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GAMMA CLASSIFIED: OPERATION IMMORTALITY:  Article iii, sec. ii, b : U.S.A. Epidemic medical-methamphetamine, P.C.P. & Gun Control

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Released: 9st January 2013:  ( Burbank, CA.)


Topic: U.S.A. Forced 'Banned-Drug' Consumption, Confiscation of Guns, Profit, Power, Punishers of resisters to a total control by Richies


 Methamphetamines, P.C.P., $ billions and $ billions of dollars.  

U.S.A. federally mandated issued Anti Depressants (lobby corps. Pharama) consist of the main ingredient, known by its street name, ‘Speed,’ or medical, methamphetamine. The ingredient is couched in medical language to trick the world and make billions of dollars in profit while knowing that this medication causes suicide and homicidal ‘strong’ desires. People like I, and others, are in danger from the U.S.A. government because these things are classified, and the U.S.A. government reaps in billions of dollars by allowing ‘banned section 1’ drugs to be packaged and prescribed to millions of Americans and millions around the world. The U.S.A. government banns Marijuana, weed, grass, hemp, etc.. the natural God produced bush that has numerous medicinal applications. It bans it so it can sell the world ‘pharmaceutical marijuana’ all for vast fortunes and profits. The U.S.A. government, thereby, is the largest drug cartel in the world – and deflects its truth by fighting a fictitious War on Drugs.’

All of the recent mass shooters - Loughner, Holmes, Lanza, and now Alexis - have one thing in common, they were all on SSRI type drugs. These are psychotropics. (discussion)

Note to readers, I personally took a look at the molecule make up of anti-depressants and psychotropic U.S mundane pharmaceutical drugs, like anti-psychotic drugs – and these molecular structures are nearly identical with the street drugs, methamphetamine ( anti-depressants), and P.C.P. (anti-psychotic drugs). For example, one anti- psychotic drug has one peptide bond differentiating it from a P.C.P. ( active ingredient) molecule. In layman terms, these are the same drugs – one profitable by U.S. federal government, the other outlawed by the U.S.A. Department of Justice, as a scheduled type 1 banned substance. The connection is billions of dollars so that politicians can have lots of fun, vacations, games, parties, and luxury-celebrity items, bling, shiny stones, all the above trappings of celebrity status. Stupidity is not an excuse to causing people to go temporarily, while on these drugs, or just getting off of them to go insane – so the politicians can take more control of your lives.

Gang members and U.S. citizens on pharmacy meds are all hard-drug users in the United States of America. These are the two sets government identified violent agencies – all planned and carried out by the U.S. rich leaders, politicians, bankers, and complaint Academia, and trickling down to local law enforcement.

Countries that ban firearms (guns) have more gun violence per capita than countries or districts that allow private gun ownership for home and life protection.   However, the states or the federal governments that ban guns want the people to see the government as loyal king subjects; this is why socialism is semi-kingship – it calls for 100% loyalty to a body of leaders (just like a king and its court) and absolutely no anti government rhetoric or complaining. Washington buys more ammo than the U.S.A. military, wants to take away all guns from all citizens, then it wants to eliminate any dissenters by the guns they control. The liberal media believes it is too rich and elitist to be affected by these ideological moves by the U.S. central authorities. This is why they support the disarming of the United States citizenry. These rich elitists, including the liberal media, will all get gun-armed guards – to protect them from the subjects they are suppressing.

Britain has the 4th highest murder rate in the world for the last decade. They banned guns,  and gun-violence increased exponentially because criminals have no fear of individual humans possessing any firearms. A fact, British Hospitals kill 1,000% more humans by mistakes and malpractice each year than all the Gun Violence in every country on Earth ( not counting the small wars and militaries).  At Concord and Lexington, U.S.A., Americans choose not to give up their guns to the British occupiers (Red Coats) and this started the American Revolution.

 Chicago has been controlled by Democrats they have made policies for decades. They have the most violent, murderous state in the nation. by Guns.  Democrats claim they are the smartest group of people in the world. They Banned Guns decades ago!

200 murders a month at Chicago for 2011-2013 data figures, many with hand guns (NOT AR 15s, Washington D.C. idiot)  and Chicago has the most restrictive Gun Laws in the entire U.S.A. This massive gun homicidal plan that is working, according to Obama and Washington D.C., is the model of the U.S.A. Take law abiding gun owners, take their guns away, and allow pharma addicted crazies and gang members to murder all, so the rich can laugh ( they have armed military guards at all times, they are rich) and enjoy your families suffering.

17 of the 20 highest gun deaths per year are the Democratically control ( FBI Uniform Gun Reports, 2013) United States, states. These are the democratically run states with the most stringent gun controls in the U.S.A. – and they have more gun violence. what is there solution? take more guns away from law abiding citizens.  Seattle Democrats will, speaking of Democrats, will place peace-bricks around Seattle Washington, so that when gang members are about to shoot someone, they will see a peace brick and not shoot – this is according to the smartest people, according to the democratic party narrative.

Since Obama has taken office, and Ralm Emmanuel was placed in Chicago’s mayoral position, the gun violence in Chicago, one of the most restrictive Gun states in the nation remains the murder capital of the United States of America, with 1,000s upon 1,000 of gun victims. Guns are outlawed in Chicago, but this does not stop the criminals (mainly out of work black youth, Obama never got jobs for) as the culprits.

States that have limited or very low gun restrictions do not have gun violence; study after study all around the world has shown. People are scared to invade homes because the owner is likely to own powerful guns to take down two- three  intruders. At Chicago, it is illegal to have Guns, so the gangs invade homes and kill their victims.  

U.S. Arizona Congress Women Gabby Gifford: shot by a lone crazed gunman who was doped-up on U.S. Federal Pharmaceutical addicted drugs. Many conspiracies claim it was government mind-control. Media yells, it was a right-wing Christian, Jesus loving, Tea Party member – a repeated-total lie.


U.S.A. Domestic Massacres


Federally Patented USA Obama supported Pharmaceutical drugs found in attackers bodies of Columbine, of Virgina Tech, of Newtown, of Arizona Giffords case, of Aurora, and many more. Psychotropic ( P.C.P, aka angel dust, main ingredient, couched in medical language, University of Texas, A&M, biology department)  and pills for depress ( methamphetamine, main ingredient, couched in medical language!) : and the United States of America blames guns. These drugs now prescribed to anyone, even a headache, causes desires to kill others and kill oneself. This has been known for 20 years, since the Bill Clinton presidency, and the people cannot fight the military of the United States of America that keeps the U.S. government which forces mind-control chemicals onto the American people –because disasters, fear, and chaotic outbreaks in society, keeps a need of the state to have a federal government to survive.  --Archangel Micahel 04 May 2013, 3:28 p.m., Pacific Time. 

At U.S.A. schools in the 20 th century consisted of shooting classes for children, and usually the principle had access to firearms in cases of emergencies. This is why no school shootings began to be noticed because there were no reasons to go shoot up a school when you will be killed by the children or a teacher or a principle. Today, the U.S.A. bans teachers to carry or hold on the premises a hand gun on any U.S.A. school, and no children are taught how to shoot guns to defend themselves. If the principle, one of the fatalities at Sandy Hook had access to a firearm, children would be saved and alive today.

Also Mental Illness is not a part of Earth’s populations – Most countries do not diagnose mental illnesses; it is specific to the United States of America and remains a modern invention of myth to control large populations of people. Aurora CO shooter, Sandy Hook Connecticut shooter, Columbine Colorado shooters all immersed/obsessed themselves with violent Hollywood movies and violent video games. see prelogue on U.S.A. government mind-control.

1: Aurora CO. Batman Massacre
2: White Democratic Party USA: ‘Gabby Douglas’ is just a monkey, not human'
3: Ben Ghazhī , 10 th - 11 th September 2012, 11 th anniversary of 11 th September 2001 attacks upon America.

4: Eric Holder, Barack Hussein Obama II, decree that murdering U.S. Citizens without due process and murdering U.S. citizens by drone- strikes because the U.S. Leader or its ilk do not value your views , and so this secret legislation became permissible by executive fiat ( E.O.) on 3 rd - 4 th of February 2013.


The rash of mass shootings have been blamed on the poor-mentally challenge persons by Hollywood, Information Media, and Washington D.C.'s voted into office, Aristocracy.

It has nothing to do, these capitalists claim, with weaning the Children in a culture of Death, Pop- culture ( degradation of females and champion of bully-groups over peaceful and weak persons) , The constant wars for Earth’s industrial age minerals, and the constant gnaw of avarice.

Washington D.C. is a corporation capitalist venture, as run by the left and many now RINOs ( Republicans In Name Only). There have been only a handful of real republicans in media and Washington D.C. since the last thirty-years from 2013, and American history has been wiped out and replaced by white-evil suppression curriculum. It made our society cynical, reserved, afraid, complacent, weak, vulnerable, and defeatable. The founding persons of America have been replaced by founding dictators, pop icons, vampires, vile degradation of women in pop- culture, culture of death, avarice, and competition-capitalism, and a disregard for the future of the human race. So when listening to the media the blame always resides on the defenseless ( poor, mentally challenge, the class of population that does not have a voice, but for God’s!).

There are a group of people that want to live on planet Erath without being inundated by social reactions to Hollywood and the Entertainment medias barrage of ideologies – to worship at the alter of their avarice-capitalism.

Hollywood, because of its wealth and influence are a part of a temporal new aristocracy, so they assume blamelessness. To them, Hollywoodytes blame poor people that shoot potential profit ( movie- entertainment consumers) by killing in real life humans for the love of the sport. Hollywood needs a fan-base ( underclass!) to support their capitalist structure of lavish –wealthy living –while blaming ghosts for robbing the poor. Hollywood tells the world it is the world’s teacher through their medium ( like a witch’s spirit guide).

Go to their pagan churches and be serviced into pagan hero violence and while attempting through lies and distortion to destroy spiritualism, to destroy capitalism, to destroy violence, and to destroy avarice in the minds of their lower class profit-item-humans. Hollywood in the last 30 years has taught our world morality and ethics have no place but though the arbitration of the Aristocracy who engage in the ideas and actions they tell others are off-limits and by threats of exclusion.


U.S.A. Domestic Massacres:

Update 17 Dec. 2012

No assault weapons were used: at, Michigan 1927, at Columbine 1999, at Virginia Tech, at Sandy Hook many children, a few adults, Connecticut, 2012, U.S.A.

Grundy School shooting, a male was being thrown out of school for low grades, he went on a gun shooting spree at the school, three students went to their cars, two retrieved their own personal hand-guns and subdued the shooter by gun threats – if not many more children and adults would have been  killed this day.

Worst U.S.A. School Massacres ( bombs, not assault weapons).

Michigan 1927:  teacher murdered about 50 people, multiple bombs and at multiple schools.

Sandy Hook, 26 dead, the Galactic Center is off set by 26°, it was cosmic conjunction for most latitudes of U.S.A. on the 14th of December 2012, on the western horizon.  Connecticut, no assault weapons used at all! Shooter addicted to U.S. mandated pharmacy drugs : ignored by the main media. .

Columbine, CO 1999 (13 dead, multiple bombs, no assault weapons used at all!)

James Egan Holms was a second year Neuroscience Ph.D. candidate, 58 People Shot, 71 Injured, Aurora CO. 12:03 a.m., 20 July 2012 ( colloquial, Hollywood Movie Batman Massacre, Dark Knight Rises), dressed up as the Joker with orange died hair to match before driving to the movie theater to act out his Hollywood liberal fantasy. Shooters addicted to U.S. mandated pharmacy drugs : ignored by the main media.


Virginia Tech shooting: Shooter addicted to U.S. mandated pharmacy drugs : ignored by the main media. .


beta persei & Sun astreology


Columbine 1999, Heliachal Rising Star, beta persei, al gol ( legendary variable star).

Sandy Hook, Connecticut, 2012, U.S.A. 14, dec. 2012 anchronycal setting , beta persei, al gol ( legendary variable star), Galactic Center and Sun relative alignment at Sunset for this day. The anti-culmination take place with the Sun at 27° 01′ Sagittarius. This takes place beginning in various times zones on the 17th of December 2012 ( some time zones on the 18th of December 2012 A.D.


Worst U.S. Massacres.


200+ persons murdered with water: Frick, and Carnegie ( of Andrew Carnegie both of them U.S. steel magnates, monopoly of the US steel, a private venture but federally operated corporation) had need of land so they allowed a damn to break to eradicate people and homes – no federal action was taken, and also Andrew was in Scotland – but this was planned. Most people have heard of the Carnegie Hall, where music and celebrations take place, most fashioned by the leftwing who honor the memories of evil massacre and monopolized federal-corporations. There are no other reasons why their eyes light up when they hear they will attend a next celebration of life or music. In these days, there were no cell phones, Internets, or rapid communication – so no one really heard the truth of what happened for many years.

Gun Restrictions:

1930s National Gun Laws Act (called firearms): Full and Semi automatic firearms are rarely if ever used in U.S. gun massacres or U.S. school massacres. Semi automatic firearms are considered assault weapons but in a military application.

1980s, Assault weapons are completely illegal in the U.S.A.

Criminals do not use full automatic weapons, they have been recorded in history books using semi automatic weapons – so full automatic weapons cannot be purchased even by criminals (except Eric Holder runs full automatic weapons to Drug Cartels, called Fast and Furious, which increased under Obama from two locations to fourteen locations and many U.S. states.

( Sept. 6 th 2012) The Democratic Convention Denies God 3 Times: booos, hisses, jeers directed at the reintroduction of the Lord into the political services; previously taken out by the Democratic Party (many whom are athiests)– despite lies that it was a computer malfunction days earlier (event 5 th of September 2012, Democratic National Convention)..

2012 Dark Knight Movie Massacre: A Product of the  Leftist/Hollywood Pop-Cultural Religion, Faith, and Way of Life

Is Violent Atheist Leftist Hollywood Movies Your Religion?  

58 People Shot, 71 Injured, scores dead, Hollywood Celebrates Bat Day as Hollywood Actors Union do damage control; many are of the 1% and have fun making movies about killing the common masses in celebration of art, fun, games, and avarice.

Shooter Believed He Was A Hollywood Leftist Vilian Goon, no god, no religion, only a riddler or joker character, a hollywood reality formulated by Rich Democrat/Leftists.

James Egan Holms ( on pharma drugs) was a second year Neuroscience Ph.D. candidate who had recently applied to leave school or take a break. A California native, he moved to Colorado to attend graduate college. Three years prior he worked for the summer at a camp for Jewish members as a councilor. He had no criminal record and was described as being shy or withdrawn to neighbors. His Chiron in a relative sesquadrate (~ 135°, Saturn 23° LIB 16'23" and Chiron at 9° PIS 5'50"r.) to Saturn (more direct toward Uranus) reveals a potential father and son conflict. His Sun is in a relative conjunction to his Sun intends a serious minded individual. His Moon has a true arc to Acubens, a very ambitious cancri ( Cancer) star found in many 1% ers’ natal astrology charts – and many Marxist individual charts. Acubens is a main Cancer star that precedes the Piled-up-corpses cluster of M44 or more commonly known by its Latin name Praesepe. On the time of the massacre, the  Moon  to Acubens ( 2°57',a), Mercury to Acubens ( 2°30',s), and Hyades ( Greek Hell) Jupiter to Ain ( 1°52',s), Hyadum II to ( 3°23',s), indicates, Justice, religion, law, and families are all in hell at this mundane time. The two major Sagittarian stars’ Pluto to Polis ( 4°35',a), Pluto to Facies ( 4°36',s) have the Sagittarian themes associated to them, such as family concerns, a family as an intellectual concept, and of course the main characteristics, law, justice and religion. Sagittarius has its domain in the ninth partition of the astrological wheel and has higher learning as a quality. However, with Pluto transiting this constellation in the last decade and continuing we see more higher academia scaring the world’s populations to give them salary raises and more money because being in the top 2.5% riches on the globe implies one needs to get even more richer and suppress the poor with taxes to keep the masses suppressed.


We already know that America had free heal care since the 1950s and the 30% to the 99% rich of the population of Americans already had heal care, and the bottom 30% were not paying into an illegal insurance pyramid the Health Care Act of 2008 forces the very poor to contribute money into government medical facilities or face  prison. We then learned that the government’s only purpose to pass universal healthcare was to severely tax the poor which is exactly what the rich ( Washington D.C.) elite conspired too do. We can see in the astrological portents of Venus and Jupiter in Hyades at the time of the passage of the Supreme Court’s illegal constitutional judgment. Again, Jupiter rules justice and Hyades is hell and this is where Jupiter had been residing during these past few months in 2012. At the time of the event, Mars, the Vertex and Porrima gamma (γ) virginis make a relative conjunction (Mars to Porrima, con. 2°57', and separating. Saturn being the grim reaper and Spica being overwhelmingly a success type of star, a harvest of traditional sorts, was on the western horizon at the time of the first 9/11 call. The movie set to start at midnight had movie trailers for new movies and the trailer had a gangster Hollywood movie where some gangsters shoot up a movie theater--- and this is when the first shoots were fired by Holmes.


Aurora CO. Batman Massacre 12:03 a.m., 20 July 2012 (eye witness who called 9/11 not the police who lied and claimed they were on the scene in two to three minuets. Eye witnesses claimed the police and SWAT got there over ten minuets after the shooting.  Although the police presence was outstanding, and with over 200 policemen showing up to the scene within an hour after the incident. They apprehended the suspect James Holms ( b. San Diego, CA, 13 ) at 12:39 a.m., sitting in his car, had emptied a shot-gun, AR 15 rifle ( 1,000 barrel cartridge, all  emptied) and two hand held Glocks, moving up the stairs and into a theater and the front exit. He killed 12 people  (so far)  at the scene, over 71 were taken to the hospital by injuries of varying sorts, & over 52 people were shot, the others wounded by trying to get out of the way of the gunman; and some people believe it was a government set up to take away firearms – a plan that is currently being debated at the United Nations, a proxy world government which hates Israelis and other people – a body of racist and class minded individuals.


James Holms born at San Diego, 13 December 1987, booby-trapped his apartment and turned the music up very loud and the apartment manager knocked on the door but did not open it. There were at least ten gallons of Gas, trip-wires, explosives and about 4,500 rounds of ammunition (he had bought 6,000 rounds). Holms acted as if he was a character in these Batman Movies, the Joker, dying his hair red, and having a poster in his apartment that depicts characters in the Movie series of Batman. There appears to be no religious or political motive, although the suspect is not cooperating with the detectives, being held without bail.


In the last decade, and even more, the U.S. Congress, and U.S. Legislators, and the U.S. media (television, radio, newspapers) have received lower approval ratings than former President G.W. Bush, Jr., 43rd which remains surprising in how many persons hated Bush, at least the media tried to communicate this to the U.S.A. populations. It is not a surprise. ABC News immodestly before acquiring any knowledge of the events or individuals falsely identified an Aurora, Colorado resident who was a Tea-Party member and was 56 years-old (the shooter’s age is 24) and destroyed his life within minuets. This happens almost daily, with anything going wrong in society, such as the Arizona Representative, Jeffords gun attack by a Satanist loner, and Democratic Party member, was falsity claimed to be Republican and a Tea Party member by the media and then the Congressional officials who are noting less then elected semi-intelligent ambitious brutes. When the media says so, the Congress and even Obama comes out and agrees without checking the facts. These types of false claims go back decades, and during the early American electional history, attacks came only by a few individuals hearing of them, whereas today the world hears immediately, and on a mass level. Problems exist at all times in the world because of these lies. These are not innocent mistakes but calculated with bloodlust and avarice taking a prime seat to life itself.


Astreology: Saturn, western Horizon, and alpha vriginis, Spica are projected ecliptically aligned at the first 9/11 call from an eye-witness.


Chiron is at 26 GEM 17’02”r,  with its true arc just passed alnitak orionis, an orion belt star and is opposed to Uranus and a few degrees in a relative opposition to Saturn. His Mercury (16 SAG 00’05”) and the asteroid Lucifer (16 SAG 09’31”) are natally about 09 minuets apart.


What star intends that this is a famous event? At 12:03 (00:03 a.m.. U.T. 6:03, S.T. 18:57:23) the southern alpha Fish star, Fomaulhaut appears on the horizontal arc of the ascendant at Aurora Colorado.  Historically famous star, it is a Persian royal star, because it parans Antares, Regulus and Aldebaran in relative alignments – as a cross –at the latitude of Persia proper, this star has brought fame to events, individuals and other long lasting memories when it was prominent in the astrological chart. Here it is first most on the ascendant arc, thus having an angle of importance and consisting of a Projected Elliptical Degree (PED) to Neptune – which resides in the later degrees of the eleventh domain.


Spica, alpha ( α) virginis is at Agoura Colorado, U.S.A., at 13h25m11.60s, declination -11° 19’03.4”.


Saturn is at 13h26m59.21s, declination at -07° 10’26.5”.


Mars 12h39m39.72s, declination at -03° 26’23.0”


Mars natal over Zuben elgenubi (a violent star).


Transiting Node (01SAG59’) was passing over the frontal stars of scorpius, and these are powerful stars, the asteroid Lucifer (16SCO46’) had recently transited Holms natal Mars. At the progressed ( Biblical Astrology) time of Holms shooting spree, the asteroid Lucifer (27 SAG42’47”) was transiting the Galactic Center. Uranus was at 28 SAG 02’34” and Saturn was at 26 SAG 12’ 13”. Venus and the Gal. Center (Rise-Set, 0°01's,ms) had a paran this day even the Gorgonian Persei stars paraned to the Sun: The Sun to Gorgona Quatra (Set-LCul, 0°11's,er). During the Columbine High school massacre, al-gol,  beta (β) Persia was the heliacal rising star for that day, and the Deepwater Oil-Rig Disaster, al-gol, again,  and the Sun were together transiting across the oil-rig platform as it exploded and oil flowed into the Gulf Sea. This day was no different. Although no heliacal event happened a paran happened and this type of astrology has rarely in history been utilized or even spoken about as it was visual astrology/astronomy, and contained stars not just planets and their tropical positions.


The Moon transited Praesepe (M44) just an hour before that attack begun, in the fifth domain ( Placidus), and so the Moon had its full power, being nocturnal, in its home, and in the domain of entertainment. In Chinese historical astrology, Praesepe determines “Piled-up-corpses.” Holms’ progressed Mercury lay relative to an opposition of the transiting mundane Mercury which was posited next to the Moon, just post of Praesepe.  On the day of the shooting, the planet Mercury and the Moon had a signature of (Rise-Rise, 0°02'a,es). Mundane Pluto is ecliptically posited over Facies, sagittarii, a bad omen position, which at this time can be felt worldwide with the world’s entire problems. Previously, as Obama was elected and in 2008-‘9, Pluto moved over Polis, Sagittarius, and another famous star. Sagittarius rules law, rules religion and rules justice and individually the family unit is of prime importance to Sagittarius and we see all over the world with this new idea of a World Government, where daddy and mommy are replaced by machines and ruled by a central body or organ of ambitious individuals (politicians) the corruptibility of these things are a result of the individuals in power and at this time have power with Pluto’s position to manipulate law, families, justice and religion for their own avarice and sexual perversions. 


Some will intend that J.E. Holms was evil.  On this day, again and not to the least of observation, Uranus lowerculminated as Sinistra rises (LCul-Rise, 0°03's,ms). Yet, the Moon as we noted was a major player this day and the Mean Node of the Moon  had these parans: (Set-LCul, 0°15'a,es), Dschubba (LCul-LCul, 0°02's,ms), Althaur (Cul-LCul, 0°06's,mr), Decapoda (Set-LCul, 0°09'a,es), Ashlesha (Set-LCul, 0°09'a,alh). We already noted the head stars of scorpius , and here Dschubba has a two minuets of arc at setting with the Moon, but the cancri star Decapoda ( often comes up in rages and massacres.).


Capella, alpha (α) Auriga Evening last (helical setting)  19 July 2012 (-0), visible on  17 June 2012 (-32). Capella is a quadruple star system and often rivals in luminosity of later Antares, and if taken as a whole value of light it is the fifteenth brightest traditional star known.


The mundane story shows that true Moon’s node squared Polaris (Squ 0°00',s), one of the most luminous stars known (2,200, bolometric, luminosity, in solar units), and is 430- 433 light years away from our solar system. Polaris, alpha (α ) ursae minoris,  is currently our North Star and is a variable – pulsating cepheid, changing in brightness from a 0.12 during the middle of the twentieth century to 0.02 magnitude beginning in the 1990s. Polaris is a supergiant giving it astrological weight for lasting memories of whatever characteristic has hued with the star.


So overall what interpretation do we have from this event chart at Aurora Colorado? We have the Moon traversing the Piled-up-corpses (M44) and moving to the ambition star of alpha cancri, while the true node of the Moon squares a supergiant and the mundane pole-star, as the grim reaper is conjunct to success (spica) on the western horizon (endings), and Jupiter remains in Hell (Hyades), while Venus graces the Dark Rift, and Holms’ Chiron to Al Hecka (Con 4°25',a), the anti-Dark Rift is posited over the celestial equator alpha aquarii star at the event, therefore hurting the king ( the alpha aquarii star intends the chosen one of  the king or the king’s luck) perhaps because it turns out not to be a political opponent but a like minded individual as our President. Recently, Noam Chomsky, a rabid political leftist made a comparison about Bush, Jr. and B. Hussein Obama. The difference, he intends, George W. Bush, Jr. kidnapped and tortured people but Obama just kills U.S. citizens without any representation or court appearances. In this manner, as Obama’s Sun is in a relative conjunction to Acubens for his natal birth astrological chart, James Egan Holms and  Barak Hussein Obama are like-minded.



July 23, 2012

The Tea Party Did It! ( blog: Ace of Spades),

posted by Andy at 11:32 AM,

And if it wasn't the tea party, it was some other rightwing nutjob! /MFM

Gabe posted the following on Twitter this morning, and, to be honest, I'd forgotten about half of them.

FLASHBACK: when Dr. Amy Bishop shot her colleagues, the Left speculated that she was a Tea Partier. In fact, she was an Obama donor.

FLASHBACK: Discovery Channel hostage-taker was supposedly a climate change denier. In fact, he was an enviroweenie, D.Channel intern.

FLASHBACK: the census-taker was supposedly hanged by extremist anti-tax Tea Partiers. In fact, he hanged himself.

FLASHBACK: the Times Square Bomber was speculated to be upset about [Health Care Reform]. In fact, he was jihadi scum.

FLASHBACK: the guy who flew his plane into the IRS in TX was supposedly a Tea Partier. In fact, he quoted from the Communist Manifesto.

FLASHBACK: the guy who was stabbing NYC cabbies was supposedly an anti-Ground Zero Mosque Tea Partier. In fact, he supported the GZM.

FLASHBACK: the Pentagon shooter was supposedly a Tea Party extremist. In fact, he was a 9/11 Truther.

FLASHBACK: when the Ft. Hood shooting happened, the Left speculated that it was a “RWNJ.” In fact, it was a Muslim nutjob.

FLASHBACK: When the Tucson shooting occurred, it was immediately blamed on Tea Party rhetoric. In fact, Loughner was a-political & insane.

Is it just me, or is it odd that the media's go-to suspect in these things is always, always on the conservative side of the political spectrum. It's almost like they have an agenda or something.

White Democratic Party USA: ‘Gabby Douglas’ is just a monkey, not human'

(first week in August 4, 2012):  The Leftwing Media Corps, National Broadcaster Company (N.B.C.) decided to run a anti-black racist burn commercially right after American Olympic Women’s Gymnastic star, Gabby Douglas won the coveted individual all around, beating out all other Olympic countries challengers. Because Gabby Douglas’s skin color is black, N.B.C. thought it would be worth teaching the world by airing a puchin monkey, named Crystal, swinging on the gymnasium rings – thus drawing the comparison to the U.S.’s favorite then Douglas, because the world champion, also a member of the U.S. Olympic Team,  was eliminated in the earlier rounds.  N.B.C.’s CEO/President is not Jeff Zucker ( over a year ago) so one cannot blame The Jews, decisions to air insensitive television advertisements lays with Steve Burke. This was an American historical moment and N.B.C. showed its ‘true colors.’ Like the T.V. it came shining through.  

N.B.C. airs a monkey swinging on the gymnasium rings as Gabby Douglas’ receives the Olympic Gold Medal in the Women’s’ All Around, Gymnastics. There was no comment; N.B.C. officials only pulled ‘Gabby Douglas’ as a monkey’ the future comparison-commercial ads after a myriad of complaints. N.B.C. had and continues to have some very low ratings, the most extremist of leftwing media in American 1%  of top earning corporations. Chris Matthews one of the main media mouth spokesman continues ad nausea to call for the poor people (Tea Party,  i.e. persons who left RINOs, Republicans in Name Only, like Mitt Romney) to be imprisoned on concentration camps. Some of these poor are blacks, and this remains the white Aryan agenda at N.B.C. This generation of children, just growing up and eventually will be able to vote are grown up in a midst of a lie. They believe the Democratic Party is the anti-racist party. The Democratic Party is the original ‘slaveholder’ party and white is right party. In my opinion it continues today in subtitle forms as this anti-black commercial aimed at Gabby Douglas black heritage.

How Obama Will Win Reelection

(7 Aug 2012, Burbank, CA.)  The Obama/Axelrod campaign plan mirrors Mao Tse-tung murderous rampage to regain power in 1965. The Mao plan was to attack, attack, lie, attack with slander and libel to oust the good Chinese politicians who had placed Mao out to pasture (removed him from power).  By taking the offensive, this kept the competition on the defensive and allowed Mao to enact mass murder campaigns on little children to create terror and fear in the wider Chinese populous. On Mao’s orders, Chinese youth, students from the colleges, placed dynamite under entire families, children and women who were about as poor as the common American homeless persons and blow these families up while laughing. This was a part of the attack plan by Mao; that is to say, he kept the focus away from his failed policies and uneducated reforms and placed the foci on illusion Chinese enemies of the state, calling them capitalist roaders where the only belonging they had owned ( not even a toilet) was a fold up chair. Mao claimed he had attended Beijing University, when he only worked in the book store and never was accepted or went to prep-school. Even the dumb academics continue this lie.

Obama’s Columbia College Transcripts are being held hostage because Obama does not want anyone to see what is contained in them. We know that in order to get into Harvard Law School, Obama’s grades had to be stellar, so he is not hiding these records in fear of someone seeing a B+ on political science economics class – the truth is that one of his classmates (who never saw him) called all the Columbia classmates the same year of Obama and absolutely no-one had ever known of him or seen him at the school. Obama most likely is hiding he received foreign aid for students ( a citizen of Malaysia, Obama lived there when he was young, attending an pro-Islamic school in which he writes about) which would disqualify him from being a U.S. President, and most likely would put him in jail. However, Mao Tse-tung held on to all his murderous power and died while the Chinese tyrant. He was not the leader or any type of leader of the Long March, nor was Mao a university student ( he never attended college) and Mao was not from a poor family, but from a privileged landed elite who owned land, ranches, and farms – he being considered as a 1%. Most academics continue this Mao lie to uphold the status quo of elites ruling all modes of thought and political action. Their salaries are dependant upon a set of persistent lies.

The Democratic Part’s Twitter page posts daily slanders and libels. Yesterday, Mitt Romney was a ring-leader in global Chinese prostitution. Harry Reid, of whom Obama asked to slander Romney, slanders Romney on a daily basis to keep the Republicans on the defensive by taking their attention away from Obama’s failed policies.



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