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Apokálypsis; "Article V."

a © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 14st December 2011:  (SgrA* + Sun = alignment, at western horizon. Studio City, CA., U.S.A.)


Topic: Stone : Cross at Hendaye & Pyramid Stars

 Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone

The Re Adjusted Measurements

  1. But to interpret the pyramid we seek to see it as our Earth, when we ignore the signs it is our Sun. PAGEREF _Toc311640205 \h 1

  2. Limestone gable: 51° 51’14.3” PAGEREF _Toc311640206 \h 2

  3. Entrance to Crucifixion Epsilon Symmetry PAGEREF _Toc311640207 \h 3

  4. Pyramidic Signature stars and al-Cyone to Jesus triangle in the Pyramid and its relation to the Scored line star signatures. PAGEREF _Toc311640208 \h 4



But to interpret the pyramid we seek to see it as our Earth, when we ignore the signs it is our Sun.


The large pyramid at Gizāh represents the Sun and this hint derives its formation upon the four mysteries stars connected to the Sun on one side of the pedestal of the Cross at Hendaye, located in the former Basque region, today’s southwestern border town of France. These symbols represent four signatures (Persian and Abassīd terms for stellar points in the heavens!) connected to the pyramid at Gizāh. Petrie believed he debunked the pyramidologists or chronologers because each person gave a different citing for the alpha star of draconis and the alpha star of these Pleiades’. The reality entails that no-one yet has figured out precessional fluctuations which the pyramid describes as necessary to define. Petrie provided at least six major pyramidologists or Egyptologists or chronologists estimations, and he ended his investigation with a ‘I do not know.”


The surprise that some type of scored line in the pyramid suggested a chronological point of reference, and taking the Biblical suggestion of one-day-for-one-year, an attempt to identify a stellar time signature resulted in two historically spoken about stars – the alpha star of the Dragon, the constellation of Draco, and al-Cyone, the alpha star of these Pleiades (ref. Job, Hebrew Bible).


Please Note, Tiamat, one such of the Sumerian Creation Mythos, has Earth fighting a water-serpent-Lion and others as the water-lion-serpent. Marduke beats it up and splits it into two. In other mythos, Tiamat merges the fresh-water and the salt water ( some reference to a flood, and then is spit ( separate bodies of water, one set as fresh, lakes, streams, rivers, wells, and the other set as these oceans and other salty-water lakes. This gives life to humans. The star al fard ( variant spelling alphard) cuts through at the northern latitudes into the zodical Leo constellation.


Alpha hyadra is the many-headed-water-serpent of Hercules' second labors. In the Enûma Elish, the Babylonian epic of creation, she gives birth to the first generation of deities; she later makes war upon them and is killed by the storm-god Marduk. The heavens and the earth are formed from her divided body. Alpha hyadra, al fard is rising for me by Biblical Progression 2012-2013 A.D. It cuts through the constellation of Leo, at the latitude of Los Angeles, where currently I reside. In late June and July of the year of our Lord, 2013 A.D., al cyone culminated by an elliptical perspective.


So from all of these estimates we take the extremes of 2170 B.C.E. to 2140s B.C.E. and using our modern and incorrect ephemerides we have the alpha star of these Pleiades’ (Ox, Bull) on the M.C. angle, the alpha star of Aquarius (Human) on the western horizon (angle of evolution), The gamma Librae star Zubenelakrab (Arabic, Zuben el Akrab, Shears of the Scorpion, in English, the Scorpion’s Shears, modern western, along with Zubenelakribi, both stars make up ‘the weighing pans on the scales’; historically traditional, the ‘claws of the Eagle!’)  on the I.C., the claws of the Eagle were always associated to the Libra stars, as the body of the Eagle was associated to what we call today the Constellation of Scorpio. Zuben el Akrab is also 152 light years from us, and is near to 153 light years which this integer of 153 shows up many times in large pyramid at Gizāh. The lunar node for 21 December 2012 will be in a relative close proximity to Zuben el Akrab and since the Moon rules Cancer, in ancient Neo-Babylonian star catalogues as a reference to a source of this ascription, the position at the scored line of the large pyramid at Gizāh has this angle at the anti-midheaven or the position of the raw house of Cancer, the Moon’s home.


The Zuben el Akrab angles turned up during the Crucifixion Eclipse (+29 A.C.E.), as well as the 1,999 A.C.E. Summer Eclipse so well discussed at its point of greatest maximum, something that Jean Dixon had suggested as a Cosmic Cross would be seen in the year of 1,999 A.C.E., but one needs to know a rare Judicial Astrology.


And finally, al-Fard, the alpha star of hydræ, the female and northern constellation as its twin is in the southern hemesphere at this time, and the largest constellation in the northern hemisphere and a part of some Greek mythos as the second labor of Hercules. Since this constellation peers close to the derivatives of language such as hydrogen, the most abundant form of element in the material world Universe, we concur to understand how the ancients claimed that everything about life is a product of water(s) often also termed as the primordial soup. And yes, we know now that life can form without oxygen and survive to evolutionize to larger biological entities that need more complex systems such as oxygen mixed with hydrogen, but this is not the place for this discourse.


As the Holy Bible professes that during Creation the dust was pushed by a wind in some primordial condition and therefore this remains a scientific modern observation of any solar system formation after some massive star explosion or vortex emission emits massive particles of dust and debris which then takes as the Bible claims, a shape! Gravity compresses Hydrogen which forms Helium to which kicks starts the nuclear process so abundant in star creations.


This then ties into rare forms of Judicial Astrology, a method of science that only a hand full of individuals have practiced in all of history – and usually the same person reincarnating and picking up where they left off some rebirths’ of prior. However, using the International Astronomical Union, the bane of mediocrity, these positions are not correct at all, and we need to fix precessional fluctuations before we attempt Archeoastronomy or divine revelations.

By the arc of the horizon, the zodiacal constellation of the Lion appears at the elliptical intersection, while al-Fard parans (in this case a parallel alignment to the eastern horizon!). Thus, these signatures fulfill the description of the ancient description of the Gizāh Sphinx which points toward Praesepe.  These ancient symbols are found all over the place. The Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame has such symbolism, as does numerous other projects in history, and is not a part of this discussion.

Limestone gable: 51° 51’14.3”


It is always necessary to show direction, where as an equanimity remains solvent in the material world. The modern incline to the Galactic Plane (not center!) oscillates around the mean of 60 degrees. If these obliquity changes over long periods of time result, then it is quite possible that 51° 51’14.3” is the incline to the Galactic Plane at some point in time; and this describes our interceptor Galaxy, and why then it is not a part of the Milky Way galaxy. We are a part of a larger spiral shaped galaxy, and these galaxies do not form as spirals; it takes at least one other galaxy to compete with another galaxy for space management –  to which forms a collision – and this describes the spiral effect of a galaxy. However, most intend this value amounts the architecture’s use of π.


Plato's Great Year ( Precession) divided by 12 parts gives a slope of 51° 30′ which is about the mean of the Great Year and describes the sides angles of the large Gizāh  pyramid. Daniel the Prophet in the Hebrew portion of the Bible uses the same system with elaborations.


Entrance to Crucifixion Epsilon Symmetry


Conventional measurement from the entrance at the 19 th course, 26° 18’9.7” to the ascending passage point measured to the date of the Crucifixion amounts to 2656 Pyramid Inches. Again we will use the problematic Swiss Ephemeris J.P.L. PE03 static obliquity change and use the Obliquity of 2144 B.C.E. Gregorian against the true (according to the model) Obliquity at 05 B.C.E. Gregorian Christian Calendar (e.g. minus one year for J.J. Scaliger’s mistake!). The Obliquity at the scored line which correlates to 2144 B.C.E. intends 23° 56’ 32.0883”. The Obliquity at -05 B.C.E., when the Bethlehem star presented itself intends 23° 41’53.0729”.


Now the trick to symmetry relies on the invention of the sexagesmal system by applying to the raw pyramid inch distance, applied from the conventional standpoint. The entrance,  back engineered from the mis-reported 2 B.C. Jesus’ birth-year,  intends the year of 2623 B.C. and adding 33 A.D. amounts to the raw distance of 2656 Pinches. This also corrects the deep pit position to 2,000 A.C.E., purportedly from our standpoint it occurred during May, the last of the small conjunctions of the Earthly Chronocrator Series, something Nostradamus was telling us openly in his books he addressed in trigonic fashion.


But we need to readjust the correct interval of the Bethlehem star year of -05 B.C.E. at the scored line and this makes the entrance 2626 B.C.E. This then gives the hint at the mysterious signature of the 19th course of the large pyramid at Gizāh.


The crucifixion eclipse occurred at +29 A.C.E., and therefore there is no difference in the distance from the scored line to the crucifixion mark already proposed. This readjustment then concurs to an entrance signature for the year of 2626 B.C.E., and adding the missing year in astronomical calendar the entrance date is 2656, because the eclipse takes place on the 029 A.D. and going backwards at this historical calendar period we add one year for J.J. Scaliger’s mistake.


Now applying the sexagesmal system to 26 | 56, we arrive at 26° 33”36”. Next we subtract the 19 th course signature for 26° 18’9.7”. The difference is 00° 15’26.3”. Now taking the scored line obliquity of 23° 56’ 32.0883” and subtracting the difference of the -05 B.C.E. obliquity for the birth year of Jesus we have 23° 41’ 53.0729”. The difference therefore is 00° 14’38.94”. The discrepancy remains at 00° 00’ 47.36” ( seconds). This then is said to be symmetrical, as in some type of esoteric discourse.


Pyramidic Signature stars and al-Cyone to y'Hoshua  triangle in the Pyramid and its relation to the Scored line star signatures.


The Orion Mystery suggests a nebular below the belt stars is one such hot and new star birthing system which relates to a symbolism of how we came about ourselves in our own solar system. Traditional large pyramid at Gizāh (17th – 20th cc.) birthing systems or new clusters intend a Taurian tableau. The Orion Mystery and These Pleiades’ come by the way of a mention in the Book of Job (Hebrew Bible). The idea that the three pyramids at Gizāh represent symmetry to the heavens -- a  mention of the band stars of Orion, a direct reference from the Book of Job – relies on the idea that it has an off-set layout of the small pyramid, which appears to match the three belt stars of Orion (or Cygnus), and this confirms as Herodotus claim’s that all major culture historical buildings were mirrors to the heavenly bodies or constellations.


These Pleiades’ are an open star cluster; however they are like the Orion nebula in that most of these stars are actually younger – berthing – than our solar system. These Pleiades’ are stars as young as one million years old. with a mean-star creation value at the bulk having 100 million years young. And so like children, they seem to be out of control.


In astrology, when one has a major nebula on their angles or by aspectum, usually difficult things happen in their lives, often causing change of direction. The open star clusters of these Pleiades exhibit these same phenomena. This remains why sidereal astrology can work all over the Universes; there are plenty of these things all over, everywhere.


It has been long assumed that our solar system revolves around these Pleiades, and has been discredited by modern science. However, modern science for over 100 year has claimed that we are a part of the greater Milky Way Galaxy, when today it appears we are not. We are an interceptor Galaxy and positioned out on one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way.


Now from our modern model of precession here used the problematic Swiss Ephemeris and the J.P.L. 03 model(s) the sidereal signatures from a standpoint of the angles of the large pyramid at Gizah for the Vernal Equinox between 2170 B.C.E. and 2144 B.C.E have the alpha (α ) Pleiades’ star, Alcyone in paran to the Gizāh horizon and the Sun.


Now it was suggested by someone then later repudiated that the 19 th course peered to the pole star from the periods in question of 2170 B.C.E. and 2144 B.C.E. However, the pole star, then alpha draconis, could not have been seen at 90° + δ  on the equinox or the solstices in any of these years. However during two days of the year, the star would have shown its light down the descending passage but not on the either the equinoxes nor the solstices. Edgar Casey gives the estimated age of the Pyramid to some 10,000 + B.C.E. period, and during 10,000 B.C.E., according to one star catalogue, Epsilon Cygnii , Gienah,  matched the true pole position ± 30’, which makes it a true pole star. The once pole star, Gienah Cygnii has a RA 20h46m12.70s (Epoch 2,000), φ + 33° 58’13.0”.


This remains a concern to the mysterious elevation of the of the 19th course. So as already suggested the 2144 B.C.E. Vernal signature has the alpha (α)   stars of Hydrae ( the female constellation) on the east, lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis,on the west, gamma Librae, Zubenelakrab, on the anti-Midheaven, and alpha (α)  Pleiades’ on the Midheaven or in culmination over the Gizāh pyramid.


It has been measured that the year 1,999 determines the shift of time from soft stone to harder stone on the level entering the passage to the King’s Chamber. The re adjustment intends 1995 A.C.E., which is the true symbol of 666 (1+5= 6 and put into a row of the two remaining symbols). This was the period when the News broke in watchdog groups, silenced aggressively of a massive mulipolarity program involving the proliferation of nuclear weapons across the planet to assure a back-up plan to reduce the populations of Earth to a management level of sustainability. This was a part of my interpretation and creation of X. LXXII (1558) poem by Nostradamus. Although this will remain in dispute because the world was not privy or allowed to take a vote for their own destruction.


Now the symmetry insists that the 2144 B.C.E. Vernal signature alpha (α) Pleiades’ relates to a tropical signature of 00 Taurii and 40 minuets (J.P.L. 03 Swiss Ephemeris) at the birth year of Jesus. For example, the Milky Way companion Galaxy, Andromeda M31[1] had a longitude of 00 Aries 35’ 03” for the Crucifixion eclipse of 24 November +29 A.C.E. Old Style calendar, Julian (early December Gregorian equivalent, and same year).  Then, alpha (α) Andromeda, according to the same ephemeride model had a longitude of 16 PIS 59’43”, latitude at Jerusalem for the Crucifixion eclipse of 25° 43’46” which is probably not the true position. However today this in a relative position of zero Aries at the vernal signature. At Jerusalem for the crucifixion eclipse alpha (α) Andromeda was seven seconds from the eastern horizon; see my page on details of the eclipse (11; 38 a.m. local time, U.T. 09:17:04, when the Moon and the Sun are in conjunction, Swiss Ephemeris P03.).


There remain more mysteries to this calculation but this remains for another time.



[1] Messier’s catalogue identifier.






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