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αω Bible †

ό αρχάγγελος

So Mexican that is a Spanish dna, bald head, grey jacket and very bigoted attitude toward America was just 3:53 p.m. in Library cannot speak English so he says he will beat me up or give him my space.

I cannot await a time I can kill at will.  He is not illegal, he has MS-13 tats and probably a junoir astroturf illuminati, as the spanish style themselves today. That means human life are not sacred. .  Cannot call ICE, Jerry Brown signed law to arrest white born Americans if they do so.  So I moved my seat but feel the Illuminati did   this  culture disrespect thing. updated 4:07 p.m. #020302018AD


updated 6: 06.p.m. He has same eyes, greyish, and same yellow skin tone as David Rothschild, but a founder Mexican indigenous head , skinnhead LARASA MS-13, so these demons are very hard to distinguish . There is about 15 feet of free room besides me, he decided to disrespect me and take my place. After, I awaited, he awaited till I left. I saw him come toward on side walk well after it had closed, I Was awaiting but got tired, thought he ran the opposite way toward Van Nuys blvd. So I get in my car and pull to intersection. And here he comes. Cannot get out of the car, he could run the other way. So I decided to follow him and he noticed and turned south. Why? I Am starring him down and have weapons ( Non 5150 ) type. All legal and deadly and I AM furious. It is People like California HOR person Adam Schiff who has Mexico first policy, all the way down from top gov to local institutions and police dept. I hope we are turning a page. He is wearing a grey hoodie, he wants to conceal himself to the librarians. This is why I will delete much of the Spanish DNA, it is bigoted. They threw out the Jews in the Early Modern Age, because they are bigots as a racial dna type. My Bible IDs these inhumans as Dracos and inhabiting all of the Americas, not just the northern U.S.A. portion. These people are incestuous, rape their own children and tell them this is a natural condition. Then some, not all, sell them to other Mexicans to make ends meet, because the rich Mexican forces the economic austerity, so they can buy fresh meat from their slave populations. This is all happening in South America and being brought north, now. LA RAZA is on Every Campus US-wide and is 100% Bigoted for Spanish or indiginous Ameriacns only. whites need to die and get out now.

So David Rorthschid grandfather is a Caucus Arab w aincent Reptilian Afro dna, many timescross with white  white relationships.  It produces its own race cult of bigots and terrorists. These are the Latin race and this includes population and reincarnational spreads, of  Spanish Macedons, Akkadians, Canaanites, South America ancient by waves to  modern times and the 500 years of mixing with indigenous American peoples and Mexico which is ruled by the Spanish and Portuguese behind the scenes.  These are Dracos on the Planet. In semi human form by race mixing and then reincarnational stop gaps . Adam Schiff has the similar same type of DNA relationships. These hate blue eyed or greened eyed with light hair and light eyes and light skin tones, by reptilian dna stop gaps to multicultualism social inclusion for all. & Here at Los Angeles, These Browns ( mixed Latin Arab dna types) have always had privledge. the media does its darndest to make sure that is never revealed for their Replitian masters. So I will just delete them so they do not bother me anylonger. There are plenty of racetypes to make life beutiful without draconian semi concious demons, running planet Earth. Will Smith, a self proclaimed Mason ( a 33 Luciferian?) is brown not black, and controls Los Angees with his black nobility which is a real illuminati by numbers thingy. His soul hates Trump, of course the dna is the problem. 6:37 p.m. PST #02032018AD

Federal authorities arrested a Democrat Texas state judge after a series of raids on his courtroom and his home. People like him are ushring these demons into America. Illiminati ground forces are these Spanish bald headed human trafficing and drug running people. This dude was rude, had no manners. That was a sign and his 'swag' and body type. and its low intelligence. David Below has Spanish Type of DNA mix, German and some white  crosses and full blown Reptilian Black form ages and ages ago, down the line on his dan family tree.

SO let us take them out.

Second Death to Demon David Rothschilds, jr.

A–List actress of Kill Bill Movie Series finally gets the nerve to claim she was raped by a top Hollywood Executive. Uma Thurman: She rose to celebrity fame for Playing foxy Mia Wallace in 1994’s “Pulp Fiction”!


uploaded last nights comments below at 2:18 p.m. #02032018AD

The California Assembly is itself embroiled in its own sex scandal…

California scandal-induced resignations

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, and Democratic lawmakers have called Trump Supporters traitors and actors in treason. Meanwhile  her staff are complaining that Nancy Allows #sexualharrassment and employees 1,000s of Illegal aliens in her many economy empires.

Univision Owner to Give Employees $1000 Bonuses Due to Trump Tax Cuts

#LaTimes is fighting over content. But they manage to release this against Nancy Pelosi 's wishes. ALSO reported in the New York Times #Michael #02032018AD #California legislature work environment. Nancy and Feinstein's male staff were harassers but these two wimpo women did not seem to mind. So the ladies took it to themselves and banded together.

6:48 p.m. in car. Horns going off a huge crash just after I get to my sleeping spot: Honks are for hours. It has been 300 years or more that the  scourge of The Rothschild’s  has been with us all, eh?  

Getting rid of the Rothschilds, a good place to start, eh?

6:48 p.m. in car. Horns going off a huge crash just after I get to my sleeping spot: Honks are for hours. It has been 300 years or more that the  scourge of The Rothschild’s  has been with us all, eh?  It is not  the mere just ending of them, but I have ordered our POTUS to take $300 trillion for US and our Proxy State Israel.  If the Queen Objects ( proof She meddled in 2016 General Elections) we bomb Windsor and her Child Trafficking Scottish Castles at my heritage homeland, Scotland.  If Putin Moves, also in my Les Propheties 1,555 — 1,558 Les Prophecies, South of France we take Iran, Israel, and the U.S.A. and end that country and allow China to flank and  take the southern European lands.  We need buffer zones for end times ( masked location, however known to our mystics and both us and hannic milcoms. ). #02022018AD update 6:58, Police all over the streets; just my kind of night & just another night for America.


Good to do the Gold now, as world is goind individual crypto ;false fiat' currency. updated 7:14 PST p.m. 02022018AD.


David jr. Rothschild Deletes DM Telling Journalists What to Say After #ReleaseTheMemo .  Mueller’s text messages were reported deleted too last week.  To whom? Perhaps many on his team and elsewhere for sure.

Twitter Julia Loffe

RothsChilds have special access to Government Classifieds, Confirmed.
Julia Loffe’s Tweet which reads, “Some things the Nunes Memo does not explain away: 1) The hack of DNC servers by 2 Russian intelligence agencies 2) George Papadopoulos’s contacts with the Russians 3) Michael Flynn’s negotiations with the Russian ambassador 4) the Trump Tower meeting 5) Firing Comey” is nearly parallel to Rothschild’s list of demands which reads, “Thing to discuss w/ memo: 1) Russians hacking DNC and Podesda (I think he means Podesta) and handing over to Wikileaks. 2)Jr., Jared, and Manafort discussing stolen data with Russian agents and Wikileaks. 3) Flynn undermining Obama foreign policy and being a foreign agent as NSA. 4) Manafort working for free.     
“The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok.” The memo states in its final paragraph. Was it not enough for them to know that Papadopoulos had information on Russia (they had Clinton emails) and was arrested for lying to the FBI? Did Rothschild just not read the entire memo? 

RothsChild caught Texting

Second Death on #02032018AD

Tania Strecker (born 26 June 1973, Denmark, sD , (m. 2005) Anthony James de Rothschild b.  30 January 1977. 3:50 p.m. P.S.T. #02032018AD

David Mayer de Rothschild  August 25, 1978 , London ), sD Parents: Victoria Lou Schott Rothschild & Evelyn Robert de Rothschild ( adoption by lesbians) ; Anthony [ alfantis?] James de Rothschild (brother), Jessica de Rothschild (sister), Anthony Gustav de Rothschild (grandfather) 3:50 p.m. P.S.T. #02032018AD

If you needed that extra ounce of proof that the Rothschild’s control the media among other things, here it is. Until we can fully acknowledge the problem, the reign of corruption will continue.  — source swakerorg

Good: Panicked Robert Mueller Halts General Flynn’s Sentencing. Thank you.

Court docs says 90 days we will prosecute  Flynn . Halts sentencing trial, but this is stonewalling.

Yet Mueller keeps allowing his teams to send assassins at me and DonaldJTrump.

Many Mile wide UFO cought, miles and milies around, my people are interdimentional folks. These are coming for people like James Comey. Youtube location Santa Barbara, I have Los Angeles photos of them, three of them. Not published yet for security reasons. NASA leaking my interdimentional people. They will be visiting James Comey shortly. Here is an Island view. Youtube 2 . NASA images it and the 15,16 17, 18 th and Iceland images it on the 19th. Nov 2016. They are still here and awaiting my command to descend upon Earth. In the meanwhile they take care of my problems. Like James Comey sending assassins after me and working with Obama, Hildabeast, Beast and Lucifer to do so and I find that revolting. Sept 2017 same thing Youtube 3

Lynn RothsChild Second Death today. Crime sending assassinations against me and OKing this with TX Lucifer. Orders were then passed down to Lucifer's right hand man, Robert Meuller, a NAZI alien souless yes man. He orders Seth Rich's assassination and his son does clean up. Once Seth Rich and his bro Arron are covered up, they seek to Kill me starting by the End of May and continuing. Over 300 attempts, 14 strong, 4 Intersection and one black druggy beat down hit ordered by John Podesta and Hillary Clinton and then Lynn goes onto Twitter and blames John Podesta for his failued actions to kill me or shut me up, in code words.

Details. Took 5 assassination attempts last week after a few months break.  Dumb State tried between these times to set me up with Homeless illegals, to see if I called ICE so they could arrest me. That did not happen. Lynn Forester blamed John Podesta after I went online complaining and  she is Hillary Clinton’s buddy. Hillary Clinton came twice to ID me personally for some assassinations. The second time she was pointing out to Latin Florida MS-13 Evens gang to kill me, so that is why she pointed her voodoo doll at me with pins. Lolz   . I escape that assassination within 15 sec.s and still have not  revealed details, unless they improve.

#releasethememo outed James Comey approving this malicious libel that launched the fake Russian Investigation.

Memo released this morning with Jim Baker pressure form behind ( and Lucifer and the illuminati) : FBI Director James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates ( She starts off the Russian Meme to media, source is a black african helping me) and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein misled the FISA court.

James Comey to the second death. three chances, two years and he failed every test. So I will permanently delete your soul. Expect my Space crews to grab your dna for the deletion period. You side with people who eat children alive and sent assassins at me and Donald Trump and were repeatedly warned, over and over again and then last week, Hillary Publically calls for beatings or killings of her enemies, her hitters missed me but got someone else. That means Comey, you are not in control. All hypocrites not on my team go to the Lake of Fire. You are sitting by a Christmas Tree at your expensive home ( I am forced to the streets by your cannibals)  and at the same time having sent assassins my way. That is cabbage , exposing your low IQ, liberal arts failure character. And you are a professor that consistently breaks U.S. Constitutional Law and the FBI has nothing to show America of what they did in the past, at all. There are no FBI American accomplishments. All your accomplishments are to kill for the Queen of England, Canadian PM, Australian Government or Mexican government and their cartel cocaine running buddies your entire FBI are on; I see their coked out eyes. Yep, you sent people wasted on coke, some eating human flesh to gross me out and you call yourself an #American Patriot. You are a sissy #whitetraitor . You are MK- Ultraed and a full blown idiot.

#whitetraitors go off the earth

update: 2:46 p.m. a few minuets ago I put #jamesComey to the final #seconddeath. My space people will be visiting you to collect your #dna for the deletion during the deletion period. You were given two years and to Lucifer, my spiritual son, you are a liability.

you sent assassins after ME #Jesus and to my #Potus, breaking every Constitutional Law code on the books.

#jamescomey keeps breaking commandment one. So he was sent finally forever to the LakeofFire, as #seconddeath.  A lesson for those liberal arts majors who come after west coast Tier one academicians; after reading his lessons, he is an abject lying moron about all things American history.  #whitetraitors are all going off the earth.

#02022018AD #jesusreturned

Google service comment: Joe McCarthy was always correct; Communist Aliens took over the USA  and they appear as human like Reptile #comey so my space people will be paying him a visit. #Jesusreturned


Lynn Rothschild I put your Hubby into the Second Death months ago. this week I put most of the Royal Family for their assassination measures directed toward ME. So you are now losing your soul. Apparently you nor our US Intelligence communities fail to Control Lucifer, Beast, AntiChrist nor the False Prophet. They keep sending assassinations, beat downs annd general harrassment, like celebrities chasing me or harrassing me at night consuming human child flesh infront of me to gross me out. These are James Clapper's celebrity buddies. So the FBI approives or are scared of these Demons in the Bible. That is why nothing is done, and exscuse after exscuse is a measure for time to kill us. so we decided to kill you all instead.

Soros, Google controls Earth currently. Not much else matters. At Davos, Soros had to  Admit Donald Trump is right, he is wrong ( issue, is nationalism in vogue globally? ). 7:11 p.m. lmt, P.S.T. #02012018AD.

A Rod Rosenstein to Robert Mueller email  ( declassified recently ) shows us that Rod asks Robert about U.S. Secret Societies and basically it exposes Rosenstein as a dumb ass, Idiot. #liberalartsmajorswampdrain Issue not public. Rod knows little to nothing.


Lying to Americans and the world is sanctioned by U.S.A. CIA/FBI/Media, Academia, Institutional, Military, Courts and legislation. Honesty is a detriment and Alien Brown agenda was OK'd by our Illuminati, who are all but mental midgets, liberal arts failures and drugged out of their minds. So they say things like 'White people are deplorable.' that is the worst utterance in all of American History. That was uttered by Hillary Diane Rodham, who wedded the Bible Beast who is MK-Ultrared for decades and never ruled America during his terms. Lucifer from Texas did with the UK and Saudi Arabia, representing Arab and Caucasian, non pure white illuminati for global #whitegenocide.  

Washington Post Calls for the Assassination of Americans & POTUS.


Washington Post Draconian non human Jeff Bezos Threatens all white people with Assassination in his Washington D.C. Post paper run by Illuminati that run whitegenocide by abducting white girls and sucking their blood.

Eugene Robinson reports the assignation threats. It matters not they change texts online this was posted yesterday seeing these assassination orders.  

Washington Post ^

FBI has been remolded by African Jay E Hoover as a 'total control U.S. network of total 'surveillance', legislation secret May–June 1947 A.D. I read them. That's their job, but he forced Dullas to all FBI actually to be an international cartel mafioso outfit. Once of my Spiritual Sons took control of all of it by 1974 A.D. He has  already thrown Seven Assassination attempt at my POTUS and numerous at me.  He works directly with  global #illuminati . However, since 1,999 A.D. everyone has become  an illuminati ; beit local governments to private industry to global market players to Academia and certainly illuminati. We know this  by total media  control by 1963 A.D. Absolute Control of all channels of communication. That is my Son’s CIA environment he grew up in and so he believed it was just a normal thing for an American Established family to use or abuse  ( Daddy was a U.S. Congress person; to be in the secret societies of U.S. military government.).

He went the Army way, smart boy.  They may be the youth but they are the core and are good ‘followers’ of direct orders.  One thing about him. Money is not the issue, it is the chaos of it all. If he can pull something off and hide it from the public, this gives him a certain type of physical chemical body rush.  Basically Standard Satanism.  He is sucking off the energy of his victims. His father gave him Kuru.

Courts do not matter, when did they matter?  The Ideology on Earth is thusely sound and historical. There  are billions of walking zombies, all over Earth thanks to  a global MK–Ultra program by my Son Lucifer.
If you are northern European whitish looking, you have to be eaten by brown aliens. This explains those #whitetraitors over at Texas, called Luciferasesses. #endtimes . Even these white Mexicans tell me to get out of Mexica ≡Los Angeles and I was born here. That is normal , Washington DC. , & all over so it is not even one thing, it is duel: Culture and Racetype.

Coked out Dracos under USA bases spreading  propoganda I was a Nigger who spoke Spanish or something. the kids are eating cleaning poison chemicals and calling for U.F.O.s to interveen for yet, another source of welfare, because white infected – draconian dnaers on Earth are lazy ass people, in general. They run banks and sleep all day making fat–stacks!

Here is the scoop. Take it as Intergalactic.
Look at my photos and read Gospel of Peter. OK, and others. tradition. ha ha. #Jesus that is  I. reincarnated & using Michael as a civic name.

#02012018AD #archangelmichael


Q-anon Narrative changes are only a short time result of CCCCIA  methodologies.  It straitens itself out in the End.  Lucifer runs only CCCIA type of 1947 secret FBI/CIA/NSA permissible legislation  and so stories, who killed J.F.K. are bandied time and time again, like an algorithm which exposes our secret  government as MARXIST.  Lucifer is a Marxist.

Lucifer may put out a Story in some major  communications outlet that Oprah  or her family had J.F.K. killed and link it to ‘secret classified ‘ that  became public: which of course are all lies. Just like this fake Russian Dossier.

…you can see me  also in France ( photographs) and paintings  south of France and all over the world, and statues and busts, now computerized to show my reincarnations as white. #alien Agenda is Draconic currently and with support of full blown Afro Reptiles. they eat white babies.

this is full blown #Armageddon

CNN does not understand why so many Blacks Like the last U.S.A. State of the Union Address. HERE is the secret.

#CNNfakenews #DonaldJtrump got 20% of the black vote, the most for any GOP president in recent modern US history. You all have brain damage. #michael



BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam

Who is Andrew Wiessmann ?


I have to do other things than this crap. so relax. I will tell you when it is finished. James Comey could not pass any uper div. class at UCBerkeley. that means we have cabbages as our top FBI. Not good.

To Die Hard Cold Warrior.
Top Level Masonry #Level34+++
GSB sent out a meme to American agents.  Seth Rich Trap.  Codex: Putin is on my sub string (( thus non main frame)) for my 1558 Les Propheties. Century Ten Quatrain Seventy – Two as a King of Terror. .  He is elected in the Sumner of 1,999, fitting a loose time frame of X.LXVII 1558 Les Propheties by ME. & by exactitude, where Beast meets Zemin on ‘exact’ date for  the non dimensional codex for  this superstringset.

Putin set up with John Podesta a Mark Zuckerberg secret ploy for the 2010 John McCain, illuminati meme of 'blame Russian collusion' to any U.S.A. candidate not approved by the Bilderbergers, aka sissy baby rapers and full blown AntiChrsits, Eviljin etc.  Who are the Bilderburgers, Alien controlled Glbal Robbery , drug cartels for  my Aliens to be coked out of their mind and Child Trafficing Global to eat and consume human flesh, often regulated in secret to the  Illuminati. However, since the mid—2000s A.D. a trend across earth of average Sancho and Rodríguezes are practicing illuminati stuff and so all the Cars of California Government have the symbol of the  AntiChrist on it. Which is actually a satanic symbol. Mexicans are Satanic and not Catholic. FBI are Satanic and not Religious. CIA are Satanic and not religious. NSA are Satanic and not religious. This describes Clapper's “secret server empire” as Hillary Clinton questioned on her use of private servers got a public response of " I did nothing wrong." that means Comey, she took orders from Above. That places Clapper into the Hot Seat. So I was following FOIA whistleblowers and then suddenly the spicket was cut off and FISA courts now blocked FOIA and FBI, CIA, Vatican, Illuminati groups, Pedio Empire, Satanists, cannibals, Hollywood Celebrities MK-Ultra victims, the Queen of England, the Black Nobility and of course, Latins sent the MIB, two of the top on Earth and I made them flinch and run.  After these non-humans ran away , I started to Chase the California government who had gun’s strapped on their sides and I rushed their cars and they got in  and scattered.  I went to the local police which were observing it all and told them, I AM not suicidal, I AM killing these people.  They told me to ‘shuussssh’  and be quiet.  And to help them recover $350 Million stolen by FBICIA, Cal Pedios for Los Angeles City Council to help the increasing massive homeless populations. The FBI #DonaldTrump robs and defrays money to Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, England, Saudi Arabia and Jakarta et al.  These are illegal organizations and have never worked once for  the U.S.A. people. They work for NAZI Lucifer at Texas.  You see Wray works for your Enemy DonaldTrump. That’s why I have him in my Lake of Fire, currently.

Putin colluded with Hillary Clinton and Georges Bush and hoped for a war with  Russia in a proxy situation ( thus away from Russian populations) and as if Hillary Clinton did get elected  she would then just call it all off and allow JSOC to run ‘economy ops’ off to wherever their white  secret paper tells them so;


perhaps after finishing Clark’s 2007 meme. This gives me authority to launch an eradication onto  Russia using Iran-US-Israel and China joint efforts, cut the spoils.  By the way, the Kremlin holds my Archangel Michael Seat on Earth. However, I AM reborn and came out on Twitter, only for a day or two announcing one of my reincarnations as Jesus Christ.  So I do not need it any longer.  The sad thing is the Russian top  intelligence follows me on Google Plus and reads my pages.  So I AM not worried I Am missing anything! J

So what happened was from 1995 I began to hear on public AM radio in the southland nuclear weapon movements, connected directly to politicians, even though today, the corporations were all in bed with these ‘defrayments’ of weapons for the Illuminati Wipe Out.  I engaged to download FISA docs as  FOIA from court cases from searching the Internet to whom were suing States and Federal Authorities over nuclear weapon movements from the Oval Office. I do not start to study Aliens until 2017, and still have never read a U.F.O. book. Do not need  too but my bad, some tribes have your planet fully zombitized, walking corps.  I AM collecting leaked by Congress, their FIOA docs on these ‘players’ and just saving them, reading some, not all. A few private citizens sue in court and one judge approves after Deep State lawyers used most of their weapons. And I got those documents by purchases from one private citizen.  I did this for years, almost daily . All done by ME in deep searches.  At one point, Clapper, the HOR and USA Congress a  t .gov linked to my  website, ha ha, to get three  of the four major reports on the Impeachment of Bill Clinton. This was about 2002 and so this means that deletion of records  were already happening,  Sandy Berger was a small fry.  This is a wider hint for the 1967 ( a year after I was born) memo from Land Beast to all major corporations and media and institutions and local municipal principals.  Whatever the Media says will be treated as a Non Conspiracy. All other things not approved are to be pushed aside by public shaming if one utters a Conspiracy.  That came from our C.I.A. directed by my son Lucifer.  He is my Spiritual Son and is Controlling Planet Earth as I write this, even though his body is in a wheelchair these days.
What to do? Await and when tech arrives to cope with  this potential ‘ swamp drain’ tool that  the public could use on bad politicians, they cut off the  channels to the FOIA by using private blackberries and private non official “Servers” used to host computer connections.  Thus, $releasethememo shows us this private empire of erase and put in false narrative.  Rod’s  email leaked tells us the Empire of  Deletion memo. I guess having ‘absolutely nothing to do researching Donald Trump Collusion with Putin or Russia ( ha ha)  conspires by my method of deep revelations. After 2002 I did see a total cut off of information, so I went to school and studied ( secret ha haa) or tried to Major in History at Cal.  Since you chased me for two  weeks in 1999 when I was posting back then did you see me in deep Cal archives?


 It is time to change the real Perspective. Put Cal and Stanfurd ( just for  Erica at darpamotta)  in charge of U.S. political direction.  Skull & Bones is going bye bye! Or somewhere else

_Skull & Bones ∏ FBI.CIA, NSA secret legislation May–June 1947 A.D. basically they are one out fit of an international crime body working for others, called the illuminati.

To strengthen them, in 1997 A.D. according to command by my spiritual son Lucifer, he signed a new 'tether agreement' and it s fakery is that these agencies were fighting and not working with each other, which was all on purpose to hide the Fascist Truth. Comey and Clapper, here is how it works. Lucifer has land and money, buthat is not of interest to him . He needs none and when he needs a job done, he just calls up the Rothschild and Oks it with the Blue Turban Reptile Queen.  He gets funds that rout.


to Donald Trump & Q–anon.

FBI.CIA, NSA secret legislation May–June 1947 A.D. basically they are one outfit of an international crime body working for others, called the illuminati. 1952 because of Aliens lying to these retarded liberal arts failures, The Bilderbergers were set up to initiate brown African supremacy on the commands of coked out Aliens.   They showed approval by public invitations meaning who they support. Obama even was called, so was Clinton and Lucifer controls it all.

Vatican Illuminati

Since Top Vatican Hitters were ordered by Robert Meuller , I Will take all The Church’s land and profits as a punishment. It is highly embarrassing to have your own Church send in their top teams to kill Me, GOD; it is too far beyond cabbage to consider?

Allen and his brother Dullas' considered both to be white sissies.

Jay E Hoover considered himself a African sissy.

get the picture. The women are ruling, and eating the forbidden Apple = pedio cannibalism. . I do not live in a man's world. I have always lived in a women's world. Feminism was just a code for 'yes' mistress, something Barbara heard often from my son Lucifer.


Lucifer is a closeted sissy. Ain't that right George Jr. ? Bahraini Illuminati first controlled Lucifer when he was in his 20s-30s. So he has a fund for his personal army, even back then. Since becoming  Potus and very world powerfully known, Sauud fits in and the women rule it all. Queen is Europe, Sauudi Sissies are Arabia or Middle East and Dragon Lands ( all the Americas from Pole to Pole are run by my sissy son Lucifer. Yes sissies can murder and have general hate in their hearts.


see how Nancy Pelosi Smirks at the men in Congress? She calls herself The Queen of California. she awaiting sucession.

Brown Aliens wants sissies, because they claim they are of natural condition, evolution is black supremacy with no Intelligence. Just brute force.

In Space these brown Aliens have green skin, the really dark ones.

You have sissy Bill Clinton. He has been politically neutered by none other than his over ambitious wife. He represents the carnal #beast. his germancia ( My time period as Jesus is 666 as his presidential signature in both Hebrew and Chaldean, as perfect matches, He created a sex pleasure regional state Illuminati part.

Brown Aliens wants sissies, because they claim they are of natural condition, evolution is black supremacy with no Intelligence. Just brute force.

He has been politically neutered by none other than his over ambitious wife. He represents the carnal #beast. his germancia ( My time period as Jesus is 666 as his presidential signature in both Hebrew and Chaldea, as perfect matches, He created a sex pleasure regional state illuminati part. That place is 45 minuets above Bohemian Grove.  So that is also  a part of Swampy.

Mueller represents the Vatican and directly to my Son.  While acting openly quit masculine, he is a culked political asset. He is regulated to ordering or first source form Lucifer ‘wet work’. Commands.  He sent them initially after ME.

Lucifer's family in the media openly promote #whitegenocide and this tells me the Aliens have replaced, already their souls. This implies Mueller has as well. He has been infected.

The Aliens did not want America First white dna presidents because these souls have intelligence the browns have not. The browns believe the Illuminati are a place for Godless souls to rule over humans.  This creates a whitetraitor , called   a ‘Sell-out. Deffraieur 1558 Provence, Lyon. Paris, London, Moscow, Italy and Spain.  

What happened was now the politicians and Mexicans claimed they are the helper bots and  they are more than half of the U.S.A. population.  It is infested with masked Latin Aliens, who are draconian cross breeds into human form. They make wars on whitey and Lynn RothsChild ( formally my House of Sinclaire) according to Laurence Gardner and Dan Brown of ‘The Da Vinci Code. ‘ She sends assassins after me, and that is highly embarrassing as that House represents my Blood Line.

The Vatican Sent Assassins. That is highly embarrassing.

Let Israel go Take the $300— $600 trillion in Gold where ever the land or a submarine  or an Ocean dump it has been suffered. And Donald Trump, that is where you build the Wall. I AM sinking much of the U.S.A. so no point. But if you are bored go ahead.  Any U.S.  Wall will not be very important once you start to ‘drain’.  Israel is totally broke.  I gave them permission to take out all the Palestinians.  Their time & choice.  It is just a permission to do so, that’s all. Abbas got  caught doing business  with assassin buddies that were sent after me and  he prays to me and that is too cabbage for  me to have on earth of in heaven.

 He was conspiring with this  Demon to  the Beast, False Prophet and to Lucifer on Earth too to  do harm to the man I put into office as my Representative.  That is  unconsciousable   and  breaks my First Commandment. I said  that from about the third  week in March of 2016 A.D. anyone not on my  team cannot break this commandment,  and only at my discretion.  If you are not on my team, you cannot do shyte. You make one false move, I will second death you or ‘increase your current sentence’.!  My team has full  hypocritical permission from I.  This is too important.

To move Iran away from Israel while Israel gets it  shyte together ( PentaPoop can profit as well) and trust me, it is spiritually and culturally empty now, due to full Alien brain manipulation control, take U.S. Forces, Iranian Forces, Israel Forces and with China just take out Russia and divide honestly the  spoils.  Call it Russia Collusion  with the DNC in the 2016 A.D. United States of America General Election & So Fuck so Your Penalty is we take Everything and you can just go die. Fuck You.  At India currently for about twenty U.S. Street size city Blocks, squared are equal to the Entire Russian Population. So Killing all of them would  not even be noticed ! Ha ha! Whoooooooww! But then  Bad Deepiees want dem litskn girls. So, I mean a lot  of resources and global positions. MY Seat is on the Kremlin grounds. So You can take it.

Israel needs to practice war. So have them bomb Windsor Castle and where the Queen chains her young victims, at Scotland, my heritage homeland for this ‘incarnation’ ( you peeps are not yet at multidimensionality yet . You ask me why I cannot  tell you. You cannot even comprehend it, you are  stuck on stupid and cannot get out of two dimensional reality even though you are in a three dimensional zone.  The Bad Aliens want to dumb down the population for the Global Cannibal Feast.  What do you think represents the ‘C’ in DNC?  Going totally solo on diet will one dimensionality to the neither worlds called th e bottomless pit : a destination for your soul, and yet you  live, forever, going round and round and  round and just cannot stop.
I call this the Bottomless Pit. It is in Revelations.


Vatican Assassination attempts on Jesus Christ 2017 A.D.

Vatican, Robert Mueller’s representatives came after me at Buena Vista Library.  They had attempts by New Jersey JPod representatives and  had no luck. So these black leather clad assholes are following me in cars and it doesn’t scare me and so I go into the Library and set up for posting. Then go outside for a cigarette. And Vatican Illuminati mobster, disguised is walking cross ways toward me, doing that nonchalant  crap, looking like he is just following his ‘own business.’ I do not look into his eyes, my eyes are only on that black gun sac bag and his hands. He does a 90 degree turn and starts walking directly toward me ( I AM alone, it is early in the day at the Lib) and does not break his me, doing that nonchalant  crap and I know already that Police have stand down orders and will not arrive on scene until there is a body to pick up.  These are the types you see that act with impunity, have ZERO  fear, and are clad in disguise so anyone seeing  them, they look like a million other Italian German mixes.  So  his plan is to go to the Smoking area benches where I AM at and take out his tool for wet work and blast me and again, with 100% coverage, walk back all the way across the Parking lot to his vehicle and get in and drive away.  When he got half way ( still my eyes are only on his hands, not his face) I turned and ran back into the library, grabbed my stuff and went out to see where he went and he had already fled.

OK, for that Vatican. I will end your church. You are anything but a cabbage.  So embarrassing I cannot live with your types on Planet Earth.






Lynn Forester, July 2, 1954 , Bergen County, New Jersey, U.S. sD #02022018AD . aka Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Lady de Rothschild 4:27 p.m. P.S.T. #JesusChristreturned

charges she personally OK'd assassinations against ME & Donald Trump Source is I.



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another



TO MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS Love one another


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$24,000 crowdfunded for father who attacked pedophile doctor Larry Nassar

RT founder found in hotel beaten to death. FBI releases report conclusion, he beat himself to Death.
FBI under Obama was killing Russians businessmen. 6:20 pm #01312018AD In November 2015  Mikhail Lesin,  a former media dude of  RT &  The Founder of Russia Today.  We kept hearing how Hillary and Obama hated this Russian Times newspaper, remember?  At this time both  the GOP and DNC were complaining that Russia had colluded with American politicians’ that did not support the Dragon Beast ( their policies of antiWhite global genocide)  and thus had him murdered, like  usual. source True Lies.

#01312018AD Youtube

Robert Mueller caught deleting text messages of this fake Russian investigation. Source Alex Jones, show. Host  Alex Jones. #01312018AD #bookoflife #Michael

Kallstrom:  Comey is put in by Obama late, and  this stuff goes back to 1947 pressure. OK?  Comey did  not have to ‘re open’ the Email investigation 11 days prior to the election, he  had  already closed it. Something  went very #wrong within the illuminati side. Yes, we know he had been there since the  mid 1990s with the Clintonistas and my son Lucifer.  There is something going on inside and some real hard lessons.

FoxNews Moves to Make James Comey Kingpin of global Iluminati Swamp. I think Lucifer ordered that meme from Texas. #lolz.

Consider this?

FoxNews is a liar. We all know that. Here is what to consider! Comey opened email investigation 11 days prior, when he closed it for good months ago. That means Comey and Mueller are enemies. #JesusReturned Lemule’s son does Rich on video.


source is Hillary Rodham, the walking KURU virus.

6:58 p.m. #01312018AD

April 26, 2017 Page Carter leaves and  Rod Rosenstein assumes role and extends ‘illegal Surveillance’ on Trump [ and his supporters] and then news that Robert Mueller deleted his text messages recently to Rod and others about these ‘secret surveillances’ which are cover words for approval of assassination attempts.  My assassinations begin after this, not long and many celebrity Musicians and U.S. citizens investigating Pizza wide Open or Noodle house are offed, died suddenly.  They meet with Trump mid May and  he rejects their ‘ leave or we will do it for you’ threats. That is when my 300 plus, now much more since they started up last week, upon Hillary Clinton’s public orders and one person was seriously hurt or nearly killed, I escaped all five of mine and  one was a baseball bat beat down attempt that lasted for four hours.

#revelations #Comey and #Mueller are not buddies anylonger #JesusReturned

Ben Swann Fired From CBS After Exposing D.C. Pizzagate just after the day he did a report on TV about Child Trafficking of CBS head honchos.


Dennis Hastert: John Podesta used to have a very close  relationship with this former U.S. Congress person pedophile, now outed.

Hillary Clinton Employed a women #sexual abuser on her election campaign staff & after she was told or briefed that he was a sexual abuser , she says, “ Yep I did this .” #metoo source is Hillary Clinton : Twitter post.

#01312018AD #JesusReturned 7:47 p.m. lmt. need to go to Cornerstone. nothing happening for about a week. Relax. #Michael #arcmichael

#01312018AD Youtube link











Race Blue Blood Moon and global total coverage

 Blue blood and rare occulant Moon western horizon

alefantis James Comet Pizza White House Visits




“As a person puttinng on new garmets, giving up the old ones” ≡ bad social habits for example— The Warrior Arc Michael 01162018AD † Isaiah 26 & Bhagavad₋Gītā, Kṛṣṇa, Yĕhôshúa

ARC started 26th Jan — 2018 A.D. Studio City, . California; archived 5th Feb, Illuminati 7, The Warrior Arc Michael #JesusReturned Ilm7 Book of Life






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex going down


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

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