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Released∴ 24th July 2013   ⟨7:29 p.m. Studio City‚ CA.⟩.


Topic: Race


“We are all Americans of the New World, and our most dangerous enemies are not each other, but the great wall of ignorance between us.” —
Juan González‚ Harvest of Empire

A prelocutionary utterance. In other words, nothing was stated explicitly, just empty words used as sloganry for emotionalism purposes of bigotry.  There is no mention the   Spanish Empire ( 1450s – 1820) who went around earth and beat, tortured, slaughtered and abused humans that crated the white flight from Europe to America. Juan González‚ a bigot, does just the opposite. He starts with Dullas‚ Bush ‚ CIA and USA Mexican CIA aggressive takeover of the Caribbean Fruit Company shipping lanes.  González‚ who narratives Mexican or Semitic Latino after another abusing their own people in cahoots with the  CIA, the Mexicans working for the CIA, they start revolutions and wars in Guatemala and Honduras and other places for taking control of the farmers and their market prices.

His thesis is that Americans created the amnesty or mass migrations because of these policies 1947 A.D. and onward toward the Middle and South American populations. Yes, Jew Semitic Latino named Henry Kissinger, Nixon confidant and helper who stole Kennedy’s detante global policies made wars in South America too, he is not white. The entire book/ study by González blames white  Nordics and his suggestion is for Irish scot to die and give America to the Semitic barbarian haters and run from their problems and do not fight their own corrupted governments.

Jesus did not run from any corrupted government, but the Mexican or Latino called a Semitic runs like a chicken and then attacks like a cockroach its migrating populations.


Juan González says at the beginning of the film “They never teach us in school that the huge Latino presence here is a direct result of our own government’s actions in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America over many decades — actions that forced millions from that region to leave their homeland and journey north.”



Racism re adapted its concept during the Age of Exploration (15 th - 16 th cc.) in the Early Modern Age. Race  had been an issue since time begun. This became a catall term for abuse  of humans.

 The idea was the physical body. The African men of dark skin colors had superior muscles, this was such a first form of 'division,' of a generalized classification, of varying bodies,  and it was assumed that blacks from Africa had superior bodies to European whites and European browns, and that is what made them different. At the same time, Origin of Species,' argued the survival of the fittest was linear, for the most part, and the larger bodies of animals overtook the smaller ones for survival. The food-chain is inherently racist but also a natural occurrence to the survival of life forms in the universe.  Even in Papa-New Ginie coral reef system, some fish force shrimp to dig their safe-houses, and take parasites off of large fish that agree not to eat the shrimp while the shrimp clean the larger predator fish. So, racism, inherently based on big bodies, bullying, the king of the jungle scenario are inherently racist. In popular animated film, Walt Disney company produced the Lion King, based on the concept of king of the jungle, it is a natural process. The hyenas were the ugly racist group, blamed on destroying the environment, so they must be kept in a concentration camp ( a certain area designated only for them), by of course, the Lion King. We are told this is correct and natural and should be a model of race relations to humans. So who are these hyenas? Who are these lions? It is pure racism and mothers flock to these movies with their children that love these movies, based on emotions and colorful movie making.

At that time, they did not know advanced western civilization ideas, such as the protestant program of hard work, and enjoy profits. So they were abused by opportunist blacks who went deep into the Congo and middle of Africa to take blacks and sell them to browns in slavery. Black activists claim Christianity formed the permissableness for slavery, but there is no scriptural proof. The forms of slavery in the Bible are usually against Hebrews in the Old Testament, and not found in the New Testament. So they are incorrect. The slave traders were not Christians and the slave owners were not Christians either, no matter if they claimed so or went to church. But many of these black activists are bully low intellects and use lies to form their opinions. Slavery happens because of bullying humans not be moral or ethical laws. To show that blacks were dishonest, in the first half of the 20 th century, Marcus Garvey tried to get the blacks to build their own civilization, and relocate back to Africa. But the sentiment and majority of populations chose racism at U.S.A. to be preferable to actual hard work of digging and laying foundations for a civilization, as well as no education to achieve these dreams.  The F.B.I. ( at that time domestic) decided Marcus Garvey was too dangerous with his ideas of black liberation and emancipation from Slavery owning Europeans and stopped him from advocating all black back to Africa. This is because many black families in the U.S.A. were rich or well to do and they too were benefiting form their brothers and sisters' slavery output. So the real story is that black large bodied bullies treat blacks with less robust bodies as slaves, themselves. All cultures do this and therefore Racism has more to do with body strength and energy than the more intelligent smaller bodies people.

But racism has come to be a term of 'abuse.' for example, I'm under the poverty level, desperate and cannot pay my bills with the small amount of money I get each month, the general prices in life have gone up 30% under Barack Hussein Obama and my check has seen no increase to match. So I have to by law pay car insurance which over charged me for years, until I found out and they were not apologetic ( AIS, Mercury Auto Ins.) so I paid about $8,000 to the car insurance, and have had no ticket nor accidents, but I gave these multimillion dollar FASCISTS more money than I purchased my car for and I could have used that 8,000 to get shelter, but our people do not care about the poor, or situations like this, and yes they do know and accept Racism, their racism.  The State is very racist to under privileged and alternative lifestyles. I was put into McLaren Hall, a home for orphans and run always, I was beaten up daily by two - three year older black youth, and was killed by blacks in this homeless jail system, it was a locked down facility when I was there, one could not escape. I was hung and left for dead over my skin color, and I have a female bone structure, I was 15 years old and in with 18-19 year-old blacks. After I was brought back to life by the staff, I was not placed in a safe spot and kept being beaten until I was placed in a boys home. I was beaten daily at Prairie St. Elementary to  6 th grade, Northridge, during bussing from Watts California of children forced to leave their families and angry and the school staff under law could do nothing about the physical beatings. They were only to report murders. So it was too difficult to get a proper education if one was poor and had to go to a public school. I was told by whites and other colors that I deserved it because of my skin color, not because of my personal actions in history. Robert Williams ( famous book,  Niggers with Guns), celebrated by the U.S.A. government today, given tenure and a very prestigious teaching job was in Cuba sending cassette tapes to Watt black families to actively engage in violence for no reason but to strike pain and fear into the White race. And that is why I was beaten up by physically superior bodies blacks at Prairie st. School.

So Violence of the big bodies bully is the key to success. When I see very rich humans, they usually have large heads and big bodies, they have the evil alpha antares prominent in their math charts. You want to save the Erath, you need to get rid of these big bodies aliens. They are alien to the Earth because they are super giants, giant heads, giant bodies, and full - out stupid bullies that create the chaos of world suffering. the key to bullies state success is to make it illegal to fight back. You can use your fists, but you lose and not go do too much time. However, to stop the bullying a more permanent solution is needed. For example, someone bullies you, kill them, and have state law ( such as Florida's stand your ground law) advocate the innocence of retaliation. This would cure bulling but the rich and rulers would not allow this to take place, because they would fall form power and power is the only reason they exist, because power creates happiness of perverted vice.  When people abuse me, and see I'm suffering from their evil ( I did not deserve it) they get happy, laugh and you can see joy emitting from them. So, to end the bullying because the police and state law are against the helpless, I advocate total lawlessness, and so the weak can get weapons and start to eradicate the giants from Earth.

I was born into a non Democratic State, ruled by families, first the Roosevelts and then the Bush family, both ruled behind the scenes the large important issues on foreign criminal operations on a global scale. This country runs only for the wealthy, and is not different than any other state. My vote does not count. If I push $5 dollars to my candidate, some foreign entity will send my opponent some $10,000,000 in various election fraud schemes and only political activists get targeted. Obama ran a website with unknown contributions in the $100,000,000s and no accounting was ever done. This means my contributions mean absolutely nothing. These are special interest global entities that fund, because they have money to spend, on their pet projects. The U.S.A. rulers say, this is so good to have the rich run our society. These are the giants the big bodied bullies.  If life is about championing the bullies, the big fish eating the small fish, then there is no mystery to life. Giants rule, and that is it, and the only solution for the ruled is total suicide. Therefore, the bullies have to work themselves instead of playing if they too want to survive. Since the bullies are the winners in life, then there is no purpose for most of the living beings, because to serve them, and be reincarnating over and over to serve them is a waste of time for you.


Harry Reid ( Democrat) Nevada, U.S. Senate calls Obama a Nigger, and this was covered up by the media, but kept by Rappers and black groups because he is a real hard core racist.

On TWITTER, famed rapper assails Harry Reid as 'sketchy'...

Reminds followers of 'negro dialect' remark...


For a more comprehesive with evidence to racism go to gamma ( oi i. ii. g ). 2012 Kelly Thomas Murder Orange County, C.A. boarders Los Angeles, vs. Tre von Martin ( sanford, Fl, 2012-’13)


WHITE RACE:: 600 years of white world control
Non- White RACE: 4,400 years of non white colored racist world control.

The richest person in all of history was a black African man. He had more bank ( over $400,000,000,000 ( 400 billion U.S. dollars in equivalence) to that of the Illuminati, The Rothschild’s at $350,000,000,000 ( 350 Billion U.S dollars in equivalence). He most likely made this amount from slavery, enslaving humans for his own profit. On the women’s side, Oprah Winfrey is among the richest black ladies and of all ladies in all of history. She has 3,000,000,000 ( 3 Billion U.S. dollars in equivalence).

If blacks have all the money, then how are whites in control? They are not, black racism is a tool to keep quite all their fleecing the people’s coffers and avarice, no? ( source: Musa I (c. 1280 – c. 1337), was the tenth Mansa, which translates as "King of Kings" or "Emperor", of the wealthy Malian Empire. He has dark brown to black skin, ruled in west Afirca, and he is the wealthiest recorded in history, and he is nothing of a white European.

The Mali Empire (Manding: Nyeni;[4] English: Niani), also historically referred to as the Manden Kurufaba[1] was a Mandinka empire in West Africa from c. 1230 to c. 1600.

the wealthiest persons in all of history ( MJMJ 14).

#1) A Black Leader North Africa, Middle Ages.

DateFriday, April 2, 2010 at 05:19AM

By Frances Cress Welsing, M.D., Psychiatrist, Washington, D.C. 

brown-watch where no other people are allowed to live but brown people.

RACISM (white supremacy), is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet earth – a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as non-white (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people.”

AM: Yes, ‘all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant’ and all the white people are genetically deficient. I Corrected the thought of this racist to show his racism. There is no proof white people dominated history, they dominated the mind, while brown people dominated war, suppression, racism against shades of skin tone, and physical fantasy descriptions, such as a shape of a nose.

AM: In Africa in the 1990s blacks killed over 1,000,000 blacks, so therefore the blacks must be racist against blacks.

AM: There are no red or yellow skinned people. Red skin of many native Americans is vitamin D, on their unbaked skin. Having numerous sun-skin exposure does not make one not a racist. I see Chinese and any Japanese and other Asians containing very white skin. So according to Frances Cress Welsing ( M.D. stands for him as a mental deficiency, perhaps totally insane and evil), Chinese are racists because of their skin tone and area also European.  However, the views by Frances Cress Welsing are held by him because of his own racism, he blames others for an excuse of his own. Some 75% of all of history was ruled by non-white racism against whites. But since the 1400s, The write race came up to challenge the norm, and today, the non-whites are lashing out that they cannot dominate 100% of history, and this is why I was beat up by blacks and browns during the 1970s-1980s, just for being white. They want that suppression of white backs, it excites them, sexually. It makes them have endless monies. They feel special when they kill a white person.

AM: I agree that evil white people, like Hillary, John Kerry, John McCain are in power  but they do not represent the white race, nor is there evidence in 5,000 + of history that white people ruled more than 25% of the time, and all cultures, if you know your history ran slavery. If isolationists, as many Dynasties of China can attest, enslaved their own; In Los Angeles, I ( white) and blacks cannot get most service jobs because brown people‹ uNITED STATES OF la raza, ALL FOR BROWN PEOPLE NOTHING FOR ANYONE ELSE) do not tolerate any other culture living or working around them. There are also rich white Hollywoodites and other white racists in wealth and power but they do not represent the whole of the matter.

AM: But the tool on the left is to generalize social behaviors, so if one white person says, 'I do not like to be around colored people,' than according to their weak minds, all must be racist. We need and will get it or I will kill all, none of this garbage to allowed on Earth. ( updated this section 24 Jan. 2014).


If one tracks war-by-war on the face of this earth, Europeans have done little to nothing in comparison to colored races:  600 years of white world control
4,400 years of non white colored racist control.

Brown Watch + U.S.A. Text book narrative.

First of all, Black people were the first people on the planet. Everybody, including White people, come from Black people. White people are a genetic mutation or a genetic deficiency state [which] is what causes skin to be White.

AM: believe it or not this is the crapola being taught to all children across the Earth. It is a 100% case of corrupting the minds of the youth.

Negroes, I am to assume, come from Negroland-a mythical country with an uncertain past and an even more uncertain future. - Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 04:09AM  Brown - Watch, The Creation of the Negro...

AM: Wrong. Negro was a slang word for blacks who originated from Nigeria, where some of the first and most traffic slave ports resided -- these were African blacks selling blacks to browns ( Portuguese, then Spain, as Lisbon became the first slave metropolitan of the modern African slave system ) and Arabs ( brown again) were the expert seafarers, and then they figured to sell them to white colonists. When you pronounce Niger in French it sounds in English as Neeē jère which then was slanged to N ig er.

Before the Portuguese, blacks slaves were sold to Arabs in the Ottoman Empire, many sources of them slaving in the Sultan's buildings are well documented. Black slaves from Ethieopia are illustrated on ancient Egyptian walls and writings, ruled by brown colored people, because these illustrations have the people in power as brown colored.

This is also incorrect. Nigeria was the common name, and since black people, especially form this region were very black, the term Negro ( many Portuguese and Spanish could not spell) became identified to a color, when it was just a place-name, slang.

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to enslave Africans, and they were the first to call them negroes. When the Spanish became involved in the slave trade, they also used the word negro to describe Africans. Negro is an adjective which means black in Portuguese and Spanish. But since 1444, and the beginning of the slave trade, the adjective negro became a noun and the legitimate name of a newly enslaved people. ibid., Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 04:09AM Brown - Watch, The Creation of the Negro...

AM: Here is the problem. In California, black people call eachother niggers, which is fine to them. But they do not like non-Nigerian heritages to call them niggers. It is as if some black person called me a Welsher ( very little in my mutt tree) or some other ‘place-identifier,’ The reason is during the 1400s, west coast Africa had not been developed, so identifying Nigeria was seen as a way to say, left behind, when in fact blacks did not want to modernize the world because it means nothing – just to build rockets to ruin another planet, while war, greed and hatred are still the normative lifestyle?  Indigenous tribes are smarter in this regards because industrialization never helped the world but to make suffering more intense, and only the few of all colors get to enjoy the benefits.

For example, blacks do not like whites calling them niggers. But it works the same way for whites. Justin Briber is from Canada, and he has a non-family and very much talent that his mom pushed upon him, so he is famous and rich at the age of 19 years-old. When he makes bad social decisions, driving a fast sports car under the influence of three banned substances, alcohol, prescription drugs and marijuana, while drag-racing ( can put people in sever danger) and you want to social commentary on them, calling him a Canuck or a Canadian is just as incorrect as a white people calling a black person a Nigger. It is because you ‘generalize’ all Canadians, which is not fair for social behaviors of community. For example, not all blacks come from Nigeria so a black that was born in another region of Africa perhaps is not keen on being called a nigger – by anyone of color.

Whites were slaves in China, Middle East and even for 200 + years by the Vikings, a pan-tribe form the north during the mid-middle ages. Whites were slaves in the B.C. area too, but none of this is every acknowledge because Racism is a political tool for power and control social warfare, which means violence and death.


Brown University name comes from white privledged laughing at colored people.

"In 1804, the Brown hipster societies took the joke a bit too far. They renamed The College of Rhode Island to the racist atrocity we have today: “Brown University.”

At the time of the name change, the United States was still a slave-holding country. Step into the shoes of the hipsters at Brown in the ’90s — the 1790s, that is. What more ironic gesture could there be than changing the name of an all-white school to “Brown University”? Absolutely none.

And so the hipsters struck again. It wasn’t until 1877 that Brown graduated its first black students. For 70 years, countless hipster youths could snicker at the idea of going to an all-white school called “Brown.”

I shouldn’t even be saying this. But I can’t live with it anymore. Telling you this dangerous truth is more important than the awful retribution I will face from the powerful hipster elite.

I am sure you think I’m deluded anyway. Brown is just a color after all! But ask yourself this question: How many schools have you seen called White University? Or how about a less racially charged color like blue? Case closed.

Do the right thing. Join with me in a petition to change the name of Brown back to The College of Rhode Island, its rightful — race-neutral — name." -- Is the Name Brown [ the university] racist? browndailyhearld. , Thursday, April 25, 2013.

AM: I would go further, even though the Ottoman Sultan's governing house was also  called  a white house, the U.S.A. needs to change the name of White House to be neutral. Obama has in his human rights to call this place a brown house and paint it brown while he is there – it is not as if painting ever stops at the white house – always redecorating they are, yoda.


U.C. Berkeley’s teaching for hope of success, now in Judicial Authority: Here is the new American reality:  "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male . .”-Sonia Sotomayor, promoted by Barack Hussein Obama ii to high U.S.A. authority. In Mexico’s immigration building, and hosted on their official state website, whites and European culture are not wanted in any of Latin America’s brownish societies, and they also want North America too, before planning to take China, Japan, and south Asia and make it all Brown and no one else. There are marches, endless marches, that call out whites as the only racists in all of the world.

If the world is dominated by brown racists why should it even exist for anyone else?


2012 Kelly Thomas Murder Orange County, C.A. boarders Los Angeles, vs. Tre von Martin ( sanford, Fl, 2012-’13)

Southern Cal: Orange Country, next to Los Angeles County: Kelly Thomas’ death by many police officers was ten times more evil than the infamous Rodney King episode, but the fallout of King’s episode lead to widespread Los Angeles riots and subsequent anniversaries. King was awarded millions, remains alive and without serious injuries.

Thomas was murdered and quickly the police and media covered it up,  until a public up-cry and activism had forced the issue with help of a video and some police audio recordings. Kelly Thomas ( white), chronically homeless, mentally challenged, was targeted by these police for murder. Thomas, kicked out of city after city was ordered to leave the orange county area, standard southern California police protocol (anti-Constitutional, but both U.S. major parties, in state, support these actions.). Thomas had no where to go, so the standard police procedure is to lie in order to cause a confrontation with a potential target. This standard protocol to claim someone, a neighbor perhaps, never named, had called the police telling them that someone in the area was trying to break-into cars.  

Most persons do not care about the chronically homeless, thus the city’s attorney and city police fight in the court of public opinion – using the corporation newspapers to write opinions that makes it appear the police were not at fault. But a video exists. This video is about 45 minuets. It shows six overweight policeman sitting on Kelly, crushing his windpipe, breaking and crushing in his rib-cage. It shows the police demanding Kelly put his hands behind his back, so the police officers have a clear view at assaulting his face with body and weapons – and claiming he was resisting arrest when he chose to cover up his already crushed in face.  Many audios exist; these officers had recorder-microphones on them and recorded all the happenings.

The first statement upon the first police to arrive did not charge Kelly, while an officer was putting on blood-stopping gloves he uttered to Kelly “we are going to beat you very bad.” This was a charge to a previous ‘static’ call that demanded Kelly leave Orange County. This was a premeditated murder

He spent 18 minuets under resuscitation by medicos in the Paramedic vehicle to the hospital and died sometime therewithin. but in reality, he was taking his last dying screams when he was carted off to the vehicle. His face bashed in, his chest caved in and ribs crushed, his windpipe totally destroyed, Kelly was murdered before he was placed into the medico-vehicle.

The cops called the paramedics, the Kelly claimants intend, for an injured police officer who sustained a mild-scrape. The actual ‘call’ was just for ‘ a man down;’ however, after the paramedics arrived on the scene they treated the police officer and ignored the downed dying man. They claimed the police ordered them to take care of the officer first, before they had noticed a severely dying man.

There were no supporters by the larger black community against police aggression. Kelly Thomas was white, so the black community cares less. However,  a young verbally racist and disturbed child ( according to his teachers) jumped a Florida community cop and proceeded to put a whoop-ass ( gang-language Bloods word for near death beating) and was in turn shot close to his heart and died quickly. This was turned into a national racial, near riot, argument. The claim by Obama, Holder, and many in the black community, as well as weeks and months into this historical episode by the media fraudualting evidence – to try to start a race war to kill as many innocent people as possible ( ABC, NBC, CNN) was an unarmed black youth was gunned down by a white boy.

 This led to a hispanic-white ( maternal-side Puerto Rican) trial of George Zimmerman ( light brown skin, not white!) which the media made into a monster to try to construct a racial civil war in America to get as many innocents killed, beaten, destroyed, and all of this to help boost their fledgling ratings ( because everyone is sick of their constant lies, cover-ups, changed stories, mischaracterizations, target-hating. But this is the news sources, Barack Hussein Obama ii champions. The U.S.A. President opposes the F.B.I., the Police and city departments of Florida, and the verdict in the subsequent court – case.

George Zimmerman is a slew of Polls released in the week of 22 July 2013 show over-all favorability to George Zimmerman at 52% and in contrast Obama’s over-all favorability is at 47%. Obama, hearing of this made a comment that this reflects blacks are still outraged at being enslaved in the U.S.A., suppressed, worked-to-death in camps with chains and iron collars. This is Barack Hussein Obama ii’s views of the United States of America. al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson ( not Nelson Mandela, nor would be viewed by Dr. King) , and Eric Holder live in the past, and hold relic views.  Most in the United States of America, including many in the black community do not share these views. Many blacks now have achieved the American Dream and many more are some of the richest in the world, made solely by the American experiment.

 Where I live, eight out of ten blacks I see are middle to upper middle class with some achieving great wealth and prosperity.  Long gone are slave plantations, are Jim Crow laws, are denial to American institutions, such as voting-rights, and have been given preference by the American public to go to higher institutions, like B. H. Obama, in the long-time practiced ( even though at times it was voted down by different states) special circumstances in placement in higher education and jobs. Rev. Wright, Obama’s mentor for 20 years, according to Obama, who also believes the U.S.A. is a slave plantation for blacks owns a castle with his very own golf-course in the back yard. His bank account is seven-digits, he takes world vacations often and lives higher-on-the-hog ( expression, lavish living) then most blacks around the world. Rev. Wright even lectures or responds to Obama’s deplorable historical knowledge of planet Earth.

George Zimmerman case was strictly ‘a self defense case,’ and not one of the 25 cities that have ‘stand your ground’ gun laws, which while Obama was a U.S. Senator voted to extend legal rights for the use of a gun in stand your ground. To try to start a racial war, Obama changed his views and stated that this case was always about ‘stand your ground.’ However, there was no mention of this in the court case, at all. It did not exist; this case was about defending one’s life against an aggressor.

Do you want to get into drone strikes, Obama escalated them to 700%, he admits and kills myriads of innocent women and children on some fantasy of some war on terrorism. He promised to stop that and did not but escalated this. The inmates at GITMO are trying to starve themselves to death because of Obama's tortures of that prison. Obama took out many world leaders so far in his reign, because he believes he can go kill any leader he wants and arm what ever military or rebels he wants so they can go kill more innocent children, like Tre Von Martin.

This is a part to why I dislike him and you call me a racist for this? It shows you have problems with racism, not me. Those people he is innocently killing ( he has admitted to this on numerous occasions) do not matter to you, eh? They are not black, they are muslim, brown and live half-way around the world. People like you make me sick.  So in Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers wander the mountains waiting to get shot at by Freedom Fighters, often Taliban pay local tribesmen, $5 dollars to shoot an American, and the tribal elders give permission. These are not Afghan soldiers shooting up Wall Street in New York city, they just want an occupying force out of their country. They hid in mountain shacks and houses, and because the U.S.A. does not want to lose soldiers, it carpet bombs or uses targeting missiles and often kills children and women, and men not connected but for fact they have a home where the Taliban can hide, during a battle. The problem is that Afghanistan did not train and produce the affects of 11 Sept. 2001 Attacks. this was Saudi Arabia, Iranian heritage families who left Iran in 1952, after the first U.S. war against Iran, a total covert operation, that Americans did not vote for so this is not a democratic policy. They left and migrated to Yemen, and then their sons went to school in the U.S.A., then planned and carried out 9/11, as its popular short identification symbol. Usama bin Laden fled there after the Saudi Royal family put a jihad on his head, because Usama bin Laden was angry that President Bush ( 41 st) invaded Saudi lands by a huge lie. Saddam did not attack Kuwait, this was staged by Bush ( former head of C.I.A., and helped kill John F. Kennedy) and Usama bin Laden knew it. Today,  Bush are heros but Usama bin Laden is an American seen devil. This is pure racism. This is as racist as Blacks being enslaved by whites. This is because Bushes believe they are the only whites to be able to survive and their criminal friends. The Bush family funded Adolf Hitler, and the Bushes side with Latinos because they too had programs of eradication of Jews form their domains. So the Bush family advocates for them to eradicate the White Christians. Bushes are not Christians but actual Satanists.

You may want to see DOJ, Janet Napalatano's Domestic Terrorist Watch List, under Obama's first 3 months as US pres. that would start the Tea Party -- despite the wikipedia and other narratives. There were almost all Christians and the poor whites identified by DOJ as 'domestic terrorist threats.' The outcry started the Tea Party and erupted into proof that Obama is a race divider not a unity president. You have no knowledge of Astrology, yet you tell me what it is -- so that means I guess, and correctly you cannot identify a racist as well.

Out of 130+ Tea Party and political parties not affiliated to the worship of Obama as the savior, as his followers attest, Obama confirmed, only the first application was approved by the Obama IRS department.

2010 A.D. status update to July 2013.

1 application approved.

129 applications not approved.

350+ applications for Obama Party Supporters approved.

0 applications not approved.



Barack Hussein Obama II, quote Pages 99-101 Dreams from My Father

That was the problem with people like Joyce. They talked about the richness of their multicultural heritage and it sounded real good, until you noticed that they avoided black people. ... To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.

... But this strategy alone couldn't provide the distance I wanted, from Joyce or my past. After all, there were thousands of so-called campus radicals, most of them white and tenured and happily tolerated. No, it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.

This passage in Obama’s book claims white people are evil and the only way to have a solution is to rid the social-political-economic landscape of all white people on Earth. Obama’s mother disowned him, his father kicked out of Harvard University, turned to women and drink and drove into a tree indicates Obama comes from a tragic family background. This means Obama comes from a broken family too and children from broken homes, even like I, have been psychologically damaged. Bill ( William Jefferson Blythe ii(i)) Clinton is also a psychologically damaged human, coming from a broken family.  This means, and is a fact, Obama’s only success is self-proclamation. The U.S. debt rise-levels, the worst economy ever ( 56 months of 7.5% national unemployment), massive inflation, have shown Barack Hussein Obama owns the top worst performing U.S. Presidential offices in all of U.S.A. History. Obama ( Democrats who owned the Senate never passed an economic budget bill in four-years, unprecedented)  demonstrates over and over the economy is not an issue he cares about or even attempts to address it.

From what I see, Obama likes to lecture, ‘do as I say, not as I do,’ consistently as in a stumping campaign(s), reads exclusively from teleprompters because he may not be able to think for himself and must rely on others to do it for him; takes vacation, after vacation, throws parties with Hollywood celebrities, gansta rappers, hip-hop queens and kings, gives merit awards, more awards, plays golf constantly, and is known like Mao Tse-tung, the Chinese mass murdering tyrant to give ‘ALL’  job duties to subordinates and never take responsibility or listen to opposing position to policies.

Obama typifies the very racial stereotyping of a lazy black-man. Obama promised over 100 reforms, and has reneged on 98 of them. This paints Obama as a liar to the general world, not only the United States of America. Instead of being a liar to get into office, Obama perhaps is too lazy to do anything but spread hatred as he has done before and after the George Zimmerman, Tre von Martin episode.  This type of mentality comes from a broken family and tragic experiences associated to them. I, Bill Clinton, Barak Hussein Obama all have ‘addictions’ to something, and these vary over the years. If you get rid of one of them, you replace it with another. Bill Clinton’s overbearing addition is sex – witch is not criminal or unhealthy, but not fit for a busy-life of a married man engaged in politics where he has to hide it from his wife and the world putting stress on  his job performance. Barak Hussein Obama is addicted to ridding the world from evil, white people. This addiction show Barack Hussein Obama spends almost all of his time fighting for black social-economic-policies ascendancy. The black population in the U.S. is about 13-15%. This means Obama has ignored 85% of the population which included Asians ( who look to have white skin), Latins and Europeans – as well as middle easterners and southern Asian groups of humans. While continuing to fight for black ascendancy, which is not wrong, Obama’s America is failing because, even I, personally believe he does not care about me and if I starve, die or am murdered because I have white skin. 

I would approve of Obama demanding all the TV networks to allow him many prime – time discourses on the importance of children and families. This week scientists at many top institutions revealed 71% of all current black babies are born out of wedlock.  This then conditions the child, like I, to ‘problematic-addictive personality.’ He could address the 15% of the black population directly and act as a father figure. If he wants he could also blast the white group with its deplorable 50% divorce rate, which leads to the social marker of a broken home when children are involved.   The racial groups which are succeeding today are Asian and some ( not all) Latin U.S. communities – they all have shown to be more child-family friendly, and produce more balanced humans. Obama has corned himself into this black vs. white issue which is an archaic stance now that many blacks in the U.S.A. are middle to upper middle class, some very wealthy, while others near the richest people in he world.

It is difficult to say if Obama has ever acted in a presidential position at all. He killed Osama ( Usama) bin Laden, when the 9/11 commission, the world, documents, history, show the Saudi Arabian had no role, whatsoever, in the events of 11 September 2001 A.D.  This myth was made up by former President Bill Clinton, and so Obama continuing the myth choose his estranged and humiliated wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton ( she had to endure 30+ years of constant humiliation as her husband had fling-after-fling, was impeached for one of them too) to head of the sensitive State Department.  To heal a nation, Obama should have stood up against the status-quo, as he promised, not engage and wed it like a virgin. Terrorism and the subsequent Bush years of the war on terrorism were all elite U.S. politico myths, started by Bill Clinton who was already was involved in Dear Friends program with Chinese military and Asian military corporations, as former President Bush excused him from selling nuclear weapon technologies and materials directly to the Chinese military for market access into China’s massive and diverse economic market.


Why are whites so pessimistic about the future?

"Among blacks and Hispanics, the percentage who agree that “people like me and my family have a good chance of improving our standard of living” has ranged from 60% to 80% since 2004. In 2012, over 70% were so optimistic. Among whites, however, the percentage agreeing with this statement has declined sharply, from roughly 76% in 2000 to 46% in 2012, producing a 25-percentage point optimism gap between blacks and Hispanics on the one hand and whites on the other.

Furthermore, blacks and hispanics are also now far more optimistic about the direction in which the country is going. Since Obama’s election, as much as 92% of blacks and 70% of Hispanics have expressed optimism about the country’s future. Among whites, however, post-Obama optimism about the future has never exceeded 42%." In Los Angeles, job growth has been zero since 1993 A.D  ( as of Spril 2014, local news)., Detriot has more job opertunities than Los Angeles. However, Los Angeles pays out $1.7 Billion per year on retired Los Angeles Union/State government jobs. This amount covers only retirement of people that have 3- car garage, a townhouse in Europe, huge bank accounts, and were only bullies who forced their way into jobs as good intelligent, but perhaps small bodies and broken homes, were and are shut out, as the plan was to keep the imbeciles in positions of power, and today, nearly all the young adults are illiterate. In the educational system, one gets approved if you support the correct causes, such as LA RAZA to overthrow EU whites and African Blacks, and the result is corrupted Mexican/Latin saint of Death controlling the vision and future of the U.S.A. So it is over. Why do schools of fish of the same species swim together to avoid predators. The case in point is that races and the food chain are one and the same.


Immigration reform happened three times al ready and no laws were followed. So these new promises are fake. So what is the key to understanding it? Avarice of our leaders. Our current U.S. leaders are anti Democrats, progressivism is Dictatorship in U.S. jingoism because it means turn away from Republican or government sharing of power with the people. 

So, here in Los Angeles, all Latinos I speak to want all Christians, whites, blacks, and Asians out of North America, except for sex slaves and working chump slaves. They expressed they have never run a democracy nor do they like a democracy, they want a leader, a dictator to only care or put first in politics, all brown Latino wishes and dreams and destroy all others. The only that tell you otherwise are liars and work for Satan. No one talks about race at all, despite the broken promises. Obama had so many changes and were given to him on a silver platter but he chooses to ignore his promise and not speak on race. The reason is that all leaders should know there is no such thing as white European Racism and the rest of the world is not racist. While this is expressed in textbooks all across the world, the text books that are written or influenced by MEAMIC, these are not truths or solutions to the world’s problems. Latinos have all of South America, all of Middle America and now want all of North America just for their racist selves. A poor migrant cannot go to Latin countries and get preferential treatment, en mass, especially, and this means that Latinos are an entire race of non-humans. So why are Republicans, now, and before Democrats cater to their every desire and destroy the children and families that worked for 50-200 + years, sweating dying poor, working all their lives to build America, choosing to support the race that will destroy America?  It is greed, avarice at its height and power. Only the rich landed and robber baron whites are courting Latinos as if they want to throw out all the people that built America for their temporal power.

In the 1950s, the U.S.A. government got complaints on no jobs, too many being filled by greedy corps that wanted cheap Mexican labor, but the U.S. government stepped in an threw out 100,000s of illegal Latinos in what was termed ‘Operation Wetback.” The Latino community before the round up and deportation claimed they will overthrow all the white piece of shit (White Europeans and Blacks) from all the American lands. After they were rounded up they kept silent for 10+ years, because they were in fear. Then during Ronald Reagan, he said, Look, idiots see me as Conservative and Republican but I want to destroy all the families that built this by allowing Mexican and in general brown anti Democracy Latinos to take up jobs in the U.S.A. and destroy all families that built it. People will say I’m a liar but I’m not these are just the facts. The key here is that the Latino immigrants by the 1980s had no fear, I was beaten up randomly on the streets by these thuggies and the U.S. government turned their avarice eyes. I used to help struggling Latinos where they were here in the U.S.A. illegally and needed help. But today, when I ask them, they have $150,000 jobs, hold almost all the city government jobs, just old white men are left but they will be replaced, and they do not help and tell me to get out of their country. And Rand Paul and others who say they are working on behalves of members of the U.S.A., when in fact they are not.

I cannot go to Mexico, get $20,000 Dream Act ( Free migrant money from US citizens) to attend school, get school paid for, free books, promotions because you are not white, special treatment, and job placement. In a state, things are a two way street, but not with the Latinos, they want the entire world, and like the Jews they threw out, want to kill all others that do not look like them. This is a disease and the best cure is total eradication.

Marco Rubio is not a Conservative American; he just sees a niche in the Republican wing of U.S. politics to advocate for Latino overthrow of all white people on Earth, starting with North America. To me, Latinos and Arabs are the same thing, just a different denomination.

I and many other whites were relentlessly beaten, some of my friends killed ( reporting of immigrant and illegal violence against white school children was almost non existent in the very late 1970s and early 1980s.).  Teachers, professors, faculty used to watch at recess who blocks of Latino students took over the campus and began to terrorize the school, often, as with my case in W. O. Holms, Jr. Northridge, CA. public school where at least two times a semester the school was a total riot, and about 25 police cars, knives, guns, choking ropes, weapons. We, me and people I hung out with, as well as almost all others in the community, jumped the fences to stay alive. This was not about learning, or not getting beat up but staying alive. So no one really leant anything at school, it was a total warzone.



Rand Paul, George P. talk Hispanic outreach...



Unemployment For Illegals May Be Lower Than Black Citizens...



March 2014

 PEW: Next generation will be over 50% non-white...

POLL: 78% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Being Allowed to Vote...


Border Chief: DREAM policy spurring influx of illegal youth...

ICE: Most illegals have 'close to zero' chance of being deported...


(23 May 2014, Studio City Church)

Bullying episode: Personal. I do not write upon personal bullying, but lateley I have been standing up for myself, even if just at the begging from big boned bullies.


Here are examples of every day occurrences. So  go late to a church that hands out food for the homeless, once a week. It is old food, can out-of-date goods, but it is better than nothing. There are families that have homes, huge incomes, and come there to get dry cooking goods, so they too save money. Well, I go late to avoid the crowds, and so I go about 1/2 before closing. Today, no one was in line, I was hanging out near the entrance, but was not in the pathway to the entrance but backup up against a fence and a wooden bench. I felt a stomach ( fat one) push against me, I momentarily was stunned. Then I herd 'excuse me,' but did not look back, and was still stunned, because I was not in the way, I was not blocking anything. Two people side-by-side could have passed by me, there was no one there. Then I felt a push, and flipped out and elbowed a bully Asian, whiteout turning around, I felt I was being assaulted. It escalated, I said I was sorry, but he would not give in, and others started telling him to punch me but I did not run. I said, I'm in no hurry, I was not in the way, so what is your problem? THe bully Asian again was told to punch me in the face, I kept staring him down. But he told others I said I was sorry.



But that was not the problem. He had no right to push me around, lie about it,  that was pure racism. I was not in his way, he felt because he had a bigger body, he could push people around. My problem is that I cannot beat up every bully. Often foreigners push me around , first assessing if I have a body to fight them, then they bully out of pure racism. The cops are not on my side, so I can never contact them, and I cannot beat up most big boned bullies, so my options are diffusion and or run away. But I'm tired because this stuff is happening ad nausea and the only way to stop it is with overwhelming violence. This and other persons and examples reek of racism, not this fake Black on White racism connected to American history and American slavery but world racism based upon general physical biology. When I was health and able to make money, I would defuse and move along. But today, poor and desperate I had thoughts of killing him. He was 100% in the wrong, and had no brain to understand it. Then homeless help there advocated him doing volence to me without knowing the facts. They too are different colored skin. The only person to help defuse the situation was some of the white Church helper staff ( or more correctly the food service staff).


I'm writting thisl less than one hour form the event. So I'm still upset. I should have called him a racist. I do not have time to explain or teach nor do I belive it will listened too on poublic equiquitte. I'm standing, out of the way, and being pushed and demanded to move with no where else to go, when this fat asian could have walked around me, two people wide, and been done with whatever he was to do. This was bullying and racism and since I have such a thinish body, my thoughts lately are murder. Because society does not stick up for me, including other whites and people form communist  countries act like bully communists. He did not see me as a human being, but someome to push around (/ 23 May 2014). 


U.S. Senator (Democrat) goes Racist on Barack Obama, he was not a normal Niggah, the White Racist U.S. Congress Hater proposed.

Harry Reid ( Democrat) Nevada, U.S. Senate calls Obama a Nigger, and this was covered up by the media, but kept by Rappers and black groups because he is a real hard core racist.

On TWITTER, famed rapper assails Harry Reid as 'sketchy'...

  Reminds followers of 'negro dialect' remark...

Someone please remove this racist form the U.S. Senate!

Elijah Cummings ( US HOUSE OR REP (D)) conspired with the IRS to target Catherine Engelbrecht's and other Christian groups in Athiest Hell on Earth ploy. Elijah Eugene Cummings is the U.S. Representative for Maryland's 7th congressional district, serving since 1996.  He is black and fears that whites will take control of power if he does not destroy their children, kill them families by denying them access to the same laws as the colored people, promoted under Obama.  Lerner was too frightened over Racial threats to out any colored people influencing the I.R.S. targeting of poor Christians. Cummings just wants these white people dead, that is his only purpose in his decision. And anyone that says otherwise works for the Devil and is a liar. That program targeted successfully 130 Christian groups, one non religious progressive group, and that was the final evidence. This was totally illegal, and the Republicans do nothing but ask questions.


Latin or brown people control middle and south America and south west Europe. They want North America too, and therefore whites, blacks and Asians must find another home, because browns get along with browns ( Moslems 800+ years in Spain, worked and lived side by side); south American natives are brown skin, the Spanish and Portuguese and some Italians took control of the South America and Middle America, are live side by side with native Americans, that are brown. So brown people, regardless of religion 'school like fish' and prefer this lifestyle.

In Los Angeles, Blacks, whites, Asians get beaten on the streets periodically by Latinos who claim this is there land, get out. The police do not help nor does the community. If you call me a liar, you are a liar.

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