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N.A.S.A. reports a new study shows that a new source of volcano heat under the ice caps are the reason the poles are melting . A mantle plum lays under a significant part of Antarctica. 150milwats per square meter. Yellow stone has mantle plumes at 200 miliwatts across the Wyoming and small parts of Montana land. About 70 volcanos and some as high as 13 miles high lay below the Antarctic Ice Sheets . . youtube. My views are my space boys are sucking plasma off the Sun and dropping it on Earth to warm up the poles to get their boys out of the ice, been that way for 400,000 years. #arcmichael #bookoflife #11092017AD new data and study commissioned by #NASA good job. Ice Sheets are volcano sensitive

Pale Green Rider

√ “Scientists” have to rely on research grant money, that comes
from those who are pushing for carbon taxes.

Debunking the #dino #rino #antichrist Obama "97 percent" lie 31,000 SIGN global warming is real ( Obama's 97%); 9,029 of them out of that number actually took any science class .

Scientists love material wealth: sex,drugs and music and fine dining and a bigger house to appease their egos. So they lie and 100% of grant money scientists say Global Warming is REAL. And on the opposite end, 1000% scientists who do not get Grant Money say Global Warming is False, and a Fraud. Solving history is very simple when you look at more factors than X1,X2,X,3 when reality is more X,Y,Z, which contributes to a more clear and common sense reality.  

The Global Warming is a historical and cosmos phenomena  where a stars twisted electromagnets threads burst sending magnetic bubbles of charge protons, gamma particles hurling into space,  and if directed toward the Earth, the strong magnetic Sun bubble can then transfer charged particles captured by our own magnetosphere and then these two polarities ( physics) need to touch the Earth and in Norway and anti-Artic they do and thus solar storms regulate ice sheets over centuries. In the 800 -1200 there was super storms, aruras visible at Baghdad, that melted the arctic ice and formed an Ocean that spear headed the Russian creation, the Viking European exploration, the Chinese exploration of America and Erik The Red and other colonists that said and lived in another wise green world. Today that green world is gone and full of  Ice.  The Charge protons then latch on permanently or as they are transferred from this Sun Bubble to our Earth or any Star to planet system.

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*Climate Change Solved*.Sun ejects Magneto bubbles , if  X=5 to 10 class Plus hits Earth, Protons charged ( gamma) latch on to Earth's magnetosphere and then using physics, the two poles who touch earth, Norway and Antarctic  the charged particles, now a 100 gen Sun has nuclear decay  and these Sun charged heat particles which will and and are trapped on the Earth by our magnetosphere protector.  the gamma decay then trapped on earth contributes to our overall warming or an absent, cooling periods.

Thus the Sun transfers 'stored' decayed nuclear particles which heats up our Earth as this has been show to heat up Jupiter or Saturn by recent world space agencies documentation. The climate change argument  is a total avarice fraud.  The global warming argument is the same as Obama saying, " you can keep your doctor and  everyone's healthcare costs will go down."


Revelations: Topic: Last Horseman:

Pale Green Rider

Connector: Green Global Movement: Solution Eradicate Carbon Emissions: Culprit: Humans: Solution: Genocide.

  First Concerned Period? 1850s (Romanticism, EU) culprit: over population in cities ( see science lab rats, over fed, crammed into small places, they go socialistic to insane, to cannibals).

Second Concerned Period? 1920s ( Post World War I) culprit: over population in cities, Euthanasia cults spring up around the globe.

Third Concerned Period? 1990s ( the calm before the storm) culprit: over population in cities, Global warming cults.

Scalar similar thematic, threaded linear: the cause is overpopulation, therefore humans. All three periods advocated the same solution: GENOCIDE of a large group of people

That is the Pale Hoarse. ( photos of global warming, visable to the naked eye too). we can now call it "climate wiggles"

Welcome to Armageddon.

Nobel Laureates Argue Climate Change as 65 attendees, and only 30 signed the declaration, so 35 opposed Human made global warming.

"Mainau Nobel Conference, on Friday, 3 July, over 30 Nobel laureates assembled on Mainau Island on Lake Constance signed a declaration on climate change. Problem was, there were 65 attendees, and only 30 signed the declaration. As is typical of the supression of the alternate views on climate, we never heard the opinion of the 35 who were in the majority."



Sun Charge particles eject form solar storms, the magnetic bubble the Sun shoots out travels to Earth, the larger the faster. When these charged protons it the upper atmosphere, the particles slam onto earth’s magnetic field being trapped and two places  on Earth, Norway and the anti-article will receive these charge protons, and we see them as Blue Nitrogen and Green hydro, carbon. oxygen and then these particles follow to the vertical sections, the poles ( Norway for example) and they touch earth, thus a part of the Sun is now trapped on Earth and some of its nuclear particles will decay and heat up the Artic and Anti Artic which leads often to global climate changes such as in 800 – 1250 A.D. the artic sea became nearly ice free. Green land, Iceland and northern island became cities and farms and the Age of the Vikings commenced just shortly afterwards.  The Sun is a vital component to ‘global ‘ climate as well as the Big Bang’s big moment about 100 million years  after when the ;first light’ = let there be light.  The Big Bang is not the moment of creation. Big Bang created space and time and cold hydrogen atoms. But then after the Big Bang, everything was dark and cold and soupy hydrogens. So this was not even a place for light yet. We come from fusion of star particles, and there are no stars after the Big Bang.  Then there is a darkness and fog about after 100,000 years.  Bible says dark was everywhere before God said’ Let there be light’.  The Bible adds on by saying this was a soupy like fog substance. Interesting?

The Big Bang

Odd helium and most hydrogen atoms, were very diffused. Then gravity takes over and eventually these defused hydro atoms bond one to another. And this creates a third force of heat. Then the first stars were super super giants and they have a violent and short life, they shine ultraviolet blue at many many more times the brightness of the Sun. The Sun has been fused with over 100 generations of star matter, and thus form much heavier elements, and eventually nuclear decay gamma particles which will reach Earth by the poles = latched on to the Earth's magnetosphere. These nuclear gamma decayed charged particles are therefore the main agents of historically created global climate changes.

The Comsmic Dawn comes out of the Dark Soup Ages after the Big Bang, and they only take a very short time, like 10,000 million years and the universe is filled exponentially with lots of stars. The Large first stars did the first transformation of elements. Why? They were huge thus hot and burn about a few million years.

Heavy elements forged after the Cosmic Dawn, the soup still remained but Hyper Novas, the largest ever were fussing the heavier matter. Then the hydro neutral atoms filled the space between the stars. The Universe at this point is still opaque. So the Universe is not yet transparent. Ionized hydro gas as radiation hits the fog and the fog gets the space transparent and these create transparent bubbles. So Space is Transparent in bubble forms and the soup darkness are the matter in-between the light. When the fog lifts all over the Universe, this reveals all those early galaxies, which were one fifth the size of our own Mikey Way.

100 generations of Stars before ours ⇔ each generation some heavier elements are produced. These produce heavier elements such as Iron.


hydrogen soup gives off radio waves about the same frequency as our modern FM stations. So we can look back in time at these hydrogen molecules and measure the begining of time radio, which is basically a form of time travel, light. Can go about 13 Billion years back into time. So they look for bubble hole radio waves admits the Gaseous soupy hydrogen fog–dark plasma. MWA data. array of 16 high sensitive telescopes over 1000 and 1/3 square miles. So this system can be used to explore our first Stars, and see the early supply of matter and how we came into existence.


Who Represents the collective scientific community for man made global warming: U.S.C. Neil de Grass Tyson

He intends scientists, although hacks and frauds in history, even from his science history stories,  from all departments on physical Earth are 100% correct:  Man creates Climate Change! He has a show called Cosmos where he says God Created the Universe in six days, according to the Bible, and this is a lie.

But he was too stupid to understand that day 1 and day 2 of the opening Hebrew Bible there is no Sun and so how can anyone count a day as a 24 hour period?

It was a test for people who are scientists. Tyson failed , academia failed, and the point to which he made   pertained to racism,  and he is supposedly teaching the children in Cosmos --- to make fun of religious people, many whom are black by the way,  as well who take the Bible as scientifically accurate. 

The Bible uses scalar forms of maths, these are interwoven multidimensional applications used for coding, celestial coding. In fact, if you use this system, it becomes obviously and painfully evident that modern scientists plagiarized the Bible, because the Age of the Earth is described in the Opening of Genisis as 4.6 billion years old ( read more). Albert Einstein used nine vectors for special relativity. Biblical Astreology/ astronomy uses at least 49.

One math system places 1776 ( a significant vernal mundane) 5:00 p.m., local time, Philadelphia, Colonial America, the Sibly first historical document on the signing of the Declaration of Independence with the galactic plane on the horizon west for  the 1930s and with the galactic plane on the horizon east for  the mid 1990s to mid 2000s. These are these decades of the large global sea temperature spikes and therefore are coded celestially to be linked by maths to a geolocal and a tribe/nation of people.  So the scalar here is the 71.9�/100 solar years or whatever this years precessional rate to Solar year assumes, these spikes in the Sun are pulled by galactic interwoven energy, which relates to the galactic plane at right angles (geometry) to the horizon at scaled 70 + years.

Chaldean numerology resolves 1776 to 777  scaled to 7.  By 1792 we have a very rare triple Mars and Jupiter conjunction. The French went mad and changed the Calendar to Day zero, Year zero, so the sky was especially clouded.  These scalar systems are fabulous for predicting the future. The glactic center is 'smack' on the eastern horizon at Philidelphia on 11 th September 2,001 A.D.

The same date was also found by pyrmidologists in the 1920s, to be lodged at AK 6000 which correlated the scored entrance mark to 15 th December 2,001 A.D. (published as early as 1926 A.D., with many reprints up till the 1950s).  This is because the same people back then are the same people today, and the science is not changing, it is being recaptured. We record these things in the past and then we can retrieve them in the future and therefore, regain our formal knowledge.

Climate Change Solutions Previously Proposed

Climate Change Solutions came in the form of research grants for scientists.  If scientists had more money, they could prove what they already proved; climate change was caused by man.  The people fought back, "that is not a reason to increase your salaries?" 

Many politicians called their bluff and cited their use of giving raises to their pensions and salaries on grant funds said to go to research.

Since this problem became endemic in academia, research funds dwindled, and it is true, much of academia was funded by World War II spoils and when these dried up ( 1980s), the institutions were left to corporations and private interests -- which tethered intellectual freedom with capitalistic restrictions on thought. So, the move was to scare people to death. The next ploy was a super-carbon-tax-idea to punish humans forced to be on the grid

When I was in CUT ( 19 years- old), at Montana, the government continued year after year harassing and intimidating innocent Americans because they lived off the grid system, which meant they did not pay into the government tax collecting system. This was pure evil and cannot be cited as private business influencing public education. This was public government going against the principles of public education that calls for individual rights which lead to breakthroughs in ideas and solutions, where the government will be taken over by the nephlehim ( Giants) which is evident today, and since these are hard working but large bio bodied bullies, they push out the problem solvers and people react to negativity toward funding any government for global change solutions.

These carbon tax credit systems in the European Union were like Wall Street trading stocks, winners and losers, a total usury and gambling system. The people in the EU started to say, you are just corruption gone wild.

In the 20th century the Sun had two rare double whammy activity seasons, one in 1939 and one in 1998. These to solar events were historic, heated up the Earth for decades and were correctly scientifically observed, and recorded by the scientifically community. However, none of them know chemistry- astrobiology and how to tie it to math.

Here explorers write to New York Times that the Arctic was Free of Ice, no Ice at the Artic. The year is 1907 A.D. [note 1907] and the reflection is 1904 A.D.

It matters not if the Earth's atmosphere is full of a recent global caldera event  or localized volcano eruptions or indeed contacting human pollution ( CO2 ) emissions. When charged particles, called gamma rays, strike Earth's atmosphere's soot, beit natural or human created, it energizes these particles which last for years as radiation and heat up the atmosphere causing global warming.

This was how I and others 1000s of years ago could begin to predict these cycles, using empirical data form life-time to life-time, including what you are reading. The stars of science, I recently have been referencing too are also apparent either at mundane angles ( equinoxes or solstices) or Uranus passages of Khat and Linteum piscipus.  The physics behind this are not planetary astrology they are forms in the geometrical relationships between out world and scalar forms of math.

Well, the Sun's cycle related to periodic atmospheric cluttering of carbon, energizing it, heating up Erath which evidence shows a spiking  rise in global tempetures, and these various CO2s into the atmosphere are energized when the Sun launches flares at us;   and  even a volcano or a caldera eruption would wipe out even a centuries worth of  Climate Change carbon restrictions when the Sun shoots out these gamma flares that 'excite the particles in our atmosphere, lasing years with slowing decay. You will see these in the charts; And I use only their stuff, I use NOAA, all the authorotative British and of course the White House's Climate Page with charts. My data is there data, but my interpretation is different. I use science they use racism to explain Climate Change.

Tax the Poor programs to pay for the rich scientists and pad the politicians' pocket books.

Solar Activity, also prophesized in history because prophets are often more intelligent than all the professors on the earht at any one time, are the culprits for these  large global warming periods;  as indicated by the NOAA data, but told to you by me who is a scientist and not manipulated by MEAMIC.  The Fatima Children spoke about people reading in the night time, as a sign just before World War II. This is that green spike seen, where NOAA is in black font, where HOT EARTH is placed in the gif. The intense Solar Activity recorded before World War II had Europeans reading Newspapers at night, because of the massive Auroras that blanketed The Earth deep in the early latitudes. Astrophysicists would be able, hopefully if not totally retarded as the 130 Scientists who signed off on a paper proclaiming weather, a factor in Earth's climate was directly controlled by human activity, and somehow 900 A.D. the article was free of ice as reported in many varying texts of artic settlements of the Vikings, no glaciers where many reside today, and prior at 2150 B.C. a massive climate change as recorded by the Egyptians, who later under some different dynasties recorded massive climate change in 1450s BC, during the corrolative Biblical Time associated to the Exodus, and The First Egyptian Global War. Yes, ,we read in the Bible volcanoes where Saudi Arabia controls lands were spewing massive CO2 into the atmosphere, and also we have recorded monster calderas that blew entire civilizations into the netherworld. But the human population at this time was about 2,000,000, for the Mesopotamians- North Africans. So this means that farting by shear human numbers was not the cause of climate change nor man made smoke stacks or engine exhaust pipes can be attributed to any of these earlier periods. So why are these 130 Global Renowned, so-called, scientists claiming history is not true, nor NOAA data is true, nor all of our evidence is not true?  Perhaps the greedy crowd of Flat Earth Scientists of 450 B.C. are reincarnated as a group here on Earth and today  they are advocating Humans do control weather by their farts, do by their smoke stacks and do by their exhaust pipes?

Before Climate Science There were Naturalists who in 1850s began a social bully movement to eradicate large portions of Earth's populations, a key factor leading up the Great War ( W W I). These turned into Euthanasia cults, Gobbles took it to a new level, and today Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and many others, perhaps including billions of poor would also like to see a large portion of Earth's population eradicated.  There is simply no stopping the Bullies. Climate Fear Mongering Began as China ended its Capitalist zones, and full bore outpaced all countries into a new Industrialized Revolution, which by 1994, The Racist Department in Harvard University ( why I advocate dismantling academia until we fix it) decided to activate activism against CO2 emissions to stop China's rise to a global Superpower and threaten the U.S.A. for the 21 st Century Geb Bush Global U.S. Empire document that Obama's top Intelligence advisor advocated on Charlie Rose's show as the direction of the New Order of the Age, pax Americana,  by shear bully unipolar ( where the uni is  the United States) dictating to the polar or its submissive, and this is quite disturbing, and fully racist. 

Neil de Grass Tyson 'C O S M O S' is a subjective Liar- Propagandist Tool as the Chart Indicates: I Use their data, so STFU!

I use the same NOAA and U.N. Climate Data as he does and I see no correlation. I see human population rise and butt farts ( CO2f) or carbon out of the butt-hole as a correlating factor to polluting the air with stench. But I do not see any global Climate Change based on human farts or car emissions. In fact, one volcano can wipe out 25 years of global car use, and so scientists are liars today and the school standards are lowered to Tard ( slow in French) level. Where Tyson works, in 2005 some 76% of all Unified School District Graduates were functional illiterates, so in other words, you could tell them that black is RED and they will nod their heads in agreement. So when polls are conducted, because these people are also adults that came from the same school system, now broken nation wide, polls show the public agreeing with whatever the channels of Academia spew its ugly tentacles. 

Who am I? For two years I have been intel-assaulting academia, MEAMIC in general, media over their lies. Finally on 30 th of June 2014, this news broke: NOAA Quietly Reinstates July 1936 -- Not July 2012 -- As Hottest Month On Record.... Our leaders were destroying humans, groups and causing violence by their emotional avarice. They get the commoner people riled up, pass laws that benefit their family's band accounts ( think of the mafia who laugh at the families they destroy to pad their Swiss bank accounts) and hurt the global community. One of the reasons is there are no punishments for the rich any longer. I vote to bash these people's heads against the wall until their souls escape to oblivion. Because these money making schemes will not stop at this 'correction,' they will keep going. Since bad scientists lie and then ignorant bullies like Leonardo DiCaprio plays along, it matters not that he is ignorant, these people go unpunished. In 1979, when my father sent me, my mother and sister to live in Northridge California, often on my walk to school I would see the entire landscape as frozen dew, the ground frozen until noontime. Then in the 1980s, often Christmass was 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Why global warming/cooling temperatures were not linked to chemestry of sun-outbursts is beyong me.

"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, criticized for manipulating temperature records to create a warming trend, has now been caught warming the past and cooling the present. July 2012 became the hottest month on record in the U.S. during a summer that was declared “too hot to handle” by NASA scientists. That summer more than half the country was experiencing drought and wildfires had scorched more than 1.3 million acres of land, according to NASA."

“Two years ago during the scorching summer of 2012, July 1936 lost its place on the leaderboard and July 2012 became the hottest month on record in the United States,” Watts wrote. “Now, as if by magic, and according to NOAA’s own data, July 1936 is now the hottest month on record again. The past, present, and future all seems to be ‘adjustable’ in NOAA’s world.” “You can’t get any clearer proof of NOAA adjusting past temperatures,” Watts wrote. “This isn’t just some issue with gridding, or anomalies, or method, it is about NOAA not being able to."

“In one report they give one number, and in another they give a different one with no explanation to the public as to why,” Watts continued. “This is not acceptable. It is not being honest with the public. It is not scientific. It violates the Data Quality Act.”

And it even snowed on the newly open back then Ronald Reagan Freeway ( 118 fw) and I had to use my windshield wipers.

Government Data Show USA in Decade-Long Cooling... ( july 2014).

(Matthew 16:9-10).  They, like the Pharisees and Sadducees, are missing the forest [climate data including the Sun] for the trees [ only ocean temperatures] , and they have not yet learned to put their trust in the Lord rather than on material provisions. Sounds like Jesus (yehosha) nailed scamademics or academons 2,000 years ago.

Scandal of fiddled global warming data...
USA has actually been COOLING since 1930s, the hottest decade on record...

Supreme Court limits EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gases...
Obama Warns of 'Hurricane Intensity' Despite 8-Year Hiatus...
GREENPEACE exec flies 250 miles to work...
Australian PM introduces bill to repeal carbon tax...

Our Lady of Fatima on July 13, 1917 Predicted : Light From Europe to Alaska for 1938, a sign in the sky.  it shows up on Climate Graph, above, and over 1000s of personal testimonies, in Newspapers, in history books, all over the place. This was a big event.

left to right: Jacinta Marto ( age 7) , Lucia dos Santos & Francisco Marto ( thank you). This photograph was taken after the visits began by Mother Mary ( c. 1917 A.D. Portugal, Europe).   

Neil de Grass Tyson is not as competent a scientist as Catholic and Religious Sister Lucia who helped the world understand Global Warming. But Neil de Grass Tyson did not have access to Mother Mary, and why should he? Atheists get no help and so they fail over and over and only rob Religious folk of their science and take the credit as any good criminals do likewise.

You see the solar period of the 1930s-'40s, where we see a huge global warming spike ( chart above). This was predicted by Fatima seer Sister Lucia in 1917 A.D. This spike was seen all around the world. Our Lady of Fatima on July 13, 1917 predicted this massive solar event, seen by millions accross the Earth.

"When you see a night lit by a strange unknown light, you will know that it approches ( a great War, which was of course World War II).

Facts: Solar Cycle 14, which had a double-peak during the first decade of the 20 th century.  See graph at 1998-'99 A.D. It is a huge spike.

Facts: Solar Cycle 15, which failed to happen.  See graph at 2011 - '12 A.D. It is a huge void !

Whatever carbon or soot in in the atmosphere, beit natural or man made, gamma particles ejected from the Sun, as seen in the right side gif shows the 'excitement' of other particles due to gamma infiltrations of space. Therefore, the Earth's climate warms and it is then used by Satanic Scientists to do the Racism Work of Satan. All the international scientists are duped by Western Controlled ideas which are nothing more than fear of MEAMIC and 75% of annual U.S. budget spending on the Bully Military Complex (BMC).

Carbon Emissions became a issue when China, India, and other developing countries began to industrialize, before that Americans did not give a toot! THIS IS PURE RACISM.


Tyson assumes CO13, if taken out of the atmosphere will solve all of our global warming or cooling problems. But the real quesion is why is he supporing global racism, when he is black?

Evidence is scientifically clear CLimate CHange is not corrolated at all to human carbon emissions. Humans in their need to progress spew out toxins not compatable to the human body. Therefore, the term, Climate Change, is racist. How about superpowers spewing toxins into the air and blaming the poor program. That entire phrase will sum up the truth. Tyson is concerned with only universal truths, and so science as a cold hard instatution has no spiritual component such as moral or ethical as Governmentalists often confuse data from science and political action. Politics is dirty and the White House is promoting the faux claims, and in hopes to shut down the Eastern Empires because the U.S.A> does not like competition nor do they want to give up luxury at the costs of global slavery. If you want to solve your climate change, shut down all electricity, shut down all coal related activities. shut down all engines that use carbon based fuels, and walk to wherever you are going and shut the Freggin' up. But since these RACISTS will not do this, then a universal truth is Racists need to be eradicated from Earth in order for it to survive. That is a universal truth.

Carbon Emissions became a issue when China, India, and other developing countries began to industrialize but Racism traditionally goes way deep into politics as the Cold War Shown.

The Reason why the U.S.A. never liked Russia was that traditionally it has argued its identification as half western and half eastern, and the eastern portion of the peoples of Russia are scaring the western Racists so bad that they make things up like the Cold War, as an excuse to go around bullying people all over the globe.  Crimea belonged to the Russians in 800 A.D., they were pushed upward from Anatolia by the Upstart Moslems, who decided to move west instead of up, and the Vikings finding no Ice in the Russian Aortic Sea, just came over that way and down the Volga and setting up trade-towns, where petty boyars set up shoppes, landed peasants migrated in to contribute trade that Moselms had set up south in Anatolia. But today, the Washington D.C. is crying foul that Crimea belonged to Tatars, Moslems, when it first belonged to Russians. Thus we know that Washington D.C. has been a liar for every day and every hour and has not stopped its Dragon ways. It promoted lead, as Tyson's show about the environment indicated for 25 years any Lead Deniers were metaphorically tarred and feathered by Washington D.C. by the Media, by the Entertainment community, by the scientists community. Lead is a dangerous toxin to the human body.

Asbestos was promoted as the miracle insulation and protection material at the World�s Fair and scientists drooled over its profitability. This fire retarded material was then put into all the buildings, all over and then decades later, after it was installed, we found out it causes cancer, and death. I could write all year and not touch on the ills of conflict inherent in rich family rule. The reality is America was ruled by rich or influential families and they have this overt racist narrative that the media and academia follow because the �money handout� is too enticing for any atheist not to go corrupt. So religion was thought to replace this by putting Morals and Ethics into a higher purpose but Tyson and his fellow Haterians ( Atheist who hater others not like their retardian selves) is to promote climate change so the U.S.A. will go to war with China to force them to shut down their smoke stacks. Look, Satan is on the Earth. You cannot miss it at all.

What is evident is pollutant spewed into the air by humans, and the U.S.A. did this and before that the E.U. did this and it was no problem, they got theirs but do not follow God's law: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' 

So Tyson, Satan and his team do not follow God's law and screw others, stop your carbon emissions is the Message form Satan's army to the East. As Bush's Global Empire Document, parroted by Susan ( Mrs. N.S.A.) Rice global racism target against China and the East,  for the 21 st century.

It is fine to halt smoke stack and exhaust pipe carbon emissions form U.S. codes to lower them, this is permissible by me, but do not tell other countries to stop  while other countries are developing.  You cannot escape the charge of Racism, because you are racist.

Is he a proof that blacks are racists, and racists against whites? In 1996, Harvard stepped up its program to shut down China's industrial Revolution. To do so, they had to make up a plan to shut them down. And by forcing them to limit their carbon, they would slow down their  industrial revolutino, and thus not advance as far and take over 100 years to advance and so the EU white ass racist would be allowed to rule the world for 100 more years. This was the plan and thinking, and these are not scientists but barbarians that have invaded and only hire other barbarians into Academia and why Truman said beware of Academia as well as the Military Complex, because as Gobbles understood they are the same thing.  So Tyson  is supporting Satan's Arm y, and no wonder he fights tooth and nail against Christians, because racism and Christianity do not go hand in hand.

Carbon from Man put into the atmosphere is Pollution, and I support stopping it all.

Tyson assumes CO13, if taken out of the atmosphere will solve the Climate Change issue.  In fact, Obama has restricted this to the U.S.A. so by 2028 A.D. the smoke stacks from industrial U.S. facilities must cut 30% of CO 13. However this is a racism trick, we as the U.S.A. do not have industrial smoke stacks, CHina has them, the U.S.A . Government enemy, according to black and Asian peson Susan Rice. So why Obama forces this on the U.S.A., it has no effect or little effect, but he uses it as a symbol to say to whitey Asians, you need to stop modernizing yourself and get back to the cave you little complex man. So Climate Change by the Government and not the People shows us scientifically Climate carbon restrictions are Overt Racism by Americans toward foreigners.

That does nothing to solve anything, it just make manufactures mad, as they always do, see EPA regs and U.S. Auto industry CEO meltdowns, where the Auto Industries said we will not make another car -- well we could always buy form other countries that will make cars more human friendly. Those cars in the 1960s spewed some very harmful acid rain chemicals. Today, this has mostly been solved, but Obama just wants to place a Band-Aid which will corrode in less than one year, when the solution is to ban it all.


Selamat pagi semua ≈ good morning to all of you!

What is the Climate Scientists Greedmaster's Plan?

Take out C.O.13

If you take out CO13, according to all biologists?

it will kill every carbon life form on the planet.

Why do scientists want to kill all of us?

They became attached to Utopias, they promoted lead  for 25 years which poisoned their RNA output;  they became mutated zombies.  As the walking dead, they needed blood to suck on in the form of energies from life itself;  and by the form of freaky-particles, they were able just not drink  the blood but be able to suck its energy life force from afar ---quantum entanglement they call it;  and therefore Climate Scaremongering is a path to vampirism. It is basic logic.

What is the Climate Email Hockey Stick?

British Central but International Climate N.S.A. Club controlers believed  the tempetures rose 10 celecius around April of 1998, and thus they placed them in their plots, which does look like the world was to end. Here you can see it on this chart. It was a massive solar flare ++++ period, which is based upon gravity, but the U.S. establishment scientiss cannot figure it out, they are too busy playing Super Ninja Karate Avenger video games, the only thing these dolts know these days.  Look for the seal and the 'M' to your left -hand- side- top, and that part of the graph indicating the highest spike became the Hockey Stick Email, where al Ghoul ( al Gore) got the idea to produce 'An Inconvenient Truth,. and claim the best scientists were chosen and all claimed the world would be flooded by 2010 A.D., and all of the Ice on the poles gone, I write this in June of 2014.

Who are these faux scientists?

They live on Utopian Campuses filled with other privileged utopian people ( color does not matter of the skin) and they are bullies and only  patronize bullies to be a part of the Bully Club and do not use science much, but use Lies to remain in power and with high salaries. They do not care about the struggling poor in their communities or across the earth. When I was at U.C. Berkeley I was on private blogs associated to students and faculty, I witnessed  ( empirical science) College people after College people treat and act with aggression and bullying to the poor people of the Communities around them, even physically abusing them. When they grow up, the kids I'm addressing that I saw this, they turn into the professors, the same ones with the same attitudes of our fellow humans. And these are the people telling us they are Gods and to listen to how moral and ethical they are compared to this group or that group they currently scapegoat their crimes too.  I have Mercury and my I.C. where the Piscean science stars are located or where Einstein's relative Mercury conjunct Saturn lay, a very well aspected  place for 'deep thinking' ( traditional interwoven math interpretation)  in 'science' ( stars).

Neil de Grass Tyson's Cosmos claims by his own admission Cimate Change is a  Fraud.

25 years Scientist Told Congress that Lead was a miracle mineral and should be in all business projects. So America built its foundation on lead and we have a mental illness epidemic. One lone Lead 'denier ', who used the 'same' data as the community of scientists, and he too testified before Congress and told, like poor people Like I today, Lead is good for you, consume it, wear it, breath it, live in it, and this went on for 25 yeas.  In 1993, we get out of Harvard an activist Professor who starts the Global Warming caused by Man because of smoke stacks crazy and we have not reached that 25 year threshold of admitting the scientists, again, are wrong and money grubbing 1%ers.

Tyson tells the story better than I, does not seem to notice this when discoursing Climate Change.

Washington, the First United States of America President crossed the River Delaware, it was frozen, as painting survive depicting his surprise attack on hessians, a vital northern region victory during the Revolution. Today, if this happened, scientists would claim this was absolute proof of man made global warming.  They probably blame it on Chrysler even though that company is not formed for another 150 years.

In other words, the led that these scientists promoted for 25 for human consumption attacked their nervous systems to the point of walking zombie insane human group.  Lead is a dangrous poison and Congress, the LECON media, the Scientists used all their power and might to force Ameircans to consume poison for over 25 years.

Great Lakes ice-levels:  above or average levels for 22 out of 45 years (as of 2014 A.D.). Ice coverage of 2013 & 2014 set Great Lake records on cold and on ice levels.

Climate Change is the same exact SCARE TACTIC as the Cold War 'nucleare assured destruction'  when there never was a Cold War, it was engineered by Elitist Hawks in both U.S. and Soviet empires and in 1989 when the Soviet Union officially ended its Hawk program, you call the Soviet Union, by 1993 the New Global Scare Tactic was Global Warming. Neil de Grass Tyson astrophysicist at University of Southern California is just like Cheney the Hawk, who uses War on Terrorism, also a new paradigm after the Cold War ( two White Powers to control Earth by lying to the people ) to scare the world so he can invade them for pleaseure of people being killed. Or it make oil for Tyson to have energy to do his propoganda scinece.

Are humans destroying the Earth? Yes, exreamly fast.

Any serious draught to California, now the bread basket to the world, a famine will erupt, rather quickly. However this is not due to cars as we have records of myriads of historical draughts, even the famous 15  th 14 th cc. B.C.  where we get records of our first riots and protests against the governments of Egypt  due to food prices and shortages.

Are Humans responsible for "Climate Change" Nope.

Neil de Grass Tyson falacy argument portends limits to his intelligence

Tyson believes in universal  truths, and no matter if everyone believes or some do not believe,  a universal truth is science and is a fact, thus is a truth.  However, the to-be verb implies authority, subjective authority. You can compare it to the old Egyptian scribbling, as the crasy king utters, let it be written, so it will be done. So if the King, like Mao Tse-tung orders all the blue jays to be killed in China because the scientists claim this is a good thing, and then these birds are not there to eat the worms and the worms eat the grain and the next thing you know millions are starving to death because Mao Tse-tung had to pay his scientists so he took what little grain he had and sold it to Austria, thus knowing he was committing genocide of his own peoples. So scientsis, as government, are the solutions according to Tyson. And when they utter a brain fart, it kills millions, we are supposted to applaud them and say, 'at least you tried.' Meanwhile millions of families were destroyed and perhaps some of their dead children could have been the next global solutions manager.

CLAIM: Mind-Blowing Temp Fraud At NOAA... - July 28, 2015 A.D. news release.

This is a fallacy argument. People believe based upon the conditions, emotional responses as evident when consuming data for science social empiricism.  The United States of America polls its citizen to proclaim in man makes climate change or not, and overwhelmingly the majority say yes. Yet, not even one scientists agrees with another on what is Climate Change? Is it a far from your ass? Is it fueling the U.S.A. Military to go bullying other people and killing them for entertainment and for searching for more Fuel which sparks the engines of the academies to do their fearmongering so the poor ( middle class lower included ) will pay more in carbon taxes, like everyone now pays for health insurance, sick or not, young or old, forced or go to prison, type of carbon taxing and control. No one knows definitively Climate Change. The Vikings who floated down the Volga in 790s A.D. reported no ice in the arctic ocean, and no glaciers but Tyson and others will scare you that Ford Auto must behind that Viking scheme, and thus not true. These people are not scientists but activartist bullies form the civil rights days in the 1960s, either their parents, some family members or themselves being born and living through this era they understand truth is nothing it is all about the bank and not enough to go around, so join the Academic Club ( MEAMIC) and scare people to squeeze money out of them.

Taliban Guantanamo scientists

Guantanamo Bay Held 5 of The Dirty 30 ( CIA code names) caught originally in December 2001, trying to flee Afghanistan with 100 escapees, of one said to be Usama bin Laden. Obama let them go, sending them to CENTCOM ( @Quatar) These were actually just Taliban folk, some called head generals and stuff. Well, they happen to be better scientists than Neil Tyson. So here is their rock solid science.

U.S.A.  Tell Thiers children to not be bullies while The U.S.A.  Produce wars,  bullying people all over the Earth � which is in fact racism &  therefore the U.S.A. outlaws racism in the workplace but conducts economics by raping foreign lands as a form of racism and as a way to fund U.S. Science projects and fund U.S. science toys.

This is called a form of insanity.

Sounds like the Taliban have some serious empirical evidence against Tyson and his science buddies. The Taliban pointed out scientifically that Evil exists in the Form of Satan; the correct chant by Iranians in the 1980s.  Neil de Grass Tyson does not use science as good as this, so we must be suspicious of his science and not because we fear any absence of status points but because we fear the U.S. scientists are corrupting the minds of the Youth.  And that action will destroy the human race. 

Are Humans responsible for "destroying the Planet " Yep.

Are scientists masking the concept of human overpopulation and consumption as 'Climate Change?' They peddle out band aid legislation, today, because when they first started they demanded your bank assists, the Fear Mongering Tactic. While the right wing political party uses fear mongering to launch their club military, the left uses naturalism to launch their club avarice, which then spearheads a need for club military as club military retrieves the goods and services of the needs of the naturalists. It is a circle of death.


 Yes. They combine these two with out telling you to take advantage of you and suppress and rob you, by not being truthful. You see U.S. scientists emit more Greenhouse than a billion homeless and say,  the poor under developed countries are not allowed to use cheap energy to industrialize, because we already destroyed the planet by using carbon in our smoke stacks for 400 years. Since you are only 25 years into your industrial revolution, Tyson, and other white industrialized faux scientists claim China, India, Africa are not allowed to industrialize because we are RACISTS or NATIONALISTS or JUST plan haters, and yes we love Satan.

well there you go, Climate Change in a snap.

I am skeptical humans are the main cause of climate change and that it will be catastrophic in the near future. There is no scientific proof of this hypothesis, yet we are told "the debate is over" and "the science is settled." -- Co- Founder of "GREENPEACE" , Patrick Moore.

[Note: Patrick Moore, Ph.D., has been a leader in international environmentalism for more than 40 years. He cofounded Greenpeace and currently serves as chair of Allow Golden Rice. Moore received the 2014 Speaks Truth to Power Award at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, July 8, in Las Vegas. Watch his presentation about this piece at the video youtube ]

Notes: Church of the Manmade Climatological = New RELIGION AND BANNING OF MORAL AND ETHICAL CHRISTIANITY.


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