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Apokálypsis; "Article V." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 12lfth Jan. 2012, around  Sunset [set 5:03] , 5:08 p.m. , Studio City, Los Angeles, United States of America. 

Topic: Stone : Raw Data  & Pyramid Chronology. Nostradamus' BirthDate at Central Axis of Pyramid

Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone

The Re Adjusted Measurements

  1. No scalar changes system. PAGEREF _Toc314655339 \h 1

  2. Horapollo on Cubits Derived from Astronomy. PAGEREF _Toc314655340 \h 4

  3. Pyramid Inches and Interior of Pyramid at Gizāh. PAGEREF _Toc314655341 \h 7

  4. When is this supercharging period? Does the pyramid indicate this period?. PAGEREF _Toc314655342 \h 9

  5. The King’s Floor Subdivisions of the special Datum Discourse spoken on this page. PAGEREF _Toc314655343 \h 9

  6. Antechamber Raw Distance in pyramid inches 96.967003. PAGEREF _Toc314655344 \h 10

  7. King’s Floor Second Low Passage, separating the antechamber and the King’s chamber PAGEREF _Toc314655345 \h 10

  8. King’s Chamber Floor and Special Datum. PAGEREF _Toc314655346 \h 11


No scalar changes system.



Most pyramidologists of the school of the stone prophecy of the twentieth century change the standard one-inch-per-year method to various and complex forms of scalar divisions to fit their whimsical modernity. Flinders Petrie noticed a decrease in latitude of the Sun ever year of approximately one arc second, which by itself represents a scalar model of time.  


However, how about a discourse on not changing the system and following its natural course, at the top of the Gallery to follow up the riser and then turn horizontal, down the king’s passage to the antechamber the period we are just commencing. Finally we will survey the raw pyramid and British Inches to focus upon the period from the south wall of the Gallery and onward to the south wall of the King’s chamber.  


We have the Egyptian measurement equivalents: One Egyptian Cubit multiplied by pi (π) = ~8² [plus a small fraction .79534848...]. We have converted Cubits to a pyramid inch and converted it over to British Inches which are not much different than American inches. Measurements here are from D.D. & H.A., who use Flinders Petrie, and Piazzi Smyth, and definitions between actual and intentional (where interiorization or natural causes shifted the original building material).


Petrie however never believed in any such thing as a pyramid inch. After he published “The Pyramid and Temples of Gizāh (c. 1880s),” he failed to respond to his detractors. His measurements taken by the rod which made the pyramid much higher than Smyth’s were found to be incorrect against the equivalent British Inch.  Petrie’s measurements are in British inches’ when not employing the rod.


Davidson, D., & H. Aldersmith have different measurements than Petrie, but are so close that over 4009 inches of a discrepancy is 1.07 inches results, where as Petrie offers a ± 0.6 for his equivalent measurement for 4010 inches the plus would be 1.67 and the minus would be .47th of an inch of a discrepancy.[1] Another example entails a standard Units of Diameter, the standard being 1162.6 pyramid inches which are 1163.88 British Inches. This comes to some 1.28 of discrepancy. The Units of Circumference of 3652.425 Pyramid Inches are 3656.44 British Inches. This shows a difference of 4.015”.[2] This then would convert to four years and a few days of uncertainty. However we are most likely looking at 8,000 years in chronological time-frame.  While it may be too difficult to pin-point accuracy, a general consensus of where the pyramid inch applies to any modernity remains relevant. To make matters worse the off-set measurements of the zenith and passage or chamber are also in the ± conversion discrepancy range.


Most of the pyramid conversions and raw distances are all under 6,000 integers, thus most measurements are fairly accountable to modern British and American equivalents. Petrie’s own measurements were derived by some means of usually six independent measurements using steel tape or rods, both having different values. When Petrie was too tired, ironically, he agreed with Piazzi Smyth’s measurements.


Petrie’s “[...] vertical distance between the foot of the Great Step at the South end of the Grand Gallery and the floor level at the North end of the Grand Gallery is 0.54 B” [British inches] less than for the original angle of 26° 18’ 9.63”.”[3] Petrie states that his survey data, Passage measurements and angled define- (1) Existing face of Great Step as 0.4 B” South of existing center of Pyramid, with probability error of  ± 0.9 B”.[4] Also, (2) Existing center of Queen’s Chamber as 0.3 B” North of existing center of Pyramid, with probable error of ± 0.8 B”. Petrie accepts from these that the central location was intentional.”[5]


The Egyptian Rod is a circumference divided by the diameter = 36.525/11.626 = 3.14159 = π which will equal Pi. So, ½ Circumference divided by a radius = Pi. 18.2625 [ commencement of Descending passage raw ordinal year-date 2625 B.C.E. found in this equation] /5.813 = 3.14159 = π .[6]


Petrie’s main agenda for claiming the pyramid’s height is much larger than previous pyramidologist estimates, thus there is no such thing as a pyramid inch, appear to be a reaction toward his pyramidologist father – so Petrie had some father issues to deal with. This probably explains why he refused to answer difficult questions by some detractors – however this erudite misnomer gives fodder to the doubters and skeptical community. However a Sacred Scale compounds 25 pyramid inches, while it equivalent measured relies on 24” British inches. Davidson, D., & H. Aldersmith also believe the Sacred Cubit(s) e.g. 25 P”) are not from Caucasians but from Semitic Persons.[7]


Petrie believed that Caucasians had built the pyramid and not Semitic people, and therefore they ruled during the Pharaonic ages. Petrie came from a rational science background. He saw brown colored and black colored people living primitively in North Africa and therefore using his superior intellect had assumed they must have been this primitive since the Pharaonic age(s). It is this type of scientific reasoning to which a standard academia claimed the Earth was flat, and it is when anyone peers outward from a beach-point on a cliff – one can see approximately 40 miles and the Earth/Ocean does appear to be flat. Therefore, standard academia ruined many open minded persons’ careers for thousands of years intending that Earth’s curvature on the Moon during an eclipse was nothing more than a pseudo-visionary experience. Petrie’s belief that white people created the pyramids and temples at Egypt’s renowned cities remains a part of erudite triviality. There remains absolutely no basis for his presumptuous and academic claim.


This remains the reason why these ancient Egyptian measurements’ were not true because they were inscribed and deduced long after the Caucasians had vacated Egypt taking with them British inch equivalents when Britain was not even a thought in anyone’s mind.


“The division of the aroura square side into 100 parts—as observed by Herodotus and Horapollo – supplied the common Egyptian cubit of 20.6066 units = 20.63 [or 20.625] British Inches. The most general value of the common Egyptian cubit observed by Petrie in the best work of the Pyramid builders is 20.629 British Inches, from which the original selected unit = 1.0011 British inches, as stated the fourth decimal place, or ten thousandths [10,000] of an inch longer than the British Inch.”[8]


These pyramid inches were also called ‘primitive inches’ in the fashion that academia believes they are better than themselves in past ages and reincarnation – but they do not even know they had existed prior to their boasting ways in this life. So a P” can look like a notation for a pyramid inch whereas one could also call it a primitive inch, and the sophisticated inch would be our modern measurements – which have little bearing on reality. Petrie fashioned a mean by multiplying 1.0011∙ 20.6066 = 20.629. Herodotus claimed that the “’Egyptian aroura is a square of one-hundred cubits, the Egyptian cubit being the same as the Samian.’ The cubit of Samos, as determined by Petrie, is 20.62 British Inches.”[9] Most use 20.625 for measurements.


Horapollo on Cubits Derived from Astronomy


D.D. & H.A go on to explain that at Stonehenge “the Egyptian quarter aroura was used, and that Horapollo indicates that the aroura was derived from a representation of the year in measures. The original representation was in the form of a circle.” [10] D.D. & H.A claim that a square or a circle depicted in hieroglyphs were representation s of the written year. So taking a circumference of the tropical solar-mean value and placing a scalar system with right angles, such as a rectangle’s area – (circumference times diameter) to this we have a circle measured at 3652.42 will have a diameter of 1162.6 integers. D.D. & H.A  further state, this area was “therefore equal to four times the area of the circle.”[11] This derived the measurements where “The aroura became a square of length of side 2060.66” [12] integers. Or 2020.7 ∙ 2020.7 = 4246484.49/ 3652.42= 1162.649556. This diameter here then makes four circles with a total value of circumference of 3652.42 inches. So, here the cubit was not mentioned as being physiological, such as a digit, a finger; a palm, the inner part of the hand, or a cubit the length of a human forearm. It appears to be a derivative to an astronomical measurement of the mean-tropical solar year. According to the Egyptologists and by consensus the Egyptians lived primitively and had no idea of the mean-tropical solar year. However, even in Petrie’s abridged book[13] concerning chapter seven, 365242 repeatedly comes into geometrical display rather involving scalar types.


However ponder this! One’s finger is approximately one degree of astronomical arc when one’s arm is stretched out in front of their field of view. So in the end both the body and the heavens relate to intimate fashions of our own universal experience. Likewise, a closed fist is approximately five degrees, and one Egyptian palm is equal to four Egyptian digits or four degrees. The cubit, extending the Egyptian main integers formulated an arm’s length.


In order for Petrie to convince the academics he had to claim he had no idea why these astronomical measurements were so precise in the architecture of the large pyramid at Gizāh. In this case we may rely on Horapollo’s claim rather than Petries’. Turning equal area laws into equal time or astronomical time was finally proposed and correctly by pseudo-scientist J. Kepler: equal time sweeps out with equal areas and the pseudo-scientist Sir. Isaac Newton converted the measurements for whole numbers so they were easy to work with inside the Gizāh pyramid. In this manner we have 1162.6 standard diametric units as these pyramid inches and this related also to 1163.88 British Inches. The discrepancy is 1.28.  At 5,819.4 (5 ∙ 1163.88) and 5,813 (5 ∙ 1162.6) we arrive at 6.4 inches of discrepancy. These empirical studies illustrated on the Vernal Equinox that the Sun cast no shadow of the large pyramid at Gizāh. This numerical value is close to an off-set of the pyramid by minuets (i.e. time).  Thereby a multitasking pyramid also worked as an astronomical or calendar clock.


However, if it worked this well why did the Egyptians claim ignorance of a mean-tropical-solar-year? During the 12 fth through twentieth dynasty an erroneous Sothis Cycle.(i.e. Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius) was positioned against a wandering year or a vague year – which was more true of a true mean solar year and thus intercalary days were created to keep in the precessional loss of calendar days of a sidereal perspective. Even at the  twelfth dynasty period Sirius rose our of sync with the calendar day about 16 or 17 days[14], but the New Years was shifted to 1 November (Gregorian)  to make up for a tradition that was once a heliacal rising in the month of July (Julian cal.). At this time, the cult of Sokar (Osiris) was celebrated as The Festival of the Dead (a tradition that continues in America as Halloween or correctly in spiritual language, All Hollows’ Eve.  However, this makes no sense because precession moves stars very slow and we are speaking about a mere 90° degree shift.[15]


The retooled Egyptian King’s list ties astronomical cycles to the reign of rulers.  For example, an uncited and mentioned book of Enoch gave Davidson, D., & H. Aldersmith a quote of “one year for a month.”[16] This would be the measurement they used on the King’s floor – and was their choice and not according to a code. However, this could also be an incorrect passage in the text, due to scribal or printer’s errors. Petrie found by means of periods of time that the slippage of the precession is approximately at a mean of one arc second per century. It our modern times, this is just a little less than one arc second. If using a scalar system, then this applies to a next level as Kepler would agree, an octave: one arc second equals one day as the day for a year method. The Egyptian King’s list adherence to astronomy/astrology is correct, but some methods were complexly laid and too burdensome to work.


The Roof of Gallery horizontally contains 1648.4 British inches, according to Petrie. The same, Petrie gives the slope at 1838.6 British inches.[17] Using the foundational astreology chart we have the Ascendant tropically at 10 GEM 23’52” and this is close to the Praesepe, Asellus A[18] point for 1838.6 Pyramid inches of the sloping Gallery. Saturn is close to the Descendant and on the Descendant is Bos, Capricornis. The mean lunar node is at a tropical signature of 22 LEO 13’48” and the I.C. is at 22 LEO 25’42”.


Pyramid Inches and Interior of Pyramid at Gizāh.


So the riser step (I do not call it the Great Step), just Riser or The Step (in capitals most of the time) indicates a prime placement for the mystery of the pyramid.


So let’s map-out with pyramid inches which are very close to British and American inches and see chronologically where we all our on the Earth simultaneously associated to the mysteries of life in our Universe.


British Inches:


(1)     Descending Passage 1110.64 [19]

(2)     Ascending Passage (before Gallery 1546.8 B”) (Gallery to Riser of Gallery 1815.5 B”).

(3)     (1) and (2) = 4,472.94, B”.


Argument as raw datum “0” at Entrance of Pyramid to South Wall Riser of Gallery indicates 1472 or 20 years different from the watershed year of 1492, called in Spanish historiography as the Miraculous Year. This was the year that the Spanish took total control of Spain, throwing out the radical factions of the left-over Muslim imperialism remnants of 800 years. It witnesses also the year Christopher Columbus discovers America for the Spanish Crown, and the year that all Jews in Spain realms must convert to Christianity or leave these realms (± 1 year and 1 day for the astronomical community making up years and days that never existed.).


In a mundane astrological reading, the riser step datum enquires that of a massive change in a global realization. The technologically advanced states at this time began to think and practice a colonization of the entire globe of planet Earth. If following the floor – level from the Descending Passage Entrance from the outside world, and then arriving at the Step, the step represents the first vertical obstacle to encounter and unfortunately the massive inverse triangle – what will occur? After ascending the vertices of the riser step we arrive on the face of the riser which precedes the King’s passage but is on the floor of the king’s passage.


King’s floor raw distances from face of rise step:

(1)     Pyramid Inches = 536.289122

(2)     British Inches = 536.879 (addendum to plate XXXV. D.D. &A.H).[20]



The Riser Step


(1)     Vertical 35.76277

(2)     Surface, Horizontal = 61.6266

(3)     Before Vertical in Chronology special datum case = 4,472.94, B”. (1472.94 (12 months and some days)).



Continuing the Chronology in this special datum chronology at the top of riser step (i.e. the corner) and at the center of the pyramid we have the 1508.70277 integer by years, mixed pyramid inches and British Inches, but a small fraction resulted 4,508.70277 (i.e. 4,472.94, B” + 35.76277 P”) .  The mundane date of 1508 happens between a rare triple-triple trigon stellium,[21] two happening before this date, the middle in 1503 to which Nostradamus was born under; and one coming up in 1524 when two Italian brothers sailing for Roy François I,  King of France, financed by Lionese bankers had discovered New York, calling it the New City to which Nostradamus was fully aware about as the new city and a part of France’s new world as these missions were as famous as the Moon missions of the twentieth century.


In addition, this period, hence, 1500s onward, has been type-casted by standard academia as the Northern Renaissance proper, where the common utterances announced a golden age, where so many great historical figures both east and west had completed some lasting and worldly significant work, filling up professorships and filling up text books with insurmountable Early Modern Age ideas.


When is this supercharging period? Does the pyramid indicate this period?


So our entrance to the floor line where the King’s passage results in the large pyramid at Gizāh provides a date in chronological terms of 1508 (1508.70277). This is the central axis of the pyramid; Petrie confirmed it was the builder’s intentions.



(1)     Continue “0” Entrance Datum to End of South Wall of King’s Chamber. 4,508.70277 + 536.289122 (P”).

(2)     Total Distance: 5044.991822

(3)     Modern Calendar Conversion raw = 2,044. 991892 A.C.E. (~ 2045 A.D).


The King’s Floor Subdivisions of the special Datum Discourse spoken on this page.


So, first, we have 4,508.70277 (i.e. 4,472.94, B” + 35.76277 P”) in raw distances. Then, second, we have the conversion to a calendar date of 1508.70277 A.C.E.


(1)     Distance of the surface of the Riser to the First low section of the King’s floor: 61.6266 + 4,508.70277 = 4,570.32937.

(2)     Calendar – Distance of the surface of the Riser to the First low section of the King’s floor: 1570.32937. A.C.E.

(3)     The first low section is 52.02874. In pyramid inches it is 112.91654 and in British Inches it is 113.041 ( a discrepancy of 0.875). If using 1508.70277 + 112.91654 we have the calendar date of 1621.61931 A.C.E. Using the British inches we have 1621.74377 A.C.E.

(4)     Granite section begins on King’s floor measured from the corner of the surface and vertical of the Riser to be in pyramid inches  126.140834, and in British Inches 126.283. Converting to a calendar using the pyramid inches on the King’s floor and the vertical for the riser we have 1,634.843604 A.C.E. when the datum begins a pathway on the Granite building material.

(5)     1508.70277 minus the secret step which has a raw distance in vertical space as 5(.302 or 1503.40077) becomes 1503 A.C.E., the year of the second of the triple-triple trigonic stellium and Nostradamus’ birth year ( Nostradamus’ signet ring had the Sol plus this rare triple-triple trigonic stellium engraved upon the ring in a geometric formation.  


Antechamber Raw Distance in pyramid inches 96.967003


(1)     Pyramid inches to the end of the antechamber issues a calendar date of 1,731.810607 A.C.E. (raw pyramid inch distance of 103.032997, e.g. usually claimed as 103.033, where as the King’s chamber floor is 206.066, a mere doubling.

(2)     (2) British inches of the raw distance of the antechamber’s floor issues 229.429-126.283 = 103.146.



King’s Floor Second Low Passage, separating the antechamber and the King’s chamber


(1)     The second low section in raw pyramid inches issues a numerical value of 101.046327

(2)     The second low section in raw British inches issues a numerical value of 101.158 (discrepancy of 0.112).

(3)     Chronological date in pyramid inches: 1,731.810607 + 101.046327 = 1,832.856934 A.C.E. (i.e. British inches 1, 832.968 A.C.E.).

(4)     Date of Entrance to King’s Chamber on the floor: 1508.70277(y) + 330.223128 P” = 1,838.925


King’s Chamber Floor and Special Datum


(1)     Raw Pyramid inches for the floor of the King’s chamber issues a numerical value of 206.065994.

(2)     Chronological date in pyramid inches = 2,038.922928.

(3)     Entrance to Chamber of King’s floor Chronological date of 1,838.925 to South Wall of King’s Chamber = 2,044.990994 (~ 2045 A.C.E.)

(4)     1838y-2045y = 207y my suggestion to the original height of the courses of the pyramid with the never-seen in modern times, Cap Stone. 203 without cap-stone has been calculated to a different course finalization then mine.

(5)     1838y + ½ King’s chamber floor = 1941(2).

(6)     Trisecting the King’s Chamber Floor: 206.065994 / 3 = 68.68866467. So, 1838 + 68.688 = 1906.688 A.C.E. ( 1 of 3); 1,975. 37666. A.C.E. (2 of 3); and 2,044.064 A.C.E.  (3 of 3). Implementing fractions progress these numbers to about one year, no more or less.

(7)     Quadrasecting the King’s Chamber Floor: 206.065994 / 4 = 51.51164985.

(8)     1,838.925 + 51.51164985 = 1,890.43665 A.C.E.  (1 of 4); 1,941.9483 A.C.E. (2 of 4); 1,993.45995 (3 of 4); 2,044.971599 (4 of 4).



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Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Michael Johnathan McDonald