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Apokálypsis; "Article V."

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Released: 15 th February 2012. , Studio City, Los Angeles, United States of America. 

Topic: Stone : Metrology

Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone

The Re Adjusted Measurements



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  2. Skeptical Metrology: PAGEREF _Toc315532449 \h 5

  3. Large Gizāic Pyramidic Metrological Relationships PAGEREF _Toc315532450 \h 7

  4. Astronomical Cycles: My Opinion. PAGEREF _Toc315532451 \h 10

  5. Varying Precessional Rate. PAGEREF _Toc315532452 \h 11

  6. Nostradamus & The Aquarian Pyramid Star PAGEREF _Toc315532453 \h 17

  7. Advaned Celestial Coding: added 24 March 2014.



The Mysteries of the Large Pyramid at Gizāh intend a revelation during a time of a great human need. It is a part of what I call a human management system. The large pyramid at Gizāh is the only Egyptian nine-sided pyramid. The ninth side would be its uneven base. Each face of the large pyramid exists with concaved expressions which are not easily explained. However after historical research on advanced analytic precessional rates over vast periods of time, the rate of the shift on one degree lessens as the Earth approaches one of the four tropical intersections. We are in one of those periods which lasts centuries and during the mid-section of one of these ratios the precessional rate slows down which is represented by the concaved sides of the pyramids as the Galactic Center intersections are represented by the cardinal points. So for our solar system, when we align to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, we begin to speed up and this phenomena can be and is discoursed as, 'an quickening.'


This understanding was promoted in what today’s Egyptian city is called today as Heliopolis, under a different name in very ancient times. During this period advanced geometry was promoted with the Egyptian supreme deity, prior to the Isis and Osiris cults as the head deity or supreme deity of creation Anubis. Our modern understanding of Anubis remains a downgrade or a usurpation, such as any other culture. Prior to Nut, Geb, Ra, Atem, Aten, Isis or Osiris, Anubis represented the Sphinx as a four-folded beast and Heliopolis then divided up eight creation deities which represented the eight facial sides of the large pyramid at Gizāh. In Seti II’s tomb, a mural of the cosmos has the Sphinx represented in the position of Cancer in the sky chart, more apropos to Praesepe (M44). Along side this artistic description is the egg-shaped Earth, and the feather that accompanies creation. The sphinx did not have a pharaoh’s headdress or represented a pharaoh at all because this period took place before pharaoh was even a concept.


al-`Ubaid (Arabic: عبيد‎) (ca. 5300 to 4000 BC) is a prehistoric period of Mesopotamia. It is located in southern Iraq, closer to the Arabian Peninsula. The invention of the wheel remains the most notable evolutionary achievement. The pyramid age for Lower Egypt halts about 2,200 B.C.E. Climate change created extreme arid conditions which forced migrations to different areas of the Earthly globe. The Sarah desert for example once was a thriving subsection of the Mediterranean ocean and till this day consists of whale skeletons. The many various Egyptian kings’ lists were composed circa 570-530 B.C.E. to try to bring the people back to the ancient land and this period saw the proto-Hellens and Europe began to flourish with cultures and eventually civilizations with mythos and cultural traditions of their own. These proto-Hellens migrated north from Mesopotamia or Egypt over a few millennia in order to cool-off, so-to-speak.


Returning was a theme of all of our civilizations. Horopollo (I,iii) claims the Phœnix refers to the palm branch as signifying a ‘year’ in Egyptian terms. Likewise, the phœnix, the bird (Horopollo I,xxxiv)  signified the Egyptians themselves and more intimately their soul returning home[1] in a continuous understanding of reincarnating back to their original homelands. The imperialistic and mass murderer Julius Cæsar was abhorred after meeting Druids who discoursed on reincarnation or on rebirth. He wrote disparagingly of these ideas associated to meeting them. The Druids hold a tradition they are the inheritors of Stonehenge (Yorkshire), an astronomical complex noted for the return of the Sun’s light to various nooks and crannies at the solstices. Pseudo scientists are busy concerned with rebirth and astronomy/astrology and metrology and have little time to claim they are the best and smartest person in the world.


But the large pyramid at Gizāh has the upper hand. Julius Cæsar continuing the race wars that set the modern calendar New Years’ Date to 1 January 153 B.C.E. stumbled into The Curia (i.e. Roman Senate) and demanded that he reintroduce the first of January as the beginning of the New Years’. Romans were in a racist war against Iberia (modern day Spain) in 153 B.C.E. and already employing the New Babylonian calendar commencement of the New Years’ Day around the Vernal Equinox chose to change to an arbitrary date to elect a general counselor who could direct a military campaign against the Iberians. The large pyramid at Gizāh incorporates the numerical symbol of 153 throughout its interior. However, most do not know that al-Cyone, eta taurii or alpha Pleiades’ has a longitude and equidistant relationship to the Galactic Center 1.0 x1.0 arc seconds.  Even authoritative Mesoamerican academics intend the many Aztec buildings were oriented for the alignment to these Pleiades’. So our modern New Years’ celebrated by most European peoples across the Earth use racial wars, murders, genocides, and other moribund applications to celebrate when the year changes symbols – and it commenced in 153 B.C.E. Even The Church, and correctly so, tried to off-set this moribund observation and placed the unknown Birth Date of Jesus of Nazareth to correspond to the Festival of Dionysius, the Sun god which takes place every 25th of December. It is these types of symbolic coincidences that gave rise to mysteries embodied into the large pyramid at Gizāh.


A school of pyramidology


The school of pyramidology that intends the large Gizah pyramid encodes prædestination are championed by pseudo scientists. I am one myself. I have good company. Claudius Ptolemy a  pseudo scientist, we the world use his tropical calendar time to run our lives. Jesus of Nazareth was a pseudo scientist, we use his years to count our birthdays and organize planet Erath. The father of modern physics, Sir Isaac Newton was a pseudo scientist. National world space agencies use Newton’s calculations on gravity, not Einstein’s, to manage their space programs. Newton figured out the ancient Egyptian cubit. Socrates was a pseudo scientist; we use his questioning method to narrow down possibilities to understanding reality. He helped promote the excellent deductive methodology leading eventually to the modern scientific method. Pseudo scientists have shaped history more than any other group in all of history. However, they are banned from academia because they are ‘false’ scientists.


So what makes a true scientist?


The Real Scientists are the ones who manipulate and combine different species D.N.A.,  to form monsters in the academic and military laboratories’. The Real scientists are the ones who create weapons of mass destruction, make illusion enemies, foreign and domestic, and dominate the world for their selfish needs. This group is legion. Social scientists claim all conservatives ( whatever that means?) are racists, not human, and bad people. Does that means persons conserving water are bad people? Those who claim what I say as misrepresenting the other side, I attended the University of California, at Berkeley for undergraduate studies in a department classified as a Social Science Department. The entire campuses that engage in any social science discipline are all pseudo scientists because according to the scientific methodology if one cannot measure some material substance at least three times it does not exist. But you will never get any of them to admit this ironicy. Hypotheses, theories, opinions, individualistic claims, and ideas are all under the auspices of a pseudo discipline.


My definitions are hard and strict, but how can you tell of the future if you are ignorant? If you are ignorant, the large pyramid at Gizāh will do it for you; you, all one has to do is follow the pseudo program.  All things in the universe have equidistant relationships. When I discourse on scalar things these are eqidistantal concepts. When the Bible reads ‘one day for a year,’ these are gravitational-equidistantal relationships. When futures failed by former time chronological pyramidologists to a change, implying an end-time, the use of one “year for a month” on the King’s floor failed. Still, they all used three systems and one of them foreshadowed universality. Anyone can run their chronologies off this stone!


My sources. My astronomy came first for the scored line backtracking the crucifixion eclipse. However, later after finding in the library D.D. and A. H., The Great Pyramid: Its Devine Message ( first pub. 1924, reading 9th ed. Great Britain, William Rider & Son Lmt., 1961) a confirmation of al-Cyone’s alignment at the Vernal Equinox or Autumnal agrees somewhat to the time-line laid out by D. Davidson, and H. Aldersmyth. The thesis of the book I absolutely do not agree with, it remains British delusions of state-grandeur. On pages 406-7 of this edition as well as page 456 and many others the accession of Queen Elizabeth around late 1557 and one month prior to 1558 until 2045 A.C.E. these authors propose that the large pyramid at Gizāh only speaks to ‘the British race.” This was one such reason Flingers Petrie angered by his pyramidologist father chose to debunk the pyramid inch or primitive inch because a slew of British opportunists sought ‘create the east’ as Edward Said laid out in “Orientalism,” although most of the works Said had analyzed he misunderstood.  Still this carried on somewhat in Adam Rutherford’s work in which Peter Lemesurier capitalized continuing the same preposterous notion of a localized climate and region ruling the world. D. Davidson writing for the late H. Aldersmith makes it clear that Britain was the Kingdom come that would rule over other unfortunate races and exterminate all others and last forever. These types of theses damage any real enquiry to scientific pondering of the secrets of life.


A school of pyramidology ( e.g. pyramidologist argue the pyramid has another function than a funerary complex) that believes the large pyramid at Gizāh is a Bible in Stone must contend with fate or in a religious colloquialism, prædestination. For the greater populations of human history this type of reasoning or rationality does not exist from an empirical standpoint. Time and space or space-time are all constructed for free-will of the individual. Persons entertaining the notion of fate are subjected to ridicule-factor by the greater populous as false-scientists or mentally challenge humans. What cannot be explained so readily are the equidistant relationships between the various passages, chambers, and rooms inside the pyramid to which astronomical reckoning can derive heavenly phenomena – otherwise seen as primitive under the current established auspices of Darwinian Evolution.


It was not until Claudius Ptolemy, an Egyptian working at Alexandria Library, wrote Almagest (Arabic for the Greatest Work) that fixed our modern year and astronomical phenomena to relative precise measurements – which are still in use today. Ptolemy was writing in 150 A.C.E. and the pyramids are said to have their period prior to 2100 B.C.E. If the celestial phenomena had not been understood prior to Ptolemy a question begs to be asked then how does the tropical year, working models of the precession of the equinox, and mathematical formulas not developed concern most of the pyramid’s architecture?  Academics continue to evade such difficult questioning. It is ironic then that we are now according to three scalar chronologies entering the antechamber to which Marshawn Adams linked to Egyptian texts as named it the chamber of the triple veil. This chamber has four portcullises and three are empty.


Skeptical Metrology:


Flinders Petrie did not believe in a pyramid inch, created by John Taylor of Oxford. He also did not believe in a ‘Sacred Cubit.” The notation of 5 multiplied by 5 is also made up – however it fits scalar devisitory concepts.


Petrie claimed those who believed in the pyramid inch were the same as those who believed in the ‘flat Earth.’ However incorrect that Petrie remained, it was pseudo scientists that promoted the egg shaped Earth and it was real scientists of the ancient world, standard academically revered in their communities that ruined peoples lives if they did not promote their professor’s flat earth society. When many people enquired to Petrie about some of his muddled measurements, Petrie screamed like a little child and ran away leaving modern skeptics to believe his statements without examination. The engravings and frescos in ancient burial chambers addressing cosmology usually relate the cosmos geometry of the world as a spiracle egg shaped body of mater.  Pseudo scientist Sir. Isaac Newton first in modernity promoted the bulging at the center of the Erath, later confirmed by the French Royal Academia when they took rods all across the earth to measure its spatial dimensions.


John Tayler proposed that a pyramid inch had nothing to do with the pyramid. It was an equidistant relationship of a scalar metric, later confirmed by United States of America geographical surveys in the early twentieth century. A pyramid inch is thereby a ratio: 1/50,000,000 of the Earth’s radius. This takes into an account of the bulging at the center and flattening at the poles. Curiously these off-sets at the Earth’s equatorial center and at the poles represent the Pyramid’s off-set ratios of 286 B” – measurements to which Petrie found over and over again as a repeated thematic. According to standard academic “evolution,” the Egyptian civilization during the pyramid construction periods did not know of these modern geological and geophysical aspects of the Erath. In other words, these periods are a part of evolution where the idiot is the smartest person on the civil scene.


For example, during the European medieval ages, the early periods, complaints directed against Europeans at shame because the Abassīd civilization was at a classical and a high civilization status, the poor Europeans did not know the angles of a triangle or of a rectangle – europeans existed in total ignorance. This is why Europeans are indebted to the near Eastern Islamic civilizations that translated and preserved knowledge that formally Europeans had practiced. Evolutionists do not seem to takes these realities into consideration when discoursing on eschalogical evolution. There are little evidences that observe us as more ignorant than the past.


Petrie gave incorrect measurements and ran away from communal enquiry. He falsely accused the Royal Astronomer of Scotland, Professor Piazzi Smyth of incorrect measurements to the core masonry ‘hollowing’, however there are multiple equations based upon foundations, real, core and casing and concaved facial slopes. However, all over the internet skeptics to university blogs will incorrectly and still falsely accuse Professor Piazzi Smyth – especially if these persons are of a nationalistic British typecast. I find it hard to believe that skeptics or whatnot can read any of these works, study them, and come to an academic conclusion – most will be unable to even grasp the most basic of data and measurements – let alone understand the historical discipline.


Large Gizāic Pyramidic Metrological Relationships


Sir. Isaac Newton pleasantly harassed Oxforder John Greaves for his pyramid measurements, and in later editions of Greaves’ work he adopted Newton’s Metrologic schemata based upon British equivalents.



Measurement notation:

A” American Inches

B”: British Inches

P” Pyramid Inches (0.0011 B”). Invented by John Tayler.

A.P.: Anno Pyramid (‘00’ – ‘6000’).

A.K. Anno King’s list: either Africanus (5601 mean solar-years of human kings of Egypt, ends 347 B.C.E., i.e. anno pyramid 3652.42, fictitious),  or et al. Armenian version Eusebius, Ægyptiaci, in Greek; extracts not preserved by Syncellus 800 A.C.E., retained by Josephus, Contra Apion..., all are erroneous based, all cultish, upon geometrical mean-solar years, erroneous astronomical cycles,  and pyramidic dynastology (e.g. measurements of the architecture of various pyramids = reigns of kings and of dynasties.).

‘y’ after numerals usually means mean solar years in my work.

P to B at 6,000 integers discrepancy = 6.6.

Astronomy: P to B at 6,000 integerial-scalar 66 1/3° reciprocal- elliptical incline.



Flinders Petrie:

Old Digit: = 0.7296 B”

Cubit: 18.24 B”.

Orguia: 72.96 B”

Square Area of 100 Roman Decempedæ: 400 feet of 11.6344 B” (D.D. & A.H. 11.6388).

100 Roman Decempedæ Square Feet: 9407 British Feet.

¼ Remen Square = 200 linear reman of 14.6 (D.D. & A.H. 14.5871 B”.).




3656.4 B” of a Circle contains 5000 digits of 0.73128 B” (Petrie, Rome, Assyria).

1163.88 B” of a Circle contains 1600 digits of 0.72742 B” ( Petrie, Egypt).

Side of Reman 1458.71 B” contains 2000 digits of 0.72935 B” (Petrie 0.729).



Equal relative Area Laws:

Rectangle: Length of 3652.42∙ Length of 1162.6 B” = 4,248,419.424.

Square: 2060.6² B” = 4,246,484.49.

A Circle of 1162.6 B” diameter = 3652.415619 or 3652.42.



Circumference of 3656.4 B” of a Circle contain 200 circumferential cubits of 18.2822 B”; Diameter 1163.88 B” of a Circle contains 64 diametric cubits of 18.1856 B”.

Mediterranean mean cubit of metrologists, 18.2339 B”

Side of Reman, 1458.71 B” contains 80 cubits of 18.2339 B” ( Petrie 18.32 to 18.2).[2]


Egyptian Hieroglyphs:

1 digit = 0.7375 ( width of a finger) English Inches

4 digits = 1 palm (face of the hand).

6 palms = 1 cubit (forearm of a human) 17.10 English inches.

7 palms of 4 digits each [28 parts, Newton] = Egyptian cubit.



Ancient Egyptian Metrology:



Ancient Egypt Royal Cubit:

Royal Cubit = 20.6 B”

The Egyptian Sethăt or square Aroura (Petrie); sides 100 cubits of 20.6293 B”

Sethăt Volume: 425.5680185 (near approximate of King’s linear floor).

Sethăt Volume ¼: 106.3920046.

Sethăt Volume ½: 212.7840092.

Sethăt Surface: 600² (60,000) cubits or 2,553.408111 B”.



Ancient Egypt Reman:

100 Reman is ¼ Aroura of 14.5871 B”.

100 Reman parameter: 58.3484 B” (radius of antechamber circumference astronomical metrology).

100 Reman diameter of circumference: 116.6968 B”. ( incorporated into the King’s corridors Antechamber.).



Metrics Modern to English:

1 kilometer: 0.62 Miles

1 meter: 1.09 yards

1 meter: 3.28 feet

1 centimeter: 0.39 inches.

1 liter: 0.26 gallons

1 kilogram: 2.20 pounds

1 gram: 0.035 ounce.


Ancient Scales:

Diametric Scale: 25 digits = 1 diametric cubit.

Diametric Scale: 16 digests = diametric foot. 1 F. and ½ = 24 digits.


Ancient Egyptian Pi:

½ Circumference of 18.2625 B” = 5.813 B” as radius ( this is represented in the secret step integer under the riser and in the location of the central axis of the). pyramid.

Circumference of 36.525 ( close to a scalar mean-tropical-solar-year) / 11.626 = 3.14159...= π.



Egyptian Rod: ½ Circumference of 18.2625 B” (Petrie).



Medieval English Metrological (Petrie 10th to 15th cc. Egyptian Building codes):

Foot: 13.22 B”. A Belgic Foot; Petrie claims originated in Asia Minor.

Yard: 39.66 B”

Fathom: 79.32 B”

Chain: 793 B”

Furlong: 7,932 B”

Mile: 79,320 B”[3]


“The legal foot altered the perch and rod to 198 B” in place of the former 200 B”, which contained 15 Belgic feet of 13 1/3  P[yramid] inches. To affect a compromise between the two competing systems, the perch or rod of 198” was reckoned as containing 15 Belgic feet. This gave an adjusted foot of 13.2 P” ( 13.22 B”, as Petrie, above).”[4] The Asia minor foot as Petrie claimed was 13.35 British inches.



Path of Promulgation of notational building metrology


Egypt: to near east all the way to China; later to Greece, to Rome, and later onto Europe and the modern age(s).


Ancient Greek Systems of Measurement:

Old digit: 0.7296 B”

25 cubits: 4= 100= 18.24 B”

Orguia: 72.96 B”

Amma: 729.6 B”

Stadion: 7296 B” (Petrie derived this by a mean of two Egyptian and separate systems).

Petrie claims 24 digits divided into 18.24 B” obtains a new Greek digit of 0.76 B”.[5]


Astronomical Cycles: My Opinion


Cycles: My Opinion

Cynic Cycle: none exist in rational empiricism.

Sothis Cycle: Erroneous, due to lapse in calculating precessional shifts of background stars. Egyptians figured this out too, but it took 3 ( if times 40 years) generations for Egyptians to figure out because precession was slower, at a mean of 100 years = 1° (degree). Various Egyptian King’s Lists ( authoritative, such Africanus): Erroneous based upon 35fth course parameter and other measurements.

Cycles of the House of Enoch: Enoch lived 365 years and 365 days and a fraction are the days in a year. The Phoenix Cycle (4 ∙ 365¼ = 4161y) or 360,495 mean solar days from a cyclical beginning of zero A.K.):[6] Erroneous; and there are other adaptations in Greek mythology to the House of Enoch’s cyclical things. See Nostradamus fardāyrīya ( See part ii-iii, Abraham ibn Ezra, Johannes Trithemvis, Henry Agrippa, Richard Roussat, Nostradamus does not use such a system!).

1461³ = 3,118,535,181.  

Calendar Cycle of Genisis: Erroneous.

Nostradamus: never mentions things in cycles, because none exist.

Precessional Cycle: unknown and it will also vary each turn, so there is no cycle either.

Tropical Year: Perhaps the only relatively historical cycle and the basis for our modern time-keeping.


Varying Precessional Rate


48th B.C.E. – 4 Th B.C.E. mean Precessional Rate = 25,826½ shifted 60° or two zodiac signs at 4,380y [2,190y per 30°] (D.D. & A.H.).[7]

50√2 ∙ 365.242 = 25,826.5095.

7 Pyramid Inches = 25,826.5095.

A.P. (6,000) ∙ 25,826.5095. = 154,959,057.

154,959,057. ∙ 7 = 1,084,713,399. (one billion).

Great Step Anno Pyramid = 5842.3397932 (D.D. & A.H., midnight 25 Jan. 1844 A.C.E.)

Symmetry: Riser Epoch multiplied by 48th B.C.E. – 4 Th B.C.E. mean Precessional Rate = 150,887.244.2 (millions). Multiplied by 7 = 1,056,210,709 (billion).

So, 1,056,210,709³ = 3.432620958.. (13th)


Biblical Metrology:

153 ∙ 6 Fishes in Gospel of John ( 12 ∙ 153 length of Gallery).

Anno Pyramid: ‘00’ – ‘6000’ as linear cords (6000 = 11 September 2001).

One year for one day method: standard and applied to A.P., A.K., and Linear Pyramid measurements.

One day for one thousand years.

One day for one month, suspicious!


First we align the Sidereal and the Tropical intersections for our modern times based upon the scored line’s creation signature of the stone at our modern day Gizāh Plateau. In order to do this, first we need the Holy Bible. This event is referenced in the synoptic gospels, of Markos, of Mattityahu, of Loukas’ Gospels, Christian Bible.   We have found out that the only possible candidate for the Crucifixion Eclipse (link) takes place in the early part of December 0029 A.C.E., Gregorian Calendar; therefore we back engineer the Birth date for שףצ (yeshua), Greek Іησοΰς (Iesous), Jesus, and keep in mind our 33 year reference to an age distance from birth to crucifixion. This would be the year of the famed Star of Bethlehem, which had a color signature of Whitish Blue, of Yellow, and, of Red in -0005 B.C.E., -0006 astronomical calendar -- near late winter and early spring.


We know the petrine fathers estimated the birth more weighted toward the late winter and early spring, and only one reference to the year of creation in the near east at this time,  to have begun during the fall equinox. Therefore the suggestion became further blurred by Albertus Maximus’ buddies mistranslating a Classical Latin passage using a medieval Latin perspective which claimed Jesus was born from the constellation of Virgo ( a misread; in Classical Latin, the passage reads: Jesus was born from [The] Virgin Mary!).


When a baby is born, their first full year is always counted as year two, post first-birthday. Therefore keeping in mind there was never a year zero until J.J. Scaliger (Early Modern Age) invented the year zero, we can now make our evaluation: y = - 0005 B.C., therefore,  34y - 1y = 33y. Therefore the birth date now clear can be utilized for astronomical reckoning.


Next we will use Judicial Astrology, most appropriately, Abū Ma‘šar (Abassīd era) and place our foundation chart to a date of -2145 astronomical calendar, Vernal Equinox, at modern named Gizāh, Egypt. What we find out is that Alycone makes the closest approach to the angles (quadrants) at the Vernal passage (-2144 B.C.E., Gregorian Equivalent, J.P.L. 03 Model of precession).


The next thing we do is convert our tropical signatures to sidereal signatures to read our symbolism, at the behest of Abraham Ibn Ezra (Se’fer Ta’amei, produced at Provence, France). Therefore we should expect to find our coordinate quadrants at signatures of The Ox, of The Lion, of The Eagle and of The Human. These signatures are all there on the angles.  This is of course for a compounded confirmation that we are achieving for our desired results.  


The next thing we do is throw-out the pyramid inches, sacred cubits, etc... measurement systems, because these at this time are not necessary. When Sir Isaac Newton was calculating Earth’s radius, at the same time he called for a geomapping because he knew the Earth was an egg-shaped figure (bulged at the equator, therefore the poles are a little depressed!) – and of course this has been confirmed by the ancient Egyptian cosmologists for our Earth which was the cosmic egg. This helped identify the Sphinx from Egyptian funerary tomb illustrations of the heavens. 


The cosmic bird which carries the egg is positioned next to the symbol of the Sphinx which then sidereally points to the heavenly signature, accompanied by the primordial waters ( Human), its exozodiacal signature as Hydræ, the intersection symbol and the zodiacal location for the Sphinx – the original statuary on the Gizāh Plateau. 


Next we identify our foundation chart signatures in relation to the know identified signature of the scored line in the entrance passage of the stone. At a relative culmination (five seconds of difference), the Sun culminates with its closest approach to al-Cyone at Gizāh at 12:06:15 p.m., local time. On the angles, therefore are The Ox, Lion, Eagle, and Human – all from sidereal perspectives. The lights are al-fard, alpha hydræ, the primordial waters, a single modern Aquarius symbol (Lion) in Egyptian funerary decorations, Zubenelak, the square represented under the primordial waters (Eagle’s claws) in Egyptian funerary decorations, al-Cyone of the Pleiades (the Ox), and llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, (the Human), on the western horizon.


At this signature foundation chart, the Galactic Center has a near or approximate 30 degree displacement at the angles, as Giza has a latitude of 30° north. This will be important when we begin rectification of space-time.


Next we begin to confirm displacement between sidereal and tropical signatures.   The tropical ascendant is the signature of the Sphinx (13° CAN 15’58”). The tropical Midheaven is at 00ARI05’23”.  Now we will calculate the displacement. First we have Sphinx ∙ 2 = 26° 31’56”. Then we subtract the M.C. correction by 2 = 00° 10’46”. We then find the difference between our two axial displacements which comes to 00° 21’10”. Next we then apply this correction to our Sphinx, which comes to 26° 21’10”. Assuming no natural disasters or large systemic events displaced the passage which protrudes to the outer boundaries of the stone this intends .75 or approximately one century of precessional correction. The modern incline is at 26° 18’10”.


We know have our approximate signature for our stone purposes of human management. Next we will work on what Stephen Hawking brought to the attention of us, and Einstein’s Holy Grail. Albert Einstein spent many nights reading astrology books of the ancients’. Einstein did not practice astrology or actually care about it. He read these ancient texts because astrologers of our past were the only individuals who concerned themselves with mathematics and star positions. In order for Einstein to prove and communicate his General Relativity to the scientific world and/or public, first he needed to solve the precession of the equinoxes. He made an early mistake, he later realized, in his theory of special relativity. The idea was not incorrect, but as with Ibn Ezra, acceleration and deacceleration described the actual movements of the stars over long periods of historical time. Einstein read ancient astrology books because he wanted star-positions. This, he understood, would help him calculate gravitational space-time fluctuations he needed to prove his theory of General Relativity.


Everyone understood this problem from Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Ezra, Ma‘šar and many other astrologers in history. What is actually assumed is that precession is not a constant rate, and therefore as Hipparcos, Ptolemy’s source, and onward suggested, we humans provided to our future generations their estimations, including the tradition of all astronomer/astrologers of all cultures across the earth. After the compilation from Asian, Indian, African, European, and by our modern age – all over the world, we now understood that these ancient estimations by the authoritative astrologers prove that precession of the equinoxes does not occur uniformly across space-time from a linear perspective. This is why we throw-out the pyramid inches for pin-point accuracy. No one yet, not even Hawking nor previously had Einstein figured out the fluctuation of precession. However, for us to figure this out, we will have to try our best to attempt to solve the puzzle.


First we will do rectification. What we want to figure out is if some of our mean-precessional calculations will provide relative signatures to world-changing events.


Let’s perform a measurement for the global mean The Galactic Center Alignment; and do not get this confused with the 2012’s Dark Rift signature.  The Maya or proto-Maya never mention a galactic center alignment; however at the Winter Solstice of 2012 signature, the Dark Rift appears just above the western horizon at the locations of their stone-complexes, as I have written about confidentially. To affirm our foundation chart for our stone, we progress our mean-preccesional sidereal coordinates to the year of 2226 A.C.E., which has an approximate northern latitude conjunction to the position of the Sun and the Galactic Center, by elliptical projection. We should find an approximate 45° displacement form the zenith axis. The displacement is thusly 13° 50’35” + 30° = 43° 50’35”. The difference is 01° 09’25” from the eight-wind intersection (Regulus is on the ascendant, and the Gorgons culminate).


The eight creation gods of ancient Egypt confirm our intercepting galaxy to our host, the Milky Way, and with our tropical incline (which also varies). This creates the eight pointed wheel, found all around the world, one such depiction near where Nostradamus had roamed. The intersections are scientifically understood as two equinoxes, two solstices, and four-galactic alignment intersections – per a Platonic Great Year (or Hindi, Meso-American, all cultures understood this).


The Newport Tower, Rhode Island,  has eight legs, in which the 1524 late winter map and early spring (Stellium Piscibus 1524)[8] map given to François I, identifies, and of an expedition by Giovanni da Verrassano (his brother and shipmates), funded by Lionese bankers[9] (de’ Medici). This expedition actually founded our modern New York.  The tower identifies the winter solstice (9:00 a.m.), and points to Kensington, Minnesota, the foundational claim stone, U.S.A. The hooked x. marks the important period in sacred geometry. Conforming to the Holy Grail, in 1898, Olaf discovered this Kensington stone, while clearing trees for his farm -- all of this a part of a Norse, Templar operation.


Next, we will find another reference point for compounding confidence. We will use the Nostradamus dated poem of X. LXXII, which has a signature of 11 September 1,999. This was the Old Style Year Calendar used during the sixteenth century Europe, the year changed at the Annunciation of Mary, late March (about the 25th of March), as confirmed by contemporary sources from royalty to the common. Nostradamus, one of the first almanac producers taking advantage of the advent of the printing press, assumed a Plutarchic proposition that defined the Renaissance: bringing back the old Roman civilization ideas – just a tricky way of seeding ideas. In fact, all almanac producers used this trick to seed or make a wow to their intended audience of things to come. It was not until two years after Nostradamus had left the physical body behind that those legal arguments and eventually by the Gregorian Calendar reforms had the New Years’ date began to be placed back into the year division where we know it today as 1 January, at least was the case for France – England waited more than a 100 years, later. So the poem’s conversion equivalent remains at 11 September, and the year describes 1,999. So what will the Gizāh Stone tell us about this date?


Nostradamus & The Aquarian Pyramid Star


When Nostradamus left his physical body, His natal Sun progressed ( Padua system) over the Pyramid star, lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis ,  which was close to culmination form his birth-town vantage point, St. Remy, France, 04e50, 46n46. The arc from the midheaven to the eastern horizon of Nostradamus birth chart recommends a doubling of the incline to the plane of the ecliptic, at the date death progression. This allows us to understand Nostradamus’ stars ( he mentions he was an astrophile)  align symbolically with the date of the scored line of the large pyramid at Gizāh.


We use our modern Padua system which provides the X. LXXII (pub. by 1558 A.C.E.) signature date for its quantum equivalent of 27 July – 2133 (greg. cal.) 21:30:02 U.T. This places the Galactic Center, and two Dark Rifts,  on the horizon angles at the stone at Gizāh, Egypt. Our Mid heaven displacement from the intersection of Sidereal and Tropical displacement then intends 26° 21’14” (i.e. M.C. tropical 03 Lion 38’ 46”). Therefore we have three minuets and four seconds of needed correction to align to the ascending passage’s incline at the Stone, at Gizāh’s Plateau.


To compound the confirmation, Nostradamus uses a term in line two of the poem discussed above, which had been mostly interpreted as [The] King of Terror, or more literally, as [The] King ofextreme fright.’ The Sphinx had been known, and is known, as The frightening One, or some liberal uses as The King of Terror ( adapted from modern Egyptian Arabic, Abū al Hūl, English,  The Terrifying One). The Sphinxs’ signature has an approximation at the intersection (i.e. 45°) above the Gizāh Plateau horizon toward north-west, more commonly understood as being in the House of Death and Rebirth. This is the Eagle’s cardinal home, once ruled by Mars and for our modern age, Pluto.


The Hellenist Sphinx tradition intends the hunch like a lion, wings of a bird ( Eagle), face of a women (human) and horns like a Bull (the pointy ears of a sphinx cat). The Sphinx at Gizāh appears to have been recarved, as the tradition of the usurping leaders often rebrands their symbols over previous symbols.


Next we align our intersection for a tropical vernal Right Ascension (RA). Today’s alpha (α) Andromeda, the Arabs called Alpharatz, has a RA of 00h08m23.30s (Epoch 2,000, shift: 23.25s 2007,), and is the brightest object in the night sky to peer at an elliptical projection for tropical Zero Aries. However, closer are HD 224758, Pisces, RA 00h00m23.90s, φ +26° 55’06.0”, apparent mag. 6.46; TYC 1732-30-1, Pegasii, 00h00m16.61s, φ +26° 48’25.0”, apparent mag. 10.572; and TYC 1732-1357-1, Pegasii, RA 00h00m03.45”, φ +25° 25’45.3”.


The ascending passage 90° intersection for the Capricornus solstice signature of contemporary purposes, TYC 1732-1358-1, Pisces has a RA of 00h01m01,21s, φ +26° 20’ 10.4 (Epoch 2,000) or today’s date of 21 November 2011, for 00h01m24s, φ +26° 19’48.5”. Only HD 224758, Pisces at 00h00m23.90s, φ +26° 55’06.0” with an apparent magnitude of 6.46 is the closest using a amateur telescope which would be at a 90° intersection to the ascending passage’s viewpoint.


The once pole star, Gienah Cygnii has a RA 20h46m12.70s (Epoch 2,000), φ + 33° 58’13.0”.


Advaned Celestial Coding:

(quartette ( type: Roman, as a model civilization's rise to Imperial Power can correctly be accessed by y'Hoshua's real birth day ( still using the time of Origin Gizah Culmination of Sun for scored descending passage) overlaid by Biblical Progression models). 


A Harvard University graduate turned author Nole Tyl and practitioner on astrology ( tropical I believe) once suggested the correct day ( in my opinion) of y' Hoshua of Nazareth's birth-day, to which y'Hoshua had asked not to celebrate for judicial reasons -- top which the Church properly honored. Yet, Tyl long since moved on to other periods and days. I, on the other hand, often record it in previous reincarnations in published or oral pass along in order to retrieve them in the present or any future reincarnation that I would have a need of them (certain data, including other stuff). So after checking his chart and my retrieval form a sixteenth century reincarnation to which published material of mine still remains, I recovered the day, it matched one of his early and previous assessments. So I use this. But at this time, I cannot give it out.


Roman Imperial civilization


Combining y'Hoshua's birthday to the Gizāh Pyramid's scored time-matrix to illustrate the celestial models for the Roman Imperial civilization, a period of great change and a rise of huge militaries and conquests, imperialism and global expansion.


We Progress to March [day] - 34 jul. cal. system we have Pluto under the circlet stars ( if Magini + produced ephemeridis [tables] who taught and inspired Titus de Placidus 14- 15 th cc., Università degli Studi di Padova, both of them were trigonometry pioneers, domicile system, this university begun in the 13th century) and on the arc of the 10 th house lay Pluto ( ) because of its lower passage, Mars is post hydor aquarii in the 10th, Mercury culminates as Hyades ascends and Saturn on the western horizon forms a true arc to the Galactic Center. Jupiter , in first domain, has a wide but doable opposition to the Galactic Center and I refer to this section as the Mayan anti dark-rift & Jupiter is just above and post of al hecka taurii. These are very powerful angles and general astronomical positions. At the position of Neptune's culmination, if we flip this circle diagram, we can envision a vertical but loose alignment of the big blue-green planet Neptune forming what we call a P.E.D. to the Galactic Center and because of its slow motion and the Biblical time-movements, it hangs around here for some time. When then applying this constructed coding matrix, just move al debaran to the ascendant back engeneering to align to y'Hoshua's birth year and Violà!, the symmetrical maths line-up and once you are into the multi demensions, you can start to see both back and both forth rather clearly.


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