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Apokálypsis; "Article II."Government Systems"


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Released: 9th september 2011:  (12:04 a..m. Burbank, CA.)


Topic: Predicting Nostradamus' Poems Before the Event,  Correctly

Article ii, sec. i, a


  1. Nostradamus Scholars who preinterpreted prediction. PAGEREF _Toc303267918 \h 1

  2. Nostradamus: Rise of the Common Classes – termed the middle classes. PAGEREF _Toc303267919 \h 2

  3. Muscuvite, Rus, Northern lands, Northern Eastern Lands, Soviets, Asia, Almanacs, Prophecies and prepredictions. PAGEREF _Toc303267920 \h 3

  4. Nostradamus Predicting the Soviet Union’ Imperialism Called Communism – Seen Prior to the events by Scholars in our Modern Age. PAGEREF _Toc303267921 \h 6


Nostradamus Scholars who preinterpreted prediction


Nicodemus Boyer & Vlaicu Ionescu VIII both made prepredictions on a prose passage by Nostradamus. Both used exclusively the authoritative 1568 edition of Les Propheties archived in the French National Librar

y. Both were academics, linguistically trained,  and this went against the Wikipedia’s Nostradamus page troll that intended for many years, overseen by another Nostradamian that no academic ever prepredicted anything of Nostradamus or even believed in predestination. This pertains to the triumph of post-modernism, the damnable sect of the common advent, elaborated upon by Nostradamus.


In addition, Wikipedia’s Nostradamian troll claimed by authority no academic (Ph. D) believed in Nostradamus nor prepredicted anything, although they read everything Nostradamus and claimed 30 years of experience, and the authority. This turned out to be a cover-up, false, and pitiful attempt to remain conservative to the past of perpetual ridicule. Einstein’s special relativity equations allowed for blackholes, but ridicule remained in the scientific academic community until the Hubble Telescope peered into deep space and found myriads of them around our Universe.


Geeks and dorks are apparently just as mean on the playground as the common play-ground or school bully.  Athenian Philosopher Socrates claimed the Earth was a sphere; his ideas were ridiculed for approximately 1,800 years until the 1600s A.C.E. – and there still has never been an apology by the atheist academia. Apparently the only powerful social, political and economic group to offer an apology to a great astrologer/scientist (Galileo) was the Catholic Church.

Wikipedia democratic structure is no better than aristocratic institutions protected by special interest groups (like knights to their feudal lords), as I have witnessed countless celebrities are permanently locked out from editing out rumor and gossip on sites that produce biographies on them. Although, a fifteenth century figure, Nostradamus’ web-page is no different.   This page helps to dispel these troll’s ability to propagandize – at least until haters take over the internet. The Nostradamus (eng.) Nostradamus page is a clearing house for this troll’s books – all others are badmouthed and denied sourced and denied attribution – it is an economic thing.  

I intend that English propoganda is still a force today as it was in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the height of the British creating what we understood of the East (Orientalism, e.g. Edward Said’s thesis!, although Said was a hopeless literary academic engaged in his own propaganda for Palestinian ascendancy.).  The main Author of the Wikipedia article intends that no Nostradamus prophecy had ever been predicted prior to its event, and certainly any attempt to edit this misnomer  have been countered at every attempt. Therefore The Book of Life will hold the facts rather than the English propaganda. Wikipedia page. [1] [ put DOR Here]. The page apparently won an award, reviewed by persons not in any way knowledgeable on the subject and the topic.


Nostradamus: Rise of the Common Classes – termed the middle classes.


The rise of the common classes, that includes atheists,  predicted by Nostradamus intend that long in world history between large civilizations and  their statist and fall periods, there were two class-structures, in a general sense – the aristocracy, the knights or warriors who were supported by the aristocracy for a return support, and than there were the peasant classes – all countries of the world – always with short-time-period exceptions. But no longer local, the world’s middle class has become the conflict of the future of the world in a competition of materialism predicated upon the atheistic doctrine of the big fish eats the little fist.  Everyone of the peasant classes, the largest human population group wants a middle class lifestyle and currently Indians and Chinese want what the Europeans and northern Americans have. The Age of Aquarius is the solution. The human who carries water bowls fills the world with more water ( materialism) so that the increase fish-pond has plenty of room for all, but the struggle to get to this point is what Nostradamus’ calls a damnable sect.  Therefore the atheists and all sub classifications there unto including paganism are damned, thereby releasing a spiritual purification so that humans are not as competitive for the competition of the big fish eats the smaller fish. The need of want and competition, I die with the most toys ambitions are held in checks and balances of a personal and not a state’s responsibility. While the common advent has been condition to refuse such a purpose they are then brought to the alter of the choice: Conform or be suppressed both physically and spiritually from taking part in evolutionary processes – to be wiped out of memory and existence by the vary science that supports their atheism. The common advent creates the hero and villain narrative, the same ideas that once created the religious ‘institutional structures,’ and gave rise to the atheistic scientific term, ‘religion’ itself. These ideas are no longer prescriptions passed the up and coming ‘Great Year.’ It will be a time to work together to relive conflict and war and look toward the skies, and to finally move on from this grand experiment.


This applies to a phrase Nostradamus used loosely translated as ‘Common advent [assembly].’ This idea relays the clearest ideas as the field of Post-Modernism: everyone is equal and therefore everyone has a right to their own idea of truth. There is absolutory no universal truth, including math. In fact, paranormal skeptic James Randi affirmed this idea in his skeptical book, The Mask of Nostradamus. He claimed in the opening chapter his adherence to post-modernism, without bring up the specific idea or term. He claimed that 1+1 = 3 and no one could tell him it was wrong – this is what he believed if he chose to believe it – it was a religious experience for him in the realm of atheism. Under this classification, no prophecy ever came true and the universal system of mathematics is all but a fallacy too.  More likely propaganda for a myriad of purposes, the Wikipedia pages on Nostradamus intend that no prophecy has ever been agreed upon or the future foretold. This is quite true, in post modernism truth is relative and a University of California, Berkeley, study shows that when people learn about research findings that conflict with their own beliefs about politically controversial topics, they not only doubt the conclusions, but also question the researcher's objectivity. This is no surprise. If someone is predisposed to free will, they will create in their construction of life a way – out to rationalize the fear they may have or doubts to witnessing propaganda –over and over again – such as America is more ethical and moral than Iran.


Many skeptics and paranormal critics intend that Nostredame is a manufactured prophet, simply by twisting his words to fit contemporary events, and for the more notable fact that no-one has ever predicted in advance a prophecy by Nostredame – albeit a fallacy at large. James Randi, who is among the fiercest paranormal skeptics, holds these views about Nostredame’s collection of works. However, he wore a social mask in guilt and at a late stage of his life after learning of a disease of cancer, lifted his mask which explains a predisposition against Christians predicated upon his sexual preference – and thus questions arise to why hide something that had been socially permissible for centuries in the U.S.A. and elsewhere but hide it all one’s life. And this makes his argument suspect to motives of propaganda. The raw evidence that Nostradamus foresaw the future and was figured out years ahead of time by two academics speaks wonders about scholastic honesty. I have no contempt for Randi, he seems to have many personal issues which clouded his objectivity – a standard requisite for an authority upon a subject.


Muscuvite, Rus, Northern lands, Northern Eastern Lands, Soviets, Asia, Almanacs, Prophecies and prepredictions.


In 1558 Nostredame published his third installment of Les Propheties. While the omnibus 1568 edition is our prime source, one such copy exists at the French National Library; we have a decent idea of what Nostredame had written. In a passage by Nostredame from an open letter to the king of France, a clear time-frame of seventy-three years and seven months is clearly understood. The aforementioned 1568 wording and this 1605 edition following texts are exactly the same. Therefore, Nostredame while addressing the French King wrote, “[...] la neufue Babylone, fille miſerable augmentée par l'abomination du premier holocauſte, & ne tiêdra tant ſeulemêt 73.[2] ans, 7.[3] mois [...].”[4] (The new Babylon, [that] miserable daughter, [will be] augmented by the abomination of the first Holocaust, and will not last more than 73 years and 7 months). Certain commentators, investigators, and scholars link the term holocaust to the twentieth century. Thereby affirming that the term was not used prior as an identifier to wars and genocide, as it was applied during the twentieth – century. Historically, the term holocaust was applied to animal sacrifices and feasts that accompanied religious rituals. During the dehumanization period of the twentieth century, these Hebrews were framed under the term Holocaust during the genocidal pursuits of World War II.


In this section of the Epistle, we must guess at which century he is speaking too. However, he mentions a great revolution in the month of October, and in the sixteenth century terminology Nostredame writes: “[...] & ƒera au mois d'Octobre[5] que quelque grande tranƒlation[6] ƒera faite, [...]”.[7]  ( ...and will be during the month of October, a great revolution will be made).


In a few places in the Epistle, the phrases, ‘Rois d'Aquilôn,’ ‘nôbre d'Aquilon’, ‘non freres Aquilonaires’ are mentioned. These were normative phrases for the upper eastern European and trans-European regions.


Nicodemus Boyer cites,  “[...] Et iceluy[8] temps grâdes[9] voiles Biſantines aſſociees aux Liguſtiques par l'appuy& puiſſance Aquilonaire, donnera quelque empeſchement que des deux Cretenſes ne leur ſera la Foy tenuë.”[10] as the case for the twentieth century events.[11] In a note on page 216 he describes the use of the old form “Ligurians,” as the “Peidmontese of Genoese of Northern Italy,” but qualifies the statement in that the designation used by Nostredame is “merely a synecdoche referring to the whole Italian nation.”[12] Aquilon, Nostredame used both for his Almanacs and Les Propheties, is literally used to describe “The Northern Country” as Russia. J. A. Chavigny went further and described “’Aquilon’ in the future centuries in North and East Europe and in North and Central Asia.”[13] Yet published pamphlets of the time, often described like later modern newspapers for their quick information digestion, the “‘Newe Zeytung’ (“The Newspaper”) published by Georg Kreydlein in Nuremberg, Germany, 1561 and 1578,” [14] claimed to have fulfilled the prophecies Nostredame had written in his 1559 Almanac, as too the condemnation of Ivan Vasilievich, more commonly known as Ivan the Fearsome in his day (Ivan Groznyi, mistranscribed as ‘terrible,’ by his enemies and adopted by later seventeenth century historiographers, which has stuck due to popular media.). In the presage for the year of 1559, in Nostredame’s Almanac for the same year, he had written, “Peste, chaut, feu, Roy d'Aquilon l'enseigne.”[15] Nostredame simply states that under the banner of the king of the northern far reaches (of Europe) that plague, fire and heat will be empirical for this year.[16] A pirated copy of the 1559 Almanac published at Paris simply has this presage for the year of 1559 on its cover.[17] What is of concern is that Nostredame is consistently pointing out the regions or locations and using the same identifiers – thereby Aquilon has been identified as Russia proper. In addition, Kreydlein’s attempt to validate Nostradamvs also recognizes the Muscovite kingdom from the term Aquilon.

Nostradamus Predicting the Soviet Union’ Imperialism Called Communism – Seen Prior to the events by Scholars in our Modern Age.


Ph. D Nicodemus E. Boyer [18] whose mammoth book Dr. M. “Nostradamus: 1999, The Seventh Month, Volume I, Adolf Hitler, The Black Horseman, and The Millennium in 2000” (1985)[19] has been largely ignored or even has been noticed. His price tag a rather ridiculous amount for about $250 dollars, consisting of a small tree in paper weight, contains popular as well as informative history. Boyer correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union while writing this manuscript during the late 1970s and early 1980s. This book was published in 1985, indicating that he had already understood the passage in the Epistle to King Henri II’s expression of the great Aquitaine, irreligious society that was the abomination of God and its end would happen in June of 1991. Note Odd A. Westad’s figures and arguments for begin and end dates and keep in mind that Imperial Russia was still under the Julian Calendar, placing their revolution under the Gregorian Calendar as not in late October (as the October  Revolution is thusly named) but on the 7th of November.


“The Soviet Union (or the Communist Power in Russia) is predicted to last for “only” 73 years and 7 months. Since the October Revolution (according to the new calendar) was accomplished on November 7, 1917, Communism is supposed to fall in Russia on June 7, 1991, or around that time. This part of the prophecy is another proof that New Babylon is an allegorical symbol of the Soviet Union (that is community organizers, inexperienced) and not a real person. For a women (a “miserable daughter”), 73 years and 7 months would be quite long life (especially from Nostradamus’ point of view, since in the Middle Ages the average human life expectancy was about 30 years), whereas for a country or a particular form of government (in this case, the “New Babylon” or Russia ruled by a government which keeps its Jews and other nations in captivity and rarely grants exit permits to leave “Babylon”), however this is a relatively a short period of existence, and to emphasize that, Nostradamus uses the word “only.” [...].[20]


Boyer repeats this claim in text and notes throughout his work;  as well as intertwine various histories in his argumentations. According to Odd A. Westad,[21] the events of June 1989 are an acceptable date for the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Vlaicu Ionescu VIII who after analyzing Nostredame’s Epistle to King Henri II, as Lemesurier writes “did successfully manage to pinpoint the collapse of the Soviet Union well in advance.”[22] Now that the illusion has been dispelled, we look toward to understanding for whom has the power and what is the power. Boyer admits that Garencières is full of misprints and he chooses to use Benoist Regaud’s 1568 edition for his source, confirming his use of the accepted prime source used by all the academics.[23] He notes mistakes in Erica Cheetham and Leoni’s texts, citing the preservation of the earliest source that gives way to proper treatment of anagrams.[24]  Lemesurier refuses to cite this work, possible never having seen it, or more properly his Pyramid Perdition book (c. 1977)  places him in the role of God and any competition even by Nostradamus would jeopardize such indulgent calamities of self aggrandizement. It appears people in different decades of the last half-century indeed have called out a Nostradamus prediction with predictable accuracy.


In chapter ten of Odd Arne Westad’s book, “The Global Cold War: Third World Intervention and the Making of Our Times” (2003), the Director of Cold War Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science (used as a textbook at the University of California, Berkeley for the history class -- History 124b [25]) intends the real fall of U.S.S.R. communism was the coup of August 1991. Boyer intends that Communism will finally end in June of the year of 1991, as he predicted it in his published work in 1985. His discrepancy of two months results in the protracted siege of the communist headquarters in 1991, which led to the final decision to disband the Marxist model of interventionary revolution that was consistent with the U.S.S.R. ideology in August.


Westad  intends that the coup attempt in August 1991, in reality, finally ended U.S.S.R. communism.


As Westad claims, “There is in no doubt, however, that right up to the unsuccessful coup in August 1991, which in reality destroyed the Communist party, Gorbachev used his inherited powers to intervene abroad where and when he thought necessary.”[26] While interventionalism continued, as it does with the U.S.A. in Iraq currently, however, Marxism was finally disbanded in Russia as the victorious “state” ideology.


While Boyer’s figures begin in November of 1917 ( extrapolated Gregorian calendar) , The Bolshevik Revolution is commonly referred to as the October Revolution that we understand as Marxist-Leninist Revolution, beginning Soviet Union proper – and therefore, August 1991 runs a month off in adjustment, in proper Nostradamus phraseology. Nostradamus as we know mentions “October” as the key month. Therefore, for Nostradamus dateframe, May of 1991 would identify the timeframe and signify the official end of Communism in Russia – if we choose to accept this interpretation. By pushing the date with inclusion of events of October 1917, Boyer had concluded that June of 1991 marked the correct finalization of the Communist Party. Boyer’s figures represent a two-month window that skeptics would call significant. As explanation, many skeptics believe that any perdition for the future should quality as represented as printed media today. As example, in newspapers, the ‘nut graph’: who, what, why where, and when, which all are accompanied by intricate specifics, such as origins of circumstances’, continues time linkages, personal identification of all players involved, etc… Yet, we also must keep in mind that Westad cites repeatable historiography which differs to the exact month of the end point of the Soviet Union by contending authorities.  This means to Westad that from Summer to Fall is the actual window of events that ends the Soviet Union, and various scholars continue to debate the intricacies – meaning one or a few of them would cite a date conclusion that fits ‘exactly’ Nostradame’s time-line.


However, whatever is sure about these discrepancies the actual collapse is agreed upon as the events that unfolded in the spring to fall time frame of the year of 1991 ( Gregorian Calendar). So we know for sure at least two scholars, Nicodemus E. Boyer was fluent in multiple medieval languages attest to the Rise and Fall of our modern times Communism associated to  north eastern Europe – or the Rus’ and later Russians always argue if they identify more with the east or with the west (Europe). It matters not as Stalin also had genocide programs against Ukrainian Jews and a final solution was not solely a NAZI propaganda and inhuman program. The issue still intends if predestination exists, perhaps Lemesurier holds privately different views, the entire ‘construction of time and our collective history collapses!’


Communism (Type Marxist-Leninism, then Totalitarian under Stalin, then adopted Maoism after Stalin) which sprang from Russia (along with U.S. ideology formulated under F.D.R.’s globalistic doctrine of spreading “Americanism”) shaped the world in radical ways. No-less than most of the decolonized nations after WWII adopted socialist/communist revolutionary doctrines and played a decisive role in the battle for world territory between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. up till 1990s – when the U.S.A. appears to have succeeded to the lone position of dominant ideological player of earth. Despite Stalin’s temporary World War II reinstatement of the Russian Church, communism stuck to its material atheism(s), as contrasted against the Christianized west. After the war, Russian veterans of Soviet Russia relate that localized churches were nothing more than Marxist indoctrination centers. The Abomination of the Church, as explained by Nostredame was rather unprecedented in a time in which he lived.  The Wars of Religion only exacerbated the dominance of religion in general as a trajectory into modernity.


Lewis S. Feuer (1912-2002), an ex-Marxist conservative professor of philosophy whose work emphasized sociology, taught at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Virginia intends that “Marxism has many of the characteristics of a religion: essentially based on faith and not "truly" empirical. But unlike religions such as Christianity, Marxism promises fulfillment in earthly life, rather than in an afterlife.”[27] Thus we get the common Thomas More “Utopian” model, the model used by Engels and Marx. While Marx was trained as a philosopher, before changing focuses into capitalism, in which he knew little to nothing and for while he had co-written the Communist Manifesto, we are unsure of if he contemplated Plato’s Republic, as Plato’s Laws were not well known at this time. In fact, on only recently has Plato’s Laws been treated in modern academia. During the proto-renaissance, Plato’s Republic was the most observed ascripted of political and government speaks and practices in northern Italy.


A stylometry and statements by Diogenes Laertius (3.37) and Aristotle (Pol. 2.6) confirm that The Laws were of Plato’s final work.[28] This intends a further investigation toward an ethical and just society, where collectivism was argued by Plato as the correct prescription of a good society.


In The Republic there is a standard two-class society -- whereas in The Laws, the classless society revolved around a set of distinctive communion and traditional ownership criteria, and rather mirrors a more classical egalitarian system of governance argued in More’s Utopia. The belief of establishing heaven on earth is rather emotive and well desired by good people who believe in justice. Yet, the criticisms, argued by empiricism by some in the scholarly community, remain scientific—which in an of its self is non-absolute. Therefore, correctly observed,  a religious criteria of faith in the system is compared to faith in an invisible utopian concept of life after death and an invisible creator in monotheism.


“In fact, Marx and Engels often acknowledged the religious nature of Marxism, especially in Engels' "Study of Early Christianity", contained in the book.” “He also discusses the somewhat contradictory stance of Marxism toward ethics -- Marx denies that ethics play a role in his philosophy at all, yet Marxism effectively imposes a widely-based ethical view on its adherents.”[29] Apologists for Marx have some decent arguments. First, he has been mis-interpreted by what we call Marxists. James A. Gregor, a professor of Political Science at the University of California, at Berkeley, makes a statement that there are around 1,000 Marxist interpretations, none exactly as another. He intends, and rightly so, Marx is not Marxism. I intend these are re adjustments to concepts to paradoxes not fully solved by Marx.


Most scholars intend that the abstract and idealism of Hegal was changed in Marx reformulations to than of reality, whereas materialism was replaced by the spiritualism as the base of reality. Therefore we do not create with our ideas (St. John the Apostle, Gospel, Bible, e.g. contemporary gnostic[30] philosophy of that time), we are created by materialistic realities. Marx was not unique in materialism creating our histories, as this was a standard view in the German schools of that time and reflected in Jacob Burkhart’s work on the Italian Renaissance, art, and literature, as it pertained to the growth of individualism.


By switching the argument from the creator to the created, we have standardized leftist ideology. Therefore, the subject defers the blame of existence onto an objective reality/ideal. Yet, Burkhart contrasts Marx in a single ideological standpoint. Materialism created the individual in Burkhart’s view, while community and collectivism created the communal realities of survival – the individual will according to Marx’s argument on the mystery of where does the mode of production come from.


Marx took his views from More. In Utopia, a work deeply influenced by Plato’s Republic, according to More’s own admission, is rather qualified. More studied at the University of Oxford (Studied for two years 1492 - 1494), in what was the Augustinian canons abode at the Canterbury Hall (Later The ‘Christ Church’, Latin: Ædes Christi, the temple or house of Christ, 1546).  Utopia, a popular book based upon ideas from Columbus’ voyages of the new world, in the concept of an isolated island, thereby no outside influence could disturb its pristine circumstances, except a flotilla of barbarians, and by choosing this new world location, a rather prophetic circumstance in its own right, was based upon contemporary criticism of European states of that time (published in 1516, a novel in Latin). Yet this work also reflected a monastic communalism,  as it pertained to the Pauline letters of the New Testament, specifically to the Acts of the Apostles. Also, More’s influences of rhetory and idealism can be also linked to Aristotle and with Roman rhetorical influences such as Cicero, Quintilian, as epideictic oratory.  And finally, some describe his psychology to his ascetical practices, including self-punishment involving pain. Utopia became a rather popular work, which spread More’s name to the main continent as an intellectual thinker. Therefore the work’s legacy endured. Engels and Marx did not use Plato’s Laws, but More’s work to reformulate a modern conception of communism gave an economic criterion for modes of production. Simply communism was already a movement during Engel’s and Marx’s avocations. Engels was simply asked by a communist league to produce their manifesto – in which Marx was brought in by Engels to edit this work for its final production.


For More, some scholars intend he promoted religious toleration in Utopia. However, More promoted a non denominational religious social-prescription. Certainly the protestant movement and the international influence happing during the Golden Age of European Renaissance simply resolve to these findings. More’s popular work, Utopia  helped more than any work of its time alert people that their were lands beyond the Pacific Ocean waiting to be colonized.


Great divisions and continual changes written by Nostredame mark the contests between Karl Marx’s socialism-to-communism and classical liberalism – laissez-faire economics. Not only do scholars intensify the twentieth century contests and great divisions of these two ideologies, but Boyer speaks much about Nostradamus phraseology on classical Greek phrases of “the coming to power of the common people.”[31] One things that even top Universities never investigate and if so, they cover up is that both the Soviet Russia and Tse-tung’s Communist China all practiced laissez-faire economics and imperialism. During the second –half of WWII, Stalin did not follow a strait path into Poland to reach Berlin, he instead diverted his forces to carve-up countries to imperialize their natural recourses – to academics at Harvard and leftwing media such as CNN, this means he stole, raped, and pillaged foreign lands and stole their wealth and co-opted their natural resources and enslaved the populations to serfdom. In the U.S.A. such propaganda machines churned out Soviet and Chinese communism was an economic state-sponsored program that sought a good living for all people’s in their domain without a need for making a single profit. What they were not told was Tse-tung was in south Asia and in Africa raping natural resources, enslaving indigenous tribes, and conducting capitalism to feed is masses of subjects and peasant slaves – and in years of want, he forced his peasants to produce agriculture for sale to Europe, and leaving absolutely no food for millions of Chinese – because he needed to build nuclear weapons – thus masses of inhuman deaths were a result of a miscommunication of what is communism – it is just another word and imperialism its backbone. Stalin took some of his military, not caring about defeating Hitler and raped Norway and northern European states forcing them to hand over their money and natural mineral reserves to mask ‘justice and ethics’ on the dialectical horror called Communism. He could not feed the Jews of Ukraine so he murdered them en mass, all in the name of economics of no-profit.


Utopias were by no means a phenomenon in the late nineteenth century – The Communist Manifesto did not become famous until after Marx’s death! The religious ideas of the Protestant common advent of agency were superseded by the common class worker narrative laid out by Engels and Marx. The idea that all people are created equal and therefore all people can perform every job title or perform every solution to problems determines the rise of Utopic determinism. In the U.S. Constitution, it claims all people are born equal, with rights not provided by the elite establishment, it does not say all people are created equal and therefore all have the same level of cognitive abilities and problem solving ideas. After the Germanic ideas generator Marx wrote his massive works on human rights, the idea and terms of ‘common and community’ became the ear-marks for understanding modernity. Everyone must be equal and therefore everyone must have the same material and same ideas and be as robots – the root idea was all make exactly the same wages no matter what profession. This frightened the upper-classes and therefore any type of overt pronouncement or implementation of destroying the Superstructure ( Marx, all institutions controlled by the elite!) got anyone killed by the elite – discoursed as causing trouble.


This expression, promoted by Le Pelletier, from Nostredame’s Proem of 1555, Les Propheties, where Nostredame writes, “le commun avénement,” portends to a rather unknown world view during Nostredame’s time. More’s book, while widely read was taken as purely fictional. Patriarchism and Monarchal Christendom were the intending political trajectories during the sixteenth century in Europe. Machiavelli, while not promoted publically, was coveted reading material for most monarchs and princes during the sixteenth century. Protestants advocated Christian monarchs, and Christian ruling princedoms. The idea of the rule of the common people was literally unknown. This projection is given to Nostredame’s son Cæsar, in the form of a prose prophecy.


Qui a eſté la cauſe de faire retirer ma langue au populaire; & la plume au papier, puis me ſuis voulu eſtendre declarant pour le commun aduenemêt, par obstruſes & perplexes ſentences des cauſes futures, meſmes les plus vrgentes,[32] & celles que j'ay apperçeu, quelque humaine mutation qu'advienne ne ſcandaliſer l'auriculaire fragilité, & le tout eſcrit ſougz figure nubileû,[33] plus que du tout prophetique, comgien que,[34]


“This is what caused me to refrain from public utterance and prevented my putting pen to paper. Besides, I had determined to go as far as declaring in abstruse and puzzling utterances the future cause of the ‘common advent’ [i.e. the coming of the common people to [political-economic and social[35]] power], even those truly cogent ones that I have foreseen. Yet least whatever human changes may be to come should scandalize delicate ears, the whole thing written in nebulous form, rather than as a clear prophecy of any kind.”[36] Nostredame sees the rise or return to the common advent of people’s government – and certainly we have a world run more and more by collective groups all in various forms of people representation – although even China remains unwilling to allow any type of Democracy to take a hold of their destiny. For example, in China one has free reign (for the most part) in capitalism, and electing local leaders – but no –one can elect the centralized government that makes all the important decisions.  Since China has been running a consistent 7, or 8 -10 ( sometimes 12) % economic annual growth under Communism, and the ‘common advannt’ under F.D.R. and now BHO has a measly 1% annual economic growth ( 2011 and predicted for 2012), many are seeing a more attractive communist system. Even secret capitalist and mass murderer Mao Tse-tung averaged a 3% economic growth, predicated upon mass genocide programs so to sell agriculture to Austria and other European nations at a profit and starve his producers ( his own citizens), the rise of the common advent seems to be imploding. Nostradamus based this idea upon the Chronocrator Series as its similar (never exact) had its precedence in Athenian (short lived direct, but sometimes represented (10 tribes, contributed equal representatives to the court system) democratic experiment. But Nostradamus, while mentioning a process of a part of the Chronocrator Series ( thus we know he used it, he says so) he could not expound upon it during the time he lived, fearing for his own family and his own life. Nostradamus wrote, “Abscondisti hæc à ſapientibus, & prudentibus, id eſt, potentibus et regibus, et enuc[s]leafti[37] ea exiguis et tenuibuis:”[38] [“thou has hidden these things from the wise and prudent, i.e. the mighty and kings, and has revealed them to the small and weak’][39] While this certainly has become a cliché it still rings true today.


Here Nostredame reveals a future time period when the egalitarian and common people will return to power, and he is expressing to his son how this is a sensitive message – or more astutely to himself in future reincarnations. Evidently, this was not seen as the proper type of mentality, at least scholars who are introduced into the elite establishment having privileges unlike the majority of the human population. Take for instant U.C. Berkeley lifestyle. For a tenured professor who is lauded as ‘authority,’ they live on a utopian campus. They have a private police force, the campus is relatively safe, and they can lie and propagandize and cannot be fired. They advocate for all noble interest, they are a part of the noble establishment, even in a free country. The medium salary for a adjunct professor, the entry level professor places them at the top – 2% highest wage earners in the Country and the top 1% of wage earners in the world. They get free healthcare, some get free transportation, in some universities sabbaticals at intervals of every two to four years with continuous full pay, and by and large after a grueling undergraduate and graduate time, life becomes relative easy and privileged. Living in Utopia allows then to enact their fantasies of ruling the world by their bias ideas of self preservation and economic lordship. The only draw back is the ‘communality/ commonality’ of their ideas can upset their peers but never can ‘never’ dangerously upset the common-elitism of their positions. Since More’s and others’ utopic scripts ‘rationalize’ elitism, racism in many forms as class suppression on ideas for real change, the composure of solving world problems follows a zero-sum game. Therefore universities all through time in all cultures seem to solve and create the vary problems all humans need to contend.  


The claim that Nostredame is a stout monarchist remains qualified. As noted, by Lemesurier, and revealed by Mario Gregario, the Republican preacher Savonarola remained a popular figure to Nostredame and his like-minded contemporaries.


Savonarola was more or less a commoner who lived in a contentious time where France, England and Spain forced the period known as the Warring Pope periods. This is covered in other sections of my work, and the left continue the lie that suddenly out of no-where the Catholic Church went around beating up people by warring popes, when in fact they were trying to save their lands from imperialism. But if Nostredame is not a stout monarchist he certainly was neither a champion of the common advent.  Savonarola tried to steer the general people that he was surrounded by and back to a more simplistic form of living and suffered as a consequence of his actions. Times were a changing and as Burckhardt explained materialism shaped the future’s spiritualistic and previously formulations – but his main claim that individualism had been shaped by the Renaissance remained a fallacy but infected the concepts of reality to Hegel and later Marx and Engels who fell into this mis-construction of time and space or of our continuing perpetual existence.


It appears a hypocrisy for us in that persons persecuted by the monarchial mechanisms (zealot inquisitioners, and academic ideologues) are also persecuted by the common advent government systems; It has long been documented and argued that England, France, U.S.A. and other semi-democratic experiment states ( as well as the Athenian Empire – co- existing with its form of direct democracy) imperialized and subjugated as well as mass murdered people to a no-less horrific statistic. For whatever rationalization, Britain bombed at night and the Americans bombed during the daytime with the sole objective to kill as many German citizens as possible – hoping they would rise up against Hitler’s machine – to which remained a fantasy to all with a common sense. Winston Churchill whose documents to use these aerial bombings as a form of terrorism from the sky explains an academic study of British citizens denouncing or even denying that Winston Churchill was an actual person or even was born – so horrific their notions that they had the right government and common advent formula but were more guilty than all of the radical Islamist terrorist attacks since the 1970s, in raw numerical figures. My own study shows that Japan, U.S.A. and Britain murdered more people than Hitler’s war machine and genocide programs – and this is considered heretical. While Japan was monarchial during their campaigns against a fledgling Republican driven pre-Communist China, both the U.S.A. and Britain based their governments upon concepts of the common advent government system. Tse-tung was a one-man war machine and genocider but Stalin did work around compliant oligarchic communist ideas and had blended common advential ideas into his human eradication programs of undisirables as his military raped and imperialized the world.


After Nostradamus had finished Les Propheties, living at home, and during the times of the religious wars, Spain advocated agitation, Charles, perhaps, but more under his successor Philip II, had wanted a road through Province to Italy for commerce and prideful purposes. To do so, he needed immigration reform, and without it he advocated class/cultural-warfare that made life for the average Provinçial person often a horror. We know this because Nostradamus complains about it in one of his letters, of his private correspondence. Nostradame complained about the Cabans – who were being agitated by Philip II for soft-imperialism purposes. They were Spanish who wanted their own cultural agency in a traditional French southern location of Europe. The Cabans were peasants, entrepreneurial though, and they took advantage of the warring religious times without a religious or political motive but a better way of life but used as tool by the central Spanish government for their imperialism purposes.


Certainly at this time Nostradame was living a much more comfortable life than a mere peasant. Athenians had similarly problems with these Macedonians, and they mirror the Spanish programs during Nostredame’s life and currently under the similarly Chronocrator series in our modern times with Latin America (same general group reincarnation). You must be careful not to subject or identify a group or people based upon their historical local. They reincarnate into groups and move locals but have the same souls. Nostredame cannot express this to the people of his day, because the timing was not right nor could he survive and protect his family – some in his family had jobs to do dear to his heart – they had to perform some world saving jobs after he was gone.


Nicodemus Boyer & Vlaicu Ionescu VIII receive credit for an interpretation and predicting with accuracy the rise and fall time-line in Nostradamus’ prose section(s) well before the actual fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, and with accuracy and in the case with Nicodemus Boyer, ad nausea. Both were Europeans, Boyer studied at Chicago University, and lived in the U.S.A. after migrating from south-eastern Europe. But these were not the only two individuals who completed such fantastic attempts at confirming predestination. The American Roberts, panned by almost every Nostradamian today, in the 1950s claimed in an annotation (side-note) that X. LXXII intended that China would become a superpower or a modern civilization about and after  the year of 1999. A.C.E.  When he proposed this idea, China then was still a backward medieval and disjointed group of Asian feudalistic domains, recently united under a backward thinking non-academic and aggressive dictator who furthered the Chinese civilization into a mini-dark age for at least two decades. His books in America were popular and widely read, due to their English translation and composed in the curt-explanation-tradition of Theophilvs de Garencieres (1685) first English language edition of Les Propheties, his main source.


[1] This author apparently uses wikipedia as his own space to sell his books. Two of his early books intend he is like God and knows the future, thus Nostradamus is the enemy --- typical English profit-propaganda.

[2] Written as it appears for ‘septante trois ans.’

[3] Sept.

[4] Nostredamvu, Michel, A L’INVICTISSIME TRES-PVISSANT & tres chrestien Henry Roy de France Second, Michel Nostradamus Son tres humble & tres-obiessant Seriteur & Subiet, victoire & felicité [1558], in Nostradamvs, Michel, LES PROPHETIES DE M. MICHEL NOSTRADAMVS: Medecin du Roy Charles IX. & l’un des plus excellens Astronomes qui furent iamais (Lyon: V. Seve, c. 1605). cf, transcription by Lemesurier, Peter, The Nostradamus Encyclopedia : The definitive reference guide to the work and world of Nostradamus (New York : Godsfeild Press, 1997), pp. 238-242.

[5] Through out the letter the ‘ct’ are often joined with a half inverted crescent connecting the two, an old style.

[6] ‘Translation’ was meant by late European medieval terminology of a government change by some force.  Today ‘revolution’ is used. Revolution was strictly used in the academic sphere for terminology of the Aristotelian Universe ( see my middle age science pages) – therefore solely connected to astronomy/astrology ‘alone.’ It is quite possible the reason we use ‘Revolution’ instead of translation today, was Nostradamus’ articulation of cyclic history. Revolutions, therefore, are normative happenings of history. They have different forms, but the end result and the predictable, at least tacitly resulted, and there will be another one in repetition which will some day in some region of the world take place – therefore it was, is and will be perpetual. Apparently the systems of privileges in the Carolingian period was similar to the later ‘overlord’ feudal period, in which the common observed that government was basically similar with small divergences, but it was translated in different linguistic terminology. Therefore, it was normal to think that an incoming administration (meaning of the various types of ruling titles and ranks)  was a translation from the former – as saying in concept, the streets remain the same, only the name changes. The French Revolution, and Nostradamvs’ insistence that life was perpetually-cyclical in his writings, citizens understood that revolutions were going to start taking place as normative ‘translations’ of government systems,  as slowly the populations of the earth grew and at repetitive cycles of history for the masses that had became discontent with their ruling bodies. At least now, the heavens reflected the earth, or the terminology matched, as above so below, or more fittingly, the incorruptible, now had changed to the corruptible as into its mirror image –revolutions were now incorruptible – they would happen as normative earthy assurances.

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[18] Boyer, born in Latvia, one of the Baltic states that were independent, democratic republics at the time of author’s childhood. He is a Chemist who has shown a prolific capacity and lively curiosity in diverse fields of knowledge including history, astronomy, cosmology, religion and literature. He lived through Stalin, and Hitler. He lectures at universities and published works in literary magazines and several novels. He is fluent in German, and Lativian languages, and received his Doctor in Divinity in 1977, and while in California, he took several graduate courses in Roman and Baltic history, p. pp. 9-13.

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[20] Ibid., Boyer, Nostradamus: 1999..., p. 215. This is but one page of many that expedites this confession of the fall of the Soviet Union, as dated and confirmed in confidence. Cf., p. 214. How do we know? The Babylon kept the Jews captive as well as  “Babylon, see Daniel 9:2, captives were later freed by Persian King Cyrus. In contrast to the humane, cheerful Greek gods, the Babylonian gods such as Marduk [ Zeus equivalent, Jupiter or Satan] were cruel and bloodthirsty. “Septentrion” stands for its synonym “Aquilon” (the northern country; Russia with the conquered satellite states) which appears in numerous quatrains and several other paragraphs of the Epistle to King Henry,” p. 201.

[21] see Westad, Odd Arne, The Global Cold War: Third World Interventions and the Making of Our Time (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007). This book is used by Academia. November 1917 to June 1991 is Boyer’s prediction (Westad’s figures has U.S.S.R.’s communism ending in August, but holds uncertainty by his adoption of multi-time frames from authoritative sources).

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[30] gnostic philosophy is not a singularity or theory, in this case an intersubjective discipline of multi-prescriptive knowledge domains.

[31] Le Pelletier: “the coming to power of the common people.” In Ward’s translation: “the vulgar advent”; in French, le commun avénement [Preface] :” Perhaps, as Boyer suggests, Communism is implied, which he intends to elaborate and discuss his findings in several quatrains and discuss in this book., p. 107.

[32] †., urgentes.

[33] Printer truncation for ‘nubileuse.’

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[35] my insertion, ‘political-economic and social.’

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[37] The ‘f’ is actually a ‘ƒ’ and the change in font for the Latim makes it appear as such. Only in the case here.

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