were migrants leaving Iran during the Iranian Revolution, passing through Pakistan on their way to Yemen, where some of the Iranian families sent their kids to U.S.A. schools to be radicalized, such as the 9/11/01 Mastermind had done and is of historical evidence. These Iranian immigrants, their families migrating originally out of Iran never changed their policial stances. They were very upset that Jimmy Carter and then Ronald Reagan allowed the MEAMIC ( N.S.A./C/I/A/ etc.. alphabet U.S. Militaries) to put Saddam Hussein (or helped him considerably) to get into power, and then give him chemical and biological WMD to fight Iran. These Iranians did not know this, but the ones that went to U.S. colleges, like KSM had learnt this and said, that is off the hook wrong! So he planned to be a reactive revolutionary, and planned and carried out the 11 th September 2,001 Attacks by learning how the U.S.A. was in fact, run as the real SATAN, as Iranians taught their children in the 1980s to chant: " America is Satan." Reverend Jerimiah Wright, Obama's mentor for 20 years had a fall out with the Democratic Front runner in three debates with Obama on world issues in 2008 A.D. Obama failed all of them, accused Wright of being incorrect, but as Wright said, 9/11 happened because the  Chickens came home to Roost," a colloquial U.S. phrase to mean, 'you have deserved this action because of your previous actions.' Wright  knew as most American in college that the U.S.A. gave Saddam WMD, and then Bush used it as a shaming scheme to invade Iraq in 2003 and all Democrats, except Barack Hussein Obama ( who today we know he voted against the war because it was not large enough) consistently voted for its funding, its permission and its continuance. Saddam Hussein faught a decade long war with Iran over boarder disputes and Kurd Control and he used Russian and U.S. chemical weapons to achieve his victory and was perhaps the first modern ( since WWI) to openly use chemical and biological WMD on civilizations. This gave the pretext to Bush, Jr. to invade, and the media never tells the Americans the truth. So Bill Clinton knowing this does not tell the Americans the truth, instead he launches the MEAMIC 'WAR ON TERROR,' as official U.S. Policy to kill innocents around the world for fun. This is not a human being, this is a real Devil demon living amongst us and needs to be eradicated.

When Saudi Arabian Princes funded   11 September 2,001 A.D. attacks on the Pentagon and New York, and the act was taken by 20 ( one did not get on board) hijackers from Saudi Arabia, led by Iranian heritage KSM ( Poland Detention 130+ waterboardings, although he loves to talk, you did not need waterboarding, rumor is that all the U.S. and international intel have to beg this guy to shut up -- none of this was told to the Media. Instead, you get Usama bin Laden narrative directly from the B E A S T and then you get lover of the Beast, the entire family of the Bushes, loving the patsy narrative, they take the U.S.A. military and invade Iraq in 2003 A.D. citing a need to stop these leaders for the War on Terrorism that Clinton started.


9/11 was simple

A joint Academic Work and MEAMIC asked by Clinton at the end of May 1999 was to survey all the known world terrorists and make a port folio with their profiles and all potential terrorist operations which had come to light. This report was laid exactly two years on Clinton's desk while he was in Auckland New Zealand meeting with Jiang Zemin, to which classified small talk between the two leaders confirmed the oft open mention code word, of a 'Dear Friend.' The argument in the press was just manufactured, both were good buds. But what mattered more at that time was the operation of 9/11 was all but diagramed out for the U.S. President. He lied to the press and told them he could not understand the report ( as if he is an imbecile who does not know 'is' is a to-be verb, and nothing more, when he argued with Kenneth Star under oath 'is' has many different definitions --- this may be an imbecile on two legs or of course he is smart and is actually The BEAST).   While the unredacted report, revealed on the open world wide web ( it was a very open system then) by Washington D.C. insiders there was a photo of the World Trade Center in the middle of the report and in the by- sections plans were uncovered intelligence to use airplanes as missiles and fly them into buildings, structures, areas of high populations. So by 11 th September 1999 a total hint to the target and the 'delivery' system are complete, and known to the U.S.A. President.

Clinton had also other things on his mind like how to hide all the young females under the Oval Office Desk when serious reports and world leaders are awaiting in the garden. He treated the office of the leadership as a frat-boy party house and the world paid dearly, as he created the War on Terrorism singlehandedly and launched this narrative that carried KSM to conclusion of a huge attack, framed a patsy, embarrassed the C.I.A. and other secret U.S. loyal persons.  He was of the like of Nero's fiddler persona but on steroids.

This dude told B E A S T that a philanthropist, he had stolen money from to fund operations. was an Afghani-Russo war vet Usama bin Laden, one of the numerous sons of a wealth businessman. Bill said, 'heay, let us make him a patsy like we did Lee Harvey Oswald, Saddam Hussein, Romeo Vasquez Sanchez.' MEAMIC need some 'phantom' enemy to enact revenge on Iran ( think, because we are in a similiar type pattern, a long protracted, often long interuptions, war betwen Greece and Persia) and while at this, just try to secure new oild fields or contracts for buisness deals. MEAMIC protects fraudulent Islamist regimes by the secret U.S. Military. These people that targeted the New York World Trade Center towers just had enough --- and the corruption of the minds of the youth by U.S. MEAMIC ( Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc....) all claim otherwise --- that there is some vicious inhuman animals called Moslems that must be bombed and have their lives, cities, and honors destroyed daily unless the Oscars would be interrupted with its glam and promotion of elitist wealth.).

So The Iranian Revolution was very bad, the U.S.A. sent in millions of unmarked cash to buy clubs and support groups for the American interests, and then it got down right nasty, as both Russia and U.S. fought for control of these Iranian oil fields. The Revolution brought so much chaos and economic down turn that families that lived in Iran migrated toward Saudi Arabia, but extreamly upset with the west and especially the U.S.A.'s meddling and outright attempt at a coup. In school MEAMIC teaches that the U.S.A. goes to Iran to help the hungry children, and that America is exceptionally moral and nice and loves the entire world. This is not even close the facts, which has to be science to which society today promotes but uses little of it because of its danger to permanently change the establishment.

So this guy says, 'heay, let us fight back.' And KSM is related to him, and therefore it is rather easy to see they are reacting to the same stimuli of MEAMIC corruption.




9/11 was simple: KSM's grand-parents were forced out during the U.S. involved Iranian Revolution. They passed Pakistan, before moving to Yemen with Khalid as a child. Here other Iranian refugees from the Iranian's revolution found refuge. Then understanding modernity, KSM's parents who had a little money sent their son to the U.S to get a top - notch education. On college campuses he would meet the normative Muslim and foreigner crowds that are hooked into the University system where he would find out that the U.S.A. meddled and raped his home (Persia, today's Iran)  heritage country for 100 + years ( beginning with the British, where British Petroleum BP  originated under a different name). KSM received his U.S. degree but headed off to join the fight against American imperialism in the Middle East. Why? KSM was going to school when the U.S.A. was giving Saddam Hussein WMD as biological chemicals so Iraq  could gas as many Iranians  (remember this is KSM's heritage) as possible.  This was U.S. covert revenge, MEAMIC at its best! So on college campuses where the truth flies rather fast because of these international presence of students with their parents' informing them daily on world events,  from the source -- back home.


 On college campuses KSM would learn that The U.S.A. helped Saddam gain power, then gave him weapons and chemicals to make revenge on Iran for kicking out BP during the Iranian Revolution. KSM banded with his relatives who first made the first attempt on the World Trade Center, which became Clinton's issue as he came into office; and the first time was not a full success. KSM knew he needed much more of a complete and complex plan but to target the same building as it symbolized western economics'. These people like KSM could always have been caught, but that would have been necessary for MEAMIC to tell and teach the kids the truth. But the U.S. BEAST is forcing a satanic narrative to corrupt the minds of the youth.


So this is what KSM learnt on U.S. College Campuses and is in fact, a fact, and the false narrative comes by way of the corruption of the youth of the world, MEAMIC.


US EDUCATION TAUGHT Khalid Shaykh Muhammad (KSM): The overall ideas of MEAMIC are to cause terrorism & then say we have the fixes but we also need to invade your country, kill your people, and take your materials (resources).  Bill Clinton , later Bush, Jr. take this to mean Democracy can take militaries and rape whatever resources of other peoples and countries, but they cannot do the same to us, never! Bill Clinton is not only a part of Satan's Army, he is a key figure.





Legacy: Defrayment of Weapons of Mass Destruction | anti Democracy ways of life

Originator: Bill Clinton

Jiang (John)  Zemin (while Mayor of Shanghais) established contacts with (30+ year (D) Congress, California) Diane Feinstein's husband ( started at $10,000,000 per year) , and  with U.C. Berkeley faculty and students and other bay area institutions ( the majority of the Cal campus are Asians, overwhelmingly) in the 1980s. At Arkansas, the MEAMIC and Trilateral(s) contacted Bill Clinton, all a part of the wider Dear Friends program.   This program established traitor contacts of high level leaders in the U.S.A. to transfer 50 years of research into nuclear physics and diagrams of WMD and to receive the defray to modernize the Chinese strike force. This program's elemental ideas came from 1840s when The Ching court sent Lin Tse-Hsu as high commissioner to Canton to enforce a decree prohibition on the Opium trade. The rest is history, the British sent german cannon ( 1 mile range, the highest tech in that age)  gun ships up the Huang He ( 2 nd longest river) & the Yangtze, the 6 th longest river and  blowing up every peasant and middle class town along the way to the Emperor domain to force them to submit to the will of Satanists. Then these Roosevelts, to which America got two presidents ran the aerial opium trade as the west invaded China to build and control rail that sparked the Boxer Revolution and eventually fragmented China which then gave rise to radical dictator dreamers, as upper born middle class rancher Mao Tse-tung, and the loss of a large chunk of Territory to China, as  permission by Roosevelt to Stalin, at Cairo, accompanied by Kia Shek & Stillwell, as witnesses --- the highest level of secrecy, recorded in Stillwell's personal World War II journal, secretly published by his wife against MEAMIC wishes, but forgotten until I examined it at U.C. Berkeley.


Chiang and his American-educated wife Soong May-ling, commonly referred to as "Madame Chiang Kai-shek", held the unwavering support of the United States China Lobby which saw in them the hope of a Christian and democratic China. Franklin Delano Roosevelt felt the new currency symbolism of "In God We Trust" was himself, god, and thus as an Atheist Stalinism Roosevelt had ordered preferential treatment to his demonic laden body.  F.D.R. just told Stalin, heay, after I'm gone, just take Manchuria and kill millions of Chinese and those invaded Japanese -- and that is why two weeks after Japan had vocally surrendered, and Truman did not accept this vocal call for a cease fire, Russian Troops stormed Manchuria and took it,  and Truman jumped with joy and dropped nukes on children for fun, thus fulfilling his bosses wishes to treat Asians as non humans and just have white people take their lands and slaughter them.


But Truman would not let Stalin upper hand him, he sent the 7 th Fleet up and down the Chinese western coast bombing every person and town imaginable, claiming the Commies are coming , the commies are coming, then moved on up the coast to Korea to play more MEAMIC games of slaughter. Mao Tse-tung was making calls to the White House to stop slaughtering innocent peasant Chinese but the MEAMIC narrative of the Cold War was all planned by F.D.R. and of a need to provide some type of escape goats such as commy China to which F.D.R. had planned to be shut-off and permanently sanctioned, despite Mao calls to the Washington D.C. crowd to plea peace and to open and conduct peaceful trade.  U.S. A. was not about virtue, the Middle Class ( post WWII) was built upon destroying lands and then selling them the rebuilding materials and know-how. My first College grant came form the U.C. Berkeley alumni Association, and I was seated with my patron, a world war II veteran and he wanted me to shift my history focus to economics after World War II in the European theater. A part of his job was he was a part of teams sent by America into Europe to trick banks and other institutions into securing natural resources and the lands that they are on and do exactly what the Traité de Versailles abuses occurred and caused Germany's currency to collapse, that was to rob form the Germans. After World War I, England and France, mainly, adopted a resolution to force Germany to repay both war debts, which was nearly impossible.  Idiot U.S. and mimmicing world historians will tell you that the Traité de Versailles had no role leading into the events of the rise of the Third Riech. That may be true, but the fact was that Enlgish ( gems, iron, metals) and France ( coal) the Traité de Versailles became totally abused by these two world war ii victors and led the U.S.A. to try to prop-up the German Economy to which England and France were taking some 80% of all the weath out of Germany and padding their rich Dukes and Princes and elites. This bankrupted the Germans, they blamed the Jews and German citizens looked for a savior, in which Adolf Hitler stepped into this role.  When asked who started World War II, I say it was England  and France, and no others. It is like MIMIC today, it creates the problem, blames an innocent and then prospers form the lie and at the same time gets to murder and get that excitement.


Truman proclaimed these Asians a spawn from Hell -- thus his warning of a complex of academia and military suited himself as a culprit. The idea of the Cold War commenced in 1959 when the Soviets began testing large hydrogen bombs that could be detected by U.S. intelligence. The opposite was actually true. both Mao and Stalin feared the crasy Americans who already had won both wars, and Japan had no Navy, No Airforece ( both totally decimated) and firebombed , an illegal act by WWI and a league of Nations precuresure to U.N. five Japanese metropolitan cities, with the intent to burn to death as many Japanese store keepers, kindergarten children, wives, mothers, orphans, the lame and credible to tortuour deaths, and Japan's troops in China were under Soviet control --- and then, when the Japanese had only a few outfits on various islands functioning and no other way to pose a threat to the U.S.A. or the world, even China, Truman decides to test two atomic bombs, one uranium and one plutonium, because they wanted to test both on humans, for fun and games. There was no need for an invasion to force an emperor who could do nothing anyway, so whatever he says would not matter. But Truman made it clear that 'unconditional surrender' is MEAMIC leaglease as we bind you by contract to have our military stationed on your soil so we force you to never make a Military again, con-job--- becaiuse after sending in Cook with cannons to Edo to force the Japanese to submit, then later building them their own military and then F.D.R. sends in U.S. troops to China (1937, ultra top secret)  and forces Japan to attack China to cover up that Roosevelt wants to rape the Chinese banks on the black market for his family, and to make war because his economic policies are bankrupt intellectually, and by his own admission, the U.S.A. created the Japanese military, then attacked it, used nuclear bombs for scientific moribund purposes on innocent Japanese, and then blamed it all on the Japanese as an excuse to force them to submit ( unconditional surrender) further to U.S. will or as the saying goes, 'business as usual.' Japan has every right to nuke the White House and not be condemned internationally by anyone.


The Dear Friends  program with Clinton was to correct all of these ills by allowing the Chinese Military to access top secret nuclear weapons secrets, not only to access but to show them psychically in a lab how to create things like super secret harden radiation satellite chips, only used for ICBM nuclear tipped Missiles or high-altitude  tech communications. The problem was that Clinton did not give it away for Free, he forced special interests to pay for access to high secretive contacts of unordered Capitalists ( see Marx on Capitalists are not loyalists to their home countries).  The lame argument was if not the U.S. space industry, the jobs would be lose to Europeans. However, this too was a lie because the Europeans did not have the most advanced to which these special interests were after in regards to military production.







Stanford owns the original KMT ( China's Republican and true Democracy Movement with better representation of the poor) World War II diary, and I read the authoritative translation sections on the Burmese period, and by adjoining communiqué from F.D.R. and with Churchill/ F.D.R. 'ultra top-secret' classified files, not available to the public, F.D.R. sent not only emissaries to bolster Mao Tse-tung to win the Chinese Revolution, he armed them with hump supplies ( exorbinent fees -- lend lease before the official Act) which forced Stillwell's hand to quite or Chang Kai-Shek who headed up the Kuomintang (KMT). 1887-1975 would go public in Time magazine.


F.D. Roosevelt's enemy was Sun Yat-sen but the American public forced him to publically fund the pro Democracy movement, but in reality he was in the moment of a creation of MEAMIC. To the Chinese it matters not that F.D.R. backed what some people call their hero Mao Tse-tung, what really matters to a Chinese person is that the U.S.A. and all other nations stay out of their business, keep away. But Churchill believed Mao Tse-tung would allow the British to keep Control of their Asian usurpation territories, so F.D.R. who claimed he was a second class intellect therefore chose the Communists, and MEAMIC tried to destroy and make fake secret documents to which Academics all over the world believe are true because they were released --- while almost all the real World War II documents were either destroyed by F.D.R. or have been permanently classified as never seeing the light of day. This form of abuse of power allows the academic portion of MEAMIC to keep the lie narrative against the sissy party-- the republicans are make up of mostly submissive and cowardly pacifists and they do not complain when called unbelievable filthy names. So it does matter that the Chinese intend to keep their boarders controlled from henceforth, because the western infiltration did cause millions of deaths from the Boxer Revolution, a revolution to kick out the foreign drug pushers ( The Roosevelts, and Rothchilds) and defend. When the British blasted their way into Chinese usurpation of global dominance, the Dear Friends program was born.


Zemin, like Blythe, had an absent father and raised by relatives and both were therefore young idealists. On college campuses 'free trade and free intelect are novel student ideas, ' and these permeate into thte feild of global buisnesses. And so transfereing nuclear weapons technology seemed a open and fair ideas trading buisness , Bill a hukster said why give away for free, I can make some money from these defrayment deals, and thus Bill's conversion to crimial was well into his early days as a young and hauty govenor running cocian with weapons for Revolutions in Latin countries, and arms to Iran, and Arkansas was the next cocain target after Reagan had Bush ( then head of the C.I.A.. who turned to be Vice Pres.) shut down Marcella Blanco in South Florida. So MEAMIC targeted Bill Clinton to be any leader in power he wanted because he was just a party dude and a puppet for someone that could, like F.D.R. be controlled by cocain and other party favors. Clinton ushred in the Fratboy Presidency, if not his new daddy Bush Sr, did not do before him. So today, we have no heros, we, according to MEAMIC's plan worship celebrities to which both Zemin and Clinton became confusing tropicalists because ecliptically the sun was post 120 degrees from the contemporary vernal point.


Both tropically Leos thusely as the King symbolism in X. LXXII 1558 Prophetic poem indicates!



And, at the same time,  pad corporate bank accounts and deposite loads of tax funds to  Clinton  variuos social projects. This worked, the economy boombed, even immigrant non speaking Spanish in Los Angeles were fully aware -- a few rogue AM radio blasted daily tech transferes and its connections into the top leadership positions of the U.S.A. government. In return, the Chinese military said, we will have our people, write $2,000 checks, many were laundry mat workers or small shop size owners or not real persons, called 'straw men,' one such descriptive term, and mix these in to non identifiable entities, and write these checks directly to the Democratic National Committee (D.N.C.),  so that they cannot be traced back to any Democratic Politician. Today it is worse. Google directly orchestrated Obama's election often running foreign contribution websites, just pay by invisible person credit card, thus Barack netted more campaign money than any U.S. person in history, and so he disrespects money so much his only economic policy which never passed a budget is to just print money in the White House basement. That, an anti Christ believes  solves all economic problems, at least until he flies the coop.


As well, certian Chinese and Malaysian business opertunists direclty contributed vast sums of money to which three investigations uncovered a small portion reaching into $44,000,000 directly from the Chinese military to the D.N.C., through straw men contributions and some overt illegal ones too.  The combined N.B.C., A.B.C., FOX NEWS, C.B.S., N.P.R. but not local talk radio only gave a combined 14 minuets of air time to discussing was it legal to sell WMD to Chinese for campaign contributions. This turned into an Impeachment, and the Beast got lucky and changed it to marriage infidelity and lying under oath about it, and still the articles of Impeachment over funding killing clubs ( the Chinese Military with MERV, radiation harden chip technologies, W 88 and other more advanced small WMD, the climate high atmospheric software ( very difficult) advanced tech- clock timers, you cannot make an atom bomb explosion correctly without a smart clock on board, and so many other high sensitive things, we know today the D 41 mobile, nearly impossible to track Chinese advanced I.C.B.M., one of these B E A S T transferred tech devices can kill everyone in Seattle, Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego with one Missile, thanks to MERV technology transferred by the B  E A S T,  Bill Clinton. Jiang Zemin won the very elusive and coveted representation on the Pantheon of China's great leaders, in the rare company of mass murder Mao Tse-tung, and yes stupidity and narcissism does not excuse decision that caused 20,000,000 poor famer's deaths, even after all your cabinet members told you) Mao Tse-tung) were making a mistake. Various scientists and cabinet members pleaded with Mao Tse-tung not to kill the blue Jays and other birds pointed out that were eating the grain storage supplies. Instead of putting the supplies inside where the birds could not get at the food, Mao said, let us kill these birds, because he hated animals in the first place, it reminded him of himself. So there are film footage of the average Chinese citizen waving apparatuses to make the birds tired and then they kill them when they come down to Earth. Like Bill Clinton, Mao Tse-tung had a tight tropical beta persei, the birds were finished and then the worms came and ate all of the harvest for the Chinese citizens. So the scientists and cabinet makers said, do not kill the birds, they eat the worms that attack the harvests, and Mao Tse-tung who believed because he was a liberal to be smarter than anyone else ( the B E A S T ) syndrome did not listen to advice and went with his radical faction who were also semi literates in the cities and lived better than the farmer made decisions that killed more people than Hitler ( but not Stalin) in one episode. Mao Tse-tung had three of these episodes and his cabinet members ( Chinese archives opened only after 2,000 A.D., and one cannot bring paper or pencils) equate that Mao Tse-tung's obsession to his own mind helped kill 60,000,000 + innocent Chinese. That is a staggering number which comes to 20,000 (9/11s or 20,000) 11 th September 2001 Twin Tower and Pentagon Attacks.


Bill Clinton transfering with his wife some of the most sensitive WMD technology ( and yes, Loral, Boeing, Hughes, Motorrola) and some others were fined in court, but no jial times for anyone over this issue) to the Chinese was done for money first, to get 'elected' and then 're elected' but it also transferred to the hardliners WMD, and Bill and the Democratic Party and Repubs too intend that the U.S.A. is the policeman for the defrayment of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). So when Bush, Jr. told America and the world that it was justice to disarm Saddam Hussein of WMD ( that the U.S. planted on him, and then told him to take Kuwaiti oil fields, in which he did not, we will not stop you, thus was the pretext for Bush, Sr. Gulf War I) . The story of Iraqi soldiers entering a Kuwaiti hospital ( that started the outcry to remove Saddam)  to shoot-up and kill babies was a made up story by Bush Sr., who was vital in Killing John F. Kennedy and its cover - up. The story of how the Iraqi army went into Kuwait was also a cover-up and a lie, and had false film footage thrown to the Media lapdogs. We are then told that Saddam Hussein makes WMD and uses Imperialism ( invade by Military force other people's countries to control it or conquer it) so we need to start a coalition to kill these animals. Since Bill Clinton knew the truth and did not procecute both Bushes he just marks his qualities as the Beast. Bill Clinton  now (2013- current) calls Bush Sr., ( 41 st ) is father -- his real father died two weeks after Bill was born in a freak roadside accident. Sadly Obama's did too, and we know Obama's father was an alcoholic which does not bode well for driving automobiles. The  reason that a rampant Left-winger, Bill Clinton's outlook and a vicious Right Winger, George Herbert Walker Bush are father and son is that both have many similarities. Both of these demons are leftwingers and it matters not that one calls themselve a Republican. John F. Kennedy and perhaps a little of Jimmy Carter, and only half of Ronald Reagan were right wingers in American history post WWI. The others were leftists with F.D.R. being the most radical fascist leftist in American history so far, and even more than Barack. The evaluation was done based upon science not ideologies -- which is too easy a tool to manipulate the masses. John F. Kennedy wanted to broker world peace with Russian hardliners, because no Russian, even as a Soviet, wanted to nuke the world, this Communism nuclear threat came out of Texas radio station and a Lyndon Baines Johnson promotion technique to continue to amp up Vietnam and his various companies profits. So War was the American way and never peace but the lapdog media to Satan's Army plugged over and over some radical farmer in the most deplorable arid lands, dying of starvation were the #1 threat to the world because they identified with Marxism or communism -- both not understood by any of our leaders, ever, at all.  In reality, to make Bill Clinton a 100 + Millionire the B e A s T figured that I'll join the Satanic Army crew. You see, John F. Kennedy, Jr. was also like his father and wanted to broker world peace. So he was happy and sitting with Hillary Clinton at a Washington D.C. dinner and leak his secret plans to run for New York's open Senate seat, the same seat Hillary Clinton had been eyeing and this caused a conflict. So, like 17 other high profile plane crashes with Bill and Hillary opponents, John and experienced aviation pilot, mysteriously crashed, many witnesses says they saw a bright flash in the mist, and then a loud noise before a plan fell out of the sky. Like flight 800's fiery crash ( an Agis II sea to air missile was launched by the MEAMIC subs off the coast of New York, and these persons do not have good intel, so the missile came out the ocean as Flight 800 was on its way, locked on and killed everyone on board, There were 1,000 witnesses on the shores that saw the missile come out of the water but for years the MEAMIC ( labdogs, in this case) covered up for Bill claiming that all those witnesses must have been on L.S.D., all at the same time. For this erroneous excuse, even if it had to do with lawsuits, is not excuse and the B E A S T should be held accountable for all those who died, for his lies. When the first back top cabinate member in all of U.S.A. history was appointed by the Beast, we all clapped and were happy. Then he killed him, after phoning his family to say he was resigning, he had taken Hillary and some U.S. buisnessmen to China to meet directly with the WMD dept of the Chinese military. He was put onto a different plan and crashed in Kosovo, and then shot in the top of his skull because he remained alive after the crash -- photos and forensics have shown. So Bill Clinton kills Ron Brown because the first black top U.S. cabinet official was not going along with the Satanic program. When Vince Foster, a sandbox playmate to Clinton as a child, wanted out of the White House for covering up many scandals Bill & Hillary had engaged in, such as 900 F.B.I. files under Hillary's bed, a rumor then perhaps a fact now in lieu of their Satanic Behavior, he was killed with two bullets and it was called a suicide. But selling one's soul to Satan or the Devil is no small matter. Bill Clinton, even before his reign garnered the nick-name, Teflon Don, because no charges of criminal activity would ever stick to him, and he get fearful reactions even from these poor black countries he makes excuses' for of promised funds to which we later learn he had pilfered into his own coffers. There were a bevy of alleged rape, molestation, physical abuse and too much improprieties to make Bill Clinton a contender but nothing stuck so he said, why not just outright sell WMD so I can get into the White House to do more female sex stuff , all I have to do is sell WMD so billions can one day die, and then I get my sex escapades with teen interns. When Loral ( all of these companies or corps pushed huge sums of Money to Bill Clinton's coffers), Hughes, Motorola, Boeing and other high-tech industries with the top U.S. secrets began to do the Beast's bidding, the U.S.A. was flooded with money, so much money it caused a bubble, it was not the revolution it was the defrayment of WMD economic boon, and was predicted over 450 years ago in the south of France, so we know it was legit.





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