May 2016 Update: The only reason they failed to make connections is because Generals and other witnesses who would counter the Clinton Obama narrative were forced to resign or silenced by Clinton and Obama. With 20,000+ emails deleted to draw such a conclusion is erroneous at best. Elijah Eugene Cummings (born January 18, 1951) is the U.S. Representative for Maryland's 7th congressional district, serving since 1996 and a main panel person, he lied and lies to keep his party officials in power. He was bullying white boy Trey Goudy‚ shouting at him like ‘shut up cracker’!

Group official name and SunniJama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal–Jihad
Why? Obama and Hillary arming Shi’i anti Assad forces and killing innocent sunni is civil wars in Lybia

Associated Press: Hillary Lied a lot Oct 24 th 2015 A.D.

REP. TREY GOWDY, R-S.C.: Understanding what happened in Benghazi goes to the heart of who we are as a country!

AP: AP FACT CHECK: Dubious claims about Benghazi, Clinton email


#BlackLivesLiars Blacks said Whites are regime changers. No Obama is a black African and he did what White Devils do, so FOAD black community . You are liars and failure and haters of the human race.

I was beaten as a Child over Black lies.

#regimechange was Lybia so Democrats need electric chair for lies; they are “ONLY“ about Imperialism and killing foreign people in far off lands for greed and power. Blacks lied said only white are Devils . But Obama is black and does what these white Devils did. FOAD blacklivesliars!

10 22 2015 A.D. Capital Hill

Hilary lied. Libyan leader of that time told Hillary on phone 12 th Sept. 2012 A.D. this was al qu'aeada like terrorist attack. Hillary then told Chelsea, her own daughter this was a terrorist attack . Hillary then spoke to Obama and we do not know what was said. Then Susan Rice and Hilary and Obama go on Television for 14 consecutive days to blame a Christian and Youtube for these two Libyan, Benghazi attacks. Mitt was polling in the lead or near to a lead, and this attack took place just prior to Obama's Re election. Obama had told the world in late July, He is the Massiah and have ended all terrorism, he killed Osama and he is thus better than Christian republicans. Obama wins re election, and it was close. This cover up perhaps helped win Obama a re election. Therefore the real gist is Hillary lost the U.S.A. 2016 election because she covered up crimes for Obama who is clearly a Moslem jihadi. The U.S.A. is tired of kissing Baby raping caliphates of Obama's pet projects in the Middle East. Arc opinion. we have no rite to be in Middle East at all, for any reason. 70,000 US people in 165+ Countries; and we do not know why they are there. Hillary was in charge of each of them.

In testimony before the House Committee on Benghazi former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid the blame for the Benghazi debacle squarely on slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens. “He was the person on-the-ground in Libya, I was thousands of miles away,” she pointed out. “He should have taken better care of his own safety.” "I never saw any of those 600 emails" and that "Ambassador Stevens didn't even have my private email address, which, I think, shows a lack of initiative on his part."

10 Years in Jail For failing to tell Obama about private NSA server, Hillary Clinton can see 10 years in jail. The opposite if she says she told him and he had OK'd it, Obama then goes to jail for 10 years.

Moussa Koussa ( a Libyan terrorist linked to CIA operations ) was outed by the New York Times in 2013 A.D. so STFU yahoo liars. They made a headline news that Trey G. had disclosed this info so they can say this investigation is politically motivated. Yahoo has been lying because DNC are Mafioso acting culprits

" The CIA’s top officer in Kabul was exposed Saturday by the White House when his name was inadvertently included on a list provided to news organizations of senior U.S. officials participating in President Obama’s surprise visit with U.S. troops."

More at Hillary State Dept

update June 28 20015 ( what we knew a day after the attack by spooky leaks now confirms, what this site stated years ago: updated photo with Libyan security advisor 2009 on 10152015 A.D. Arc

Obama has tortured 22 Ben Benghazi Witnesses, makes them take polygraphs each month to make sure they do not speak to the public --- this is the Anti Christ for those who have knowledge.

New Docs, Trey Gowdy, testimoney of others, #ObamaTorturingAmericans to shut them up!

“[…] In a sworn declaration to the District Court of Arizona May 5th 2015, a career CIA officer David Manners said, "It was then, and remains now, my opinion that the United States did participate, directly or indirectly, in the supply of weapons to the Libyan Transitional National Council."   The timing matters because in the Spring of 2011 the Libyan opposition was not formally recognized, and the direct supply of arms was not authorized. At that time, the CIA Director was David Petraeus. (DAVID MANNERS DOCUMENT HERE)

Manners testified before a grand jury investigating American defense contractor Marc Turi who faces trial this September on two counts that he allegedly violated the arms control export act by making false statements. Turi and his company Turi Defense Group are at the center of an ongoing federal investigation over the source and user of weapons defined in court documents as "end user" or "end use"  flowing into Libya as Moammar Qaddafi's regime was collapsing in 2011.

update below 20th May 2015 New documents reveal that Obama and Hillary were a part of the plan, knew it for 10 days, used it as a PR stunt to boost Obama's Sagging ratings and to try to save Morse by perhaps kidnapping US Amb. Stevens, but two US marines fought back and the an al shar'iah terrorist groups had then to kill him -- because the terrorists got a promise that no US soldiers would be near by for the grab and take. ( entry with Congress doc revealed texts below). -- Fox News Buisness News Dept.

UK, The TeleGragh : CIA 'running arms smuggling team in Benghazi when consulate was attacked' -

The CIA has been subjecting operatives to monthly polygraph tests in an attempt to suppress details of a reported US arms smuggling operation in Benghazi that was ongoing when its ambassador was killed by a mob in the city last year, according to reports.

FoxBuisness, UK TeleGragh: Obama running *Kill White People out of بنغازي (Banghãzï)* during the 2012 Attack that saw torture of a UC Berkeley alum, and Obama claim nothing happened to win the 2012 General Election. Trey Goudy and Co. pulled new docs that have USA running arms to terrorists in order to create an ISIS group to shame white Bush by destabilizing the Middle East. Google+ post. 06 28 2015

Hillary’s Top Aides Knew from First Minutes that Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack, E-mails Disclose
2/26/2015, 1:33:18 PM · by E. Pluribus Unum · 23 replies
National Review ^ | 02/26/2015 | Andrew C. McCarthy Read more at:
FULL TITLE: Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides Knew from First Minutes that Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack, E-mails Disclose From the very first moments of the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides were advised that the compound was under a terrorist attack. In fact, less than two hours into the attack, they were told that the al-Qaeda affiliate in Libya, Ansar al-Sharia, had claimed responsibility. These revelations and others are disclosed by a trove of e-mails and other documents pried from the State Department by Judicial Watch...

By Michael : Her husband is the Beast in Rev. Part 1

2010 Libya: U.S. Mil trains Syrian opposition forces, they will become ISil on Feb 1-3 rd of 2014 A.D. The plan was to support the ousting Assad, Syria, but a more sinister plan was to get the U.S. Military back to the ME so white and blacks can get cheap foreign gas and other cheap energy needs. -- 02 26 2015 A.D. update Michael.

Got Now-Classified Benghazi Info on Private Email... ( 22 May 2015 A.D.).

Topical | Back Ground Information

The 2012 Benghazi attack took place on the evening of September 11, 2012, when Islamic militants attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, killing U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. When the U.S. Citizens called up the White House, no one was there, Obama was sleeping of his drunken card game and Hillary was nowhere to be found. There were a breach in command and 10 hours after the first pleas from Benghazi a second attack wave , killing two CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. Ten others were also injured in the attacks. The new Reuters was on the scene to record the attack and some combatants. Stevens was the first U.S. Ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979.The attack has also been referred to as the Battle of Benghazi. The significance was that Hilary Clinton, the New York Times, and in general the leftwing media blamed a southern Californian coptic Christian with an internet youtube Islam bashing short clip video and Obama won reelection on these lies. All information above has come out form the U.S. Senatorial Benghazi investigation.

We have the Crime to Arrest Obama Today 12 02 2015 A.D.

This is called in US Constitution, a High Crime, thus removal of office immediately is the only legal solution.

Ben Ghazhï, Lybia 11 th September 2012 A.D. Is clear with Hillary's 1,000 classified emails released to Trey Gowdy, investigation team on ben Ghazhï on Capitol Hill, she is the ringleader of the National Security Lie to the world and the American public. U.S.A. with U.N. ran secret anti Sunni jihad on Lybia and took out the long time leader. While doing so, arms were being defrayed to Shi'i anti Assad forces, and these shi'i kill Sunni Lybians and so they got reall mad. and attacked. Hillary's emails show that every year, 9/11 Protests happen all around the Muslim Jihadi world, and they latched on to a Copitic Christian's internet short video complaining of Christian persecution in Egypt, and Hillary threw the Copitic Californian Chritian into Prison, blaming him for the attack, not Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal–Jihad, which in Arabic means “The Group of Al–Sunna ⁄ Sunni ⟩ For Preaching and Jihad”. So Sunni — Shi'i wars still happen. Islamic State is sunni and to draw in Shi'i it needs American boots on the ground. To solve issues, we take out Malaki, Iraqi's shi'i puppet. He was only allowed a third term if he supported Iran’s ideas. 4:04 p.m. Sherman Oaks, California, U.S.A. 12 02 2015 A.D. Arc Michael. Hillary Clinton's lie allowed Barack Hussein Obama ii to remain in power. Mitt Romney was up in every poll at this time. When Obama at debate two of the Gernal election debates about one month from the general election told Mitt Romney it was a video and not a terrrorist attack‚ Mitt Romney agreed and therefore most said, you are too stupid to rule and so he lost. C.I.A. admits smuggling arms to ISIS, sad but true. The transcripts of issue, State Dept.

Clinton was running GUNS, she needs to be in jail, wants to take ours away but arms ISLAMIC STATE
Ambass. Stevens went to my school, CAL, he ran guns for Obama's anti Assad forces to kill Libyan leader ; then “an al shariah”, a local Libyan group decided enough is enough, went after British Consulate a week prior to ben ghazhi and Steven called up hillary and she said FOAD, stevens, I hate Christians.

Trey Goudy: Clinton WAS the target of the investigation because she WAS responsible. Plain and simple to understand if you are not a brain dead liberal sheep! - James ( yahoo comments 10152015 A.D.)

Apokálypsis: ben Ghazī


GAMMA CLASSIFIED: OPERATION IMMORTALITY:  Article iii, sec. ii, g :  Archangel Michael:

Released: 3 rd  January 2014: 3:36 p.m.. ( Studio City, CA. ). List of the events are taken from FACTCHECK.ORG. For my personal reporting, see link where the demon MEAMIC official Hillary Rodham Clinton's photo resides. Here will get some good reporting for over 6 months on this issue. uploaded redacted trans. 13 Jan. 2013. released but with lies still by the MEAMIC. The patsy in this case was a group or protestors that were never there in the first place. Update 09 May 2014. Findings commette House HOR 21 Nov2014 A.D.

Bashir Assad ( Syrian Dictator) allowed multi religious tolerance prior to 2010 A.D. when the U.S. State Department and Barack Obama decided to play Cowboy and arm Syrian anti Assad Rebels, on February 1 st of the year 2014 A.D. This group fully funded and armed and outfitted with new trucks by funding by the Obama administration became ISIS ( not ISil or IS), a subhuman non Islamic Barbarian outfit. This created instability in the M.E. and on 11th September 2012 A.D. an al shariah, a Libyan M. Qaddafi group retaliated against Americans at a secret U.S. building because they armed the Syrian Rebels who were battling ansar al Shariah for control of Libyan Terrorist Training Camps. This was covered up by Obama and Hillary and the media and Mitt Romney backed down as a wossie and did not challenge Obama in debate #2, Obama raised his fists as if he was about to fist-fight Romney, but this Canadian woosie back down and so the lies and haterd continue. The GOP also backed Obama because war makes profits.

To cover it up they blamed YouTube which always have such crazy videos on it, many are anti Islam and so they put a Christian in jail, which confirms overwhelming evidence that Obama adores Muslims and caters to a Osama bin Laden wish of a global caliphate.

The Mystery is that Hillary Clinton idolized Saul Alinski who dedicated all his work to Lucifer ( thus anti Christian) and Obama told us in his book, Audacity of Hope, he sides not with Christians but Moslems, and will work hard for their global caliphate under the auspices of multiculturalism. So his group ISIS abducts Christians all of them, raping and abducting children as young as 1 month old and raping them, cutting off the heads of Christians who watch television soccer games and this has become a realized dream of the LIVE DEMONS on planet Erath -- Hillary and Barack. This is real people, not a joke. ( summery new above added 01.20.2015 + collage photo ben ghazhi)

ISSUE: Barack Hussein Obama Wom Re Election ( 2nd Term) by covering up and lying about a terrorist attack ( and secretly funding Syrain Rebels who broke off a year later to begin ISIS or ISil ( Islamic State. of Syrian and Lavent). He covered up a brutal rape, torture of U.S. diplomats and even tried to fist fight Mitt Romney ( who backed down) during Debate #2 of the 2012 A.D. of the U.S. Presidential Debates. Since Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, the responsibility falls solely on her to tell the U.S. People the truth, she lied and helped Obama cover this up as Obama is all for the Caliphate and the People that voted Obama into office knew, all of them, of the preference for Radical Islam.

H George Tavakoli originally shared:
State Dept., Saudis create turmoil in Middle East

Hacked emails: Saudi money financed Benghazi attack

“The email quotes an ‘individual with sensitive access’ stating information provided by French security services indicated the funding for both the Benghazi and Algeria attacks ‘originated with wealthy Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia,’” Aaron Klein of WND reported. “Continued the purported email: ‘During July and August 2012, these financiers provided funds to AQIM contacts in Southern Europe, who in turn passed the money onto AQIM operatives in Mauritania.’”

The event broke the Trust of the people and illustrates the white dominated Satan Army and the first U.S. half-black President.

Committee Findings.

21 Nov. 2014: Judgments: House Republicans Agreed to a report that Ben Ghazhi events contained no intelligence lies, and no one lied in the Obama administration and it was a Christian that made a video complaining of racist violence against Christians that created the attack. Lindsey Grahm has been the most vocal on this issue and says he cannot explain his Republican breather in when Trey Goudy also believes impeachable actions by the White House were committed and the Republicans are buying lies given to them but the Bush Family's Intelligence Dept.

Keys: C.I.A. told the House Committee how to walk, talk, eat, shxt, and talk, they have no choice but to comply. In reality, the C.I.A. lies and are bigger than even under Ronald Reagan, our U.S. Military is all over the world, the largest deployment ever since Post-WWII - to- Vietnam.

Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed a response to a terrorist attack, US security team members claim Fox News, contribution but non belief. Fox Follows whatever the lying Intel community claims, it is a part of the demonic complex. It does not care about me, it cares about its own fun and games, because bullying people gets their sexual stimulation going strong.


Update 09 May 2014:

TimeLine: Ansar al Sharia ( Tunisia, Africa, AST, groups)  takes credit at 12:01 a.m. during the attack, calls to Hillary in new released documents show. Democrats plan to protest this as a non issue. The topic, someone that could have prevented some deaths, made a call to stand down and allow this to happen. That was Hillary Rodham Clinton who then spend 21 days on all the Television shows denying these charges and blaming Christians. It is not surprise that her Husband is the BEAST and she is his wife from Hell.


Update 09 May 2014: FOIA, two year request by Judicial Watch, a group that monitors government corruption, on both sides, revealed documents that claim Ansar al Sharia called the U.S.A. state department at 12:01 a.m. Lybian time, a mere 8 hours before the end of the attack, and claimed responsibility. The next day in the White House rose garden, Barack Hussein Obama called this a real terrorist attack. That is where it ended. From henceforth, that afternoon, ben Ghazi was turned by Obama to be a local Coptic Christian in California who had complained that his Christian family and relative were killed by the Muslim Brotherhood's crack down in Egypt, so he made a protest video, with low quality and dishonesty to the actresses involved. Hillary Clinton, et al. OSatan's administration then went on a  MEDIA tour, explaining the attack was spontaneous over this Coptic Christian's internet low grade trailer video ( 3 rd graders make better high quality stuff).


Hillary Clinton got a phone call from Ansar al Sharia claiming  responsibility for the ben Ghazi consulate attacked that killed an American ambassador, and three other U.S. officials, and injured scores of others, some permanently  damaged. Hillary, Petraeus ( then CIA head), Leon Panetta, Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry, and couched Susan Rice ( Father is World Trade Back suppressor of the global poor) claimed a southern Californian Coptic Christian's protest over racial killings of Christians was to blame -- a complete lie and all the proof in the world that U.S.A. cannot trust the OSatan administration. Most people believe that OSatan had the MEAMIC running RPGs and other rocket launcher weaponry to Libyan and al qu'aeda affiliates, because for the U.S.A. to invade the middle east, it needs to create an enemy by illegal occupation, and this was the sign, and accompanied by heavenly signs in the sky. The galactic center had signatures all over this event. ( 09 May 2014 - Michael).


  1. 15 humans dead who cooperated, after the fact, after the event, with the U.S.A. F.B.I. After saying they were eye witnesses, suddenly, they all died mysteriously.

  2. 4 dead from the attack, countless injured some severe, ordered by Hillary Clinton to shut up and not talk, a legal gag order to silence the truth.

  3. A release of transcripts and documents on 14 Jan. 2014 were almost all blacked out, or heavily redacted, meaning nothing new to be seen & all the incriminating evidence is wiped clean before release. This is not about protecting names of spooks it is about covering up a fact that Hillary Said she never heard Christopher Steven's request security, which turned out to be a bold -face lie. Does this mean Hillary is saying women are liars and frauds and she only acted this way because he is 100% against women's civil rights? It appears so. Why would a representative cow-tow to the boy's club of lies and deception for avarice? they reason is, Hillary is a part of Satan's army.

  4. Coptic Christians  on Radical Satanist videos are having their throats slit and the blood drained and sold to wealthy Arab Muslim ethnocentrists for $100,000. This stuff is on video, it is not made up and the Egyptian revolution used ousting of a Egyptian leader as an excuse to burn down schools, churches, and human sacrifice Human beings who identify with Christianity. The Hillary Rodham and Bill Blythe do not allow Christians to be human, they must be human sacrificed, which is why Hillary put a Coptic Christian into Prison for making a protest video. Her husband, the B E A S T makes war against Christians. And since the U.S.A. did not complain there is no sense in the people having any life neither in the future, reincarnated nor allowed. In the Bible, the B E A S T is against God�s people, so we know we are on the right tract.

    The only people addressing this are the Egyptian Legislatures, because a diverse community in Egypt has been some millennia of traditions.  Obama or both Clintons do not care about these Christians, they are in fact more worried about their radical anti Christian army, these radical Satanists all around the world.


Significance of the Attack on Lybian secret consulate at Ben Ghazī, Lybia:

1#: Barack Hussein Obama ii told all the world He ended Terrorism after he killed Osama bin Laden --NO PROOF whatsoever! Usama bin Laden has no role in terrorism, he was a Bill Clinton MEAMIC patsy like so many others, including Oswald.

2#: Barack Hussein Obama ii used this platform to campaign to win re election � the election: over a month away from the event.

3# U.S. Military had live feed 15 minuets into the attack with phone calls for help -- Nothing done, at all. The U.S.A. Military hang up the phones on Chris Stevens� pleas for help by the U.S.A.


Media News 11 Feb. 2014: Terrorists called Hillary before ben Ghazī, Congress committee finds out, and she did nothing, all in the Military and White House knew this was a terrorist attack; The very first public address on White House lawn, Obama called this �an act of terrorism� endquote.   And on 14 th September 2012, the C.I.A. said in major release this attack was spontaneous, and because of some southern California Christian who did not like abuse of women, so made a complain youtube video. Obama then repeated this ad nausea for two more weeks, giving speeches and pep-talks and interviews, if Christians, he surmises, do anything to upset the ungodly, they must be punished, as those who died took witness to the devils army.


Truth, Christians are persecuted in more than 100 countries, as I write this.

4# White House released this photo, claims it was on the discussion of saving the ben Ghazī survivors. This photo was told to us it took place somewhere in the 5 o�clock hour on the same day. The ben Ghazī attack already had road blocks 15 hours before this photo, all around ben Ghazī � so this was a well organized attack. For the Washington D.C. time, the fire-weapons attack takes place starting at 3:30 p.m., local Washington D.C. time, so this photo takes place some 3 hours after the attack starts, or 2.75 hours after the U.S. Military gets phone calls from Libya by Stevens, crying for help. At this time of this photo, nothing was being done; the attack will go on another 6 hours after this photo.  Three of the four dead are still alive when this photo was taken.


5# Because people told Barack Hussein Obama ii he was a savior, he could lie and do anything he wanted, no one would care, and he was the world MASSAH! When B.H.Obama and Hillary Clinton claimed they ended all terrorism after killing the patsy, Osama bin Laden, allegedly, they had to make up a story not to get caught in their lies. So they blamed a pro humanity video which was critical on abuses of women in religions. Hillary Clinton had demonstrated a war on women since her conception. Women in the video in question complains of women abused outlined in legal measures in Middle Eastern countries. Hillary was outraged, according to her life, her husband beats up, rapes and uses young women for sex, a perfect model of what women should be and the reason Hillary hates anyone that does not see women as pieces of trash. That is why she blamed the Coptic Christian, he was fighting for women�s rights, and this cannot happen under submissive Hillary. So what to do? Lie to the world and the American public, get Barack H. Obama back into the White House so Hillary can do more abuses to women�s rights across the world.

Heavily Redacted, the new information confirms suspitioons from day-one. This was a terrorist attack, understood in those terms, and the Military was watching the attack, since the first 15 minuets ( at 9:45 p.m., Lybian, Ben Ghazi time, and decided to leave these Americans and international workers to die because Obama had claimed in the summer of the same year, he alone had defeated all terrorism, there was no more terrorism feelings on the planet, he is some sort of gog or something like that.

The Ben Ghazī Survivors claim this was a planned terrorist attack. Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama ii, then forced guns to their heads and said, you cannot speak on this or you are done, your family is done, all will be lost to your family.

Transcript #1 released:

1_Briefing transcript (redacted), �DOD's preparation for the terrorist attacks in Benghazi,� (Part I, Session I, DOD), May 21, 2013.pdf (3.7 MBs)
Transcript #2

2_Briefing transcript (redacted), �DOD's preparation for the terrorist attacks in Benghazi,� (Part I, Session II DOD), May 21, 2013.pdf (642.4 KBs)
Transcript #3

3_Briefing transcript (redacted), �DOD's preparation for the terrorist attacks in Benghazi,� (Part II, AFRICOM), June 26, 2013.pdf (9.2 MBs)
Transcript #4

4_Briefing transcript (redacted), �DOD's preparation for the terrorist attacks in Benghazi,� (Part III, Colonel Bristol), July 31, 2013.pdf (10.8 MBs)
Transcript #5

5_Hearing transcript, �DOD�s posture for September 11, 2013,� (Part IV, Force Posture), September 19, 2013.pdf (691.9 KBs)
Transcript #6

6_Briefing transcript (redacted), �DOD�s force posture in anticipation of September 11, 2012,� (Part V, General Dempsey), October 10, 2013.pdf (2.3 MBs)



Transcripts: File 1 of 6

Transcripts: File 2 of 6

Transcripts: File 3 of 6

Transcripts: File 4 of 6 : Claims Robert Gates would like Panetta, lie and not help the Americans being attacked? really? Or are these files leaks by the Obama/Hillary MEAMIC and pertain to smears and lies?

Transcripts: File 5 of 6 : Lessons: Try to lie better if you are the Military, Try to intimidate witnesses better, and never listen to the American people.  Blame Christians, it is good plausible deniability.   

Transcripts: File 6 of 6 : considered top-secret so information to public is missing. This is the evidence that the U.S.A. does not want you to know, as if the C.I.A. actually attacked its own people, as they have done countless times in the past.


Heavily Redacted, the new information confirms suspicions from day-one. This was a terrorist attack, understood in those terms, and the Military was watching the attack, since the first 15 minuets ( at 9:45 p.m., Libyan, Ben Ghazi time, and decided to leave these Americans and international workers to die because Obama had claimed in the summer of the same year, he alone had defeated all terrorism, there was no more terrorism feelings on the planet, he is some sort of gog or something like that.

Events to Oct 2012 chronicled. 

Ansar al Sharia claimed responsibility at 12:01 am ben ghazi time, Hillary knew during attack who was involved.

Obama placed a gag-order or be killed to all members involved in the ben Ghazī events. This means Obama is Satan;'s helper, himself; the transparency of Democracy is replaced by Satan�s general and his minions to secrecy. So what are they hidding?   


Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya, the capital of the Cyrenaica region, and the former provisional capital of the National Transitional Council. The wider metropolitan area is also a district of Libya. The port city is located on the Mediterranean Sea.

Obama's White House says IRS political targeting, N.S.A. spying, Ben Ghazi attack against Obama's racist-hatred policies, D.O.J. running weapons to para-militaries, and scandals are all �phony� and �pretend.� We know that Obama 43 times on video lied to the American people on his forced Universal Tax Care plan to make the filthy rich�s premiums go down and to force the homeless to pay for the rich�s healthcare or go to prison; he lied and it called affordable (for the rich, perhaps) and most of the U.S.A. lost their doctors so many died. There had been free government universal healthcare since the end of World War II. This was just an insurance fraud scheme so that the filthy rich's 30,000 dollar family health insurance bill will be lowered to 2,500, making the Obama filthy-rich buddies more filthy rich, its purpose if privileged healthcare. All insurance is a pyramid fraud scheme, a legal state institution of privileged preference to life itself.

EVENT: On the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01 {09.11.2012}, and after Obama killed the Libyan leader, killed numerous  Libyan children, the Libyan people decided to fight back. Obama has killed more than 5,000 innocent Moslem children from drone strikes, he claims he loves to conduct, and kill people, and so the only way to stop this is to fight back. That is what happened. The leftwing media claimed it was some Christian in Southern California who did not accept the mistreatment of women that created the Racism ( because Obama and Liberals must stone women, because it is what Moslems do, so you cannot be racist against that, can you?). Four Americans died, numerous injured, and Obama was drunk, out of his mind and laughing and went to sleep, calling in Leon Podesta to alert General Patraeus to cover - up this event up because he had an election to win in a few weeks and had told the world that Terrorism was over because of his mere presence.  


U.S. Obama To Attack U.S. over his Attacks On Muslims.


Barack Hussein Obama ii who is so stupid, since Democrats wanting Universal Healthcare for over 60 years their imbicilness had to plagiarize Mitt Romney Universal Massachusetts HealthCare program. And we are suppose to trust imbeciles on any sensitive foreign matters? Even after stealing Republican ideas because Leftists are 'empty' emotionoids, they screw it up and no one can sign up because they do not know how to construct a website, although they intend they invented it, thus should they take credit for its construction and its massive failure? The White House had to turn to private companies, thus making them fascists ( binding of private to gov/public business is the literal meaning of Fascism) to fix Obamacare ( the named used even by the President for convenience).


What is ObamaCare?

 Universal Free HealthCare 1945 to 2013 paid by U.S. tax payers.

 Universal Insurance HealthCare (aka Obamacare) paid by the U.S. poor people and potentially subsidized with U.S. tax payer bail-outs.


The idea of the privileged elite? The rich paid about 70% of the Universal Free HealthCare 1945 to 2013  through their share of taxes. ObamaCare lowers this so the rich will pay .01% or 1/10 th of a percent of the U.S. HealthCare Insurance system. The rich lower their taxes by 69% of their annual healthcare taxe contributions, and by comparison to the already working system where the rich paid some 70+ %.


In the Book of Revelations ( common name) the key to understanding this is that rich people are often “wise” and Erasmus translated this passage form the oldest of Greek Fragments to indicate the elite that control wealth will lie because they are wise-guys, crooks, and this is a part of that passage of whose is allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven and who is not.


All insurance schemes are deemed by most States as gambling pyramid schemes, where often someone gets hurt or more correctly for a larger population, a large group gets shortchanged. That was the Democratic Party�s universal healthcare spiel, because at the top of the Democratic Party are the most filthy rich and monetary controlling families and individuals at this time in History. Obamacare is a tax break for the rich.  





O|P|H: Obama, Patraeus, Hillary Rodhams Ben Ghazi Claims. ( International elitist Banker, Susan Rice's talking points).


O|P|H: Why attack? Christian intolerance. Some White Christian Egyptian dude complained about stoning of women found as permissible in many Islamic law schools, this is not permissible in the U.S.A. laws and thus the furiousness by the left that this law is not a standard practice as they always prefer Islam's brutality laws against women as their leftist caveman ways. You must support women beating, raping and killing of women if you are a member of the modern U.S.A. Democratic Party. This is why O|P|H are directly from the depths of Hell and come to Earth to make it hell on Earth by starting a global race-religious war. A Coptic southern Californian Christian lost some of his personal friends and family members to Cairoic, Egypt Racist Islamists and complained by making a very low ( lower than student films) film, and only had uploaded to Youtube a trailer that was not inflammatory against Islam but question these laws. If Saturday Night Live, a popular live skit and performance television show on every Saturday night hosting celebrities ran sketches of insulting Muhammad in comparison to Jesus, the former has no permission or allowance to tolerate one negative correlation against Islam, and as a total opposite, there are sculptures lauded in New York Times of Jesus eating or being doused with human feces and urine, to great artistic celebration and drink!  

B. H. Obama and Hillary Clinton threw the Coptic Christian into prison, claiming his video ( which there was none, it was a short cheap trailer) directly caused a protest and spontaneous attack on a secret U.S. invaded Libyan consulate, that held U.C. Berkeley Christopher Stevens as its chief, who was among four of the murdered by forces that have not been identified --- and we know MEAMIC assassinates U.S. individuals, including Presidents to get their oversee wars to start reaping War Pig Monies, trillions from death. It was rather timely to have it on the most important 10 year anniversary of the New York and Pentagon attacks.  Some leaked photos show young adult European looking militants.   

FACT: Why attack? O|P|H killed the Libyan leader, killed 1,000s of innocent Libyans, and drone strikes remain a constant weekly fact to kill innocent Moslem children and Moslem women and men. O|P|H: have been killing Moslems all over the Middle East by the MEAMIC ( unclassed as MIC). 9/11 the month and day are seen as lucky so this was well planned. Road blocks started to go up around ben Ghazi 24 hours before the video was talked about at Cairo, Egypt.


O|P|H:  al qu'aeda did not attack, yet we have a call to the public to look for al qu'aeda members involved in the attack. This call to the public by the C.I.A. is ongoing, even as I write this, 03 Jan 2014.

FACT:  al qu'aeda , there is no such terrorist group, this was created by Bill Clinton in 1994 as a patsy MEAMIC method to run the U.S.A. military into the Middle East to rape their oil-fields, carried out later by G. Bush, Jr., and started by his father G.H.W.B senior who was heavily involved in NAZI matters, key in covering up the JFK assassination, including the father. Facts:  al qu'aeda was a home base for the Russo �Afghani war, where soldiers reported back after a tour in the theater or battle field. It has nothing to do with �bad person terrorist person.� These are people like Bill Clinton who in 1998, November signed an executive order to assassinate Saddam Hussein, carried out by his predecessor in 2,003 A.D.

The real reasons that states collapse becomes an issue of bully imbeciles taking over these government mouthpieces and implimenting propaganda media. Chinese historians in their own government systems have documented this in their cultures. Too much bureaucracy, then corruption pursues and special interests create more problems for a state, making it unstable for continuance. Then the States use the Military or the Police Force to keep the abusers in power, which is what is happening to the U.S.A. at this time. Donald Trump said, Mexico has most of our manufacturing jobs, let us bring them home, the MEAMIC marked him as racist so he cannot run for U.S. President, even though Mexico gets those profits not the American people, like General Foods that is now Mexico Based and is an American huge food company, and Mexico does all the plastics and raw material productions and Mexico gets all the money, only 0.001% goes to the wealthy CEOS that live in America and have mansion or mansion shares in Mexico. I get beat up if I ask a Million dollar Mexican for a piece of bread, so we need to rethink this animal thing on Earth.

War Terrorism Claim

O|P|H: War Terrorism Claim: After Obama killed Osama ( allegedly) Barack Hussein Obama claimed The War on Terrorism was finally over, they got the leader. This proves to me that my claim of bullies and imbicles make up our modern U.S. government. This proves to me that my claim of bullies and imbeciles make up our modern U.S. government. Obama did bring hoplessness and change to that of sickness and disease.

FACT: War Terrorism Claim: Osama ( Usāmah bin Muhammad bin �Awad bin Lādin;) had no terrorist connections at all. He was a son of a Mecca Magnet family, received an inheritance, funded charities such as road building and schools, and some American Iranian Jihadists took some of those charity monies and used them for terrorist activities. Osama complained to Saudi Princes as drunkards and non Muslims, they disowned him, calling him a terrorist --->  that is how his name came to Bill Clinton. Then the 'Beast' as I call Bill Clinton had created the patsy, Osama bin Laden, and blamed every terrorist attack on him thenceforth, and the MEAMIC followed suit.

Obama was too stupid to figure this out so he rages against anyone who does not follow his self induced lies. He helped to fund The Mujahedeen by funneling C.I.A. arms, money and funded by his own money the fighters from the Arab world against the Imperialist Russians ( Soviets at that time). This is called a freedom fighter, as Reagan hosted some of them at the White House. Bill Clinton turned this around the said, No Osama bin Laden is a terrorist against the west, and that is how a myth was born, and innocents died. Bill Clinton was paid well, he has about $150,000,000 in his bank account.

NAZI Chris Hayes claims what New York Times claims is truth, no one had another truth. There were New York Time reporters on the ground speaking to the ben Ghazī attackers as they launched rockets, asking why they were attacking at the same time. MSNBC's Chris Hayes who denied colored people a spot on Prime Time cable news program ( thus a blatant racist) argues that since some idiot republicans said this attack was due to al qu�aeda ( there is no such real organization, this was created by Bill Clinton to create the patsy Osama bin Laden, who had 100% no involvement in terrorist activities.  He was a philanthropist who was framed after his role as soldier in the Russo-Afghan ten-year war to be set up for U.S. oil expansion and mineral resource exploitation, globally by MEAMIC.

Chris Hayes other argument is that the attackers attacked and killed innocent humans because Moslem are barbarians with no self control. So primitive, Hayes, McCain, and others like Hillary argue that Moslems cannot keep their cool. They are animals. If they see or hear of an instance where stoning of women is talked down as an immoral act, they must go out and kill innocent westerners. New York Times sounds like a bigoted racist propoganda tool of Obama.

Hillary Bush Knew of 9/11 But I will not tell u what he knew

(CNN) $26.4 million in previously unreported payments from foreign
governments and corporations for speeches given by the Clintons while Hillary was working for the U.S. People at the State Dept. All these speaking fees then are tracked to 'inside' non democratic deals to make foreigners rich, and no jobs for the U.S.A. people. 22 nd May 2015 A.D. .

What does it matter that people died, what matters is that this does not happen again.

Hillary Clinton was warned nine months prior, one day prior, one hour prior, six months prior, and the list goes on and on about Ambassador Stevens ( U.C. Berkeley)  begging for security and denied by Hillary Clinton�s office, over and over again.

Hillary Discussed Speculation About Her Health With Aides In Emails...

'My cracked head'...

Forgets Where She Is...

"You are either with us or against us� Hillary Rodham Clinton, two days after 11 Sept. 2001. Bush said this too, so Republicans and Democrats, both leftwingers today, were and are on the same ideological page.

The Arab Facts behind ben Ghazi, Lybia. updated 8 May 2013, this is a full news archive over 6 months and more on changing stories).

What is rumored is Obama was sleeping off a drunken stupor, he does drink and admits it. He did not meet with C.I.A. until late in the U.S.A. afternoon and said, I cannot deal with this, you deal with it, I'm going back to sleep.

Campaigning in 'bubble,' isolated from real people...

Demands Anonymity On Conference Call With Media...


In a democracy you do not lie to the people. They are the rulers, not you NYTimes nor Obama, nor Hillary or Washington D.C.

Enemies + Terrorists of the human people:

Obama: blamed Christians.

Hillary Rodham blames Christians.

David Patraeus blamed Christians.

Susan Rice (Father works for the world bank) blames Christians.

Mitt Romney failed as a Christian, he could have fought, even lost on national television, but won the argument and won the U.S.A. Presidency. Obama is not loved; he is feared because of his control of Satan's army. Otherwise Obama is a stupid bully with little to no brains and almost all people know it but are too scared to stand up to the brut-hater of the human people.

Obama's response a half of a year later: I don't have time to think about false controversy'... Mr. Obama forgets the reason for the attack is that he killed Libya�s leader, he kills untold numbers of innocent Moslem women and children by demanding these unnecessary drone strikes by hell fire missiles. He has funded the killing of other world leaders, because it seem just a fun game to kill people. Obama has the U.S.A. Military taking control of Afghanistan�s lands and raping their resources. Mr. Obama disrespects Moslems by saying they cannot hold their anger on one Coptic poor Christian who lost loved ones due to racist religious violence in Cairo. No Moslem would kill innocents ( it is banned in the Qu�ran) like they did at ben Ghazī, they did this because of Obama�s warrior, I kill whomever policies, because it is fun. Obama sent out the Navy Seals to kill Osama bin Laden, when he did not do anything, there is no proof but the C.I.A. admitting it falsified Osama bin Laden�s role in 9/11. The real world terrorist is Obama, Hillary, Clapper, Patraeus, Rice and this ilk.


Obama, Hillary, Patraeus, and Clapper told the U.S.A. people for 35 days that the attack on ben Ghazī was the fault of Christians who were critical on unjust laws of civil Islam.

MEAMIC claims Jesus is a terrorist, a part of the Patriot Act, 2010 revisions, written in January of 2009. Since Obama�s administration sees Jesus as a terrorist, we conclude Obama is a member of Satan�s army.

Obama knew less than one hour after the attack begun: Ansar Al Sharia blocked the roads around the mission and attacked with RPGs and rifles. This was reported directly to Obama, and the main stage of the attack had not happened. Then Obama spent 35 Days telling lies, trying to fist fight Mitt Romney in the televised presidential debates because Mitt called Obama a liar, which Obama is a liar. Obama came forward as if to begin to throw punches but the sissy girl Romney backed down and Obama won re- election.