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Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’ Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :


update #01132017AD; updated 01 13 2018AD

What is The Illuminati?
They are entities of flesh packs that live entirely off country’s tax populations, never having to ever work for 100s of years. What is the solution? Kill Them ! There only purpose is to horde all the tax revenue of all the countries and watch human being suffer and many eat these humans and they are not human but lizards. #01132018AD 7:51 pst p.m. Studio  City.

Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi,  De Blasio, Emmanuel ( Chicago) TX, almost everywhere else are in open acts of Treason. You have ZERO Country, you have Tyrants like Bush, Bill Clinton or  Barack H Obama. That about it. Fxxk #dragon #USA. Trump has asked for orders for over 360 days now and no one is following them, so we have no country, no laws so fight and kill at will.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018, in Washington. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) more >
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.
how does it perform? Over 360 days Washington D.C. Laws passed are not enacted by most, some do comply, States. Therefore The States follow no laws, and therefore it is OK to murder at will. Since these politicians at the top do not follow laws, you should not either.

Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi,  De Blasio, Emmanuel ( Chicago) TX, almost everywhere else are in open acts of Treason. You have ZERO Country, you have Tyrants like Bush, Bill Clinton or  Barack H Obama. That about it. Fxxk #dragon #USA. Trump has asked for orders for over 360 days now and no one is following them, so we have no country, no laws so fight and kill at will.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018, in Washington. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) more > Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.

01 13 2018AD: Google put Obama in Twice and tried to put in Hillary Clinton. Confirmed inside deal before public Eric SCHMIDT got .03 cents a Google share secret deal which made him that $12 billion U.S.A. dollars. I guess Darpa Lizards threatened Page and Sergi. ? Eh?  Then that crime funds National Public Radio which trashes whites 24/7/365 decade after decade.  Schmidt has NAZI DNA.  He took IBM ‘eclipse’ a stolen from expert developers which made it Gmail. Google was a Darpa Project called Mimix.

Schmidt worked for Bell ( and a few other companies )  which was DARPA Mil research, always was that way. A. G. Bell stole patents and ideas from others, so that is why they use these things. Cisco Systems was NSA’s golden Child but when venture capitalists got a Demon to buy up all the competition and absorbed the technology that made Google the Giant it is today. So Goldman Sacs and other US Gov tethered illuminati like Chase which is Rothschild illuminati UK, they created Google under Schmidt as a monopoly. Google was built upon USA’s tax dollars and that paid for criminals who are assassinating Americans and raping little children.

26 Google(s) under the banner of Alphabet. So Google is a subsidiary and can be taken away if proven used for election manipulation. Under the NAZI, Google Bought up all DARPA contracts or  tethered business with them and he is working on a robot Army to fight for the lizards against us people called Humans.

youtube source or interjected I.

Bookoflife.org© Michael:

Released: 27 th  June 2013:  ( studio city, CA.) ; updated 30 May 2014 A.D. update 08082017AD Google AntiAmerican Warriors exposed. Google may have had a role in helping the 11th Sept. 2,001 attacks. They ran ISIS, funded it too. there is a war in side there too between Americans and antiAmericans.

Numerous individuals alleged to be members of Google’s management team have been caught bragging about forming blacklists to impact the careers of colleagues with different political beliefs.
In a series of screenshots from 2015 onwards provided to Breitbart News by a verified Google employee, individuals described as left-wing Google management employees can be seen discussing the ways they punish their colleagues both inside and out of the company.
“While Google appears to be doing very little to quell the hostile voices that exists inside the company, I want those hostile voices to know: I will never, ever hire hire/transfer you onto my team. Ever. I don’t care if you are perfect fit of technically excellent or whatever,” declared former employee Adam Fletcher in a post on Google’s internal, staff-only Google+ network: “Internal Plus.” “I will actively not work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I’ll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.”

#Google has been kicking us white off, many of them, so we fire back and demand all whites, even Asian women that are good coders or workers also be canned ) Fired) or let go, released. No more hypocrisy. I Am about to be locked out permanently.  why? Complain that foreigners have taken control of USA and do not follow laws. USA white traitors are the problem. they attack us whites at the behest of the colored foreigners.  Get the white out of GOOGLE, all employees, all business, get it black only now.  this is how we fight back, Destroy them.  destroy them at their own game. they go racist, we go racist. They killed our white people, by the millions we kill their people, period. no more hypocrisy. ISIS was run and funded by GOOGLe and that was a murder machine, it banned its followers from reading or reciting the Quraan. that was A GODLESS, COLORED foreigner kill Christian whitey campaigns. and US Whites are laying down and not fighting back? Amazing sissy white beyotches.


update: 02102017ad:

State of Israel, #1948ad, ( thus pro Semitic) is in alignment to the creation of the SHADOW US GOV #1947ad Spring NSA , New CIA, and creation of Black Supremacy at the FBI. Then next, the creation of the #state of #Israel = nothing to do with the Holy Bible. 98% living for long term, both arabites forms of religion, Hebrew or islam or forms of Sufism are all Godless, #fakemonotheists. They support the Christian genocide, that means u Israel and were caught on film fighting for ISIS with jet air cover against white white dna in jets. You are not wanted on earth anylonger. 


updated google runs #whitegenocide: 01 25 2017ad entry:

Everyone knows #Google only hired #askhaNAZIjew white #arabs and  #semitic only . why? #Semitic avarice  =  #Mexican are the richest country on earth Forbes Mag. 2006 — current and run #Antiwhite #culture . #google is owned and operated by #nazi jews and #Semitics including afro semitics, as islamic scholars call them. but not sergi google's ceo because he is a confirmed #racist #bigot and #liar about it.

USA has been waaaaay out of control for decades and decades.  Google believes #whitegenocide is a federal normal statute. How is that? #semitics are crossed #DNA with pure races and thus confused and act out which most often affects and hurts the innocent others'.

  #politics #fakenews = #googlefakepeople #bookoflife they even deleted about 5000 adds over these months. lolz ( not the people that followed and changed minds, , but did  not add them) . They be spending so much money to secure their global #googlejewrobbery  
 they have #jihadicia on speed dial. #clapper #antiwhitesemite and  AshkaNAZI yellow gurl is a confirmed #bigot and hates #donaldtrump and all white people, even #jamescomey because he too has arab dna,, but has a whole bunch of white white noord dna and that  pisses off the Demonic ARAB #SEMITIC #GERMAN
  #nsa Creepos

NSA started 1947; Satanic  #fakejew state started 1948 and yes it is all   #semiticSuperiority    connected.

#satanAmerica = #dragon in Bible and here is why, it is a liar nation of bigot group of animals.

GOOGLE Leaders and game changers
Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got. = blamed white people

#Google leaders and game changers on all world problems = blame white people .

Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got.  = blamed white people


N.S.A. Admits almost to hacking ( The Hill 12 27 2014) celebrity phones and posting nudes, private photos, and this is not a Democracy, but some control freako experiment called a Satanic Movement.

Covering NSA activities from mid-2001 to 2013, the heavily-redacted reports document possible abuses, including instances of employees emailing classified information to unauthorized recipients or issuing “overly broad or poorly constructed data queries that potentially targeted” Americans.


Edward Snowden,

Susan Rice


Michael Hastings  shamed McCyristal   but knew months before the world that An al shariah, a terrorist group contacted The U.S.A. at 3:01 p.m. Washington D.C. time claiming they are engaging the enemy ( U.S. foreign secret consulate- arms deaker) in an attack, and Obama’s photo opt was 2.5 hours later when most people were still alive, and he went back to sleep or something, he was playing cards.  In debate number two Obama claimed he called it a terrorist attack the next morning on  12 November 2012, a press speech given on the White House lawn, transcript included with the MEAMIC moderator. Mitt Romney who has no cohunes allowed him to get away with saying this was not a terrorist attack but a random act of violence because Moslems were upset because a southern Californian Coptic Christian who lost most of his buddies during the Muslim Brotherhood’s Christan eradication, genocide program at Egypt, engendered by Obama who restricted grain subsidies to rile the Egyptian people to overthrow their leaders ( he gave his first world speech at Cairo on how he was to help and form peace and stop the U.S.A. meddling, he is an anti Christ as his birth chart indicates), had made a youtube video no one heard of or seen, a low budget production which was parroted as the talking points for Panetta, Patreaus, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama, and the rest of the MEAMICs. So Michael Hastings was in Los Angles, very upset because MEAMIC called him and told him he is dead if he comes with the news that a terrorist group planned this for months, because the weapons being moved out to al quada were a rival terrorist organization and the al quadas which were being funneled arms to fight in the Egyptian, Libyan, and Syrian conflicts were being operated out of ben Ghazi, Libya, to which this group said no more  --“ your arms are killing our people,’ so we will attack and call you and claim this attack and give live video feed of it, so you know who it is and whom you have upset. So the MEAMIC put an accelerator in Hasting’ rental, videoed him loosing control at over 100 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone, and he was assassinated, and the Los Angeles media, the most nitpicky media to cover all homicides or bizarre accidents like these, di d not report the story so the citizens did it for you. The main old West Coast C.I.A. headquarters was about 5 miles or so from his assassination place. When John Jr. Kennedy announced privately to Hillary Clinton he was running for her New York Senate Seat, many witnesses see a flash of light and hear an explosion in the fog, and his plane goes down killing him and others --- typical C.I.A.Mafia style hit by the Bushes. Ted Kennedy, understanding that he could live and not die like Robert ( Hero), and John (Hero) decided never to run for Presidency.  The Bushes had seen the Kennedy’s as the inheritors of F.D.R.’s family’s decades of  world control, and turn the U.S.A. into a fascist country.  Why Brian Williams acts as if he does not know this can be seen on Edward Snowden’s reactions to him during an interview in May of 2014.


Nostradamus wrote a poem, X. LXXVII ( 1558 A.D.) where he identifies New York as the general U.S.A. and that a new model of Global Satanism Disguised under the cover of Terrorism would usher in the games of slaughter. So you are living in a time he points out that Satan’s minions will control the global populations. All of this’ you need surveillance’ comes form the events of 9/11 and the plausible deniability of Terror or terrorists.

Google Mysteries in the Stars: Google = Gog Leo

N.S.A. & Google To be Chiped Into Your Head or Hand, to control policy. For example, Obama's reelection team had worked for Google.



Topic: Edward Snowden Verses the Nephelhim on Earth

In a democracy, you must talk politics because that is how the people form their rules, codes of conduct, to justify and corrects its flaws before mistakes happen. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his family ruled the United States of America from behind the scenes, after their denuse, F.D.R. 1945 A.D, Napoleaon superhuman soldiers were replaced by scientists with transmutational    elements and unlimited money and material to experiment t === the soldier went out and the entertainer went into modus operandi pax Americana. The first idea was to capture Cuba, make it into a Island State Las Vegas. When the Dullas family declined the Bush Family battled the Kennedy family for control of Washington D.C. influence, Nixon had to wait, but the idea of America was clear, and television became the side-by-side entrainment of the New Empire.  The media by the new visual medium married the politicians, and their sister Hollywood. They took over the world teaching, leading, mentoring, prophesying, and ultimately controlling all avenues of information dissemination – and the Brian William’s interview with Edward Snowden continues this tradition, while it also draws its comparison to King George ( England) and the Colonial Rebels, represented by Snowden, as Williams represented the former.  The entire tableau of   was displayed for all to witness. Prominent families owned the United States of America.  Carnegie controlled Steel, today it controls high society. His partner, while Carnegie was in England, a massive dam they built for the business broke and wiped out 1000s of people and homes, no one was ever punished, the control of the information was nearly a product of the modern era. Snowden could only look into the eyes of the government that sold Universal HealthCare but ignored decades of bureaucratic ineptitude, which continued unabated under Obama’s terms, a Los Angeles Homeless Veteran was told by the Veterans administration he needed to wait nine months to see the doctor was murdered by Six Orange County Police men, caught on audio, with premeditation, and on video, which shows six large and overweight cops crushing the lungs of a frail white man, the brown colored Latino cops smiled for the cameras – and no one got in trouble. Ramos put on gloves and said he was to beat the Vet real bad, and then his buddies showed up to watch the entertainment. The sickening American experience lost its way to reveal the most vial of human conditions, the fear of losing comfortable living which can only be achieved by the pain and suffering of innocent others.  Snowden was revealing what was secret since 1947, revealed in 2005 by some concerned employees of these secret U.S. organizations, but never understood until the media and Snowden came to an agreement to release these informations. Snowden did not have a group or a website; all revelations came by the media. So Brian Williams is arguing with Edward over who is to blame. Edward tries and tries to get the big fat bodied Giant to comprehend what a six year old child of God would know that he did what most Americans wanted him to do. When MEAMIC, and Williams parroted, over and over again, that Snowden was to blame for putting humans at risk by releasing secret documents when he ‘demanded’ a term he used for vetting these documents once he handed them over. And Glen Greenwald, one reviewer, then vetting them with his people as do the New York Times. But the caveat after the Interview where the host get the last word, he reminded his readers that many people are angry at Snowden for putting others or Americans in danger. Since 2005, I have noticed slight slowdown in the internet and this turned out to be what Edward Snowden revealed. The raw data on your computer, every keystroke, save, open window, shut down, all things are being captured and archived and you can see the code coming into the computer if you have a security viewer to reveal ‘packets,’ and this was the intense slowdown, forcing a much higher processing and energy output which damages the Climate to feed the Beast that will need two lakes of Water a Day to cool off the archive machines running constantly year and after year and collecting every voice, visual and tracking so you no longer are a human but a numbered Robot.

Williams, a nephelim, just looked confused, rather he appears to have a brain controlled chip or he is an imbecile with power to hurt others by his position as one of the prominent spokes person for Satan’s Army. He looked down on Snowden like Racist White MEAMIC look down on Asians and say they have a ‘little man complex,’ as an excuse for saying they do not follow slave orders very well. If Williams does not know that Iraq Wars were a continuance of Vietnam like wars over monetary mineral control and eradication racist programs, and he is towing the line that Government is good, and you should not question it --- a key main Snowden- Williams discussion ----- then what is the purpose for William’s life but to be a disciple of Satan? Hillary, Obama, anyone, was watching to see someone that gave up comfort, family, home, and basically an unknown future, to expose a government that contains the most wealthiest families of any ruling periods of history at anyone time ---- just go ballistic with delusions of power and self importance.

But one thing both Snowden and Williams have to contribute to any moral discussion are an inability to grasp what is real and what is planted in secret documents. There are five classes of documents. Snowden did not release any ‘gamma’ classifieds. These are the templates to make the ultra-ultra, ultra, top secret and secret classes of files. These are templates to hide the false planted data which then is leaked to the Congress or in hopes to the Press and lead political action in opposite directions.  Unless you get prime sources, such as Kai-sheck (K.M.T. leader), Joseph Stilwell (4 star General, Burma, for China war), Winston Churchill, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ultra top secret communiqué to Stilwell and Kai-sheck, you will not know that Roosevelt was arming the Red Chinese Army in hopes it would take over mainland China, and make it easier to control, and thus rebuild Europe (which would come under the Marshal Plan). The Original N.S.A. and C.I.A. files on these episodes are purposeful forgeries by F.D.R.’s personal College kid assistant. There were a whole bunch of black market ( what F.D.R.’s family did in China, they ran the Ariel Opium Trade, yes the one you read addicting all the Chinese that kicked started the Boxer Rebellion, he Charged the Chinese trillions of dollars of war equipment he never sent, and only years after he died, did Mao Tse-tung thrust his middle finger at the U.S.A.’s demand for repayment, this is the stuff Edward Snowden really means of a small group of families running the entire narrative of the U.S.A.  Classified documents are meant to be read, meant to disseminate false informations. The sad fact that the U.S. Congress debated these false documents without ever knowing the truth during the war and the period after the war, making policy that shapes our world today indicates the secret depths of legends to understand the broader scopes of the pieces of celestial coding. The Bush family took over, the inheritance of the F.D.R. family and share the same demon vortices (one the largest black holes in our Universe)  Lyndon Baines Johnson M.C.  In fact, the N.S.A. 1947 A.D. creation chart, using the legislation passage, indicates the similar celestial coding which connects the leaders to the same math patterns as the structure of the N.S.A., originally the arm of the Navy, which is rather the same thing, as the Navy carries the most influence, the arm of Neptune, now the ruler of the zodiacal constellation of Pisces, these central starts of Pisces are connected to extreme advancement in sciences and its spiritual ruler is alpha – alpha particles – or at least that is how the ancients describe it --- the visual are two fishes, one below the ecliptic, under water thus the hydrogen reference, and one jumping out into Space, science and its advancements.  Currently these stars are on the World MUNDANE vernal, thus expressing the cave man to Mars Mission advancement.  But to understand these maths, which are multi dimensional, you need gamma classified reports, which are family restricted or use mine which are fabled secret chamber initiation legends.

Legendary stories come by way of being trained , assuredly by a group of top academics.   Take for instance, I had no idea of the John F. Kennedy assassination, at least in this lifetime, because I used in a past lifetime, to uncover the story with relative clarity because the U.S.A. MEAMIC keeps almost all of these documents form being read by the public or even a president. There is absolutely no reason, unless you are former President George H. Walker Bush. Just a distraction, F.D.R. was a known Cocaine addict, and snorted huge amounts, recorded in history, of the powder to stay awake during the stressful Pearl Harbor Attack, George W. Bush, Jr. is a drunk and cocaine abuser but all of these people, including Bill Clinton who claims to have smoke pot a thousand times but never inhaled, Roger his brother is on film telling the camera at a all nigh party his step brother ‘ has a noze of a vacume,’ a common underground rhetoric for cocaine consumer, Obama shamed them all by admitting he had consumed the stuff, and at last no one cared. But the real point was that the U.S.A. places restrictions on the general population to not partake of illegal banned substances or face sever penalties – and this, pertains to celebrities too, dictates a duplistic class representation where the fabric of the society is torn into ‘two’ competing parts and a third party which is supported by the two parties finally puts an end to the suffering of the two parties – they were unhappy by the decades of disunity when both parties were basically the same. But this type of demise only happens when a few families or individuals run the United States of America. Over ¾ th of U.S. annual budget of the people of the United States of America goes directly into the hands of a few families that control all the Military Bases and countries with U.S. military bases around the world, and these people are not democratically elected, they are appointed, we do not know their names, and they collect all the data on us which was the importance of Edward Snowden. Brain Williams was almost livid, his eyes burned with demonic evil, how could Snowden betray Satan’s Army? But the point of the New York Times leak of the actual N.S.A. were concerned employees who stated we were N.S.A. for decades but we do not approve FISA courts ( apparently Williams loves these things, and Patriotic FISA courts are as cozy and lovable as Auchuiwits).

The Bush Family benefited the most from 11 September 2,001 A.D.  attacks on America, Bush winning confidently as an incumbent, although, his father stopped 35,000 black and Hispanic Floridians from casting their ballots so his son could win his first term by 538 votes, which gave him the U.S.A. Presidency because the Supreme Court said he we do not like blacks having their votes counted and gave it to the Bush family --- and both Democrats and Republicans sit on the Court of the Supreme. The outrage was tempered by the Media that loves the Democrats when they are in power but will bend over backwards to kiss all republicans when they are in power, no one said, let us stop government and sort this out. A total national revolt should have taken place, but it did not materialize because the Bush Family has control of the U.S.A. Military, and the U.S.A. Military has 75% of all of the Annual American Monies to use to suppress whomever they want—some of the famous Mafia bosses often implied ‘ the Mafia and the C.I.A. are the same thing,’ and they were right the difference were they were Cold Warring themselves and sclaring the U.S. Soviet Cold War, both had one common interest to use the other to control the world, both were evil was the implication, both were just on different sides. When Americans watch, I mean the commoners, the Edward Snowden- Brian Williams interview they know this stuff and watch Brain acting ( as an entertainer) as if he is suppressed that the U.S.A. is run by a secret set of families, unstaunched by tradition and long periods of control of the center of the Military.

Williams used an archaic phrase, ‘arc of trajectory’ tried to dissect how a high school drop out living down the street from a N.S.A. headquarters, trained as a spy, decided to chose this path. This is a code word for a traitor. But throughout the interview, Snowden had to keep reminding him that he was stupid, and a part of the problem. No matter what Brian Williams is a giant, nephlehim, he cares for his ‘privledge’ and confortable lifestyle buildt off the pain and suffering of the U.S. Intel and Mitliary putting 150 Military Bases accross Earth for F.D.R.’s global new order ( USA SATAN) of the ages, what F.D.R. put on the U.S. Federal Reserve Note, a private currency forced onto the world, by the backing of the 75% U.S. budget Military, which everyone, including Russia is deathly afriad of because it has real Satanic Scientists runnig the show.

The news media over the last 25 years has switched to headline celebrity news and suppresses any real discourse on politics.  This attitude is always relevant in kingship or in tyrannies. ( 28 Aug. 2013).

A.B.C. Brian Williams ( replaced long time Canadian MEAMIC supporter Peter Jennings) appeared as a nephleum ( fallen angels, a part of Satan’s Army)    , large body, large head, stupid look but angry as contrived by his bosses coaching, when he was told to interview Edward Snowden, exhiled in Russia, who agreed to be interviewed, perhaps his lawyers are working on a short prison term if he decides to surrender himself to Satan’s Army. If you did not see the visual, it was like King George, the puppet, feebleminded narcissists ( kinda like Geroge W. Bush, Jr.) arguing the merits of the human body and those in control of the way and means of force. Brian Williams was embarrassed by Snowden, continuing his lies, even after the interview, and therefore demonizing snowden, even when Snowden brought up the issue of MEAMIC demonizing him. On all the Satanic media they claimed Edward Snowden was reckless and released information that put individuals  at risk for their lives. This was false, because New York Times which has a relationship with Snowden had to agree to Snowden’s terms not to release the names of individuals found or and relation to places and dates to keep them safe. So Brian the Nephlihim Williams, a giant, starred Snowden down, as if this was servant disrespecting his Nephlemin master.  The interview was completed before Obama’s White House ousted the highest Spook ( spy) in the Middle East, an American Kabul Station Chief who worked undercover as a double agent, C.I.A., and Williams a week earlier was chiding Snowden on releasing documents that contained people’s names, which was not true. Williams is a MEAMIC, and you could tell Snowden knew he was sitting right in front of the enemy.

Many times Snowden appeared frighten like Jeffery Dalmer was sitting just across from him and eyeing his kidneys for lunch, which was the impression I got when Brain Williams assaulted and disrespected Snowden throughout the interview. Williams is a global racist but he held his countenance as if racism does not exist in his world.

N.S.A. Established Symbol counter parrallel to Sertan cancri or by near true arc at culmination at Washington D.C., as Pluto forms a true arc to Piled-up corpses performed by politicos on themeselves and innocents, Uranus is near what was known in ancient Egypt as the lunar cresent positon of the 'Eye of Thoth,' because it was over or near the Hunter, whihc the was identified to Osirus, one reincarnation of a heroin or messaiah. The node is P.E.D. to Zion, indicating a relationship to Isreael but it does have an off-set constellation of the classic symbol of the Anti Christ, the Lunar Iupiter conjunction, and sadly it is over the judgement stars, thus Satanic Judgement is a correct reading here and why would anyone allow such an organ of the State be allowed to exist with this math data for celestial coding indicates a very corrupted supporting population. While it was a few people who approched New York Times in 2004 with the revelation that the N.S.A. exists and its planning on collecting and monitoring all citizens in the world because it took over controls of the Internet, Snowden filled in some of the details or rather just retold an old 2005 New York Times news article that the N.S.A. is not a myth but a real secret U.S. government with untold amount of cash and materials, so what are they up to? And that was Edward Snowden's purpose to fill in many of the blanks without outing people, but the Stupid Evil

Republicans and many hawk Democrats lambasted him as a traitor, guilty if coming home to life in prison. People like Shawn Hannity are not Christian nor real Americans, but traitors because this is the peoples Earth not the rich boy ( Hannity is a multi Millionaire, and 1%er) and so many other Republicans show us that they believe they live in a separate class of people, just as social class climbers of Hollywood. If you are good looking, Aaron Spelling ( terrible father) practiced just put someone beautiful in front of the camera, it does not matter if they have talent to act, people would watch no matter what -- and he was proven right, the most successful television producer of all time.  Hollywood's bottom line, lived close by most of my adult life, is always and restricted to making money. MEAMICs bottom line is to make money. By putting dumb and beautiful people in front of a camera Aaron Spelling's bottom line was money. He lived in a Mansion with over 100 bedrooms, bowling allies, and private doll and collection rooms, smack inside Century City's limits, just down the street from the south entrance to Bell Air, where money knows no boundaries, and where Reagan retired with his wife, Nancy. The ' special' class of citizens are being protected and promoted by MEAMIC, and so persons such as Brain Williams, a big fanatic, or fanboy of Hollywood will lie and support the liars and murders at all costs, as a good Mafia punk. The bottom line is money. The Roman Precepts for judging if a child can rule the Roman Empire because he has a super powerful money management signature in his natal maths are shown as positive in the National Satan Agency natal maths.


If the Praetorian Guard had known of a child with this birth chart they would have placed him on the Emperor list.


unfortunately, this is where we got a lot of Demons that ruled America, such as Cheney, Bush, many and I mean many of our robot academics in power in the US. sections of academia, and we see it as a linkage to the natal of Satan 's Agency. Sertain is a part of the home stars of Demons, and Saturn posited here indicates a underworld hidden society in control of the foundations of something, which could be interpreted as buildings, institutions, organs of the State, and with Pluto, the money signature, and some other geometrical patterns, along with Biblical Progressions, you have a powerful mathematical chart that will do much evil to the world, and already has and these types of Demons can only be battled by Heroes like Hastings and Snowden. When Brain pressed him on his purpose for using civil disobedience, Snowden told him that was the role of the people, he implied, to watch over their government, and his role was to inspire others to do so, and Williams' face exploded with a demon expression -- you see Government is King and he is a loyal subject, disloyal to all but MEAMIC.

Who is Susan Rice?

She is an American African brown native, & it appears she has Arab and Black blood, in her and somewhere down the line White and Asian. She is an elitists (the richest human in history by a long shot was a totally black African, such shut the F(*K up, racists) , see my riches persons in history page.) and her father controlled, as in the leader of the World Bank, so she is a gansta MEAMIC, as well as an Anti Christ. She claims she has been corrupted by the N.S.A., speaking on her upbringings, as well as many others including Obama on civil disobedience, she has changed, she claims, once she came into power.

She was often the Beast’s wife charge to learn Washington D.C. and rose to become a trusted Obama advisor.  There were rumors she and the Beast’s wife were intimate  lovers. Obama promoted Rice when replacing members of his cabinet or shuffling them like NAZIs did after the 11 September 2012 Terrorist attack in Libya to Secretary of State, a position she was voted down over her Anti Christian Views, and Hillary was then promoted, and after Hillary left because of her continued brain damage (has she ever had a functioning brain, her Wesley College Thesis is LIBCON all the way, which is a racist ideology.). Like Van Jones who I helped get fired from his Czar position, we and others at Berkeley found his flyers where he promoted Communism ( which is really dictatorship or an oligarchial rulership by a few, as Soviet actually means this, ‘ruled by a few advisors.’  Susan Rice nor Van Jones are intelligent enough to understand this, and so we pressed the subject, Obama got spooked and fired him, but in reality he just shuffles people around, like the VA or other government cover ups because Van Jones needs some ‘experience’ and he will like anyone else make mistakes, and in a time where American is on the brink, we need experience not noviceness. I have never seen Charlie Rose as animate as he was with this interview, and he does get emotional, usually a tardlike emotional when touching on issues of the Bush family or Cheney. There was one moment when I thought Charlie Rose would kill her, she was that stupid.

The stupidness mirrors Jones’ very immature understanding of the world. Susan Rice is not Obama, she is a well to do privileged aristocrat, daddy owns the World Bank, and she just launched an ideology fot he Global Illuminati Plan, written by Geb Bush, Libby, Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, which Charlie knows all to well, and he almost had a meltdown. Here is a cabinet member of his winning team, Obama was very ANTI Bush as a sale to become president, and the top, advisor, again I will say the top Advisor is spewing out of her Mouth the Global iLLUMINATI pLAN of America as the sole superpower Judge of Earth, and Executioner  -- but in a reality a small group of humans ruling which of course are said to be the Bush Family siblings, and their children. Afte Charlie Rose calmed down as his nerves slowed after the Revelations that an African  American ( Sold to the Americans , they are moral and not like Bush and his ideology) was sitting across from him, and appeared an exact Bush Clone. Susan Rice or George H.W. Bush or his son Bush, or Jeb or Cheney are mentally challenge at the same level as Susan Rice. If you say this is untrue, then watch the unredacted interview, after reading the documents form my website that lays out the American plan for the 21 st Century written by the NEOCONS. So since Susan Rice is a Democrat, and she metaphorically licks Bush’s muddy shoes, she is a LIBCON. the separation is perhaps only gay married or free or non free contraception. The other issues are basically the same thing both parties want and use the same welfare state and special interests to get and keep power. So Susan Rice parroted the exact talking points ( libcons are rote meorizers, they have little talent to solutions, like Donald Trump assumes and may be correct, rather they follow orders well as Susan Rice eluded too as ‘corrupted by the N.S.A.’ both laughed. I, just writing this and Archangel Michael is marked as a terrorist by Rice, just like she marks Edward Snowden, and most others that use forms of civil disobedience. I may differ in this regards, true and so I may be a different case, but Edward has been supplying documents to New York Times and Glen Greenwald, telling them to vet and redact all stuff that will get anyone hurt, and the government has not stated one instance where Snowden’s revelations has hurt or ousted anyone. Rose reiterated this but Rice held her stance he needs to come home and face Court, there is no deal.

So we found out by this passage of the Sun of the hyadian stars to reveal the underworld, and Rice interview laid out honestly the Satanic Global Plan of U.S.A. N.S.A. Dominance. She approves civil disobedience, such as whistleblowers that forced the C.I.A. and N.S.A. to stop killing black civil rights leaders and suppressing their movements, but whistle blowers against black presidents, not white, civil disobedience is not permissible. So we know that Rice shamed all Arabs, all Blacks, all Whites and all Asians in her blood, the entire race by being represented by her as a fraud. Snowden is performing civil disobedience, more tame than I, and Rice is holding an ideology that shifts references toward the color of the skin and not Martin Luther’s’ merits. This helps us explain she has no ethics or morals so whenever she says she is about N.A.T.O. and European world court, Geneva Convention, and alliances, she is but a liar like her Satanic Master Bush. 

Susan Rice, Obama's choice for State , Hillary was chosen instead now She is Obama's top Intelligence Advisor.  So she and Joint Cheif's of Staff are her MEAMIC masters, and provide the teaching and talking points, in which she then edits and we hear the edited version on Charlie Rose.

The 20 th  century, Rice claims, was two ideologies, maxims and democracy, and this differs from Pax Americana's new 21 st century of unipolar where there is no ideology. She gives proof that Putin, who assumed Obama would not send us to war is not ideological but just greedy and this defines why the United States of America has 'exceptiaonalism,' because, assuming the U.S. Public sees itself as the global do-gooder, but in reality it is the superpower manager, thus the unipolar,' Rice mentions as the 21 st century global power is Democracy of the United States of America. And this new Democracy has N.S.A. with six monster facilities  and a few lakes to cool off its machines controlling all information of humans on Earth. She is about as intelligent as a once month of baby. These are some of the  talking points of the NEW WORLD ORDER DOCUMENTS and Susan Rice is Charlie Rose' interview set and on camera displaying the future of the United States of America is his Arch Enemy. Apparently Rose got so upset he stood up, waving his hands, screaming, and we think that these X- ray images show us so many vast galaxies in various stages of life being tugged by the Solar gravitational field, just messing with Rose' mind and not confusing Rice's because hers is infantile or in other words robotic, basic rote memorization, big salaries, parties and parroting with a smile on one's face -- the modern world politician. Rose was listening to George W. Bush rant in front of his face how Obama should continue to meddle in the world's countries by using the secret Military, and if inconvenineced, ask the U.S. for support or N.A.T.O. for an alliance. But these are just monetary friends dealings, and nothing more.

Rice claims that Putin is different than the Soviet Union because it existed in the 20 th century and this century only had two ideologies on the planet, the Cold War. And the difference today is that Obama is black and Putin is white and therefore Putin is greed, because he wants to annex Crimea, which belonged to Keivan Rus' ( and yes, Rice cannot pronounced correctly Keiv, one of the most iconic western steppe regions of history, belonging to the original Russians circa 800 A.D. She claims Crimea belongs to the Mongol- Tatars, because they invaded this land which belonged to Russia in the first half of the thirteenth century. Crimea belongs to Russia before it belongs to Tatars or Turks. It certianly does not belong to Moslems, who conqured it under the Ottoman expansion period, which was of course 200 years plus later after the Mongals had set up an Islamic State in which tatars migrated, and Rice thinks history starts here and of course Putin is white and she is brown, so obvliuuslu, historyh begins here. How is this greed again, a marker she placed on Putin and correlating the difference between the statements by Medieved of this wanting  by both sides Hawks to start a new Cold War ( bipolar, a product of the 20 th century) in which Rice mimicking Geb Bush's call for a unipolar U.S.A. world suppressor, third Rome, crucify anyone who looks  you in the eye and complains of your bullying, abuse, suppression and murderer for entertainment lifestyles. Rice is a global racist. The Cold war has its propaganda arm of two ideologies, you dolt, but both Russia and America went total Greed, there were just two sides of Greed, not ideological. The Democratic Institutions you speak of are also in Russia you dolt, and Marxism was never, ever, practiced by any civilization in all of history, ever. And I can explain this by saying that he wrote over 20 volumes of Work, and the world reads a little pamplet, in which he changed much of his ideas but stupid people said he was wrong and so they created what is called MARXISM, actually not what Karl Marx had said. A communist society under Karl Marx's vision has no money, no banks, no currency, no barter system, nothing, Either you work together as a unit or die in constant conflict. Ok , so I corrected it a little but the spirit is there because Frederick Engles actually wrote most of the Communist Manifesto that all kids of the world read and understand as Communism.

So Rise is replying to Rose’ enquiry that MEAMIC had taught their charges, C.I.A. N.A.V.Y. and super forces that Red and Blue were the two global ideologies, one Communism, and the other Democracy. F.D.R. ran the U.S.A., and then for a short time the Dullas and then  the Bushes took over running the country. .and this is the knowledge of the corruption done to Rice. The institutions she differentiates between moral good, Democracy, or a state, and communism, or Russia and the Cold War were actually two white Races in control of Earth, and the Future will be the brown race in control of the largest and most powerful Military on Earth ( thus they think). In this manner, Putin is over, he is white and out of vogue. In are the brown racist, the global racists like the white global racists that ruled since Napoleon, around the 1800s to 2000s which is a trigon of a greater complexive chrnocrator revolution. But this is too advanced for anyone, even the N.S.A. or the Trilaterals, and thus we move on to explaining what this trigon will represent. Macedons were brown and Athenians and most Greeks were white and migrated north during the Global Warming period of 2150s--2000 A.D. When celestial coding for civilization movement across the flat linear time we use Chronocrators at interwoven sidereal revolutions, which then identify group component rise to status to fall or racial replacement scenarios, which play out in history as states rise and fall over vast time periods.

She met Charlie Rose ( Palo Alto, anti Republican, but still a meamic)  which aired during the solar transit to the underworld stars of 2014 Sol passage. She tells us, by the interview, she has been corrupted by the N.S.A. and I guess she means she can be evil but we cannot be evil.. In other words, she is a disgrace to the human race. It matters not she is black, the entire leftCon media attacked Condoleezza Rice because she was black and Bush's top advisor too, and she is not only an academic but a musician and very talented person but she was called a house niggah by most of the left media, she was viciously attacked for supporting Bush’s foreign policy which was the N.S.A. or MEAMIC in the first place. But she was correctly identified by The leftcons as being used by President Bush and Fat-global arming Satanist Dick Cheney.   The Bushes helped Saddam Hussein’s baath party win in Iraq and put him there as a puppet, funded him and gave him biological and chemical weapons in which he was the first to use these since World War II., and were banned after World War I, which meant that the U.S.A. that Rice supports was not a democracy, there was no vote to pull two C.I.A. coups against Iran, there was no invasion of Kuwait and Iraqi soldiers entering Kuwait hospitals to rape and kill the new borns, this was set up by George H. W. Bush, and his son continued the Iraqi ploy to get near Iran by Iraq War II and the right and left both lambast Iranians for teaching their children in the 1980s to sing U.S.A. is Satan, and they are 100% correct. The people that attacked America on 9/11/01 were Iranian descent, and this was pay back or how Obama’s spiritual mentor told him, “the chickens have come home to roost.” The individuals sitting in Guantanamo Bay Detention Torture Chamber and identified as key players in the operations of the events of 11 Sept. 2001 are of Iranian heritage and descent. Their families flew the 1952 A.D. U.S. C.I.A. covert coup of Iran’s government, over British Oil extraterritorial rites, e.g. just take their land and rob them, they are not fully humans, type of mentality. You can only get these informations by reading these previous classifieds or internet leaked top secret classifies on the members who committed the acts of atrocities of the 11 September 2001 attacks from the sky. After 9/11 we as Americans got surveillance of a few hijackers at Oregon Airport and that was it. We are led to believe that Logan Airport had no surveillance cameras and was directly under John Kerry’s authority. All the same rich and filthy rich players are all involved in controlling the destiny of demonocracy, not Democracy.

Rice is corrupting the minds of the youth by claiming Putin uses chrony capitalism, while Obama uses crony capitalism. Chrysler was bailed out by Obama. Today, it is not an American Company, it is Italian. There is no such thing as Government funding, it is a tax payer funding by a king or an oligarchy ( Congress); and in this manner the Soviet Union and the United States of America were the same thing, as Khrushchev and Kennedy became to realize;  their countries were ruled by Satanic warmongers. Putin wanted to take a city at Ukraine the original capital region of Keivan Rus’ ( i.e. Russia) and Rice draws a reference to  a crazy dictator with no institutions, and this allows him to just take land. F.D.R. took the Philippines away from the Spanish, he was a dictator, and started World War II in 1938 around Nunking, sending in special forces with crazy identification numbers, hidden programs, his family had for 100 years or more ruled China as the defacto Mafia during the rail industries, and when airplanes were first functional his family ran the aerial opium trade for ‘all of China,’ which helps explain that the six major Japanese cities that were carpet bombed with phosphorus materials had its fleet stationed in Chinese military airports that were in essence Americans or belonging to F.D.R.’s family, who nearly owned China by keeping them addicted to opium, even after the Boxer Revolution. How can rice say there is a blue team (N.S.A. training in the 1950-60s) and a red team and they have ‘ideological differences’ according to Rice, the robot of idiocy? No stupid, F.D.R. was a dictate, Bush families were dictators, who await their seed to run and steal the presidency. In a short 200 year span, the United States of America has committed more evil acts upon the world that the entire Russian History, including its Soviet Union period and that Rice cannot dispute. Nixon was a dictator, he ran a genocide or eradication program on Asians, in a secret covert war, so what the hell is this demon saying about red team is dictator or communist and bad for the world and the blue team is democracy and celebrates freedom and peace and is good for the world. Who is this person representing me as an American? She is a nephlehim.

Rice is the head mouthpiece of this new 21 st century warmongering satanic oligarchy of crony capitalism. If she wants to represent her Blackness, she has done a big disservice to blacks and as a result of her actions blacks will be shut out of top positions of power in the elections of 2016. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing Peace and ending George W. Bush’s global Empire. Oh, wait, Susan Rice resurrected Bush’s Empire 21 th century path. No wonder Charlie Rose went ballistic. But at some point and time, Rose will understand he too is a racist globalist like Rice and will feel the points that Williams brought to Snowden of leaving the ‘comforts’ of the U.S.A. – which are a result of the bullying of the U.S.A. all around the world since the end of World War II. The key word, comfort, implies avarice and greed, what Susan Satan Rice claims is only applied to Russia and so the U.S.A. is now a unipolar superpower and Susan Rice falls asleep believing she controls the world. Is she not then Crony Capitalizing on us all? Of course she is and thus she is a demon.  

The entire 200+ years of black ascendancy from bondage was spoken of all blacks are more ethical and moral than whites. But for the first half black president and his top advisor, he is white and she is whiter. It is George and is Barbara controlling U.S. Global Policy; they just have names of Barack and Susan.  Charlie Rose spend a decade inviting all people of prominence that had a beef with George W. Bush’s administration and his vision and policies had his eyes nearly pop out of his head, because Susan represents information failure like the 80% ( 2000s A.D.) LAUSD illiteracy rate at Graduation. These people are imbeciles with money, prestige, families and fame. Susan admits she and her Administrant already made many mistakes and this global management is a learning curve. So is killing a permissible Rice N.S.A. act, because it is on a learning curve that benefits her only and the Bushes. Susan Rice’s father is Mr. Crony Capitalism, and so she shames blacks and now we know they are immoral and unethical on a global scale.

She confessed the U.S.A. would be better when Obama was out of office, but this seemed a slip up, as both Startled Rose and he quickly started to giggle as this was not a serious comment. She is from a different world than Obama, because Obama like I, come from a broken family. He just happened to be in a reincarnation where some of his grandparent helped give him some stability after he left his mother.

On her qualifications, she has none, but formed by propaganda of the 20 th century MEAMIC textbooks that formed cognitive bipolarness. Democracy is real in America? No it is not, nor has it been since Kennedy’s assassination. My $5 dollars goes to a CPAC that chooses someone for me in the primaries and general and is matched by anonymous $10,000,000 and where the candidates have to raise so much capital, that only cartels could fund them at that rate and Chinagate simply was that and set a precedence to where Obama used offshore website contributions where no records were kept and he made more money than anyone in history of elections. This is not a democracy at all.  The Iraq Wars were planned decades prior, and Susan Rice seems not to know this or she would have told her audience because she is trying to be sold in the media as the New Face of America. 

“ I was corrupted by the National Security.” – Susan Rice to Charlie Rose May 2014, as the Sun passed the ‘Underworld’ stars taurii.

President Obama claims in 2012 presidential debates and in debate two and accompanied a transcript that he called the ben Ghazhi attack not a spontaneous attack but a Terrorist attack which means planned. And then Susan Rice a few days later goes to the United Nations to Represent America as head of its foreign policy and claims that the attack was started by a southern Californian Christian, and then Obama mimic her for 14 days, going on Talk Shows and interviews, press statements that Christians were to blame for the attacks on ben Ghazi. So it is not difficult to see that Rice takes orders directly from Satan’s Army and She is playing  Bush and she is white as is white racism.

There was also the Cold War real narrative of Cash, Money, and greed or a better academic term of avarice. Soviets took land to make money for their oligarchy. the United States of America takes land or suppression with 150 military bases across Earth as modern day inquisitions to pay their oligarchy, the Capital Hill boomers, they make the big bucks and Susan’s dear N.S.A. gets ¾ ths of all the U.S.A. tax payer monies so she can watch people all across America suffer, starve and die. She is basically MEAMIC. She cannot understand Snowden because he has intelligence higher than a two week old baby. The only other explanation is she is a DEMON. Demons must be eradicated from Earth if it is to survive. She is a disgrace to the Human Race.

Democracy cannot be run without full transparency. Plato wrote a book on Communism or socialism and it had a secret Military, which spied on all others and reported to the elder rulers. The Soviet Union was just a few ten thousand scientists and bankers who suppressed the commoners, just like the 1%ers which Susan Rice’s family was, is and she is too. Many Americans taking cues form all around the world identify these 1%ers or the   , bankers, such as her family, to be the enemies of the human race.

She claims there are two ideologies. No Stalin started the Soviet Union, he was a brutal dictator that hijacked Marxist literature but did not run a single program of communism. So, , Susan Rice has the mental ability of a two week year-old and cannot be a person with any authority on Earth. Putin is not ideological as she claims, and Stalin acted and saw himself as a dictator, and so does Putin. Both grabbed land for greed, and therefore Susan Rice’s parroting of the Geb Bush stupid and false narratives of world history only show she is not qualified to be a kindergarten teacher, she is that stupid. The bottom line is that MEAMIC takes 75% of all the annual U.S. Monies from ‘ The People’ and it goes around the world to support the rich class and screws over the middle and poor classes, just as the long term veterans administration death panel lists, endemic, and Republicans voted down increases in funding in the last major legislation, bar two good conservatives did vote for an increase, because the bureaucracy of both parties demand expensive severance packages, bonuses, extensive and progressive retirement packages, more time off, less stressful work, try to achieve more relaxation, take all increased funding and vote in house to give raises instead of hiring doctors --- and the sellers of beau racy claim the government is ethical and moral and has never done anything wrong so why question these poor veterans and their families, they must be mentally ill, so dismiss them – is the standard tone on Washington D.C. Even McCain voted down the increase, and the proof that the Republican Party is not republican, RINO, perhaps, is that it knows of this problem for decades, and this had been a problem even under Clinton and before him under Reagan. This is the establishment that killed Kennedy and destroyed Khrushchev because war and profit support couture and lavish mansions across the earth for the entertainers to play and entertain the warmongers.





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Here is a part of the code, masked by advertizement data grabbing, coming into my computer at 120 milisecond bursts, grabbing my memory and sucking my energy like a vampire. Brain William's posture and attitude was "I love this stuff!"

Snowden reminded Giant Williams that the C.I.A. are liars and claimed he leaked documents that put people in danger by revealing spook names --- absolutely no evidence ever.  C.I.A. called Snowden a traitor, and the hawks joined in as chorus. Obama said no such thing, Obama came in part by the way of tradition of Snowden, attacking the central power structures of the U.S.A. MEAMIC.



National Means Racism, this argument is well over 200+ years old and that is why the N.S.A. still uses 'national' because they are racists. Racists invade your space and seek to bully-control you, if you like it or not.



How NSA Remotely Bugs iPhones...

...hacks WiFi networks from miles away

N.S.A. 1947 - current



Democracy is only run by Transparency so the people can make informed decision. I grew up with the same Washington D.C. politicians (1980s) that remain in political power today. It is the same crowd of people who get re elected over and over again. We are then laid too and told this is Democracy. The ancient Greeks wrote and acted in Democracy. They believed and practiced in rotating all the people to government positions. Most American politicians hold office and often for 30-40 years or until they die. These political lifers keep voting in the same policies that create the problems today. So it is no wonder why the Obama administration is prosecuting whistleblowers more than any president in all of U.S.A. history. Obama seeks non-transparency as a practicing form of government.  This is not a Democracy nor is Obama a Democrat. In order to get into office, one must have financial support in the multi-millions of dollars. This therefore is not a democracy but some crude form of semi-induced legal oligarchy.  

Obama, N.S.A. and Our Mickey Mouse Court Rules we can invade your homes, privacy, you cannot stop us beyotch! U.S. President Thug-like Gangster Leadership Places Hopeless and Fail as real action rather than empty worlds of hope and change. The Demoncraps screamed over the Patriot, and then they cheered when Obama says pass the new version with more ‘snooping’ laws.


Obama campaigned on transparency and had did just the opposite. However , Jim Carrey is ooooh—soo transparent. Carrey’s change of heart, so-to-speak, comes at the same time of Obama’s change of heart on guns. Obama for years has stated Americans should be allowed to own firearms. After Sandy Hook, and the media intensive focus upon this one episode in late 2012, Obama then placed the gun issue at the top of his list. Carrey fell in stride at the same time as Obama had a change of heart. This can only mean that Jim Carrey is a robot controlled by Obama who has the switch to operate the Carreybot. If this is the case, Carrey has no self-esteem.


MS NBC Ignores all of the serious scandals, as if Obama is riding high in the polls, which he is as low as George W. Bush, absent any major conflict, such as the carnage of Iraq War ii, including all casualties.  Obama's approval ratings May 2014 hover in the mid forties range, currently at 44%. Constant polling by Gallop tells of a constant 67% want a second and more comprehensive Benghazi investigation. Some 71% do not trust the Obama Administration on the facts related to Benghazi ( the fabrication of masses of bodies of Sandy Hook) , the revelations of constant lies to pass Obamacare, and these topics were perhaps significant in covering up the facts to get Obama re elected. Such false pretenses occur in history, and Obama is one example of this.  But crosses such as involving Pluto and the Uranus, seven conjunction right angles, currently last December we reached the sidieral ninety degree angle, reveal revelations. The New York Times sat on the N.S.A. story for over a year, and more embarrassing, George W. Bush, Jr. was their number one political enemy.   They even met with Bush at the White House to ask his opinions and if it was OK, and he said no! But, underneath this revelation stirred the unseen media and the New York Times prides itself on getting out the story first and with good facts.  This is more troublesome than if they went with the story right away. The N.S.A. was told not to have existed, even though the creation bill is in the year of 1947, the world would only be told a F.B.I. ( originally domestic, post 9/11 global), C.I.A.  ( originally foreign, covering all the planet). The original head of the Military was the Navy which most of its sections became a part of the N.S.A., but back in 1947 A.D. After 9/11, the Patriot Act ( the creation of N.S.A. domestic carte blanche snooping) became the topic for the NYTimes story they had in 2004 A.D. We would have to wait for N.S.A. contractor and a native living and growing up down the street from  the N.S.A. facility, had chosen to out smart NYTimes by releasing what really matters to historians --- Documents on the global grasp and plans of the N.S.A.  Edward Snowden pulled a real Patriot Act, and NYTimes' loyalty to  Obama forced them to identify a real hard core American as an enemy of the State. Common Americans say, we do not care for your opinions, we need transparency, not tyranny. So Christians have been exiting NYTimes, and they blame the online competition, and in reality this nation became a foundational Christian nation, and Christians stopped reading the New Y ork Times, and they did not sell anymore, because Atheists cannot read, and are currently about 67% illiterate (18 year-olds) Washington D.C., 80% Southern California, and most of the United States of America's population celebrate rappers, which must have a narrative of selling drugs and murdering as the standard Atheist pathway, one hopes to be an illuminatiCON ( illuminati is no different than NAZIsm, Satanism).  So for years, I checked in to the New York Times ( been reading them since they went online) and for the last decade, and even before, they started to dumb down their language and IQ.  When this happens, the smart readers exit in droves, and this had nothing to do with competition online journalism. There are plenty of local to large city newspapers on line and doing just fine. The issue with the six month internal investigation turned up one main obstacle to solving readership. Stop attacking the people of God. The Separation between Church and State is all a private letter by Jefferson, the Constitutions is much different it claims you cannot stop the process of God's  people having their lives full of love and Christianity in the public domain. N.S.A. I call the Notorious Satanic Agency, have you ever seen a raw astronomical ( astrology) chart with such powerful evil associated to it than the N.S.A.? The New York Times was going to bat for the secrecy of the N.S.A. plan, which is purely Atheist Satanism, all across the Earth, but then their readership were retards, and the smart ones left to read real journalism. It makes me mad that they lie, and blame online journalism killed the print, when all the other major newspapers are online, and doing fine. The New York Times did not lose its influence, its influence today is stronger than anytime in its history. It is used as the mouthpiece of the Obama, N.S.A. Drone you to hell Administration. It has influenced the tards and they are influenced by the NYTimes. I tried to blog there, but got deleted because I put up raw facts and their moderators were the gatekeepers. So NYTimes continues as a misogynists and fully racist institution. 


Ney York Times Had NSA story for over a year ( KCET, LA cable news) and the men did not  tell us at the New York Times ( RACIST RAG ), and today, they deny women equal pay because Alpha Satanists forced them beyotches into submission because that is how NEOLIBCONs role. These are white ass racist institutions.



Whistleblowers  under Obama’s Eric Holder regime have destroyed and prosecuted more persons blowing the whistle on Washington D.C. violence than any other president in all of U.S.A. history.  Obama admits he kills innocent children and women with Hell –Fire missiles, and today these names of these children are beginning to be archived and published by concerned world citizens. Hollywood does not care, thus they support this violence. Obama is there god, Hollywood constantly attends celebratory White House or Washington D.C. balls, galas, and parties, Obama hosts.

Edward Snowden

We learned from Edward Snowden (N.S.A. whistleblower, June 2013) that government agencies ‘back-ground’ checks are conducted by third-party oversees – I.R.S. as Edward Snowden revealed by leaking classified U.S. documents in Hong Kong in June of 2013, and perhaps other alphabet agencies too -- called outsourcing!  So background checks for guns are a joke as the solution and this is compounded when the government runs this program. Since Hollywood and Washington D.C is tied at the hip, so-to-speak,  guns and violence are non-issues in the scheme of economics.

Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings as recently killed in Los Angeles; his car seemed to have an accelerator problem. Hastings brought down a U.S. General and won many awards. The U.S. General was not engaged in military matters, Hastings’ exposed, but extramarital relationships and celebrating with U.S. monies that should be geared for U.S. military and the defense of America. In turn, Obama allegedly ordered a war on journalists, using N.S.A. to access wire-taps to Associated Press reporters families and friends, without a court order ruling – meaning Obama works outside of U.S. legal laws. Hastings was working on his own ‘war on journalists,’ and in a you-tube video he declared war on Obama over Obama’s war on Freedom and Civil Rights. Los Angeles Times released an Email to the Police Chief of Los Angeles complaining that the Federal Authorities were targeting him and this was the last communication we know of about Hastings. Obama claims to fight government corruption, and give the people ‘transparency,’ but this turned out to be more of his lies. The Los Angeles media have refused to investigate, but the people of Los Angeles know this was a political assassination with Obama as the topic and Obama’s war against Civil Rights and Freedom of Speech. Hollywood does not care about Civil Rights and Freedom of Speech so why would they speak-out against Obama their lord and master? How can Hollywood claim to teach ‘The People’ of the Earth when they are in line with government’s war on Civil Rights and Freedom of Speech.

Los Angeles, CA., U.S.A., Michael Hastings.

The large building C.I.A. is on Wilshire blvd. right off the 405 Freeway which heads to the airport and the otherway to the Valley of Los Angeles. C.I.A. has had a massive presence here since the 1960s. This person was involved in ousting a military person, exactly the type of cases the C.I.A. are most interested. The Los Angeles News, when it wants to investigate something fishy, it gets to the bottom of it almost everytime. But they have to engage. The Media, even the talk radio, have been deathly silent upon this death in the city ( they cover every death and tell a story, but not here.).

David Patraeus ( CDI cover up ben Ghazi) blamed video spoken about two day prior on attack by rebels on the U.S. secret MEAMIC office in Libya. David Petraeus and Stanley Mcchrystal were sleeping with women while they were married. Michael Hasting forced out Mcchrystal, he resigned because he had lied he was destroying families by sleeping with married women using his’ power’ to do so. So after Michael Hastings’ revealed this, a short time later he was assassinated by MEAMIC, in my town. We basically have the components of the anti Christ working inside of the U.S.A. and at the top levels.

David Patraeus ordered the cover up of ben Ghazī, Libya or took the fall for it. He was the promoter of the mysterious video.

New York Times, the NAZI propagandist organization of the U.S.A. ran an article on 30 December 2013 to show that Hillary and Obama were correct, that it was the video that set off this murderous attack at a secret U.S. consulate in Libya. However, the truth is there are thousands of anti-kill Christian videos on Islam on the internets. This video was lifted from You-Tube a self publishing video website, and it was of course, picked up and complained by intolerant Moslems, as they always do. For example, there is huge Pakistani, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Moslems in the Bay Area. The young kids that went to my school, picked out Christian targets and began hijacking their names and putting videos on sickness to ruin their reputations ( if they were reporters) or financially ruin them by reporting them to authorities. After a white the San Francisco Judicial system threw up its hands, this was a common practice. There was no special video on anti Islam that Patraeus nor Hillary or Obama can explain. They are liars, and work directly as Satan’s agents. In order for the world to survive they have to go, suppress their families and D.N.A. it is too corrupted to function.  ( this part updated 30 Dec '13).

In fact, when Bill Clinton campaigns were funded by the Chinese business men who worked along-side the Chinese military, the U.S.A. election process was indeed a third-party oversees operation. There were tons of evidence, three court trials, but Hollywood turned its blind-eye. It is an alien, monster, Russian, Chechnya, Middle eastern or Asian(s) that are the bad guys recently of Hollywood films, never the U.S.A. government.

Bush (43) did not prosecute Clinton, Hollywood raised no ire,  thereby making this permissible and then Obama opens a free-world-for-all-contribution website where he gets about $70 million in foreign monies for his 2008 A.D. campaign. Hollywood champions this illegal Democratic voting process and comes out weekly in force to the President’s galas and balls – Obama like Hollywood is a party, and these two party hard, and they party all the time. As the FISA, IRS, N.S.A., PRIZM, ben Ghazī, Silencing of News Reporters, Michael ( last name) was just killed in Los Angeles after tweeting the Feds are after his friends, he must escape for a while (he brought down McChrystal) and Eric Holder and Obama have gone after more news reporters and prosecuted whilst bowers more than all previous presidents combined. Hollywood says absolutely nothing.

The media knows but they refuse to report it to its makes its population angry, including Fox News (which really is neither conservative nor republican in my opinion). The government which is now anti-U.S. laws and Constitution, how can it operate anything with honesty? It claims the 13th amendment is not a living and breathing document, but the 2nd amendment is out-grown, thus a living document that can be trashed, severely altered. Hollywood does not have moral ground because it cheery-picks its Constitutional interests.  Obama who had no problems with guns prior to Sandy Hook Elementary shooting ( still blacked out by the visual media to what really went on) .

Edward Snoden ( marked as a terrorist by Barak Hussein Obama ii) leaked 35 + 1 later leaders proving their personal cell-phones and land lines were targeted and tapped by the N.S.A. ( happening limited from 2,005). Obama said on Monday 28, October 2013 he did not know the N.S.A. existed and claims the N.S.A. has never hacked any world leaders' phone, although this weekend was the first time he had heard from this agency. We have liars and frauds with unlimited money and power manipulating Earth's people and apparently no one knows anything. Every country had its own intelligence arm, but in no time in recent history has the intelligence’s arm reached this capacity.

He pleads not guilty, so we do not know if this is a made up story by Obama, like false charges against Socrates and others in history. The movie has strong passions because no one knows Obama and they interview his family and we find out that Obama's two ghost wrote bios were false narratives of the broken and almost non family environment Obama grew up as a child. Remember, when Mitt Romney on the first of three presidential candidate debates with Obama ‘destroyed’ Obama’s credibility and Obama wanted to fist-fight him on national T.V. indicating African American’s only rout to power is by brute force and not intellect, we know Obama is not right for world ruler ship. because the media controlled by the left ( including Fox News) will not challenge the President ,they are tacitly approving of suppression of free speech, the pursuit of happiness ( to live with the truth, Obama’s narrative of his bio is almost completely false), and human rights, to live and be safe from Satanic forces such as Obama and his ilk. It is OK for Hillary and Bill Clinton to take $44,000,000 form the Chinese Military 1993-1996 A.D. but it is not OK for a Hindu American to give 5,000 ( his claims) or 20,000 to a small third party candidate that would lose in the first place. Politics is run by multi millions and little people to which the film maker promotes cannot get into office. This type of ruler ship is no joking matter.


Released on $500,000 Bond...

Producer Rips 'Soviet' Tactics...

FLASHBACK: Edwards donor charged with misdemeanor for same crime...



esoteria 2013: Leo ()  – King constellations, and Gog is a demon with mass appeal. So this is the king demon.

Google to take over Home( U.S. gov. approves $3.2 Billion installment of funds), know your worth, use in politics, total control.

Consider the moving parts:
  1. Google has mobile access via your smartphones and various apps on multiple platforms.
  2. Google has multiple ways into your living room via Android and Chromecast, a streaming TV gadget, as well as tablets and PCs.
  3. The company had tried to monitor energy usage with utilities, but scrapped the plan in 2011.
  4. Google's Android will increasingly be in your car.
  5. And Google is working the robot market. [zdnet]

Google said Monday that it will pay $3.2 billion in cash for Nest, which makes smart thermostats and smoke alarms. Rest assured that Google is hoping to plug smart homes together with Android devices, its developer ecosystem and treasure trove of data -- to make huge profits off the poor.

Military ties themselves to Google.com in hopes of human tracking and human management implant chip, said to be ready in 2029 A.D.

Google Inc. Nor Cal, partner, National Satanic Agency N.S.A.:

Google blocks websites by putting in crashing codes to websites they deem offensive to their human suppression dominance. Google blocks me from posting to alt.prophecies.nostradamus. In Marx's writings, Google has no loyalty, it is like Mars (Aries) that loves money and conflict but has no loyalty but to the all mighty dollars. Google Account is to attempt to offer a bundle ( what Bill Clinton took Bill Gates to Congress over in 1999) their products so they make 100% of all the money from the Internet, at the same time contracting with National Satanic Agency to control your emotions and feelings. You must be a good slave or die, Google and Washington D.C. officials claim, even though they lie to your face and say there is no proof of them being evil.


Products See list of Google products & N.S.A.
Revenue Increase US$ 50.18 billion (2012)[4]
Operating income Increase US$ 12.76 billion (2012)[4]
Profit Increase US$ 10.74 billion (2012)[4]
Total assets Increase US$ 93.80 billion (2012)[4]
Total equity Increase US$ 71.72 billion (2012)[4]
Employees 46,421 (Q3 2013)[5]
Subsidiaries National Satanic Agency (N.S.A.) AdMob, DoubleClick, Motorola Mobility, On2 Technologies, Picnik, YouTube, Zagat, Waze, Blogger

7 September 1998 Larry Page created Google.com. No matter what time one signed up, ICANN registered your domain at 9:00 p.m. that evening. This places alpha virginis ( ) on the western horizon at Menlo Park, CA. This is a success star or overwhelming success star.

Founded 4 September 1998, Menlo Park, California.

PED frontal stars of = non loyality to the people's government.

In March of 1999, Google plagiarized Goto's system, and Goto had sold to Yahoo, so Google was sued and had to turn over shares of stocks once Google went public. What this meant was Academia was dishonest in business practices and it speaks to the declining U.S.A. This means the leaders; the tenured professors show themselves to be working against the people.

In 2001, Google received a patent for its PageRank mechanism. The patent was officially assigned to Stanford University and lists Lawrence Page as the inventor. In 2003, after outgrowing two other locations, the company leased an office complex from Silicon Graphics at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California. The complex became known as the Googleplex, a play on the word googolplex, the number one followed by a googol zeroes. ( wikipedia, Google.com).

Fri., Menlo Park, U.T.19:00, Google is founded on 4 th September 1,998 A.D.

planet positions: Jul.Day 2451061.292400 TDT, ΔT 63.3 sec

Google Astronomical foundation coords

hyador aquarii at 37 minuets ( Arabic, Ekkhysis). { - to - Ekkhysis (Set-Rise, 0°07'a,np)}

Regulus (Con 1°45',s).

paran   Zubenhakrabi (Rise-LCul, 0°08'a,es).

Uranus paran Sadalsuud (Rise-Rise, 0°07's,ms), & paran Alcyone (Rise-LCul, 0°12'a,er).

M.C. paran A.C. : Somewhere integrity of information and trust will be compromised. Lessons to be learned the hard way.

trop. beta persie: Passion for wealth and material compromises role of the greater public. A Greed indicator.   Dishonesty, if about financial motives.

(true )  praesepe cancri: wounded by accidents, or directs wounds to others, target the family. 

hyades, underworld, Hell in 7 th domian or relationships. So this is a potential to co-habination with Satan's breeds.

Google Dec 2013 Biblical Method

Google: Today 28 December 2013: Notice near the western horizon. This intends the natal paran of Mercury and Chiron has shown, so the N.S.A. PRISOM, Edward Snowden revelations alerted the world Google is tied as in FASCISM to the U.S.A. Military Industrial Academe Entertainment, Media Complex. is in the 8 th domain of death, other people's monies, meaning ripping them off and controlling them. Antares the bully star is there, in the 8 th domain too. So the global dominance, and the 8 th house connected to global banks is coloring the desired destiny of Google execs and C.E.Os.

  8 th Placidus system as is at M.C. and is PED to western horizon. on 4 Sept. 1,998 A.D. 9:00 p.m. L.M.T.

Very advanced astreology: Google's  position in Biblical progression matches Barack Hussein Obama  ii's natal 's position, when comparing horizons at two different locals and two different times or two separate dimensions. This astrology is not done by anyone of the planet so perhaps I'm bragging or trying to show you a way or an another way, where interconnected maths form complex realities in time-and-space. Oh, well, there is probably no one to understand this and I'm too poor to have a place to write upon it and teach it. This shows the connection of Obama’s person to an entity or the collaboration. Obama works with Satan’s Agency and Satan’s agency works for Google and they world for them, and Obama gets loads of monies from Google, and as well as their top members for Policies Party organizing.


Inside Google HQ: What does the future hold for the company whose visionary plans include implanting a chip in our brains?

Ian Burrell , U.K. Independant

Saturday 20 July 2013

My visit to the legendary "Googleplex" at Mountain View comes at an awkward time for the company. Edward Snowden's revelations about the snooping of the US Government's National Security Agency (NSA) in its clandestine electronic-surveillance programme PRISM have provoked a crisis of trust in Silicon Valley. Larry Page, Google co-founder and CEO, rushed out a blog to deny claims in leaked NSA documents that it – in parallel with other American internet giants – had been co-operating with the spying programme since 2009. "Any suggestion that Google is disclosing information about our users' internet activity on such a scale is completely false," he said.

Trust is everything to Google. It stands on the verge of a technological breakthrough that can transform its relationship with us. Already, it is universally recognised as the world leader in searching for information. It handles around 90 per cent of internet searches in the UK: when we want to know something, most of us turn to Google. But it wants more – it wants to become our constant companion. ( read more from

Google's options have grown with recent advances in speech-recognition technology (it can now decipher 35 languages):

 Meris Michaels
• posted on page:

We have been contacted by a person who was implanted with a microchip in Mexico against her will - can anyone tell us about using microchips as a form of "torture", particularly in Mexico - point us to reliable sources of information?

Who works at Google? The academics:

Washington D.C. Illustrates the Failed U.S. top Tier Academic Institutions: "lack practical skills of analysis and construction", Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues ( Christmas week interview 2013). When I started complaining on Googlegroups News portals on alt.Prophecies.nostradamus, Google began to block my posts because I was critical of the N.S.A. and Obama's and the Washington D.C.'s crowd acceptance of losing our human rights. We have no more human rights, and fictitious 'war on terrorism' is the excuse for Satan's military to take control. However, the regular posters there at the Google Groups, which they must also read, are racists and haters. For example, people that want all Asians to die are allowed to have a soap box, but do not criticize N.S.A. snooping, Google will shut you down. Since Larry Page and others at Stanford started Google, this is a pure academic pursuit, turned business. And so, when I was at U.C. Berkley most of the staff and professors see the commoners of the world as cockroaches, needing to be stamped out like the Navi in the Hollywood blockbuster movie Avatar. The deposits of Unobtanium are at your homes, at your business, and of your personal lives, and so these must be destroyed and mined for ‘profits’ by academics.  Camille Paglia is saying, heah, you have degrees but you are non productive to the human rights issue and human decency. You are all profit and war and act in the manner of Satan’s legions of evilones.



Obama wire taps world

Email: IRS, & Treasury Dept Secretly Drafted Rules to Restrict Conservative Groups...

DEM REP: Writing executive orders for Obama is 'our number one agenda'...


PAPER: NSA spied on 60 million Spanish phone calls in a month...

DER SPIEGEL: American Embassy in Berlin Used as 'Listening Station'...

NSA denies Obama knew of Merkel hacking...

'The president doesn't sign off on this stuff'...

U.K. may punish publication of NSA leaks...

(Feb. 2014): IRS stated in Early 2014, They do not care about U.S. Const. They will target Christians to destroy their families under Anti Christ Obama's direction. This means that many in the I.R.S. are real demons and not humans, and must be eradicated for the world to heal. It is the Tea Party arm of the Republican Party that is advocating for stopping the rich tax breaks ( capital Gains low taxes for the very rich) and Obama and the Democrats who lie every day on this issue want this tax break for the very wealthy to continue, as planned to make an elite 1%er army for Armageddon.
Issa Holds Another IRS Hearing...
Lois Lerner refuses to testify...
Risks arrest on contempt charge...
Obama breaks promises to help probe...





[1] Fox News, Jim Carrey condemns his own movie 'Kick-Ass 2' for on-screen violence

originally Published June 24, 2013 by Reuters.

[zdnet] By Larry Dignan for Between the Lines | January 13, 2014 -- 21:20 GMT (13:20 PST, zdnet).


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