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Apokálypsis; "Article V."

a © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 1st December 2011:  (6:03 a.m. Burbank, CA.)


Topic: Stone




The Holy Grail Stone


The topic of Article V concerns an alter to God in the midst of Egypt, prophesized by the Oracle at Delphi and reported by Isaiah (Hebrew Bible, Isaiah 19:19) concerning the period of a times of global troubles, a hint for global salvation.  After Napoleon’s expedition into Egypt the exploration of the large pyramid at Gizāh, modern day Egypt, resulted in an aforementioned building complex sealed since ancient times to be surveyed and promulgated to the masses for our future human management. Most assume that this large pyramid at Gizāh remains rather the aberration than the norm of all other pyramid complexes known to be from the Egyptian eras. After the first survey, an astrologer and the father of modern physics, Sir. Isaac Newton, took an interest and provided the Earth’s radius at 1 / 50ith million, suggesting this could be considered the sacred inch into which this Bible in Stone could be revealed. Using the Bible again for two mathematical principles, two passages, one form Numbers and one from Ezekiel, a systematic chronology was set up to decipher space-time and in congruence to God’s plan.


The next step proposed to identify some potential celestial time-triggers in order to line up markings found within the pyramid complex, hidden for millennia. The Bible again was used, and the Book of Job mentions a star cluster of ancient renown, called these Pleiades’, which is a rather young cluster in cosmic terms.  Using the Earth’s radius and these mathematical principles from the Bible and the tradition that Jesus lived for 33 years on Earth, the distance seemed to locate the place in the pyramid where the levels split and the ascending passage commences as the period of the crucifixion. This placed the crux of the pyramidic argument where time was adopted between the ancient and modern dispensations and the multi-level pathways to which the human experiment might separate and/or expand. This, placement, led to the notion that the measurement from the crux  to the outside where the descending passage peers northward would mark a specific time in its construction and have a signature pole star associated to the degree of its incline.


Thereby back-tracking to one of these mysteries scored lines had revealed the alpha (α) Pleiadian star, al-Cyone ( most stars were named by Arab astrologers) aligned to one of these mysterious scored lines by the Vernal Equinox and therefore Vertical Axis of the building representing culmination or anti-culmination for its signature. The entrance, that is to say the descending passage peer’s north, thus the  astronomical axes are these two culminational points, where as the Sphinx and the east and west sides are the paranic – horizontal/horizonal signatures.


After this position was proposed a need to survey again the Pyramid for absolute consensus building on its measurements sparked Egyptologist, Flinders Petrie (1853 -1942) to make another survey to disprove the measurements by these nutters (pseudo-scientists, stupid people), which had included Newton. He brought with him six estimates, and all had varied dates to when alpha draconis, Thuban took its position as the pole star. These alignment dates varied by over fifty-years, and therefore someone had to be incorrect, he assumed. Petrie concluded to himself and put forward in his report that he could not figure out when Thuban might have concurred toward its alignment signature. 


In fact, Albert Einstein, later Stephen Hawking, reporting on the ancient astrologer/astronomers’ precessional commentaries,  understood that absolutely no-one was certain of precessional rate(s), and these changes resulted from various periods of history and by authoritative astronomer/astrologers.  Copernicus, for example, recorded fifteen precessional rate changes, and not in a linear form but a wave function through a mean value. However, the international astronomical committees decided to make precession at a mean linear rate of 00° 00’ 03” per annum with nutational correction and light correction. This was proposed in a 1850s meeting, adopted for the Epoch 1900 which changed the ephemerides of old,  and remains very accurate for only the space-time from 1900-2100 A.C.E. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (J.P.L) which sends spacecraft into our solar system or orbiting around our planet defined the base values for most of the astrological programs used today. I use one of these systems based upon JPL PO3 which now is being argued to be overturned by a new dynamic model which was more closer to how Ptolemy, eastern astronomers, Copernicus and onward in history understood space-time.  Why does this matter?


This helps explain the six different Thuban measurements listed in the report by Petrie, explaining the large pyramid at Gizāh cannot define a chronological-historical-complex when everyone disputes when these star angles align. This also poses other questions to the other chronological estimations already proposed in the Bible, and not inclusive to the Biblical mathematical suggestion in these books of Ezekiel and of Numbers. If the pyramid inch or sacred cubit is statically defined but we know that precession moves at a dynamic pace what does that intend for accurate dating purposes?


Before the twentieth century only a few persons had understood that tradition of the birth of Jesus remained suspect. Astrologer and preeminent mathematician, Johannes Kepler proposed the star of Bethlehem had to concern the Chronocrator series small-conjunction around -6 B.C.E., astronomical calendar, and not the supposed date of two or one B.C. In Copernicus’ published works, it remains a fact that titles of the moving planets were still called stars (e.g. moving stars, the wandering stars described by these ancients). Furthermore in the twentieth century we now understand that Herod the Imperialist who invaded Judaea in 37 B.C.E ( greg. cal.), survived Parthian and Hebrew alliances to oust the capitalist in 43 B.C.E., had died about -4 B.C.E. (-5 B.C.E. astronomical calendar). Too which according to the Holy Christina Bible, this placed Jesus’ birth prior to -4 B.C.E., because the Gospels speak about Maji ( neo-Perian for scholar, astronomer/astrologers) had visited the ruler enquiring about the stupendous sign in the sky to which they had portended as an omen of a great messianic figure’s birth.


The historical Chinese chronological work continued from Shū ma Ch’ien’s Histories, that his father had begun, a composite work from many sources, compiled about 111 A.C.E. called The Book of the Lands of the Han People [1] (pinyin, Qiān Hŕnshū) recorded scientific achievements including a many eclipses, new stars ( of short duration, such as novas), and even the first remark in known history at this time of a Sun-spot, recorded about -28 B.C.E., during the reign of Emperor Cheng, of the Western Han. In the unknown author’s work compiled about 613 B.C.E., called the Spring and Autumn Annals, to which Shū ma Ch’ien’s father had used as a source recorded Halley’s comet which was then used by the west to track its revolution through the historical periods. Before the modern age, the Chinese had recorded about 50 novas, and one recorded in  Qiān Hŕnshū, which was not discoursed as a citing of the known comet of 613 B.C.E was a nova seen about 5° in the southern region of the modern constellation of Aquila in – 5 B.C.E. (equivalent to the Gregorian Cal.), which was close to the zodiacal constellation of Capricorn – close to alpha and beta capricornii – reported in his own terms and language of Ch’ien han shū. Unlike Halley’s comet ( returned again for -12 B.C.E.),  to which the Romans saw decades earlier as did the Chinese who were already tracking this comet,  this new star shined for approximately 70 days, and was recorded during the interval which is equivalent to our calendar between the period of March and/or April.


However, this just seemed to be a coincidence as the spectrum signature of the Bethlehem star is red, blue and yellow. While this page will not go into the discourse on this, we return to our proposed concerns that by the late 1970s, pyramid decoded tracts were still using the medieval mistranslation of a Classical Latin text that confused so many later generations that Jesus was born in the fall of 2 B.C.E.  With a new dynamic precessional model, and our sciences discovering our past and relating it to real time, we must consider the efforts of previous pyramidic decoders and by understanding their efforts were not in vain but also considering their lack of substantial knowledge. Out of all the decoder books written through these centuries that I know of contained a major world event to take place on 11 September 2001.


D. Davidson, and H. Aldersmith, put forth their own Pyramidological book called “The Great Pyramid, Its Devine Message: An Original Co-Ordination of Historical Documents and Archćological Evidences” ( First published in November of 1924, numerous updates and revisions throughout the economic difficulties of the 1930s). It posits a time-line based upon AK=0 Year, which is 4,000 B.C. and thus each epoch is 1,000 years, but after A.D. year one, the epochs are year 1, 1001, and 2001. It used the oldest religious calendar, the one that was adopted by the Orthodox Church, which placed Creation or the time period of Adam to the equivalent month in our calendar of September.


On an illustrated page of the King’s chamber at the top section of the roof at an angle and toward the rear of the room and by a cord from the ascending passage, the date 11 September 2001 is displayed for anyone who peers into this mystery. The creation date is September 4,000 B.C.E., we add one more year for the astronomical mistake by J.J. Scaliger, and we arrive at 7,000 years on 11 September 2001. However, this was not the thesis of this book. The gist of the conclusion for these authors and their evidence was the economic climate pre-World War II, and the end of the world would be economic and taking place by the late 1950s, and some doubt assumptions by the early 1960s. Therefore it was easy for scholarship to dismiss this work, and more importantly these types of pyramidic books were rather expensive and large, thereby a rarity for public consumption.


By the later 1970s, other attempts proposed some static time changes based upon directional shifts in the passages and rooms as well as to what building material was used at each section. These re-linear estimations pushed the time-line well to the near 40th century A.C.E. The world does not seem to end, then. However much of this was based upon some type of chronocrator series, as well the lifting of the time-distance of Nostradamus’ chronologies and other sixteenth century authors of the who had continued some dynamic fardāyrīya associated the Enochian (Hebrew), Islamic, Hindic and Far Eastern long-distant periodization.


In fact today, we know by the efforts of pseudo scientists, the same hatred moniker given to these out or work astronomers who had spent at least a decade searching for the first exo-solar-system planets – finally winning success and proving once again that the establishment of science is a corporate industry based upon economic competition and group ridicule, which had nothing to do with modern times, this attitude remained a historical human weakness, these meso-Americans also have a long-distant periodization incorporated into their long-count calendars. So there seems to be a global effort at establishing our understanding of us in our Universe.  What is the most important here is that the large pyramid at Gizāh and its apocalyptic message had, has, and will be, a global community effort.


Without further adieu we will now begin the exposition upon bringing out a dynamic understanding of space-time, the reason why Einstein never attempted to solve precession because his reputation at the late stages of his life did not permit him to make erratic assumptions. There was a reason that Einstein, late at night by his bedside had read ancient astrological treaties, translated of course by the expert academic climate of Prussia which preceded World War II, and not because he had practiced astrology, but because of the mystery of gravity which had laid its mysteries in the position of the recorded intersections – with the two most important that being of the tropical and of the sidereal signatures – that would lead him to the holy grail – the solution for gravity at long distances.  Copernicus makes it very clear, precession was more than one-third slower during the B.C. period, and then it quickened prior to circa 1,000 A.C.E., and then slowed down again for his period – he cites fifteen changes, but his time was not as fast as the 1,000 A.C.E. period but it was indeed faster since the B.C. period. What does this mean?


Since precession was calculated only to about 310 B.C.E. with any authority, these periods from 310 B.C.E. to approximately A.C.E. 1 precession was suggested at an equal 1 degree per 100 solar-years. When Abraham Ibn Ezra was touring the known medieval European world, originating from early Muslim Spain, he intended precession was almost 2 degrees per 100 solar-years. Copernicus writing his historiography on precession also comes to the same period as Ezra with the same conclusions.  By the time of Mongolian – Tatar, Uluġ Bek, during the proto-Early modern age, at Gurkhani Zij, precession began to morph into our current value which is only less than three fourths of a degree per every 100 years. Yet, all the astrological programs or at least the so-called authoritative editions rely on a model that is static and not dynamic, and the arc is approximately an increase, going backwards in time, set at three seconds of arc as a mean expression. This then has devastating consequences for accurate space time and thereby the deciphering of the Apocalyptic passages of the large pyramid at Gizāh or for anyone engaged in archeoastronomy to figure out our past.


What remains the lest aberrational are the tropical intersections and thus ancient buildings and or monuments still have traditional sun-light signatures based upon one of the four tropical intersections aligned to the original calendar schemata. However, the more aberrational are the distant starry positions, the Holy Grail from the astrologer/astronomers standpoint since history began to which efforts remained over the mellenia to align a working model to the tropical coordinates and to the sidereal coordinates or what we call Einstein’s Holy Grail. Once this is done we can figure out some prime mysteries of gravity, find the wormhole, and began to address the relocation of the human community to another heavenly abode.



Welcome to the Apocalypse,


Archangel Michael, 1st December 2011.


[1] My very loose translation.





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