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Apokálypsis; "Article V."

a © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 15th December 2011:  (Winter Sol.  alignment, at western horizon. Studio City, CA., U.S.A.)


Topic: Stone : Scalar System(s)


 Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone

The Re Adjusted Measurements



OI Article V, sec ii, i. Summer Sol 2011 Sundown


Scalar Systems

Subterranean Pit in pyramid inches comes to Rutherford’s estimate about 2,004 A.C.E. Others seem to see 2003 A.C.E. However, by adjustment for article V, sec. ii, this would be 2,000 A.C.E. This then aligns to the Hendaye and Pyramidic Scored Stars, as wells as it lines up too the terminus of this Earthly Chronocrator Series by a tropical methodology.


Time changes and multiple chronologies are exhibited by exchanging time sequences, one such demonstration by D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith,, initial first edition of 1924 in their book, The Great Pyramid, Its Devine Message: An Original Co-Ordination of Historical Documents and Archæological Evidences. Basically scalar systems where one larger value will correlate to a lesser value have been a process of spherical geometry since time began. One such Hindi tradition, there are many, have 8.4 -5 billion year fardāyrīya, a number which mirror closely to our age of our Earth but are found already suggested as Creation dates of the ancient South Asian past in various texts.


I have suggested that 4.5 ∙10 (45fth power)  tropical-solar –years one such repeat of all the ten solar system bodies will re align indicating 450 creation days and 450 destruction days – if the solar system would out last our Sun by 40 billion years. However to have a true cycle, only one time out of theses 450 creation days and 450 destruction days can one similar cycles exist. This was why Nostradamus never mentions a cycle, they do not exist, and they are apparently a relative subjective experience. The end cycle of each of these 4.5 billion year cycles, so to speak, and their scaled down versions of sub-ages has a terminus called the Kali Yuga which is analogous to the Dark Rift terminology found in Mayan literature. The kali Yuga, defined as a break down of ethics, morality, where rich becomes so greedy and selfish they inadvertently destroy the human race out of megalomanism, the ancient Hindi texts speak of this Age as “The Black Way.” It describes the Earth’s tropical intersections relating to the interceptor incline to the Milky Way where the dark regions of nebula or other star forming clusters symbolize a mirror of darkness over the human affairs which creates the changes empirically to end civilizations as we know it and begin anew – all which remain a mystery. But often New Age literature speaks about cycles, but these are lower understandings of time and space.


For example, the Hebrew Bible has Daniel issuing 2060 numerical value which is similar to the period of Herodotus who claimed an Egyptian Aroura’s length of a square-side contained a value of 2060 and some fraction of some type of inch which was legal edict for measurement. These large numerical values allowed scalar calculations to take place, where 11 time 12 or something might be numerated by squares of Arouras.


However, to my knowledge no-one has yet set the markings of the large pyramid at Gizāh to the astrological critical method of the Biblical Astronomical method, largely because it was never understood. The markers have been suggested culturally biased upon the life of Jesus of Nazareth, who was born at Bethlehem and influenced the near east and Eastern Europe in the Classical Roman times. Jesus was quite different from the normative Messiah that had been hope for by the Jewish community that awaited a warrior king such as the fabled King David. The biasness to the mysteries of the pyramid date back to the issue of the uniqueness of Jesus promoted mainly by white British Imperialists; Messiahs, however,   arrive on the world scene by the boatloads, to use a cliché. Therefore, awaiting Jesus return means nothing for the human experiment.


“[The] Hebrew prophecy. however, in the Old and New Testament, defines that the “consummation” is to be effected prior to 6000 AK. = 2001 A.D. The Pyramid chronology gives the latter dating at the center of the Granit Leaf in the Anti-Chamber (Plates XXXVI, XLb, XLIIa, and LXVa). The symbolism, however, extends beyond this, thought the Antechamber and the 2nd Low Passage, into the King’s chamber. This continuation of the symbolism, we have seen, is particularly indicated as relating to the “consummation”. It seems certain, then, that the scale of the chronological representation relating to the Antechamber and the King’s Chamber, and their connected passages, is not the same as that of the general scalar chronology system ending at the center of the Granit Leaf [ e.g. that is to say 2001 in the month of September].[1] This is based upon 30 A.D., April Julian Cal., the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus. Rutherford in the 1970s moved this to 33 A.D. shifting the entire sequence of chronology, and others followed, which was necessary to place the scored line on 21 March 2141 B.C., which was not even the day of the actual Vernal Equinox (22 March).


Then there were books that became best sellers which took all the measurements of various persons and combined them to fit their agendas. The book which came out after Rutherford’s in later part of the 1970s was Peter Lemesurier (connotative for Gentlemen Messiah), born as Peter Ewart Britton (8 Dec. 1936, at Great Britain). In his best seller, The Great Pyramid Decoded (1977, Element) he uses different measurements of different pyramid surveys and combines them, muddling the scientific methodology. He promotes a time change at the granite level of the King Chamber passage to an extension of times 10 for each inch. According to this book, Rutherford’s measurement terminates at 2015 which intends a better estimate of some knowledge entering to the physical during this period. This date a little need of adjusting then does actually align to a secret measurement based upon personal astronomy and the pyramid foundation scored stars. However, these are of sacred timing issues and not of your concern at this time.


Davidson & H. Aldersmith changes the entire King’s passage level to an Egyptian month of 30 days in exchange for a pyramid inch. There date terminates at a linear cord at the south wall of the King’s chamber in 1953, which is close to the sub-section two of the U.S.A. Martian fardāyrīya (The clime sub2, Martian fardāyrīya, provides a signature for the year of 1947 A.C.E.). However, it is much closer and rational to the Edgar Casey commencement of Earth Changes [ ] which then culminates at 1998, but in fact explicit words do not give the century and only ’98 symbol was uttered. Britton makes a point of embarrassment and an accusation toward Davidson & H. Aldersmith for using some “[...] various incorrect timescale assumptions”[2] Britton did not learn his lessons because his 2003, and 2010 biographies on Nostradamus are full of assumptions (no textual source used, just opinions). Britton’s change of timeline and over the granite thus the time change has the Messiah returning in years of 2012, of 2030, of 2057, and of 2084.[3] There are four slots and only one is full, a Granite Leaf, but Britton makes no connection to the symbolism. Britton does however link correctly that the Granite Leaf symbolizes a spiritual incursion to the physical place (i.e. our physical world).


The time changes that Britton implements for the Granite Floor of the King’s chamber expresses a 10 times per inch value for a year. This then, if he knew it or not, most likely he did not, relates to the sub-sections of the Chronocrator series which implements 20/60 relative cycles, as no real cycle in astronomy takes place ever when we speak in terms of the solar-mean- Creation (Big Bang) to our current Epoch, and then many more periods like this need to take place before one single cycle takes place. However, the entire inner passages and rooms of the large pyramid at Gizāh can be placed under a relative Chronocrator series, and not just the Granite building material. Again, Nostradamus which Britton apparently read prior to this composition pushed earthly time to 3797 A.C.E, so making up a scalar change to correlate to something close is not an impossible supposition. Britton ends at the south wall of the King’s Chamber at 3989 A.C.E. In cosmic terms this is not a far estimation than that of Nostradamus writing in the 16th century.


This probably came by the way of his incessant need to prove cycles.[4] In his later Nostradamus work, he intended Perpetual meant ‘cyclical,’ where from my research no scholar in the world of any culture and nor Nostradamus defines perpetual as nothing more than simply ‘on-going.’ Nostradamus claims he wrote on Perpetual Prophecies, meaning an ‘on going’ job of prophecy as he believed in reincarnation and during that life was just a job of completing a section of these prophecies (hints derive from his sec. X. poems) for that life he had lived. His incessant need to prove cyclical history provided the evidence why he claims Messiah after Messiah appear on earth every so often which remains puzzling. If cycles exist as he and certainly others in history have suggested than evil is a constant.


U.C. Berkeley (21 Dec. 2011), sociology department came out with another small study of affluent parents of U.C. Berkeley school kids and the study again shows that the more rich one becomes the more selfish and uncaring to others these affluent families interact with the larger human community. This affluence is rather downgraded to families that make $60-$80,000 per year which makes most of the California Public Union teachers, all of the University teachers, nearly the entire silicon valley, all of Hollywood of the ones who get work, the police department, most of the utilities and government jobs subject of small hearts and not caring for the human community in general. What does this say about Washington D.C. incumbents who make millions on legal insider trading such as Nancy Pelosi, who recently denied allegations but make about $34,000,000 during the 2008-09 years on the stock –market? She owns motels, and part of a major sport team and was nearly broke when she joined the House of Representatives decades ago. Since public government and national central government are tied economically and legally to public education, the military complex tied to government funding of private education, such as the 1952 directive, which was first thought of by Franklin D. Roosevelt exhibits a non-solution to selfishness, greed, ongoing war and death for financial gain. How would the large pyramid at Gizāh describe these phenomena of the top-percent or lucky controlling the media and education by force of the arm of government which is military and then calling for a Messianic Plan? It does not exist.


No pacifist Messiah will change anything nor has Jesus changed anything in regards to the top-one percent of the world’s populations in the poor countries and the top 15% in the industrialized areas of the lands of Earth. How can some type of Messianic Plan be implemented when Jesus denied being any type of king in the first place? Secular and Religious persons of every culture in every time have always promoted ethics and morality and were executed or publically suppressed and the world does not seem to have any solution to how to change anything which then to me describes why the earth civilization periods are destroyed by the evil ones taking the mantel of many personal messiahs masking morality and ethics for greed, selfishness, and megalomanism. So the best thing is to figure out how to end all of the human peoples so that this pain and suffering cease to exist. If there ever was a logical plan that exists as the number one movement. The only contenders are the world’s controllers who receive elation at hurting others and will do anything for survival of their souls so they can be reborn and hurt some more for more elation. Peter Ewart Britton’s book speaks of these spiritual enlightenments happening constantly when there does not seem academically to be any evidence of this at all or anywhere from the twentieth century and onward. The world is devolving into selfishness, greed, hysteria, and many under the radar or non-institutionally employed scholastics and scientists are searching for extra – solar planets to relocate the human people in the future because of the persistence of this evil inherent in nature reflected in the human animal’s consistent behavior. These extra – solar planets discoveries were based and still are based upon non-government funded at the local or national level by what Academics call the individual as a pseudo-scientist, or the lunatic fringe. So the constant distain and hatred of the affluently aggressives against the non-establishment of the world institutions provide evidence that cycles do not exist and a constant downward spiral of civilization is always form a perspective of some mystical Golden Age.


The idea of Golden Ages are always retrospective of the future looking backwards to some time when imperialism happened and some new buildings progressed technological architecture and science when the funds for this came by wars, murders, suppression, greed, and immorality. When we view the Acropolis of Athens and wonder what it took to build such splendor, the Spartan of the time will say human exploitation (such as slave-minors on islands controlled by the Delian League) and Athenian imperialism. The Spartan’s eventually destroyed the walls of Athens, and took control of it over these reasons. Then Athens had their long time enemies the Persians join them to destroy the modern Spartan Navy and rebuild the protective walls of Athens. Socrates asked about the morality of all of this and was voted by the people for execution. Ethics and morality do not win and this hint will tell you why the Jewish people do not accept Jesus as the long awaited messiah. The messiah cannot be a pacifist but a warmongering killer who has no qualms about massive slaughter of human animals for political, social, and economic expediency. If the pyramid has a plan of enlightenment where morals and ethics trump the evil of the constant empirical evidence of the human existence, there does not seem to be any indication that such a thing exists.


The mystery is rather obvious by one of the last books adopted into the Catholic Cannon, apprehensively, not well liked in many Christian denominations, and subject of a great controversy.  In this last book, commonly known as the Book of Revelations, which correlate the post writings of the Egyptian book Coming out By Day, which is similar in the idea of lifting the veil of mysteries – the same idea in the book of revelations, points to the ante-chamber which is a scalar version of the King’s chamber and has a marking build into it, like the King’s chamber coffer and points to the time we live in using the Jesus markers of historical precedence. In this last book, in most western editions of the New Testament, a.k.a. The Christian Bible, Jesus returns clocked in blood – meaning he becomes a mass murderer. This implies Jesus changes as any form of energy in our universe can change forms and ideas and provide advancement into something else in the future.


The term anti-Christ only appears in the New Testament in two short letters attributed to John, the disciple turned apostle. Christ is a Greek term derived by the Hebrew term for Messiah which means anointed or the ritual for anointing Jewish Kings, found in the Books of Samuel. Jesus denied being such a king which makes him a candidate for the anti-Christ. But literally and by consensus from almost all theologians an anti-Christ is anyone who does not accept Jesus as the supreme lord of the entire Universe. In this literal defining of the idea, most everyone on earth are all anti-Christos – including Jesus. This explains why the Book of Revelations does not use the term anti-Christ at all.


Peter Ewart Britton’s book the Great Pyramid Decoded’s thesis is all about guessing to what is this messianic plan related to Jesus. His other work which he produced during this period called The Armageddon Script lifts passages randomly form the entire Bible to write like a Hollywood script how the Messiah should act and proceed with his plan. In this work, then, Peter Ewart Britton launches a usurpation idea that everyone must follow his ideas of Anti-Americanism and Hollywood being the Great Deceivers of the human community who create some type of Anti-Christ by technology to take control of the world, going into so much detail that ritual details such as what to wear, perfume to apply, and places to be at, all conform to a narrative that he knows all making him the Messiah. The French phrase he adopted, Le Messurier, is an idiomatic expression, such as the urban dictionary creates idiomatic expression, to mean the Gentlemen Messiah. This probably explains why later in personal blog posts he views all religious figures like Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, Krishna, and others as frauds and idiots who do not know of the future. This places him as the only one on earth who knows about the future. In his 2003 biography on Nostradamus, most of the research had been done by French speaking researches he assumes history portraying Nostradamus as some filthy – greedy Jew without textual support which remains non-academic. There are no records that exist that Nostradamus received any inheritance.


Peter Ewart Britton’s 2003 Nostradamus biography takes assumptions that a happy-go-lucky affluent boy took an inheritance and wandered until he ran out of money to which he then searched for a rich spouse, and then in his 2010 biography claiming new research on Nostradamus that he opened some book randomly and produced his works, which implies and confirms his 2003 biography that Nostradamus was a filthy Jew bent on deceiving the public for greed. Evidence, however, exist that Nostradamus was left out of his family’s inheritance, and this document was produced while Nostradamus was perhaps homeless and poor before he took the dangerous plague jobs that paid like similar wages to street labors or daily labors who are paid in cash. While this is circumstantial evidence it posits that Nostradamus did not have a cozy relationship with his family, and thus a remaining question of the rich boy who searched constantly to bilk the public by trickery remains unsubstantiated.


Nostradamus took a nine-month medico job helping plague victims, helped by a position of one of his brothers in the local government that paid to today’s U.S. dollar equivalent of $950 dollars per month, which is less than 99.99% of all U.S. local and federal salaries per month. Nostradamus contacted and for a brief time battled having he plague himself, he survived. However this tells of a vastly different narrative than that of Peter Ewart Britton’s biography that he was a privileged greedy Jew. Peter Ewart Britton has many followers around the world due to his bias views of white Europeans over Arabs and Hebrews, in my opinion. But this can be explained that a large population of Europeans, and reincarnating too in the same local, remain anti-Semitic as they were numerous reincarnations ago.


His followers will intend that Peter Ewart Britton is not anti-Semitic but then perhaps they are too because this narrative found in his biographies on Nostradamus remains transparent. If the source does not exist then you cannot know for sure and this is where biasness creeps into play in many literature writings. Peter Ewart Britton claim to personal relevance is that all English speaking peoples need to use his work to understand the real Nostradamus. However, I do not use anything from his work, thus not giving him any happiness. I do not support anti-Semites or anti Arabs and the extension of the pyramid schematic chorology which people view as unique was borrowed by the filthy Jew Nostradamus he despises so much without any accreditation.


Peter Ewart Britton pushes the time chronology beginning by a scalar change at the Granite building material to 3989 A.D  at the south wall of the King’s Chamber ( Nostradamus publically states his prophecies run to the year of 3797 A.C.E). These ideas has been discussed in Early Modern Era literature he had studied at Cambridge ( he hold a M.A. for Medieval languages)  to which R. Roussat and M. Nostradamus it seemed had pushed an Abraham Ibn  Ezra (a Jew) suggested period schematic out to the 39th Century A.C.E. Richard Roussat used the Enochian, Johannes Trithemvis, revision based upon recommendations by Ezra but Nostradamus used these elongations of the Chronocrator series. Nostradamus publically says so in Les Propheties. Peter Ewart Britton links one poem of Nostradamus to Roussat about this future periodic chronology but this remains qualified and there are absolutely no other poems or prose that links this Angel-Planet periodization to some type of historical future chronology.


The 2003 biography promoted as the most authoritative and definitive described Michel Nostradamus as a greedy filthy Jew who plagiarized all others’ work and laughed all the way to the bank, so-to-speak. Everyone around Nostradamus were idiots who constructed or in modern lingo  (via Randi’s post-modern language) manufactured the prophet persona when all Nostradamus did was take about a few nights and copy randomly out of books to bilk the public out of money based upon believing the public as susceptible to fantasies.


Since Nostradamus was a topic of interest after Peter Ewart Britton’s books telling humans how to conduct their lives according to his Armageddon book and the muddled Pyramid Decoded book, it remains rather safe not to use such recommendations form these works as authoritative. The date of 1558 marked in the large pyramid at Gizāh is linked muddily by Britton with the Great Step. He believes the European Renaissance, specifically the British Empire, and the 1850s markings of the commencement of the Great Step elucidate the technological advancement of Britain, and to a lesser extent Europeans.


However, in reality, even though northern Renaissance persons (post 1500 A.C.E.) spoke about Europe as a Golden Age it was in fact strewn with imperialism, wars, greed, and personal self-interest. In fact, the famous picture of a big fish eating small fish, so prevalent in modern media(s) today, such as the George Lucas’ installment of the first Star Wars film, The Phantom Menace, and its opening sequences illustrating this symbolism of the big fish eating the small fish was a trademark commentary upon the Renaissance period. Technological advancement has been ongoing for centuries, and this does not seem to imply anything to do with the Europeans.


What this date does allude too was again that expression Nostradamus had used for human management purposes: ‘Perpetual Prophecies.’ The pyramid’s date of 1558 corresponds to the last installment of Nostradamus Les Propheties, which pushed, added, intensified and detailed the ongoing human process of existence. Perpetual Prophecies only means an ongoing process of prophecies into the future. Nostradamus did not have access to the pyramid inch nor the design of the pyramid but he proposes that humans will exist on planet Erath, so far as his Perpetual Prophecies intend to the year of 3979 A.C.E. However, the pyramid points to 1558 a key date of this publishing of this period, which is rather similarly found in the extension of the Granite Scalar system employed by the Messiah, Peter Ewart Britton. Since Nostradamus was mentioned in many sections in Britton’s Great Pyramid Decoded (1977) perhaps he had passed the commentaries of others about this Nostradamus elongated Earthly Chronology date without mentioning that the source was conceptualized by Nostradamus by his published book, Les Propheties, in 1558. Since Peter Ewart Britton in his biographies on Nostradamus intend Nostradamus was just some greedy Jewish idiot, not of a prophetic stature at all, and Britton renamed himself to a connotative term implying he is the Messiah, and of course the main followers of him are atheist, modern materialists, and local specific – culturalphiles, it comes clear that this is the Messiah you have been looking forward to getting all your questions answered about the mysteries of life. 



[1] D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith, The Great Pyramid, Its Devine Message: An Original Co-Ordination of Historical Documents and Archæological Evidences , 9th ed. (London: William Rider & Son L.t.d., 1961), p. 384.

[2] Lemesurier, Peter, The Great Pyramid Decoded (Rockport, MA: Element Inc., 1977), p.109.

[3] Ibid., p. 109.

[4] Lemesurier, Peter, The Great Pyramid Decoded (Rockport, MA: Element Inc., 1977), pp. 284-5, etc.. cyclic promotion remains all over the book.






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