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42 Men Hollywood, Washington D.C. ≅ accused of sexual harrassment, battery, rape, etc...

William Jefferson Blthye now Clinton accused by four women mainstream media. On Friday 17 th of November, at 8:02 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, New York, New York, the Times published an Op–ed that is allowing former Clinton accusers to come forward with protection. Why? thousands of men of important positions and important appointments and various positions of World Power are being outed by their female or sometimes male victims all over Earth and those, many do not want to give Bill Clinton a pass either, seeing their lives are being exposed to the public ire.

Foreigners came to California and set up Hollywood and moving pictures which later developed Television which expanded to Media and dissemination of most information, in the Clark Kerr 1960s ' movement the "Technological ⁄Information Age". Robots and Humans emerge.!!! Los Angeles became the first Sanctuary City in the  United States of America in 1979 A.D. and I never had a chance after that and the same Governor who made that permissible today, as I write this 11 18 2017 A.D. resides as my California Governor and is anti–American in my opinion and using the Sacramento Legislature  todebark from the U.S.A. and become its own Mexican Country.

Hollywood lead this march since its inception and spread slave labor throughout the world. Walt Disney <1> very first string of smash cartoon hits and motion cartoon movies were all performed by slave labor and this model was copied worldwide and, abuse was born. The Hollywood abuse and former Hollywood Blvd. abuses by Studio Execs. lead America's demise by 2017 A.D. But since Barack Obama, Satanism with its symbols were openly promoted, although this was subtle over the decades, but openly promoting 'humanism' over a higher personal authority. Oligarchy History Behavior: the model of flood the native lands with new foreigners < 2. >who will always support traditional candidates ( proven in history) and back stabb their own citizens. This led to the 2016 Donald Trump 'Insurrection' against the #SWAMP People. This term was not originated but popularized by Ronald Wilson Reagan ( POTUS 40) to explain government economic waste and personal office corruption, often by careerist politicians, such as American Political Families. If you had a family member, either male of female in the U.S. Congress or a long standing House of Representatives, you become automatically an American Family, by tradition. <1. Kept as a Private buisness secret until a decade ago. >. Goldwin & Meyer were both Arab foreigners to Los Angeles. < 2. 160,000,000 since 1950s>

I picked up local Work Referrals in my 20s from Meyer’s Mansion, which includes a drop down full movie screen in his front Door Entrance which includes a full floor and three stories massive half circle window(s) to a massive back yard ( 12.500 sq ft., originally when I was there?). It was on a private road near Sunset Blvd, and a main San Fernando vehicle artery and was near the luxurious homes such as former Arron Spelling and the Playboy mansion on the other side of Sunset ( south).    Goldwin’s was built next door because both were friends too.

If Californian historians want to figure out what happened to those Long Beach Pier wooden posts that held up the pier, they are outplayed as decor and  some as structural in the Meyer Castle, #lolz.  In the 1920s a massive Long Beach, California, Earthquake brought the entire pier down & posts and all.

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Released: 27 th  June 2013:  ( studio city, CA. updated with Hollywood Chart 27 Aug. 2013, editing 30-31st of Aug. 2013, updated entitlement issues 4 Sept 2013)( updated with Oscar selfie and incaptions 3rd March 2014)(updated Hollywood Racism added up 12.12.2014. A.D.). updated 6:00 pst pm 11 18 2017 A.D.

Friday 8:02 EST pm November 17th 2017 New York Times finally allowed an Op-Ed on the facts of Juanita Broderick & Bill Clinton. She had five witnesses, immediately told them after a battery and rape by William J. Clinton. New York Times Op-Ed claimed back in the late 1970s, the news paper readership would not accept Juanita Broderick's rape allegations. It also came out 17 th of November 2017 A.D. that Hillary Clinton is not strait and has or had a 17 year relationship with a women. She has failed to mention any of this, prior, at all and these personal reflections are why people vote you into office or not. they want to know you .

Hollyrout: International Child Sex Trafficking global ring set up by Queen Elizabeth II. a known Pedophile.

July 2016 A.D. Wikileaks published Seth Rich's download of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta's emails, he was given the password by Hillary Clinton herself to 'specifically clean up' 1,000s of outdated emails. He decided to use a flashdrive and download from a building he and Awan, a Pakistani who happened to work for 12 U.S. Congress and HOR persons over six years and they conspired to reveal the inner secrets of a global Pedophile and Murderer Inc. and Pentagon abuses, and collusion with enemy states and nuclear weapons proliferation and fake charities, human sacrifice, very , very young children to top New Anchors, Famous Comedians, actors, US congressmen and US Congresswomen, and CEOs of private companies ordering 7— 12 year old children for rape or sex, as in a membership club worldwide.  We found out John Podesta and Mark Zuckerberg ( fake name, CEO of Facebook) colluded with Russians to set up Donald Trump and his majority populace and how Hillary Clinton was to conspire to make 1.4 Million illegal votes count to give her the popular vote.  She paid a Washington D.C. Lawyer firm $12 Million U.S. dollars to create a fake dossier and called all Americans ‘Deplorable’ and the new migrants were the real U.S. Citizens.  The emails were released weeks later because N.S.A. saw the breach live and decided to send Julian Assange a duplicate set so the headers did not have Seth Rich’s computer identification numbers associated to the leaks.  By Mid July all over twitter we found out that Hillary Clinton  and her ‘establishment buddies’ run a global Child sex ring, Child sacrifice, Child Organ harvesting and abduction rings and children for blood and the media shut down all conversation, and I understood that the establishment were set to assassinate Donald Trump because no one on Earth wanted to touch the Pedophile problem, which linked Hollywood in 2012, a meeting between Prince Charles and then Pope Ratzinger who resigned quickly after to set up Hollyrout, an international child trafficking ring to Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. and to New York and other places.


John F. Kennedy & Skull & Bones, Yale Liberal Arts College of nitwits

Yale, faculty know all about S&B and allow Child Rape and they use these services themselves.

John F. Kennedy found out Skull & Bones is nothing more than a liberal arts Child Trafficking & Drug Running club, filled with U.S. sons of Congressmen and half witted ( Yale is a ivyleague liberal arts school) and decided to destroy it but George Walker Bush ( POTUS 41) born as before he added Herbert to distinguish between his first son Bush jr. ( POTUS 43) he was Austin C.I.A. Chief, already and lying about it because you do not become the 'Director of the C.I.A.' two years later and never have joined the Company. So in 2000, the U.S. Congress had a mandate that some of the J.F.K Assassination files be released and we found out George H . W. Bush , as a C.I.A. top official sent Jay E. Hoover a memorandum on fake suspects and in addition was photoed at Daeley Plaza, Dallas T.X. 1.5 Hours after the assassination standing in front guarding the door of the Dallas Book Depository, but the retired president felt no fear as the entire U.S. Media, including Fox News ( Roger Ailes is running wars in South America, secretly with Bush Sr.) and when I campaign to throw out Ailes ( the establishment used sexual matters to oust him) he was in the secret club and was offed very soon after his firing in 2016 A.D. after swearing to go after the people who hated him. I have only been on the dark web two times, just to see it and the first time I left quickly and the second time I read one thread and it was a super dark ‘code’ for the top U.S. leaders running all sorts of world programs and I figured out GHWB and Roger Ailes handle by the secret wars they were running  ( Alies was using Fox News as a media propaganda machine in elections, south of our U.S. boarders and to the other hemisphere. ) Roger was one of the first ones to go down as a swamp person and so he naturally got very upset he was targeted and may have threatened a loose mouth and so he dies very quickly.

First and Second week of



Hollywood Violence & Stars

Hollywood Child Abuse

Hollywood Whore

Hollywood Racism


WEINSTEIN CLEARED OF SEX ABUSES CHARGES ( udated Apr 11 th 2015). The rich get off, there are many young women who accuse these people of rape, sex abduction and forced prostitution.

Update: 50 women accuse Harvey Wienstine with Sexual Misconduct from harassment to rape. 2017 October. Some lawsuits begin and his company dismissed him. He claims he did no wrong to anyone.

Kore and Black Box are private harrassment clubs for hire and used by the Studios and C.I.A. for harrassment, tracking and sometime murder — assassination. Black Box are Israeli defensce force rejects or out of work, liberal arts bullies.

Twitter Source Bush sr.

Heather Lind explains, "We all circled around him and Barbara for a photo, and I was right next to him. He reached his right hand around to my behind, and as we smiled for the photo he asked the group, 'Do you want to know who my favorite magician is?' As I felt his hand dig into my flesh, he said, 'David Cop-a-Feel!'"


Lucifer now had 8 women accusing him of rape or sexual harrassment. George Herbert Walker Bush, born as G. Walker Bush, ( link marieclaire, fashion mag. source CNN).

(# ) According to Deadline, another actress named Jordana Grolnick has accused the former President of a very similar incident to Heather Lind's.

(#) October 25, 2017: Actress Heather Lind Accuses Former President George H. W. Bush of Groping Her at a Photo Call.

He didn't shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side. He told me a dirty joke. And then, all the while being photographed, touched me again. Barbara rolled her eyes as if to say 'not again'. His security guard told me I shouldn't have stood next to him for the photo.

Hollywood Bookoflife.org

November 14, 2017: Woman Claims Bush Groped Her When She Was 16

She explained to TIME magazine:
As soon as the picture was being snapped on the one-two-three he dropped his hands from my waist down to my buttocks and gave it a nice, ripe squeeze, which would account for the fact that in the photograph my mouth is hanging wide open.

She explained her, "initial reaction was absolute horror. I was really, really confused." Though she did immediately tell her mother who has also confirmed she recalls the event.

AntiChrist are Liars in Islam and in Christianity and in Hebrewism.

Ronald W.  Reagan,  George H W. Bush, George Bush Jr. Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama taught the world lies and says that culturally pedophilia of prepubescent children are culturally acceptable to Islam. This is a bold face law. The Holy Quraan says all who fuck children are going to hell. Pronto. US troops taught for decades that rape is a cultural necessity for Afghanistanis. ( link to documents)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Florida Democratic Party chairman resigned Friday after a report of anonymous allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior, a decision he made after four of his party's candidates for governor said he should step down. Stephen Bittel Democratic Party Chief resigns over creepiness of accusations of women abuse. CBSnews

Dolly Kyle was Hillary Clinton’s lesbian partner women for 17 years


Democrats Racists started the KKK and Johnson leaked Nov 2017  by DonaldTrump shows he was a member of the infamous KKK, Klu Klux Klan, a hidden tranny underneath bedsheet cabal of rape black and hang them and many blacks were also members. Comment by a U.S. Citizen: Now democRATs use groups like SEIU, LaRaza, BLM, occupy and ACORN to be their street enforcers. The KKK was started by banksters, many left early on because the pediophile KKKers took over and ran things into politics. It worked, the entire Political western civilization are all babyrapers, baby sacrificers and baby flesh eaters. The Democrats are also Atheists and hate Jesus Christ, I.


Democrats Racists started the KKK and Johnson leaked Nov 2017  by DonaldTrump shows he was a member of the infamous KKK, Klu Klux Klan, a hidden tranny underneath bedsheet cabal of rape black and hang them and many blacks were also members. Comment by a U.S. Citizen: Now democRATs use groups like SEIU, LaRaza, BLM, occupy and ACORN to be their street enforcers. The KKK was started by banksters, many left early on because the pediophile KKKers took over and ran things into politics. It worked, the entire Political western civilization are all babyrapers, baby sacrificers and baby flesh eaters. The Democrats are also Atheists and hate Jesus Christ, I.

Bush Clinton FakeJew Rod Rosenstine rules planet Earth.

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein Arab boy calls for Assassination of FBI members. Link 2:07 P.S.T. Los Angeles. Our World is a freaking Joke, a spinning disaster.

#Bush #Clinton #FakeJew Rod Rosenstine rules planet Earth: champion #Child Trafficker's everywhere . U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein Arab boy calls for Assassination of FBI members who exposed "Child Trafficking" of the Bush Clinton cabals . Link 2:07 P.S.T. Los Angeles. Our World is a freaking Joke, a spinning disaster. our own #media for decades ( according to last Friday's 8:02 EST #NewYorkTimes Op-Ed has championed men who rape, battery and abuse women on a regular basis. Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978 accused #williamjclinton 666 numerology with battery and rape and had immediately told five people. New York Times said in those days you do not report these terrible things, you suppress them. My theory is if you kill all these 30 Million #Pedophile players all over Earth, many in #USA ( Edu, Military, Media, Institution, banks, Wall Street, Entertainment) all goodness and prosperity will return for the Middle Class, now gone due to policies form Reagan to Obama. #11172017AD #bookoflife #ArcMichael (LINK)

#jeffsessions is an #AntiChrist & Jeff's best buddy in US Congress is a known #Pedophile to most at the top.

USA doesn’t believe in ME. they believe in pedophilia , endless economy of death and Satanism to a statue called Moloch— And White Genocide.

— 6:46 pst pm SheO #11162017AD

Mitchy poo put Jeffy Sessions on the Alabama ballot. #lolz

Did Gigi Hadid remove herself from Victoria Secrets' model lineup at Shanghai because producers will sexually batter her as they do all the models or because she said something negative about Asian peoples? Elle.com


Sarah Silverman On Louis C.K Sexual Battery Charges.: “Can You Love Someone Who Did Bad Things?” Sarah Silverman is best friends with a sexual harasser. Louis C.K (top comedian, multiple women).

Louis C.K. is a famous well known Comedian.

U.S. Senator now accused of Sexual harassment, lady on SNL set asked him not to force kiss or kiss and he did not follow directions. He planted kiss after kiss, as if he owned the universe.



John Travolta : third boy accused him of sexual battery. Youtube

Gpost: #amazing. keep politics out of this. US Senator AL FRANKEN SEX ACCUSATIONS ( 2 women); George Clooney, George H W Bush ( 7 women) Harvey Weinstein (50 women). Weinstein's brother, most of Harvard EDU etc..... sylvester stallone, Rambo, ( 1 women) , John Travolta ( 3 young boys); Louis C.K (top comedian, multiple women), George Soros' personal assistant (30 women beaten to pulps), Charlie Sheen ( young male actor, famous too). UK News

= all have one thing in common. they hate #DonaldTrump

News anchor Leeann Tweeden accused Minnesota Sen. Al Franken Thursday of sexually harassing her multiple times during a USO entertainment tour in the Middle East in 2006. SNL actress accused Al Franken of kissing her when she ordered him repeatedly not too. UK Daily Caller. also, number 3, Melanie Morgan’s a former newscaster and talk show host at both KGO San Francisco and KSFO San Francisco.


Alan Horn, Elliot Rogers, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steven Speilburg,

Violence & Video Games

updated section 09 April 2014 A.D.


Currently Hollywood nets some $11 Billion in commercial domestic sales of Movies ( low figure)  and related stuff, which is a good corporatizing to which Hollywood is a machine. Each actors ( gender Neutral) purpose in life is to live the life most people cannot, thus the idol worship of the human body, the physical nature. The pedagogical atheist life-book is to have you watch and be instructed by Hollywood Movies on your free time, and at night, come home and get the television version of indoctrination. Hollywood's racist stereotypes are tolerated because the rich racists rule, and this is their true feelings on biological determinism.  Tom Hanks has $350,000,000 million dollars, he is highly paid & and as a white-ass suppressor male, that despises y'Hoshua and the poor of spirit, Hanks dictates ideas as models to all.  Material is all he was/is/will be after, and idol worship of him being a celebrity or a star -- are moves to take the realm of the Spirit which he has no worth to manage. 

GRAMMYs GOES SATA Katy Perry Causes Satanic Panic With Her 'Dark Horse …

Christian Singer Walks Out After 'Satanic' Performances...


9 Signs That Satan Took Over Last Night’s Grammy Awards ..

Sony hack: Angelina Jolie branded 'seriously out of her mind' in further embarrassing leaked email thread

AM: Called talentless in an earlier leaked email by two of Sony Studio heads, many Terabyte of emails and info was stolen by hackers upset about depicting the son of long time North Korean Dictator as an orgy rebel who must be killed by white privileged racist elitists. One reason Hollywood execs see Angela as ‘out of her mind’ is she cares often about the poor and foreign colored people, and takes her own responsibility. White establishment and privileged racist white elites most that own movie studios cannot grasp helping the less fortunate. They are there only to be play things for the rich and then die for their laughing pleasure.  It is no surprise that Hollywood is leading racism and world war III on schedule. Obama is close to calling these hacks an act of  war but how about Movie studios around the world make up gay orgy, assassination movies on Obama and his children: I bet Obama would just love that, eh?



Alan Horn (Chair Disney) in April 2014, speaking on if the new Star Wars' screen play has finished while they have already began to shoot film, claims the foreign market shares are as follows: $9.5 billion in 2004; some $18 billion in 2008, $24 Billion in 2012 and projected to 2016, some $28 Billion ( inflation $1.3 trillion).  Since Star Wars was purchased by Hollywood trust companies, their vision will be to continue that the Jedi are the real scumbags, and the Sithlords were just immigrating hungry populations that were 'marked' ( just like the US marked poor peasants as Supersolider commies). Super Hero Movies ( not Mark Millar's new type, where superheroes are more human and frail) about America, such as Captain America play off the racist themes of white elite domination. The American 'exceptionally' meant Americans can go take what they want, kill whom they want, and play with the Earth's land, however they want. This is Satan's ugly head and lie. So why does Captain America or any avenger protect Earth when they are the racists and haters and evil one of the Universe?



A Claim that all war, aggression, sin, hatred is caused by Religion, an Atheist Hollywood Mantra to the World.


Hollywood has made it very clear ( each Oscars annual speech) that its purpose is to mentor the next generation of children across the planet. They know better than God, and often thank one of their own as God's replacement. However, Religion is of the spirit, non material things, and all wars associated to religion were  over Material things. So either everyone is lying or too stupid or hateful to be honest.

The Wolves of Wall Street was a sinful, corruption, celebration film. The real villain, now free, boasts on the great luck of him destroying people's lives and how happy he is because of it, but to stay out of jail, he promises not to do his Wall Street robbery schemes. This was an interview on CNN during the avocation for the film, in theaters then. Leonardo DiCaprio is just a name to reflect King ( Leo, the lion king of the planes and jungles) Capricious ( wasteful, wanton, sinful). So the king sinner loves to throw parties of self importance to flaunt wealth into the faces of the small people and laugh at their starving and pain.  And no I do forget good deeds such as rebuilding after natural disasters funded by special interested persons or groups of Hollywood, which DiCaprio has taken a role in doing himself.


Hollywood has opened itself to politics, thus is has opened itself to criticism and backlash. Some 75%, just polled by Gallup, a long - standing polling company ( best historical record on Presidential elections) describes all Americans believe Politicians are corrupted, today ; meaning today, and some 70% also agreed that 70% of those corrupted politicians use their power to hurt others. And yes, many in Hollywood work for Satan's Army, in secret ( C.I.A., et al. MEAMIC). The feds recently created a fake Twitter Account to try to take Cuba again, start a war, over false, again, pretexts.

Feds secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest


Topic:  Violence Hollywood Stars of

POLL: 75% Believe Politicians Corrupted; 70% Use Political Power to Hurt Enemies...
Hollywood is an Arm of the Democratic Party ( a few Repubs, although laying -low).

Revenue hit a record $4.75 billion in summer 2013 (north America). The reasons superpowers fall from grace are sold hearted facts and sober administrations turn toward whoring and entertainment. These concepts were first widely understood in Plato's multilogues around 370s B.C. However, these teachings were banned in European and western schools over threats to world banks and wealth controllers. So most kids coming out of school are full of lies and distortions, and to why, for example, The United States of America is lost today.



























“Hot mess”

“Cold Monster

chart & concept from James Poulos, Welcome To The Pink Police State: Regime Change In America , July 17, 2014. The Intellectual Sector are sucessful administration and global state models for correct State Run Leaders and Officiers. However, since the Kennedy Assassination, which basically coincided with the rise of 'ENTERTAINMENT' in the form of moving pictures form a box, usually located in the family's living room, now in every section of the home or hand-held on the street, Entertainment rules the existence of the political structures of the U.S.A. Today, in fact, it is hard to dialogue with anyone, without referencing first the historical movie index to see which Hollywood star had a similar experience, and thus the patron or the inquisitor can react to information of action accordingly. This has produce a nation of robotic retards. When you see some watching  the moving pictures box, you will  notice that their stars turn blank, as if there is  no brain activity. The movies have gone so far to create the zombie television and film connoisseur to making television programs based upon their varied existence.


While overwhelmingly heart-strung Democrat public identification Hollywoodites, long standing actors  and producers ( gender neutral) have been secret conservatives ( Jerry Bruckheimer, Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, et al.), and Clint Eastwood, and RINOs such as Arnold Swartzenegger ( Terminator, & California Replacement Governor), among well known Hollywood celebrities, both parties are establishment entities of avarice capitalism. Progressive, Democrat and whatnot political affiliation has no bearing on the reality of Hollywood as a capitalist institution, because you can be anyone as long as you make big cash for the Studios and affiliated services.

This Hollywood Land Was Stolen, A perfect Start to An Industry So Wrought for Human Moral Destruction.

Hollywood begins by a dishonest deal for the land. When Hollywood is first built and run it is male Studio boss dominated, run like little kingdoms, most actors are paid little to nothing, and worked hard. For example, Judy Garland ( who was not chosen to be cast in The Wizard of Oz, because she did not have the same nose type as Shirley Temple, who had scheduling conflicts, and thus Garland wore a fake nose, which she confessed was extremely uncomfortable and made worse by a male dominated decision Hollywood system. The Studios believed that Garland was not pretty. She made Hollywood, had the lead acting role in perhaps one of Hollywood's most iconic films, and died poor with the male studio heads laughing on their mountains of cash ( the first man-made mountains before the silicone implant craze) that she made for them. She like so many other women of the common stripe ( class) were and are today dominated by a male capit alistic industry.

Today World Leaders Look to Hollywood Actors for World Answers

Today World Leaders Look to Hollywood Actors for World Answers. But they have been doing this for 60 years and why is the world in chaos when they are the ‘teachers?’ No one has an honest answer, meaning other than a denial. There are no Hollywood Films that promote world solutions. There are an abundance that point out trouble spots and problem areas in our world.  But Hollywood sends the incorrect message because it is based upon fantasy and personal anecdotes to enflame the feelings and to ‘sell’ something off those feelings. Anyone that discusses Hollywood always first admits the ‘who makes the most for whom? This created the Political circus news cable shows  where ‘sexy news’ is the news that brings in viewers and viewership is based upon ‘entertainment’ reporting, which has nothing to do  with politics.

Women dominated Hollywood in the old days and were always paid less as a group. Today, again a resurgence of young and midage females are dominating the proceed tallies at the Box Offices ( a term used to collect Hollywood dues). Any trilogies with co or leading female roles are successes for females. Jennifer Lawrence ( The Hunger Games), and Shalaine Woolsey ( Resurrgence) are to mainstream studio projects, and my faviort actress Chlor Grace Moretz stole a midlow budget suprise hit Kick-Ass, which donned a sequal and in general for females over the last 25 years, many have assumed lead roles in Major Studio films.   

Often sappy Anne Hathaway ( noticed 2001, by co-starring with Julie Andrews) has only $20 Million to her name ( net 35 mil. 2010+ future contracts) whereas Tom Cruise has 165 Million. I like only three of Tom's films, Top Gun, Born on the Fouth of July, and  ( Steven speilburg congnative film). That is three films, and yes he is a good actor, and he was good in films  such as with Dustin Hoffman and other co-celebrity films and aspirated him to standing up to Matt Lauer over big pharma, but not almost immediately backing down.

However, I like at least five Anne Hathaway Films, and yet she has less money.  This does not make logical sense and you may say 'well this is of one opinion?' But the point remains, men are paid, over and over in history more money than the women and this has not escaped the 'über politically correct' ( an unsubstantiated claim!) Hollywood system.

Societies need Heroes to Survive.

Today, there are no Heroes in the U.S.A.

Today, there are only Celebrities and their idol worshiping of their selves



John McCain during Syrian war Meeting sept 2013

John McCain during Syrain War Meeting in Washington D.C. plays an online gambling game, not very interested. This is why we pay our leaders so much money and give them so much power so they can play online gambling video games while making huge amounts of bank and controlling the world. McCain plays video games and admits , like others at Washington D.C.,  Politicians do not read the bills or legal papers themselves, they hire illegal immigrants to read them for them, and treat these interns like the massive house pruning movement that whites love to see small brown people slaving at their houses for $30 a month. And Politicians and Celebrities have Massive Homes, like Castles -- and they still whine that they are suppressed by the MAN -- liars.

Are U Confused? No! Really, the real war is Atheist Hollywood vs. the People of God.   

A recent Academic study found more people over the history thanked Meryl Streep than God at the Academy Awards, a celebration of film and opulent wealth. Hollywood uses those self controlling and human suppression Corporations. Hollywood, as they openly dictate each Oscar ceremony is here to be your mother and father and your teacher, not God.

Clooney Storms Out of Vegas Dinner, Calls Wynn 'A**hole' for Insulting Obama He was accused in late October 2017 from a women claiming he sexually harrassed her, right after he libeled Donald Trump in the local entertainment media. 11182017AD

Gorge Clooney, Mr. Affluenza (i.e.  affluent) a.k.a. written as Ce + Loony ( see [the] loony), as not sane, will stand up for Obama even he rapes and eats children for fun right in front of G. Cloony's face. He gets angry when Mediterranean officials tell him or fine him and say you must follow all the rules like the commoners -- Clooney goes nuts, I'm not a commoner, I'm Hollywood Royalty, so I do not have to follow your global laws, I got fans that will overthrow you! That's the mental capacity of Mommy-- I got everything I wanted -- mentality.

God Replaced by Meryl Streep


Here is My Solution: take God, and Republicans and throw them out, make no new copies or mirrors of these ideologies and let Hollywood blame someone else, which they will not be able to do because the problem is their 'shoving into our faces' they luxurious and easy and relaxing lifestyle built upon the backs of the poor who serve in the Hollywood W-Washington D.C. Wars for Oil and Energy.

A please, even though it is your excuse, anecdotal contrary evidence, Well this person gave to this charity, so Archangel Michael must be crazy. F8&K U!

Disney Inc. Global Corporation makes animation movies where two rulers, can be any color of people are champions in the movie and they have a 'caste' of loyal subjects that are happily working as slaves for these ruler's happiness -- and I'm not speaking on the villains in their films. The Early Disney films did not project this as much as today.

Number one reason for all historical violence and continuing today is Pain, and the most pain comes from hunger. This implies humans living in pain. When a human cannot share with others their pain, they attack and use violence as a way to communicate their violence. When something happens to someone and they feel pain and have no one to talk to, they act out in violence. The U.S.A. government tries to put everyone on pharma meds as an excuse because they cannot hire enough psychiatrists to treat all the U.S. populations living in pain from the central authorities preference to large corporations profits.

Hunger is caused by others' feelings and actions of entitlements. For example, More Money Makes Humans more stingy.  They take more than their share and convince their little minds they are more entitled to a larger share of the common good. Currently this is the U.S.A. obsession, and this type of attitude forces any state to become the more hated entity on Earth. This then causes wars to break-out under a plethora of excuses.

One painful experience is seeing the Academy Awards and pop stars, actors, socialites and business persons donning ‘bling’ expensive jewelry and wearing $50,000 clothes while the poor are dying and in most cases living in pain from the rich taking all the monies and claiming, no haters!

Pet Peeve: Preachers of Hate by Hollywood:  God Created all the Wars and Conflict, We are the Solution, we make movies showing you this as truth, pay us for our mentorship to truth and worship us as gods – Hollywood Main Ideology (since its inception).

I mean they cannot even get their greatest argument correct, The Crusades. The Crusades were launched by Christians ( The Church) to save western civilization, because the Seljuk Turks and other nomadic turned military forces cut off life-trade to Europeans, just going through a devastating decade of crop damage and ergo infestation. Trade through Anatolia ( Aleppo ( at this time, and before the Trade Juncture between the Far East and known West), ancient name) was the lifeblood for survival. So the Crusades were launch to keep the rich families, the Atheist Rich Families fed.  I do not like Liars and these lies coming out of Hollywood for nearly a century ( there has been good works, do not get me wrong) and War and Conflict continue because these Priests of Satan force the world to look not at the problem but falsely accuse foreigners ( because they do not have the correct physical features), many whom are religious. And since Hollywood encourages the narrative that White People are Evil, then why do they remain in leadership positions and media positions of Power? this is because they are liars and liars is Satan's signature modus operandi. 

The poor are starving, eating junk food because it is the cheapest, and Michelle Obama cannot figure out that good food or healthy food is too expensive for the poor or lower middle classes;the rich flaunt in front of the television their overly healthy lifestyles and million dollar paychecks, proclaiming, “ look at me, look at me, give me your attention, your energy, worship me!” And one wonders why people act out in society and celebrities always blame some mysterious forces that control the economy, when the only one who ever can control the economy are our collective governments of our world, they control the militaries for the most part which means they can launch attacks against bankers, corporations, and other hoarders of wealth – but they do not because Hollywood, Pop-Stars, music pop and culture are wedded to Washington D.C. the only power to change the financial structures.


Why does Hollywood make Violent Films? Entitlement, Capitalism, Profits, Attention!

Why do Hollywood Actors (gender neutral) make violent movies?  Capitalism, Profits, Attention!

Why do Hollywood Actors Claim they are anti-capitalism, and are anti-violence? They do not want to be killed by the poor people of Earth. 


Founding astreological chart of the World Famous Hollywood


First things first we look for the Birth Chart of the City of Hollywood. This then gives us clues. In natural science, violence is permissible in society and its use as a tool creates the pathway of human preservation. In fantasy science, Hollywood’s genre of violence is permissible in film for its political persuasion or its political expression.


Hollywood Stars of Violence


Hollywood ( Founding astreological chart) near solar noon, not noon.
on Tu., 1 February 1887
in Hollywood, CA (US), 118w20, 34n06
Time 12:06 p.m.
Univ.Time 20:06
Sid. Time 20:59:30
Planet positions Jul.Day 2410304.337434 TDT, ΔT -5.7 sec


Sun Dorsum ( 0°44',s), Armus ( 3°22',s)
Moon Ushakaron ( 4°09',s), Atirsagne ( 4°21',s)
Mercury Armus ( 2°11',a), Dorsum ( 3°26',a)
Mars Ancha ( 3°46',a) PED formalhaut, alpha lower
Jupiter Khambalia ( 0°49',s)
Saturn Wasat ( 0°18',s), Mekbuda ( 4°16',s) Zubenhakrabi 'violent' (Tri 0°03',s, true),
Uranus Porrima ( 4°19',a)
Pluto Kattupothu ( 0°20',s), Furibundus ( 4°10',s) Fomalhaut 'fame' to 'destiny' (Squ 0°08',85°24',s),
Mean Node Regulus ( 0°47',a)
True Node Regulus ( 0°28',s)
Asc. Menkalinan ( 0°27',a), Abyssus Aqueus ( 0°38',s), Ushakaron ( 1°00',s), Atirsagne ( 1°05',s), Hasseleh ( 1°28',a)
Desc. Alniyat ( 0°01',a), Jabhat al Akrab ( 0°37',a), Antares ( 1°18',a), Wei ( 1°26',s), Sargas ( 1°36',s), Arcturus ( 1°50',a)
MC Dorsum ( 0°01',a), Armus ( 0°23',s), Albulaan ( 0°59',a)
IC Talitha Australis ( 0°54',s), Acubens ( 1°48',s)
intp. Perigee Shir ( 2°57',a), Regulus ( 3°36',s).


On February 1, 1887 Hollywood Birth Chart ( prolific land developer) Hobart Johnstone Whitley filed a deed to Los Angeles civics to build a community upon the hills above Hollywood, and this became the first celebrity neighborhood. He was born at Toronto, Canada, October 7, 1847 – d. June 3, 1931. His second wife, Gigi, came up with the name, Hollywood,  while on their honeymoon in 1886. The name was a given that Holly lake ( today known as Hollywood Lake) had already been named, and so  Holly had affixed ‘wood’ to its term and was adopted and this was offered by Gigi to Hobart (California and Californians by Rockwell Dennis Hunt and Nellie Van de Grift Sanchez (1930)). The Chart is a near culmination of the Sun on this day, at the modern location of Hollywood, California, and these stars speak a story of dominance and violence all in an association to profits, greed and non-democratic values.  When Hollywood first became a legitimate operation it was run by Studio barons who paid the talent a near minimum wage, keeping all the profits and usually putting popular talent under restrictive financial contracts. Judy Garland, one of my favor early entertainer/actresses, suffered from these contracts and died poor – although she tried to keep a bold face and never revealed this, and even went to great lengths to hid this horrible thing. Overtime, the studio barons were seen as too corrupt and a change came. That change was the invention of moving pictures on a small screen, also discussed below. As Television developed a wider talent pool,  an increased revenue stream, allowed the talent to charge more for their services. Over time this has progressed to the corruption of the robber studio barons. Today, many Hollywood actors ( gender neutral) charge fees that only the bourgeoisie would dream of possessing. On the psychological standpoint, Hollywood sells itself to the world as the proletariat. Sure many of the gaffs and crew personal are but the real proletariat, and I guess their reward is to be near one of the celebrated bourgeoisie robber actors. Do actors need $100,000,000s of dollars in their bank accounts for violent action or drama fantasy movies?

Hollywood Power: Sidereal Capricorn & with a most powerful position. The Sun is in rulership here and so is the media formalated by construct of the ancient association to the planet hermes!

Hollywood  Pyschological: The natal or birth chart of Hollywood therefore contains a co-culmination of the Moon to beta persei, the Demon Star, the Sun’s paran at the M.C. to the Dec. has the Violent and bully star, alpha scorpius on the angle.

ASC Hollywood Projection of Self To the World: Coord eta taurii or alpha pleiades to beta persei ( Demon Star). Overwhelming artistic, global reception, and monetary dominance.  The power to force one’s bias beliefs onto the masses. This provides evidence tot he often expressed at the Academy Awards, Hollywood’s purpose is to teach the world through the medium of moving pictures with sound.

ASC Hollywood Projection of Self To the World cont... 12th, its home so superpower rulership here, forms another right-triangle with beta persei and the ecliptical projection of to the ecliptic. Two outer planets associated to the global society indicate massive power of influence t the world. Since Neptune has a direct involvement by spherical geometry to the angle, Neptune influences money here as well as spiritual or talent as artistically inclined or in negative state(s), poor spirit and wanton disregard for others; profits at will are the end of all ends – thus capitalistic.

2013 Violent Stars Progressed Biblical Method of Hollywood: why are violent films being promoted in back rooms and denied in the public arena? hyades ( cluster), Greek for Hell; PED hyades, true μ Tau , Kattupothu or mu taruii.  Mu Tauri is a blue-white B-type subgiant with an apparent magnitude of +4.27. It is approximately 435 light years from Earth.

2018 - 2020 Hollywood Revolution Sgr * A on I.C. from progressed natal Solar Noon paran,  and 2020 A.D. p . Mundane ( worldy for everyone on planet, sinistra ophiuchii will PED the Sgr * A, near the Galactic Center at the winter solstice for the northern latitudes on Earth. M.C. approches alpha orionis, so lasting fame from this period's  astreological signatures.

Hollywood Geometrics: 1887 - onward. Hollywood’s founding chart is not a bowl, a bowl demonstrates an extreme focus or an extreme bias. However, over time, and into the 21 st Century, saved a little by the progressing Moon but that will finish up in the next few years, there appears a bowl by progression.

Hollywood Uneven success of 2013: Beta persei makes a 30° – 60° relative geometric relationship to the elliptical angles. This shows that there are hits and misses on regular intervals and extreme passion or anger to what is happening at this time in the business side of the Hollywood community.

Hollywood Lessons by Key ( Chiron ): Progressed &  M.C. n 2012-2013 A.D. and continuing. & 2013 n   With Neptune: Sharp, shrewd, self-seeking, analytical, detective ability, many secret enemies, connected with secret affairs or government work, occult interests, somewhat dishonest, influential friends, associated with 9th and 12th house affairs, gain through speculation, death of marriage partner, many narrow escapes, violent death through secret enemies. [c.f. COW Robson*, p.167.]. is teaching Hollywood a lesson of late, it has a history of wedded bliss to Washington D.C. Chiron here is poisoning Hollywood's so-called untouchability, the industry has a nasty habit of promoting anti-government movies while it secretly worships at the alter of temporal power.

Bully Star : United States of America Horoscope & Hollywood's Horoscope: Antares is on the ascendant of the U.S.A. national chart, U.S. Sibeley, I use 5:00 p.m., within the 4:50- 5:10 range most astrologers use that accept this chart. Antares is on the angles of the U.S.A. chart, and on the solar paran chart of Hollywood. In a personal manner this is over selfishness and over indulgence ( that is a personal thing). Antares is our largest star of these zodiac constellations, and one of the larger stars we know of and this places the emphasis on the USA asc.; because over time the USA population is rated the fattest in the world. They over consume food. The number one reason for all violence in history is hunger, and therefore the USA shows its bloated bellies to the world and groups seek to attack it because of its overconsumption; this is not just food but energy too -- in which Antares shows its bullying to feed its hunger and wars for oil as energy. In a democracy, you must talk politics because that is what democracy forms its justice out of and corrects its mistakes. The news media over the last 25 years has switched to headline celebrity news and suppresses any real discourse on politics. This attitude is always relevant in kingship or tyrannies. I know a man who has the node over Antares, the natal. He is super fat, ignorant, a robber, and a bully. At times, Antares shows gregariousness, and an open mind. At times it shows great tolerance too.

Bully Star : cont...To make the point more clear for examples, any criticism of Hollywood’s machine means one is blacklisted. Almost all patriots, liberty proponents, loves of America are black listed or suppressed; and if already they are a star in Hollywood – and this is a classic bullying thematic of the Hollywood Horoscope -- they get measly work. Since Hollywood no longer caters to the American pubic, it has gone overseas for production as well as profits, it sees anyone who has national sentiments or patriotic views as dangerously offensive – thus a blacklisting ensues. This helps explain why Republicans are shut-out for the most part ( at least the known or public ones) and any political speak, as mentioned in kingships and tyrannies, is off-limits. Since Antares is a part of the Royal Persian stars, an easy classical classification, a fall is imminent. So the U.S.A. will fall as Hollywood claims it has achieved ideological victory and patriots and lovers of liberty have been tossed into the fire. Soon after that Armies will invade and force onto the U.S.A. a proxy kingship. Then that proxy kingship will shut down Hollywood, and Clooney, d’Caprio, Spielberg, Lucas, and all the Demoncratic players will be left with their billions of dollars and memories of their idol worship. It is not to say on any of these individuals have not given some of their time or money to charity or good works, they have!; Antares is generous, at times, but it not a constant theme for world or for global solutions.

Hollywood and the Stone: If using a comparison chart for the Stone and Hollywood ( mid-point) Jupiter ()  is over Antares, giving Hollywood victory in its bullying ways. The Sun has a true arc over baten kaitos cetii,  a violent position, seen as a major astrological symbol connected to acts of violence, such as classified as terrorism. And Venus () has a loose elliptical projection to baten kaitos cetii which indicates how money is made.

In today’s U.S. climate, once a state starts to fall violence is common, Hollywooders scapegoat ( an Antares theme) all acts of violence to anything but their media genre. But how true is that claim? Hollywood claims it is the teacher – it wants you in front of the small and large scene as often as you can get there and its violent teaching by example of violence sells and makes profits, in which it does, they say violence in society is this or that but never us!

Pluto () PED to asc angle less than 1 degree. So Hollywood consumes us with global power.

Hollywood Natal: Mars conjunct Formalhaut, lower alpha Pisces, so acting has a lasting impression and a (im)moral motive. With Mars: Malevolent, passionate, revengeful, many secret enemies, liable to disgrace and ruin, danger of bites from venomous creatures. [c.f. COW, Robson*, p.166.], varient spellings, fomalhaut, formalhaut.

Mean Node over alpha leonis, the little king star, & we now know because of me to have a faint and unknown distant open cluster of stars, just behind it found with Hubble Deep Field lensing and snapshots.

Neptune conjunct PED to the gorgones and beta persei, ( Demon star). This denotes extreme amounts of money in association to violence.

Abyssus Aqueus upsilon cetii is on the ascendant arc, north east on the horizon when the Sun culminates.


Violence and Televisions' origins in the stars.

March 25, 1925 is close to the Vernal Equinox, thereby a powerfully placed solar position. Around this time of the year at England ( today called the U.K.) in 2010, also Kick Ass 1 débuts. 

Television:  .Scottish inventor John Logie Baird working from many other people's progresses since the 19 th cent. .  However, if television is defined as the live transmission of moving images with continuous tonal variation, Baird first achieved this privately on October 2, 1925.  Yet, On March 25, 1925, Scottish inventor John Logie Baird gave the first public demonstration of televised silhouette images in motion, at Selfridge's Department Store in London. Nature, vol. 115, April 4, 1925, p. 505–506.

Osculating Lunar Apogee :"True" Lilith is onthe ascendant as the Sun culminates with al genib and al pharatz, and the later galaxy means global fame.

TV: near paran to Lunar Apogee ("True" Lilith ) First public TV broadcast in history, at London, ENG.
al pharatz (α Andromedae, a galaxy not a star), at the top means massive global fame. And, al genib, as well, we found were in some bomb explosions, such as the Boston bombings, and this star is linked to violence, as well as its conceptual sibling, beta pegasei, scheat. Scheat is also associated to scientific breakthroughs.
So we see the themes of violence and media already in this origin chart. TV started as an idea in the late 19 th cent. but did not get worked out, and by many countries and people, until its first public broadcast, live, moving frames, witnesses --bingo!

TV: Television, α Andromedae is near culmination, along with al genib, a star found in violence, terrorist bombings, for example, The Boston Bombings. Baten kaitos cetii, also a major star found in the Boston bombing event. This star has also been linked to violence.

TV: near the Pleiadian cluster indicates persuasion. If astrologers deal with C. Ptolemy's Noon-Chart theories, then #Mar#con pleiads resides in the 11 th of mass communication.

TV: At Every Academy Awards Ceremony, perhaps one of the largest annual audiences’, Hollywood pushes the notion that T.V. plus Hollywood exist for the sole reason of teaching the world. So we look for a teacher and Chiron ( ) is near-smack over Mercury ( ). This neutral planet in astrology has been linked to all things communicative.

TV: To best all the best, Interpolated Lunar Apogee (Lilith) is conjunct ( written simultaneously  15 Aug. 2013, on a major astrological forum under my usual pseudonym used ever since I opened an account.).

Starvation and Overpopulation a Major Cause of Social Violence

Violence extract:  US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

In the past, human violence was associated with food shortage, but recently it has increased even in relatively well-fed societies. The reason appears from studies of monkeys under relaxed, spacious conditions and under crowding stress. Uncrowded monkeys have unaggressive leaders, rarely quarrel, and protect females and young. Crowded monkeys (even well-fed) have brutal bosses, often quarrel, and wound and kill each other, including females and young. Crowding has similar behaviour effects on other mammals, with physiological disturbances including greater susceptibility to infections. All this appears to be a regular response to overpopulation, reducing the population before it has depleted its natural resources. Human beings, like monkeys and other mammals, need ample space, and become more violent when crowded. Human history is marked by population cycles: population outgrows resources, the resulting violence, stress and disease mortality cuts down the population, leading to a relief period of social and cultural progress, till renewed population growth produces the next crisis. The modern population crisis is world-wide, and explains the increase of violence even in well-fed societies. The solution to the problem of violence is to substitute voluntary birth control for involuntary death control, and bring about relaxed conditions for a reduced world population.

Stanford Business, Center for Social Innovation : More Money You Have the More Hurtful You Are to Others . Is violence not hurting people?

The more you have, the less you give. According to a 2002 Independent Sector survey, households earning more than $100,000 a year contributed only 2.7 percent of their income to charity, while those earning less than $25,000 gave a more generous 4.2 percent. New research shows that’s no accident. “The more money a person makes or has, the less generous, helpful, compassionate, and charitable he is toward other people,” says Paul Piff, a doctoral candidate in social and personality psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.




STUDY: Violent video games leave teens 'morally immature'...

Video Games Link to Violence

U.C.Berkeley Study finds wealth gives rise to a sense of entitlement and narcissistic behaviors ( summer 2013).  As well, even playing video games, people tend to belive they are the character they control as an avatar ( see the movie, AVATAR,  for more ideas on this type of understanding)

"The study, by 30 year old psychologist Paul Piff, at UC Berkeley showed that 'Putting someone in a role where they’re more privileged and have more power in a game makes them behave like people who actually do have more power, more money, and more status.'"

"Paul Piff of the University of California at Berkeley told PsyPost 'there is something about wealth that gives rise to a sense of entitlement, a sense that one deserves more good things in life than others, which in turn gives rise to an increased or inflated sense of self-importance, vanity, grandiosity, and omnipotence (narcissism).'

"'Narcissism is a multi-faceted and complex construct, but that wealth is specifically associated with it suggests that as a person’s level of privilege rises, that person becomes increasingly self-focused – in a sense, becoming the center of their own world and worldview,' he explained.

"'The studies in the paper measure narcissism in a whole host of ways, including measuring how likely someone is to stare at their reflection in a mirror (wealthier people do that more often). Even students who come from wealth, but have done little to create their own wealth (yet), report more entitlement. This suggests that wealth shapes an ideology of self-interest and entitlement that’s transferred culturally from one generation to the next.'

"Piff conducted five experiments to investigate the associations between social class, entitlement, and narcissism.

"The first experiment consisted of a survey that measured levels of entitlement and socioeconomic status. Piff found higher social class was associated with an increased sense of entitlement. 'Upper-class individuals were more likely to believe they deserved special treatment and feel entitled to more of everything.' They were also more likely to believe that if they on the Titanic, they would deserve to be on the first lifeboat. ( reproduced by many websites, this was the most brass).

When celebrities, especially Hollywood celebrates cut in night-club lines or get special restaurant treatment or entire department stores are closed down for them to shop in peace, the case of entitlement exposes the resentment the humans have for the rich and privileged. Many celebrates without having at least some college are pushed to the front of the T.V. exposures to give their political assessments of whatever is the current topic of discussion. They are put there because they feel entitled to give us those teachable moments and the media caters to the privilege, and media is where the money is at, at all times.

Violence & Video Games

Like Academia, the U.S.A. Military Works Alongside Video Games and Entertainment to make better violence weapons.

SIMNET :  Battle of 73 Easting's Success was attested to Video Gaming technology and training in the U.S. Military. Lenoir Lowood short survey on Military/Video Games.

73 Easting is the north-south grid line on military maps of the Iraqi Desert. The battle lasted from about 3:30 PM until dusk fell at 5:15 PM, and took place in a swirling sandstorm. The U.S. 2d Calvary consisted of M1A1Abrams battle tanks and M3 Bradley fighting vehicles. During the action the cavalry troops destroyed 50 T-72/T-62 battle tanks, more than 35 other armored fighting vehicles, and 45 trucks. More than 600 Iraqi soldiers of the 12th Armored Division and Tawakalna Republican Guard Armored Division were killed or wounded and at least that many more were captured. Immediately after the battle, General Franks, the VII Corps commander, claimed the action of the 2d Cavalry a classic of the cavalry mission to find, fix, and fight the enemy.

Battle of 73 Easting took place on February 26, 1991, just three days into the ground war, between the U.S. 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment and a much larger Iraqi armed force (armed elements [ code word for perhaps not real, as we all know now Gulf War I, under Bush 43 was a set up like he was involved in JFK's murder] of the 50th Brigade of the Iraqi 12th Armored Division).

Battle of 73 Easting for use as a vehicle for networked training in the future.

The idea then is to get the kids battling it out on violent Video games so when they get into a new U.S. Military Vehicle, they know how to operate a real killing weapon and feel comfortable killing for the rich to get richer. Since 2004, U.S. veterans, not in any theater or active duty but a population of veterans from all wars began committing suicides at alarming rates. The U.S. Congress refuses to accept that it denies medical benefits to returning service officers, but investigation after investigation, which is almost an investigation annual event does little to nothing as each year Congress passes new amendments or bills to make Vets suffer and die. So in late 2013 A.D., an alarming statistic showed that a spike occurred and 22 veterans committed suicide a day, almost all citing the governments refusal to honor their contracts when these people signed up for the U.S.A. military.


Violence as Stingy, Rude, Entitled,

Violence is caused by pain, pain coming from humans that are stingy, and claim they are entitled, for a myriad of psychological reasons. My whole life I have noticed how the more wealth, not political association, the more hurtful you are to others in pain and need.

Research: Money Makes People Stingy
Author: Jessica Ruvinsky
Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2011

The more you have, the less you give. According to a 2002 Independent Sector survey, households earning more than $100,000 a year contributed only 2.7 percent of their income to charity, while those earning less than $25,000 gave a more generous 4.2 percent. New research shows that’s no accident. “The more money a person makes or has, the less generous, helpful, compassionate, and charitable he is toward other people,” says Paul Piff, a doctoral candidate in social and personality psychology at the University of California, Berkeley (Stanford, Center for Social Innovation).

Piff started out by noticing that rich people are generally ruder. When he videotaped them in the lab as they got to know a stranger, people who had identified themselves as having more “would check their cell phones ... or doodle without establishing eye contact. Whereas the individuals who identified themselves as having less, were more engaged: They would establish eye contact, they’d laugh more, they’d nod,” Piff says.

Study: Poor Are More Charitable Than The Wealthy : NPR ( I have noticed this my whole life. The homeless feeding programs that were not subsidized by church patrons or the local city , state or even federal government were run by the poor who helped the poor.).

More Wealth, the Easier your Mind Says to Run People Over and Kill Them.

PAUL SOLMAN: In California, you're supposed to stop for a pedestrian at a crosswalk. And, in a recent study, some 90 percent of drivers did, except for those driving luxury cars, like this BMW. They were almost as likely to run the intersection as wait for the person to cross the street.

PAUL PIFF, University of California, Berkeley: Drivers of those BMWs, those Porsches, those Mercedes were anywhere from three to four times more likely to break the law, than drivers of less expensive, low-status cars.



PAUL SOLMAN: Another experiment tested honesty in reporting dice scores when cash was on the line.

PAUL PIFF: People all the way at the top who made $150,000 dollars, $200,000 dollars a year were actually cheating four times as much as someone all the way at the bottom who made under $15,000 dollars a year just to win credits for a $50 dollars cash prize.

PAUL SOLMAN: So, experimental evidence that rich people are more likely to break the law while driving, help themselves to candy meant for children, cheat in a game of chance, also to lie during negotiations and endorse unethical behavior, including stealing at work.

The academic paper that resulted made headlines everywhere, the Wall Street Journal article leading with the question, "Ready the Pitchforks?"

DACHER KELTNER, University of California, Berkeley: It is very clear that this study of social class touched a nerve.

PAUL SOLMAN: Psychology professor Dacher Keltner is Paul Piff's boss and co-author.

DACHER KELTNER: We publish these studies in relatively obscure scientific journals, and literally the next day were getting hundreds of e-mails from around the world, and a lot quite hostile.

PAUL PIFF: I have gotten a lot of vitriol and hate mail from people calling me out for junk science and having a liberal agenda.

PAUL SOLMAN: Hey, but, wait, didn't those who complained have a point: that the research was done at a famously, some might say infamously, liberal university?

Hey, they're in Berkeley. What other results did you expect them to get?

More money, in general terms, equates more unethical behavior. The more Rich, The More You hurt people.

When feudalism existed in a large part as a program of the global populations, pre Early Modern Age, this was already a scientific belief. This observation was personal to community specific. Although each feudalistic overlord treated their populations slightly different from the next overlord, the common belief were the feudal barons treated the poor with contempt and often abused them, killed them, took their women for first sexual conquests -CBM/AM.


Paul Piff of the University of California at Berkeley, Free Candy

Participants in the fourth study were assigned tasks in a laboratory where a jar of candy, reserved for visiting children, was on hand, and were invited to take a candy or two. Upper-class participants helped themselves to twice as much candy as did their counterparts in other classes. (psypost.org , Upper class more likely to be scofflaws due to greed, U.C. Berkeley, February 28, 2012, accessed  31 Aug 2013, source UC Berkeley News Website, sub section Greed).

The upper class has a higher propensity for unethical behavior, being more likely to believe – as did Gordon Gekko in the movie “Wall Street” – that “greed is good,” according to a new study from the University of California, Berkeley. (Upper class more likely to be scofflaws due to greed-- University of California at Berkeley / February 28, 2012 / Moral psychology ).

Methodology To investigate how class relates to ethical conduct, the researchers surveyed the ethical tendencies of more than 1,000 individuals of lower-, middle- and upper-class backgrounds. Volunteers reported their social class using the MacArthur Scale of Subjective Socioeconomic Status and filled out surveys revealing their attitudes about unprincipled behaviors and greed. They also took part in tasks designed to measure their actual unethical behavior.

The extreme forms of narcissism illustrate someone that believes they know more and are more moral and virtuous than anything in the universe. It is the me, me, me, all me disease. The U.C. Berkeley study promotes that their research confirms the more wealth people gain in their lives the more they do not care about their actions of others – all they care about is their narcissistic promotion. Anne Hathaway, after winning her first Academy Award came underfire for selfish and fleckless promotion, because her critics claim he is an attention hound. When she, they claim, is not in the news, or in advertizing pages of all the major magazines, she has a mental breakdown. Anne was not born wealthy, but she is now very, very, and I mean very wealthy. So according to U.C. Berkeley’s study, she has, over time, increased her self aggrandizement to which shows the world, she is a narcissist and critics connect this to Hollywood – thus the back lash to her behaviors.

Bible The First Major Textual Work on Ethics, Morality, and hating the greedy structures of society.

Hollywood’s reliance of privilege to that of Washington D.C. policy makers utter: We don’t need God. God is just a crutch for the feebleminded, the weak.

The Bible is filled with moral and immoral acts, but its thematic does exhume a violence cause narrative; and perhaps this is why the U.S. government desperately needs to take God out of the civil equations. Without God, greed and immorality triumph unfetterly and Washington D.C. is our modern boomtown, get rich quick, city today in America.

The Bible as a pedagogical tool helps the poor to understand their plight against the people who do not have to worry about food or overcrowding. I found most atheists and even to a lesser extent agnostics are never hungry human beings. The poor that are hoodwinked into this narrative cannot differentiate that Spiritual things are all the things scientists cannot explain except for demonation and labeling humans to shut them up or kill them.  Karl Marx, the obsession of the left, including B.H.Obama repeatedly called Liberals the worst names in the foul language category. They are the reason, according to Marx of all the ills and suffering of this world. The left are obsessed with Marx and still cannot figure out what he is saying. Liberals have no morals or ethics and therefore fight against philosophies couched in religious writings. Bible is famous because it is the first book in all of history that tells a story of the people grasping with morals, ethics and how to have a world population come together under peace. Laws before this, like the Neo Babylonian laws always favored the rich classes – they could almost do anything to a poor person with out legal or official reprisal. Today’s modern liberals ( both modern 21th cent. Democrats and Republicans seem to be in this boat, so-to-speak)  seek to implement this atheist-law –for-rich society—with Washington D.C. now balkanizing as a boomtown. The correlation is that the rise of the U.S.A. happened under a Christian nation, and its slow and long fall is the rejection of those ethics and morals Non-religious societies tend toward barbarian existences – where loot and avarice and like in the Satanic Bible, the only thing that one should strive for is the fun feeling of the pleasures of the body. The Satanic Bible, by Anton LaVey pub. in 1969. are some collection of essays, observations, and rituals, and its theme are attacks upon moral and ethics, with caveats because of complexities in the argument. In Satanism, Liberalism is the key to all things, and no action by a human should have a need to accept or be judged. If you have a desire to kill a child ( not advocated in this work!) or rape it, this is deemed permissible, because the number one objective is not others or helping others but personal pleasure and self-gratification.  LaVey understood the social consequences, thus he does not promote what he really wants to say, just citing to watch out for civil laws because they punish unmoral people, the work is mainly a poor parody of understanding the history of the Bible and the role of God. This same idea of Liberalism, Marx detested and wanted to end on Earth is the same conclusions in the Satanic Bible. Narcissism is a rather nice word; the real brunt of the argument is Capitalism rules the Liberal’s life-view. One profits in the Satanic Bible by achieving your most guilty pleasures – which always intends hurting other individuals ( the Satanic Bible says do not hurt others, but that is a confusion to their philosophy) or large groups of people for self-gratification.  

One does not need a Satanic Bible to run Hollywood or the U.S.A. government, all one needs to do is take out literature that advocates a moral foundation for civil management. Again, Hollywood’s reliance of privilege to that of Washington D.C. policy makers utter: We don’t need God. God is just a crutch for the feebleminded, the weak.

2012 Rise of the Topic Of Violence and Greed Linked to Mayan Calendar

In one of the four complete, and saved, the Mayan Codices, that the Spanish did not burn shows a white human looking creature with black cloths  and peering directly at the constellation Taurus ( ) , and there seems to be a star or planet of interest that captures the creatures' gaze. In the middle of the Constellation of Taurus is the open cluster, named by the Greeks as hyades ( i.e. Hell). In the year of the LORD 2012, Jupiter the planet hovered around Hell, and Jupiter remains one of the brightest objects in the night sky. see, Dresden Codex Last Page of Chapter 2,  Dresden Codex.


Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Lilth positions for Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting and global resided in Hell * hyadian stars, about the middle of the constellation.

below are tropical positions:

M Lilith 10° 23'19" speed 6'39" β 1°24'42" S δ 20°36'20" N
#a Lilith (i) 7° 11'22" speed - 4'31" β1° 1'10" S δ 20°30' 6" N
#b osc.Lilith 11° 52'56" speed - 2°19'39" β 1°26'53" S δ20°46'30" N

43' 2" (similar minus the 's proximity for the release of the first Star Wars film.

This was similar to the first film of Star Wars, minus the proximity of the Sun which was just post of al debaran. In this first film, Darth Vader ( who later George Lukas turns into a good guy) murders an entire planet, full of peaceful people.

However, lilith may be thereby skewed in scientific data, because in both instances, liliths and is in sidereal hyades. Ouch!

Hollywood chart and Sandy Hook Shooting Event Chart.   triangle to hypotenuse mid-point method.

Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) discovers near Earth solar system brown dwarfs, looking for the Solar System companion star, some ancients called nibiru.

Special circumstances: WISEPA J041022.71+150248.5 (designation is abbreviated to WISE 0410+1502) is a brown dwarf of spectral class Y0,[1][2] located in constellation Taurus. Being approximately 14 light-years from Earth,[3] it is one of the Sun's nearest neighbors.[3]

Trigonometric parallax of WISE 0410+1502, published in 2013 by Marsh et al., is 0.233 ± 0.056 arcsec, corresponding to a distance 4.2+1.2
pc, or 13.7+3.9
ly.[3][note 2]

WISE 0410+1502 distance estimates

Source Parallax, mas Distance, pc Distance, ly Ref.
Kirkpatrick et al. (2011), Table 6   9.0 29.4 [1]
Cushing et al. (2011), Table 7   7.1+1.6
Marsh et al. (2013)
(according Kirkpatrick et al. (2012))
164 ± 24 6.1+1.0
Marsh et al. (2013) 233 ± 56 4.2+1.2
[note 2]

Non-trigonometric distance estimates are marked in italic. The most precise estimate is marked in bold.

The Sandy Hook Shooting which provided an exscuse for Jim Carrey (née James Eugene Carrey, January 17, 1962, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada) to not promote KA2 happened as the Sun's relationship to the galactic center had a nearly 2.5 true arc at the descendant at 41°25′12″N 73°16′43″W. as I wrote about the galactic alignment in 2010 non-winter solstice alignment. Gorgones with al ghoul on I.C. at 9:35 a.m., local Sandy Hook, in New town CONN., hyades (hell) in the fifth house, related to children, beta pegasei, scheat about 45 degrees on the arc of the ascendant to I.C., zuben al rakabi librae nodal 10th and near culmination, a most violent star and a part of the pyramidial stars.  In general, hyades (hell) was the astrological signatures; also the is between both of these for the first showing of Star Wars, as later discussed. Star Wars initially ignored by the critics as another immature sci-fi, the intense passion of this astrological signature produces fanatics, a more energetic body of humans convinced they found the answer to everything. The Force, George Lucas’ spiritual and practiced philosophy of Star wars – a type of religion was squashed underfoot by the hidden hit of 1999 A.D., The Matrix.

But the true event comes a little later, The Sun () at the western horizon is about 2.5° to a true visual arc to the galactic center, and at 4:08 p.m., same day, the western horizon and the galactic center are 19 minuets of arc and separating. As I wrote in 2010, the galactic alignment ( earlier here) to our Sun occurs roughly in the northern latitudes on the 16 th of December. It just happened two day's earlier because happens at the time of the shooting in the first house and of course, visually, Pluto is associated to facies sagitarii ( the point of the shooter's view) but Pluto moves slowly , so far out, and this position also posits revelations and linking of hidden things to the open public.

Obviously, Hastings, Manning, and Snowden fit the mundane applications of revealing the secrets to public, as associated to the position of Pluto in our skies at this time in our histories. What Sandy Hook revealed were school massacres, beginning with Columbine ( which used bombs not guns, as the first weapons of choice) were human beings hopped-up on pharam drugs, anti-depressants, and psychotic pills --- these have molecular structures nearly identifiable with street drugs, methamphetamine, and P.C.P. street name Angel Dust -- and in the case of the later only one peptide bond differentiates the molecule of Angles dust and the pharma- psychotic pills. Now, the news reports 70% of Americans in some form or another are on these drugs. The Phrama - Feb companies ( tied by political lobby interests) is a multii-trillion dollar business. Tom Cruise challenged Matt Lauer on the Today Show over the issue of U.S. reliance on Pharma drugs and got much heat in the media, including Lauer. Cruise backed down and apologized, meaning Cruise is not a hero like he is in the movies, but a sissy bitch who cowers to big business and federal government tax interests by these pharma companies. Virginia Teck shooter, the Aurora Movie Shooter and so many other instances were on pharam drugs before and during these events. Jim Carrey should have approched Miller and asked him to re- write the next installments of Kick Ass to focus on taking out the problems with violence, the forced U.S. fed and doctor drug manipulation of human minds, and had that Kick Ass team take these demons out of existence. However, as of now as in the past, Hollywood cowers and supports Washington D.C. and their permissible relationship to these pharma companies, which means they aid these demonic forces that are turning our Children into serial killers. And everyone knows Jim Carrey has a knack of demanding changes to scripts to suit his ways and means ( his starring role in Dumb and Dumber as one example).

Any news is good news so Mark Miller, who wrote the comic book that was the basis for "Kick-Ass," associated to KA2,  and Jim Carrey's tweets see his rants as a bigger than normal promotional device.  Mark Miller's first comments just days after Carrey's tweets, exclaimed, correctly, most major box-office action films today use more collateral human carnage and senseless murder-violence ( loose paraphrases) than anything in the Kick Ass sagas. 

Hollywood Violent Historiograghy

Hollywood focused upon war movies with violence and cowboy frontier violence, most related to reality in history, and these types of viewing genres were standard and a status-quo. Then came the superhero and block buster genera where über violence was a key to box office success. The winner came in May of 1977 A.D. when Darth Vader, forcing Princess Leia to observe his death machine had murder billions of people in an instant, blowing up an entire planet, like the Earth. Even though ticket prices were $5 dollars, this meant that more people went to Star Wars than these box office successes that have ticket gate prices at $16 a pop. People went crazy for this movie genre and mass-intergalactic murder played a key –role into its ultimate success. Lucas, in this scene did however show a moral contrast, and so a part of his narrative was the hero’s journey. At U.C. Berkeley, I had a roommate my first semester, I lived in a graduate apartments for one year, and he was a Chemist Grad from Florida University and he told me he was working on these new lasers, up in the secured campus locations not for public access. These lasers are a part of making the Death Star a reality. In Lucas’ film, it is some type of strong laser that is the planet killing weapon that demonstrated authoritarian control of the Galaxy. So Hollywood’s influence on violence is legendary and the stars show it.

Hollywood: Jim Carrey on Violence

Note update 24 Aug. 2013. Jim Carrey may have been correct to call out the sensless violence in Kick Ass 2.

Reviews discuss the contrast with the first movie, violence as the last resort, to this installment where violence is a choice because you are bored. This theme came in as an Australian visiting teen was gunned down by two blacks and a white getaway car driver and told the police that killing the white man was because they were bored. But this exscuse has become a pattern of late. Perhaps it is just overcrowding! This boredom theme has been also gathering merit as of late as the number one excuse for mainly black on white murder  -- and as well as other senseless murders of recent. Black pundits want to have strict gun-laws or to take all guns away and forget that guns freed them from slavery. Many Black activists  have a selective memory of the past. Overall history shows us that the number one cause of violence is hunger. when people or even a person gets hungry, they turn to violence. In fact, this tells us almost exclusively, the gangmembers seek shelter from bullying and for hunger reasons,  in a world historical context. With little to no employment opportunities, the last resort is joining a gang, learning to fight, to rob and to survive. U.S.A. Domestic Massacres overwealmingly are committed by explosives, such as bombs, and in one case of the most horrific body count of children at a school were due to matches and a plan to kill them all, not guns.

Jim Carrey tweeted on Sunday ( June 23, 2013 ): “I did Kickass [sic] a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence," and he is referring to the shootings that killed 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school last December.[1] Somehow, Carrey saw some raw footage or got a good idea of the script, not ready during the signing phases of the movie, and he chose to take a moral stand.

Jim Carrey's character allegedly converts to Christianity, and therefore uses a gun without bullets, as it was promoted but Universal released a film still with Colonel Dumb & dumber (born-again vigilante Colonel Stars and Stripes) and it shows Carrey's character brandishing a gun, in KA2.  The overall theme of KA2 is less guns and more martial arts. This Kick Ass II then is more a fantasy than a reality, as with the first bridge movie. If you are on the streets of Los Angeles, a ninja crew can do hit and runs, but in a pitted fight, they would be gunned down by semi or fully automatic weapons in a heart-beat. Kick Ass 2 does not seem to focus on the original idea of the first movie, where killing had a clear moral objective. This remains in contrast to the U.S. federal authorities killing humans today, in which we are never told who these people were or are and this remains very disturbing.

There have been over 3,000 persons, many innocent women and children killed by Obama’s massively increased Drone-Hell-Fire-Killing machines, since he took office ( up 700% over Bush (43) usage; and no proof that any real criminal had been killed) and Hollywood remains deathly silent. With the organ to transmit information to change the world, Hollywood trends complicit to murder. Blowback: meanwhile the people of Afghanistan ( I agree with Ed Asner here, we should not be there in the first place, Edward David Asner (born November 15, 1929), commonly known as Ed Asner) and Pakistan have vowed to destroy the United States of America over Barack Hussein Obama ii’s increased and prolific drone strikes on mysterious persons they claim are terrorists.

In the Christian Bible ( a.k.a. New Testament) there are no passages that Christians cannot use guns. In the Hebrew Bible, Moses does command his followers, not to murder. This was perhaps a more legalistic tribe law, and not an expression of self defense or protective services. When the Hebrews are waiting out the constant Levant wars in the Sinai desert, murdering each other was a big issue, because of food shortages and of water shortages. So the context may be too difficult for many of Hollywood actors to grasp, even educated people Like Jodi Foster and Natalie Portman. Tire I academic institutions are like Navy Seals or Special Forces boot-camps for the mind. You memorize and regurgitate those memories for your baccalaureate degree, and even many Master and Ph.D. programs work almost the same. Thinking on the other hand is a different type of educational process.

Jim Carrey’s  anti-gun position had been known for years and years - -and this is why he works in Hollywood because this union uses more guns than the U.S.A. military in their movies, TV., cable, networks. They have armed guards protecting them at all times with, alas, guns!  Often celebrities sign contracts with explicit rules that they must shoot –off this many bullets in their videos or films. The viewers who pay their bill by watching or paying at the movies or rentals get hyped-up by über violence, and this creates revenue for Jim and the Hollywood crew. Carrey's stance against the senseless violence is correct in my opinion, but his ideas about self-protection and protection of other human rights remains a little naïveté. Carrey failed to understand that guns freed the African American slaves. Maybe if there were anti-gun laws back then, the U.S.A. still would have slave plantations and no minimum wage. NAZIs took the people’s guns away, and said, "do as we say or die;" and the NAZIs of course, had all the guns.

Maybe this will be more transparent.  Mao Tse-tung, many academic Hongkongers before the return to the mainland’s rule, taught Mao Tse-tung was the number-one mass murderer in all of history – the raw numbers confirm this; & after Mao had passed on from this life  those numbers came by cabinet officials revelations . When Mao took control of China, he took all the guns away from the peasants and armed his city guards ( teens) and then sent them out into the country-side with their guns and genocided the people. The peasants could not stop the city-police of Mao and so the genocide numbers are astronomical by historical weight.  If the nation possessed guns 200 years ago and today is the same: why then Jim Carrey are the violence figures so incompatible? Maybe guns are not the violence sources we emotionally believe they represent?

Jim Carrey made the correct assessment that KA2 was senseless violence, for the sheer love of visual excitement. The first movie, violence is a revenge tool because the official channels of authority, The NYPD, the Big Brother ( media and Washington D.C.) failed in their civil duties to protect, ‘ the people.’ Nick Cage’s character than has no other avenue but an unpolitically correct revenge scenario and the use of force with guns, as this created the violent narrative of the film. So if Carrey saw this movie, he would have no problem signing up for its sequel. And stories surrounding its sequel  illustrate the story was not really finalized when actors came on board;  so Jim Carrey just assumed that the ethics and morality of the first movie would be continued in the second movie, which it was not.

CGM interviews on violence in films.

What Jim Carrey is telling us is that by watching Dumb & Dumber [& to] we connect to Lloyd Christmas and then by our collective "Lloyd Christmas” personas we end the world by total ignorance. So according to Carrey’s theories that movies affect people, by watching which conditions our participation in real life,  we become ignorant like him -- a model for modernity. So let us say this is true. Then Hollywood needs a total overhaul in the ideas department. In fact, U.C. Berkeley's Paul Piff is doing actual science and shows the engaging in video games, the player begins to believe they are the avatar they control. I belive it was totally unfair to have the sit-down interviewer force Chloë Grace Moretz to engaged in the Hollywood violence in T.V. and Movie debate. She was only 16 years-old. She still has yet to experience much of the world of ideas.

Hollywood  U.S.A. President Assassination Attempt.

The Shooting of U.S. Resident Ronald Reagan was based upon Taxi Driver’s main assassination character, and Hinckley’s obsession with a left-winger, Jodi Foster. Weeks before the shooting, Hinckley traveled by buss to Hollywood, California and watched 12 times the movie Taxi Driver, and at his hotel in Washington D.C.,, the day of the shooting, the F.B.I. and police discovered love letters to Foster, promising he and her would be together as a couple in the White House. Hollywood’s connection to an attempted assassination of a U.S.A. President remains overwhelming.

Hollywood The Dark Knight Rises Massacre

On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. A gunman, dressed in tactical clothing, mimmicing the Joker character, set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms, killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. The sole suspect, James Eagan Holmes was arrested outside the cinema minutes later. Holmes , born perhaps about the time indicated below will have beta persei ( The Demon Star) about to culminate. On the exact time of the shooting this star is also prominent in the sky. 

James Eagen Holmes came from a well-tended San Diego enclave bio Washington Times. "Somehow, the acclaimed student and quiet neighbor reached a point where he painted his hair red, called himself “The Joker,” the green-haired villain from the Batman movies, according to New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who said he had been briefed on the matter." The reason he acted and called himself the Joker is because Hollywooders are never hungry as a general rule, they live the high lifestyle. This explains why every act of violence is concluded by the rich elitists of Hollywood to be a case of another mental illness.

James Eagen Holmes was a geek with no prior criminal record. He graduated from a neuroscience program and then found himself nearing homelessness – so here again is pain ( most jobs in the USA are now given to foreigners, his family goes back to the pilgrims), and this pain had no outlet. Any government or social media will say, all white people are evil and must die (except for the few changeover facilitator whites in Hollywood, Academia and Washington D.C.). So with no job and no money, he shot – up people as a way to force people to see his pain. When Holmes began to starve, again, hunger is at the root of all violence, and then we see the predictable. All the right and left wingers who claimed it was just another case of mental illness ignore any real causes. John F. Hinckley. Jr., was exactly the same. But you may say, well his parents bent over backwards and gave him money to no end – thus his vagabond lifestyle. This is true, but the act of assassinating a President only came ‘just’ after his parents put down the gauntlet and claimed, we will give you no more money from here on out.  (CBM/AM).

James Eagan Holmes natal Baten kaitos cetii ; as Galact Center PED.

James Eagan Holmes (JEH)
born on Su., 13 December 1987
in La Jolla (San Diego County), CA (US)
117w16, 32n51
Time 9:04 p.m.
Univ.Time 5:04 (14 Dec.)
Sid. Time 2:44:18
Planet positions Jul.Day 2447143.711757 TDT, ΔT 55.8 sec

JEH ecliptical: Baten Kaitos ( 0°08',118°05',a).

JEH 5th domain of Entertainment and Media: n ~ 5 th domain of entertainment, movies, games.

JEH Gal. Center ecliptical (Con 0°05', 5°27',a). in 5 th domain of entertainment, moives, games.

JEH ancient astrology: Acronycal Setting of alpha orionis 11 Dec. 1987 (-3): lasting memory.

JEH mean node ecliptical beta pegasei, Scheat, a very violent and revelatory star. n 8th domain of death, amidts the center of the domain.

JEH n I.C. ( the bottom of the chart).

Geometric: near bowl with Jupiter and Moon handles.


Hunger breeds Violence

Violence In Society.

But what about Jim Carrey's  claims on violence on gun in society? Jim’s claims is that Guns and/or violent media spurn a pattern of violence in society. For those whom are not educated, even the Ph.D.s who rose because of family privilege, violence’s source has and is and will always be hunger. Overcrowding is a by product of food procurement.

Of all the homicide statistics, the underlying theme remains hunger, which of course is linked to economic studies, fashioned under the rubric of political science. Under Imperialist, Alexander, son of Philip of Macedon, Athens and many former Greek policies experienced low economic growth and massive hunger. Alexander, took anyone that was capable and went-off to conquer new lands for new economic resources, which would spur on the economy and at least mitigate hunger of his nation’s people. Most humans have no idea that two generations after Socrates was put to death for his democratic right to complain about corruption in Athenian government, Athens and Greece was a skeleton, most of the white skinned humans had fled to either Rome, an upstart region or north Africa to restart the fledgling Egyptian culture. The Macedons ( like Hispanic latins today, and in general immigrant-opposing-cultures formed a masses of anti-Democratic influxes that destroyed the Athenian government, a government that appeased their every whim – this is because they were ‘more ‘ hungry  than the high-civilization, and complacent Athenians’ in power ( not the wider people). The Athenian government after appeasing their migrants from Macedon and Africa and even from the Persian empire ( like today, suppression studies made the entire academic discourse ( the reasons why Plato and Aristotle started their own academic institutions, because the colleges that existed, and there were many, were like Today’ s government left-wing propaganda machine) the mode of an atheist belief system created the narrative that whites are evil, democracy is evil, and therefore we as a groups ( the Macedons) can govern more democratically. After Philip won hegemony, the truth became apparent. the Macadons had no history of democracy and faked-it before crumbling to their historical narrative of oligarchies government ( Rich vs. poor).  Race relations are scant in the Classical Greek sources, but one view about 80 years after Socrates was that Greece was almost depopulated of the white skinned people, replaced by dark skin people, and collapsed under the weight of dictatorship behind the scenes ( oligarchial ) and was finally ended by the whites who gathered an army at Rome about 100 years later and invaded Athens and Greece and shut-them-down.  Hunger turned the entire last 100 years of the Ottoman Empire ( ~ roughdry 1800 -1900s A.D.) into a mass of hunger conflict. History goes on and on about hunger and violence. Franklin Delano Roosevelt formed and started many of the alphabet agencies under the auspices of a New Plan or New Society, not because he cared about the poor, his family were capitalists who made their fortunes on the black markets of China’s pre-industrial revolution, but because the poor, many in the United States of America began to use violence against the rich – who never were hurt by the Great Depression. Here again, hunger is the reason for F.D.R.’s legacy. The top does not change unless the top gets injured or hurt. The history of the American revolution, all about taxes and suppressional control by an outside entity, took the initiative to freedom from suppression from the barrel of a gun. The British at the Parliament cared less about starving colonists, they needed to pay their global Empire bills, and so they began to tax the poor across the planet from their Empire domains – only about one-third of the Americans fought back and with the help of the French, guns and weapons created a security of food for the colonists. In this atmosphere of great human sacrifice for the next generations of colonists the framers of the U.S.A. laws put into one of its first directives for humans to own guns as a human right. This was because with a gun, you can protect your family and feed them. In an other example, The Crusades were a brain child of the Roman overseers of the European race. They had witness and gone through decades of poor crops, food shortages, and spices that preserved food was being blockaded by new entities arriving in the Middle East. Before these new entities, Christians, Muslims and Jews lived relatively peacefully in the Palestine region. Once starvation became a huge problem of disease, children dying, and general starvation, the Crusades were hatched under the directives of religious revenge ( the immigrating and conquering tribes destroyed the Cathedral that the wife of Emperor Constantine had funded and built for everyone, and this was a sign used to mask the real need of opening up those trade routs to the East and Africa to get those spices and other commodities that are necessary for large – group human survival. The Crusades brought back stone-work technologies, and eventually opened up the trade routs so that by 1350s A.D., the Italian Renaissance launches the world into its modern technological age, where we have populated the Earth and have a higher standard of living – by modern technological advancements. However, the intelligence of the human beings on Erath seems not to have progressed along with history.

Atlanta, Georgia, C.B.S. News: August 10, 2013 10:31 AM, Study: Children’s Poor Motor, Social Skills Linked To Too Much T.V.

"The study involved 991 girls and 1,006 boys in Quebec. Their parents reported their television viewing behavior as part of the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development."

“[...] According to a new study, even one hour more a day can diminish a preschooler’s vocabulary and math skills as well as classroom attention.

“Every hourly increase in daily television watching from two and a half years old is also associated with bullying by classmates, and physical prowess at kindergarten,” Professor Linda Pagani of the University of Montreal and the CHU Sainte-Justine children’s hospital said in the study.

At that young age, a child’s brain is wired to play. “These kids are watching too much television at a time when they should be out there in the environment exploring and interacting, especially with other humans,” Pagani added in the study.

Watching television does not teach a child social or motor skills. “If you don’t learn those skills, you get to kindergarten and cry every time someone takes you toy,” Pagani said in the study." (http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2013/08/10/study-childrens-poor-motor-social-skills-linked-to-too-much-television-watching/).


People that sit home all day and play video games ( most popular are of the violent types) do nothing for our world at all. Of everyone I have come across, even known for years, that either watch endless television or play video games are narcissistic ( in a harmful way to the planet) and are usually ignorant by their own lifestyles.  This ignorance, then like a vicious disease turns toward aggression and violence – because their minds cannot grip an  understanding to why they are that way. This non-understanding breeds aggression and violence, connected again to hunger, because gamers are seldom self-reliant economically. Their aggression only acts out when they cannot get what they need, food, games, and the addictive pleasures it gives.

Hollywood's  Knowledge of history has an impetuous relationship to academics and all I have seen coming out of Hollywood for the last 30 years is fantasy sold to the public as reality. Hollywood has been wed to Washington D.C. ever since the electronic medium has made its mark on the world. The politicians on Capital Hill, who have the lowest approval rating of any American institutions, for the last decade of more, form the opinions and world views of Hollywood acolytes.   Even the most celebrated women’s rights females only received their Oscars for sexual topics: Jodi Foster for being a victim of rape, Natalie Portman ( née Hershag) for a lesbian scene in a noxiously boring and confusing psycho-drama,  Black Swan. Both Oscar winners came from Tier one institutions that failed them.

For the most part, Hollywood top executives teach the world that religious folks are evil, raising strong families are evil, Christianity that provides the modern strong family unit must be destroyed by fantasy narratives in film, Christianity is evil,  and above all, Hollywood directs its evil narrative to some mysterious ‘ government’ forces that control the world, and are usually identified by association to a Christian or to a Republican entity.

Christianity is evil claim the liberals.  The Republicans, the term is a family name associated to pre-Roman Republic era where the poor rose up under a family name of Republican and formed the first working class for the pre-Roman citizen. Republicans originally fought the rich suppressors -- this is mirrored in the supporters of the American Revolution. They were usually poor and fought the liberals at Home, the colonies, mainly the Democratic Party mentality of the slave plantation and their overwhelming support of the British parliament -- that only outlawed slavery in their world domains to battle an ideological war with the slave-holding colonists – who did not care about ideologies, they had no need to pick up a gun and fight for anything, they were rich, the elite, and this lasted until the Civil War forced them to end their slavery practices. In all the U.S.A. history books, again written by privileged, Republicans were the Democrats when he Democrats did anything unmoral and Democrats were Democrats when they did things moral. They basically have a philosophy of I have my cake for my party and I’m not going to share it, but eat it myself in front of my friends and guests. These propaganda lies then destroy the nation from within, which was already a plan devised in France in the 1920s, on how to bring down civilizations. So all of this white violence, Columbine, a specific case,  are of products of the misinformation as created by the elite for monetary purposes -- to keep their families fed and in rich and luxurious environments. Even Barack Hussein Obama II’s ‘alleged’ to auto biographies have a theme that Jews, Christians and Whites are the roots of all evil in history. When a small white child is sitting in a classroom, totally susceptible to what ever is said to them, forced to praise Obama as has happened in many class rooms ( Iranian children in the 1980s were forced to chant America is Satan, over and over again) at such a young age, we then see a clearer picture of White ‘crazy’ violence exists today. Are their plans to change these falsified narratives, no?

After about 100 years, this group became associated to strong families and rulership of the local communities, starting again, another formed group called the Plebeians. The Plebeians, like the original Republican classes made up the poor at first then they too, like Republicans, became the wealthy, strong, families, and ruling classes. In the history books of the world, written by overzealous and controlling elite,  they take History  and say Republicans have always been the party and class of the rich and the Plebeians have always been the party of the suppressed poor and working classes. And this is not the truth! The Roman Empire began under the ruling parties that identified with the Plebeians. This is not to construe the Patricians ( papas or fathers) were the Republicans, they were not. Hollywood, again, for the most part, is immature and use their immaginations to teach the wrold's children. They even admit this, where there is an absent of prime source material or big questions on that materials, they make valeud judgmetns.

So any Christians, or a lover of family values, as opposed to the Liberal Democrats gansta rap, hip-hop demean women, baby out of wedlock promotin,  and claims of mafia status, and criminal minds, Re-told in all U.S. history books: Ronald Reagan was an anti-government, union-busting, race-baiting, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-intellectual, who cut rich people's taxes in half. Not even remotely true.  Ronald Reagan in fact raised taxes, he cut the capital gains tax that Jimmy Carter put about 70%, and it remains a fact that since Ronald Reagan, all U.S. presidents, including Barack Hussein Obama II ( even Clinton) taxes are lower than any Ronald Reagan tax code. They all cut taxes, and George H. Bush, Sr. lose his reelection over the issue of not raising taxes -- so he lost to Clinton who did not raise taxes, but cut Reagan's capital gains tax!

The lies in the colleges, universities, and even at Cal, gosh---they even have data-flow-charts proving what I’m saying, teach us the false information for robotic training into not facing responsibilities. The entire education to media, Washington D.C. is fragmented by opposing findings based on bias inceptions, bias reflections, and ' what benefits us the most, even if we lie and hurt others,' mentality.

Lyndon Baines Johnson whose policies created the need for U.S. manufactures to leave America and go oversees – and this has not stopped today, outsourcing is king, so-to-speak,  and the U.S. infer structure is a result of the Democratic President who hated the Kennedys’ because the Kennedys did not support the wealthy industrial complex and he wanted out of Vietnam. Vietnam was a big democratic money making venture, and in the history books, again, lie; the lying books claim this Vietnam War was constructed and run by Republicans. As we progress today in America: The liberal atheist message is that all Christians  ( because the majority identify with family values associated to the Republican message) are the reason for all violence, war, and gun lovers - - just as Jim Carrey concludes.

War, Violence, and Hatred, are all caused by hunger.

I found by observation that more stable the family unit, the less socially engaged humans force themselves onto the solutions of society. The life-video-gamers, the ones I have come across, all have fairly stable families and because of the excuses’ of Hollywood and the media and Washington D.C. support they always tell me that their purpose in life is to play games. They feel entitled, use every excuse Hollywood does – it’s the mysterious forces, the illuminati, the bankers, the hidden forces, the conspiracy theories – all hogwash. These stable familiers feel entitled to play and relax their whole lives and when the need for money comes, they bully or con people out of these – even in some cases using violence to placate their addiction to video games. Since there are many stable and solid families, at least one loving parent, the nation will turn out as gamers, violent associated and ready for more relaxation and non productiveness.

The United States of America was built without Television. However, when almost everyone speaks of its impending fall, television rules the family home.

Media-Rules by Fear conditioning.

The local news, all over the nation spreads daily fear by running ‘breaking news,’ alerts someone prayed in public, or had a religious symbol in their front yards, and if this is not halted, the world will come to an end by nightfall. There is no mention of fear that these American families are breaking down, kids out of wedlock, foster kids, broken homes are all on the rise, and most school children who have solid families are most likely to follow the life of idleship and desires for fame. John Warnock Hinckley Jr., had both parents in full financial support as he withered away in depression because working and going to school was not as relaxing as idling, playing and wandering – his parents paid for all his vacations. His parents even located him to go to the school he wanted, he dropped out, he said he was board. So he planned on getting famous by watching a Hollywood Movie, The Taxi Driver, and to mimic the main male character’s assassination whims to impress Jodi Foster who did not like Reagan, she already knew she was a homosexual, and Reagan was very anti-homosexual, as with the AIDS funding controversy he became a part of so Hinckley, planed and bought a firearm, and carried it around with him writting fan mail to Foster and one day he was in Washington .D.C. and read the morning paper and saw the President was giving a local speech nearby and decided to prove his fealty to Hollywood’s starlet by shooting the president and writing before hand to Foster he are her can live in the White House after that. So Hinckley fired-off six rounds in less than two seconds and one bullet did ricochet off the President’s rib and lodge very close to his heart. A little while just before this event, Hinckley took a buss to Hollywood and watched Taxi Driver, 12 times according to the F.B.I.’s final investigation – very thorough too. Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity and remains free today, but with secret service always keeping an eye on him. It is not the poor or the people that strive to be a part of the world that are the problem, but the idle privileged, strong families, and a sense of always having food -- who cannot form intelligence because they believe their are entitled to someone else supporting them – as long as their bodies are healthy and minds are semi-fit, there is no excuse. People can say this does not fit my hunger narrative, but just a week before Hinckley makes a discussion to shoot the U.S. President, his parents had told him they had enough, and were going to cut all of his finances. This meant that Hinckley was going to starve, he failed to get himself prepared to life after Mommy and Daddy provided everything, including wandering vacations.


Hunger Games, Wall-e, Elysium, Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Ophiuchus

Ronal Reagan in fact raised takes, he cut the capital gains tax that Jimmy Carter put about 70%, and it remains a fact that since Ronald Reagan, all U.S. presidents, including Barack Hussein Obama II ( even Clinton) taxes are lower than any Ronald Reagan tax code. The lies in the colleges, universities, and even at Cal, gosh---they even have data-flow-charts proving what I’m saying, teach us the false information for robotic training into not facing responsibilities. Lyndon Baines Johnson whose policies created the need for U.S. manufactures to leave America and go oversees – and this has not stopped today and the U.S. infer structure is a result of the Democratic President who hated the Kennedys’ because the Kennedys did not support the wealthy industrial complex and he wanted out of Vietnam. Vietnam was a big democratic money making venture, and in the history books, again, lie this was constructed and run by Republicans. The liberal atheist message is that all Christians  ( because the majority identify with family values associated to the Republican message) are the reason for all violence, war, and gun lovers - - just as Jim Carrey concludes.

The Bible as a pedagogical tool which helps the poor to understand their plight against the people who do not have to worry about food. I found most atheists and even to a lesser extent agnostics are never hungry human beings. The poor that are hoodwinked into this narrative cannot differentiate that Spiritual things are all the things scientists cannot explain except for demonation and labeling humans to shut them up or kill them.  Karl Marx, the obsession of the left, including B.H.Obama repeatedly called Liberals the worst names in the foul language category. They are the reason, according to Marx of all the ills and suffering of this world. The left are obsessed with Marx and still cannot figure out what he is saying. Liberals have no morals or ethics and therefore fight against philosophies couched in religious writings. Bible is famous because it is the first book in all of history that tells a story of the people grasping with morals, ethics and how to have a world population come together under peace. Laws before this, like the Neo Babylonian laws always favored the rich classes – they could almost do anything to a poor person with out legal or official reprisal. Today’s modern liberals ( both modern 21 th cent. Democrats and Republicans seem to be in this boat, so-to-speak)  seek to implement this atheist-law –for-rich society—with Washington D.C. now balkanizing as a boomtown. The correlation is that the rise of the U.S.A. happened under a Christian nation, and its slow and long fall is the rejection of those ethics and morals Non-religious societies tend toward barbarian existences – where loot and avarice and like in the Satanic Bible, the only thing that one should strive for is the fun feeling of the pleasures of the body. The Satanic Bible, by Anton LaVey pub. in 1969. are some collection of essays, observations, and rituals, and its theme are attacks upon moral and ethics, with caveats because of complexities in the argument. In Satanism, Liberalism is the key to all things, and no action by a human should have a need to accept or be judged. If you have a desire to kill a child ( not advocated in this work!) or rape it, this is deemed permissible, because the number one objective is not others or helping others but personal pleasure and self-gratification.  LaVey understood the social consequences, thus he does not promote what he really wants to say, just citing to watch out for civil laws because they punish unmoral people, the work is mainly a poor parody of understanding the history of the Bible and the role of God. This same idea of Liberalism, Marx detested and wanted to end on Earth is the same conclusions in the Satanic Bible. Narcissism is a rather nice word; the real brunt of the argument is Capitalism rules the Liberal’s life-view. One profits in the Satanic Bible by achieving your most guilty pleasures – which always intends hurting other individuals ( the Satanic Bible says do not hurt others, but that is a confusion to their philosophy) or large groups of people for self-gratification. 

One does not need a Satanic Bible to run Hollywood or the U.S.A. government, all one needs to do is take out literature that advocates a moral foundation for civil management. The entire education to media, Washington D.C. is fragmented by opposing findings based on bias inceptions, bias reflections, and ' what benefits us the most, even if we lie and hurt others,' mentality.

Elysium, the Movie 2013,  is a large civilization space – station and its inhabitants are all wealthy, have all the food, medical supplies and keep a human slave population on Earth. I will not go to see it, Matt Damon’s acting does not inspire me. He plays Max Da Costa ( Italian-hispano cognate, and he is a potential immigrant to the Elysium, which in Hollywood’s narrative is the U.S.A. There is a problem, Elysium has a anti-immigration problem ( the hispanics at every university have La Raza, i.e. The Race and started the ‘underground’ seen in the über violent Movie franchise, Machete, since operation Wet Back in the mid 1950s).  Their goal is no different than the Spanish conquerors of the 15- 16 th centuries, nor any different than the conquering Macedons, pre Classical to post classical Hellen times ( Greek polis period). Delacourt, played by Jodi Foster has a French name, thus a connection to white Europeans. So Matt Damon is a brown person who represents the majority of migrants fleeing their suppressed countries ( that Matt Damon and his Washington D.C. palls created, so Ironic!) to the job markets of the U.S.A. The story is removed from a modern time period to mask its political connection, directed against Christens and Republicans beholden too their plight. Many Oscar winners thank God, on the podium, sports figures thank God after beating their opponent on the playing field, but economically engage in the practice of defaming God and working against him.

Wall-e, on the other hand, takes a different approach. this movie was released near a solar system angle, Just as KA1 was, and in part is a tale of missing tradition, broken home an families on a larger scale!,  and being lonely because of it. Wall-e, lonely trash compiler on Earth’s destroyed ecosystem, thus humans had left in space-ships long ago, turns toward old Hollywood Movies celebrating European American culture. It gives a message to the audience that something is very much missed. EVE ( pronounced Ev·ah) , a reconnoiter robot encounters Wall-e, who appears all alone on Earth, finds Eve’s companionship comforting, and then a journey takes place, after Eve and Wall-e find something that will bring the humans home. That is when the story gets going. because there are some in control that do not want things to change, and go rent the movie if you want to know the details and outcomes. Wall-e is another expression over environmentalism disregard, even though our world leaders swear by its necessity.

The Hunger Games, the myriad of other suppression, superhero genre blockbusters, robots, saving Earth or the Universe from the suppressors only mirrors the Winter Solstice’s approach of Sinistra Ophiuchii. If using a mean of 70y=1x(z star at ws) for precession ,then in 2020 A.D. the world goes totally left-wing, which has always implied a two class human system of reality – the haves and have-nots. These are messages by Hollywood, but reflected in the star’s extremity rays, now affecting the world. The Constellation of Ophiuchus, ‘the Serpent Bearer,’ are humans grappling with their demons – and this will play out on a world-stage! Sinistra in Latin means left-side or left-wing. Sin, Akkadian or Nanna  [ like Mamma, Mom] Sumerian-adopted by Babylonia are the identification for the Moon God, originally – all deities morph throughout history – making scholarship.

The symbolism came the last angled precession quadrant, which coalesces toward the Flood periods on Earth, or according to our earliest sources God getting angry over the world’s population thereby eradicating it. In the Early Sumerian sources, recorded during Babylonian times ( not Neo Babylonian times) God according to story gets angry at humans citing he had made a mistake, they are too noisy. This could probably mean troublesome. In the Hebrew Bible, the same judgment comes because humans have been corrupted and think and do evil constantly. This is exactly the same story, and not out of context either! Ophiuchus, ‘the Serpent Bearer,’ represent humans grappling with their inner demons. In Wall-e the human commentary are a global population living as couch potatoes – an idiomatic expression to say, lazy, slothful, avarice, gluttony, prideful, and all humans are depicted as ‘very, very overweight.’ Technological advances created a utopia of an ever present all you can eat buffet restaurant. The Hunger Games, hunger, Wall-e human food-‘privilege’ avarice – and Elysium, the poor have malnourishment due to the 1 percenters hording and consuming all the healthy and life-giving food. All these stories have violence breaking out for the status quo not to give up their privileged lifestyles to which food is number one objective—and forms an allegory to its message.

Hollywood loves to deface its manners and habits. Today, the only people making any real monies besides the sport industry, insurance, pharma, and banking and the international corporations are the Hollywood Industry and Washington D.C. with its military complex and boomtown. Hollywood often tries to teach us right and wrong, but it lives a real lifestyle that it portrays as non-progressive for human civilization. This is the secret to why Hollywood backs the left-wing. This is the artistic side of the brain ( although the modern theory proposes the opposite, which then says the right side has the artistic talents). This entity has no reason to parasite politics, as Washingnton. D.C. has no morality to consume influence from Hollywood and its media. The workers have always been the right –side, as a class bi-section pits fantasy to reality. The reality lay at the argument alter as a need for low-skilled labor human-consumption workforce – something that artists see as self-destruction.  The right – wing, are simplistic practical community producers, They may vote either left or right based upon their communal benefits. Hollywood openly displays its politics in movies, award shows, in social media commentary. Bill Clinton reacted to the Kosovo war in part because his mistake in Rwanda, but more importantly Monica and his appeasement of the Chinese Military ( yes, this was a part of the impeachment process, totally ignored by the media, devoted 17 minuets of coverage to a U.S.A. President and Administration defraying Weapons of Mass destruction for huge captial resources to win re election in 1996.) to a Hollywood film, Wag The Dog. He publically announced he watched this during the winter ( December ) break, and in March of 1999 A.D., after the Senate voted to shut down Chinese military campaign contributions, the stock market plunged, he Wagged the Dog and killed 11,949 civilians by bombing from high altitude and using conventional bombs --- because cruise or guided bombs costs $1,000,000 per item. The Kosovo War, spearheaded by Bill Clinton’s lies from the White House , Slobodan Milosevic, a Christians, genocided 750,000- at least 250,000 Muslims, absolutely no proof ever existed in history, and the U.S.A. had absolutely no interest there, Bill Clinton used Hollywood’s teaching to his advantage. Yes, there at eastern Europe in the spring to summer of 1999 A.D., this action by Clinton and the cheerleading left-wing media, including Fox News (RINOs)  caused over one-million refugees and displaced to broken families.  at that time, various Chinese assists were having public court cases and this genocide for fun war by the Democrats was a perfect excuse seen in the Hollywood movie of manufacturing a war to cover up crimes.

So Hollywood does have a claim, they do have an impact on human affairs. They just happen to blame one side of their brains and project their skewed blame toward the groups that does not have the creative side, but are the sole reasons for their lavish artistic lifestyles. Hierocracy of modern Hollywooders are givens because acting is a talent for impersonating someone that is not you and when it becomes overwhelming, you walk the streets with a dark cape, Keanu Reeves or don a pirates persona, even at times dress like one, and roam the socialite circles, including award shows, still in character—totally disconnected from reality; Thus the total occupation of living inside of the left-side of your mind. Richard Nixon was a brilliant actor, Ronald Reagan, a union-card holding actor, that really could not act, and Bill Clinton was a good actor, but Barack Hussein Obama has a real skill for acting, and has already won academy awards, a nobel for global peace, and his so-called auto-biographies all teach us that White Europeans are the reason for all the evils on Earth. Either Obama was acting when agreeing to its content or he is an absolute ignoramus. Anyway the Academy, and his lovers, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, George Lukas, Brad Pitt, almost all  the Hollywood heavy weights agree with Obama and thus are ignoramuses. If Hollywooders are, were, and will be, not hypocritical, they would immediately kill themselves agreeing to Barak Hussein Obama’s theory. But being left-side gives them an excuse, “I can do what I tell you not to do.” This poses us the question if Jimmy Carter was ever a Democrat? He, at least since the 20 th century onward was a leader who said ‘do as I say, and I will do likewise.’ This is more a practical right-mind behavior.  Hollywood elite will “I can do what I tell you not to do.” and claim they fight for the group  ‘do as I say, and I will do likewise.’ This is why Hollywooders, the elite and wealthy will make movies telling us or teaching us right vs. wrong, such as the Elysium narrative and then live their life according to Elysium standards. Now Washington D.C. has caught the acting bug and everything out of their mouths these days seems as fancy, fantasy, fantastical claims – but the reality is that the world is on a downward spiral because the top continues to blame all the problems on the bottom. Under Ronald Reagan, his philosophy was bottom –up politics and bottom-up economics. He was a unifier, not a divider ( Bill Clinton, George. W. Bush, increasingly more aggressive, Barack Hussein Obama) and the left-mind always tries to keep their status quo and figure out new ways to blame the same old group for all the ills of the world. .

Academy Award Ceremony

Academy Award Ceremony Celebrations of People who hurt People

Hollywood & Washington D.C. wed Since Electronic - Visual Media's Inception.

Why are Hollywood multi-millionaires spokespersons for our world?

Now that brave individuals in the lion’s dean, U.C. Berkeley show scientifically the more wealth the more hurtful to people in general, the entire idea of the Academy Awards is to show off how hurtful you are to others – by displaying your rich self and sporting the latest fashion designs – this of course is to show you are not a part of the people – you are the hurters of people and the decadent displays sends a message that you will hurt anyone that does not bow down in reverence and worship you as a living demigog.

Every super luxurious, flamboyant, in-your-face decadent  ( 0.001%ers) Academy Award Ceremony ( one of the most watched broadcasts on Television, consistently) the people across the Earth are preached to engage financially and invest emotionally and to attend Hollywood’s teachings to the world as the global classroom to condition the minds of the children and adults of Earth. The media of the film and of the television industry have taken over these pedagogical applications for  rearing our children.  Those in Hollywood that deny this are not telling the truth and or are in deep denial. The Academy Award Ceremony spokespersons tell us every year the reason they exist is to mentor the people of Earth.

Almost exclusively, in the last ten-years comic book movies and global carnage narratives make up the largest box-office. The formula, the more collateral damage without investing in the human fall out makes the most profit and the most capital; and this is all based upon market research and box-office attendance. In the 1960s, the counter culture was about peace and love. Today’s counter culture is about violence, death, body-count, collateral damage, war, conflict, war on this or that, and blood. 

Even those not involved in blood and violent movies form their opinions to shape the hearts and minds of the global populations. Julia Roberts tells us, because she claims she is smart, that Republicans in the dictionary is close to Reptiles - -thus the cognitive relation indicates they are but the same entity. She hates Christians; the majority of Republicans are Christians, and not Neo-Conservatives like Bush and Cheney. Still why have Julia Roberts teach us when she overlooks the obvious? Democrats lay in the dictionary close to Devil, Demonic, and Delusional. Therefore, using her smartness, and the authority of Hollywood, she got some star on the walk of fame, thereby we must heed her every prelocutionary utterance; we identified a part of the Anti-Christ movement.

Hollywood only sides with the status-quo ( the people) so they will not be gunned down in the mimicking of the violent heroes they portray on the silver screen, and because they contribute to the permissibleness of the global avarice society.

The Academy award show tell us how George W. Bush, Jr. is a white person thus meaning he spies on people and disregard civil liberties laid out in the U.S.A. Constitutions, conducts wars because of capitalism, created global warming because he did not sign the Kyoto Treaty, and the American poor and American farmers are insignificant persons who are the real terrorists of the world. This is the level of intelligence of Hollywood and its celebrated achievement of the people like Julia Roberts. violent movies and violent video games are not the sole reason for violence in society today, it is the blatant disregard for the human condition these elitist snobs conduct their global condemnation upon the skimmer whims of their mind.

The White House (during Democrat presidencies of recent last two) consistently hosts Hollywood celebrity and Hip-Hop parties so the U.S.A. President can be taught what is really happening in the world. In turn, Hollywood financially supports frauds and liars who speak with forked tongues.

The Academy Award Ceremony is an institution to keep the mind control of humans watching these opinionated films promoted as factual. The two promoted factual films of 2012, Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln, and Argo (Iran Hostage Crisis) were heavily flawed in the historical facts department. But this does not matter to Hollywoodytes. It is all capitalism and it is all profit. At The Academy Award Ceremony, Hollywoodyites insists they never have once engaged in Capitalism, and are never concerned about profit. It is the preverbal denial and attack phase of avarice.  This was one of the deadly sins of the Middle Ages or western civilization, and is the pride and rank of Hollywood’s accomplishments. Celebrities are called Stars, as in if everyone else has a second class citizenship. They are the elite,  the mouth persons, and worshipped and desired to be worshipped, gaining energy as the Satan Bible complains of psychic vampires. The Limelight is the drug of choice, the attention is addicting, and often falls from Hollywood grace surround depression by which after the attention ceases, the body and mind have meltdowns, feel lonely, deprived and starve out for attention --- thus doing acts of personal destruction or hurting of others in a need to regain that money and attention.

It is also presentation and profiling and the elation that one gets paid better than most royalty in all times and periods of history. Many of the long – lasting actors and actress of Hollywood or Television horde more monies than the Queen of England. However, this does not stop their access to the media on trying to convince the world that Christians and moralists are domestic terrorists and ignoramuses. Hollywood as the teachers, according to the Academy of Arts and Sciences  do coke, have orgies, and live in their modern castles, while most of the world is starving, suppressed and dying of exposure. In the old days this would be called The Aristocracy. Hollywood teachable moments are like having your cake and eating it too—everything is about you and your journey of discovery and F*&k everyone else.

Jim Carrey, a Hollywood success story, claimed he lived homeless for a  while before hitting it big in the media-celebrity market, has made a film career on innocent fun films, some directed for children. Moneyless no longer, Jim has made multi-multi-millions of dollars and one is perplex at why he chose a film role to which fully opposes in his heart and ideology. Jim Carrey advocating a passion for gun-control took a movie role in 2012 that contains hyper-violent gun scenes. He did the movie, got paid, and chose to announce he was not going to promote the movie because of its hyper violent theme.  People like me believe he has no moral qualms, and used this violence excuse as a way to get out of contractual promotions of the film, because Hollywood actors are notoriously lazy. No dieting & working-out are not of work related jobs! Everyone does it.

Jim Carrey’s  anti-gun position had been known for years and years - -and this is why he works in Hollywood because this union uses more guns than the U.S.A. military in their movies, TV., cable, networks. Often celebrities sign contracts with explicit rules that they must shoot –off this many bullets in their videos or films. The viewers who pay their bill by watching or paying at the movies or rentals get hyped-up by über violence, and this creates revenue for Jim and the Hollywood crew. Carrey failed to understand that guns freed the African American slaves. Maybe if there were anti-gun laws back then, the U.S.A. still would have slave plantations and no minimum wage.

Hollywood unionists publically protest guns in the media and then act to an accepting audience that clap at the carnage from gun-violence and general violence on the screen. They claim, well there is a market. That’s is called capitalism, and Hollywood decries all capitalists ( in private they laugh at the world’s people, and admit they are frauds), the overall narrative at the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Hollywood substitutes as classroom. People, including the C.I.A. hold Hollywood acting parties, reprise roles and ideas directly from film and believe this is the truth by play acting and commiserating. People converse in film narrative discourse and this is how much of America communicates and conducts reality. Since Hollywood is geared toward capitalist, lying frauds that include members with more money than almost all of the world leaders, the world remains in chaos and trouble.

The Union gets paid. That is what the purpose of the union is today. Unions used to protect worker rights, but that lasted about a half of a day. In reality it never has, it has always been a political soft-fascist organization. This means unions have been tied to the party (name matters not) that increase governmental control of the entire economic apparatus.

Unions are corporations.   Fascism is any corporation bound to the state by special interest relationships.  Washington D.C. and Hollywood form a love-hate marriage, always have, and each tries to mirror the other special talents. Washington D.C. is about wars, and Hollywood is about violence. Both are in it for the money, and both claim they can teach you better than the Bible or anything else. The Government tells you what to do, the T.V. provides the details. This called the proper-fascism. If you, yourself, promote to anyone in pedagogical circumstances that a ‘family’ or a ‘family unit’ needs to have tight bonds for success of that family, you have just described the correct form of the word fascism. At the elemental, fascism is a relationship between two entities ( organs, the philosophers used to say in the early 20 th century). A family unit is base upon at least two relation-shipping entities.  Now when exponentially adding to this two entity family, lets say for learning purposes about 4 children we see this as a bundle or relationships or in maths terms six entities.

Violent Episode BreakDown

Data goes back to 1982.

1. Obama, 5 years in office (so far)... 20 Mass/Spree shootings w/ 175 killed, 142 injured

2. Clinton, 8 years in office... 18 Mass/Spree shootings w/ 114 killed, 146 injured

3. GWB (Jr.), 8 years in office... 15 Mass/Spree shootings w/ 127 killed, 91 injured

4. Bush Sr., 4 yrs in office... 8 Mass/Spree shootings w/ 69 killed, 81 injured

5. Reagan, 8 years in office... 6 Mass/Spree shootings w/ 64 killed, 47 injured

19 Sept. 2013, under a pseudonym : To remind. it is now estimated that 70% of the USA population takes some form of a government -pharam pill on a regular basis. One of the shooting spree problems are that the USA is going down hill and people see they have no future for their children or families and violent video games sends a message of this is it, so might as well go out and kill, kill, kill and Hollywood helps out a lot. J.H. jr. shot Ronald Reagan after watching the Hollywood Movie, Taxi Driver, some 20 times, according to the F.B.I. He mimic the assassin in the movie, thought he was the real deal. Then promised Jodi Foster and he would live in the White House and rule the world. His problem? His parents cut him off financially after 10 years of supporting his vagabond lifestyle.

he got mad at mommy and daddy, 'they will not give me more free monies, i will shoot someone then.'

it was narcissism gone violent.

and one more variable to add to the bottom line. The Congress for over 10 yeras has had an approval rating from 25%- to now 15% for a few years -- anyone with that rating in a private business would be fired. But currently the House voted to take $4,000,000,000 dollars (4 billion) away from the starving poor ( foodstamps) and vote themselves raises, yet again. These public officials are the only rich class left in USA's ever widening gap between the rich and the poor.

So the scenario is very simple. The rich can each spend $200.oo a day on restaurant bills and the starving get their foodstamps cut = shootings and rampages will continue with this dislogical mentality.

In the Cal U system, where I go and live, the faculty are getting $100,000 bonuses on top of their $150,000 -$350,000 a year salaries, and promised million dollar retirement packages. The rich are so out of touch, like the suicide bombers in the middle east, the shootings are a symbol or a cry of pain and suffering.

The media continues to ignore this and claims it is guns, drugs, etc... but never their avarice.

Hollywood's Director's son Goes on Killing Rampage in Santa Barbara, CA, Friday night, 24 May 2014.


Elliot Rogers, son of Hunger Games co-director Peter Rogers posted a video claiming he was affluent and privileged so he went around Santa Barbara in later May 2014 and killed, at least six people, driving his luxury black BMW shooting randomly at people around the campus of Santa Barbara. He complained about blond women on campus not giving him dates, perhaps Hollywood teaches that one does not need to be intelligent to get girls, you can sleep with girls and be stupid as long as you have Hollywood power. Where Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, all ages between 19 and 22 years-old.




A video posted to YouTube and Friday night's mass shooting near the University of California, Santa Barbara, appears to be linked to Hollywood Producer's son, complaining he is superior to peon peasants, he apparently grew up affluent and privileged and was disassociated from reality. He did have a specific target of a girl in a sorority, but the door was locked and so he moved on to someone that worked, he knew, in a sandwich shop ( Christopher Martinez),, and after killing that person, went on a random gun shooting spree, two shootouts with cops, and then he died from a gunshot to the head. He had three guns and 700 rounds of ammunition, found in his car. One gun was a pistol, all were registered to him, as well.

Elliot Rogers: Motive, grew up privileged and felt he was not treated as privileged on the Santa Barbara campus scenes. He had money, drove an expensive luxury automobile, but complained he could not get a date at school. He acted feminine, ,and spoke feminine.




U.C.Berkeley Study finds wealth gives rise to a sense of entitlement and narcissistic behaviors ( summer 2013).

30 killed in school attack in Nigeria...

Students burned alive...

 250 kids abducted, Michelle Obama alerts U.S., Obama sends special forces to recover the girls, but difficult.

[1] Fox News, Jim Carrey condemns his own movie 'Kick-Ass 2' for on-screen violence

originally Published June 24, 2013 by Reuters.


The name Fom al-Haut comes from scientific Arabic فم الحوت fam al-ħūt (al-janūbī) "the mouth of the [Southern] Fish"! Chicago U, Penelope, R. A. H. star names, 'Bayer said that it partook of the astrological character of the planet Saturn.', p. 345. The Chinese knew it as Pi Lo Sze Mun.


Jesus Radicals Sources of Violence


Name: Paul K. Piff
Home Department: NVPSR - Inst of Personality & Soc Res
Email: ppiff@WWWWberkeley.edu [ take out the Ws!]


Date: 09-06-13 ( CoasttoCoastam.com).
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Professor Griff

A member of Public Enemy, Professor Griff, who revealed what he has uncovered about the Illuminati's take over of hip hop and how they use music and popular culture as mind control over society. "Rap is something you do. Hip hop is something that you are," Griff explained, adding that the term 'hip hop' stands for 'high infinite power healing our people' and includes the elements of MCing, DJing, B-boying and graffiti writing. Rap is how messages are carried into urban neighborhoods, he continued, quoting Chuck D who said, "Rap is the CNN for black people."

Griff talked about his involvement in Alex Jones' film, The Obama Deception. According to Griff, Obama positioned himself with rap artists to give him a "fly dope vibe" that would entice young people to vote for him without critically examining his Illuminati-backed agenda. He suggested that this elite group is behind the success of famous rappers, noting how Jay Z and other high profile hip hop artists have helped fuel the Illuminati agenda. Griff spoke about how sacred symbols have been co-opted by the Illuminati-controlled entertainment industry for subversive/demonic purposes, since people resonate with these symbols on a spiritual level.

This spiritual conflict has been disguised as race warfare through the unconscious manipulation of relationships between those in the human family, he disclosed. Griff warned about a Luciferian agenda being passed on to impressionable audiences by various pop stars, pointing to specific entertainers who get taken over by their demonic alter egos (Beyonce's Sasha Fierce and Nicki Minaj's Roman Zolanski). The Illuminati uses record companies to set up altars from which they can perform rituals around the music, he added. Griff called for listeners to wake up and develop an awareness of what is happening around them.

hollywood morally bankrupt.

December 2013: 27th

Hollywood poised for best-ever box-office year...

The Wolves of Wall Street celebrates debauchery and hurting innocent humans.   Hollywood in your face movies by Scorsese just demonstrates that no morality came of an Wall Street greed biopic, where people root for the bad guy and the living of sex, drugs and luxury are actual realities for the lead character. The only problem for me is that use Hollywood to preach down to the people, while they do not follow their perching, more than a mere hypocrisy – a wrong role model to the world, not just American youth.

I cannot stand his acting, his youthful looks got him away with a mediocre performance in Titanic, but his general acting skills are lack luster, so I do not watch his films, even if they are for free. I guess I can judge if one of his movies in on cable and someone’s T.V. is on, but there is a standard of acting and Leonardo does not have it.  Right Wing Fox News called it a towering achievement. But the rich wing loves to shit on all the poor so this glamorizing sex, drugs and hurting other humans is up their alley, eh?

This is a film directed by Martin Scorsese, based on Jordan Belfort's memoir of the same name. The screenplay was written by Terence Winter, and the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort. Leonardo DiCaprio can made Belfort real because they live similar lifestyles. DiCaprio  is of a 0.01% of the richest people on Earth and some estimated $250,000,000 with property.

The title is a shame on life. It should be ‘heay, look at us richies, just party, party and more party, and hurting you for thrills.’ Hollywood is a fraud for telling us it teaches the children. This type of garbage, including its members should not be allowed on planet Earth. DiCaprio has major Sertan or alpha scorpius true arc astronomical signatures, so his bullying is a solid interpretation. We do not need bullies in our world.

I heard Leonardo on some Entertainment channel giving a few comments on his acting career. He views this role as a part of a trilogy of his best work, kinda like piggy backing on Harrison Ford's block buster trilogies or others. But his acting expertise involves , 'three hours full of sex, drugs and conspicuous consumption. ' So when the cameras turn off, it is 21 more hours of sex, drugs and conspicuous consumption. in a real life scenario. No acting expertise here.

I’m really happy about movies like Silver-linings Playbook.  The movie is original and has thought. Everyone knows crooks are all over the government that is tied to Wall Street, so no creativity there for Martin Scorsese. Maybe Martin is pissed that Hollywood will not allow major film makers to delved directly into xxx movies, knowing that is the ultimate goal of becoming an Actor, the putting of oneself in a possible position to attract the ‘desired’ sex partner.

The nightly television does not give us news to organize and run our lives efficiently. We are inundated with the capriciousness and wonton lifestyles of the rich and famous, mainly Hollywoodites. The Wolf of Wall Street misses the mark that these individuals are plethoric in numbers, and nothing happens to them. It is just a movie that the nightly news tells us these celebrities like DiCaprio live daily and then we must go to their films to worship what they actually do giving the long winded but never incorrect Narcissism that invades the world’s problems today. & Because you have so much money and do not know what to do with all of it, philanthropy or charity is not an excuse, especially for tax write-offs.

DiCaprio came out in defense telling the viewing public you are too stupid to understand my work. We were telling our audiances this was not good for society, but they must be too stupid to understand. No the public is not stupid, it was a celebratory film on real lifestyles of the rich and famouse, it has nothing to do with Wall Street, except for a side-show. 

'We're not condoning this behavior, we're indicting it' -- DiCaprio last week of December 2013 to media.

The criticism surrounding his latest film demonstrates the public announce to rich kids, drugs, privileged because of wealth, fast lifestyles, elite, hurting others, preaching to others, while living like the despised Wall Street crowd in real life. On blogs to the Industry, people close to DiCaprio, those that work with him and want him to achieve the ultimate Hollywood success tell him he will never win an Oscar because he sucks at acting or more correctly he parties too hard and does not spend time on getting that Oscar. This little mediocre actor, won roles because of his teenage youthful looks, does not seem happy if he is indeed desiring an Oscar. Because for the most part, he is rich belong most people’s wildest dreams, thanks to his box office success not because of him but of one of the premier Hollywood writers, directors and producers, Terminator 1 & 2, Titanic ( DiCaprio the male starring role, he was descent in this film, as well as Catch Me if U can) film director James Cameron whose set designs and detail remain near unsurpassed. Hollywood, full of idiots, believed the success of Titanic was solely on the back of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, so they gave him plenty of monies and super hefty paychecks. However, he sucks as an actor, and his looks are the only thing going for him. Aarron Spelling’s theorem of hire actors not based upon their skills but on how cute they look remains the industry standard.

You take away Leonardo’s cuteness and he will turn into another chump on the street full of idiocy.   

July 28, 2004

Does America need Hollywood?

By Paul Weyrich

Conservatives know our "mainstream" entertainment industry is seriously off course. It often purposely derides the values essential to the maintenance of a strong, stable and virtuous society. Instead it serves, in effect, as the nation's publicist for unhealthy and unwise lifestyles that only serve to make our society weaker, more selfish, and morally bankrupt.


This is true today. More and more the derogation of the elite rich in $50,000 fashion dresses promote constant worship of their sinful lives. Then they preach to us as if we are losers.

Hollywood: What it likes: profanity, sex, and violence
Hollywood: What it sells: profanity, sex, and violence
Hollywood What it preaches against: profanity, sex, and violence
Hollywood what its community does: profanity, sex, and violence


Katy Perry Cause Satanic Panic With Her 'Dark Horse ...

2014 Grammys said to be a glorified Satan Coven Worship Ceremony by many, not just a few. Many people believe Kate Perry ( popular singer from Santa Barbara, CA) invoked the help of Satan, her master, during the ceremony.

Beyoncé slammed by parents after VERY risqué performance

College Football Star Calls Grammys Demonic...

Performances Show 'There's a Lot of Evil in the World'...

Christian Singer Walks Out After 'Satanic' Performances...

9 Signs That Satan Took Over Last Night’s Grammy Awards ...

Frozen takes in 1.2 Billion dollars, the theme is to teach under age girls the joys of Lesbian sex with adult ladies.

The myth that Hollywood does not make a lot of money is a farce.

Hollywood Has a Solid History on Protecting Child Abuse by their royalty Members.

Serial Child Lover And Long Time Hollywood Honcho, Woody Allen, Hollywood came out in force to suport allegations of sex with minors, as Allen publically admits to dating 17 year-olds (recently she was seen on Piers Morgan, CNN, said she loved having an affair with the producer at such a young age) and others. Hollywood who awarded Roman  Polanski because he raped an under age girl and fled America -- hollywood say this U.S. outcry  out right wrong, why not bed infants, Hollywood surmises?

UNHAPPY >KINGDOM: Walt Disney's Heirs in Ugly $400 Million War...
Claims of incest, brainwashing...
Family 'ripped' apart...

So the scoop comes out that a poor person makes noise and is shouted down by the other Hollywood limo richies. Since Dylan has no money or publicists, she must be used  like a sex doll and thrown into the garbage can, according to Hollywood royalty. This is another of the many reasons why Hollywood members I point out must be destroyed.  Their D.N.A.  remains too corrupted for living in a global community.

Dylan Farrow Speaks Out About Her Woody Allen Allegations – and the Backlash

02/06/2014 at 04:30 PM EST

Dylan Farrow: Brave against the Hollywood wing of the global Satanic Army. < update Arc Michael , thank You! 11 18 2017 A.D. >

The Penn State Child Sex Abuse went on for 10+ years with all of Penn Faculty saying all these boys were telling fantasies – well that turned out to be a lie. So why is the same ploy being done to Dylan Farrow?

"Allen was never charged with molestation. In what was deemed a controversial move, then-Connecticut state's attorney Frank S. Maco announced in 1993 that while he found "probable cause" to prosecute Allen, he was dropping the case because Dylan was too "fragile" to deal with a trial that would further "traumatize" her." -- Dylan Farrow: People Mag. 2014, Feb.

Dylan Farrow says it took all the courage she had to finally pen the emotional open letter she sent to the New York Times detailing her claim that her adoptive father, Woody Allen, had sexually molested her as a child, she exclusively tells PEOPLE.

When she spoke out for the first time about the allegations of abuse in Vanity Fair's October issue, her comments were overshadowed by the revelation that her brother Ronan, 26, might be the biological child of Frank Sinatra instead of Allen, which left her feeling "that no one cared," says a family friend.

Dylan says she thought long and hard about coming forward with her story in her own words. In her Feb. 1 letter, she expounded on the allegations she made in Vanity Fair, saying, "For as long as I could remember, my father had been doing things to me that I didn't like."

Throughout a criminal investigation and bitter custody battle in 1992 and 1993, Allen maintained that he never molested Dylan and accused Dylan's mother, Mia Farrow, of coaching Dylan to repeat a false story. Farrow has always emphatically denied that.

"People are saying that I am not actually remembering what I remember. People are saying that my 'evil mother' brainwashed me because they refuse to believe that my sick, evil father would ever molest me, because we live in this society where victim blaming and inexcusable behavior – this taboo against shaming the famous at the expense of their victims – is accepted and excused."

turning point for her came on Jan. 12, the night of the Golden Globes, when Woody Allen received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement, which his longtime friend, Diane Keaton, accepted on his behalf.

Dylan says that she had wanted to share her side of the story for a long time. But, she tells PEOPLE, "After the Golden Globes, my brother Ronan showed immense bravery for standing up for the family and I realized it was my turn to stand up and to tell the truth."

On Jan. 12, Ronan Tweeted, "Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?"

Dylan says she knew the letter would draw "backlash."

"I knew there were people saying I was a liar and that this was part of some smear campaign – some bitter vendetta of my mother's," she says. But, she adds, "I didn't realize that it was going to be a betrayal of this magnitude."

Moses Farrow, adopted Asian, told People Dylan is a liar, without evidence.


'7th Heaven' Dad Stephen Collins Admits to Molesting Underage Girl, Fallout Reaches Hollywood

Stephen Collins, who played minister and family man the Rev. Eric Camden on TV's 7th Heaven, confessed to his now ex-wife that he molested an underage girl and exposed himself to two others, prompting police on both coasts to examine his admission and Hollywood to distance itself from the actor.

"There is a formal complaint on file and the incident is being investigated by the Manhattan Special Victims Squad," the NYPD confirmed to The Insider With Yahoo.

The LAPD also told Yahoo that detectives are reviewing Collins's secretly taped confession, but the department has yet to open an official investigation.




Michael Egan, HERO

Villains Hollywood/CIA/FBI/Gay Club:

Brian Singer

There are tons of people standing up, because of Michael Egan's bravery.

The People that are attacking are the CIA, FBI, Media, including women's rights figures, standing up for their Satanic Men, Hollywood

s claim they are the mentors of the Earth.

The mother and son went to the Hollywood Police in 2000 AD, they said get lost! They protect their bread -n- butter industry, at all costs!

The mother and son went to the F.B.I. in 2000 A.D., they said get lost. Hollywood's honchos need for Satanic Child Sexual pleasures to make them happy so they keep producing moralistic movies is a necessary evil, the FBI claims.

FBI/CIA has already been ousted as a arm of Satan's Army, with allegation it abducts kids in parks across the world ( there are many) and it moves them to sex jail cells of these Hollywood Officials, as human slaves, murdering them to silence them. Since the FBI and CIA are all on the side of Child Abuser Rings and Child Sex Slavery Rings they cannot be trusted ever and are a part of Satan's Army and must be eradicated if the world is to survive.


Michael Egan, [ upDATE, after turning down $100,000, he drops his case aug 2014 but new charges come from new filing of abuse as early as six months ago.]]

 1,000s of displaced, homeless and run away children in exploitation ring of Hollywood, Gay Mafia, and the women of Hollywood stand by their child sex crazed men. It must be 'extremely, very extremely' stressful and fearful to face Satan's Army ( Hollywood establishment) in the face, as it controls Hell and placed it on Earth, and demands we worship it, as it throws money around like water to these devils.

New sexual assault claim against 'X-Men' director Bryan Singer filed just after original lawsuit’s dismissal  

A man in his early 20s filed a police report in May claiming Singer sexually assaulted him on March 23, 2013, in New York City, police sources said. The NYPD Special Victims Squad is investigating.

Friday, August 29, 2014, 12:38 AM

Read more: daily beast





Michael Egan, now 31, filed a civil lawsuit against famed “X-Men” director Bryan Singer with allegations of drugging and sexual abuse when he was a teenager, the former child actor has filed three more

news from Hollywood:

Hollywood begs CA to cut taxes...
LA Restaurant Adds Surcharge To Tabs For Employees' Healthcare...


16 April 2014 Bryan Singer ( X men, a top Hollywood Producer has been served in Hawaii by an adult who claims he was his sex slave when he was 14 years-old to 17 years-old, plied with cocaine, exacy, alcohol and other drugs and forced to perform oral sex on Singer and the leader of Digital Entertainment something or other, already a registered sex offender of children but because he is a top Hollywood player he does no time in jail for the same crimes as others that go to jail.

XXX-MEN: Director accused of preying on 15-year-old aspiring actor at party… he is not the only one, pool parties for clients with children, must play naked and in pool be naked, with adults.

'Absurd and defamatory'...

Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard have been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in lawsuits filed Monday in Hawaii federal court.

“I would not wish on my worst enemies what I went through,” declared plaintiff Michael Egan at a Monday news conference at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

Ancier is the former president of BBC Worldwide America and also served as head of programming for Fox, NBC and the WB.

BBC support the UK Royals: They have been accused of child sex slaves. So we know why world problems are not being solved, the world figure heads are busy raping children.

update, Queen Elizabeth is a pediophile, big time at her secret Scotland castle.
Billionaire paedophile with links to Bill Clinton...

Jane Doe 3...


Police arrest Thai man accused of posting messages on FACEBOOK that insulted king

Neuman, the former president of Disney TV, previously worked for Digital Entertainment Network, which was headed by Marc Collins-Rector, who was cited as being involved in the sexual activity at the heart of Egan’s original lawsuit against director Bryan Singer.

Goddard heads a design firm in Los Angeles that has created theme park attractions for Universal Studios.
Alan Grodin, an attorney for Goddard and a partner at Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin, issued a statement: “Gary Goddard is out of the country and we have not seen the complaint. Based on what we have heard, the allegations are without merit. Once we have seen the complaint we will respond appropriately.”


comment section reveals the beat of a society:

says: Big Daddy D:
April 21, 2014 at 4:42 pm I’ll disregard that remark as just another idiotic comment. Ask my 1st wife, my 2nd wife..my girlfriend…and any woman I’ve slept with how much if a pedophile I am. Try using your head as more than just a coat rack. Yes..I’m hearing white noise in these allegations. If Bryan Singer does like diddling young boys..the truth, or settlement, will come out…and he can burn in hell. Until then…innocent until proven guilty…and give me my god damn mutant movie!! Spoken like the comic book geek that I am.

says Hugh Beaumont ( or posting under this name)

April 21, 2014 at 4:39 pm Face it folks. These guys are out of control. Homosexuality is an intellectual absurdity, and anyone who engages in it, cannot control his/her impulses. After awhile, there’s no turning it off. Hetero’s can be guilty of this as well, but the other way is a sure sign that the passions have completely overrun the intellect.

David Weils says
April 21, 2014 at 4:17 pm

You know the parties were bad when even Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were afraid to go to them.


says Glen C.

April 21, 2014 at 3:33 pm

It’s true. For some very odd reason the most successful are the ones that do the nastiest deeds! They have a network between themselves that end up supporting each other. Call it a gay network, I don’t know. A club. These same people help run big studios and important departments in which then kids do become influenced and think “it’s all normal”. When it’s not. Good ole Hollywood!


James O. says:
April 21, 2014 at 4:48 pm

All of these Teabaggers are all over the internet because they don’t have jobs. In between jerking off and watching Fox News they crawl the internet looking for places they can vent. [ Archangel Michael, it sounds as if James O, writing under this name approves of Child Abuse, it therefore must be eradicated. ]

Hollywood Big Oil Parterships


source: Hot Air ( not a big fan, but this was very well done).

For those who remember the controversy surrounding the financing of the anti-fracking Matt Damon film Promised Land, this new undercover video from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas will simply confirm suspicions. O’Keefe set himself up as an ersatz Middle Eastern oil baron in order to test the Hollywood environmental waters to see how welcome his supposed money would be in attacking American energy independence. The big names in this effort, Ed Begley Jr and Mariel Hemingway, will get the most notice but are in essence collateral damage. The real targets for this probe are Josh and Rebecca Tickell, award-winning producers who are all too keen to take Middle Eastern money to attack American natural-gas exploration:

“This latest investigation shows the dark side of Hollywood’s environmental movement. Hollywood is willing to take and conceal money from Middle Eastern oil interests in order to advance their cause of destroying American energy independence,” O’ Keefe said. He will be independently premiering “Expose: Hollywood’s War on US Energy” in Cannes, France Wednesday.

Within the video, actor Ed Begley Jr., an outspoken environmental activist and current Governor on the board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway, and liberal producer and director Josh Tickell are approached by an undercover reporter posing as a member of a Middle Eastern oil dynasty named “Muhammad” and his “ad executive” Steven Sanchton in the Beverly Hills Hotel located in Los Angeles, California. The pair offer $9 million in funding to American filmmakers to fund an anti-fracking movie.

“If Washington D.C. continues fracking, America will be energy independent and then they won’t need our oil anymore,” Muhammad states within the video. The “ad executive” accompanying him to the meeting later follows up, “Knowing where the money comes from..” At this point, he is interrupted by Hemmingway, who assures him none of the information regarding where the money is coming from to produce the movie will leave the table.

The Cannes launch got the attention of The Hollywood Reporter:

Muhammad, accompanied by a man pretending to be an ad executive, seemingly has the two actors agreeing to participate in the scheme, even after he acknowledges that his goal is to keep America from becoming energy independent. The meeting, which appears to have been secretly recorded, took place a few months ago at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

But the real target of the sting operation appears to be Josh and Rebecca Tickell, a husband and wife team known for their environmental movies, such as 2008′s Fuel, which won an award at Sundance and was later screened at the White House for members of President Obama‘s administration.

Begley tells THR that if it looks like he’s agreeing with faux Muhammad about anything, it’s because the Tickells asked him to be polite so that they’d get their funding for a movie they’re making called Fracked, a film that will argue a technique for extracting natural gas called fracking is bad for the environment. Also, Begley says that he is hard of hearing and couldn’t understand everything Muhammad was saying.

The video also includes some audio from phone conversations between the fake Muhammad’s representatives and the Tickells. “We’re confident that we can keep this zip-locked. You know, tight. Tight. Air-tight forever,” Josh Tickell is heard saying. “If we don’t protect who is kind of funding this thing … if we have to disclose that or that becomes a necessary part of it, the whole enterprise will not work.”

Rebecca Tickell adds: “Because if people think the film is funded by Middle Eastern oil it will, it will not have that credibility,” and Josh Tickell says, “It’s money, so in that sense we have no moral issue.”

Yeah, I suspect that last statement won’t be much of a surprise to anyone who’s worked in Hollywood, either.

The Tickells, Begley, and Hemingway are crying foul now. In comments to THR, they claim that O’Keefe’s editing made things look worse than they are, and are demanding the release of all the video. That didn’t do much to help ACORN, or for that matter, Planned Parenthood when dealing with Live Action’s exposés. The Tickells say that no deal was actually consummated, and that they would have done “due diligence” at that point, but O’Keefe wouldn’t have had $9 million anyway. The point of O’Keefe’s sting is to expose Hollywood enviro eagerness to accept oil-baron money from the Middle East to attack American energy production, and this video certainly does that much. Not that people couldn’t figure that much out from Promised Land‘s Abu Dhabi funding, if they wanted.

The Tickells have decided to keep trying to fund Fracked anyway:

Update: Late Tuesday, the Tickells created a video response that also serves as a pitch to raise $72,000 via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to make Fracked. “I’m about to tell you a story of the lengths that some people will go to discourage the transition to green energy,” Josh Tickell says in the video. “If it wasn’t so serious it might even be kind of funny. Recently, my wife and I were royally punked.”

Actually, the story is about how some Hollywood enviros will sell out to the worst offenders in order to build their soapboxes. And hey, why do they need to go on IndieGoGo anyway? Doesn’t Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson have $72 grand between them? / post at HotAir


Comment Section: Star Bird on May 21, 2014 at 5:41 PM Reading the comments in the Hollywood Reporter piece like these from the targets of this investigation, highlights how these people think like teenagers. They lie when caught red-handed, and blame everyone else around them.

Fracking is a very important issue and making a film about it is OK by me, but Hollywood is self serving, most of the time, and it ignores child rapes, child slavery, and Hollywood Blvd. Child exploitations, it had Walt Disney family in  incest fights, and the Studios pay their exploited children a very small amount of money for acting gigs. Walt Disney is perhaps the most stinginess of the main studios catering to child sitcoms and child shows, then we have a major problem. 

Pakistani officials furious over country's portrayal in 'HOMELAND'


Hollywood Jew AIDS charity so does not work hard, get's government and private aids funds, lives off that shut down Millions of homeless hopes because he believes he is special. googleplus post Sprin 2017

#GOP #DNC #GREENPARTY all sent in letters to vote #no on Measure S.
#California #destroyamericaact by a single #Hollywood charity fleecer #jew to stop California affordable  housing. All vacant lots and parking structures cannot be converted to affordable housing because a single lone Jew ( #stine) must have its view to #DOWNTOWN #losangeles. So the world is destroyed , again, by these selfish jews.
Measure S will be on the ballot for voters in Los Angeles, California, on March 7, 2017.  A vote yes and affordable housing and continued gentrification will continue.

#Israeli #aids foundation fleecer, big wig down town JewWood ( #HOLLYWOOD ) got angry at a new building construction that potentially block a part of his view toward downtown, #LA . So the jew crap used $5.5 Million in his own robber money to fund this initiative. It also blocks two year reviews and pushes them back to ten year reviews, thus shutting down any new business construction of affordable housing.



Opponents of Measure S argue that the proposed moratorium and restrictions on project approval would put a stop to most development projects in the city, resulting in an even greater housing shortage, economic decline, the loss of thousands of jobs, and the loss of millions in tax revenue for education, parks, and other city services. Opponents also argue that none of the provisions in Measure S directly address corruption in the city planning process or developer contributions.

#bookoflife  #03062017ad #arcmichael

sponsors for #yes, #Weinstein needs s/he view so destroy 100 companies.
Michael #Weinstein put it into the lake of fire.
 Albert K. Ruiz
 Peter Reis
 Marijane Jackson
 Gerard Kensica
 Richard J. Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles
 Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D., Chairman of The Transit Coalition
Rev. Alice Callaghan, Founder of Las Familias del Pueblo Skid Row
 Mabel Chang, Former President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission
 Gloria Romero, Former California State Senate Majority Leader
 Opal M. Young, president of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Homeowners Coalition
 Sean Chandra, Esq., Los Angeles Tenants Union
 Grace Yoo, co-founder of the Environmental Justice Collaborative

The Vote Yes on S campaign website listed the following endorsements of Measure S:[12]

 Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan
 Former U.S. Congresswoman Diane Watson        
        Carmen Trutanich, Los Angeles City Attorney (Ret.)
        Gloria Romero, California State Senate Majority Leader (Ret.)
        Mabel Chang, Past President, Los Angeles City Planning Commission
        Joyce Foster, Past President, Board of Los Angeles Building and Safety Commissioners; Past President, West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission
        Elena Popp, Eviction Defense Network, Co-Founder and Executive Director
        Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Board of Directors
        Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains
Show trimmed content



Barack The Anti Christ Obama Wants to Start a global Race War Against Asians, and has Tried his Best.

Cops protect Muslims in power in USA that is why both white and black are targeted on streets by cops

Pakistani officials furious over Hollywood's‘Homeland’ which depicts Arabs as animals that need caging and destroying in the name of Atheism.

Obama orders sanctions on NKorea for 'SONY hack'...( a hack that was never proven, but a Hollywood driven racist, crowd racist promotion). It appears Seth Rogan and the Sony Top White EU leaders are world terrorists and trying to kill every Asian by these false accusations. You see in Hollywood, they need an arch enemy so they pick defenseless Asians and make them out to be monsters. * Google + post by Arc Michael 01 2 nd 2015 A.D.

FBI says Sony hackers 'got sloppy,' posted from North Korea addresses (<-- lies and propoganda, when 'ever' has the FBI told the truth? When, never?

By Emily Flitter and Mark Hosenball NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters)

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - FBI Director James Comey said on Wednesday that hackers behind the cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment provided key clues to their identity by sometimes posting material from IP addresses used exclusively by the North Korean government. [ Arc Michael, covering up the real source ]

The hackers, who called themselves "Guardians of Peace," sometimes "got sloppy" and failed to use proxy servers that would hide their identity, Comey said at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York.

  • AM: Impossible, all the Terrorist on Google Groups use anonymous remailers and all terrorists go to Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook ( of the biggest promoter of terrorism) go there to learn anonymous remailers ( called proxies in this liar report) .What we know is that since 1947 A.D. when Pluto was in the place of pilled-up corpses the F.B.I. reinvention became a main arm of the Global Terrorist Network, first killing those witnesses at Daeley Plaza and other citizens without trails because it is all about making profits. North Korea poses a threat to America because Kim Jong Il and his son, Un, now in power act no different than the Dictatorial non Democracy ( when do they pass legislation based on populism? NEVER), so why call Asians with White Skin Gooks and Terrorists and EVIL? Why because the F.B.I. loves Islam and hates Christians and if they say the like Christians they are liars as their entire history shows.

Of course the FBI who was involved in killing Kennedy will not provide real evidence, just its normal hearsay.

a commenter, Mike, not me, on the board. They do not have Google+ nor Yahoo, just racist Zukerburg's Facebook and Twitter feeds and other smaller blog forums.

"If I was a hacker, I would make it look like it came from a known enemy. How does the FBI know they weren't framing NK?" -- of course!




( after weeks of the FBI Claiming they had proof ( which NSA cannot find terrorist due to anonymous remailers, so they can never find people) they now claim these hacks did not come from North Korea = Obama stated they did and almsost started world war III. Why should we allow rich people to play games like this. Sony is very racist, they have about 1% of Asians on TV and Film, and make movies such as Seth Rogan's Interview, a full-blown racist laughfest.

These addresses were used by whoever carried out the attack to control the malware and can be found in the malware code itself. They are:








Because of the lies by Obama and Sony repeating the Movie's consultants, the MEAMIC, The U.S. put trade restrictions and other blocking measures to kill the Poor North Koreans, when they did not hack Sony. So police was affected by a LIE. A lie is from the Anti Christ.

.........The Interview was made with the direct and open involvement of CIA and Rand Corporation operatives for the express purpose of destabilizing North Korea. Star and co-director Seth Rogen has admitted that he worked “directly with people who work in the government as consultants, who I’m convinced are in the CIA”. Originally conceived to be a plot taking place in an “unnamed country”, Sony Pictures co-chairman Michael Lynton, who also sits on the board of the Rand Corporation, encouraged the film makers to make the movie overtly about murdering Kim Jong-Un. Bruce Bennett, the Rand Corporation’s North Korean specialist, also had an active role, expressing enthusiasm that the film would assist regime change and spark South Korean action against Pyongyang. Other government figures from the State Department, even operatives connected to Hillary Clinton, read the script.

The infantile, imbecilic, tasteless, reckless idiots involved with The Interview, including the tasteless Rogen and co-director Evan Goldberg, worked with these military-intelligence thugs for months. “Hung out” with them. They do not seem to have had any problem being the political whores for these Langley death merchants. In fact, they had fun doing it. They seem not to give a damn, or even half a damn, that the CIA and the Pentagon have used them, and co-opted the film for an agenda far bigger than the stupid movie itself. All they seem to care about was that they are getting publicity, and more publicity, and got to make a stupid movie. Idiots...... ( a post of cut-paste of others by a tropical astrologer, Michael r at forums, astro)

anonymous remailers ( how Edward snowden ( + combined other methods too)) communicates: can break up signles up to > 8 paths around the Earth, traveling through many different ISP, accorss earth before re assembling to their intended Target, in this case Culver City,Los Angeles. by Law, anonymous remailers charge for business, thus the federal authorities need a court to warrant information, which then becomes a legal thing to both sides lawyers.

anonymous remailers ( how Edward Snowden ( with combined methods too)) communicates can break up singles up to 8 paths around the Earth, traveling through many different ISP, across  earth before re assembling to their intended Target, in this case Culver City, Los Angeles. Obama announced on Television to the world, he knows for a FACT that this was North Korea, and North Korea threatened back because the President has 100% no proof and only made the comments because North Koreans do not look like Obama’s ISil brown faced friends.

However, as with being on Google Groups since 1,999 A.D. we know how the terrorists communicate and they can put any code in any malware using anonymous remailers. Otherwise the feds or any one could stop Snowden and other leaders of the anti 1%ers, but they cannot nor can they find them. Culver City is the most likely place for the leak to have occured. ( I posted these ideas a week ago and now the media is catching on, because there were multiple pass word comprimises and that suggests an inside job, a disgruntled employee most likeley Asian upset at White Privledged Racist KKKers who allowed people to see that White Studio Heads treat their 'talent' like cattle and shxt. ( Daily Beast, UK).

The F.B.I. Track Record is close to 10% for justices and 90% for criminal support for the 1%ers – 1947A.D.- current. 2014 A.D. ( no one trusts the F.B.I. but billionaires and millionaires and their cattle employees, the cops and judges and corpos.

Associated Press: Big Mystery Remains ( Christmas Eve) to Whom Really Hacked Sony. AP WIRE: hacked Sony becomes Internet's new mystery, By TAMI ABDOLLAH, Dec. 24, 2014 12:03 PM EST

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Everyone has a theory about who really hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

Despite President Barack Obama's conclusion that North Korea was the culprit, the Internet's newest game of whodunit continues. Top theories include disgruntled Sony insiders, hired hackers, other foreign governments or Internet hooligans

[...] "Somebody's done it. And right now this knowledge is known to God and whoever did it," said Martin Libicki, a cyber security expert at RAND in Arlington, Virginia, who thinks it probably was North Korea. "So we gather up a lot of evidence, and the evidence that the FBI has shown so far doesn't allow one to distinguish between somebody who is North Korea and somebody who wants to look like North Korea."


"The director was referring to one of many conversations between producer Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal that were made public as a result of the massive Sony hack attack by Guardians of Peace, a group protesting the upcoming release of the studio’s North Korea-skewering satire “The Interview.” In the exchange in question, Pascal and Rudin traded quips about President Obama’s movie tastes — which, the two speculated, might run toward the likes of “Django Unchained,” “12 Years a Slave,” “The Butler” and the comedies of Kevin Hart".-- Variety.

Pascal gives her $5,000 personal limit and $10,000 C-PAK donation to the Democratic Party but this does not means she endorses what the Democratic Party endorses, the living side by side with blacks.


This comes on the heels of a Sony Hack by a group mad over the film's content to trick the North Korean leader and kill him, using his name in the film while he is on the throne. Then, http://nypost.com/2014/12/12/japan-outraged-over-angelina-jolies-unbroken/ Angela Jolie ( an U.N. ambassador and she is proud of it) will highlight a group of Japanese that performed experiments and others just tortured in a new film. But if she does not make a case that Dr. Death of the N.A.Z.I. regime reportedly experimented on over 200,000 humans, many alive is a sensitive subject. The U.S.A. is showing the world how much racist it can be by killing the poor of all colors and now on HD video, real killings using illegal banned moves and no police goes to jail or is even punished, and they police have a white privileged attitude. So the U.S.A. may force the world into World War III.

  • The case of Unit 731 is a good example, where atrocities were carried out by Japanese authorities and then covered up by the US government, which wanted to use the "research" findings for its own purposes. - comment, warispeaceDec. 13, 2014 - 08:06AM JST at Japantoday, link above. accessed 12 12 2014 3:00-39pm).
  • AP Washington Post: North Korea slams U.S. over Internet shutdown, calls Obama a ‘monkey’ = false, the source is hidden, it was not national security so the 'person' should be named. But they are not. We are tired of 1000 years of lies, and here the MEAMIC just keeps lying to foster a historical record, when in fact, on the streets of Los Angeles, blacks, browns and Whites call Asians 'chimps' and all sorts of derogatorily racial stereotype names.

AM: Comment: When Japan had no Navy, no Airforce, no tanks, no Submarines, no transport ships, no oil, no weapons but small arms, the U.S. carpet bombed to a lunar landscape 6 of Japanes largest cities befor dropping two atomic bombs on Japanese civilians so the U.S. leaders could masterbate and get their thrills off and Angela Jolie should make a movie about that, it can inspire people to take these demons still in power totally off this planet for good, or at least a long time.

AM: 12 27 th 2014: After Sony Culver City execs decided to 'spread' the blame, a hint that North Korea was never behind this attack and North Korea was right, Obama and Sony hacked themselves, and Obama took an opportunity to get into the I HATE SLANT EYED GOOKs game of racism. Obama is from a family of 'slave owners' they held humans, he is like many of the founding fathers of America. Sony Daily Beast





Rotherhams Emphasized Bible .


Mat 25:41 Then, will he say unto those also, on his left hand: Depart ye from me, accursed ones! Into the age-abiding fire, which hath been prepared for the adversary and his messengers;


Here from the Concordant Literal Version.


Mat 25:41 Then shall He be declaring to those also at His left, 'Go from Me, you cursed, into the fire eonian, made ready for the Adversary and his messengers.


This one from Young's Literal Translation.


Mat 25:41  Then shall he say also to those on the left hand, Go ye from me, the cursed, to the fire, the age-during, that hath been prepared for the Devil and his messengers;

posted by gdriggs, at Where was.../ is GOD?




Spielberg to give Obama 'humanitarian' award

Honored by Holocaust foundation established by filmmaker

(THE HILL) President Obama will speak next month at a gala celebrating the 20th anniversary of a Holocaust history foundation established by director Steven Spielberg.

The USC Shoah Foundation, created by Spielberg ( $3 Billion net worth) after he completed the film Schindler’s List, will honor Obama with its Ambassador to Humanity Award at an event in Los Angeles on May 7.

“President Obama’s commitment to democracy and human rights has long been felt,” Spielberg said in a statement. “As a constitutional scholar and as president, his interest in expanding justice and opportunity and all is remarkably evident.”



Obama has wars ( covert) in over 10 countries ( JSOC program), kills children of Moslems ( not Steven's concern, eh?) and Steven will award the U.S. Illegal Pres. on justice, which is a sham. Since Steven claims not to be stupid, he must be giving the award to Obama for his destroy Islam North Pakistan 'justice' program. Steven Spielberg is MEAMIC.

Hollywood Whore

James O'Keefe  eposes  Hollywood EVIL, by Mariel Hemmingway and another Hollywood legend vocally accepting Big Oil Money while advocating production of anti oil propaganda film.  This exposed Hollywood as the Whore, sitting on a Hill, a Hollywood Hill, whoring itself out for money.  James O'Keefe partner was murdered near Hollywood, he had met a political opponent in a lefty bar,  and when he had a drink, he left and died. Hollywood will steal and sell your child to sex slaves for cash, that is how Evil this community has always been.

ACTOR: Hollywood a 'Whorehouse'..

'People Go Mad'...

Rose McGowan attacks LGBT community for failing to campaign for feminism: 'Gay men are more misogynistic than straight men'

Comment: true, the Hollywood LGBT Community funding distribution of millions of State and Federal Funds ( 1995- current)  breaks down to 85% goes only to Gay only Men. They are misogynist. The rest fight for the remaining funds and in history the largest of the communities are bisexual, which gets the least amount of funding due to pure racist gender bias – yes racism is real I the Gay community, it does not imply homosexuals are racist but the evidence does show unfairness which can be viewed as a type of a serious form of racism. 11/6/14.



2014 November Hollywood

Hollywood Sex Abuse Blockbuster...

Explosive Claims Rock Town...

New Molesters Named in Documentary...

Child Predators 'Widespread Problem'...




Spider Man" Actor Andrew Garfield Got Himself Fired from Series by Insulting Sony Chief

Kaz Hirai ( Sony Chief) net worth of proclaimed $20 Million to Andre Garfield ( Spider man movies 1,2, Social Network) who has $10 Million dollars --- he fired Andrew because he was not his puppy slave gurl, or some outrageous thing like a snub. Maybe he snub u because your an idiot? So he chooses to ignore a gala that you have given for a speech, and in his praise too, but he has to do what you want? Is that correct? When you order him to lick you balls, if that is your kinky whim, then he does not ,that means he snubbed you?

Liam John Neeson | Hollywood Film Actor ( Star Wars, Taken series)

He demanded January 14 th to take guns away from Americans, without offering why or a logical  reason. We then understand the true reason. Guns even up muscles, an even fight, and since 1%er Liam has to protect his fast fortunes for being a dumb actor he is scared that a gun person starving in the streets will demand his wallet to buy a cheeseburger, and that cannot happen to an uber elitist snob, his buddies in Hollywood would laugh at him -- they believe the poor are scum and need to die the most horrible deaths imaginable.

Moive #1  $1 million salary ( still level headed dude)
Movie #2  $10 million salary ( he gets testy, he is becoming an elite snob).
Movie #3 $20 million salary ( heay go see me play guns, and I wants yours confiscated so you do not take my fat stacks {urbanic}).

simple science observation.

  • Archangel Michael 2014 January 2015 ( Jup is near parallel to my natal moon position):
  • ARGUMENT: Nearly Every Hollywood Big Production, main studios , motion picture-films  or called movies  are hyper violent, teach us about dangers in our world, and use excessive guns as props.
  • Nearly Every Hollywood Big Production actor , studio  head, funder or supporter demands the peasants be disarmed of all their fire arms.
  • ANSWERS: Low level test: academies,  guns are dangerous and Hollywood is just fantasy;  or they are hypocrites ( this is a lie)!
  • God’s level test: They get huge money and know  that gun owners can take their loot much easier than when they surround themselves with massive bully body guards.
  • Solution put them into the lake of fire for civil rights abuses.


Child Sex Scandles of Hollwyood 2016 A.D.

Hollywood is in the grip a child sexual abuse scandal similar to that of Jimmy Savile in Britain, Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has claimed.

The 35-year-old former child actor said paedophiles had been protected by powerful figures in the movie business and that abuse was probably still taking place. Telegragh UK

05 22 2016 A.D.


Update: 10 14 2017AD

No One Listened When Actor Corey Feldman Said Pedophilia #1 Problem for Child Stars in Hollywood, Contributed to Corey Haim’s Tragic Death https://goo.gl/B7wPf7

The Pandora’s Box has been opened to the seedy and disgusting world known as Hollywood, filled with vile tales of sexual abuse, child molestation, and cover-ups. With the expose’ of Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch escapades by Ronan Farrow, an avalanche of information is pouring forth from victims of this heinous, unspoken and accepted abuse. Actor Corey Feldman has spent many years speaking out about the epidemic of Hollywood’s powerful elite using their influence to sexually abuse young actors trying to make it in show business.

More with Videos



2017 October & November

Ronald W.  Reagan,  George H W. Bush, George Bush Jr. Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama taught the world lies and says that culturally pedophilia of prepubescent children are culturally acceptable to Islam. This is a bold face law. The Holy Quraan says all who fuck children are going to hell. Pronto.
She explains, "We all circled around him and Barbara for a photo, and I was right next to him. He reached his right hand around to my behind, and as we smiled for the photo he asked the group, 'Do you want to know who my favorite magician is?' As I felt his hand dig into my flesh, he said, 'David Cop-a-Feel!'"
(#) November 14, 2017: Woman Claims Bush Groped Her When She Was 16.
(# ) According to Deadline, another actress named Jordana Grolnick has accused the former President of a very similar incident to Heather Lind's.
(#) November 17, 2017: A New Woman Has Come Forward Accusing Bush of Groping Her in 1992. Michigan woman
(#)October 25, 2017: Actress Heather Lind Accuses Former President George H. W. Bush of Groping Her at a Photo Call
He didn't shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side. He told me a dirty joke. And then, all the while being photographed, touched me again. Barbara rolled her eyes as if to say 'not again'. His security guard told me I shouldn't have stood next to him for the photo.

Twitter Sarah
She explained to TIME magazine:
As soon as the picture was being snapped on the one-two-three he dropped his hands from my waist down to my buttocks and gave it a nice, ripe squeeze, which would account for the fact that in the photograph my mouth is hanging wide open. She explained her, "initial reaction was absolute horror. I was really, really confused." Though she did immediately tell her mother who has also confirmed she recalls the event.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Florida Democratic Party chairman resigned Friday after a report of anonymous allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior, a decision he made after four of his party's candidates for governor said he should step down.

#amazing. keep politics out of this. US Senator AL FRANKEN SEX ACCUSATIONS ; George Clooney, George H W Bush ( 7 women) Harvey Weinstein (50 women). Weinstein's brother, most of Harvard EDU etc..... sylvester stallone, Rambo, ( 1 women) , John Travolta ( 3 young boys); George Soros' personal assistant (30 women beaten to pulps) = all have one thing in common. they hate #DonaldTrump
Mitchy poo put Jeffy Sessions on the Alabama ballot. #lolz
News anchor Leeann Tweeden accused Minnesota Sen. Al Franken Thursday of sexually harassing her multiple times during a USO entertainment tour in the Middle East in 2006. SNL actress accused Al Franklin of kissing her when she ordered him repeatedly not too.
Posted: November 15, 2017 at 1:23 pm   /   by Joseph Morgan
The co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm behind the anti-Trump dossier, told House investigators Tuesday he personally briefed members of the media on allegations of Trump-Russia collusion as early as summer 2016.
Woman Accuses Senator Al Franken Of Molesting Her During USO Tour
"He grabbed my butt and I was like 'wow,'" she said. "I remember being really grossed out." 
"I was just disappointed," Lewis added pointing to Bush's alleged comment about Barbara Bush just moments before. "You just implied to me that you love your wife very much."
Lewis said she also decided to speak out because she was upset to read that a spokesman for Bush seemed to partially attribute his behavior to the fact that he uses a wheelchair. as of 11 18 2017 from what little I could garner from the Internet. Spending time at Cornerstone, lately.

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