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Apokálypsis; "Article V."

a © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 14st December 2011:  (SgrA* + Sun = alignment, at western horizon. Studio City, CA., U.S.A.)


Topic: Stone : Precessional Rates at Concave

 Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone

The Re Adjusted Measurements

  1. The Stone’s Concaves. PAGEREF _Toc311635189 \h 1

  2. Pyramid Perimeter Against Earth’s Polar Radius scalered equals a Modern Solar Mean Year, also scalered. PAGEREF _Toc311635190 \h 1

  3. Symmetry abounds in the proto-or-Mayan Long-Count Calendar and the large pyramid at Gizāh. PAGEREF _Toc311635191 \h 2


The Stone’s Concaves.


Each side of the pyramid, including the existing core, according to Petrie’s Reconstruction Plate, illustrates a concave by a mean –indent at the centers of each side. Since this was important to note because the solar-mean-year value therefore intersects this curvature by a cord, it remained a mystery to all. However, it is quite simple because it defines the obliquity rates at angles from the four-tropical-galactic alignments. Precession, as it was incorporated by a Union, called the International Astronomical Union, implying mediocre results, gave the ephemerides a mean-rate value, when the pyramid clearly shows the opposite and true value of a dynamic precession fluctuation where at the intersections it speeds up and its medium, between these intersections, precession slows down. 


At certain integers, including the casing stone added to the measurement Petrie gave its value at 70 inches. So we seek to explain the production of the building. Course 36 minus course 19 (two key courses) results in the 17th course; we then apply our equation: √17³ = 70.09279564... or Daniel’s 70 years equation. This remains then as symmetrical as Petrie’s raw distance of the ascending passage vertical length at 6796 – 7,000 = 203. There are 203 Courses without the Cap Stone courses.  There are 17 steps in the Grand Gallery.


Pyramid Perimeter Against Earth’s Polar Radius scalered equals a Modern Solar Mean Year, also scalered.[1]


Yet, Petrie confirmed with the organized and correct global  data that to which he made is correction to other’s earlier attempts gave the  square perimeter value of 36,524 ( plate xvii, fig. C, Square Base Circuit, QRST,= 36,524 PYR. INCHES, in David Davison’s book, illustrated page of Professor Petrie’s Reconstruction Plate).


Our modern value ranges from guesses as 365.25 to 356.2422 [01]. The tropical year, in this case we call it a mean solar year always appears to be reliable from millennia to millennia. This is because it is a solar system phenomena with its laws, and our sidereal phenomena relies on more complex and universal laws at light-year distances and unseen dimensions. 


Because of the barrycenter(s) of our solar system, one such observance is an actual revolution of our Sun ( yes, it has an orbit), and this throws-off our equinoxes and solstices and every so often we need to correct our calendars for civil purposes. The longer and unnoticeable to each generation of the precession of the equinoxes and the Epsilonic shift we call the obliquity phenomena remains out of any such communication as a mean value. Therefore the perimeter of the pyramid could never have been meaned out like our tropical mean solar year.



Symmetry abounds in the proto-or-Mayan Long-Count Calendar and the large pyramid at Gizāh.


I calculated the long-count Mayan fractional notation: y + 10.012 √643  = 5,126.144y. Now let us look at the slope of the pyramid according to Petrie’s plate XVII. The equation is thus: 360√ 51° 51’ 14.3” = 2,592.349282 y, where ‘y’ represents a mean-solar year. And therefore, 2 ∙  [360√ 51° 51’ 14.3] = 5,184.698564y. However, we are not finished. By using the sides of the pyramid again, this time adding the base distance of the pyramid with the extension of the casing stones Petrie found 9059 pyramid inches. When we use the equation 2 ∙ 9059 = 18,118y and we use a little imagination, we arrive at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory PO3 Precessional Model (most used in astrological programs across the planet at this time, and is very incorrect!) we have Earth’s Obliquity at 26° 10’ 18.03” at Epoch 18,434.80863 B.C.E. Earth’s Obliquity at 26° 10’ 18.03” was Petrie’s determination of the angle at the entrance of the pyramid at the 19th Course.


Finally, the Pyramid or the long-count Mayan Calendar takes the mean-solar-year of 356.24[22] and multiplies it by 360° 00’00” which arrives at 131487° 11’ and then divides it by their estimation of a full precessional ‘relative’ cycle.


For example, if we take one of Copernicus’ attempts and throw-out the days, hours and minuets we have 25,800y. Then by dividing the degrees we arrive at 5.09640279°ąges. Then it is up to use to define a commencement measurement for some chronology.


Pinches: as derived by the 24 hour cycle of days in a mean solar year and a scale to the diameter of the circumference of the Earth which conditions the 24 hour cycle by its mass and other solar-system bodies masses. Leftish academic college books base the creation of the inch upon unsubstantiated history; it was the length of some toes of a king or of some measuring out of three acorns, and on-and-on, etc...; however, these measurements are close to a scalar system postulated by the most brilliant of humans in history.


A pyramid inch is a Hebrew Inch, and how they knew the diameter of the Earth before Newton suggested its near mean value(s)[2] remains a mystery. Never the less, all over the Internet, a person can learn the history and comparative ideas of these national inches, and relate a historical methodology to derive the pyramid inch -- which remains relatively close to the Hebrew Inch (i.e Pinch.), too which bases a tropical notion.  An Hebrew inch verses American inch = 1.001081; British inch = 1.00106.



[1] my term, it means scaled as is 100 /10 = 10 or in this case 36524/ 100 = 365.24.

[2] two values, one at the poles and one at the equator because the Earth bulges and looks like an Egg, suggested as a term by Newton and it agrees to the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph and mythology depictions of the ‘cosmic egg’ our home – how did they also know this?






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