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Released: 14st December 2011:  (SgrA* + Sun = alignment, at western horizon. Studio City, CA., U.S.A.). Updated 1 March 2014 with Stone Chart ( below), briefs,  and Data sets.


Topic: Stone :

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AMUC Large Gizah Pyr scored line astreology Biblical advanced methodology

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 Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone

The Re Adjusted Measurements


  1. Gizāh pyramid  Near Galactic Alignment Western Horizon 2011. PAGEREF _Toc311636640 \h 1

  2. Epoch Epsilon 26° 10’ 18.03” PAGEREF _Toc311636641 \h 1

  3. Course(s): 203,000 B.C.E. provides an evolutionary marker in mean solar years PAGEREF _Toc311636642 \h 2

  4. Nicolaus Copernicus Precession and 35 th course adjustments. PAGEREF _Toc311636643 \h 3

  5. Angle A Descending Passage to intersection is Epsilon 26° 33’ 36”. PAGEREF _Toc311636644 \h 3

  6. Angle A, Copernicus, Piazzi Smyth, Epsilonic change PAGEREF _Toc311636645 \h 3

  7. Epoch Yeshua 26° 10’ 18.03” PAGEREF _Toc311636646 \h 4

  8. Grand Gallery Precessional Adjustments, Epoch 2000 to Earth’s PED Galactic Alignment: PAGEREF _Toc311636647 \h 4


Gizāh Pyramid  Near Galactic Alignment Western Horizon 2011.


Gizāh pyramid near Galactic Alignment 2011: 14th December 2011 (Gregorian Calendar, our modern), 4:52:17 local time, Sun 22 SAG 15’17”, δ = 23° 12’38”; DC 22 SAG 15’07”, δ = 23° 11’31”N; U.T. 14:52:17; S.T. 22:28:53; Moon conjunct Praesepe, cancri ( its home), Sgr A* = 0° 42’ approaching. System Swiss Ephemeris, partially unreliable. Sgr A* = tropical signature for this time of day 22 SAG 57’07” Sun difference to Sgr A* = 00° 41’50”, and thus – 30’ for the diameter of the Sun’s disk indicates 11’50” discrepancy. This will be resolved when the Sun progresses toward the I.C. angle at Gizāh later in the night.


Angle Signatures for Gizāh pyramid near Galactic Alignment 2011, AC = Ox (Taurus), M.C. = Human (Aqu), DC= hooked cross angle = Sgr A*, I.C. = Lion.


Epoch Epsilon 26° 10’ 18.03”


19th course of the large pyramid at Gizāh and the angle of the descending passage as corrected by Petrie to 26° 18’ 9.7” (P. Smyth 26° 27’): This takes a rather bizarre angle, as the Gizāh plateau’s latitude is actually 29° north, and with light correction at 30° north. Thereby, indicating either a negative declination at the equinoxes, describing the target or in my opinion, the obliquity of the distant past.


The large pyramid historiography promotes a cite for alpha draconis which had by our modern mean precessional rates of 2170 B.C. – 2144 B.C.; however this would not be the case during the four tropical intersections in any of these years. So what is the mystery?


Scored Line to end of Descending Passage consists of 688.0245 Pinches: formula:  y + √688.0245³ = 18,047.03477y. Where ‘y’ represents a mean solar year conditioned upon the mean rate of the J.P.L. 03 Precessional Model. Thereby, The Gizāh Pyramid JPL 03 Precessional Model Intersections: Earth’s Obliquity at 26° 10’ 18.03” at Epoch 18,434.80863 B.C.E., astronomical calendar. The Copernican discrepancy remains 387.77386y. The reverse equation for the precessional flux is √8991 - √5770 = 18.86036772. Therefore the curve discrepancy to the value of the J.P.L. 03 model remains -425.55909y.


For one of Nicolaus Copernicus’ suggested precessional models [1] , formulated upon some daily ‘mean’ movement of the precession of the equinoxes for 1717 years, based upon the obliquity at 23° 57’ at the time of measurement and then comparing to the annual Egyptian year movement details 50”12”’05”” in sixty parts: Spring Equinox Galactic Center Alignment (P.E.D.) + one day to Copernicus’ mean Egyptian Year value without simple anomaly corrections = -17,125.2679 B.C.E.


  • J.P.L. 03 precessional model = twelve 30° ages at 2,047.97875 years.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus twelve 30° ages  at 2,150.029767 years (e.g. one of his different systems!).

  • Edgar Casey suggested the construction for the large Pyramid at Gizāh commenced


Course(s): 203,000 B.C.E. provides an evolutionary marker in mean solar years


The 19th course, if related to 19,000 B.C. E. and therefore deriving a 203 course development of humans without the cap-stone corrections, then 203,000 B.C.E. provides an evolutionary marker in mean solar years, to be later corrected to true time. The top course, minus the cap stone, is 203. The perimeter of the 35th course had been suggested a precessional rate, most likely a mean value. So, √35³ =207.0627924.


Nicolaus Copernicus Precession and 35 th course adjustments.


Nicolaus Copernicus, for one of his calculations suggests precession as 25,800 years: Prec.y   = 25,800 years 35 days and 43.2 of a day. Therefore√ 35∙25,800 = 152,634.8584. If we divide this by 1000, this will equate to 152.634..., and rounding off we have 153. This number comes up in various geometric observations. Again, thirty-five is the suggested precessional course of the Gizāh pyramid. The length of the roof of the Grand Gallery is 1836 pyramid inches or 12 ∙ 153.


Angle A Descending Passage to intersection is Epsilon 26° 33’ 36”.


There are 2656 Pinches from the beginning of the descending passage, outside of the large pyramid at Giza and therefore converting a solar annual mean to a sexagesmial system looks like this: 26.56° This converts to cosmic time as 26° 33’ 36”. We now are allowed to exert Epsilonic changes (i.e. obliquity changes). Therefore Petrie’s 26° 18’ 9.7” measurement to the distantal end of angle A results in some 00° 15’26.3” increase of Epsilonic rates.


Angle A, Copernicus, Piazzi Smyth, Epsilonic change


One of the Piazzi Smyth’s measurements of angle A is 26° 27’; therefore the discrepancy is 00° 06’36”. If we use Nicolaus Copernicus’ obliquity change per year and apply it to the solar mean year in days by a proper division of 365.2424 ( i.e. 00° 00’ 0.14”) we arrive at 00° 06’11.84” for the movement of 2656 mean – solar years. However, this was attempted by a scalar division.  This would imply an Epsilonic change using Piazzi Smyth’s measurement of the angle of the descending passage.


J.P.L. Epsilon rate increase for 2656 mean-solar-years is 00° 40’48.83 without anomaly corrections.


One of Nicolaus Copernicus’ obliquity change(s) measurements for 1,000 years consists thusly of 00° 12’ 30”. If we multiply this for 2,000 years we have 00° 25’00”


There are 44.266667 intervals of 60 of the raw integer of 2656; Therefore, the distanal degree fluctuation is 00° 45’44.53” or roughly a scaled down intersection of the eight-pointed wheel. The Copernican longitudal movement in Egyptian years: 30y= 00° 00’ 25” 06”’ 02””. There are 88.5333... intervals of 30 of the raw integer of 2656;



Epoch Yeshua 26° 10’ 18.03”


Jesus’ crucifixion eclipse (link) adjusted to the entrance of the large pyramid comes to 2626 B.C.E. This intends from the intersection, passed the scored line and to the outside of the pyramid; Additionally, by Hebrew inches we have the mean-solar-year date of 2626 B.C.E. For sexagesmial notation: 26°06’10.8”. This formula consists of a suggestion of 2144 B.C.E. (2145 B.C. Astron cal.) as the marker for the date of the birth-year of Yeshua which corresponds of the Bethlehem star signature color index of Red, Blue and Yellow. This also corresponds to the position for the Crucifixion eclipse of 29 A.C.E. – which adjusts the datum in most chronologies.


This places the deep pit at the Subterranean Passage not at 2004 A.C.E. but at 2000 to which we had the last of the small-conjunctions of The Earthly Chronocrater series in May of 2,000 A.C.E., and this matches the last one during the period of Socrates’ execution by three demons and a lot at Athens.


Grand Gallery Precessional Adjustments, Epoch 2000 to Earth’s PED Galactic Alignment:


Grand Gallery consists of 1881.2223 Pinches to the south wall of the step; and thus proposally converts to the equidistance from an Epoch of 2000 A.C.E. to the P.E.D. galactic Alignment of 2226 A.C.E. Christian Calendar, Gregorian. Formula: [√ 1881.2223³] / 360 = 226.6510193y. [2]  Where ‘y’ represents a mean solar year and assuming epoch 2000 equates to an approximate period for the birth of Yeshua (Hellenic, Jesus, Hebrew, y' houshua ), therefore the projected elliptical degree conjunction to the P.E.D. Galactic Center occurs in 2226 A.C.E. ± 1°.


For example, at 2011 from 13 th to the 14 th of December, Gregorian Calendar, the Sun aligns to the Galactic Center, Sgr A* on the angles, at least at the latitude of Los Angeles, California. For the 13th the Galactic Center was approaching the Sun and the angles and on the 14th the Galactic Center was separating from the Sun and from  the angles. Within these times the Sun’s diameter was able to intersect the 1,0x1.0 arc second of the massive Galactic Vortex at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, not our interceptor Galaxy!



Vern al 3797 A.D. ( Nostradamus) Will have the Sun in a relative location to an Aquarian Main Star.

Beta (β) Aquarius, Sadalsuud, is a pale yellow 3rd magnitude star in the left shoulder of the Water Carrier.

Sadalsuud — not Sund nor Saud, as frequently written — is from Al Sa'd al Su'ud, liberally translated the
Luckiest of the Lucky, and to understand this we need to geometrically ( not tropically) understand its elliptical 149° 34′ conceptual angle to Alpha (α) Virgo, also a potential positive star and here an 150° aspect inconjunct .


[1] On The Shoulder of Giants, The Great Works of Physics and Astronomy, ed. Stephen Hawking (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Running Press Books, 2002), p. 148.

[2] 81,594.36696; therefore corrected by cosmic time 360°.



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