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Apokálypsis; "Article VI." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 1 February 2013 , updated 14th February 2013, Burbank, CA): Pope To Quit at End of February, College to elect a successor by 31 March 2013 ( Easter), most likely between the 15 th of March and the 20 th of March, 2013. New Version, updated 12:57 PST, Burbank, CA. 15, 2013.), Burbank,  Los Angeles, California, United States of America. 



Topic: Papacy Prophecy

Archangel Michael

New Pope to be Elected during Jupiter transit in Hell, Michael, update:  Burbank, CA, 18 Feb. 2013, post Moon/Jupiter conjunction: Exclusive, New Pope to be Elected during Jupiter transit in Hell (Hyades); and a loose alignment of planets and luminaries over Constellations of Aquarius and Pisces (they overlap!). This does not mean the Catholic Church is the anti Christ. Obama’s election victory in November 2013 had Jupiter near hell, and during the 2013 Inaugural for Obama the classic Moon/Jupiter/Hyades conjunction, a sign of the anti Christ at least historiograghically since the 10 th century, Abassīd astronomer/astrologers. Yet, last year, 2012 A.D. we had the 6:6:6 Venus occult of the Sun at 66 Lat. on the Moon; the Venus loop near Orion, and Regulus (alpha leonis) and other major historical stars changing tropics – rare or sublime timing – one or the other. Plus, I found out large quasar group in the body of  the Lion perhaps tells of why this constellation has so much power associated to its astronomical presence.



The Final Prophecy of the Popes

Is the Catholic Church Destroyed by Satan or God or some destructive circumstance, as a late 16 th century apocalyptic text on Future Pope’s predicts?


The Prophecy of the Popes is an apocalyptic list of 112 short phrases in Latin, first publically promoted and first printed in 1595 by  two members of the Benedictine Order and foretells the completion of The Papacy in our times. The election of 2013 signifies the last entry on the list. So, again, prophecy and the illusion of modern rational thinking collide, yet again on a world stage.


It is worth noting that during extreme persecution of the Papacy during the Religious wars at Europe, although  waning during the 1590s, it remains understandable that  interested parties would publish a bolstering list of Popes, well into the future to assure that the contemporary religious conflict was temporal and not a real threat to the central authorities of the Roman Church. The 35 mottoes remaining after publication would show these as forgeries, but many of them are eerily accurate, thus the continuing popularity.


The Catholic Church boasts some 1/6 th of the Entire Population of Earth with an estimated one billion patrons. While low – level information academics with harmful technology debate the depopulation of Earth, eliminating perhaps 3-5 billion people, again science and esoteria face – off for predominance to which controls the fate of the human race. When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected John Paul’s successor in 2005, he took the name of his favorite saint–St. Benedict, founder of the Benedictine Order. The Order's club symbolism is the Olive branch. So was this intentional or just be accident? Jesus taught apocalyptic things at The Mount of Olives near Jerusalem, and thus a branch of the Benedictines surmised this was their purpose to pass on the Prophecy of the Popes. Gloria oliuæ ('The Glory of the Olives') appears as the last normal entry on the mottoes for the list of Popes.


While unique on its on merit, the last entry on the list mirrors a book of the Christian Bible, Apokálypsis Ioannis the [Book of ] Revelation of John [of Patmos]). In this writing, the destruction of Rome comes to fruition before the ushering in of a great judgment of humankind.


The Official Catholic stance on the authentic that St. Malachy authored this text has always been denied. What is rather interesting is that Malachi, the Book of Malachi, the last book of the Hebrew Bible, Christian Old Testament, the book of the prophecies concerning God coming into the flesh matches the Irish Catholic official’s name, which is no coincidence because Malachi deals with reincarnation, futurology, access to different dimensional time, and by far remains the affirmative text for the foundation of Christian Prophecy of the Hebrew Prophecy. Hebrews, while not accepting of Jesus’ place among God still regards Malachi as the sole source of their own warrior messiah to come.


Here is my reproduction with orthography and context included.


Second to Last Entry in Book of Prophecy of the Popes.

Gloria oliuæ [Pope Benedict XVI]

In pſecutione.  extrema S.R.E.  seſebit [Pope Benedict XVI]

[... prior said to be a rogue sentence, perhaps belonging to Gloria oliuæ

Pope Benedict XVI has been associated to Gloria oliuæ. ]

Next Entry in Book of Prophecy of the Popes.

Petrus Romanus, qui paſcet  oues  in  multis tribulationibus: quibus tranſactis ci- uitas ſepticollis di-ruetur, & Iudex tre mẽdus iudicabit po[-]pulum ſuum. Finis.

( note, diacritical marks left in, as is, with the 1595 A.D. Lignum Vitae., p. 311 ((Arnold de Wion, Lignum Vitae, Lib. ii, pp. 307–311)) ).


My loose translation, and modernized.


The Glory of the Olives,

The Seat during Extreme Persecution.

[ next, Pope but same persecution period, The Seat is Papal Authority]

The Church ( as Peter of Rome)  who cares for The Flock during these many tribulations.

Rome will be destroyed [during this period]

A tremendous Judge will adjudicate the people.

The End.

Catholic Church News Press : Election to be held between 15 th of March and 20 th  of March, in the year of our Lord, 2013 A.D. 


Book of Malachi 

The book of Malachi in the New Testament (NRSV) teaches rebirth, reincarnation, past lives, cool eh? Elijah will return  [ in the flesh] prior to the Day of the Lord. This book most likely remains anonymous and the last book of the Hebrew Bible, Old Testament Christian Bible, and more than any other work(s) in the Hebrew Bible, followers of y’Hoshua (Greek, Jesus) of Nazareth use its messianic prophecies to claim relevancy to truth.  A Literal style traces its origins of two generations forward and backward ( G=40y) of the period of the Priest Ezra ( Most scholars position the manuscript between Haggai and Zechariah, slightly before Nehemiah came to Jerusalem in 445 BCE.).


Reincarnation: "Lo, I will send you the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes." Malachi (3:23, 4:5)


"he is Elijah who is to come." (Matthew 11:14)


Messianic Prophecy: "But for you who revere my name the sun of righteousness shall rise," Malachi (3:20, 4:2)


Judicial Astrology In the Bible: "For from the rising of the sun to its setting my name is great among the nations," Malachi (1:11). Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, astrological concept called Direction of the Rays, presumed directional methodology, but advanced Biblical scalar forms already existed, so telling of prognosticatory application remains a biasness. Yet dual concepts of scalar forms of math exist connected to the material [sub- biological, soft tissue) of motion objects as States flourish when certain astronomical signatures move from eastern horizon, past the meridian, and ontoward a setting in the west, which then becomes marked out in different dimensional astronomical maths in which a concept of a civilization can be mapped out ( or in modern computer language, coded) to create, to influence, to understand (philosophy) the future of your charges ( pop culture language, your children) and in this context the group of people who follow a single God and their representatives on Erath.


U.S.A. Popular Culture, E Entertainment, a daily popular and main stream television gossip show did a hit piece on Pope Benedict XVI. So even the low intelligent entertainers are slandering and libeling the Catholic Church. Some persons intend that White people who control these entertainments, information channels are racists against brown colored persons (most abuse claims are directed at  brown colored persons), as the majority of one-fifth of the Population of Earth, the loose percentage of Catholics to humans are not human beings – but just animals to abuse. Most of the sex abuse scandals involve brown colored persons in these church cases. So whites whom have amassed large fortunes in the last 100 years do not want to give it up so they attack colored persons, even using the Catholic Church as a cover-up for their racism.


Pope Benedict XVI to resign is unexpected. It has not happened since 1415 A.D. Both were of tropical water-alignments of their respective periods, Pope Gregory XII papacy ended on the 4th of July, 1415, while The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, most of the classical planets moved through Tropical Cancer zodiac and Pope Benedict XVI's resignation on 28 th of February 2013 has a similar trigon signature.  The Sun, The Moon had passed, Mercury, Venus, Mars, but Jupiter Squares Sol, and Saturn Trines Sol from a water astrological sign, the inner luminaries and planets will reside in tropical Pisces. So both water alignments occurred & theoretically at 120° (arc-degrees) regress of the trigon.


On Easter 2013 at Rome, The Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus form a relative alignment, tropically, in visual Pisces constellation, these astronomical bodies approaching an elliptical conjunction to Linteum & Khat Pisces. This is ancient judicial astrology where the weight concerns what one sees at any location of residing. This relative alignment takes place just post to our current Vernal Point ( a.k.a. Spring Equinox). This remains a powerful modern astrological alignment! Chiron moves toward Hydor as Mercury lay near and Neptune too, and are actually in the constellation of Aquarius to which initiates some type of spiritual change.





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