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Released: 17th January 2013, 8:15 p.m.  ( Burbank, CA.), 17th January 2013, 8:15 p.m. ( ECC added on 03 July 2013). Updated American Dream section. 02 Jan. 2014.


Hand Editing


Topic: Wealth/ Avarice

Economic Celestial Coding (ECC).

Vocal Anti White Semitic DNAers who run or tacitly run #whitegenocide & $ amounts as of 2016 A.D.

Lawrence Ellison: Oracle $28 billion

Mark Zukerburg < fake name he is semitic > : Fakebook. He ran two ISIS anti white websites by NSA privileged for three years and got $9 Billion in 2012 by Obama, just to run NSA code. His worth is near $60 U.S. Billion Dollars. .

Michael Bloomberg a former mayor of New York City ≡ $18 Billion . Lives on private off—USA lands because he hates living near Americans. He is semitic antiwhite genocider.

Sergey Brin: Google $17.5 billion ⟨ Semitic migrant from Russia⟩. Stanford: Larry Page and he developed Google back in 1998. declared.

Larry Page: Google ( also known as Lawrence Page) ≡ Semitic DNA. $17.5 billion. declared.

Steven Ballmer: Microsoft ≡ Semitic DNA.WASA. $14.5 billion and met William Gates at Harvard.

George Soros: ⌈ Soros György ⌉ Soros Fund Management, Open Society Institute $14 billion ( minus $7 billion given to @whitegenocide projects).

Michael Dell: Dell Computers ≡ Semitic DNA.$13.5 billion.

Mikhail Fridman: Alfa Group ≡ Semitic DNA. originates from Ukrain, many semitics cross breeds. $12.7 billion, considered to be the third riches man in Russia spheres of influence.

John Paulson: Paulson & Co. ≡ Semitic DNA.; stock market gambling racket. legal too by USArabian fakegov laws. $12 billion.

Roman Abramovich: Millhouse LLC, Chelsea Football Club , born in Lithuania ; $11.2 billion; steal manufacturing and toys. Light ≡ Semitic DNA


Ronald Perelman: MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated ; MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated makes biotech and war weapons for jew greed. He has so much money they brag that death work gets one $11 billion dollars.

Carl Icahn: Icahn Enterprises, Federal-Mogul; New York City, landowner and locomotive and saftey parts, government $10.5 billion

George Kaiser: Kaiser-Francis ≡ Semitic DNA; Oil Company; parents are former #NAZI who fled to America, Tulsa, Oklahoma — oil wars profits—. $10 billion.

Serge Dassault: Dassault Group , Serge Dassault is the heir of the Dassault Group, which is an aviation company based in France. He is an Semiticophile.. Israel’s go to guy $7.6 billion.

Leonard “Len” Blavatnik is the owner of a conglomerate company called Access industries. ≡ Semitic DNA, He was born in the Ukraine and raised in Russia, but he is an American businessman. He was a metal trader before he started his company. Len Blavatnik is 59 years old and he has a net worth of $15.3 billion as of March 2016.

Sammy Ofer: ≡ Semitic DNA, Various: Israel Chemicals, Royal Caribbean International, ZIM, Oil Refineries Ltd, Israel Corporation, Tower Semiconductor, and Bank Mizrahi-Tfahot. His net worth was $6.5 billion.

Bankster Families

Joseph Safra: Safra Group Bankster family, ≡ Semitic DNA: born in Aleppo, Syria, and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. He and his family moved to Brazil in 1952. His family has been in the banking industry since the time of the Ottoman Turks’ rule. $17 billion.

James Simons: Renaissance Technologies: Renaissance Technologies LLC, ≡ Semitic DNA an investment management firm hedge fund manager that means to steal the poor's money $16.5 billion

David and Simon Reuben are brothers who fled Israel in 1948 and went to London, where they set up a land grabbing buisness for jew power $13.1 billion ≡ Semitic DNA. one has light eyes.

Philip Green is the CEO of Arcadia Group; UK ≡ Semitic DNA; retail buisnesses $6.2 billion.

Steven A. Cohen is a hedge fund manager, ≡ Semitic DNA & located at Stamford, Connecticut. $13 billion as of Sep 2016. Point72 Asset Management, S.A.C. Capital Advisors.

Viktor Vekselberg: Renova Group, light ≡ Semitic DNA; born in Ukraine after Moongalis Semitic takeover , $13.6 billion according to Forbes, Russian conglamorate, raw materials, aluminum business.

Alexander Abramov: Industrial Magnate , ≡ Semitic DNA; $4.3 billion, according to Forbes. steel and raw materials He amassed the largest steel and iron business back in 1998 .

Ira Leon Rennert: ≡ Semitic DNA; Renco Ira Rennert is an American businessman and financial investor. He controls one of America’s largest privately held industrial empires. $6.5 billion, started by securities brokerage . He is a personal friend of the notorious Ponzi scheme king Bernie Madoff.

The Honourable Sir Michael David Kadoorie, GBS, ≡ Semitic DNA; & he is a business executive. He is the sixth wealthiest person in Hong Kong as of March 2011, and his family’s worth is believed to be $9.5 billion


Entertainment and Music

David Geffen: Geffen Records, DCG Records, DreamWorks SKG, music and entertainment; $5 billion. Steven Spielberg one of the three Dreamwork partners has $3 Billion in his bank.

Vacation Businesses

Sheldon Adelson ≡ Semitic DNA; Las Vegas Sands, Israel Hayom, Las Vegas Review Journal $29.2 billion

Water Management

German Khan: Alfa Group : ≡ Semitic DNA; Advisory Committee of Rosvodokanal a water management facility, Ukrainian Jew who is the co-owner of Alfa Group, $9.5 billion

Alt. Energy Management

Eli Broad: KB Home and SunAmerica, part of the solar power fraud hiests . ≡ Semitic DNA; $7.4 billion. created two giant fleecing companies in a short span, recently.


Dorothea Steinbruch: Vicunha Group , Dorothea Steinbruch is the CEO of a large textile company known as the Vicunha Group. Her company is based in Brazil. $5.5 billion. ≡ Semitic DNA.

Isak Andic: Mango , Turkey to Spain semitic white 25% and above semitic; . ≡ Semitic DNA. $4.8 billion and holds the largest in texttile company Mango.


source of human data here


American Dream model 1940 – 1960s.

USA Trends 30 Years “Who Stole the American Dream,”A shift of power, started in the 1970s a favor of the elite.

1980s- current.

(0.90) 90% of Americans lost 10% of the total U.S. wealth.

(00.01%) 30,000 U.S. Families gained 70% of the total U.S. wealth

Hedrick Smith

What is the middle class, according to Smith. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) hold the identification, organized in quintiles: $30-$110 is the first quintile, and then two more, then the  top quintile’s limit is $390,000. and so to the U.S.A. government,  these are middle or neutral classes of America.  S.S.I. usually limits around $950 per month, $11,400 per year and the large separation between $30,000 and almost $400,000 is staggering. SSI varies in each state but in California, of the most expensive place to live, $10,300 a year is the top paid Social Security to non-retirees. A single room, not your home, but someone else, and without kitchen privileges is about $6,500 a year and this does not include the very expensive food and other numerous hidden and open taxes.

Jimmy Carter began the trend to lower taxes on the rich. This progressed under Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush. Since big business collected all the monies they saved from these people lowering taxes, they used that money to pay for lobbyists to favor more tax cuts for the rich. The media never reports on this so no American knows. U.S. Government is not taught to U.S. school children today, so they do not care. But everyone complains. Gerrymandering ( setting up safe districts) all over the U.S.A. this forces people to give up voting, everything is extreme right or left. This is called a root cause of the financial crises. The Politicians are given cool aid by Satan once they get into office because they do not care about anything of America’s Origins or Principles. Its party, dude, party and Hollywood movies and gambling and stealing and corruption celebration hip-hop, banana republic-headed catastrophe – America is a lame joke. 



(1)  I agree with Obama’s tax ceiling for persons or for entities networthing more than $250,000 annually. I disagree with John Boehner about fully extending the Bush era tax cuts.  I care not about any pledge --- I never took a vote in this pledge to never raise taxes, so that pledge was non-democratic.  I do disagree with unlimited spending sprees Obama proposes.


(2)  I disagree with Obama and Republicans too on limiting capital gains taxes below 35%. Currently the percentage remains about 14% with a potential to capitalize on unlimited profits and pay anything below 35%. Both Romney and Obama bank off-shore in the Kaman Islands ( admitted to both in debate #2 ) so they do not have to pay U.S.A. tax penalties on unearned income. Obama or Romney could have paid 39.6% on all of their millions of dollars earned, but these greedy-liars do not consider themselves Americans – they are the feudal elite so others must work for their pleasures.


(3)  During F. D. Roosevelt’s last term in office, some economic ideas were drafted to off-set the struggle from the historical recession, and at times a great depression economically. These were austere but logically and practical economic solutions. Anyone making over a certain amount ( and without any waiver by the President) could earn no more capital regardless of corporate or personal net gains in income. This meant establishing a cross-the-board, standard, capital limit. No persons could earn more than, for example, $150,000 per year. They would pay no taxes, but all capital, including gains, processed in an economic year would go directly to the central government bank – to use for all the good of the tribe or nation, and usually pooling monies is a family practice.


(4)  Wall Street is a historical U.S.A. gambling institution in which lives are casts upon the wolves of chance, and a few profit from the many dreamers whom invest their life savings. Gambling is illegal in most counties of most states in America, but Wall Street and Capital Hill are ideologically permissible to use  because its campaign donors of the few winners keep contributing to both American political parties – who then fight states rights to keep gambling illegal so more poor people can be swindled out of career Wall Streeters – that are joined by the hip to Washington D.C.’s U.S. elected officials.  Day traders are not taxed or pay a fee to trade and spend every day swindling the average American’s life investment while the average Americans are teaching, are building, are managing, and are civilly working to make the Day-trader/Washington Politician the aristocracy on Earth.


(5)  Ideologies. Most establishment Republicans are submissive or at different periods passive-aggressive toward social-immigration-population-standard of living issues. Republicans support Social Security and Disability and other government spending programs for the poor because the more people that are allowed to live in America the less any life-paying jobs are available. In order to win elections, both sides cater to non-Americans and offer them free monies and job placements to win their vocal to ballot loyalties. This displaces generational Americans to preferences, which is what nationhood is all about.  This increases the U.S.A. population, immensely (not including stagnate ( whites) to robust ( Latin, Asians and blacks) and therefore social programs ironically must increase rather than the Republican ideology of decrease. So the Republicans are incorrect at this stage in American development.


(6)  Latin/Arab Republicans are totally against white or northern European Republicans despite often media civil manners. Both ride the same ticket and both vote different candidates. Eventually the plan is for one culture to ride the same ticket and vote the same candidate.  At this moment in time, the Democratic Party applies too but Whites and Blacks overwhelming rule the top state and federal offices.  So the Latins will eventually sneak into dictatorship by the way of Republicans. They will be very pro military, many conservative but aristocratized which will increase the desire to spread throughout the world as the dominant cultural influence at the same time co-opting superpower status society.


(7)  There has never in the human race ( regardless of false testimony by most historians) applied a multi-equal-cultural-society that had shared political power. The United States of America has not reached this plateau, as of yet, nor will it achieve anything close. Humans, materialized, are nothing but operating elements of nature. All nature is capitalistic, struggling in a constant perpetualness, humans are all nature. Humans, therefore, apply government management since the cure remains unreachable.


(8)  To offset this mistake, acultural-affluent ( often called a subculture) group of the whole of the society patronizes the dominant race while ignoring calls for loyalty and back revolutionary changes, splintering into fragments and classism. For example, the Macedons, immigrated into Hellenic city –states (ancient, classical to conquered) Greece, for centuries – eventually replacing the White race with a Brown Race (based upon statistical weight) – and then European leftists late 19th century academia decided without any major support Alexander, son of Philip of Macedon, spread multi-equal-cultural-society. This was what I was taught at California in the late 1970s and everyone I knew and even unto today. I always wondered why school books were like reading fictional storytelling and wholly entertainment theory. During the late rise period to the first half of the statis period of the 500+ year-long Ottoman State, for less than 200 years, some generations understood race perfectly. They understood races will never co-mingle equally in regards to shared power – so the salvation was economic prosperity but cultural division by home, by religion, and by color-style of the body and skin. They understood, as others did in history at different periods and different locals, about 90% of all humans and all colors of skin actually get along in the public arena, the public working places, and at night all returned home to their segregated areas, already civil designated – often with their own cultural courts and racial practices. Yet, this worked only when the Ottoman state remained prosperous. For the first 200+ years, the Ottomans like most Empires of history expanded by conquest which led to prosperity, where many Hebrews migrated after Spain (by legit), Germany ( by pressure) and other European enclaves banned this culture from basic human rights – the Ottomans allowed them in and spurned a Ottoman Renaissance in building, cultural, and corporate civilization which allowed this segregated and multi-cultural society to operate without constant social conflict. In American’s version of Democracy, post World War II, social conflict is a constant empiricism privately and publically; and this social conflict never takes any time off to live life and reflect upon what it does or is doing. What this means is that the Ottomans knew that 10% of its population would agree and practice to share equally power with other cultures, other people with other skin and body types. This explains why most persons on Earth cannot operate, live, practice, and keep a multi-cultural democracy. This also explains why Abassīd, Umayyad, Mughāls, Mongalis, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Akkadians, The South Asian Continental periods, Caucuses, Americans, Spanish, all countries or states that ever existed had shared power equally. Even then, like the Hun/Han, Arab/Semitic, Italian/Spanish, Protestant/Catholic, religion or no religion, people with the same skin color but perhaps a different shape of their body often war aggressively against each other. This is the talk on race that no-one of Earth wants to speak about. There appears to be no hopeful solution. The 10% or even less on the Earth that would have no emotional, psychical, social, political, economic preferences are outnumbered overwhelmingly by the 90% of racists on Earth – conscious, unconscious or in denial!  How does this apply to the topic at hand?


(9)  Since there will never be a multi-equal-cultural-society the only solution would be eradicating the destructive elements of society.


(10)         2008 A.D. 4.2 million workforce, civilian, USA gov. increase under Obama 2010 A.D., by 400,000 new government jobs.


(11)         Obama signed executive order to implement the Dream Act, targeted to foreigners to give Democrats votes. It gives each foreigner a potential $200,000 in U.S. tax payer monies, free with no pay-back, and secures them jobs over American citizen college graduates. Obama won overwhelmingly the non-white-European vote.


Almost 3 / 4 ths of the U.S.A. Latin voting population votes Democratic. It is not because they prefer some white persons, such as Gavin Newsome (Democratic, white) over Richard Alerçon ( Republican, brown, Latin) but because Democrats give them free monies and handouts, job securing future programs over American citizens, and most Latins are illiterate, prefer their own language, and can only get low union public employee jobs. The Republican Party of Latins detest and are the enemies of the White Republican party. These two groups will never get along because it has to do with family relations as a political group. The solution for the White Republicans in the 2016 general elections would be to offer or promise more free-handouts to the illiterate and racial-centric brown-latins.  


Latin Los Angeles Sub Culture


Carson, High School, South Central Los Angeles in 2012 showed 3% proficient in math, and only 17% proficient in English. It has nothing to do with education funding but a reliance on politics and placing teachers sympathetic to replacing cultural dominance. Bully, ignorant, thug, teachers rise to the top because of the perks: Some 66%  of 100% annual California taxes go to teachers and teacher unions, including medical, transportation, pensions, retirement packages, perks, trips, fun-funds, and larger than normal salaries, well over $100,000 per year and for as long as they live. This is the top 5% wage earners in U.S.A. modern economics. Those who claim teachers are not paid enough for what they do are completely lying, enmeshed in avarice. Most intelligent persons that would be great teachers are not bullies, emotional activists or thugs. However, in society, ignorant bullies rise to the top in most public and even private institutions. This explains why 1 /4 th of the United States young adult population cannot point to the picture of the United States of America on a world map.   They have been overrun with bullies that see money and not the children as their only purpose in life.

(12)         Some 14,500+ U.S. families with income that exceeds $11,000,000 ( eleven million dollars, U.S. census).


The 25 Richest People of All Time


The 25 Richest People of All Time [mjm most of modern world history, not of all time!] , according to ‘Celebrity Net Worth’ ( by Brian Warner, native of northern California, edu, Georgetown University). [ mjm, note all are capitalists, regardless of their preference to vote for the rich leftwing political parties across the Earth.].


   1.  #1 Mansa Musa I – Net Worth $400 Billion

   2. #2 The Rothschild Family – $350 Billion (European bankers, model Italian Renaissance banking, spurned by Bali, African gold entering Italy, 15 th c., family in late 17 th century). This path to riches mirrors the gold mines in Saudi Arabia just prior to the Rise of Islam – which used the gold monies to conquer vast portions of the globe. So gold or precious metals spearheads the banking industry and international trade.).

   3. #3 John D. Rockefeller – Net Worth $340 Billion [ fake name, these families are originally 1/2 Arab. 1/2 African]

   4. #4 Andrew Carnegie – Net Worth $310 Billion (U.S. steel magnet, federal monopoly, capitalism, 19 th cent.)

   5. #5 Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov – Net Worth $300 Billion (Russia, Raw materials, family begun late 16 th century colonizing the Urals))

   6. #6 Mir Osman Ali Khan – Net Worth $230 billion

   7. #7 William The Conqueror – Net Worth $229.5 Billion

   8. #8 Muammar Gaddafi – Net Worth $200 Billion (oil, terrorism)

   9. #9 Henry Ford – Net Worth $199 Billion ( auto manufacturing)

  10. #10 Cornelius Vanderbilt – Net Worth $185 Billion

  11. #11 Alan Rufus – $178.65 billion

  12. #12 Bill Gates – Net Worth $136 Billion (Microsoft, computers, extreme leftwing capitalist)

  13. #13 William de Warenne – Net Worth $147.13 Billion

  14. #14 John Jacob Astor – Net Worth $121 Billion

  15. #15 Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl of Arundel – Net Worth $118.6 Billion

  16. #16 John of Gaunt – Net Worth $110 Billion

  17. #17 Stephen Girard – Net Worth $105 Billion

  18. #18 A.T. Stewart – Net Wort $90 Billion

  19. #19 Henry Duke of Lancaster – Net Worth $85.1 Billion

  20. #20 Friedrich Weyerhauser – Net Worth $80 Billion

  21. #21 Jay Gould – Net Worth $71 Billion

  22. #22 Carlos Slim Helu – Net Worth $68 Billion

  23. #22 Stephen Van Rensselaer – Net Worth $68 Billion

  24. #23 Marshall Field – Net Worth $66 Billion

  25. #24 Sam Walton – Net Worth $65 Billion (Wal-Mart, superstore, capitalism)

  26. #25 Warren Buffett – Net Worth $64 Billion ( leftwing, capitalist, destroyed the poor in U.K. from market manipulation, total MEAMIC corrupter.).


unlisted but tops: Mark Zukerburg ( Arab, Facebook CEO) $43 Billion (2014 A.D.). $9 Billion from HLS, NSA spy code contract ( 2012, Obama approved).


# 1) These billionaires control a combined $4.317 trillion!

# 2) The richest people ever are all men. Sadly No women cracked the top 25.

# 3) 14 out of the 25  people here listed are Americans.


The 25 Richest People Who Ever Lived – Inflation Adjusted

Random Celebrity Article, By Brian Warner (Celebrity Net Worth, October 13, 2012), parenthetical and comments are mine. Not included are common wealth individuals such as Akbar the Mughãl or various antiquity rulers and kings of Empires.



Richest Person in Each State

1: Washington: Bill Gates: $64.5 billion - Microsoft chairman, co-chair of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ( radical leftwing capitalist)

2: Nebraska: Warren Buffett: $49.6 billion - Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway ( radical leftwing capitalist)

3: California: Mark Zukerburg, Facebook $43 billion 2014 A.D.; Lawrence Ellison: $41.1 billion - CEO of Oracle Corp. .Larry Page ( co founder Google, Stanford U. Calif. ) $37.4 Billion Dollars ( 2014 A.D). Google co- founder Sergey Brin, $36 Billion 2014 A.D.

4: Arkansas: James Walton: $33.6 billion - Chairman of Arvest Bank, son of Walmart founder, Sam Walton

5: Kansas: David Koch: $32.1 billion - Vice-chairman of Koch Industries

6: New York: Michael Bloomberg: $24.8 billion - New York City Mayor and owner of Bloomberg LP (radical leftwing capitalist)

7: Nevada: Sheldon Adelson: $20.2 billion - Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands

8: Virginia: Forrest Mars, Jr.: $17 billion - Part-owner of Mars candy company and grandson of the late Frank C. Mars ( foodstuff, sweets)

9: Texas: Michael Dell: $14 billion - CEO of Dell Inc ( manufacturing computers, capitalist)

10: Oregon: Philip Knight: $13 billion - Chairman of Nike Inc.

11: Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson: $11.9 billion - President, Fidelity Financial Services

12: Georgia: Anne Cox Chambers: $11.2 billion - Member of Cox Enterprises' board of directors, chairwoman of Atlanta Newspapers

13: Connecticut: Raymond Dalio: $10 billion - Founder of Bridgewater Associates LP

14: Oklahoma: George Kaiser: $10 billion - Chairman of BOK Financial

15: Colorado: Charles Ergen: $8.3 billion - Founder and chairman of DISH Network

16: Pennsylvania: Hansjorg Wyss: $7.7 billion - Chairman of Swiss medical device manufacturer Synthes Holding AG

17: North Carolina: James Goodnight: $7.4 billion - CEO of SAS Institute

18: Wisconsin: John Menard, Jr.: $6 billion - Founder and owner of home-improvement retailer Menard Inc.

19: New Jersey: David Tepper: $5.2 billion - President and founder of Appaloosa Management

20: Michigan: Richard DeVos Sr.: $5.1 billion - Co-founder of Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic

21: Montana: Dennis Washington: $5 billion - Founder of The Washington Companies and co-founder of the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation

22: Ohio: Leslie Wexner: $4.5 billion - Chairman and CEO of Limited Brands

23: Arizona: Bruce Halle Sr.: $4 billion - Founder of Discount Tires

24: Florida: Joseph Lewis: $3.9 billion - Founder of Tavistock Group and owner of Tottenham Hotspur soccer team in England

25: Illinois: Samuel Zell: $3.9 billion - Founder of Equity Residential

26: Maryland: Theodore Lerner: $3.9 billion - Founder of real estate firm Lerner Enterprises

27: Minnesota: Pauline Keinath: $3.7 billion - Part-owner of Cargill Inc. and great-granddaughter of founder W. W. Cargill

28: Indiana: Gayle Cook: $3.4 billion - Member of board of directors of medical device firm Cook Group

29: Tennessee: Thomas Frist, Jr.: $3 billion - Founder of HCA, the Hospital Corporation of America

30: Utah: Robert Earl Holding: $2.7 billion - Owner of Sinclair Oil

31: Mississippi: Leslie Lampton: $2.4 billion - Founder of Ergon Inc.

32: South Carolina: Anita Zucker: $2.2 billion - Chairwoman and CEO of chemical manufacturer InterTech Group

33: Rhode Island: Jonathan Nelson: $1.6 billion - CEO of Providence Equity Partners

34: Missouri: Christopher Cline: $1.5 billion - Founder of Foresight Energy

35: West Virginia: James Justice II: $1.5 billion - Owner of the coal mining Justice Companies

36: Alabama: Marguerite Harbert: $1.4 billion - Widow of the late construction and energy mogul, John Murdoch Harbert III

37: Louisiana: Thomas Benson: $1.3 billion - Owner of New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Hornets

38: South Dakota: T. Denny Sanford: $1.3 billion

39: Idaho: Frank VanderSloot: $1.2 billion - CEO of Melaleuca

40: Kentucky: Bradley Wayne Hughes: $1.1 billion - Founder of Public Storage

41: Iowa: Dennis Albaugh: $1 billion - Founder of Albaugh Inc.

42: North Dakota: Gary Tharaldson: $900 million - Founder of the Tharaldson Companies

43: Maine: Leon Gorman: $860 million - Chairman of L.L. Bean

44: Delaware: Robert Gore: $830 million - Founder of materials and manufacturing company W.L. Gore & Associates

45: New Mexico: Peyton Yates, Jr.: $760 million - President of Yates Petroleum Corp.

46: Alaska: Robert Gillam: $690 million - President and CEO of McKinley Capital Management LLC

47: Hawaii: Jay Shidler: $680 million - Founder of the real estate company The Shidler Group

48: New Hampshire: Martin Trust: $600 million - President of Brandot International, formerly president and CEO of MAST Industries

49: Vermont: Robert Stiller: $580 million - Founder of Green Mountain Coffee

50: Wyoming: John Martin: $210 million - Chairman and CEO of Gilead Sciences.[1]


California Left Super Rich Unionists. Giveaways to Rich Bullies.


Unions pressed for every perk they could squeeze out of governors and their department managers


Everyone knows today, Californian School System is the Laughing Stock of the World.


California has one of the leanest [smallest] public workforces in the country in terms of the number of state employees per resident, Lacey Brown’s spokesman. Measuring the payroll of its state workers per capita, excluding university employees, California ranks third-highest among the 12 largest states, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and the U.S. Census Bureau.”


“Nine years ago, California Democrat Gray Davis became the first U.S. governor in 82 years to be recalled by voters. The state’s 20 million taxpayers still bear the cost of his four years and 10 months on the job.


Davis escalated salaries and benefits for 164,000 state workers, including a 34 percent raise for prison guards, the first of a series of steps in which he and successors saddled California with a legacy of dysfunction. Today, the state’s highest-paid employees make far more than comparable workers elsewhere in almost all job and wage categories, from public safety to health care, base pay to overtime.


Payroll data compiled by Bloomberg on 1.4 million public employees in the 12 most populous states show that California has set a pattern of lax management, inefficient operations and out-of-control costs. From coast to coast, states are cutting funding for schools, public safety and the poor as they struggle with fallout left by politicians who made pay-and-pension promises that taxpayers couldn’t afford.”[2]

market trend, source


Economic Celestial Coding (ECC).Re: After the October Crash..the NYSE Four Years L
« Reply #642 - on: 01.07.2013 at 21:26 [UT+1] » Quote from Solar2007 on 29.06.2013 at 23:03 [UT+1]:

I never seen new astrology ( ) be combined with traditional planets. I noticed the comparisons of the 1930s and today, as your page points out.  
But here is perhaps ( not sure) of another way to look at American or western markets. I believe India and China are not really hurting economically from this cycle.  
's orbit is about 84.4 years. If we start at 1930 AD and add one full cycle we get 2014! We halve that cycle we get 1970 AD.  If we quarterize this cycle we have 21.1y. this is 1991 ( [-] 1949 AD). This then fulfills all the cycles your page ' using-planetary-cycles' does, more in general and not as specific, but it uses only one solar system body. I came to this thinking about 's sidereal position for the Great Depression/part recession of  the  1930s A.D..  
The quarterize doubling of 's half-orbit gives you that 42 years which is close to the 40 year period, of the cycle, but more specified.  
My logic:  
Because has its home in the 11 th house, a cardinal cross section to the financial sector houses ( e.g. House 2 () personal finaces  5 th ( )  how money is spent on fun, entertainment, games, family, domestic) and  8 th ( ) other peoples monies, managing groups of investors, shared investments, co-money issues, banks, lenders -- then we have 11 th house which is the global community ( 11 th Mass communications and these masses of humans) we have the prominance of | .  

So my logic intends we use for these issues and put in its own catagory. The link does correctly claim does other things which can be, but are not necessarily, tied directly to finances. Yet, just working with in a geometrical way gives us all the key periods your chart and link provide -- without or . These cycles do exist because all tie into eachother, but you may want to take a look into this and only using and its solar phases ( like the Moon's phases from our perspective on earth.).  
Sidereal: My used definition is ' in reference to a star'.
*1846 -48 Global & western Economic Crisis:rel. PED  δ Psc (Linteum)   rel.

1930s USA Great Depression/Recession: rel. PED  δ Psc (Linteum)
2010s USA Great Depression/Recession: rel. PED  δ Psc (Linteum)

The economic data shows that 1%ers had a high during the last 1930s rel. PED  δ Psc (Linteum). After had moved onward, ncome for all went dramatically upwards. As , again, approched 2010s rel. PED  δ Psc (Linteum) , the 1%ers have the top % of highest income earners.  

Economic Scholarship Practices

CBO just revised US growth 'downward' to 1.6%. So when creating your pages it may be wise to wait a few years until the truth about the facts and figures on economics emerge. Mao-Tse-tung's mean average was 3.0% annual growth ( 1955 - 1970s). However, Mao tse-tung's officals  reported 4,6 to 8 % % annual growth ( 1955 - 1970s) -- which turned out to be a lie and only found out after 1989 and the opening of the Chinese archives. Books touting Red Chinese Communist Dictatorship as an economic eastern Giant, and all the western books lauding and loving China's economic expertise 'are all WRONG,' and these misreported facts still teach our children the wrong facts ( same books and same PTA, teacher association approved lit) on the financial sectors of our world. So be careful.  

*1846 -48 Global western Economic Crisis: crop failures 1845-6 A.D., famine, 1847, Industrial Crises of 1847, this led the Communist Manifesto of 1848 A.D., Paris. Britain's solution: Peel Banking Act of 1842, currency must be backed by gold and other semi-precious metals. By the 1857 a global financial crisis ensued. 


In reality ( update May 21, 2014) all forms of exchanged currency are fiat based. This means someone makes up a monetary system, defines units and distributes restricted amounts of units and watches exchange rates, before adding in more currency.

Los Angeles & California ( updated 2014 Jan 31).

Nancy Pelosi ( D ) California,  I’m not leaving beyotches, I’m a gazzilionaire—screw the little people. I feel this about her, she has been in office for most of my life. She entered Californian Politics when this state was number one in the world in manufacturing from auto to small appliances to many of the Moon modules and nuclear research. However, she entered politics nearly poor and now owns hotels, sport teams, castles and takes Air Force 2 back and forth from Washington D.C. to San Francisco ( her home) on weekends to see her kids ( totally illegal but the U.S.A. changed under her; often thrifty and commonplace were behaviors but today, hip-hop Presidencies, rap-rock-galas, being seen on Television, worshipped by fans, hounded by lobbyists', pressured by big business and given special privileges unlike any other job in the world. But today, 80% graduate high school illiterate, the roads fell apart and I saw the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area population grow over 10 million people since she has been in office with increased racism in the economic sector.  She made about 20+ Million dollars on the stock market, and insider trading is legal in Washington D.C. because it is not a part of the United States of America, just like the Pentagram gon MEAMIC, a Satanic Symbol of American Bully Brut Force. She wears jewelry the size of grape fruit, a self worshiped whore of Babylon. She appointed Elijah Cummings, a black man involved in promoting the I.R.S. to target Christians because Satan is his Mater -- there is absolutely no other reason. She appointed him to the ben Ghazi investigation because he will suppress evidence, because Obama blamed Christians of the world for their intolerance to Islamic code of stoning women, after men rape them, blaming the women, and covering it up by nonreal and evil shariah laws -- nothing to do with Muhammad's laws. Obama hates Christians who deny Moslems their rights to abuse women. He hates the Christians, so Elijah Cummings inside the U.S. Senate is his alley. Think of Roman Empire politics, and how each ruler or strongman had its representatives in the Roman Curia ( Roman Senate) do its bidding.

She makes close to $50,000,000 on Washington D.C. legal insider trading, and has ruled for more than 30+ years. Henry Waxman who was a Los Angeles (D) House representative was in office for 40 years, and these people have become extremely wealthy.

Los Angeles City Council stealing millions, buying luxury cars and taking off the emblems to conceal the truth, putting chrome wheels on them, even Bernard Parks;  Dept. of Water and Power will not allow the public to see two secure bank accounts they own with public money for vacations and buying drugs for their parties. The entire country is corrupted under Obama and Obama is running around all happy taking vacation after vacation and doing nothing but raising money for more vacations.  We hear stories of ancient Rome where a leader, Nero, fiddled ( he liked the arts and the stage) while a large section of the Roman commerce district burnt to the ground. Like Obama, he blames Christians for all things bad, when we know today, Nero purposely set a blaze his own city to clear out debris for new construction but managed to kill untold numbers of people and then genocide Christians.

Liberals ( I can do anything as long as I do not get caught) drink more than religoius people. ), a study.


[2] Niquette , Mark & Michael B. Marois & Rodney Yap  $822,000 Worker Shows California Leads U.S. Pay Giveaway (Bloomberg, L.P. , Dec 10, 2012 9:54 PM PT),