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Released: th September 2013   ( Studio City, CA., U.S.A.)



Archangel Michael


Air, Fire, higher-mind elements, Aristotle.
Water, earth, lower mind elements, Aristotle.  


The gov = Cap = Earth. the earth fights over everyone’s homelands ( ) which is water.  


Money, war, greed are = earth again. This trines Cap =Gov=Earth, and servitude, or the slave= 6 th house, another earth sign. These are usually impacted tenured places. The academics I know always lack fire and air, at some unbalanced. You can find exceptions always, but the norm is power wins and mind loses. Everyone knows that stupidity and power win always or most of the time. The higher ideals, air and fire, are always missing.  


yehoshua Bible: In Revelation chapters 12, 13, and 14 the main figures of the Great Tribulation are described, and of two of them as follows:  

The beast coming out of the sea represents bad things, thus a water element.  

G.W. Bush, Jr. comes from the Water Element, the ascendant is where one comes out, and the modern Constellatin of Cancer is on his ascendant.

Pardoned Clinton, proceeded to create the longest lasting U.S.A. war to date. Still ongoing as I write this, and it is against farmers and the top military brass has made sure the U.S.A. loses and innocent soldires are killed.

The beast coming out of the earth represents bad things, thus an earth element.  

Bill Clinton comes from the Earth Element, the ascendant is where one comes out, and the modern Constellation of Virgo is on his ascendant.

Sold WMD to combatant states for money, created Project Megiddo to morph into identifying Christians as the world's greatest threat. He was the first U.S. head of state to be 'wounded,' first impeached U.S. President in history, but his world popularity excused him, thus his continual success. 2013 Estimation of money scammed from the world’s people, $150,000,000. He was the first U.S. President to make war on a Christian people, the Kosovo War , 23 March 1999 A.D., Clinton forced the U.S. military to bomb and kill Christians, U.N. tally at end of November 1999, at 11,994 innocent Christians killed by Clinton’s war, called popularly, Monica’s war. This was the young lady who he had giving sexual favors to him under his desk as world leaders sat awaiting a meeting with the U.S. President in the White House gardens. This showed he did not care about anyone but himself. His greatest achievement, trashing the White House when he left, and destroying much of its property and then dancing naked with his estranged wife, Hillary Rodham on the porch –deck to symbolize, I care less about anyone, just my self-fun.


6 major solar system bodies  at 60° (degrees) and connected to the ascendant.


Key players: alpha scorpius ( water) the bully star. A very succesful star but usually or mostly at the expense of others, thus the pain factor.  
Hyades ( Hell in Greek, or the world of the underworld, thus hidden things) is 1/2 in the center of  an Earth element.
the axis is the 2/8 th and in judicial astrology when the big planets, i.e. the traditional planets, are visually in these signs, we have wars or large massive social disturbances.  
When ( the planet in Air) is 1/2 of the constellation, such as a conjunction to linteum piscupus, we have global economic crises. This is because Air and Water do not mix well. It just when heated, creates steam or cooled it creates cracked ICE.  
At this moment,   ( a water sign mini-planet) is in , visual, and this is a Fire sign. Today, ( Fire sign) is in a water sign, conjunct to alpha cancri and water and fire do not mix well, thus we have these emotive events, as was this morning shootings.  



His tail [ Dragon ]  drew a third of the stars of heaven [ air and fire elements]  and threw them to the earth [ the earth element].


Hebrew Bible: Daniel Prophet: Signs of Apocalypses = knowledge Will Increase !

Well that has been evident for some time.




According to NASA, the Blood Moon Tetrads will take place in 2032-2033, 2043-2044 and several further times this century. However, this will be the only 4 set of blood moons to occur on God's Holy Days and there will not be any others this century, so do not miss out.

In addition, two solar eclipses:  adar 29/ 1 Nissan ( usually in March)



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