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Apokálypsis; "Article V." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 4th  February. 2012, around   , Studio City, Los Angeles, United States of America. 

Topic: Stone : Who Did Not Build The Gizah Pyramids

Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone


  1. A Dynamite boy blows up Sphinx, and Gizāh pyramids in search for money and fame. PAGEREF _Toc316128123 \h 1

  2. British thugs Blowing up the Sphinx and pyramid for Joy of Profit. PAGEREF _Toc316128124 \h 2



Prepus: This is a fun page, and I careless of who gets credit for architectualating the large pyramid at Gizah.


Who built the large pyramid and the other pyramids at Gizāh. According to Herodotus (Histories 2.129-133) who was known at Tier One universities to have invented or misinterpreted much history. He[1] will intend a Khufu, a Khafre, and a Menkaure of all the IV Dynasty had achieved a world wonder of some everlasting funeral shrines for us to feel amazed over multi thousands of years. Then came reality.


Note : Herodotus was writing about the time of these fictitious King’s Lists were being created at Egypt.


A Dynamite boy blows up Sphinx, and Gizāh pyramids in search for money and for fame.


Nathaniel Davidson in 1765 first assaulted a chamber above the King’s chamber in the large pyramid. He found nothing but a chamber with no markings, whatsoever. Enter dynamite boy. Richard William Vyse, later Howard Vyse claimed to work for the British military for 25 years. When he was 51 years old, he took some of his share of his wealthy family and made an expedition to Egypt, citing his feelings of becoming an Egyptologist. He had claimed he was awarded a colonel position which came with a high salaried pension, but he was only paid a half-amount, so the mystery to why he was not privileged for a full dispensation adds weight to circumstantial evidence that he worked with the British government to provide names to the pyramids at Gizāh. 


Richard W. Howard Vyse was born at Sloke Poges, Buckinghamshire on 25 July 1784 (old style), d. 8 June 1853 (greg. cal.). Vyse was born with Foumalhaut as a cosmic and acronychal rising star, indicating he was destined for fame. The British government at that time was heavily influenced in Masonic and other esoteric histories and according to Joseph Farrell[2] in one opinion,  the British government wanted to link themselves to Egyptian history so they ordered a financially desperate military retiree to paint things in the new chambers he had blown up with explosives so they could hide the truth that the pyramid was some hidden message in a mathematical mystery to be hidden from the world. Some how so advanced this metrological discovery fashioned a British governing elite to futher grip the planet in English Tea (e.g. Indianic slave labor and Chinese opionatic slave labor)  that technology encoded into this pyramid’s geometrical outweighed all concerns to share it with the world. So concerned were these elites of the British Empirists, a global entity in both hemispheres, they ordered bomb boy to blow up these pyramids, sphinx, and other fun Egyptian artifacts and paint some amazing street graffiti.  Yet, cobblestone streets envelope a nostalgic brilliant country to which Welch is part of my pedigree; never the less it took pseudo scientists and crazies to get the truth back on track.  


Vyse destroyed his diaries but excerpts and opinions exist by those who knew him during these days at Egypt. He was running out of funds and he had not been honored with full pensions by the British military, implying he may not have been this great Colonel that he promoted or the government had limited funding and he wound up as a target, and immediately upon declaring he had found the most important discovery in Egypt in a 1,000 or more years, suspicion exploded from all corners of the globe and cultures.


British thugs Blowing up the Sphinx and pyramid for Joy of Profit.


Vyse on the 12 lfth of February 1836 pushed a reed through a crevice into a chamber that is above Davidson’s chamber and immediately fired all of his staff and set out with explosives to make a ‘quicker’ forced entry – when he could have used conventional means. This act came after blowing up the side of the Sphinx. Britain was so in control of Egyptian antiquities that it allowed this brigand to start to blow up monuments all around Egypt to see what he could destroy. He was never a scientist, never used the scientific methodology, never understood anything on archeology, and banned all from the Gizāh plateau at the consternation of the global community.


Vyse, a mainstream academic hero, brought one helper he writes a name as Mr. Hill with him to enter the 2nd chamber and according to his memories of persons who knew of his diary entries noted they found absolutely no marking whatsoever that night. He communicated to the British and Austrian authorities, and then shut down the Gizāh plateau so no other archeologists – who were also working at the sight had any access anymore. He wrote to the authorities, “ I am determined [...] to find a sepulchral [ e.g. markings of a King].” He took British insider John Shae Perring and began to explore with explosives the four remaining chambers. According to testimony, at the dead of night a group of ignorant were seen carrying buckets of red paint into the pyramid, and suddenly, chambers 2, 4 and 5 all had cartouches that he believed were Pharaoh Khufu.


All of these chambers had additional graffiti but only on three walls, all the eastern walls, the sides he blew up with explosives remained unmarked. People and archeologist wanted to see it for themselves but he denied them all.  Besides the wandering Herodotus, there remains absolutely no mention of Khufu or the others building the pyramids on the Gizāh plateau. Suddenly, he wrote in his only work ever, “Operations [explosions with fun and profit!] Carried on At the Pyramid of Gizāh,” 1837 (London: two vols., 1840) he had found a stone outside of the pyramid with Khufu’s cartouche. Apparently, the millions who passed or explored the large pyramid at Gizāh had some how missed the markings, and even for millennia too as the Egyptian Priest apparently were too stupid to have ever noticed a stone bearing the Pharaoh’s cartouche, either.


This and many more bizarre circumstances prompted Zachariah Sitchen to claim Vsye formulated an historical fraud.   Sitchen took his cues from American visionary Edgar Casey who proposed that the large pyramid at Gizāh was built thousands of years before the time of the Old Kingdom (or Egyptian civilization). Sitchen having many enemies because his career of reading into what he sees the Sumerians had stated about the origins of humans rally to support Vyse at Sitchen’s expense. This prompted Rainer Stadermann to call-out Sitchen as a career liar to support his agenda. Stadermann claims that one cartouche, Ra- ufu is in fact the symbol for Pharaoh Khufu.


However, the cult of ‘Ra’, sorry Stadermann, came centuries after the IV Dynasty and the fact that the radio carbon dating of the wooden lid with Menkaure’s cartouche was dated to 600 B.C.E. a mere 2,000 discrepancy. Stadermann probably intends that Menhaure lived over 2,000 years and we should study his D.N.A. for longevity enquiries. However, on the 13th of October 1838 as the Galactic Center hit the angle on the foundational scored line astronomical chart, Menkaure’s remains, found apparently by Vyse, mysteriously disappeared on a ship leaving Malta ( I actually was on the island as a very, very young child). The story gets better because the Egyptian authorities just like Stadermann hold strong to Vyse’s no scientific discoveries and pyrotechnics of greed and fun.


A different ship carried the coffin lid and fragments. Those fragments Vyse found dated to 1 B.C. The book, because Vyse was never a trained anything in academia carried a book on Egyptian histories. In that book has an incorrect illustration of Khufu’s name, and this somehow made it into the upper chambers of the large pyramid at Gizāh. To make matters worse, other cartouches of unknown pharaohs apparently dot the three sides of each upper chamber above Davidson’s that had absolutely no markings whatsoever. Sitchen had some solid ‘circumstantial’ evidence to support his claim that Vyse fraudulently had locals of ignorance along with him create these graffiti and cartouches. However incorrect, upside down, in corners and misspelled.  Egyptian authorities will not radio carbon the red ochre paint, perhaps fearing that the secret will get out that after Menkaure’s pyramid, all Egyptians afterwards forgot how to build them. It took Ethiopians, about 2,000 later to show Egyptians how to build pyramids. Ethiopia has more correctly constructed pyramids (but on smaller scales) than Egypt, ironically.


Why hide the evidence? Today the survey is complete basically. All the measurements, even Petrie’s has been improved upon, and what else is there to hide? The successor to Menkuare, Shepsekaf, apparently forgot how to build pyramids.


Sitchen found a niche cavity inside the Queen’s chamber ( it had been long known but was covered by a plastic barrier), according to him, and he claimed ‘interested’ parties tried to kill him on this visit to Gizāh in 1997 and earlier on a previous visit in the month of February of 1995 he removed the plastic barrier and was the first to photography this Queen chambers niche with modern photography. Egypt relies on financial support of tourists, as other countries who are struggling economically and motives to silence persons looking for answers of ‘murky’ histories – such as Menkuare lived for 2,000 because bomb boy discovered some discarded coffin lid with the Herodotean signature of one of the pharaohs for eh IV dynasty – and his fame is so overwhelming today that he banned German Egyptologist, Lepsius from entering the large pyramid at Gizāh to inspect his cartouche claims – at the beginning. It takes awhile for pigment to harden so as not to smear it upon a touch. 


Without the history of Vyse at Egypt playing elitist games and playing of inheritance money to fight off boredom, his life was dogged by accusations of falsifying histories for profit. However, does it really matter who built the pyramids?


So let us delve into a high school version of Nostradamus astreology. We take the natal chart of Vyse and place at Noon, because we are working by sidereal methodologies and angles are the signatures, so the Sun is close to the M.C. Then we precess the progression back to the scored lined foundation chart ( Progressions Biblical method 21 March -2144 jul, to 23 Oct. 1773 jul, from foundational time, noon chart. This places Sgr A* near the eastern horizon, and these gorgonians are all on the I.C. while al-Tarf (i.e. Spinx) is on the western horizon, and Libræ is centered at the M.C. with Zubenelge, alpha, midpointing Mercury to M.C., Mars is over Dschubba, Venus intersects theta ophiucii, Moon over Orion, Uranus over P.E.D. of al-Cyone, node over Zaniah, Saturn over Zavijava, and the Eastern Horizon is subjected to he Dark Rift. Beta persii, al-Gole is directly on the I.C., and this symbolism describes hell and decapitation of truth, as the ending argument. What else is there to demonstrate about this chart? When we use a standard progression of the of the foundation chart to 1838 the Galactic Center (Sgr A*) also intersects the angle to realize confirmation of this interdimensional astreological chart. However, at a college level interpretation this regards one of Nostradamus’ reincarnational birth years. But this is another subject, altogether. For those trying to understand these gorgonians on the I.C. (U.S.A. has them on the D.C.) Nero Cæsar[3] had them on the I.C. for his birth chart.


Legend has it the Queen’s niche was a fire place or cooking area of some kind, constructed decoratively,  by grave seekers and subsequently black soot rests upon the top areas indicating a chimney’s use and not for warmth; it is warm inside the pyramid, but light for visibility and/or cooking away from outside eyes remained needed. Stadermann is used to vilify Sitchen, but the former does not know history, so what is the point? How can anyone ignore Vyse finding the mummy of the famed IV Dynasty, somehow loosing it, but radio carbon dating on the coffin lid replete with Menkaure’s correct cartouche resolve to 660 B.C.E.? Vyse, Stadermann, is the claimant of the most historical artifact discovered prior to Howard Carter in Egyptian history and science 100% does not back up your claim that Vyse was strait with his honesty. Bomb boy had some fun at all of your expenses.




[1] he used their Greek names.

[2] Farrell, Joseph, “The Giza Death Star......,”, p.65.

[3] C. Nero, 7:39 a.m., U.T. 6:48:32, Sid. Time, 13:06:22, Anzio, Italy, Sun., 15 th Dec. 37 (Old Style cal.), Swiss Ephemeris, Fixt, Placidus. He had Mercury, PED to Sgr A* transit on 9 June 68 old style, UT 00:00:00.



Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Michael Johnathan McDonald