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Released: 03 March 2014 (p.m.  studio city )

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Topic: U.S. to WORLD


Why You Will Die

28 OCT 2002 A.D.(today's Facebook CEO) Mark Zuckerberg HACKed  Harvard University Computers to Steal U.C. IDs and Student information for blackmail purposes.

The Paran of the Sun (+ Neptune) to the western horizon indicates a global criminal.

Pluto is P.E.D. to imad ophiuchi a.k.a. as the unrecognized 13 th Constellation.

2015 A.D. Mark works for the National Satanic Agency.

REPORT: FACEBOOK secretly tracking all users... | Even after they delete their accounts!

Jeb defends NSA surveillance Bush Family Runs MEAMIC and Jeb Bush wrote the plan for the One World U.S. Bush Back Global Power Body of Rulers -- e.g. the One World Controlled Government. 03312015 A.D.

THE ORIGINAL CHART "" Can it be any More Evil?

FACEBOOK and YELP Jump on Bandwagon to Dump Conservative Organization...

Zukerburg loves Liberals because they are not family oriented and abusing people is a 'liberal' ( free rite) way about life --+ one gets to laugh at one's submissive slaves.

as of 2014, Facebook = $175,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, $175 billion dollars. Opera Winfrey, the richest women in the U.S.A., and tops around the world, only has $3 billion in her global empire. But then again, she pays taxes, Mark does not because he signed a N.S.A. spy on all 'contract' for $9 billion in 2012 A.D.

CEO Mark Zukerberg pays (0%) ZERO tax monies to the United States Federal Government, The U.S.A. Government gives Facebook, $200,000 in tax payer funded subsidies -- and who says the U.S.A. is out of Control?

Middle Class rose under 75% tax on the rich.
The middle Class fell under 38% now 14% tax on the rich.
Republicans have been the biggest liars of all Time. Democrats follow the Republicans because they are stupid
Do the math.

Mark Zukerberg’s claim to Fame was hacking into Harvard’s Server to steal Dorm Registry information, as well as peek at private information on Students. Instead of being disciplined, he is/was rewarded, and claimed “you must break things in order to fix them,’ a paraphrase but not out of context.  That is what the assassinating Bushes and MEAMIC said about Killing Kennedy. He needed to be killed ( break it) in order to have a new visionary President ( to fix it), where U.S.A. goes around the world killing Asians, browns, blacks and others about 100 yeras after emancipation. Zukerberg was originally a hacker and that is how he made his way in life. A hacker is a computer term for a human thief or a robber.

Global Arrest warrants from China, Iran to US.A. for the arrest of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO FACEBOOK COROP GREEDY MEDIA.

Los Angeles Times 30 June 2014: Mark Zuckerberg broke US law: The Common Rule requires "informed consent" from human test subjects. Iran has called him to court in Iran over spying charges, and Mark has yet to answer questions over his abuse of humans. The Common Rule requires "informed consent" from human test subjects. Facebook's dodge is that the 689,003 subjects of its study implicitly consented to having their news feeds manipulated by agreeing to the company's data use policy, the latest version of which comprises 9,123 words. Like Google tried, all things you do on their servers, even if it passes through it, is there property. you do not own anything --- and the U.S. and world governments force people to be on these servers, it is a no- win situation. Mark Zukerberg needs the lake of fire immediatly.

Zuckerberg whines to Obama about spying... Zukerberg lied once, it has lied again . Eradicate.!

FACEBOOK Works on Drones and Lasers... to hopefully bring internet ( control to the black populations of Africa). Mark Zukerberg hopes to track every black male to eventually make a community target and Drone them all- but first new laser systems need developing, so he is funding the work on this research. Mark's life shows a pattern of deception and lies, and so helping blacks now is under suspicion as he may have other motives.

  Tech giants knew of data collection, agency's top lawyer insists...

NSA Hacks Networks Through Administrators' FACEBOOK Accounts...

Cannot Trust Mark Zuck[...] so the world will be rid of untrustworthiness, so he dug his own grave and purchased a ticket for a trip to Hell.

What Mark is saying it is OK if he robs you, it is for your own good and his financial benefit. When no one knew N.S.A. paid FACEBOOK CEO huge cash to spy, and then Snowden leaked Mark spies, people then started to exit over privacy issues,  then Mark cries to Obi wan Bombya Nairobi. Why do we tolerate hater crybabies? After becoming a Hacker, with little to no intelligence, Harvard teaches the children of the world that 2000 mps bullets fly at right angles (Kennedy assassination) and if you do not go kill a 1,000,000 (gooks, Harvard’s term for Asians)  then you are a commie lover and must die -- so going to a top Tier 1 school has no bearing on intelligence.. So do not tell me Harvard is some gigantic clearing house for the morally intelligent, more like smart avarice evil demons. They produced Bush, than Obama. and John Kerry, Bush Sr.,  Bill and Hillary Clinton, went down the road to Yale,  & all of these leaders helped build the atmosphere of corruption and avarice and "ALL ' are extremist left-wingers -- no matter what party you belong too. 

 This is not astrology

change thefacebook to facebook in Aug 2005. 23, Miami, FL.

Creation Date: 2010-04-01T11:56:37-0700 [ remasking origins under a Mark Monitor system,]

Registrant Street: 1601 Willow Road,
Registrant City: Menlo Park


Facebook 2033 March 4 th

 Mark Zukerberg's Natal Rectified by Me.

Mark Personally did buisness with Chinese Hardliner Military Personnel to Keep a large portion of Asians in lifestyle bondage.




Recreation Date: Creation Date: 2010-04-01T11:56:37-0700



High Level Astreology:

Servers, as inanimate objects, they are not in God's sphere, so they act normative and can be read. This is the company that purchased the linking IP to major facebook servers, as indicated. ICAN usually registered all domians at 9:00 p.m. each day

This is a part of Mark Monitor, a website Mark had up before Face book. Mark wanted from an early age to control the Universe, so he asked Satan for help. The running Joke in the Hollywood Film, a Social Network, Mark's character intends that Facebook is not about the money. But today, Mark is building the most expensive city on Earth, some 9,000,000,000.oo Dollars, or 9 Billion dollars. So how does any king or queen have a castle worth 9 Billion dollars? This is why Mark accepted 7 Billion form the N.S.A. to run code to spy on all, and Mark's complaining to Obama was smoke and mirrors.

Air , as an element belongs to Gemini. When the Sun culminates, the eastern rays fall on stars geminorium, a sign allegedly ruled by Mercury, the information distributor, a fitting server 'signature.' Tropical astrology is narcissistic so I do not use it, but if you like it has its tropical positions in the table below. First is on the western horizon, where the servers are at, so this is a relocation reading, and fire or spirit is about connecting the mind to the body for actions, and in mediocre semblance, Chiron ( Actually Sagittarius is Chiron, a half human half horse) is a bridge between 'two' seemingly opposing things. The Blue focus contains two waters as the long cord and to the fulcrum of the sextile lay in an Earth element in a water domain, as both water constellation are in Earth domians --- so we have a bunch of compliments. Such as Jupiter over Cap, whereas Cap over Jupiter ( PIS) old ruler domain. Some modern terms for these things are 'mutual reception.'  However, again, I do not use tropical positions as they are not consistent to star positions, thereby it makes no point to study any cosmos when you leave out most of lights, as in the ancients calls everything 'stars.'




In politics: You see If You own the means then you dictate policy.

WASHINGTON (AP) — An advocacy group affiliated with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a nationwide ad on Monday that implores House Republicans to act this election year on legislation overhauling the nation's immigration system. --Advocacy group targets House GOP on immigration.

The new commercial is slated to run in all 50 states at a cost of $500,000. Council for American Job Growth, an affiliate of the group, is sponsoring the ad. Zuckerberg launched the advocacy group with the support of Silicon Valley titans such as Bill Gates and Sean Parker and the organization has been one of the most active on the immigration issue.

Associated Press
By DONNA CASSATA53 minutes ago


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