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Michael Report

Apokálypsis; "Article V." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 15th December 2011:  (SgrA* + Sun = +1 ° alignment, at western horizon. Studio City, CA., U.S.A.)


Topic: Stone : Crucifixion Eclipse, Pyramid Scored Stars, 1,999 Eclipse & Subterranean Pit . September 2001.



Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone

The Re Adjusted Measurements




  1. Crucifixion Eclipse PAGEREF _Toc312337090 \h 1

  2. Pyramid Scored Stars PAGEREF _Toc312337091 \h 1

  3. 1,999 Eclipse PAGEREF _Toc312337092 \h 1

  4. Antechamber and Leaf sections added on 20 th of Dec. 2011. PAGEREF _Toc312337093 \h 1

  5. D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith book was much more academic PAGEREF _Toc312337094 \h 3

  6. King’s Chamber spatial dimension scalar equation PAGEREF _Toc312337095 \h 12

  7. Granit King’s Chamber linear dimension & multiple scalar systems. PAGEREF _Toc312337096 \h 13

  8. 2001 & 3 /4 Central Axis of Granit Leaf and its regressions and progressions. PAGEREF _Toc312337097 \h 14

  9. North Wall of Antechamber PAGEREF _Toc312337098 \h 16

  10. Entrance to the Room of the Triple Veil, Scalar Arc of the Grand Gallery = Ordinal 1966 + Months PAGEREF _Toc312337099 \h 16

  11. Step Epoch and back engineering by Davidson & H. Aldersmith PAGEREF _Toc312337100 \h 18




Crucifixion Eclipse

Pyramid Scored Stars

1,999 Eclipse

Antechamber and Leaf sections added on 20 th of Dec. 2011


 end game!


Subterranean Pit in pyramid inches comes to Rutherford’s estimate about 2,004 A.C.E. Others seem to see 2003 A.C.E. However, by adjustment for article V, sec. ii, this would be 2,000 A.C.E. This then aligns to the Hendaye and Pyramidic Scored Stars, as wells as it lines up too the terminus of this Earthly Chronocrator Series by a tropical methodology.


Time changes and multiple chronologies are exhibited by exchanging time sequences, one such demonstration by D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith,, initial first edition of 1924 in their book, The Great Pyramid, Its Devine Message: An Original Co-Ordination of Historical Documents and Archæological Evidences. Basically scalar systems where one larger value will correlate to a lesser value have been a process of spherical geometry since time began. One such Hindi tradition, there are many, have 8.4 -5 billion year fardāyrīya, a number which mirror closely to our age of our Earth but are found already suggested as Creation dates of the ancient South Asian past in various texts.


I have suggested that 4.5 ∙10 (45fth power)  tropical-solar –years one such repeat of all the ten solar system bodies will re align indicating 450 creation days and 450 destruction days – if the solar system would out last our Sun by 40 billion years. However to have a true cycle, only one time out of theses 450 creation days and 450 destruction days can one similar cycles exist. This was why Nostradamus never mentions a cycle, they do not exist, and they are apparently a relative subjective experience. The end cycle of each of these 4.5 billion year cycles, so to speak, and their scaled down versions of sub-ages has a terminus called the Kali Yuga which is analogous to the Dark Rift terminology found in Mayan literature. The kali Yuga, defined as a break down of ethics, morality, where rich becomes so greedy and selfish they inadvertently destroy the human race out of megalomanism, the ancient Hindi texts speak of this Age as “The Black Way.” It describes the Earth’s tropical intersections relating to the interceptor incline to the Milky Way where the dark regions of nebula or other star forming clusters symbolize a mirror of darkness over the human affairs which creates the changes empirically to end civilizations as we know it and begin anew – all which remain a mystery. But often New Age literature speaks about cycles, but these are lower understandings of time and space.


For example, the Hebrew Bible has Daniel issuing 2060 numerical value which is similar to the period of Herodotus who claimed an Egyptian Aroura’s length of a square-side contained a value of 2060 and some fraction of some type of inch which was legal edict for measurement. These large numerical values allowed scalar calculations to take place, where 11 time 12 or something might be numerated by squares of Arouras.


However, to my knowledge no-one has yet set the markings of the large pyramid at Gizāh to the astrological critical method of the Biblical Astronomical method, largely because it was never understood. The markers have been suggested culturally biased upon the life of Jesus of Nazareth, who was born at Bethlehem and influenced the near east and Eastern Europe in the Classical Roman times. Jesus was quite different from the normative Messiah that had been hope for by the Jewish community that awaited a warrior king such as the fabled King David. The biasness to the mysteries of the pyramid date back to the issue of the uniqueness of Jesus promoted mainly by white British Imperialists; Messiahs, however,   arrive on the world scene by the boatloads, to use a cliché. Therefore, awaiting Jesus return means nothing for the human experiment.


“[The] Hebrew prophecy. however, in the Old and New Testament, defines that the “consummation” is to be effected prior to 6000 AK. = 2001 A.D. The Pyramid chronology gives the latter dating at the center of the Granit Leaf in the Anti-Chamber (Plates XXXVI, XLb, XLIIa, and LXVa). The symbolism, however, extends beyond this, thought the Antechamber and the 2nd Low Passage, into the King’s chamber. This continuation of the symbolism, we have seen, is particularly indicated as relating to the “consummation”. It seems certain, then, that the scale of the chronological representation relating to the Antechamber and the King’s Chamber, and their connected passages, is not the same as that of the general scalar chronology system ending at the center of the Granit Leaf [ e.g. that is to say 2001 in the month of September].[1] This is based upon 30 A.D., April Julian Cal., the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus. Rutherford in the 1970s moved this to 33 A.D. shifting the entire sequence of chronology, and others followed, which was necessary to place the scored line on 21 March 2141 B.C., which was not even the day of the actual Vernal Equinox (22 March).



D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith book was much more academic


D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith book was much more academic. This book address historical problems of the period(s) of ministry, John the Baptist’s period and correlation to the Eclipse mentioned and to the period that Herod would have been alive and in charge. Rutherford’s movement to the periodation dating of Christianity to the councilors of Christianity which attempted to interpret historical facts 500 years after these events, placed 2 B.C. and the oldest Egyptian New Years’ that of Autumnal Equinox and a misreading of texts, the mother of Jesus born from a virgin ( not Jesus) suggested the constellation of Virgo which the Sun traverses in Autumnal periods has no bearing on historical analysis at a true tire I scholastic perspective.


When shifting one year from 2001 and 3 /4 of the central axis of the Granit Leaf, which many will intend correlates to the events of 11 September 2001, we have the end of the Earthy Chronocrator Series in May of 2000. Because I have not yet at the time of updating this page on the 20 th of December 2011 discoursed on the Bethlehem Star(s), one will need to wait to understand how significant the end of the Earthy Chronocrator series and how it correlates to historical timing.


Many interpreters of the large pyramid at Giza during the 1970s – 1980s borrowed these ideas without accreditation and moved a scalar system based upon direction and material density. These ideas directly come from D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith massive work to which they incorporate all the New Age phenomena of linking Biblical ideas such as scalar time(s) to a single cord or arc of measurement.


The events of 2001 September attacks upon New York and Washington D.C. shocked the world despite John Kerry who was given orders by the CIA and FBI to lock down Logan Airport a month before the hijackings, to which he threw the recommendations into the trash can, he called the round –file. He is the wealthiest Congress person today and historically one of the wealthiest persons alive in the U.S.A. and world for that matter. He is in bed with the Saudi government, to which the majority of the 9/11 hijackers were of Saudi decent. Nevertheless, the War on Terror was created by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, including the mythical al Qu’aeda which initially was only an Afghanistani and Pakistani intelligence group of freedom fighters that wanted to rid the Soviets from their Imperialist occupations, to which they centralized a communication depot, calling it ‘The Base’ (Arabic cognate, al Qu’aeda!).


The Muslims are not the problem here at all. The Democratic Party of America has consistently voted in all houses of representation to rape the Middle East of their natural resources while not actively exploring and drilling at U.S.A. lands or oceans for their own Oil needs. The evil ones of these parties will claim it was only the Bush family, when in fact they are involved, but by Democratic Vote the Republicans cannot get U.S. oil production passed in the Senate. So what are the Muslims to do? Sit there and get rapped by people who profess global peace like Obama and Hope and Change and lecture lies to the Arab people while passing U.S. forces to take out any leader in Africa and the Middle East that will not submit to being rapped by these evil people? How do you connect this to the Bible, then?


“Now, St. Paul defines the period of the ‘consummation’ as preceded by a falling away”[2] from Jesus. By taking the traditional ( based upon 33 A.D. at one intersection) for 4-5 th of August of 1914 or the period toward World War I, the cord of the floor line intersects the relative middle of Granit Leaf at year 2001 ¾ (i.e. September). Since this turned out to be significant, who can saw that the events of 11 September 2001, terror from the sky had not changed the world or the geopoliticalgraghia?


The Subterranean Pit, the drop-off to the garbage pit, re adjusted to the scientific specifications of the Crucifixions Eclipse and the alignment to the Scored Line indicated the year of 2,000 A.C.E. (read articles of Article V).  This then concurs to the cord of the floor line to the relative middle of Granit Leaf. Therefore the next significant marking consists of the mid-point of the Antechamber by triangulating the Passage Axis to the Cord of the Floor Line and the central code axis of the middle of the antechamber.


The scored line measurements to the alpha Pleiades’ and alpha Draconic signatures in  D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith book conjoins a joint period they concluded for 2144 B.C. ( 45 B.C.E. astronomical cal.)[3]. This then agrees with John the Baptist’s execution in 28 B.C, the Crucifixion Eclipse of the late fall (or time) of 29 B.C.E., and back engineers The Three Maji from the East meaning Herod, using provincial time resigning (i.e. joint ruler ship). I derived by own figure of 2144 B.C.E. Christian Calendar from the Swiss Ephemeris, Moshire [semi]analytic, Jet Propulsion Laboratory precessional model 03, Laske version, when al-Cyone made its closest Vernal angle with the center star of our Solar system. D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith place it at the autumnal equinox but this also makes a correct geometrical alignment because the Sun is intersecting the Ecliptic, twice a year.


The alpha (α) Pleiades’ star, al-Cyone is pronounced with a ‘z’ sound, so it sounds like al-Zion; and despite the International Astronomical Union (IAU) that bases a static precessional model, disregarding Ptolemy, Hawking, Einstein, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, and so many others including from the East and Middle East who all claim by authority that precession is dynamic. We will have a signature of these four stars, regardless of apparent over many decades.  This is because of the slow movement of equinoxes from our vantage point on Earth.



Symmetry abounds in Judicial Astrology. One of these prime examples are the four symbols of the OX or Bull (Taurus), Aquarius (Human), Eagle (Scorpio + Libra) and the Lion ( Leo) at the intersections of solar-system time. As mentioned before, using the problematic Swiss Ephemeris the Pyramid at the Scored Line for the proposal of the Berth of Jesus has the same angles for the +029 A.C.E Crucifixion Eclipse (at maxim at Quatar!) which then also has the same signatures for the 1,999 Jean Dixon Great Cross seen in the skies at Romania. But, unless one does the judicial astronomical/astrological calculations, one cannot see these things as they pertain to different dimensions of reality.


At Sibiu, Romania, the greatest Eclipse maximum-geo-local of the 11 August 1,999 Eclipse, Swiss Ephemeride J.L.P. 03, Moshier [semi] analytic, at 2:03:05 p.m., local time, U.T. 11:03:05, S.T. 9:57:34, cords: 24e09, 45n48, Zubenelege is on the eastern horizon, along with arcs to parans to Zubenesha..., equates to the Eagle symbol of the four symbols. The Mid-Heaven, or culmination arc, true, has already passed Ras Elase.. Leo, thus completing the Lion. Alsagne, the first star of the Ox or Bull is on the western horizon. This star fulfils the Ox or Bull, thus Taurus. About at the scalar of 47% by of the Aquarius constellation intersects the I.C., or anti-midheaven, thus fulfilling the last of the four symbols, the Human.


Jean Dixon tropically noted that the Sun and Moon for this eclipse will be about 18 Leo and one-third. Mercury has just entered tropical Leo as well. Venus is aberrational; tropically that is to say, it lays in the early degrees of Virgo.  Although sidereally, Venus is west of the alpha Lionis star, Regulus. Saturn’s true arc has progressed passed the first star of the Bull, and of course Jupiter approaches to make its final small-earthly conjunction in a Earth trigon, ending this phase, as it points to 2,000 A.C.E., where the subterranean pit identifies the fall of goodness and into the garbage bin of reality for our World. This then concurs to another time signature of the cord distance to the axis of the center of the Granit Leaf, in the antechamber ( e.g. the room before the main chamber, like a changing room) for 11 September 2001 (D. Davidson, and H. Aldersmith)[4], based upon common passage in the Christian Bible of 2 Peter 3:8 time reckoning,[5] and more prolific as the scalar system of Creation, where the end of the 6,000 A.K. years is September 2001 ¾. This chronology is also laid out on another leaf-page in the D.D. and H. A Book, where a 2300 ( Hebrew Bible, The Book of  Denial’s,  measurement) takers one of Daniel measurements and links it to a chronology, thus the phase of ending is 2001 A.C.E. ¾.[6] Also, many pyramidolodists from the later 1970s to the present took these information and proposed dates with day numbers, one such as 17 September 2001 as the terminus date.


The reason that academics or anyone do not take the pyramid seriously is they want clear communication of the future event. For example, the pyramid builders should have travelled in time, learnt English because it is the current lingua Franca, and inscribed on the Granit Leaf this message: Look idiots, this is 2001 and three fourth of a year, there will be a terrorist attack on New York, and Washington D.C. by terror from the sky, using fully fueled get Airplanes, a direct response to Democrats voting to rape our lands of Oil for decades, fire – off cruise missiles at us and create a myth of a war against radical Islamists, because the Americans are selling nuclear weapon technology to China for cash and need a distraction -- so we are going to fight back as best we can and attack your financial symbols and kill as many people as we can.


You see Academics and most people are too ignorant and many are co-evil and therefore any markings in the pyramid are subjected to ridicule. In this sense the pyramid is useless. There is a prophecy by Nostradamus for the date of 1,999 and seven months, and terror from the skies, but this poem is too complex because it incorporates names and academics who are tied to government funding do not allow names when they complain about out of control, world and government controllers – they simply get cut off of funds by the central government evil-ones. So connecting problem solutions is not in the interest of governments or their puppet academics. Therefore, St. Paul’s definition of ‘consummation’ in the formed phrase of ‘falling away,’ is quite dramatically describing the World’s decent into utter chaos. This has nothing to do, however, with natural disasters, these are human conditions enhanced by evil demons latching on to the political establishment – world-wide.


The idea that I’m anti-American or anti-Democratic is a fallacy. The indirect and obvious infusion of multi-millions of Chinese military monies into the 1996 Democratic Campaign, covered up by Monica’s War, the mythological War on Terrorism, the November 1998 Executive Order by then current president to remove by force Saddam Hussein, started by Bill Clinton the Beast remains the ultimate fate. My friend attended the James Raidy trial in Los Angeles, and the majority of this money was never returned by the Democratic Party,   despite he was sitting behind a prominent A.P. reporter who refused to cite these facts in their public report. The Democratic Party simply spent all of that money, and controls the opposition party with political correctness rhetory.   In the U.S.A. Constitution, Bill Clinton constitutes high-crimes of treason and endangering the human race and would be executed under the Constitution – but no one has followed this document for decades – including all political parties in the U.S.A.  


However re adjusting these dates this comes to 1998 A.C.E., the date of Casey’s claim of the return of Christ and the increase in Earth Changes. No one currently but for John Hogue promotes these Erath Change phenomena, but by no means the only person.  Therefore the D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith 2001 and three-fourths date for the axis center of the Granit Leaf, where a boss is placed on one side would be re adjusted to the year of 1998 and three fourths, based upon their pyramid inch interpretations. The common date of 1998 is the pure 6,6,6 (9+9+ [1+8] = 9/ inverse). The only U.S.A. president in all of its history to have a signature on all official business that applied to the standard Hebrew Numerology which added up to 6,6,6., and was the president during this time of 1998. The same standard Hebrew Numerology that links Revelations 666 to one loosely interpreted spelling of Nero Caesar. The Granit Leaf in the large pyramid at Gizāh has always been regarded with intense interest.


From the American Prophet, Edgar Casey came the expression ‘Earth Changes” and helped start a New Age movement to which many 1970s books by commentators on the pyramidologist theories’ contributed to modern media language. Apparently people claimed he was wrong, because Jesus did not show up riding in a Zeppelin blimp with palm leave waving fanatics on the ground, for all to see. Others believe Hollywood would use modern lasers and have a giant Jesus descending form the clouds (where?) and perhaps the former Late Night Host, Jay Leno would conduct an interview from a balloon. Will this then be a topic of the Academy Awards Show? Is an Oscar in the making?


The truth, closer to rationality than one would suppose, is that if Jesus made him or herself known at this time, the authorities would kill Jesus again, very quickly or deem him mentally insane. There are many examples. For instance, David Koresh of the Waco, Texas Branch Dravidians, claimed to be Jesus returned, and Bill Clinton sent in the Federal Military Arm, harassed him based upon one lady’s unsubstantiated testimony, and sent in tanks to demolish the living quarters to which a fire resulted (no confirmation on who started it) and devoured many innocent children and families, most law abiding. The Texas Branch Dravidians were not contributing to the economic stranglehold of the U.S.A. central evil authorities – thus anyone commune that is self-sustainable must be totally destroyed. The Beast wants total compliance, you must submit or be eliminated, the demon intends.



The governments do not tolerate ethics or morality for human rights of the common and poor people – these legal systems only apply to the wealthy suppressors. This outraged caused Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Oklahoma Federal Building, killing numerous persons, but was unaware of the children’s play-day-care-center or their attendance that day. Timothy McVeigh did exactly as George Washington, the first United States President, and Hero of the War of Independence had believed its citizens must guard against plutocratic government. When the government gets corrupt, you must destroy them, all of them and kill them. Washington did not fight the Red Coats with feathers but with rifles and cannon. Timothy McVeigh did hold some anti-Semitic countenance, which is not appreciated, but his main message was the out of control U.S.A. government who like Ruby Ridge, had more suppression operations killing innocents than the public will even know about as they control all of the information, locked away for centuries.


Right-Wing, Left-Wing members for the most part believed Timothy McVeigh was evil. However, today, most believe George Washington and most of the founding fathers as pure evil, and now most of the founders, including Thomas Jefferson, to which the Beast got his middle name, are regarded as terrorists and the government and their weapons of mass destruction facilities as the good people of Earth. This is not an exaggeration; empirical observation by me confirms the evil that exists today is your undoing.


By the 1970s, one primatologist hijacked Nostradamus Chronocrater Series, and pushed the time-line of the pyramid to 3700-3900 A.C.E. Personally , based upon web-posts, Jesus, Nostradamus,  Muhammad, Buddha  and others are all liars and need not to be listened too. Well, most of these persons were spiritual and not material as are most of the elite of our Earth’s populations to which the ‘falling away’ of St. Paul is also a fine description.


Returning to Jean Dixon’s correct assessment, there does not appear to be any logic to some of these New Age thinkers. However, tropically, of course for the last of the Earth Chronocrator Series, Jupiter and Saturn are both in Taurus, fulfilling the OX of the Bull symbolism. The lunar mean node is tropically also in Leo, but the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune are the only signature tropical Aquarian signatures or human symbols. So Jean Dixon was obviously correct as was Casey. Today’s modern understanding of history has changed the twentieth century format of dates, chronologies, astronomy, and understanding time.


Einstein believed in God. His earlier comments agiant any belief in a god were based upon denying the Big Bang, and he drew up a cosmological constant, to which he later retracted as the worst mistake of his life. This was a part of his Theory of Special Relativity, that purposes potential time-travel, e.g. we can access eventually wormholes, his recommendations later in 1925. His mistake was he did not realize the Universe is governed by multiple expressions of time, where factoring rate fluctuation remains as vital as the constant he proposed. Einstein became confused with Newton’s ‘singularity gravitational argument’ and observed acceleration and de acceleration the missing components in his theory of special relativity (i.e his admitted mistake).


Hubble later proved the Bid Bang Theory, as well as Einstein had no idea of Dark Energy, proposed again in 1998, and three Nobel Prizes were awarded for this discovery. This proposes that the Universe is expending, caused by this mysterious force of Dark Energy that defines acceleration and the subsequent theory of deceleration – Einstein’s mistake. Einstein later admitted his comments upon God were incorrect and he chose to take the camp that many of the Founders of the United States had taken that God created the Universe but does not manage its day to day aspects – a theme Martin Luther proposed during the main Reformation and Protestant periods in Europe.


The 1970s estimation of pyramid inches of the Subterranean passage have a terminus of 2569=2565 (sums and reductions to 13) readjusted to key points of 1517, 1911(0). Between the years of 1905 and 1911 key new physics understandings came by our way and played out in the periods involved in World War I and II. Contrary to propagandist revision, France and England (Britain) created the NAZI movement and the U.S.A. tried to fund their industrialization before they were exterminated, the secret government plan, mostly noted in the often unread Versailles Treaty. About 98% of the decrees, laws, demands, focused upon wiping off the map every German alive. This created a messianic movement in the German lands in which Hitler fulfilled the role as the Germanic redeemer against these global Empire suppressors. It was the American business corporations and families that tried to ward this off but later conspiracy theorists then promulgated their illogic(s) that America was funding White Supremacy. Idiot, the NAZIs War Machine attacked White Countries to kill them, and the Holocaust was a commeasured by-product. Hitler turned toward irredentism.


The Germans had the best Pysicks educational departments in the world, and Einstein who signed some pre-written letters begging Franklin Delano Roosevelt to build the nuclear bomb was concerned about the top German physicist who did not want to defect from German nationalism.  It was of Einstein’s worry that Hitler would get the bomb first. These dates of 1911(0)s intends that these sub-atomic particle physics became the search for modernity of the human condition; and these new psychical ideas radically changed the progression of humans from millennia of sticks and stones to bronze and iron to inhabiting our local solar-system with flying machines – in a short span of time. These world wars are just by-products and not the subject of the pyramidic chronology.


So what is the equidistance?; that is to say,  if 2,000 A.C.E. is the equidistance from 1911[0]? This is a 90 year interval, in which the full solar-mean-year estimate is 180 years. Therefore, terminus from the pittish section arrives about 2,091 or 2,090 A.C.E. one of Sir. Isaac Newton’s mysteriology figures of ‘an’ endtime (although one of his last guesses concerns 2060 A.C.E. to which Asteroid 1977 Chiron 2060 is the actual figure in the Constellation of Orion (Hellenistic Mythology) and has a pointed arrow toward a lady in one of the illustrations of the Lost Book of Nostradamus.). This date in the modern formatted calendar then arrives 25 years after one of Nostradamus’ poems to which he mentions himself in the third person – more or less 2066 A.C.E. or the famed 26 signature of the large pyramid at Gizāh.


So we have a timeline we are now in as the smaller mirror of technological advancement recognized in the antechamber ( i.e. the ‘before’ chamber). The dimensions reflect a scalar system to the dimension of the King’s chamber. The only two objects of the mystery are the antechamber’s Grant Leaf, and the red-granite stone coffin of the King’s Chamber as serious contenders of prophetic notionality.


King’s Chamber spatial dimension scalar equation



One measurement: 206.066 (width of King’s Chamber)

230.387 (other measurement gives 230.033) has a scalar equation. So here it is for all to understand.



206.066² + 230.387² = 95,542.28768

So, 95,542.28768 / 360 = 265.3952436;

So, √265.395 = 16.29094841

So, 16.29094841π = 51.17806517.

Therefore: Longitude of King’s Chamber spatial dimension scalar equation = 51° 10’12”



Granit King’s Chamber linear dimension & multiple scalar systems.


The density of material long has been believed to denote a time change, related to things such as End-Time(s). For example, in prophecy,  one such event described as a mysteries ‘70’s prophesized by Jesus of the second destruction of the Temple which came about during the generation he proclaimed would still be alive to see it. The Granit portion of the level of the King’s Passage amounts to 103.03291. This is a scalar amount as well, as by doubling this amount we achieve symmetry in the King’s Chamber and elsewhere. This becomes 206.06582. This then achieves the width of King’s Chamber. The king’s chamber has 23 blocks, Nostradamus favorite number. The measurement of 230.387 pyramid inches is the height of the King’s Chamber.


D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith use a rarer 30 month equals one pyramid inch at the beginning of the Limestone Floor Blocks at the edge of the entrance where the Great Step intersects the Central Vertical Axis of the Pyramid. From the floor arc of the Grand Gallery where 25 January 1844 was derived by using a standard scalar system of one day for a year, thus one pyramid inch for one mean-solar year will now begin a 30 day period for each pyramid inch until it reaches the South Wall of the King’s Chamber, terminating at 19-20 th of August of 1953. Then using the arc from the terminus of 25 January 1844 and using a scalar to measure from this point at the intersection of the Grand Gallery to the Great Step and forming a cord by recognizing still the arc from the level-floor of the Grand Gallery for 6,000 years – will terminate at the central axis of the Granit Leaf at 2001 and 3 /4 A. C. E. This was described as 1/100th of a scalar system.


While achieving this 6,000 year period for the scalar system D. Davidson & H. Aldersmith proceeded to follow the same arc but with the one-day-equals one year method which also arrived at 2001 3/4. A.C.E.  This means we take the square circuit of the antechamber and superimpose or circle astrological chart and the terminus of 2001 is directly in the middle of the domicile number two ( western astrology, the second house), which is ruled by Venus, the constellation of Taurus, and directly connected to power and money. So the events of 11 September 2001, in which KSM argued incisively with Usama bin Laden about the U.S.A. targets, affected the Economy which the 2-8 axis makes astronomical connections too.


So at the double scalar system used for a 6,000 period and the terminus date at the central axis of the Granit Leaf for 2001 and 3 /4 has a King Chamber level scalar to 11 July 1920, preceding axis, and 10 August 1920 progressing axis. So we have multiple scalars working in tandem, which is basically the holy grail of string theory. However, string theory cannot be proven until particles that define love, sentiment, anger and other particles are seen, catalogued, tests repeatedly for weight and measure. That is to day, the by-products of chemical reactions to stimuli such as these irrational categorical phenomena are not definitions of size, direction, acceleration, de acceleration, and mass.

2001 & 3 /4 Central Axis of Granit Leaf and its regressions and progressions.


Using the scalar system for the bisection of the distance in pyramid inches of the leaf, so we arrive at 8.1038 inches in both directions; this would be said to be the period of human history where 1993 commenced an historical standpoint and 2009 finalized the Granit Leaf. One can use their imagination to what this means. For example, personally my Direction of Rays DOR/2 = 2009. However, this arc would entail some longitude over 90 degrees or some 153 degrees of arc, and is quite difficult to conceptualize for pyramidologists to understand. This is because one is taking the floor arc of the Grand Gallery, creating the square circuit of the antechamber, deriving the Granit Leaf axis, drawing the cord toward this vertical bisection of the Granit Leaf, and then taking the horizontal measurement of the Granit Leaf, bisecting it, and then deriving the raw one-day-for-a-year methodology but from the Grand Gallery Floor line which is not horizontal or vertical but is measured from he horizontal perspective of the Granit Leaf.     Here is the equation:


2001.75 / bisection = 1993.6462 > bisection < 2009.8532 A.C.E.



So we can even complicate and formulate an even stronger equation. Again, The Longitude of King’s Chamber spatial dimension scalar equation = 51° 10’12”. From the first two steps of the raw equation of 206.066² + 230.387² = 95,542.28768; So, 95,542.28768 / 360 = 265.3952436; we then derive an Epsilonic signature. This is 26° 31’ 48” (refer too King’s Chamber spatial dimension scalar equation!). However, this will vary minutely with the other measurements such as 230.066, but we are not even yet at the period for the chamber so we have time to adjust precisely.


For example the Zodiacal circuit and precession are based upon a fluctuation interval which is expressed by √153 = 12.36931688...which this appended fraction relates to a mean value of incredible smallness, 153.0000001 =12.36931688².  


Taking the King’s Chamber angle of degrees for which √26π = 9.037776773... we have three fourths of the circuit and adding into this the minuets and seconds we have 9.129427863. This then describes the acceleration of three right angles (e.g. in this case 270°  07’ 12”). Therefore The Longitude of King’s Chamber spatial dimension equation = 51° 10’12” – The King’s Chamber Epsilonic signature. This is 26° 31’ 48” = -24° 38’24”. So, 5√-24° 38’24” = ± 24.81934729 (cubed as 15,288.7193) or   5√270° 07’ 12” = 82.17663902... or the cubosity of the arc of the ascending passage projected from the Great Step where it intersects the floor of the Grand Gallery passed the intersections of the descending passage toward the basement of the core-level of the pyramid which is 82 cubits according to Petrie. this then gives us a horizontal linear pyramid inch from the axis where the true passages leave the theoretical arc of the 82 cubits – so we have 141 cubits. Therefore 5√ 141² / 100 = 70.5 years. So we have linked the Classical Old Testament or Hebrew Bible prophets to the esoteric 70 year methodology and too Jesus’  esoteric 70 year methodology for the approximate end-times for the Hebrews living in Judea and Palestine at the barbarianic imperialism of Rome. That is to say, Jesus’ birth year of -5 B.C.E. Christian Cal. -6 B.C.E. astronomical calendar, and applying to the raw integer of 65 and 64 respectively for the end-time(s) for this period of Hebraic Historical Period(s). The historical dates therefore are 66 – 73 A.C.E., as the First Jewish – Roman War ( a.k.a. The Great Revolt) commences in a religious conflict over monotheism verses pluraltheism 65-66 A.C.E., devolving quickly into economic reasons as Roman heavy taxes which were masks for intentional imperialism which then later happened – all culminating for the mean-year of 70 A.C.E. as the end-time for the Jewish Homeland for this historical period on Earth.


North Wall of Antechamber


So from the progressed edge of the Granit Leaf to the North Wall (faces the entrance!) has a scalar pyramid inch measurement as 36.524 in which we take the bisection of the 2001 and 3 /4 date and measure to the north wall of the antechamber for a date in history.


The Old Egyptian Text, Coming Out By Day claims the antechamber is the place of The Triple Veil, where we take the often 27 th book of the Christian Bible, Apokálypsis Ioannis, and relate how Julius Cæsar who imperialized western Europe, spurring on his successors Augustus’, then Nero, to rape, pillage, murder, and destroy Israel and the temple for greed – to which Apokálypsis Ioannis is directly linked as a complaining tract. However, there appears only a few passages out of the many chapters of Apokálypsis Ioannis that can be linked to such ascriptions making sad the atheist-academics who want to lay this work to rest once and for all because greed, murder, and naïveté is all they know as reality, disparages their psyche and their countenance.


Apokálypsis reveals a connotative ‘lifting of the veil.’ So by the way of the scalar systems employed by Davidson & H. Aldersmith and with minor adjustments, and based upon, Sir. Isaac Newton calculations,  Petrie’s measurements and other authorities historical documents, we are now in this precise period from a linear historical context. 


Entrance to the Room of the Triple Veil, Scalar Arc of the Grand Gallery = Ordinal 1966 + Months


So from the progressed edge of the Granit Leaf to the north wall of the antechamber is 36.524 we find the difference by the central circuit axis of the antechamber of 58.13 = 21.606 = progressed edge of Leaf to Central Axis of the antechamber. The bisection of the Granit Leaf is 8.1038 and we have from its progressed linear edge 36.524 to the north wall. Therefore from the date of 2001 and 3/4 at the central axis of the Granit Leaf we have a difference of 28.4202. So the year of 2001 and 3 /4 subtracted to the north wall of the antechamber reveals some 1973.3298y. Then we square-root the radius of the antechamber circumference which looks like this √58.13 = 7.624303247... to align our two angles approximately we arrive at a year value of 1965.705497 A.C.E. without small corrections.


Grand Gallery Arc: Smyth or Petrie (1) = 26° 16’40” – Zenith arc = 243° 43’20” and inverted as -116° 16’40” or a right angle as gravity plus the Grand Gallery Arc of one of Piazzi Smyth’s measurement(s) of many, the other one he noted as 26° 17’ 37”. Therefore to run a proof, we show this equation: 116° 16’40”π = 365° 17’50.05”. This gives us the idea of the raw data that 1965.705497 A.C.E. without small corrections remains accurate. However, Davidson & H. Aldersmith already had shown that the arc of the Grand Gallery had legitimacy for a scalar system application. The antechamber’s linear distance to the King’s Chamber including the switchover from limestone building materials to granite building materials has a raw distance of 116.26471 (103.03291 of Granit) or 26° 15’ 36” in sexagesmial notation.


So we used the arc of the Grand Gallery to the equation of the radius of the antechamber and connected it to the linear spatial dimension form the axis of the Granit Leaf to the Northern Wall of the Room of the Triple Veil (i.e. antechamber). Therefore its entrance year, approximately, is 1966 and some months corrected to our modern 1 January New Years’ accounting which was initially based in 153 B.C.E. on an account of Economic-Ethnic Imperialism by Romans who needed to vote into office a counselor general-field commander thus broke tradition and created the New Years for 1 January – although the original supreme deity of the Etruscanic Romans was the deity of Janus, adopted by the way of Hellenic migrations in the fifth century B.C.E.  – still the New Years was based upon the Vernal Equinox because of the influence of Neo-Babylonian Tradition of the lunar-solar year.  


That is to say, Davidson & H. Aldersmith base their chronology upon the Epoch of the Autumnal Equinox as the New Year at Creation – thus the fraction of 705497 pushes this date to the ordinal year of 1966 Christian Calendar and some months as the entrance to the room of the triple veil. In the fashion of John Hogue’s loose application this could relate to the year of 1999, however according to the rare Judicial Astrological methodology this year provides the mathematical signature to which Armageddon and the ensuing Apokálypsis takes on the game changing paradigm, to use an academic word which implies in a general sense a complete new world view. However, this signature is not revealed at this time, for security measures.



From the Vertical and Horizontal Viewpoint on the floor of the King Chamber’s passage, where the limestone changes to granite building material takes place just before the central axis of the Leaf proposes Epoch 2001 ¾ Davidson & H. Aldersmith, and the 2,000 5/12 A.C.E. termination of the Earthly Chronocrator for the modern calendar (Davidson & H. Aldersmith Creation Epoch as 2,000 2/3. A.C.E.).  [ redo for east wall of antechamber]


Step Epoch and back engineering by Davidson & H. Aldersmith


“The Sum of the Base angles of the Pyramid’s right vertical section. The analogues summation of the base details in both cases is clearly not unintentional. The initial date is 286.1022 [think binary code!] years prior to the Step Epoch at 5842.33979 A.P., and is, therefore, at 5556.23759 A.P. less than a month prior to the commencement of 1558 A.D. ( Plate XL, figs. C and F).”[7]  This date seems like a historical date of no significance. However, the date of 1558 was the final year of the last installment of Les Propheties by Michel Nostredame, according to his private correspondence, according to James Randi’s curt investigation was bequeathed to his youngest daughter, more likely later fiddled with by his eldest son who had it translated into Latin for posterity and was rediscovered in the second-half of the twentieth century – good job. Nostradamus then knew of reincarnation, according to these letters, and understood he could retrieve future or past life information when he wanted too by addressing his multi-carnating lives. However, one letter asks for his prognostic methodology, and it reads like an incoherent Harry Potter incantation with non-offensive Tourette syndromic intervals. In otherwords, he knew these letters would be accessed later and scrutinized and he would not allow the methodology to be given so readily.



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[5] 6,000 years of Creation, and 1,000 years for God’s rest which makes up 7,000, thus 4000 B.C.E. was the Creation of Adam.

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