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Released: 1st september 2011:  (10:47 p.m. Burbank, CA.)



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Iran did 9 11 for revenge

Apokálypsis; "Article III." 11 September 2001, Historiography"


V II I i Kalid Shaikh Mohammad *coding. 2013-14 w/ docs, photos.

  1. Article III, sec ii, a, 11 September 2001, Historiography. PAGEREF _Toc302660747 \h 1

  2. (a)        Operation Boom! PAGEREF _Toc302660748 \h 4

  3. (b)        The World Trade Center as the Prime Target in U.S. Academic Report given to Clinton about the 10th of September 1999, while he was with Jiang at Auckland. PAGEREF _Toc302660749 \h 5

  4. (c)        WMD, Bill Clinton, Dear Friend. PAGEREF _Toc302660750 \h 6


manifesto: KMS Kalid Shaikh Mohammad uses extreme points of view, a style of argument, where a point is almost exaggerated, but holds a weight of truth: On God vs. Human governance, “A mother can even lie with her son and they can issue a marriage certificate for them if the majority of Congress or Parliament agrees to such a thing. ( KSM m, part 1 of 3,  p. 10). This is true, but to be accurate, KSM should include a period, because 100 years ago, no law ever would be allowed for a Mother and child to have sex and wed, period! So his argument is systemic where as reality, as Socrates recorded by Plato intends, the government system is not the issue, it is the rulers or leaders that makes centralized rule or demos governments.

We can see that both Conservatives and the Democrats, now basically both NEOCONS would be terrified, and rightly so over these revelations. When is enough, enough? At this time, liberals on secret campus labs performing recombinant DNAs creations of every cross bread of humans to animals, to bugs they can imagine, and they are hard core liberals who do not care about others, their happiness pertains to their excitement of ‘ experimenting’ on physical and biological matter, just to laugh. Of course, you guess right, these are Atheists, who believe they are gods, and this is a party to them --- they play act, like little fantasy Disney – Hollywood movie stars, and just abuse others to no end.


Khalid S Muhammad part 1 of 3 on secularism

So since westerners ( and easterners) elitists cannot interpret correctly, because of these atheist- animal- emotionless views of the western power structures, the same plague of human filth that Britain went around the world to conquer the animals (their views of non English humans on the planet) made it easy ( called dehumization) to go about slaughtering, raping, pillaging, controlling ( in case of the British, they just took control of the courts, and then legalized English fleecing banks to rape the silver from China and various s monies from India -- it was all good because to the new Atheist Philosophers, these Easterners and Middle Easterners were viewed through a lenses of science, where humans appeared as toy animals to be tested and played with ---- which KSM is trying to say. So it made it very easy for F.D.R. and MEAMIC to go about the world and take, pillage, control, murder, rape and plunder, all under the name sakes of  Freedom, of Democracy,  and for Justice and Truth for ALL!

However, KSM narrative does have its limitations. In one section, he calls out the only true God is the Moslem God, which then disqualifies him of having any authority whatsoever in very complex subjects. The Qur'an, actually in the late 19th century it was punctuated as Qu'ran, So KSM does not even know how to spell his own Holy Book, more sad than ironic! This and other places I attest are somewhere around the 12 th grade level or high school, not ready for prime time or college level, yet. As an engineer, he studied the universal language of maths, so his foray into this new class of intelligence, the social studies appears to be quite new to him, and his discretion for historical facts remains limited, and at some points poor and outright fabrications.

I guess sitting in a Guantanamo Bay prison detention center KSM resides his time to learning to read and write and it appears he just entered what perhaps would be an undergraduate level at a second tier College, for any department of the Social Sciences in regards to history, politician and culture. So historical and thus factual mistakes are commonplace. Unfortunately, one cannot trust Obama or MEAMIC. I'm not sure how MEAMIC allows Gitmo inmates to access archives over the internet, I'm sure if KSM needs to learn his history by a few library books he can keep, he will never learn his true history and therefore communicate the incorrect solutions he seeks to achieve.

Muaz Hamza Ahmad al-Alawi, et al. names.

Analyst note: The 55th Arab Brigade, also referred to in reporting as the al-Qaida Brigade, the Mujahideen

Brigade, and the Arab Fighters, served as UBL’s primary battle formation supporting Taliban objectives, with UBL

participating closely in the command and control of the brigade. Nashwan Abd al-Razzaq Abd al-Baqi, aka (Abdul

Hadi al-Iraqi), ISN US9IZ-010026DP (IZ-10026), had primary operational command of the 55th Arab Brigade,


MEAMIC Claim: Detainee [YM 10014 ] has demonstrated his hatred for Americans at JTFGTMO and will likely reestablish ties to al-Qaida and other extremist elements if released.

REAL CLAIM: Detainee [YM 10014 ] has demonstrated his refusal to have  Americans go around the world and take lands, kill innocents and eradicate the non white/hispanos so we recommend to Obama this inmate not be released! He will try to stop our raping and pillaging, so let us continue to conquer the world for Satan's purposes --U.S. leadership, Washington D.C. 2014 A.D.

According to F.B.I. Documents Clinton was monitoring or more correctly cheerleading them on, what is called 55 Arab Brigade and their training camps to do 9/11/ 01 but the media never said anything, even though this was not secret. c.f. Arab Brigade 01-Feb-1998, FBI 3540-01548-026-0015, DIA CAR 55th Arab Brigade 18-Sep-2001, IIR 2 340 6362 02, 000440 SIR 04-Mar-2004, IIR 6 034 0246 02, IIR 6 034 0252 06, 000078 SIR 14-Oct-2006, and Various ISNs COLISEUM ANS I005-04-0132.



Article III, sec ii, a, 11th September 2001, Historiography


Kalid Shaikh Mohammad (KSM, a.k.a. self styled ‘jackal’; age 44 currently in 2009) zeal for “perpetual battle” against the west formed from his exposure to the United States of America in contrast to his poverty stricken homeland of Pakistan. His parents who raised him in Kuwait, neither poor nor wealthy, garnered enough funds to send their son to be schooled in the United States of America. “Mr. Mohammad was accepted at Chowan College, a Baptist college in rural North Carolina where many foreign students came to improve their English.”[1] He later transferred to North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, where he earned a mechanical engineering degree in 1986.


The 9/11 Commission Report affirmed that U.S. schools had not seeded any anti-United States of America propaganda into Mr. Mohammad’s mind. They are liars.  Contrary to normative academic conviction many groups in the United States of America argue that white America, mainly Christians, Israelites and Catholics are failures and Muslims [and Far Easterners] are champions on Ethics and Morality, as discoursed by almost all high-learning institutions - -backed by the majority of leftwing media – and world-wide. This empiricism results from an Islamic idealism, a very conservative nature which keeps their states in a perpetual medieval mindset. On the other hand, the radical political left sides with Islam against Christianity, this is politics. 


Women are subservient to men, homosexuality is legally banned and religious protocol and alcohol consumption are strictly regulated. However, this is permissible to  the U.S. political left, but not permissible to the U.S. political right. This is because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


In essence, Islam is restricted by its very conservative fears from progressing to a modern mindset of some communal world cooperation and some equal rights. They are furthered reinforced to stay in this mindset by the U.S. political left, who have nothing but praise for their inhuman rights --- as long as defeating, and murdering and suppressing Christians remains the collective goal of both political agents.  Since Obama is touted by the left-wing establishment as the smartest man in the world, Obama claimed that all politicians lie. This is his view and not mine. So when the leftwing 9/11 commission claimed KSM did not become radicalized on pro-inhuman-rights Islamic groups on U.S. campuses, we know by this ultimate intellect Obama that they are liars.


Mr. Mohammad instead of fostering a competitive mindset to organize liberation of these conservative restrictions, instead left the United States for Pakistan and Afghanistan to join the mujahedeen who were upset at the Ottoman Empire fall after WWI, and who were then “the beneficiaries of millions of dollars from the CIA, in the fight against the Soviet Union.”[2] It was after the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan that a local hero, and the war’s spiritual leader, Usama bin Laden, joined or co-founded ‘ the base’ (trans. al Qu’aeda) to account for missing soldiers and to plan for western reprisals to what he deemed as unforgivable sins against Islam by the west (meaning Soviets).  Prior to being cut-off from his family’s group – inheritance, bin Laden acted like a one-man U.N. peace-keeping corps and gave money to poor and suppressed Muslims all around the Middle East.  At this time he was not advocating a war against the west, a radical leftist invention.  We first heard of bin Laden  from Ramzi Yousef after the first World Trade Center bombings. All that was said of him was that he was a person whom roamed the Middle East giving out money and investing in infrastructure – the same thing U.S. or world corporations do in duel-transitions productions ( read about duel-transitions, and getting backward countries economically on their feet and joining the world’s working communities.’).


Since the late nineteenth century, Europeans went around carving up the Middle East and exploiting labor and raw-materials (the most wanted, oil!). All bin Laden wanted was to inspire people to get on their feet and get the Europeans out of the domains, and killing and enslaving the poor. However, empirically, it was KSM and not bin Laden’s inspiration when empirically, terrorist attacks increased from a few people’s death to some 1,000s of people dying. Schooled in the U.S. KSM knew better how to create carnage and fear by mass-terrorist attacks. bin Laden was never the intellectual KSM had been or would be – and bin Laden’s consistent message of bettering people’s lives by investing in their communities was actually a positive proposition and practice. As any commoner with visions of hope for common people’s agency, bin Laden angered the Saudi Government after they disregarded concerns by bin Laden’s groups and followers to abandon sex-parties, raping the commoners, living like western debauched kings, drugs, alcohol, and telling and forcing the common people to adhere to strict Islam.  The Saudi Government being powerful and backed by Bill Clinton who sold ships, tanks, airplanes, and general military equipment (see stats for U.S. foreign military sales, 1999 being the highest of the last few decades of the twentieth century!) stopped bin Laden’s inheritance payments and banished him because bin Laden refused to be a conformist of elitist duplicity and hater of Islam ( as the Saudi Royals apparently practice their hatred on a daily basis). KSM, wanting to prove he was a real Islamic terrorist, cut-off Daniel Pearl’s head which had a deep impact upon Al Qu’aeda’s members. More intelligent and being  schooled in the U.S.A. at a major college, he could provide a better over-all program of terror, and bin Laden could only stay on the sidelines and be a cheerleader! 


While Clinton was selling nuclear-weapons to the Chinese, he needed a distraction, and the poor peasant of the Middle East, and the archenemy of Clinton’s political base was a perfect solution. The good Samaritan of the Middle East was now branded by the radical left as the number –one enemy of America – thus Al Qu’aeda was born form the Democratic reaction to European’s Christendom and if the left could rally the radical Islamic terrorist to attack America, the left could blame the right-wing – and win their pathological emotional empty-ideas of creating chaos because it was fun to do so.  It was fun, Clinton loved shooting missiles at innocent people all around the middle east. China did not mind, they gave the indigenous $1,000,000 for each Cruise Missile that failed to explode on impact. It was after and not prior to these careless Cruise Missile Attacks that bin Laden then declared by a non-binding fatwa, War against America. It was Clinton who initiated the reaction that created bin Laden as the world’s number one terrorist – when all along the U.S. schooled KSM to radicalization  and of which he was the mastermind of 9/11 and his extended family were involved in both World Trade Center events and ultimately 9/11 was not bin Laden's fault. In fact, after 9/11 bin Laden denied at least 60 times to many media he has no part in the planning or attack. In 2003, a bizarre video appeared of him admitting to orchestrating and implementing 9/11. However, the person in the video does not fit the biological details, height, weight, nose, nor character mannerisms of the real and often video bin Laden. The 9/11 Commission took whatever propaganda was available and claimed it was bin Laden, as long as it was anti-American in nature.


The Wars in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Libya, formerly in Lebanon,  and currently Obama approved drone attacks upon innocent women and children in Pakistan under the guise of dangerous Islamic terrorists,  and now including Yemen were all the cause of whom I called ‘The Beast’ i.e. Clinton. The events of 9/11 would never have happened if Clinton did not go shooting cruise missiles all over the middle east, refusing for apologizing for England, France and other European nations and eventually the U.S. from invading their countries from the late nineteenth century onward and usurping their oil, and creating false wars to blame Islam as a backwards ideology and group of collective humans. Napoleon conquered the East, as in north Africa which gave interest to global ‘careers’ as Said had claimed, although he misunderstood almost all literature he had provided as evidence, sparked the next phase of European expansion and resulted in Industrial Revolution(s) and culminating a few hundred years later as the  commencement  the Age of Oil. The left wing figured out that they could lie ( again, political ideas are spurned by lies, Obama claims) and claim only Republican or conservative world forces were the ones Oil-imperializing in the east. When a Democratic administration was in control of the U.S.A. and doing exactly the same thing as the left’s claimants, they remained silence and oil-imperializing was thus permissible. These types of left-wing ideas prompted radio personality Michael Savage to coin a pathology on the left-political-wing as a real form of a human disease. This was empirical for anyone with a brain-cell: when the right-wing had its administration in power in the U.S.A. oil-imperialism was bad, non-permissible; but when a left-wing administration was in power, U.S.A. oil-imperialism was an ethical permissibleness, something to claim as moral and as good! This type of political posturing in the world of ideas creates world wars, creates small skirmishes, and creates suffering for profit on both sides of the political isle. It is by no-means an European phenomena and disease, it actually affects all peoples of all places and times. To cover-up the tracts in western history, creating demons of Islam to justify raping their oil and natural minerals was conspired by the U.S. atheist academia and its corroborating and trained international imperialist corporations. God was left out, there were no ethical or moral adherences to a system of ideas of global good, there was no god, so might as well as rape Islam and laugh all the way to the bank in your $80,000 Mercedes Benz. God apparently is not happy about this, and Hollywood, California, the entertainment capital of the world, apparently buys the most expensive automobiles, uses the most gas per specified group, ostracizing anyone who affiliates to God or Conservative ideas, and blames God ( Christians) for oil-imperialism. In other words, celebrities ( co-opted the astrological term ‘stars.’) engage in Evil doings and contribute considerably to global war and non-peaceful solutions. Their number one motive is attention, it is an addiction so vile that they create lies against the Catholic Church or Islam to justify their aristocratic ( non-common people) existence. The policies of forgiveness are not solutions for Hollywood, the actual halting of the virus is a vital first step in governing world peace and global solutions of want, despair and suffering ( because their mansions, their large ships, and expensive automobiles contribute to the international imperialist corporations that both political sides feed into the pit of disperse.


Is Hollywood innocent of my charge? bin Laden’s entire life’s purpose, according to him, his words, was to rid the middle east, not of westerners, but of western imperialists, especially the oil Imperialists. The claim of a Caliphate is the same as Athenians claiming they want their ten tribal representatives for the Athenian Democratic Experience. But Clinton and the left, including right-wing followers, blindly accepted the wrongful ascription and turned Islam into an evil agent, the nefarious left wanting to spark an Islamic reaction and physically attacking the U.S.A. was a hope and change policy -- to which they were victorious. The U.S.A. Democratic ( Leftist) Party consistently in U.S. history votes overwhelmingly to ban U.S. soil or U.S. off-shore oil drilling, to save the U.S. environment – but consistently votes, takes campaign contributions, lobbyist election funds, and brown bags of cash to oil companies that imperialize and destroy the environment of the traditional Islamic domains. What did bin Laden want again? These oil-imperialist out of the Middle East. bin Laden cared not for contracts or laws which were agreed upon by two elitist state entities ( the west and the ruling government or family in the middle east) – both were not ruling as Islamists -- thus the reason the Saudi Royal family disinherited bin Laden and stopped his inheritance payments.


Ramzi Yousef attacked the World Trade Center, and thus it showed he was an incompetent terrorist – he failed. The next planner was KSM – he was cleared by the left because he was actually radicalized in U.S. anti-Christian academia – the 9/11 commission had to cover this up as Clinton had to distract his audience from selling to the Chinese military the tools for Armageddon.


(a)    Operation Boom!


Kalid Shaikh Mohammad’s nephew, Ramzi Yousef, whose inspiration in Operation Bojinka ( connotative as:  Boom!) inspired Mr. Mohammad to use jet airplanes as missiles, and this report was given to the White House in September of the year of 1999,  while Clinton was with Jiang at Auckland. Yousef was put on trial for the first World Trade Center bombings, in 1993 , a trial which took place under newly elected William Jefferson Clinton (Blythe IV) –all of which revealed to the west, under testimony at New York, Usama bin Laden’s identity but for Yousef’s political ideology ( anti-Christian) Clinton let him go free – as Clinton was never a Christian. Usama bin Laden viewed then President Bill Clinton’s involvement in Bosnia, Sudan, Kosovo,  as attacks upon Islam, and the breaking of International Law. Yousef  and Mr. Mohammad adopted the same viewpoint.


“It was not until the mid-1990s that American counterterrorism experts began to understand Mr. Mohammad’s significance to the cause of global jihad, after a thwarted plot to blow up 12 American commercial aircraft in midair.”  Mazzetti reports what had been known by me and others associated to intelligence on Islamist reactionism to global Muslim ascendancy, “The so-called Bojinka plot, hatched in a Minila apartment with his nephew, the World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef, was Mr. Mohammad’s first inspiration  for using airliners as ballistic missiles against civilian targets, according to the 9/11 commission report and recently declassified C.I.A. documents.” [3] One such idea was to fly an airliner into the Eiffel Tower, a symbolic jester to “wake the world up,” a common expression Mr. Mohammad expounded during his seven-year contemplation in U.S. custody.


(b)    The World Trade Center as the Prime Target in U.S. Academic Report given to Clinton about the 10th of September 1999, while he was with Jiang at Auckland.


Subsequently, as terrorist attacks escalated in 1998, on the last day of June of the year of 1999, Bill Clinton ordered a scholastic and an intelligence report[4] on all the well known terrorist/Islamists’ psychological profile and secret case results—sequestering top academics in the field and secret C.I.A. reports. After a summer of compellation and group effort the report was given to the White House in the first week of September of 1999. THE SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY OF TERRORISM:  WHO BECOMES A TERRORIST AND WHY? (September 1999), a report prepared under an Interagency Agreement by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, explained in the unredacted version that Bojinka plot revealed that planes could be used as missiles against civilian targets.[5] In addition, it related that bin Laden most likely would retaliate for Clinton’s actions against al Qu’aeda, however none of his plans became a reality, as KSM had more devious plans.


Eerily, in this section on hijacking planes accompanied  a photograph of the World Trade Center towers, and after 11 September 2001 attacks Bill Clinton was questioned by the media about this report’s connections. Upon explication, Clinton’s answer was that it was a fantastical claim and he did not believe that this could happen. He also claimed that he believed the sources were unreliable – although they came from the same academicians he had been awarded a degree by.  Giving Bill Clinton the benefit of doubt, no-one could have thought such a successful operation could have been achieved. However, in the seventh month of the medieval calendar ( Annunciation of Mary’s New Year Calendar, periodic of the Old Babylonian New Year begun at the Spring Equinox, most Christian celebrations revolved around these, thus the adoption of this Old Style Calendar in use during Nostradamus’ lifetime, the clue of the target, the tools (airplanes) were all too obvious, and Clinton was not the only one who saw this report. Yousef’s idea of multi-planes was then improved upon by KSM many years later who advised bin Laden this was the correct form of creating weapons of mass destruction by use of commercial technology – as long as they had full tanks of gas.


After participating in the Trade Center bombing on February 26, 1993, Yousef, then 25 or 26 years old, returned to Manila, the Philippines, that same day. In Manila, he plotted "Project Bojinka," a plan to plant bombs aboard U.S. passenger airliners in 1995, using a virtually undetectable bomb that he had created. He was skilled in the art of converting Casio digital watches into timing switches that use light bulb filaments to ignite cotton soaked in nitroglycerine explosive. He carried out a practice run on a Philippine Airlines Flight 434 bound for Tokyo on December 9, 1994. A wearer of contact lenses, Yousef concealed the nitroglycerin compound in a bottle normally used to hold saline solution. His bomb killed a Japanese tourist seated near the explosive, which he left taped under a seat, and wounded 10 others.


In March 1993, prosecutors in Manhattan indicted Yousef for his role in the WTC bombing. On January 6, 1995, Manila police raided Yousef's room overlooking Pope John Paul II's motorcade route into the city. Yousef had fled the room after accidentally starting a fire while mixing chemicals. Police found explosives, a map of the Pope's route, clerical robes, and a computer disk describing the plot against the Pope, as well as planned attacks against U.S. airlines. Yousef's fingerprints were on the material, but he had vanished, along with his girlfriend, Carol Santiago. Also found in his room was a letter threatening Filipino interests if a comrade held in custody were not released. It claimed the "ability to make and use chemicals and poisonous gas... for use against vital institutions and residential populations and the sources of drinking water." Yousef's foiled plot involved blowing up eleven U.S. commercial aircraft in midair. The bombs were to be made of a stable, liquid form of nitroglycerin designed to pass through airport metal detectors.[6]


(c)    WMD, Bill Clinton, Dear Friend


After Bill Clinton supposedly read this (the unredacted version, including planes as inspiration to be used as ballistic missiles), as admitted to the Associated Press, his concerns were focused elsewhere. The first week of September of the year of 1999, Clinton’s focus was on the Dear Friends program. TV, archival media, one can distinctly tell between the Chinese diplomatic uses of the English term as ‘friend,’ ‘dear friend,’ or ‘dear friends’ at public pronouncements. Many dear friends originate form California.  Diane Feinstein is such a dear friend. She helped position Jiang Zemin into San Francisco influential circles and as courteously returned he led Beijing to the Americans during his governorship position. Zemin rose to power as he could handle this stressful position. On U.C. Berkeley campuses of these publically accessed servers are all the nuclear-weapon designs, these assets interested the Chinese military, they needed access into San Francisco’s high echelons to gather intelligence to battle the west when they became ready for world-imperialism. But, indeed, this was not even the best plan, the Dear Friends program was the ultimate intel-access plan and it paid-off substantially.


The Dear Friends program ultimately came from the pampheteer’s of the late eighteenth century as British ships outfitted with German cannons along the Yangtse river ( and others) had devastated towns after towns to place fear toward the Imperial government to open up China’s south for human and natural exploitation and world trade.[7] The German cannons could shot cannon balls up to one-mile from their ships, and as with most history of states’ settlements these emerge as communities by causeways – allowing the devastation to take place –which struck fear into the Imperial court in which they succumbed to British hegemony (1841 Bogue forts/Pearl River and later 1842 Yangtze River,see 1838 declaration of war on China over opium, and the rejection of the Macartney Embassy to Hong Kong 1793, and the Peking ( Beijing) Imperial rejection). The Chinese pamphleteers that arose advocated to their Canton officials and populous of a need to acquire western technology in order to defend themselves from this imperialism in the future. One such case involved Lin Tse-Hsu, who was banished to Turkestan but began a series of letters agitating the imperial government to adopt western technology. Another case involved Wei Yuan (1794-1856) who had written a self realization piece and published in the Illustrated Gazetteer of Maritime Countries. This need, of course, became a standard Tse-tung cry; but more importantly Deng Xiaoping’ strategy after Tse-tung’s death. By the 1980s, this program flourished and became a standard doctrine of Jiang Zemin,[8] who formed relationships in the San Francisco Bay Area[9] while his political career involved his governorship of Shanghai. Dear Friends were open code-words to signal Chinese intelligence and these Chinese mafias operating in the United States of America and elsewhere to stand clear of involvement with any of these Dear Friend individuals –these were government contacts who were actively helping the Chinese acquire that modern technology so emoted in the late eighteenth century. In effect, the U.S.A. was paying for British sins. The British used some state of the art German military technology (cannons that could fire up to one mile, and superior firearms) and contributed to the envy Germany had at the commencement of the twentieth century as all other European nations had carved up slices of the world for themselves – all using German ingenuity but never allowing the Germans to come to the party ( thus WWI and WWII, German involvement!). 


China would wait until November of 1999 to be accepted into the exclusive World Trade Organization, prompted by U.S.A., France, and other club. nations. However, about nineteen years earlier Clinton became the first to open American ‘non-military or high-technology’ trade to China which fixed Arkansas as the second too last economic state to when Clinton left office one of the top economic U.S. states – he turned the state from a poverty stricken domain into a world-class business and ideas.  Much of this also came by the way of Iran-Contra programs and the machining parts for weapons to South America were being manufactured under Clinton’s nose.  The C.I.A. took notice of such a criminally minded person and selected Clinton to run for the U.S. office of the Presidency. The C.I.A. protected Clinton’s reputation so he could manage his nickname. Teflon Don, e.g. no criminal charges ever stuck to Clinton including aggravated assault and rape! With the C.I.A., N.S.A., and other alphabet insane asylums producing the Oil-Imperialist programs, they needed a criminal to trust and Clinton was thug-smart and his brother-in-law needed security for running massive amounts of cocaine around the world.


Political ambitious in the 1980s, as governor of a fledgling economic zone in America, the Arkansas state, Clinton first opened up Tyson Foods to do business with China. As Arkansas was economically one of the depraved states in federal revenue, Bill Clinton’s economic success story stemmed from capitalistic measures toward a needy Chinese global ascendancy. Arkansas became an economic success story, and the Chinese government officials saw a U.S. political figure quite opposite of the inclusive and restrictive U.S. conservative exceptionalism. These fresh events alerted the Chinese central authorities to establish a working relationship to the 1960s radical and form a Dear Friend project with him. The relationship would be mutually beneficial. These Chinese central authorities’ would use proxy entrepreneurs and U.S. Chinese immigrants to fund Clinton’s political campaigns, and in turn he would defray the top technology that Chinese government so longed desired, expressed by these pamphleteers – to acquire the technology for a world defense. In three subsequent and separate political investigations,[10] it was revealed, the Burton Commission, the Chinese government using these proxy relationships funneled into the Democratic National Committee and various Democratic fundraising operations, $44,000,000 dollars – of which only $2,400,000 eventually had been returned – noting that these monies had been spent and could not be recuperated.[11] These finding remained in the 1998 Impeachment proceeding documents yet were overcast though by the revelation of extra sexual relationships and judicial impropriety. In September of 1999, Bill Clinton’s mindset focused more on his commitment to the Dear Friends program than to the fantastical claims of the September 1999 The Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism: who becomes a terrorist and why ? report. His commitment on the first weeks of September was to continually appease his counterpart Jiang Zemin (Jiang =John) at the Asian Pacific Summit in Auckland New Zealand.


As transmitted, the C.I.A. transcript of a personal meeting between Zemin and Clinton, Zemin said, “I consider Bill my ‘Dear Friend.”’[12] That date was 11 September 1999, a clear conviction of two leaders who were intrinsically involved with the destinies of humankind a calendar link to X. LXXII. Clinton’s ‘multipolarity,’ program took the New Left presidency over to a population of over a billion persons. The leader of the free world had done his job and was being thanked as a “Dear Friend,” as this would be the last face-to-face meeting of the two as heads of state.[13] This of course is the neo Babylonian, Hebrew, post-crucifixion liturgical year and now adjusted to our standard time for all nations.


Clinton’s mind was not on the terrorist profile report, but upon his historic actions of ‘leveling the playing field,’ a policy possibly proposed by anti-nuclear activist to the head of the Department of Energy, Hazel O’Leary.[14] She declassified 11 million pages of data on U.S.A. nuclear weapons and loosened up security at weapons labs. Hazel O’Leary organized with Hillary Clinton China trade missions, in which missile technology companies represented themselves to help China’s missile systems modernize.[15] This was done under the discourse of satellite communications, and modernizing China’s rocket delivery systems. Clinton had China adopt the Nuclear Test Ban Treatise, but the defrayment of supercomputers ‘mainly’ replaced all the needs for testing of nuclear weapons.  Ronald Reagan, so despised by the radical left, actually implemented a grand scheme with the Soviets to first reduce then abolish all nuclear weapon stockpiles. Obama continues that policy today but we know he claims every politician ( he is a career politician are liars).  Henry Kissinger wrote the document. These suggestions and plans were not followed. Instead, Bill Clinton, and his wife, took a risk by helping China modernize its nuclear strike force.  Someone had to defeat the evil Christians Clinton believed, if not Islam then the Chinese could do the job. In academia, power is all that matters, atheistic power and to achieve it all spiritual functionaries must be eliminated, and Christians to Clinton was the most formidable force. These ideas came by the way of a fallacy called ‘post-modernism.’ Its ideas are born from leveling the playing field. The ethical and morally minded Christians do not have the ultimate truth, a post-modernist will claim. What about a mass murdering atheistic government, they have the same WMD rights as Christians – that is the idea at its core!


Bill Clinton was the first postmodern (New Left) president in U.S. history. In 1998 planes equipped with chemical sprayers began to re-again spray cities with toxic chemicals. These patents were created in the 1970s, but the U.S.A. had already admitted to spraying 206 cities with various agents to see how the human body would react. For athists government power-players, humans are the test subjects – the U.S.A. was no different than Japanese human experiments, German NAZI human experiments’ and the countries do not stop there either!


The U.S. government quietly admitted it sprayed 206 cities from 1950-’65 with biological weapons.  Weapons of Mass Destruction were now not limited to nuclear weapons bombs or rockets.



[1] Mazzetti, Mark, Portrait of 9/11 ‘ Jackal’ Emerges as He Awaits Trial (New York: New York Times,  14 November 2009, accessed 14 November 2009),  available from http://

[2] Ibid., Mazzetti,. Note, President Jimmy Carter first proposed to financially allow ‘carte blanche’ to fund the mujahedeen in a proxy war against the imperial aspirations of the Soviet Union vying for control to market production and future oil lines. It was under Ronald Reagan, who brought some of the mujahedeen to the White House which communicated that these were freedom fighters engaged against the Soviet behemoth, who were framed as the bad guys.

[3] Ibid., Ibid., Mazzetti.

[4] The study "Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism," reported the findings of FRD's research of then -current literature written by experts on terrorism, inside and outside government, and was commissioned in June 1999 by the National Intelligence Council ( and delivered in September 1999. In response to a number of inquiries from the media concerning the report "Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism," which was mounted on our website on December 14, 2001, the Federal Research Division (FRD) offers the following background: see link below of a revised and redacted report.

[5] THE SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY OF TERRORISM:  WHO BECOMES A TERRORIST AND WHY? ( September 1999), a report Prepared under an Interagency Agreement by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, redacted version available online from; Internet. Author: Rex A. Hudson ; Editor: Marilyn Majeska; Project Managers: Andrea M. Savada; Helen C. Metz.


[7] The British who traded with China had amassed a debt and the only commodity that could balance that debt was opium. China was self sufficient and had understood of Europe’s imperialism.  After Manchus and senior officials argued for two years on what to do about the British illegal smuggling and addiction to their people  ( possibly up to 12 million including imperial workers/military) had passed 39 articles in 1839 and sent Lin to Canton to enforce it. Since British debt turned around with the opium smuggling it saw a surplus and planned to keep those trade imbalances continuing by war – and that is the war that started the reaction to the nuclear missiles in central China. The extraterritorial treaties forced five Chinese ports, Canton, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Linbou and Shanghi to submit to British demands, including tariff and jurisdictional powers for European subjects. Import duties were lowered from 65% to 5% and destroyed mom-and-pop Chinese businesses, as well as the economy.

[8] In March 1990, after Deng Xiaoping retired from the post, Jiang was elected chairman of the PRC Central Military Commission. He was formally elected a member of the Politburo’s Standing Committee, general secretary of the Fourteenth CCP Central Committee, and chairman of the CCP Central Military Commission in 1992. In March 1993, Jiang was elected PRC president and chairman of the PRC Central Military Commission. “Zemin watched vary closely to learn the ropes. Deng was getting old, and he wanted to learn as much as possible. Spying was their main avenue of recourse,” in Sources and Techniques of Obtaining National Defense Science and Technology Intelligence: Huo Zhongwen and Wang Zongxiao, Kexue Jishu Wenxuan Publishing Co. Beijing, 1991(Federation of American Scientists, accessed 2001), available from ;Internet. 

[9]  AM, “California Congressman (D) Feinstein was recognized as a leading voice in Congress calling for the strengthening of Sino-American relations. Her strong interest in China dates back to 1979 when, as mayor of San Francisco, she developed the first sister-city relationship between the United States and a Chinese city, Shanghai. Jiang Zemin, a key player in the Nostradamus 1999 prophecy, who was then mayor of Shanghai, and became president of China in 1993, a year after Feinstein was first elected to the U.S. Senate. Feinstein has maintained close ties with President Jiang and continues to travel to China nearly every year. They call each other close friends.” (Los Angeles: Communication 23 Preface 3,  Feinstein Northern California, in Background: 1970's to 1990 Page 3, LGA123014303051966-COM23), p.3.

[10] see (1) Union Calendar No. 471, 105th Congress, 2d Session - House Report 105–829, Investigation of Political Fundraising Improprieties and Possible Violations of Law, Interim Report, 1-6, by Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, together with additional minority views vols. 1-4 (Washington DC: Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and ordered to be printed, November  5, 1998), headed by Dan Burton, Indiana, Chairman, and as the date of 5 November 1998 this report was given to Hon. Newt Gingrich ,Speaker of the House of Representatives, Washington, DC. note 1997 Special Investigation in Connection with 1996 Federal Election Campaigns/Section 1 revealed for the first time the $44,000,000 funneled in from proxy persons by way of orders from the Chinese central government – see testimony at trial to admittance as to orders from the Chinese central authorities to funnel campaign contributions into the DNC coffers to gain access to the Dear Friends program; and (2) Congressman Christopher Cox Report, 3 January 1999; and (3) Dan Burton’s court trials, 17 convicted and 144 fled the country.  This was set up following the convocation of the 105th Congress in January 1997, and simply was termed “The Committee” which has the broadest oversight jurisdiction and most extensive subpoena authority of any committee of the Senate. The first of these purposes was to create a record of what occurred during the 1996 election cycle to inform the American people. A knowledgeable electorate is the cornerstone of democracy, and the public has a right to know what went on during the 1996 campaign. (1997 Special Investigation in Connection with 1996 Federal Election Campaigns/Section 2), no longer available from ; Internet. see some documents fro ;Internet, see Senator Thompson’s Opening Statement to the Government Affairs Committee Special Investigation Hearings (Washington DC: Senate, 8 July 1997, accessed 2 December 2009), available from ; see also, “Proliferation of WMD and the Intelligence Community 3 March 1999 –House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.”

[11] These figures were later revised to be closer to $100,000,000 as this single Dan Burton investigation looked toward early contributions and not the later contributions.

[12] USIS Washington File, C.I.A., ‘REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AND PRESIDENT JIANG ZEMIN OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA IN PHOTO OPPORTUNITY’ (Auckland, New Zealand: Office of the Press Secretary, White House, release:  For Immediate Release, September 11, 1999, 5:18 P.M. (L) [local time], released to public on 13 September 1999, FILE FROM CIA 1999|990913-prc.  Also One spy, however, was different from the others. He didn't work for just any agency. He had burrowed deep inside the U.S. intelligence community, meaning that the People's Republic of China had access to vital secrets.  The information was revealed to FBI counterintelligence agents in highly sensitive communications intercepts between the Chinese Embassy in Washington and Chinese intelligence officers in Beijing. The intercepts suggested the agent was supplying the Chinese with classified defense information.  The spy's code name was ``Ma'' - Chinese for ``horse.''  A Chinese government official who defected to the United States after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 also told U.S. intelligence that China had successfully developed five to 10 clandestine sources of information here,” (Gertz Bill, Washington Times, 2001) ;

AM “The defector said these agents were known as ``Dear Friends'' of China. A term President Jiang Zemin used to Acknowledge President Clinton in the Historic treaty of September 1999.” (Com 23, 2001)

[13] Although, at Hong Kong, Wednesday of 9th of May 2001 in Jiang's suit Bill Clinton and Jiang met to discuss some personal things, both giving speeches to select organizations, “Clinton spokesman, P.J. Crowley [...] He said the two men had developed a good rapport in their previous meetings and described this morning's session as "very cordial." "The two of them spent a great amount of time reflecting on the accomplishments of the last eight years," he said. "Both President Jiang and President Clinton have invested a great deal in improving relations and in building a broader understanding between our two countries, and the meeting reflected that fact." (Washington Post Foreign Service: Philip P. Pan,  Thursday, May 10, 2001; Page A22).

[14] Hazel O’Leary, keeper of the nations’ atom secrets as secretary of energy from 1993 to 1997. O'Leary declassified 204 previously-secret nuclear tests just before traveling to Russia. The secretary justified disclosing the secret tests in order, as she put it, to "expose the impact of the Cold War, both in terms of environmental health and safety impacts and also impacts on, if you will, the psyche of the nation." According to a Washington Post account from December 8, 1993, O'Leary's goal was to expose secrets from "an unresponsive bureaucracy wedded to a bomb-building culture, " see American Spectator 5/99 John B. Roberts II, in “Beasts” Chapter I,  Archangel Michael Com 23, p. 7, 2001.

[15] Fritsch, Peter, China Evade U.S. Sanctions On Iran (The Wall Street Journal: Monday, 4 January 2010, Vol. CCLV No. 2, A1), “Chinese companies banned from doing business in the U.S. for allegedly selling missile technology to Iran continue to do a brisk trade with American companies, according to an analysis of shipping records [The Clinton decision to withdrawal form the public domain the 1990s shipping records on exports to China was an attempt to classify related duel-use and potential nuclear weapons transferences.] A unit of state-owned China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corp., for example, has made nearly 300 illegal shipments to U.S. firms since a ban was imposed on CPMIEC and its affiliates in the mid-2006 [ Bush Presidency], according to an analysis of shipping records by the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, a non-profit proliferation watchdog.”