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Apokálypsis; "Article V." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 7th  February. 2012,  around  5:35 p.m. , Studio City, Los Angeles, United States of America.  updated 11/2/12 3:00 p.m.

Topic: Stone : 2001 A.C.E., Siddhartha Buddha , Gizah Pyramid Date Fortold & Other Mysteries

Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone


  1. Why a Gable?. PAGEREF _Toc316735404 \h 1

  2. Śramana ideas Incorporated into the Gizāh Pyramid. PAGEREF _Toc316735405 \h 3

  3. Pyramidic measurements are incorporated astronomically. PAGEREF _Toc316735406 \h 5

  4. The Stone comes of Age. PAGEREF _Toc316735407 \h 6

  5. 2001 A.C.E. Foretold by many Pyramidologists for over 100 years to be an important date in human evolutionary history. PAGEREF _Toc316735408 \h 7

  6. The Bethlehem Angle. PAGEREF _Toc316735409 \h 8

  7. 90th course + Bethlehem angle. PAGEREF _Toc316735410 \h 9

  8. The integer of 2001.58 is repeated over and over again. PAGEREF _Toc316735411 \h 9

  9. Escaping Reincarnating. PAGEREF _Toc316735412 \h 10

  10. Immortality was a detriment PAGEREF _Toc316735413 \h 11

  11. Siddĥārtha proposed an Escape From Reincarnation. PAGEREF _Toc316735414 \h 12

  12. Siddĥārtha’s Joy. PAGEREF _Toc316735415 \h 13

  13. What brought on Siddĥārtha Buddha’s bliss PAGEREF _Toc316735416 \h 14

  14. Escape the eternal pain and suffering of rebirth. PAGEREF _Toc316735417 \h 15

  15. Ideas, the die is caste. PAGEREF _Toc316735418 \h 16

  16. Plane of Escape of Reincarnation, A Fantasy. PAGEREF _Toc316735419 \h 16

  17. Lack of Reincarnation in the Christian writings PAGEREF _Toc316735420 \h 17

  18. Jesus of Nazareth & Siddĥārtha Buddha’s game changers PAGEREF _Toc316735421 \h 17

  19. Siddĥārtha Buddha’s Messianic Plan. PAGEREF _Toc316735422 \h 18

  20. Messianic plan will not help you escape Reincarnation or pain and suffering. PAGEREF _Toc316735423 \h 18

  21. Messiah Comes from Warrior Kingships, Books of Samuel PAGEREF _Toc316735424 \h 19

  22. Reincarnating Love of Inflicting Hate and Pain. PAGEREF _Toc316735425 \h 20

  23. The Tree of Knowledge & Siddĥārtha Buddha. PAGEREF _Toc316735426 \h 21

  24. Plane of Life, Death, Hell and Escape. PAGEREF _Toc316735427 \h 22

  25. Planet Jumping, been there done that PAGEREF _Toc316735428 \h 22

  26. Return of Jesus or some type of Messiah. PAGEREF _Toc316735429 \h 23

  27. Internet a-buzz Jesus did not Return, Pyramid is False. PAGEREF _Toc316735430 \h 23


Why a Gable?


The Gable is a lone aberration for the large pyramid at Gizāh. It cannot be readily explained away as the construction chambers over the King’s room supports infrastructural weight. The Gable on the other hand has no architectural or infrastructural reason to exist. So the lunatic fringe suggested maybe it is a marking point for a decoded message?


It is positioned not at the entrance, so it is not a decorative support and remained positioned inside the pyramid hidden from sight. The gable vertically aligns to these mysterious scored lines to which no Egyptologist has ever provided a rational explanation to why they exist. Why a burial chamber would be aligned to stars if these lunatics did not design, did not construct, and did not encode astronomical symbolism into the ‘stone?’


So how do we incorporate the Gable? Why or what does it mean by being hidden from sight and placed precisely on purpose? Well some pyramidolgists of the school of thought which intends all time exists, past, present, and future, a codation correlating to some global human management, perceive the course of the gable as bi-sectioning vertically an alignment in which to laterally locate a circumferential fulcrum, create your circle(s) and interpret wisely. When applying 120 degrees to either bi-section of the ninetieth course we arrive at 2001 ¼ A.C.E.


In astrology, 120 degrees represents a side of a perfect triangle. In Nostradamus trigonic subsection of the practical Judicial Astrology he claimed to use some 119 degrees added upon either bi-section of the ninetieth course we witnessed, the whole world, a trigonic changing of a final Earth Grand Conjunction of the Earth Chronocrator series in May of 2000 ¼ A.C.E. in the tropical sign of Taurus marked an omenic signature. The last in this typical series was about 399 B.C.E. and the humiliated former democratic state of Athens radically changed into something wildly different and eventually flickering out as the cultural superpower of the Aegean and that Athens once portrayed a novel idea of public governmental participation remained a historical aberration.


Athenic Democracy varied over the centuries but a central notion of some random public representation by three individuals chosen from each of the ten tribes (or districts) formed a common outlet of sharing and communal ideas.  If one wanted, each citizen could join jury panels and participate in court procedures. True oligarchic rich or elites ruled the greater group with hegemonic ideas most of the time, however this participatory group of humans chose to allow impute, decision making, and responsibility to the whole group a prerequisite to existing as a true Hellen. If we take the pyramid’s galactic center signature from the scored lines to the 399 B.C.E. signature we see a interval of about 2,400 years to the year of 2001 A.C.E.


This experiment, consisting of flaws, formed a unique canvas of populous representation and spurned on advanced culture and technology. Rather than a hierarchal formula we had a limited but observed lateral class representation. Britain’s common sense laws, eventually its parliamentary, and advancing this re evolution of governing ideas, the United States of America followed shortly by a French effort which flickered out quickly continued the tradition of lateral human representation and fairness. However, it remained  not unique to eastern Europeans during the Before Common Era period (B.C.E.).


In the fifth century B.C.E. the caste system at India had well established its historical mark on cooperative ideas. The Vedic traditions speak of classism as a necessity for human-group stability. There was a challenged to this idea which spurned out from a competition with the ideas from the Vedicial norm.


Śramana ideas Incorporated into the Gizāh Pyramid


Like the 1960s California hippies to the Chinese rebel youth, to the Slovakian counterculture, the Asian South Continent spurned on its own ideas revolution, first deriving form renunciationists which took the mantel of the opposing team of caste mentality. The competition came from Sharamana (Śramana)[1] and their offshoots, Janism and Buddhism. These Brahman Priests controlled evolutionary discourse for millennia, citing that everyone has their class (caste) and each reincarnate back into their class, so marriage and civic representation must remain fixed with no room for social movement.  The stratified culture did not have a stranglehold on South Asian politics. India at the time of Siddĥārtha Gautama had small representative republics, such as the proto Classical Athenic models. While the smaller clans practiced a form of representation of the clan groups, the larger cities remained caste systems but a battle ensued over the ideas of what is truth about the human condition.


At certain times Egyptians, Aztecs, Maya, other Mesoamerican states, and many other locals across earth had some form of clan democratic representation, even if it qualifies at the local level, which was the case for the Aztecs who at some time in their history voted into office a local governor who supported their views toward the central authorities. 


Śramanans preceded the Earthly Chronocrator series. They are responsible for challenging the status quo and preached a ‘liberation,’ or an escape from mortal birth, death, and rebirth, as well as influencing yoga, and samsara. The thesis of this genus movement set out to destroy the idea of the caste system, a ridged hierarchal privileged system for the few and the many are slaves to the few. Like the 1960a movement of tune in and drop out, at least the catch words in fruity California, without an army to implement their wishes, these groups had to chose renunciation from the normalized painful reality of categorization of human worth.


The term Buddha was already established as a term for a wise person, the literal meaning takes two forms: one, the awakened one, and two, an enlightened one. What remained in contention to happiness, a prime question Siddĥārtha proposed to find, remained the pain and suffering of the greater populous serving the lesser populous of the privilege and elite based upon birth rite.


This is about 2,400 years or 20 circuits of small triogonic conjunctions without the inclusion as with 399 B.C.E. and 2,000 A.C.E. of Martian meddling. However, this type of interpretation does not follow any pyramidologist code since it is solely a Nostradamus’ first enquiry element to prognosticating historical trends. The B.C.E. Chinese historians could easily predict the events of 2001 and 1/4 by their astronomical and astrological expertise. They base their system upon a Jupiteran –lunar model which provides increments of 60 year calendric relative-circuits.


For example, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor happened in 1941 and 60 years later the attacks on New York and Washington D.C. occurred (2001) with similar circumstances. The Chinese have certain characteristics for this interval. Astrology and astronomy applied to a side of normative textual archiving explains their superior understanding of their circumstances.


These were the only major U.S.A. boundary attacks that were successful against American interests. Both attacks caused roughly 3,000 casualties and launched some post-attack wars against these perceived culprits.  The 2,400 year interval and 60 year interval are not cycles but some complex astronomical phenomena that advanced methods of astrology/astronomy incorporate into the mathematical precision of existence.  These are simple and complex trigonomic functionaries in gravity.


Pyramidic measurements are incorporated astronomically


These types of measurements are incorporated astronomically and astrologically inside the pyramid and form complex puzzles to decipher to understand existence. √1881.2426 = 43.373229363. This is rather close to the often vertical height of the lower sections of the passages at 42.21 or two extended (often called royal, but what is royal?) cubits. The height of the riser step is 286.1 Prim” divided by 8 = 35.7625. Since the numerical symbol of seven resolves into so many measurements, by doubling the vertical rise and using whole numbers we arrive at 70. This then is the value that the cord of one of the systems of the anno pyramid intersects the King’s corridor. There are seven levels of visual boundaries in the Gallery. There are Seven Days of Creation, in the Hebrew Bible. Then there are 7/11 convenient stores, now worldwide, and many open twenty four hours a day. The number seven is WOW!


Similarly, √1881.2426³ (cubed) = 81,595.68767. So, √81,595.68767 = 285.649589. This is relative to the 286 Prim” found all over the pyramid. Therefore the root volume of the Gallery’s floor line or the bi-section of the 90th course, or Gabled course, resolves to the offset of the pyramid with small light-corrections.


These are then applied to astronomical arcs, such as 26° 18’ 10” ( a relative mean) plus the opposite or inverse of a circle then resolves to 206° 18’10” ( 180° + as 26° 18’ 10”)! Then according to the Biblical astrological methodology we now find our eta taurii or alpha Pleiades’, al-Cyone’s signature to the galactic Center at 206° 18’10” - 360° = 153° 41’50”. All these numerical values and more are found incorporated in the architectural design of the large pyramid at Gizāh. Don’t worry my arc was well within skeptic Flingers Petrie’s measurements. I usually use 26° 18’ 6.7”. Sad Petrie ran screaming at his detractors who question his 50 minuet of arc discrepancies – his fingers must have swollen without his knowledge. The pyramid does not lie on level ground. The pyramid can be feet higher or feet lower as it had no foundation, Petrie to a set up a schema, trickstering the skeptically- mentally challenge believe the royal cubit (I call extended) and the primitive or pyramid inch are old wife tales – they do not exist.  But daddy was a believer, thus the motive. 


We are taught over and over again by mainstream academia (Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, Beijing, etc...) that at this period in human history, the Egyptians are struggling to conceptualize the common ‘wheel.’ In this manner the mainstream academics want us to forget about this mysterious Gable marker, it means nothing they claim. Perhaps the academics claim the gable pertains too Khufu’s time-capsule to prove to our modern age of the advanced Egyptian technology of their wheel? Talk about potential shock absorber accessories, in corporation speak, the pyramid takes one through a journeous & bumpy ride. If any country, culture, group, idea, famile, individual  bounces their chronocrator series, the pyramid works, like precision. 


The Stone comes of Age


Despite the popular British rock and roll band Def Lepard[2] a song incorporating the large pyramid of Gizāh, ‘Rock of Ages, keep a rollin’, implying to continue its importance in our collective histories as in our daily lives, it was not until well into the later stages of the twentieth century that this gable took on a more important role for pyramidologists.


In the 1970s a codem of a much earlier work in the fifties explained the gable’s symbology to prognosticatory-concentric circles. They imply some path or plan for the world and puzzle a concept of escaping our reality as we have known for ever, something rather spectacular. In the pyramid at the south wall of the King’s chamber lay a global salvation of all living things. This message encoded by the builders did not place a key date with one formula but placed secret sections as puzzles to piece together the picture – of what is going the hell on here?


D.D. & A. H. used Anno Pyramid to arrive at 2001 at the central axis of the granite leaf and it was done without changing slopes or time-measurement. It was a mathematical/geometrical equidistant relationship between the ascending and descending slopes derived by the position of the passages. This gable codem has similar concepts.  However, later Adam Rutherford pointed out the symbolism of the gable, at the 90th course. It is in line with the Queen’s horizontal passage and therefore this must have a hidden key to unlocking a secret code. It is about the half-distance of the vertical height of the pyramid and this half-distance is near approximation to the floor line of the Gallery, by measurement. Obviously, pyramidologist became extremely interested.


2001 A.C.E. Foretold by many Pyramidologists for over 100 years to be an important date in human evolutionary history



Peter Lemesurier (née Peter Ewart Britton  ) in his book “The Great Pyramid Decoded,” 1977) expands upon Adam Rutherford’s suggestion of concentric circles derived by a fulcrum of the pyramid that correlates to the center of a circle with one edge intersecting the position of the gable. The fulcrum point, therefore, positions itself at the greatest intersection of the interior of the pyramid. This helps lead to an idea of the choices represented by the path of the ‘enlightened’. One can go to hell, one can go to purgatory, or the Queen’s passage or one can ascend toward the King’s chamber for the only potential of an escape from the physical realm.


The girdle stones are all astronomically applied but all have a symbolic historical timeline when ideas of reincarnation, monotheism, and escape through enlightenment first became ideas to write down and promulgate. Adam Rutherford proposed the bi-section of vertical measurement relates to the floor of the Queen’s corridor implying above this level was the Plane of Life and below was a plane of death. Lemesurier adds to this the plane of escape, keeping in tradition to ‘enlightened’ reincarnation scenarios.


The fulcrum: This is where the ascending passage intersects the Queen’s passage and the well shaft, an escape for the workers who set the ‘red granite’ enter blocks of the ascending passage. Symbolically it denotes choices. Ironically, many measurements derived by its position as a fulcrum. The roofline of the queen’s passage to the floor line of the ascending passage a little into the large gallery allows the circle to intersect the king’s empty coffer. Both the Queen’s ventilation shafts and the king’s all lead to the outside, potentially, but remain sealed at the moment. But according to the Plane of Escape, according to Lemesurier only the south wall ventilator shaft pierces through the plane of Life and outside of the circles indicating to Lemesurier this remains the only real escape, and outside of the Messianic Plan (whatever that mean?).


The Bethlehem Angle


Certain values the builders wanted everyone to know about. I will use Flinders’ Petrie who was usually off by 50 minuets of arc (some measurements worse than Smyth’s) but over time and many other surveyors intend something along the lines of 26° 18’ 9.6” [or 9.7”] (all derived by a mean value of many measurements of the slope at the most common of sloping of the interior, measured all over the place – from the entrance stones or arcs to the passage slopes and a relative Bethlehem arc from Gizāh to Bethlehem and further below Jericho, and finally to things like this gable concept with geometry and trigonometry) intersects the edge of construction of the pyramid at the floor line of the subterranean passage projected as a geometrical slope to the level of the Queen’s floor line. This then provides another circle’s radius to intersect the pyramid’s vertical and central axis which then can expand two more concentric circles around the fulcrum. After this is done a reading into the code of which one has developed will become fascinating.


The length of the gallery’s floor line (Lemesurier gives figures he intends are primitive inches) is the same that these concentric circles and expand at their vertices and horizontal extremities. The length of the ‘Grand Gallery’ is 1881.2223 Prim” (19 ∙ 99)[3]. The fulcrum lays 1881 ¼ below the projection of another 1881 ¼ of primitive inches. The measurement downward intersects the roof of the subterranean chamber linking the entire complex from an ascending to a descending passage system which remains symbolic.


90th course + Bethlehem angle


The 90th course (as degrees) + Bethlehem angle = a whole value of 116 as a geometrical measurement confirmed by Flinders’ Petrie arrives under the prescribed Anno Pyramid arc to the Granite Leaf of 2001 3/4. We arrive at the end of anno pyramid at integer ‘6,000’ and we need some 119 or some 120 inches to match. The figure of 120, not specified by Lemesurier remains a natural trine formula in circular-two – dimensional geometry. If we apply 120 (as degrees) we arrive at the nominal date for 2001 ¾ A.C.E. and we can correspond this date to the Anno Pyramid arc and realize that the Gable had a purpose to confirming our multiple 2001 year measurements.


If one reads my Nostradamus fardāyrīya the numerical symbol of 90 accounts for the majority of the discourse. Nary has a mere utterance, the mysterious 45 degree angled that ‘ons’ revolving around atoms mimics astronomical and astrological phenomena – do we have a system of control! If you understand this discourse here, the bi-section of the 1881 Prim” to the 90th course at the level of the gable mirrors high technological thinking of advanced judicial astrology of the 16th century Europe or the tenth century Middle East or the first century before Jesus of Nazareth at China to contemplate and understand the universe from this perspective. However, the pyramid goes millennia backwards in time before the wheel was invented by the mainstream academic certitude committee.  This Plane of ‘separations’ therefore have two 90 degree angles (180°).


The integer of 2001.58 is repeated over and over again.


Well, then, The Roof of the subterranean passage to the roofline of the queen’s passage has a value in primitive inches of 2001.58. Prim”.  Rather the tropical sign of the last deaconate of Taurus attained the year of 2001 A.C.E. Apparently, the last of the Earth Chronocrator Series ended in Taurus a year earlier, and we are supposed to link this to some message in the pyramid? So in 2,000 A.C.E. of May we ended the Taurian period of the Earthly Chronocrator. The scored line points to Taurus.


The fulcrum has the ascending passage at 52.745 Prim” + 67.565 Prim”[4] above the Queen chamber’s passage and added to the roofline of the subterranean passage we arrive around 2001 ¾., yet again, in primitive inches addressed by Lemesurier we have 2001.5826 Prim”. [5] The idea was 1881 ¼ primitive inches plus 119 or 120 more primitive inches to guide the decoded massage for the year of 2001 as something of an importance.


Escaping Reincarnating


Siddĥārtha Gautama, later called Buddha was born in a world where the wheel of life represented by plants, by animals, by humans, and by all living organisms will endlessly reincarnate on Earth without options for escape. The Vedic traditions are just like Greek, Egyptian, or anyone else’s traditions. They have periods of importance to different deities, such as usurpation or the natural progression or evolution of the deity hierarchy. And each usurpation carries a different doctrine or dogma. Brahma was not the original creator god, but neither was Osiris. Anubis preceded the hierarchal ranking of Osiris, Neb, Nut and others that evolved over time as well. The Brahman Priest who are successors to an earlier Vedic pantheon determined that all reincarnating souls must observed aristocratic castes when reincarnating. The peasants, therefore, could not have social, economic or political ascendancy.  Gautama lived when many South Asian natives gave up on their civilizations and denunciated what we today call ‘the machine.’


Reality remained pain and suffering for most humans; this concept already established in the south Asian continent for over a millennia became the single most important quest of the Buddha to conquer. Rebirth, resurrection, sacrifice, and ritual were all well established traditions by the time of Siddĥārtha. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were among the initiates who accepted such things as reality. Egypt, although during the 500 B.C.E. decline (since 2200 B.C.E.) resulted in mass migration began to invent King Lists to get the people back (ancient tourism) to Egypt. While Egyptians were mythalizing their king-ship periods, the Torah, the Greek Myths, and other spiritual concepts and writings began to appear world-wide.


The Egyptians at one time believed in physical rebirth, while the Tanak formulated the first comprehensive moral and ethical life-living model. Buddhism, already a part of the culture before  Siddĥārtha Gautama sought to purify the body and soul so that one could escape the physical hell of reincarnating over and over again. Since these ideas were so worldwide, can we accept they were adopted into the buildings message about the future, at least the future of human ideas?


Immortality was a detriment


Immortality was a detriment during Siddĥārtha Buddha’s era. Even proto-Classical Hellens also understood immortality to be such a prison rather than liberation. Often biographies on Siddĥārtha Buddha translate a work he often used, ‘liberate’ or ‘liberation.’ This then is taken as the concept of escaping reincarnation, because for this definitional purpose, reincarnation is immortal hell. There are multiple biographies on Siddĥārtha Buddha, the first written over 300 years after his time.


He was, according to ‘this’ legends, born around Tibet to a wealthy noble family and was prophesized to conquer the other 17 tribes or states in India but chose to leave one day on a search for the meaning(s) of life. In reality, his mother died when he was a few weeks old leaving a psychological scare not readily remedied in circles of influence. He led an austere life of yoga, meditation, body mutilation, and painful poses to punish the body as many other renunciationists littered the Ganges’ planes. After about six years he gave up and found no meaning to his questions. Why are we here, who are were, what is truth. How can I become happy?


The other renunciationists outcasted Siddĥārtha because he returned to eating well and living like a noble once again; He had two teachers, both failed him, he found no answers. Then one day after eating well and taking good care of his body, he sat under a Bohdi Tree (a ficus tree, common in India) and had a revelation, leading to the four noble truths.  The fourth truth  guides one on a set of moral and ethical principles, called the eight-fold path. Out from Exodus comes also the Laws of God, given to Moses on Mount Horeb, where the Red Granite blocks claimed to have been quarried for the block-stones inside the pyramid’s ascending passage. Moses brought forth some ethical and moral laws. The Hebrews became the most famous because of the standard of ethics and morality surpassed blinded- warrior allegiance to the Earthly tyrants that intended all lives of humans should work for their glory, fame, and economics. There did not seem to be an escape from reincarnating and survive some reincarnated tyrant. So God took a group of people and said go hither and too and establishes your own kingdom or realm based on my laws rather than tyrants.


To it is around these girdle stones of the pyramid that these ideas are competing, South Eastern Continental Reincarnation, Middle East Judaism for Monotheism, and its message of liberation, which is supposedly represented by the ascending passage’s commencement about the period of legends of the Exodus. The Exodus’ meaning intends, ‘liberation.’


Siddĥārtha proposed an Escape From Reincarnation


Siddĥārtha Buddha solution to the ensconced idea of reincarnational eternity was to proposed an escape. This was what was novel and gave rise to Christianity’s eschalogical and teleological conscripts of a single life of a human soul by the Catholic Church.


Here is the mystery. According to then the Brahman and Hindic ideas, everyone is born into caste (think of it as classism in Marxism) and cannot move upward or downward, most marrying into their own caste overseen by the community of controllers’ the Brahmanic culture. This typified a basic feudalism. But in European feudalism some accounts of serfs (peasants) ascending to royalty, be it warrior service or a fair lady of the common, did happen. In India, the caste system was pragmatically a hierarchical system of groups and or smaller tribes. Within these hierarchical caste systems are concepts of reincarnation. The soul of a caste person reincarnates back to their caste, over and over for eternity. There is lateral movement without a possibility for vertical movement.


Siddĥārtha losing his mother at such a young age may have caused caste rifts within certain circles leading him to run away from his caste and search for answers to how to escape the pain and suffering of the common existence. When Siddĥārtha’s journey to the Ganges opened him to many other renunciationists who also migrated, this gives us a hint that he searched out similar people with similar problems. Not having traditional parents are not a southern Asian continent phenomena.  This hate-practice of inciting social sentiments of a bastard child or a child without a living family remained historically epidemic around the world, even until or modern age.


Modern social studies confirm that the more advanced industrial countries with high-salaried jobs and lifestyles leads to family disintegration (more divorces, more single parents, less births), while underdeveloped countries have a tight family unit based in part upon family or clan survival and therefore these communities or states in general will have more babies. By no means is this a modern phenomenon but historically a standard social practice based upon a complex set of circumstances. This phenomenon also takes place in the biological world of animals and even microbes –type casted as R or K species.


Siddĥārtha’s life, again, like most of the Torah or the later entire Christian Holy Bible, the gang of promoters to ethics and moralisms are persons with broken families, which affect them psychologically to make or search for a change. The Bible is a continuous story of reincarnating ‘dysfunctional’ families trying to escape the world and at the same time trying to make it a better place with some ethics and some moral codes accredited to God. Yet, how do we know of the pyramid’s potential massage of a reincarnational escape when this topic is not well understood, and cannot be physically measured in our age of ‘Physics?’


Siddĥārtha’s Joy


Siddĥārtha while sitting and meditating under the bodhi tree ( some form of ficus, traditionally associated to a fig tree, at a place called Bodh Gaya) finally after six long years had gained enlightenment. The first noble truth intended that everything is suffering. All things die, all things suffer, all things are damned. Life is miserable for  everything, no one can escape the endless reincarnation wheel of pain and suffering. This must have come as a shock, because the legend goes that Siddĥārtha upon enlightenment experienced a supreme joy and everything seemed good and not suffering at all, just bliss. But what brought on this bliss?


What brought on Siddĥārtha Buddha’s bliss


At the moment of realizing truth, Siddĥārtha first returned to his memories as a child, where he saw the world as innocent and fun. He was born in line for the kingship in his domain, or his father was a late aged tribal chiefdom and had everything provided for him, women, exotic foods, the finest linens, the constriction of knowing of pain and suffering in the world. For example, imagine  you live in the Hamptons or Beverly Hills or at Buckingham Palace or even one of Emirs of the Middle East’s superhomes and penthouses of Beijing,  but everything was provided with you and you even had a little village closed into your proximity and stocked with courtesans and yes-humans and party elite?  You, however, never ventured out and always saw life as young, vibrant, beautiful, never-ending, lavish, comfortable, and privileged. This is the picture that these Siddĥārtha biograghers paint for us to realize. He had it all, gave it up for something he valued as greater than material happiness.


This was Siddĥārtha’s life growing up at court. According to legend  he was in line to ruling all of the Hindi clans. This would have given him more material wealth than to what he was born into but he renounced this path. Anything that Siddĥārtha wanted he received, life was full of goodness and joy. This remembrance triggered his faculties to formulate the noble truths (which were already in circulation among the reuncinationsits, but first he had to remember his privileged youth.


So what did bring the joy back into Siddĥārtha’s life? It was the memories of living a privileged aristocratic life and the pain and suffering comes by the way where people need to support these privileged in pain-labor and a path of service to the elite and all they have to look forward too was death. And, again, rebirth back into the same circumstances.  Siddĥārtha realized he could do nothing about life and its mysteries. So he gave up and invented a process known as ‘escaping’ rebirth.


Siddĥārtha envisioned he has been born numerous times. But sometimes he was born into animal forms, from insects to large animals like elephants. He was also born into human forms, so numerous he could not count. Siddĥārtha imagined that after gaining enlightenment, or knowing all or most of the secrets of the universe, allowed one to of out of the rebirth program. However, this was wishful thinking because escape was never an option with the earlier Vedic ideas of eternity of the soul. In allowing a path of escape there remained something missing to the human experience – Hope! The fourth noble truth concerns morals and ethics, a negative stamp by standard academics who claim that ethics and morality of Christianity brought the Roman civilization down from its world-dominating posture. It remains a negative.


Escape the eternal pain and suffering of rebirth


I fought against this idea before, but it was never communicated in concise and clear methodologies. Ethics and morality are for the losers in society, the academics intend. Siddĥārtha proposed that doing good to others will help you escape the eternal pain and suffering of rebirth. Empirically doing well to others has mixed results. Some will appreciate one for helping while others will take advantage for their own or their group’s gain. The Brahman Priestley Caste exploited this idea for controlling the masses. They preach if you do not do good, you are bad and will reincarnate as some insect or some grotesque animal. Catholic Doctrine (e.g. post 325 A.C.E.) also saw Jesus’ role as similar to that of the Buddha’s. One needs to perform good works in order to advance in their destiny. Protestantism, at least under Martin Luther’s non-doctrinal diatribes announces that God knows predestination so your destiny has already been decided, so no good works are necessary, just recite some made up passage that takes about ten seconds of your life and you are saved by Jesus Christ. In the meanwhile, the academic worshipped father of Protestantism, Martin Luther, called for the extermination of Jews, to which the NAZIs tried to implement in the twentieth century. This allowed the new protestant faction, the common advent, to go out and do whatever evil is necessary to gain an advantage on other living things. It was basically an affirmation of secularism or paganism,  and this type of ideas were what Siddĥārtha was fighting against.


Ideas, the die is caste


You see, the Vedic legends are plethoric if not actually containing ideas similar to protestantism. You are already ‘caste’ the die is caste, so – to speak, and you need to perform your duties of your lot. It was naturalist fortuna, during the Italian Renaissance period,  and spoke to chance, paganism, self-interest and the conquest for materialism at the expense of all but for your team. In short communications, you do not need to be moral or to be ethical in protestant Christianity to be saved. These ideas were Martin Luther’s contribution to the world.


Martin Luther claimed if you are a soldier and carry a sword, you are destined to hell no matter what you do about it. Martin Luther when he was younger always had a leg-sword on him at all times. Therefore, Luther inadvertently names himself as a child of Satan and forever damned. Luther lost much credibility despite some of his mentors and disciples contributing to damage control.


This is why John Calvin is often associated to a doctrine on Protestantism, because he had to throw-out much of the insane ideas of Luther. These ideas of ‘well we cannot do anything about our lot and will not get punished or rewarded because we are all products of a Lord who already knows our fate, so why not go out and kill all the Jews?  Luther, a German, took these emotional conflicts to seek the extermination of Jews in Europe. So in Protestantic morality and ethics, a qualification follows guide to life.  You live once, so it is not like Buddhism, but predestination is known by God alone and your actions are already in the future – you do not know of it.


Plane of Escape of Reincarnation, A Fantasy


When Lemesurer came up with this ‘escape’ thingy, the Plane of Escape at 2727.2966 Prim”[6] above the pyramid’s base, at the course ninety, we are led to believe that Buddha and not western religion is incorrect. The pyramid’s message then is that Christianity has it all wrong. The only escape from reincarnating, therefore, remains at the south vitalization chamber because it leads above the Plane of Escape and out from the circles of the pyramid’s architectural design. Lemesurier intends that this means that escaping reincarnation remains outside of the Messianic Plan. In other words, the path to truth remains never with the Christian or with Jesus. Buddha is preferred, in this sense.  The message then states that Christianity cannot show you the way, you have to do it yourself.


Lack of Reincarnation in the Christian writings


Despite the claims of the Church’s control, there remains little speak, if any, on reincarnation in the Christian writings. There are some hints but there remains no ‘discourse’ of the such as coming out of the South Asian continent one century prior to the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Forget about The Kabbala or mystical Christianity, The Gospels are not interested in communicating an idea or concept or even a doctrine on Reincarnation. The idea was a mundane and normal idea, which even the Greeks had come to terms with rebirth when Siddĥārtha’s first biographer inscribed or enshrined the memories of one of the Vishnu incarnations. At Judea, reincarnation was just one more set of life’s faith and beliefs.


However, what remains an historical problem was prior to Buddha reincarnation the life was an inescapable prison, no matter what one did: beit ethical, moral or evil. Now suddenly, according to tradition, Buddha made it possible to escape if one follows ethics and follows morality. So if Lemesurier’s ideas on the builders promoting this Gable and ‘Plane of Escape,’ the life of Siddĥārtha Gautama should rather be highlighted. So, redemption had started as a concept to get around state paganism(s) or dogmas. There are multiple gods, they can do what they life, both good and evil, and you cannot do a damn thing about it. Your life is to serve them and die, preferably painfully for their physical excitement.


Jesus of Nazareth & Siddĥārtha Buddha’s game changers


The prime source writings on Jesus of Nazareth, sometimes, not always, exhume a causal relationship between salvation and being ethical and moral. Buddha remained a game changer because he disrupted a millennium of tradition(s) associated to the concepts and ideas proposed in the Vedas. In these Vedas rocket ships that have nuclear weapon type of explosives cause ‘wars in heaven’ that affect the unfortunate endless reincarnating plants, animals and humans, in a never ending notion of pain and suffering for all of eternity. It sounds rather bleak, but with a caveat that narratives of hero deities arise to battle dark forces and vise versa. Gods, or superior Aristocrats had technology and power like a military to force the more populous commoners to live, work, and die for their own entertainment.  The propensity to seek a spiritual escape is rather a normal part of this type of induced suffering.



Siddĥārtha Buddha’s Messianic Plan


In the story of Genisis, God bans Adam and Eve and the serpent from salvation and offers absolutely no plan of redemption.  Then God, lonely, changes his/her mind to send a redeemer, as himself, the ‘son of man,’ in the form of Jesus of Nazareth. Like Islamic factions of Shi’i and Sunni, Hebrews fragment into different camps of beliefs. Only some adopt this new form of redemption in the life and stories of Jesus but most deny Jesus as the Son of God. This leads to a large majority of Jews still awaiting for their messiah. What they desire is a warrior king of the likes of King David. Jesus was not a warrior king, let alone a king at all. In fact, Jesus never claimed he was anything of a messiah. This led me to question Lemesurier and other pyramidologist that promote some form of a ‘messianic plan.


Siddĥārtha Buddha’s Messianic Plan remains a myth. There message was do it yourself, no deity can save one from endless reincarnation. However, the path to escape is rather convoluted, and no one really understands it, less is able to psychically measure its empirical properties.


Some 1,000 years and prior to Siddĥārtha Buddha, even the Jewish God does not provide a path back to heaven or salvation for anyone, and neither were these concepts of redemption a part of the world’s normative belief systems.


Messianic plan will not help you escape Reincarnation or pain and suffering.


Again, if we want to add into this some cultural relevance,  the southern king’s air-vent shaft remains the only escape outside of the Gablic geometrical circles of the large pyramid at Gizāh, and certain pyramidologists directly link this to the solution for humankind. Lemesurier explains that this escape lays outside of the Messianic Plan. However, neither Buddha or Jesus claimed to be a messiah. Saul and David, and Solomon are all Jewish Messiah’s but that is about where it ends, traditionally speaking of the use of ‘anointed by God.’ Many, not all, but many strict observant Hebrew are still awaiting for a warrior-king of the likes of Messiah David to thrash and destroy their enemies.


Messiah Comes from Warrior Kingships, Books of Samuel


The Messiah, literally means anointed by one of God’s chosen mouthpieces. In the Books of Samuel, both Saul and David are anointed with oil from a flask that has ritualistic properties of the likes of a crowing of a king or queen. The contention was that the Exodus symbolized a breaking away from Heirchal human law and living under universal laws of ideas for the common good. Here, only, the power and authority of God formed a governing body with loose controls over citizens using these laws to their advantage. A messiah or King can kill you just because they do not like the way you look. The Ten Commandments did away with this barbarianism and many reincarnating souls refuse to live in a world where they cannot hurt and kill people for their own pleasure. Lemesurier uses the terminology of Messiah, Messianic Plan, Messianic this or that more than any other concept in his book on the Gizāh pyramid.


However, Jesus of Nazareth never mentions he is a part of some messianic plan and denies at all instances he is a messiah. When Jesus is a child and reportedly in one synoptic Bible claim, he is the one who is prophesized to return. This speaks of reincarnation but not of any kingship.


Reincarnation was not a secret concept; it was known circumspectly all around the world. An ecumenical council in the sixth century banned reincarnation from the Christian Doctrine. This was well into a few centuries after Constantine had united many Roman lands under Christianity, circa 320s A.C.E. The idea to ban reincarnation is that it remains near impossible to fully understand it and absolutely impossible at the moment to measure it.


Jesus never preached he was the way to escape reincarnation and the reincarnation theme was well a social communicated phenomenon as it is today. There is no difference. You can accept it upon faith or by some investigatory enquiry or you can ignore it or reject it out of ignorance. But ignorance is exactly how the Buddha received Nirvana.


Siddĥārtha’s joy came from remembrances of living like a king, getting everything he had wanted and he missed it; and that was salvation. The renunciationists (enunciating the machine of society) kept suffering and if Siddĥārtha continued the austeric life he would have never found his joy. The joy was prosperity, privilege, and comfortable living. Out of this joy, he concluded people should do well to each other and have compassion, in order to escape reincarnation.


Reincarnating Love of Inflicting Hate and Pain


Jesus on the other hand took all the pain and suffering of the world upon his own shoulders and made a promise of an escape if you follow his path, a path of a Christian. Like Siddĥārtha’s warring kingdom period, Jesus was born into an international trading and imperialist era and Romans were emaciated with avarice and murder. The crucifix was a symbol to scare off robbers and also for Romans to have fun watching persons suffer incredibly. The idea of killing for Joy is as ancient as with the Roman populous who reveled and received sexual excitement by humans being torn by lions for believing not in state controlled thought programs. The addition to murder is like a drug, Iraqi war veteran’s claim, and this leads to psychological problems as they re enter civilian societies without the legal apparatus of killing humans.


This type of addiction is laid out in the Hebrew Bible, where the soldiers need to purify themselves away from the flock after sacking Jericho. This meant they needed to stay away from the flock and suppress their killing cravings. It appears then that joy can or often comes from realizing one has a better life than another. This is apparent to why rich people live in castles, much more room than one needs for comfort. Siddĥārtha’s joy came from a remembrance of a privileged life, more privilege than most humans in history. In fact, like Genisis, God warns of eating a tree’s fruit that will give one ‘knowledge.’


The Tree of Knowledge & Siddĥārtha Buddha


So, after Adam and Eve partake of the forbidden fruit and they know everything God knows, they are cursed into a life of endless suffering and pain, and eventual death – with no salvation possible ( old testament). Siddĥārtha’s joy came from realizing at a young age he was ignorant, and this ignorance brought joy because the axiom: ‘ignorance is bliss,’ remains a endless universal truth. So one of Siddĥārtha main questions he had pondered was how to be happy. Since his youthful bliss came from ignorance, that was the path – not education.


The story of Genisis reflects this tenant exactly. Adam and Eve are happy living in the Garden of Eden. They get curious, and fall from grace and lose ignorance and gain knowledge. In order to attain technology to create spaceships and realize worm holes one needs knowledge. Lemesurier does pragmatically point this out, but not the ignorance concept. Ignorant persons are not technological innovators. In order for Adam and Eve to progress the world, they had to become smart and reincarnate over and over again, passing on knowlege that leads to technological discoveries that eventually led to flying spaceships around the universe. Still, yet, and making a point, this job does not provide happiness. If you are ignorant you do not know what is wrong and what is right. This is the atheist creed, those morals and those ethics are conditioned by religious, and some faith initiative movements. Rather civilization is based upon punishment and rewarding according to family, then clan, then state with no reason to do well but not get caught. The judicial systems keep the animal-humans in line. Atheists do not believe in any type of God because recent in historical circumstances avatars per say like Buddha, Jesus and others promoted an ethical and moral life program which cannot be performed without a creator who deals out reward or punishment. Every atheist I had encountered in my view remained very happy in their ignorance. Since remembering childhood ignorance brought Siddĥārtha to Nirvana the path of the enlightened means giving up all claims to knowledge and just doing things that feel good in a selfish manner of living.


How does this square or triangulate the concept of doing moral or ethical things to escape rebirth remains a puzzlement for interpreters.  Knowledge brings pain, Socrates life demonstrated this. Instead of searching for job to please his nagging wife ( over the lack of funds) he spent his days searching for people with knowledge and often was observed as not knowing where his next meal came from – implying he was extremely poor. So, in the end, God punishes those who become smart and rewards those who are violent, aggressive, and ignorant. This appears, not the king’s southern airshaft, as the real escape.


Plane of Life, Death, Hell and Escape


I’m not sure if it was Rutherford’s original idea or Lemesurier’s,[7] who certainly it seems expanded this idea of these gabled zone-circles that the subterranean passage has its roofline as the plane of death, the floor line as the plane of hell, the queens passage ( floor line) as the plane of life and the plane of escape (e.g. Lemeruier’s idea) as the equidistant relationship above the queen’s line as it relates to the subterranean line as the zone of escape from the physical world to the union with the divine, God. The pyramid may dispose a theme like this according to this mysterious gable, but there is no proof of souls escaping reincarnation but for wishful thinking. What are we supposed to do, but disband the Vedic traditions or acknowledged that this concept of escape is misinterpreted. It well could be a message of pysical escape from our planet that this airshaft represents outside the circles and above the 90th course.

Planet Jumping, been there done that


The Vedas, Nostradamus, and other mystical writings and ideas over the millennia seek to communicate humans jump planets after ecologically destroying them or destroying civilization out of constant conflict. Perhaps, and this is as a guess as with Rutherford or Lemesurier, the escape, if the pyramid symbolizes Earth, as most assume, means escaping Earth remains the only mission or ‘plan’ which does not have to be messianic at all because the world does not fit reality. Jesus came from a poor middle class family who struggled financially  his whole life, attacked the money changers (materialists) and was crucified for his efforts. He was a type of a radical ethicalist. He failed. The world is corrupt as it has ever been. So obviously the pyramid’s message is a failure.


Return of Jesus or some type of Messiah


Lemesurier and others push the datum complex to the 2001 1/4 figure an extra 33 years based upon their belief of the year of the crucifixion for the date ( April 33 A.D.) of the return of Jesus of Nazareth or some savior like figure. This intends that Jesus would return in 2033 (or 2034) A.C.E. This gives an equal 2,000 interval, something too simple to believe.


I think this brings them bliss because not much thought went into devising an equal integer that has little to base it self upon the pyramid’s key signatures. The signatures pointed to 2000 or 2001 as the return or 1998/9 as the return based upon the entrance to the antechamber, its triangle symbolism or its granite leaf and boss symbolism remain a different interger than 2033 A.C.E. The problem with logic was that this return of Jesus will occure the clouds, so-to-speak (like Microsoft new concept of cloud computing). This was not how Jesus came to be known in the first place. It took centuries before Europeans knew of him and even more centuries before the rest of the world. There are still persons who have never even heard of him; so his returning will be in the form of the ‘first coming,’ and not the ‘second coming.’


Internet a-buzz Jesus did not Return, Pyramid is False.


When 1998-2001 Jesus did not return in the clouds, as was prophesized by places of measurement in the pyramid, it was all too easy to claim the skeptics as correct, atheism wins. However, not many in the world liked Jesus outside of the Church and other small global denominations. So why would Jesus return, unless he had a military that could defeat all of the combined militaries of the world? It makes no sense. Jesus can only force ethics and morality onto people by brute force, threats, and suppression – as with any despot. It makes no sense that he even returns, he would be executed again, and nothing would change. We live in a time where the evil persons always need a scapegoat or they cannot survive continuing their evil ways.



[1] Do not confuse Śramana(s) with the term ‘shaman’. These shamans were first defined by Muscovites pushing eastward during the fourteenth century who encountered Siberian natives with incredible esoteric knowledge, remnants of the great teachers to whom the Mongols had agency before they adopted Islam in the thirteenth century. Their impact on the Muscovite minds influenced the cultures of the world to adopt the term to describe a wise elder or wise person of a typical group or culture. Certain schools of Sufism arose from adopting the path of the wise form the shamans, when Islam pushed eastward at the onset of Islamic proper.

[2] a stylized spelling.

[3] Lemesurier, Peter, The Great Pyramid Decoded, 2 nd. ed. (Longmead, Britain.: Element Classics Edition, 1993), first published by Hartnolls Limited in 1977. He uses the model and many of the illustrations from Adam Rutherford’s Pyramidology.

[4] Ibid., The Great Pyramid Decoded, p. 163.

[5] 1.00106 British Inches to a primitive inch. A discrepancy of 6.6 inches over an interval of 6,000 integers; when calculating the discrepancy, only calculate the discrepancy and leave out the 1. Otherwise one will think this is very close and will not matter over 6,000 or 7,000 or more integers. So, .000106∙ 6000 = 6.6 of a discrepancy. 

[6] Ibid., The Great Pyramid Decoded,  p. 160.

[7] Rutherford’s work is at the central Los Angeles library, only in ref. desk, and I have not looked at the illustrations of arguments. Lemesurier cites many of use of his illustrations and concepts in his ‘acknowledgement’ section at the beginning of the book.

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