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Apokálypsis; "Article I."Life & SOCIALISM w/ CAPITALISM" © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 24th september 2011:  (09:51 p..m. Burbank, CA.)


Topic: What is life

Article i, sec. 3, a


  1. Laws of the Universe PAGEREF _Toc307255515 \h 1

  2. All life forms compete against other life forms for energy PAGEREF _Toc307255516 \h 3

  3. Historical Precedence. PAGEREF _Toc307255517 \h 6

  4. Class Warfare PAGEREF _Toc307255518 \h 11

Concept created 23 October 2011, started 24 published.


Laws of the Universe

If laws are to be obeyed, then what are the laws of the universe? Life is made up of wave/particles; these waves are the strings obeying varying gravity/fate processes to which we barely or ever notice but make up our known universe. Individual particles intercept each other on their pathways and therefore assemble in formed waves – as an individual particle becomes an illusion of unity.


Everything has a vibration which is its mathematical signature. Science is the expression of dividing all things known into their respective weights and measures. After compartmentalizing these mathematical signatures scientist assumes to understand life’s processes and potentially assemble life itself, perhaps create it at some future point in time.


But where do these particles and their expressive wave forms come from? They are all a part of energy, which is a vibration in and of itself. These particles compete for expression, and we view this as a means of survival.


“All life competes for energy to sustain itself. Life is not based upon fairness. Some forms of life are better at obtaining the energy they need, destroy competitive forms. When humans first settled into the landmass[es] of the western hemisphere, they hunted to extinction many large animals. Some of these animals preyed upon humans, some of them were preyed upon by humans, and some of them were competitors for food. Brains beat tooth and claw. And humans have become the most dominate species in the geological epoch.”[1] [ note Hebrew Bible, God said to man, take dominion over the Earth!” apparently that prophecy still rings true today]


Cargile continues, “Great masses of humans compete with other masses of humans for energy – for food, for resources, for those things that make survival easier. We will kill each other to secure these things. The[se] indigenous peoples of the western hemisphere may have killed off the mammoth, the saber-tooth cat, and the American lion, but thousands of years later they were unable to fend off the dominance of the Europeans. Sure their treatment may have been unfair, but no one was driven by their nature to seek out a balance. They were driven to survive. They were driven to dominate [e.g. kill or be killed, 1557 painting, the Big fish eats the little[er] fish!]. Driven by their genetic code.”[2]



All things in the universe are of the origins of energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed and it only can be transformed into matter and matter can be transformed into energy. Within this energy/matter lies D.N.A. which is life a computer software program designed to coordinate and construct a program within the greater hardware program of these particles/waves of our Universe. This is a part of fate that cannot empirically proven by the rational mind. The rational mind only allows about 20% of the informational ‘bits’ to be processed per second, where as the irrational mind,  very exotic and still unexplored by mainstream scientists can process 100% of bits per second of universal information. Insane people in all cultures were revered with saint or god-like qualities often never prosecuted or harassed by the Court as their minds tapped –into the irrational matrixes of our universe. We, at this point known only about 25% of D.N.A. and what these codons do, but the other 75% we believe they are leftover byproducts of former generations, such as our various body parts left over from periods when humans ate from the bush , in which we no longer need these organs. But, this is only an academic guess.


Evolution, a modern product of scientific ‘assumptions’ intend we are often compared to our nearest relatives the chimpanzees, orangutans, monkeys were our D.N.A. differ by only 200,000 codons, but the media that cannot read scientific papers will never understand that codons have start and stop mechanisms to shut things off or start them and when comparing humans to these primates we different extensively from our similarities. Humans have D.N.A. codons not found in these D.N.A. sequences of these primates. Where did these differing codons come from? We understand much of life, but still do not know much about how the differing species evolved into such an varied expression of life. From microbes, which cluster into single-celled organism communities, to various animals that cohabitate with their own species to the humans that act exactly like these microbiology communities?  Humans are varied like the animal communities and the micro-biological communities. As communities compete for energy, all these communities mutate to adapt to their environment, creating the illusion of ‘evolution.’ Now with genetic manipulation, evolution is no longer a standard academic safeguard to explaining away the varieties of species of life. Darwinism is therefore qualified! However, the idea of genetic manipulation is to make a more competitive species, such as the super soldier or clone warriors and even a robot dominated universe.


Cargile starts off one of the posts with its thesis” “All life cannot divorce itself from the genetic programming no matter how intelligent they are, or how “enlightened” they believe themselves to be.”[3] Since without the help of genetic manipulation, Darwinism is correct that species adapt to their environment, their biological bodies therefore mutate, therefore this is another proof of the proposition that all life competes for energy. Its purpose is to survive at all costs. Socrates was noted to complaining about man’s ability to know all, in that people say that the greatest evil is death itself. He, in his questioning mode asked, how do you know that death is not of all the greatest of good? Academia has no answer and will not ask for this is a difficult subject matter because it is too difficult to ask someone what happened after you died – ignoring science is permissible in this case and does not break scientific propositions that things must be investigated before commented upon and given a verdict. 



All life forms compete against other life forms for energy.  


Capitalism is a term which derives from a block upon a Greek column, used to support the roof’s structure of a building. The roof are the top 30%. The Capital therefore is the foundation which supports the top floor – thus the roof – and is compared brilliantly in Karl Marx’s philosophic approach to economics of the concept of the ‘super-structure.” This stucture compares to modern day Socialism, where the top, supported by capitalists are in deed just an oligarchy or any type of socialistic structure  and of course to the top 0.001% — top class of 30%. Who are they? MEAMIC. This describes both the Soviet Union Oligarchs & < a set of life long of 40+ year politicans with extream legislative powers > our own United States of American Government, many politicians and court justices have been in power for over 40+ years and the masses who are the capitalists support the top 30% socialists.



In Marx’s ideas of economic hierarchical structures, there is a base structure and everything else is unnecessary for life, and is called the super-structure. The super-structure is everything that is considered an institutions: a bank, a library, a theater, a food store, a police station, a law court,  a government building. All these things in Marx’s philosophic writings are the product of the bourgeoisies and are considered liberal things – things that act just like Capitalism.


Marx came from the German schools of his time that taught Burckhardt’s ideas of individualism created during the renaissance, where Burghers go around and destroy communities in their pursuit of wealth. Marx took the explication of Capitalism to a whole knew level explaining that industrial states will go about the earth and destroy every tribe, community, and indigenous peoples, destroying the Earth’s resources for the pursuit of the things for the ‘super-structure(s).’ Burckhardt was incorrect, individualism or self-interests have been around, ‘not since The Renaissance, but since these big-bangs to big-bangs, and all that is in between. This could be explained he did not remember his future reincarnation to seeing these Sumerian and ancient Egyptian mud-tablets (some on the internet or on history documentaries!) explain how this business man or mortgage mediator needed their rent, money or loans paid on time, these recordings are records that capitalism flourished in the ancient times.


From microbes to hunter-gatherer humanoids who depleted a large animal population to the environment and population explosion that describes the 3,300 B.C.E. agricultural revolution and the settling of large city-states all over the world. Today, we are on the verge of depleting resources of oil(s) and semi-precious metals, and can only achieve these productions for a little while longer before humans reach their impasse – which will act like change itself. In New Astrology ( studies of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, and all new asteroids and other astronomical phenomena) the sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, once co-ruled by Saturn along with Capricorn. Uranus is the symbol of change, and mutation in biology or abrupt impasses, such as the times of troubles or end-time(s) of once era to another will test human’s resolves to understand that all are competitive and all things in the universe are capitalistic.  


Enter God into our Human existence.


So the universe, at this moment is suggested ( Hawking, et al.) to be about 14.5 billion years-old.




This led to ethics and morals for large tribal communities that wished to cohabitate in a joint effort of communality. This eventually led to civilization. The number one problem was that all lifeforms compete against each other and compromised had been an idea for the greater good of the community. This developed to academic discourse of a need to manage ‘degrees of avarice ( i.e. greed).


But since all life forms are competitive, all life forms need an enemy.


“Nature is a lot more brutal than you know


I surfed the web with the key-term “all life competes for energy,” and I came upon this webblog post by a poster’s name p.s. Cargile.[4]  It seems to sum up some of the bullet points to our discussion on nature which we surly are from as all lifeforms are from the same substances in our universe. We are all made up of carbon, from the Triple Alpha Process. This means we are created from old or dying stars ( they collect an abundance of helium, needed for the alpha-particle, an isotope of helium involved), as inside stars the collision of three helium nuclei are eventually ‘fused’ together[5] by a strong nuclear force. Small fluctuations of 0.5% in the strong nuclear force or “4 percent in the electric force, would destroy either nearly all carbon or all oxygen in every star, and hence the possibility of life as we know it. Hawkings and Mlodinow intend, “Change those rules of our universe just a bit, and the conditions for our existence disappear!”[6]


“A life cannot divorce itself from the genetic programming no matter how intelligent they are, or how “enlightened” they believe themseveles to be. Life’s great goal is to remain extant.”[7]


Historical Precedence.


Capitalism or all life forms compete for energy exists in literature, entertainment,  an science.


In Entertainment, the 1970s Television series Star Trek have a civilization called the Borg, they go around the universe and use up all energy and move to the next place destroying everything in their path, and continue until all energy is depleted. They are the villains and were too difficult for the Star Trek community to defeat – the Borg had higher technological advancement.  In the Movie Avatar, the humans destroy their planet and go to other planets to take energy and ultimately destroy those environments. In the Movie, Independence Day, it is the aliens that move from one solar system to the next and destroy all lifeforms and take the resources. In this movie the world civilizations of Earth are the heroes battling the evil aliens. In the movie Avatar, the Navi ( old Jewish description of a ‘prophet’ or seer) are the heroes and the humans are the villains.


In literature, records of wars and tribal expansions exist from our most earliest records, circa 3,000 B.C.E. or their memories recorded in the 1,000 B.C.E. era. A German philosopher turned economist, Karl Marx continued this theme and the bourgeoisies, a product of the former term These Bhurgers of the proto-renaissance era were the business families and proto-bankers whose wealth spurned on imperialism  -- eventually increasing during the industrial revolution by the times that Marx was writing his analysis upon capitalism. Marx died with no solution; his only offering was a continuous war or competition for those resources, known today in most Marxist literature as class warfare between the working-salaried poor and the bourgeois, or business owners and corporations. Marx and Engels did little to discourse on ancient western civilizations or the East.


In our ancient texts, all of our wars against each other were pragmatically analyzed as wars for energy, be it water access, food access, tax-revenue, or self-interest of a group or a single leader. The wars we call religious wars are the ‘enemy,’ a made up placement idea to relieve a pain of reality!, of the atheists or non-religious thinkers.



Daoism defines greed as the ultimate human conflict and destroyer of communities. It is the number –one problem in all of life.  Buddhism (c. 500s B.C.E.) which came to China via Tibet, originally from India, intends the same conclusion. Rebirth of the human soul a standard idea of reincarnation according to many eastern ideas intended that souls after a lifetime of avarice (e.g. originally a Greek term which is a cognate of Greed) were reborn as hungry ghosts, and felt inadequate in their inner beings. In a polytheistic civilization, Hellenist Aristotle wrote one of the first great works on Ethics. He said something like, the avarice of man [ humans] is unsociable!” This parallel’s G. Buddha’s thesis that all suffering of humans are a result of desire:  the desire for more money defines the suffering.


Socrates, one of the first philosophers of the western tradition focuses upon ethics and morality and how these ideas fit into a larger community. After complaining too much about some of the elite in his community robbing the poor, by a small margin of the vote in court, he was found guilty of corrupting the youth with his ideas. In fact, they voted against Socrates, he was wrong and greed was good.


In 1776, the American Declaration of Independence was a watershed moment for western Europeans. However, this same year, and after a decade of constructing an argument ( 1759, Theory of Moral Standards), a Scottish economic intellect declared “Greed is good,” in his very influential tract, The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, 1776.  Smith argued the first principle of economics is ‘self-interest.” In the Biblical Times the Hebrew literature described this theme as ‘covetedness,’ found in the commandments. In the northern Renaissance period, a painter illustrated a big fish eating a small fish, in 1557. In George Lucas’ Star War series, the revised first installment, the first movie in the series, The Phantom Menace, an opening sequence involves an escape from fish in a sea or a small lake which in each sequence, a larger fish gobbles up the smaller fish, and the idea is that the humans are running for their lives in a sea-vehicle to escape from being eaten themselves.


In Dante’s Hell, the forth circle entails a place where the greedy go ( note the symbolical idea of 4, the four 90 degree angles of a circle.), and the eight circle were a place especially for the Priests who sold indulgences, and later in history simony ( paying for confessions or forgiveness of sins at a private confession meeting) was an especially horrible place for the human souls as they were forced with their heads into the sand and reciting over-and-over Psalm 119, in hopes that a purgatory sentence was only a matter of time until they turn their heads and look toward heaven.


In on section of the Pauline letters, Paul apparently claims, the root of all evil is avarice, a loose-Latin or liberal translation. In Greek history, Midus was a leader who desired more and more wealth, eventually becoming fabulously wealthy; and later repented as he became a lone rich person is a sea of poor people.


Today, the U.S. Government employment department guarantees one makes 40%- 50% higher greed than the private sector. Since 2008, when Barak Hussein Obama won the General Election, breaking the U.S. Constitution (never and still has not delivered an authentic Birth Certificate), there has been created by him 250,000 new government positions that pay-out $150,000-$170,000 with full health and pension benefits in the millions of dollars – thus guaranteeing the American rich and wealthy dream for a small few bureaucratic employees. This per year costs $42,500,000,000 (i.e. billions) per year paid by the majority at 50% of all Americans who make $25,000 or less per-year in tax revenue. Obama campaigned upon ‘spreading the wealth,’ but he has never done so once, ever! He however has allowed Washington D.C. to remain legal in the law of ‘insider trading.’ In fact, Nancy Pelosi, the most advocate to distribution of wealth to the poor has made in 2009-2010 $34,000,000 ( i.e. millions) from insider trading – which is legal in Washing D.C., it is not a state of the union, but its own district with laws outside of the U.S. Constitution -- ironic. She owns hotels and a part of a sports team and she claims like Clinton and Obama to feel your pain as your kids starve and die. The Chaney’s have $10,000,000 and the Bushes have $25,000,000 and these Republican families are said to be the wealthiest families by Obama, Pelosi and even the Clintons who have $100,000,000 in their bank accounts. John Kerry, the richest Democratic Senator has about $1,000,000,000 (i.e. billions) in his many bank accounts. The average wealth of all the politicians in Washington D.C. is at currently $2.4 million of which most of this money did not come from their measly salaries as government officials.  While the mean average of 50% of all Americans made $27,000 a year or less, the majority of American families make about $6,000 - $12,000 per year.


Liberalism, decried by Marx as the group most associated to avarice, defines the modern Democratic Party of America which consists of the elite wealthy, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Gutenberg, Mark Zukenburg, Google inc, Yahoo inc., Silicon Valley, Hollywood inc., the San Fernando Valley porn industry, the military complex, and the public sector, most unions,  government jobs. Marxists changed what Karl Marx claimed and reversed the ‘enemy,’ as conservative(s), Republicans,  who have a history of isolationism, and were marked as the greedy – a lie but a lie often told enough becomes a fallacious truth.


“Liberalism (or leftism or socialism; collectivism; communism) focuses upon nuances, the grey area, whereas, in contrast, conservatism is about absolutes and the black and white arguments.”[8] The reason liberals argue in nuances is to continue the lie that they work for the common good of the people. They use the grey area to argue ‘degrees of avarice.’ Since the Democratic Platform includes social programs they win this narrative over the Republicans – who believe in teaching humans to fish rather than supplying fish to them for nothing. The Democrats practice that fighting for the poor will allow other Democrats to become filthy rich and therefore, their constituency cannot complain about their avarice.


This is evident though out history’s protest periods ( defined by Chironic tropical revolutions) and the current Wall Street Occupy Protests are just that – they blame banks and wall street but never look at the pay-outs from Washington D.C. of the bank- bailouts, Wall Street giving the most campaign money in history to Democratic figures ( Obama leads this pact of donees, most campaign contributions from Wall Street in the history of all Presidential Campaigns.) or Washington D.C. giving American tax-payer money ( in stimulus) to foreign banks, because American avarice of Obama and the Democrats created the global crisis as it began in 2006 with the mid-term elections being historically dominated by the leftists who voted in deregulation of the mortgage industry and Wall Street betting formulas to make other Democrats filthy rich – blamed on Bush, who signed into law the first of many (continued by Obama) of bank-bailouts and bail-outs to rich corporations who agreed to Washington to never pay taxes, thus becoming tax exempt in a great scheme to rob the poor people and destroy the world’s economy – because like War, it makes a profit.


In Academia, ‘the grey area’ is defined by Economic professors like Robert Reich,  who worked for the Clinton Administration to rob the poor, and blames all economic problems on the fallacious argument that Republicans are the only greedy element in history – and their destruction will bring to the earth a non-competition economic system. When in competition for energy, there is a need to lie to cover the tracts of epistemic avarice, which is a part of this persons’ damage genetic code.


When pushed to argue, the grey area brings up the ‘degree of avarice’ argument to which fudging and manipulation the facts becomes necessary to keep the profits in Reich and all other, 99% Academics, high-salaried U.S. and world professor positions. They are a part of the 1% wage or salary earners in the whole world. The Occupy Wall Street moment never identifies these persons as part of the problem, and in fact they identify these persons as the solution. In other words, Nostradamus said beware of the common advent, the herd mentality. People feel a security when they do not think for themselves. Thus is the benefits of being a part of the herd, you are never responsible –it is always someone else’s fault. Damaged biological entities need an enemy.  Most of these protestors cannot think for themselves, and must allow persons like Robert Reich to think for them – thus the blind lead the blind – and the lie continues in perpetually in the teaching to our children who are also competing for energy and the future of humankind.


If the proposition of avarice is correct, it should have some very empirical examples at all economic levels in society. There was a good news development out of the Occupy Wall Street protests, where the organizers of the Protest were given over $500,000 to distribute equally between all entities of protest cells in America. They leaders decided not to distribute the money but place they money into a bank account to retrieve for themselves at a later date, after purchasing a few corporate luxuries like a big – T.V. screen which is manufactured by a corporation and distributed by another corporation.  They then use their cell-phones, made by some of the richest corporations in history – all the while protesting against these corporations – branding them as evil and the enemy. This is all well and good, it is just an empirical example that all life forms compete for energy.

Class Warfare


All history is made up of some derivation of class warfare. It could be racists (an academic ascription), tribal, state, alliance, degreed imperialism, or entertainment. The rich compete for energy (money and resources) by suppressing the poor, usually by technologies and ideas. The poor periodically  up rise in all cultures and nations. The idea was for the majority of the population that are poor were to organize and demand economic sharing from the rich. For example, in New York city, one out of 500 persons are lawyers. Lawyers argue complex laws to win more money, and only the rich can acquire lawyers – the tools of an agency of avarice. On the other hand, one in four persons in the district of Washington D.C. are of lawyers.



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