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Released:20  March 2014 (p.m.  studio city ) just post vernal 2014. 

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Topic: GOD to WORLD


If you cannot recognize me, you are not worthy to life -- your spiritual code is corrupted. Either eradicate you or everyone dies!

If you cannot recognize me, you cannot recognize others, therefore you are corrupted and a direct danger to human survival.

There was/is/no will be an excuse to what happened to me at Cal. I'm an Orphan, they understood the challenged, failed, and exploited and attack this, I was not wanted by the elite. Most professors come from established families, so they grew up believing they are the center of the Universe. This involves their most cherished beliefs, and because of 'world view' that they are this center of the Universe, their minds tell them they know more than you. So after struggling for years, being chronically homeless due to my social conditions and health, I had one class to finish for my degree. Since the motto of the school was to be what ever you want ( a lie that disqualifies the institution from existing on Earth, meaning those that do not fight this lie on a daily basis, must be eradicated from earth. These are the most dangerous terrorists on Erath at this time. They keep down the global solution makers and hire only the soldiers that will fight against he masses of poor peasants. It is a false utopian culture on campus, where you get police protection, perks galore, youth in sexual modes all across campus, and power by way of tenure or faculty preference, because you meet the standards of a Fascist. A fascist is when a system binds your system to its system. It comes from a roman conceptual meaning of bundling together, such as a reed bundle. The conceptual idea is to 'tether' something, perhaps two dissimilar objects such as symbiosis, a novel term in the late 1980s.




David Hollinger

Purpose in life: Atheism aggressive advocate, MEAMIC.

Level of Intelligence: Low

Technical writing skills: better than sufficient.

Preston Hotchkis Professor Emeritus

Professor of the Graduate School

Office Hours: 

by appointment

2123 Dwinelle

(510) 642-6822


B.A. 1963, La Verne College
Ph.D. 1970 UC Berkeley

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: 

America since 1607: intellectual

David Hollinger

(1) Very little of its own research. It just comments on others'. What the hell do we need another commenter on, when there are millions of them online, on street corners? We need our 'real' scientists & not Demonic 'I'm the center of the world,' MEAMIC demons.  Where is the raw science? this is supposed to be a department of 'Social Science,' and this demon uses ancient humanities approaches to his  analyses.

(2)  David Hollinger, met him in his house office ( it can stack a family of 10 easily!), late 2008 A.D, he was thin; and when I lived at Berkeley after leaving school,  in my car in danger because I do not see normally, for over a year, saw him on the street during lucnch time, he also had ballooned to a fatass, too become very overweight – a symbol of what is wrong with academia today. Too much self gratification and gluttony.  Today, because of people like Hollinger whose job is like a gatekeeper for the global problem solvers, 80% of all California school kids are illiterate, even in their native tongues. When I meet a elementary to 6 th grade teacher of Geography, and she claims Australia is a state in Europe and you complain, if the person is of a different ethnicity or color you are branded a racist, and if not you must be some type of evil right winger. David Hollinger writes the American portion for grad students so they can teach the children. He is MEAMIC, his work is crap, Calfornia school children are walking zombies, and he is a large part of the global problems that are leading to human extinction.


Thomas James Dandelet

Associate Professor

Office Hours: 

Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-12:15 and by appt.

2317 Dwinelle

(510) 642-2046


B.A., History, St. John's University, Minnesota, 1982
M.Div, Church History, Princeton Theological, Princeton, NJ, 1988
Ph.D., History, University of California, Berkeley, 1995

Research Interests: 

Early Modern Europe: Spanish Empire, Italy, Mediterranean, social, cultural, political


Professional Experience

University of California at Berkeley, Associate Professor (2001-present)
Princeton University, Assistant Professor of History (1997-2000)
Bard College, Assistant Professor of History (1995-97)

Awards and Prizes

Guggenheim Fellowship, 2007-2008.
Roland Bainton Prize, best new book in history, Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, 2002. 
American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize, 1999-2000.
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 1998.
Spanish Ministry of Culture Fellowship, Fall, 1997.
Mellon Fellowship, 1994-95.
Fulbright Fellowship, 1992-93.



(1)  He taught that latins do not suppress indigenous Americans, he basically cannot follow contemporary history or current events. The Mexica, elitist Spanish government usually launches periodic wars on natives of Me' jixo to suppress the indigenous to keep them off the lands that make money for the elite Spanish. His comparison was the U.S. native American Imperialism, where they pushed the natives out of their lands. Some how Mexicans or Spanish have not been as 'Evil' as whites, this is his overall theme to all of his classes, because the foci are always on brown, or light brown Spanish, and he calls them the facilitators of western civilization, which he is 100% incorrect. When he does not get his own 'center of the universe' way, he cries and throw fits. The Spanish ( Macedons, as one reincarnational group(s), alive today in the same migration movements) do not nor have they ever run a semi close Democracy. They love kingship or olicharchy rule. This is the migrant population taking over America at this time. Dandelet supports this LA RAZA ( same as KKK, no difference at all) movement, Antonio Villaraigosa ( latin MEAMIC),  an U.C.L.A. LA RAZA member and former L.A. Mayor, who secretly took all the Pot-Hole road monies ( which is slim to start with) and gave it to his illegal buddies, now all the L.A. roads are like off-road axel breaking bumpyfares. At the 2008 A.D. Democratic National Convention, Antonio Villaraigosa  took two votes to try to take God out of official Democratic Party creed. Apparently he failed, and Atheism is a large step to anti Democratic forces in society. Since the Spanish and other brown people that have accompanied their global reach plight refuse to desire democracy, almost the same loggerheaded mentality as global caliphaters. Thomas James Dandelet teaches that brown colored skin people have been demonized, so the best action is for them to violently overthrow these demonizers ( Asians, Europeans, Africans, South Asians)  and enact Latin Kingship across the world. The argument is that this is a real trend. This means I cannot be accepted into his world, even though by political pressure he does take on a few whiteys. But in reality, the jobs issues are for Dictator brown colored people into Cal. Because the U.S.A. government does not see this as a problem, we must cite the U.S. government in collusion, because his classes are not secret. You can take a seat and be quiet if you go to L&S and ask permission. He will say this is not true, but demons are liars.




Robin L. Einhorn



Preston Hotchkis Professor in the History of the United States

Office Hours: 

Wednesday 1-2:30, Thursday 1-2

3211 Dwinelle

(510) 642-5419


A.B., University of Chicago
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Research Interests: 

United States - Political Economy, Taxation, Cities, Nineteenth Century


Distinguished Teaching Award, 2011.


American History: Focuses on Census' relations to Taxes; believes geography defines human behaviors -- a total lone like the rest, they say north has different moral and ethics than a southern person. 


The civil war was orchestrated by both sides' rich families, that put the peasants into the front lines and said, kill our enemies so we can remains super wealthy. So end result was freeing the initial 20,000 slaves that bloomed because of reproduction to one million by emancipation -- and the 'living wage' or later named minimum wage was created for the slave populations. But Robin Einhorn is MEAMIC. After the emancipation, the foci of slave production moved to the East, and rail road and capitalistic gains such as F.D.R/'s family running the aerial Opium Trade ( thus their rise to fame and power) marked the continuance of human exploitation, but this time by the most honored MIMIC leaders, I.E.. whom no one is ever told the truth about his Drug Cartel Family business, his playing the black market Kai-shek and J. Stilwell at Cairo both witness F.D.R. secretly giving Manchuria to Stalin, with the orders to do this only after he is gone,  and taking over Banks in the 1937s, sending in crack secret U.S. Military forces -- F.D.R. tricking the Japanese by suggesting the U.S. secret Military will help you bomb China for throwing out the Western Nations profit programs on rail and inferstructure -- and so I.E.. started World War II. I.E.. tried to trick Hitler, the same way, and Hitler told his legislature ( in audio archives) that I.E.. was crazy, first he allowed 7 out of 10 top U.S. corporations build the buzz bomb factories for the Nazis and then, after Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, I.E.. capitalized to Churchill and the U.S.A. was drawn into war again. All of this happened because of black emancipation, so white ass capitalists  ( no not republicans, all) go the east and enslave the 'gooks' a term of endearing racism. The groove of capitalists to exploit Asian ( F.D.R. believed that Asians are not humans  standards, his socially tolerant wife always complained of his White Superiority complex is not discussed in American History. So after emancipation, the bulk of the human slave capitalists move to China, this sparks a Chinese Civil War  ( Boxer Revolution to throw out the Roosevelt Clan and other western suppressors. The U.S.A. was a big part to ending millennia of autonomy and dynasty, all because these people that tell us they are compassionate for the downtrodden just bowed to local  ( endemic U.S.) power and set sail to abuse out of the focus of daily newspapers.

After China kicked out the west, then two world wars interrupted the slave labor force and all Americans were seen as 'helping' in a single cause -- a cause they voted into power that created this dilemma. After it ended, Operation Wet Back was a success and the Latin Monarchists ( they have never run a democracy in all of their collective Histories, incluinding their reincarnational group sints as Macedons and the Iberians) warned they will soft-conquer the U.S.A. and end Democracy -- to which Cal and Washington D.C., all the way down to the local media advocates as the new American workers, not the Europeans -- or the families that helped build them -- so at Cal I was told I was evil because of my white skin, so I wrote a review asking why there are white faculty, staff, and professors at Cal at all or in any other American institutions. Apparently, I have white skin and I was told to die because my skin color defined racism. . Why are any White people in power at all? This is not made, up it is very nationalist sentiment at this time. That sentiment really comes from slave owning or slave profiting families and these white apologists are very advocational on attacking those that do not believe they were a part of that apparatus. The idea is that since a white slave family had offspring, that offspring believes that all whites must share in their exploitation of human guilt, which is against Civil Rights and Human Rights. I, being white, should not have to pay for the sins of other whites. I'm homeless by social stigmata ion, being an Orphan ( for those not educated, this means I have little to no allies to fight for my rights to exist in human dignity. ) and these professors that in my opinion, many are absolute bully retards protected by White Ass tenures, and White Protectionism, she lives in a Million Dollar home and complained to me about her bills, she had recently ( back then) remolded her expensive Bay Area neighborhood home.

Robin believes ancient Americans filled out their census properly, that is to say without lying; but in reality many lied due to fear or greed, and this takes place today. I did not do the census last time, and this was more the case of me being homeless and not wanting to answer ridiculous social questions that are angendatized for my destruction. Even back then, they had to report slaves or visiting relatives that perhaps were struggling to find a permanent place and temporarily stayed at a relatives home.

She is a type of academic that claims Osama bin Laden, because the New York Times tells you so, was the operator and cheerleader of 9/11/01. He had absolutely no role and it appears he is another in a list of Patsys for MEAMIC to go rape, murder and steal from others -- a 100% confirmation that Satan is in power here and now.  Academics, in general I have found at the Tier I universities do not believe the government ( Them either private corps., special interest promotion or public funds, the same corruption) can do not wrong, intentionally. In other words, if you sign up as a Democratic Party member and get a job in government, you automatically become incorruptible.

She took me to some eye specialists after I complained of Eye damage to the head of my department, M.E. Berry,  and I had already known that these specialist exams were fraudulent, I found out rather quickly they could never, and I mean Never 'test' for light damage by light instruments. There never has been one. Robin told me in the car I was a liar, my eyes were not damaged. I see blurry now, I can still see, but I must hold focuses and cannot use glancing like normal people nor how I was and I lost considerable acuity. Being told I was a liar hurt me deeply because I was very vulnerable, I live in the co-ops, and all agreed that orphans are not wanted because it is too difficult to pin 'skeletons' in the closet. Most of history has been run by rulers threatening individuals by using their families as bargaining  chips for their evil doings. The Clintons' used this method almost exclusively. Orphas do not have families, so they cannot be blackmailed ( skeleton closestized) . This means they are such a threat to personal fantasies ( Robin and almost all blame all problems on Earth, not just now but all of history) on a phantom entity, and call it real and true.

I had a feeling it was rods and cones, these are microscopic so no light exam could have found the damage, and these experts I believe knew it -- they refused to answer my questions and wanted to know one thing.  Where did you get the damage from. Everywhere I went, after the revelation, they shut me down and told me to go away. So I was left to die, no family no Cal community, and I do not tolerate crap like this on Earth. She had the gall to question why I would seek an eye exam on campus, when it promotes itself as a legal community outreach and legitimate State run and accredited Eye institution. So I had no money, no lawyer would touch this due to U.C. Berkeley reputation of making and distrubuting around the world WMD or its so-called name power, so I lost faith in anything American.

During Vietnam era, the U.S. Military was running Murder Inc in the Caribbean and as well as in Guatemalan. Harvard to Cal had professor after professor promote and agree with the U.S. government that 'coffee farmers' were radical Soviet block soldiers reading themselves to take over America by force so we need to run assassination teams and coups in middle America. There is a reason that 'privileged ' students forced 'God' out of the Harvard Motto. The next step was justice and what is left is 'truth,' but that seems to be 'subjective.' The academics need to be held accountable for this and Vietnam views. Here is how it was done. Academics read other academics and form 'political' positions. In the 1950s - to currently, Academics believe Commies are here to kill us all and enslave us and so to solve the solution, the U.S. Miltayr must be 'offensive' and go around the world assassinating and killing large groups of peasants. This will help profits because it churns the military industrial complex buildings and spurns work for the rich amercan families. This was what Harvard and Cal promoted. The 'evil gooks' as F.D.R. and later leaders refered to Asians ' were' according to F.D.R. and Harvard and Cal, perhaps where he lerned this hatred, not human beings, so killing them is not against God -- whoops God was taken out -- not useful for the rich whitey Military Complex/Academia. These instautions need to be taken accounted for, back tracing their leaders and professors and hold them accontable for masses of murders. I read the Communist Manifesto, it has no theory that Capitalists are Republican ( Harvard, Cal, Claim). When I was at Cal, British Petroleum, fresh from the Clearwater Gulf Oil Rig Disaster got the largest public school contract in history, and students erupted with condemnation. Today, views have changed, and on the CAL undergrad news website, Cal has embraced Corporate sponsorship. I just tried to go online to Cal's undergrand website, usually I have to use another computer, save that page, uploaded to my computer, open it up, get the link to post the link on my website because my computer is over 10 years old, pentium 3 ( ancient) and it crashes and I have no functioning eyesight, called a liar by this craptard hater of the human race. So if I remember properly, Sarah Yang, 20/21st March 2014,  "Corporate Academia is best system for the University."

You see in America after  John was assassinated by L.B.J,. with the help of Hoover  because Hoffa has photographs of the head of the Intel, allegedly, on his knees in drag performing falacio on another man, the reason Marilyn was murdered to hush this operation up, the corporations won, and the U.S. Military is just such a corporation. So today, the false democracy we live in is a set up system of PACs, where both main Parties pool all their funds into a single Corporate sponsored PAC, they choose the candidate and no other options are open because both Parties see the U.S. military might as the standard of high living, so cried about in the later 1960s Feminist novels. After bombing the Earth so the U.S.A. could reap trillions by selling to the decimated cities of the world it destroyed raw and premade materials ( got this from a WW II vet sent for this purpose to Europe to exploit and grab raw material facilities and lands from all the Europeans and claim to borrow it as payment for liberation, such a great scam, this was my first patron on a small school scholarship away ( less than 2,000), and he had no reason to lie. He was proud of the U.S.A. economic plan or World War II. The standard of living skyrocketed after WW II and the feminist movement believed that the prosperity was the norm and so they voted in huge pay raises, huge retirement packages, and call this' the standard and if any suggest they cut this standard, they must be demonized as conservative ( I have not met one U.S. Professor that knows a simple definition of the term, they all use it incorrectly, perhaps on purpose; for example, today's CCP or Communist Chinese Party is seen by these native Chinese as 'conservative.' ) or Republican.  Women's Rights, to vote, to marry whom the choose, and rights to fair and equal pay amoung the men, are all premissible by me, but not this incessent Liberalism feminism, which is like ' privledged women syndrom,' a women that believes she is superior to her other humans by social classs -- color matters not. And feminism to me were winy rich white bitches unhappy with having coling boxes, electric washers and dryers, electric dish washers, garbadge disposaler, water pipped into home, a toilet ( China is still struggling with getting toilets to their populations) a shower, and in many cases a castle ( a modern home in American are usually larger than most roality in all of history, except to the top elite.). Feminists had to blame someone for their narcissism and avarice and un tamed sexual libido, so they blamed Conservative and Republicans and in general  Christians. Their claims were like, "I have to stay home in my castle, I have nothing to do, technology took all my traditional chores, so I must become a revolutionary, I hate that my husband wants his laundry done or a cooked meal, screw this crap life, I'm soooooo repressed I feel like a black African slave on a white elite family plantation."

When I was lectured on feminism in so many classrooms the preface would entail a story of how mean Christians, racist Republicans or inhuman Conservatives were the reasons for a War on Women. There is no mention Nancy Pelosi made $50+ Million on insider trading by being Facistized (e.g.  teathered the real definition) to Washington D.C.'s draconian laws that do not apply to the general population, she owns a sports team, and motels or hotels, and is the picture Women Corporate Leader, everything that is wrong about the world. She is not a politicians, like Barbara Boxer who admits she does nothing, and when she works, she signs legislation on pure party lines, perhaps working and reading legislation is not the feminist way of life, eh? Another perfect example, is Hillary Rodham Clinton whose 'Wellesley College, May 2, 1969 senior thesis' almost calls for jail or for execution of those that do back room politics ( e.g. non transparency). So when Lybians tired of JSOC 100 ( Drone and Military assassination programs in over 100 countries, Obama has replaced over Imperialism of the Bush regimes) they planned and attacked the U.S. lybian secret facilites that were runing ammo and personnel to kill the children. Hillary when Secretary of State helped Obama run kill and destroy northern Pakistan -- it is almost rubble today, the children schools gone ( MEAMIC does not want a literate world, or they will figure out their Satanic Dominance operations) there is not one person out of these 2,000 + innocent deaths that Hillary as a Feminist can account for as fighting for the rights of women everywhere. No Hillary fights for Robin's huge paycheck and hatred that comes from Robin's soul for those lesser privileged Americans and world's people. at ben Ghazi, Cal alumnus C. Stevens was doing his patriotic best by keeping silent the Libyan fortress, gun and assassination programs that were the result of the attack on 11 Sept. 2012 to try to get rid of these Murdering U.S. people. Hillary, as women failed to quell the short lived CDI, D. Piraeus, he took the fall, she blamed irascible Coptic Christian that lives in my southland of Southern California, because he was pissed that the Muslim Brother hood not only began to kill Christmas Egyptian Coptic families as an excuse of Secret Sanctions by the west that made the Egyptian Spring Revolution 2009-10 A.D. by manipulating grain prices, all these churches and children were murdered by U.S. meddling and so Hillary personally puts him in Jail for trump up charges and still blames the ben Ghazi attack on his poorly made and low budget trailer, that attacks Islam. The fact that road blocks were set up all around ben Ghazi's town 12 hours before the Egyptian Public square was viewing this anti Muslim Brotherhood video, and when you see my pages or any other main U.S. person's page on ben Ghazi it was all a back room deal, the very opposite of What Hillary Rodham Clinton promoted as herself in life and in politics.

But Hillary's attack on Feminism and her personal crusade to destroy all of women were revealed by Edward Snowden. In a back of his first leak, a bundle of stuff, we found out that no world leader or merit has any respect for Hillary Clinton because she allows men to step all over her and use her -- to which they cannot trust her with secret information, so we lose out in the intelligence department. You see when Bill Clinton announced his run for election, a bevy of accusers of rape, of molestation, of physical abuse, of women beaters, came to the media over Bill Clinton's personal mannerisms. That was not all the charges against her husaband, he had been runing campaign finance irregularities and befriending the Trilaterials in Arkansas, as well as taking money from Milasian buisnessmen connected to the Chinese mainland's miltary. But Hilly came to his defense, even claiming that 'there must be a vast right wing conspiracy,' when arguing if there was indeed a blue dress with Clinton's dried fluids which would implicate Bill Clinton as a liar to the American people, thus not father figure not a world leader figure but a thug with avarice and narcissism  at its elemental core.

I was at the North Hollywood street faire when this happened, and I received a Free LA Times sun-cap, and I took a paint pen and wrote disparaging remarks and walked around. When I passed the LA Times booth with some very prominent Times journalists, they stopped me and asked why I had written in opposition of the LA TIMES. I told them there was indeed a dress ( the news broke) and I refered to their op-ed piece stating anyone believes Monica or the Republicans about some blue dress with clinton's DNA are --The most unemaginable and filthy names appeared in the article." This was also about Feminism, because Hillary backed up her husband 100%, and she was caught duped and this reflected poorly on her, not her husband. When I stared them down and told them there were haters and liars, their happy faces shifted to grimaces and 'deer' in the headlights. They actually believe whatever comes out of a Democrat's mouth. The point is Hilary was dead wrong, dangerously wrong, the investigation just for the uncovering of the dress was $8,000,000, when Clinton could have confessed as infidelity is not an impeachable offence. If a feminist cannot control her man, she has no power over other men, and that was the revelations of Snowden. No make world leaders or dignitaries respected Hillary Clinton, not because she was a women, Mercle and Thatcher were often feared by men in power;  no men can trust a liar and weak political figure. Hillary Clinton is the most often target to promote' War on Women,' when in fact she is the launcher of it. Hillary Clinton has given women and feminists a real bad name and the men do not want women in power when other men cannot trust them with confidential information.



Cathryn Carson


Associate Professor

NUCLEAR SECRETs Cathryn Carson

Office Hours: 

Wednesday & Thursday 5-6

3221 Dwinelle

(510) 642-2701


A.B., 1990, University of Chicago, history and philosophy of science; also completed requirements for A.B., physics, and S.B., mathematics
A.M., 1993, Harvard University, physics
Ph.D., 1995, Harvard University, history of science

Curriculum Vitae: 

Research Interests: 


Primary fields

History of physics: conceptual, cultural, social, political
History of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and many-body physics
Relations between science and philosophy and between scientists and philosophers
History of science in Germany and the U.S.
Nuclear history

Secondary fields

History of technology
Modern German history
Intellectual history (European, U.S.)




(1) I dropped her class, I was shopping, but it was a topic of most interest. But after one lecture, it was clear this was a false-flag class, and the only investigation she was working on was 'what was the history of protests of nuclear energy in Cal's history." I had already done the work during my second semester, this was toward my final semester at Cal. I had all this material on protests and short analyses on them but after the first day, she appeared as MEAMIC member.













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