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Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’ Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :


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Apokálypsis; "Article V." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 19 February. 2012,  in sections,  around  1:39:30  p.m. , Studio City, Los Angeles, United States of America.  α Orionis Eastern Horizon. Belt-Stars Centered, Neptune moves into tropical Pisces.

Topic: Stone : Pyramidial Astreological Matrix : The Large Pyramid at Gizah, Galactic Center Alignments

Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone


  1. A.C.E. After Common Era. PAGEREF _Toc317775068 \h 1

  2. Jesus of Nazareth Crucifixion Eclipse 29 A.C.E. PAGEREF _Toc317775069 \h 1

  3. 37 A.C.E. Claudius Cæsar Drusus Germanicus (Nero) PAGEREF _Toc317775070 \h 2

  4. 50s-70s A.C.E. Hyades & Hebrew End-Times PAGEREF _Toc317775071 \h 4

  5. 174 A.C.E. GC=AC the pyramid’s ultimate intersection. PAGEREF _Toc317775072 \h 5

  6. 235 A.C.E. M.C. Christianity and the Galactic Center PAGEREF _Toc317775073 \h 6

  7. 429 A.C.E. GC = I.C. PAGEREF _Toc317775074 \h 6

  8. 539 A.C.E. GC = A.C. 540 A.C.E. ±5° Massive Death. PAGEREF _Toc317775075 \h 6

  9. 570 A.C.E. GC = 26° Muhammad, Prophet of Islam. PAGEREF _Toc317775076 \h 7

  10. 621 A.C.E. GC = M.C  Hegira, Prophet Muhammad. PAGEREF _Toc317775077 \h 8

  11. 700 A.C.E. GC = DC, llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, Eucharistic miracle. PAGEREF _Toc317775078 \h 8

  12. 800 (25 December, Old Style cal.) A.C.E. GC = ~ I.C. Holy Roman Empire Rise of Church civil Authority. PAGEREF _Toc317775079 \h 9

  13. 908 A.C.E. Vikings, Rus’, Global Realignment, World Exploration. PAGEREF _Toc317775080 \h 9

  14. 1347 A.C.E. GC=M.C. Global Mass Depopulation. PAGEREF _Toc317775081 \h 10

  15. 1440 Guttenberg Press, GC=~ D.C. ± 10°. PAGEREF _Toc317775082 \h 11

  16. 1492 Miraculous Year According to Spanish Historiography & Comets PAGEREF _Toc317775083 \h 11

  17. 1558 A.C.E. Pyramid’s Riser. Gallery offset Castor M.C. PAGEREF _Toc317775084 \h 12

  18. 1769 A.C.E. Napoleon Bonaparte. PAGEREF _Toc317775085 \h 12

  19. 1777 A.C.E. Angles Eagle AC, Ox DC, Human I.C., Lion M.C. PAGEREF _Toc317775086 \h 12

  20. 1848 A.C.E. The Riser Step and Judgment, all souls descend to Earth  PAGEREF _Toc317775087 \h 13

  21. 1888 Hyades Culminates PAGEREF _Toc317775088 \h 13

  22. 1889 Adolf Hitler Post Hyades PAGEREF _Toc317775089 \h 14

  23. 1900 A.C.E. Galactic Center = I.C. PAGEREF _Toc317775090 \h 14

  24. 2,001 anno pyramid Center of Axis of Granite Leaf PAGEREF _Toc317775091 \h 15

  25. Astro World Map: Gizāh Foundation Scored Line Chart – Projections onto Earth. PAGEREF _Toc317775092 \h 15

  26. Hyades on the angles PAGEREF _Toc317775093 \h 15

  27. Hopi Prophecy Rock, Two Paths PAGEREF _Toc317775094 \h 16

  28. Novus Ordo Seclorum 1940s a pyramid signature. PAGEREF _Toc317775095 \h 16


A.C.E. After Common Era



Jesus of Nazareth Crucifixion Eclipse 29 A.C.E.



Crucifixion Eclipse (End period of 29 A.C.E.): Galactic Center culminates at maximum at Jerusalem as the first star of Pisces hits the angles and the commencement of the Age of Pisces defines the next series of human ascriptions. (in this case here for the CE: midlevel juridical mundane astrology). 


The alpha (α) virginis star named Spica was the elliptical star for the period from -50 B.C.E. to 50 A.C.E., and at year 1 A.C.E. had a declination of 0.17’ South (seventeen minuets of astronomical arc)[1] and pertains to a reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth and the subsequent role played for that period.


Because Virgo is such a large constellation of the modern zodical band of stars, it remains a part of the autumnal equinox, and in later Egyptian periods, the Star was high in the night sky during mid to late summer; and therefore its connection was to the harvest period and to the harvest festivals. In this sense, Spica became a fortunate star, meaning ‘harvest,’ as well as ‘abundance.’ Therefore, in esoteria, Jesus Christ represented the harvest, but not of agriculture, but of souls.


37 A.C.E. Claudius Cæsar Drusus Germanicus (Nero)


The year of 37 A.C.E. the pyramid’s chart has the gorgons culminating. So here is the legendary Medusa’s Head symbolism associated to the persecution of a race of humans, in reality a scapegoat for avarice by many of the Roman people. The Romans are in a transition, from a Republic that was imperialistic with guilty consequences to an out of control empire run by absolute dictators bent on avarice. We are in the decade of post crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.


The Moon is over Praesepe, its home, the eastern horizon has alpha Leonis, Regulus, Saturn is post Dschubba, the I.C. is approaching the violent Libræ stars and Uranus is centered in the scales or the claws of the Eagle. Since the horizon and the tilt of the constellation of the Lion, Zozma, a star on the back of the lion has a true arc, and a foreboding omen. The Galactic Center off-set is longitudally about 41°-42° from the M.C./I.C. Axis. This is a scalar form to the vertical height of most of the lower passages of the pyramid.  Nero Cæsar ruled 13 years and 240 days. Nero’s natal birth chart has multiple suicidal star-signatures associated to a rather ruler-type of astrological birth horoscope.  


A destructive fire was set in the poor section of Rome, and the people demanding the culprit cried to their cæsar.  Nero blamed the Jews (the default historical scapegoat, Nero fiddled while Rome burnt) according to legend, and so since one passage in the commonly called Book of Revelation cites a numerical value of a monster, having the number of a man, as ‘6.6,6’, scholars believe all of Revelation’s allegorical missives point to Roman authority.


Nero, however, was not the only one to persecute the newly Christianized Jews or some of the non-Jews who are incorporating into Paul’s universal club of inclusion --  after Nero, the pressure and finally the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple bitterly defines our modernity. Haters of Hebrews and Prophets, and religion make up salacious myths to trick the greater populations of earth to conforming to their ways of life and thinking. Plinius the Elder and Seneca had no bad words for Nero.


Apokálypsis Ioannis was originally written in Greek, spoken about widely as being a real tract in the first century, and not composed in Aramaic, not composed in Hebrew, and surly not with any urban dictionary blubbering’s. In Greek, hexakósioi hexēkonta héx (6,60,600 or 666) appear in the earliest versions of Apokálypsis Ioannis.


An Aramaic transliteration is nrwn qsr (666); This slight of hand and promulgated by mainstream skeptics, scientists, scholars to trick the world to believing John, the author of Apokálypsis, strictly identifies Nero. However, Nero’s Aramaic spelling is nrw qsr. It is not the pseudo scientists that are fudging the facts, but the mainstream academics.


On the other end of the spectrum, another mainstream skeptics, scientists, scholars trick was pulled during the 1990s and early 21st century. A rare fragment of a copy of a copy had the numerals adding up to 616. Certainly this did not implement Nero. (P/ Oxy. LXVI 4499, late 3rd century or early 4th century A.C.E., a fragmental version has 616, rather than 6,6,6. This comes from the Oxyrhynchus Papyri at Oxford University. Totaling 616, the numbers chi (600), iota (10), and stigma (6) are visible in the third line [of the parchment]. Although no longer used, stigma then was the sixth letter in the Greek alphabet,” Aelius Stilo at Chicago University intends.[2] So, 6,60,600 is another scalar form of pyramidical identifier. 666 - 360° / two right angles or ‘2’ = 153°. 666 - 360° = 3° ∙ 102°. These numerical values are found all over the architectural geometry of the large pyramid of Gizāh, and yes, they do apply to some personal identities.


Nero was despised by mainstream academia, skeptics and haters of religion because he gave money to the poor and advocated lower taxes to the majority of the poor, which inflamed the leftwing aristocracy who kept control of the purse strings,  through high taxes on the poor and loop-holes to the rich. If a rich leftist knows about someone that wants to give social leverage to the poor they are targeted by the wealthy leftists in government. Nero most likely committed suicide because of hatred of these Roman leftwing aristocrats. After Nero left the scene, then plans were made in haste by the Roman authorities to expel the Jews from their homeland and rob the riches of Jewish Temple.


50s-70s A.C.E. Hyades & Hebrew End-Times


70 A.C.E. Prediction by Jesus of Nazareth to culture of Hebrews only, the end-times will be witnessed by the generation of followers during his time. Biblical generations are almost like todays, about 40 years. el-Nath, taurii, true arc culminates indicating the anti-dark rift paran’s Markab at the western horizon, the Galactic Center off-set from anti-culmination about 6° – 7°; Saturn over Dschubba, Moon post Spica, and I.C. has major dark rift signature Aculus.  



074 A.C.E. GC= I.C. End-Times Predicted by Jesus for Jerusalem and Hebrew’s Homeland, exiled by European Romans, a premirror to NAZI Final Solution. The Well shaft sits below A.C.E. 50s-70s. Prediction by Jesus true. After the destruction of the temple the Jews had to find temporary homes in other countries for about 2,000 years. Hyades again culminates a year prior to the birth of the person who would become Adolf Hitler, in 1889 A.C.E. 


Mayan Eclipses


Mayan first century eclipse happened on 30 March 0070 A.C.E. (04947), Soros  69, with a magnitude at maximum of 0.1051, between the modern day towns Santa Ana, and Santa Lucia, of modern day El Salvador, with the umbra reaching, and outer umbra limits reaching northward toward Salitre, south east of Guatemala’s central zonas.


For the Mayan Long-Count Calendar, when Tikal was abandoned about 899 Julian, Old Style cal., the Sun was conjunct Hyades at culmination and thus the ending of their classical period came about a year later (appx. 900 A.C.E.).


174 A.C.E. GC=AC the pyramid’s ultimate intersection.


174 A.C.E. GC = AC  (25 British inches from queen/gallery intersection, 75 British inches from 74 A.C.E. P” marker of the ascending passage,  making it an even 100 years (thus the analytical of Moshier). This is the pyramid’s ultimate intersection. Let me demonstrate. The Qin (156-210 BC), not the succeeding Han (206 B.C.E.- 220 A.C.E.), were the first group to unity China. A very short lived but enormously important because it is the first to conquer all other states, achieving full supremacy by 221 BC. It imposes on all China a non-feudal, bureaucratic centralized form of government (which lasted until 1912).


Shri Huand hui: First Emperor of this unified land. He has that famous terracotta army protecting his tomb that has stars on the ceiling and is surrounded by a mercury mote, all interior and hidden from the world—accessed by only state approved archeology. He is accredited with first uniting China rather brutally some detractors suggest, and as well as spurring on the concept from Heaven comes a great king of terror. He came from the north, as does most of the despotism perceived from the central Chinese perspective or at least these opinions of the revered Chinese historians over the ages.  



235 A.C.E. M.C. Christianity and the Galactic Center

333 A.C.E. GC= DC. Christianity legitimized by Roman State. 325 A.C.E. = ±10°. Council of Nicaea set preliminary Christian doctrine. Christianity first had spread eastward, but over time it began to creep westward. So, in the Hall of Truth or the Gallery and early on monotheistical ethics and morality take a global shape.


429 A.C.E. GC = I.C.


429 A.C.E. GC = I.C. China’s northern dynasties begin. Pax Romana in full swing.


539 A.C.E. GC = A.C. 540 A.C.E. ±5° Massive Death


539 A.C.E. GC = A.C. 540 A.C.E. ±5°; comets brings on Justinian’s Plague (541-542), Pope Gregory, the church reformer, born the year of the closest angular aspect, takes over after Pelagius dies of the plague in 589 A.C.E. Byzantium historian Procopius of Cæsarea of ‘Secret History’ fame (b. 500 A.D. at Palestine, d. 550 A.C.E. writing at the port town of Pelusium, near modern day Suez, Egypt in 541 A.C.E., states the sunlight was blocked out all year of 536 A.C.E., crop failures led to some massive animal and human deaths, and modern history, much speculated a massive ending drought caused the fall of Teotitiuacán, as well as migrations of mongolians.[3] decline of Avars, rise of Islam, European wars against Vandals.  


Peru suffers a massive drought, and modern scientist examining tree rings around the world point to 540 A.C.E. as something catastrophic took place, perhaps a comet and or some debris. This massive death on Earth was corroborated by two church historians; one, John of Ephesus, a Syriac church historian, and Evagrius of Antioch, who was a child during this temperature decline and witnessed the plague period. He, also, a church historian.


Modern scientist remain convinced that a yet unknown strain of Yersinia pestis cased all the plagues in history, some carried by rats while others carried by flees or other insects from the East. Nostradamus implies it was a contagious airborne virus, not transmitted by flee bites or rate bites. Nostradamus was one of the only few in history to account first hand to fighting a type of plague in cities of Provence in the mid-sixteenth century. Plagues appear to be periodic, varied pests, not cyclical, but are as natural as a comet passing.


On the other hand contemporary reports suggest either comets ( which meant any unidentified heavenly object until the

until Tycho Brahé, another pseudo scientist began to investigate serious comet phenomena brought noxious gaseous that killed plants and trees alike, making it the more terrifying of a plague. For the super global plague beginning in 1347 GC-M.C. The global death brings massive migrations. One such empirical migration was religious.


Siddhartha Quatama (c. 517 BCE India) Buddhism comes from India via India – Tibet- and later to Afghanistan onto the Silk Road. Buddhism mirrors Christianity’s main topics on ideas, except one idea such as rebirth of the soul into some form of a physical body.


The Brahma Priests, the same actions like the Catholic Church change the doctrine on reincarnation to fit their human control mechanisms. The Church forbade it around 500 A.C.E. because it was too empirically impossible to measure and too many persons were claiming they were famous reincarnations; so one must give them attention and privilege. It proved a too complex ‘assumption’ to allow into any such ‘doctrine.’


570 A.C.E. GC = 26° Muhammad, Prophet of Islam


570 A.C.E. GC = 26° longitude to A.C., Castor, Gemini = D.C., D.D. & A.H. foundation star for pyramid’s construction. Period for Muhammad, Prophet of Islam. Neptune, node, Mars = GC; Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, sidereal constellation. Abassīd Astronomers and Abassīd scientists link Islam with the Planet Venus, as it was in a sub domicile for the year of the Prophet’s birth.  The large pyramid at Gizāh seems to support this observation by its own judicial portents. Head stars of Aries on I.C.


621 A.C.E. GC = M.C  Hegira, Prophet Muhammad.


621 A.C.E. GC = M.C. + node, Sun conj. Saturn. Spread of Islam. 622 A.C.E. Muslims migrate to Medina   -  hijira or hegira. In Medina, Muhammad builds his house, which serves as a gathering place for his followers and as a model for future mosques. So we have observed both Judaism, Christianity,  and Islam are all marked by the large pyramid at Gizāh foundational scored line astronomical chart. Some 668.2 ± 1 (Petrie) British Inches from the outside entrance to vertically above the pavement gives post B.C.E. and early classical periods to a new scalar system from  668.2 ± 1 to 1923.7± 6 (Petrie) to which is very close that David Davidson and H. Aldersmith ( editions through 1924 -1941) cut the Anno Pyramid arc (5842.339793) [????] to the King’s floor without ever changing directions to this point.


The Tang (618- 907 A.C.E.) Long and prosperous dynasty under which Chinese culture reached its peak of perfection not experienced before or since. Dominated East Asia, and previously, cultural mixing took place under the previous intersection, at 621 A.C.E. GC = M.C. where Turks, Mongols, and as well as other Asian tribes descend to start this dynasty, and it flourishes to a Golden Age of China. Muhammad’s movement eventually would turn west.  Artistic achievements so evaluated this Chinese dynasty and its successor, the Song (960 – 1279) a “twilight dynasty,” perpetuated the cultural achievements of the Han and Tang dynasties in the south,  that the Crusades were one reason to open up trade with the East and bypass the restrictive forces of the various Islamic and Turkic European globe-blockades to the Silk Road.

700 A.C.E. GC = DC, llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, Eucharistic miracle


700 A.C.E. GC = DC, llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, Eucharistic miracle, Lanciano Italy. Hyades, Ophiuchus. = DC. circa 700 (711) A.C.E. Islam spreads to the Indus Valleys, notably the famed trading junction of Bengal, and invades Iberia ending Germanic rule. Now commences 800 years of Islamic dominance all over the globe.






800 (25 December, Old Style cal.) A.C.E. GC = ~ I.C. Holy Roman Empire Rise of Church civil Authority.


800 (25 December, Old Style cal.) A.C.E. GC = ~ I.C. Charlemagne crowned by Pope, first Holy Roman Emperor. Spanish Reconquista commences, the majority completed during this decade.[4] The Classical Abassīd Era commencing at new city, Baghdad, the corner stone is laid as Jupiter rises, and monotheistic civilization takes over from Europe to the Middle East. Although secularism arises as a cooperation theme to offset shi’i and sunni factions.  Pīr- Sheikh concepts, pre-Islamic traditions begin to emerge back again. Sufic forms in various ways to intellectualizing processes that accompany most religions. 8 th-10th cc. spreads to Anatolia, Northern Syria, Northern Iraq, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran and India. (Ancestor based worship, a spiritual guild). The quest for knowledge as ‘truth’ is one motivational factor. This is a very Socratic theme of peer-to-one or mentor-to-student.


908 A.C.E. Vikings, Rus’, Global Realignment, World Exploration.


908 A.C.E. GC = AC Start of Rus-Byzantine war, Kievian boyers develop. in 892 A.C.E. Mu’tasim moves the capital from Baghdad to Samarra. Proto Russia adopts and revises Byzantium Christianity, and in some respects overtakes ecumenical influence for this area of Erath.


1347 A.C.E. GC=M.C. Global Mass Depopulation

1347 A.C.E. GC=M.C. ± 7° -10° Global Mass Depopulation, Sheat is at the arc of the A.C. Hydria Aquarii =A.C. Uranus =Dschubba scorpii, Dark Rift, Sun, M.C., and Neptune, on one of the edges also accompanies the Bow of Orion on the I.C. Reported in the lands of Arabia, comets with windows and rock ship like forms. Noxious gaseous kill plants, animals, and live things. China estimates 50% depopulation. Europe estimates 35-50% depopulation. The Taurian star, el Nath is at the I.C., Moon for 1347 is at its home in cancri. Node plus Venus is over Gizāh pyramid star, Zubenlakrabi.  The cord from theta Ophiuchus intersects the M.C. Conrad Lycosthenes (née Conrad Wolfhart) in his book Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon....(Basel: Hendricus Petri, 1557, in Latin)[5] reports about 100 pages on heavenly phenomena associated with prodigies and omens. He reports and provides a wood-cut illustration of a rocket ship with many windows, and calls it a comet, reported by Arabs in their lands preceding the plague. In fact, comets were considered such evil portents that the Pope excommunicated one of them, as he should have, Halley’s comet.  This is to say, Rainbows exhibit God’s grace and comets exhibit God’s wrath. Lycosthenes’ woodcut of comet Halley as an illustrate and pointed to a 1456 A.C.E. passage allowed ( however the Chinese were the first to record Comet Halley’s passage,  pre anno domini (A.D)) Edmond Halley to predict its return successfully.  Since this comet was near the D.C. section of the pyramid foundational scored marker chart, and bad things were occurring for this decade, Pope Calixtus III excommunicated the comet – which was the correct choice. Lycosthenes was the first during the Early Modern Age to report noxious gaseous were killing plants and animals in the middle east by a pass of some rocket with window comet of 1497 A.C.E. (p.494), which is not consistent to Yersinia pestis effects with the Middle and East of the globe in 1557.


From 1298 to 1314 seven large comets were witnessed and recorded.[6]  Again, comets are anything in the sky other than what was well known as the five planets, as two luminaries and as the fixt stars. Reports by contemporary events during this period, all over Europe and even in the East, dark clothed humanoids, some with sickles, axes, or broom like fixtures were roaming the lands scaring people and accompanied by noxious gaseous which brought death and destruction.  This led to legends of the Grim Reaper and accompanied accoutrements.  


Yuan (1279-1368) the last Mongol dynasty, founded by Genghis Khan (1205-‘6 Mongaliis foundational declaration and advanced Nostradamus Judicial Astrology, a triple geometric signature to 1999 A.C.E. mentioned in X.LXXII., but occurs multiple times forward and backward in time, similar but never an exact sequence results!) succumbed to nationalist rebels 1368. If you look carefully there is an equidistant arc to the GC and Chinese events in a perspective from the west, and reverse it if looking the opposite way.


1440 Guttenberg Press, GC=~ D.C. ± 10°.


The printing press, like Japanese woodblock printing or Chinese invention of thin, durable, and portable writing paper helped change ‘information’ and ultimately knowledge of all on the planet.


1492 Miraculous Year According to Spanish Historiography & Comets


This year numerous comets were reported at Ensisheim, Alsac, 7 th of Nov., 1492, Old Style cal. While Christopher Columbus exuberated the Miraculous Year with his historical voyage, and the Most Catholic Monarchs finalized laws to eradicate Moorish southern governments, he was smeared by anti-Semitic laws by the Spanish Crown. The Church dealt with the warlord Iberians centuries prior about anti Semitism had allowed Hebrews to migrate to Provence and southern sections of France, a more tolerant location in Europe, and for the safety of Hebrews. Besides the première destination, the Ottoman Empire or the Ghettos of Venice, during the fourteenth and fifteenth century anti Semitic riots in Spain the Pope allowed morranos and converts to Provence, France.



1558 A.C.E. Pyramid’s Riser. Gallery offset Castor M.C.


Bos = I.C., Jupiter Dschubba, M.C. Decapoda,  Heze A.C., Saturn, I.C. This is Nostradamus’ last installment of Les Propheties. Multiple angled off-sets of the pyramid point to a nominal year of 1558 A.C.E. D.D. & A. H. propose from this date to 2045 A.C.E. defines the modern civilization. What comes after that, I have not read the whole work.



1769 A.C.E. Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the year of 1769 A.C.E. The geometry is ‘a bowl shaped’ symmetry, less than 120 degrees. The I.C. has Acubens, Hydrobius, and the Moon and Neptune form a relative conjunction to facies sagittarii. The mid-point of Jupiter and Mars lay in a relative approximation to Dschubba. The lunar node is over Spica. A bowl concentration is a focal of influence to the sectors involved – radiating outward to affect the rest of the world by symmetrical arcs.


1777 A.C.E. Angles Eagle AC, Ox DC, Human I.C., Lion M.C.


The I.C has llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, the Descendant has Hyades and beta persi, al-gole, the A.C. has Jabbah or post Dschubba, and Han as a true arc. This is the period of the two famous break-outs from aristocratic rule, first by the American Declaration of Independence, followed by the French Revolution. Hell on the western side of the pyramid indicates that the western hemisphere will bring Hell on Earth. The I.C. indicating the memory, and the theme of Aquarius as uniquely formulation of ideas brings the concepts of representation and unique ideas into this period.



1848 A.C.E. The Riser Step and Judgment, all souls descend to Earth


Most pyramidologists of this school of thought intend that the riser step indicates a massive population explosion. Of the Orientalistic perspectives on rebirth, some pyramidologists intend these are souls arriving for the Day of the Lord or a Judgment Day. And this may explain the population explosion. Neptune’s tropical sign of Pisces takes place about this time and another period would be in Early 2012 A.C.E. when Neptune enters Pisces again. Again, this is elementary astrology. Neptune will not tell too much about long-distant human development.


1888 Hyades Culminates


Uranus is in relative conjunction to the I.C. and Hyades culminate with the PODFOY Sun. This is the period Flinders Petrie is surveying the pyramid. Just prior bomb boy Howard Vyse decided to blow up parts of the sphinx and some pyramids, inside and out, apparently in some type of hurry.  He tricked most people into believing that the Egyptians were ignorant persons so if a pyramidologist claims otherwise, these were intelligent people, and academia has its detractor in Petrie. The gullible are always fooled, Petrie’s intent. The pyramid is not shorter than other pyramidologist survey’s the foundation is not level. Skeptical websites will refuse to state such things as it is not in their interest to do so.


Contrary to most historiographies on German philosophy and German Economics, Karl Marx’s writings were not widely read or accepted until the late 1880s. While 1848 A.C.E. was the nominal year of Engel’s & revisioner and contributor Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and connected to the position inside the pyramid to the riser step’s challenges, Marxism (not what Marx intended) surfaced as an international phenomena, post 1880s, eventually taking over the a third of the global lands.


It remains difficult to argue with anyone about the 30 volumes of writings by Marx, almost no one has read them all or least understood them. However, the pamphlet changed the geopolitical world, and at some point in the mid-twentieth century over one-third of all the lands of Earth functioned as some type of communist dictatorship. No one yet has come close to running a government and a society as Marx had laid out his propositions in the pamplet. This is why we have the description of Marxism, because Marx’s propositions were switched around, so that Liberals ( Marx despised these individuals as world’s main problems) become the good and ethical people and the anti-liberals become the bogyman or evil group of the world. So, in this sense, the world is turned upside down as it was during these other Hyadian culminations, one such destruction of the Hebrews lands pertained to elitist groups and elements stamping out individuality, ethics, morality, peaceful coexistence. Marxism is the quest of avarice, not what Karl Marx ever wrote.


Hyades 50s-70s A.C.E. had Hyades culminations by various degrees and the ideas of a future Pax Romana or even an inclusive Roman World revealed communistic military aggression. Still, in -583 B.C.E, the Hebrew Babylonian Captivity period, Hyades’ appears on the western horizon.

1889 Adolf Hitler Post Hyades


This comes one year after Hyades culminates as Petrie is having a meltdown trying to prove the Egyptians cannot make the wheel yet, but he keeps finding advanced mathematical concepts in the architecture of the large pyramid at Gizāh. The man known as Adolf Hitler, leader of Germany, was born in 1889, and this is a post Hyades, and Saturn is in a relative conjunction to Bos, ± 5°. Mars tropically is at 26° Scorpius, its home!, 38’26”, and the tropical ascendant is at 26° cancri 09’41”. Again, in 60 AD = Hyades on M.C. Hell comes to Judæ and Jerusalem by Roman agents. Hateties, right? Phonologically: Hate, h ayee dees. The interval is 1,820y, and not a cycle at all.



1900 A.C.E. Galactic Center = I.C.


This is where we also can start an ‘inch’ count on the riser’s face on the King’s floor.



2,001 anno pyramid Center of Axis of Granite Leaf



Anno pyramid, ascending anno, centers the axis of the Granite Leaf in the King’s antechamber. As early as 1924 A.C.E. it was proposed by pseudo scientists, acting as pyramidologists of the school of thought the pyramid is a prognosticatory complex to watch out for the year of 2,001, ¾ A.C.E. 2003 – 2011 = 8 years, or the remaining ‘8’ inches to the south end of the Granite Leaf’s borders. This is the duration of the Iraq War II.



Astro World Map: Gizāh Foundation Scored Line Chart – Projections onto Earth.


AC Saturn arc = Mesopotamia, modern Iraq, Turkey, Eastern Europe. Saturn in Aristotelian cosmology represents a beginning. For most of modern history texts describe Mesopotamia as the cradle of civilization.[7]

MC Venus arc = Provence, France. Nostradamus’ birth local.

AC Venus arc =  Washington DC, Mayan Lands, central America.

MC Jupiter arc = Four states intersection, U.S.A. This pyramidic PODFOY has not come into play yet in our linear chronological modernity.

Sun D.C. arc = Shanghai, China.

Node D.C. arc = Peking, Beijing.


Hyades on the angles


60 AD = Hyades on M.C. Hell comes to Judæ and Jerusalem by Roman agents. Hateties, right? Hate, h ayee dees.



Hopi Prophecy Rock, Two Paths


The Hopi Prophecy Rock was created by Christians, according to Hopi Elders. They are the only U.S.A. indigenous (North America) group to forgo the Casino avarice craze. There are two paths illustrated on the massive Hopi Prophecy Rock. The Way of the Sacred Heart, the pathway to human togetherness and global helping of each other; the other choice or path is nuclear destruction. The Hopi and I favor the path of the Sacred Heart. They also, according to what I have heard champion a democratic form of world government and see kings, dictators, et. al. power into a small group or a single person as an outdated form of government. In my opinion, and not a part of the Hopi discourse, the fear of a one world government resolves to what form of a governing body will take place – the corporate elite and privileged rich or a one world government where all peoples and nations are equally represented socially and economically?


Novus Ordo Seclorum 1940s a pyramid signature


The period leading up to World War II and World War II itself is duly a major arc in the inverse triangle section of the pyramid, and a part of the rise step indicating a supreme challenge to conquer limitations to survival. Secular Symbolism remains more ancient than Esoteric symbolism and continues into our modernity.


Novus Ordo Seclorum on the back of U.S.A. dollar bills does not mean “A New world Order” or a “New order of the Ages” in standard Latin. Idiomatically, the expression means a New Form of a Secular World Government. Materialism preferred to Spiritualism allows secularists to run the world. Currently on our chosen path a continuing of this Secular World will ultimately end in ruin. But, death is the culture, however, I bring life.


Religious Warfare manufactured by the secularists takes attention away from the only solution to end cultural and localical strife and conflict. The Hopi Prophecy Rock of the path of the Sacred Heart reflects ultimately these sentiments. They are Americans as much as any other American or Earthling, as America was open for all and with all their personal belief systems incorporated into a multicultural intermixing of daily practices the rest of the world chose to compartmentalize themselves into comfortable corners of existence.   


Novus Ordo Seclorum was placed onto American icognograghy by a 33 degreed Masonic member, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, (Democrat by name only, in reality a meddling in foreign affairs dictator), who was nothing of a Christian and the phrase, “In God We Trust” was a compromise to the paganistical illusory symbolism on the New Dollar Bill. F.D. Roosevelt presided under the inverted triangle for our twentieth century period and religion in America, let alone the world, had severely declined to a sad state of affairs. The only goal of this new secular man or women is how many people one can swindle to amass more material things. If taken to the extreme, nuclear war will be the final bargaining chip for the Satanic deed of Avarice.


To be continued. Archangel Michael. 19 February 2012 ( Gregorian Cal).



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[3] The term mongalis, a Latin equivalent used 13 th- modern cc. to oral communication, comes from an actual tribe, but quickly became associated to a description of

‘men or people from the far east.’

[4] el Nath culminates, Ophiuchus intersects I.C., used 1 Jan 800, so Solar 1 degree off, but this is a relative aspect.

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[7] Aristotelian astrology, Mesopotamia the cradle of civilization, our modern version, and Saturn begins all time-cycles ( e.g. its the slowest moving planet of then the known cosmos). Normative myth, The Golden Age always represented by Saturn.




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