US Arabia 1974 Weed was Banned by The Democrats Because they believe in pressure rather than Freedom and Love.

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World.
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World.

GAMMA CLASSIFIED: OPERATION IMMORTALITY:  Article i, sec. ii, i : Cannabis, weed, marijuana, hemp, pot, motta, medical marijuana. War on Drugs, The first instances of Drive-by Shootings.

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treats depression, anxiety, +,more;  it is 100% natural if grown without pesticides or growth chems., and 100% more safe than MEAMIC Satan's meth and PCP mental health management.

STUDY: Anti-Anxiety Drugs Tied to Higher Mortality...

update: Harvard College ( U.C.) new Study claims Marijuana causes brain anomalies, too dangerous for consumption, only recommendation if someone is chronically ill and in a lot of pain.  The sample was 20 college pot smokers ( north western kids, so they are already naturally brain damaged as with almost all college kids) and 20 college non pot smokers -- which is a joke study.  The study openly claims to hope to influence policy. The War on Drugs pads the rich academics with trillions of dollars. The Federal U.S. Drugs forced on over 70% of U.S. Children cause abnormalities on the brain.

What is the truth about Harvard and other U.S. UCs?

#1 Harvard Claimed U.S. should drop nukes on surrendering Japanese to see what radiation does on human bodies. Before this all of the Navy, Air force, and most of the ground troops, and five major Japanese cities were decimated, so there was no need to drop even a match or a stick. (#2) Harvard advocated killing gooks ( their terms for Asians) in South Asia in the 1960s, they lied and said super soldiers of Asian persuasion would take over world and eat your grandmother. So we had many wars in Vietnam, secret wars in Laus, Cambodia, etc.... dropped more bombs on humans to eradicate the Asian gook scourge, according to both Democrat and Republican parties, than all bombs used in World War II. And, (#3), Harvard took "justice' and 'Religion' out from their motto because these two things no longer apply. What is left was 'truth,' but their truth is different from reality. Harvard is a cheerleader and comrade in arms of MEAMIC, and thus only eradication of the people of MEAMIC must take place if the world is too survive. The DNA of these demons will destroy the planet. They are beyond redemption. And finally, #4, and Harvard scientist would see the molecular structure of anti Depressents as a schedual 1 Drug, federall illegal, and they say nothing and quite the opposite promote this.  Anti Depressants' main ingredient is Speed, methamphetamine.  I did the reserch in 2005. University of Texas bio archives and found the nuclides and chemical chains of molecules and psychoactive prescription drugs are PCP ( Angel Dust), and since riddlin' 1980s to current anti Depressants' the main or only main ingredient is meth amphetamines. Since my advocating on blogs under pseudonyms speaking up on this and to some doctors, it has now began to be proven in main stream media. MEAMIC has 'academic' in it, and these are the demons from hell that enslave the humans with their Evil, non reality, science, so they can control all the monies and all the lands for themselves. All real Christians at this time, now have a special dispensation for murder without recriminations by me. These people will not stop and they must be eradicated.

Cannabis: a natural product of Earth, banned by U.S. and Many Government s because they cannot make a profit or some old hag claims it causes social problems. 

Media et al. gov. Hollywood, Doctors, blame the wrong agents in the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is a just a phrase to cover up the real operation of putting the poor into prison, because the elite do not like seeing the poor in their neighborhoods. The only solution is to eradicate the oppressors.  Marijuana is less harmful to the public than legalized alcohol, legalized heroin, pharmacy pain killers, legalized meth amphetamines, anti Depressant medications ( Effexor, et al. there are many of them, all the popular names, including the first gens, the Prozac generations) , legalized psychoactive substances, P.C.P. a.k.a. Angel Dust ( example, Zyprexa), very dangerous can cause people to kill others, as was the case with many of these mass shootings in recent yeas, all the assailants were on these psychotropic and meth drugs prescribed by the Federal Government – one such claim is it makes it easier for mind control, an admitted too U.S. government department of operations. If you cut up your anti Depressant medications you have street Meth amphetamines. The War on Drugs is to hurt the people of the Earth and support the rich.

If you make, sell or ingest meth amphetamines you get fined and go to jail.  But is this preferable to have the U.S. Federal Government sell you very, very expensive meth- amphetamines, couched in medical language?; The Anti Depressant Drug Miracle came when someone said, hey all people need is a steady kick-start, and so let us put meth into pharma  pills and call them anti Depressants, market them, make billions in profits, and hide the true research -- anti Depressants all have this as the main, and I mean Main scheduled 1 substance. This is, again, another form or way we know the U.S. government is out of control and needs to be fully relieved of its evilness doings.

For confirmation, see molecular markups and chains as they are almost identical to the street drug versions, usually one peptide bond (an amino acid) separates a long meth - chain to an anti Depressant meth - chain or often they are identical. When the State mentors its dealers, these pharma doctors and State and even now Private Doctors,  none of this information is ever, and I mean ever,  given to them – when it remains imperative for the Hippocratic Oath to be honest in medicine. The U.S.A. Meth kills and the U.S. government wants the population sick and dependant to make the elite and the rich’s ObamaCareforRich&killthepoor Health plan to work.

So help in eradicating the Satanic Army, the MEAMICs ( secret military gov. which is also the legislation branch of gov, because they fund it, budgeted in each funding bill).  


3264 x 1725 Blue Dream Destiny Hope, Thank you

Wears a pro-marijuana leotard in concert, of a few new outfits for her 2014 Music Tour


Persian Hillbilly


Miley Ray Cyrus click for 736 x 1019 pixels

Miley Ray Cyrus' opening number costume was designed by The Blonds, This is a Marijuana leotard and accompanied medallion. It is a stunning outfit.

Herbal cannabinoids (sometimes called classical cannabinoids) are nearly insoluble in water but soluble in lipids, alcohols, and other non-polar organic solvents. However, as phenols they form more water-soluble phenolate salts under strongly alkaline conditions. All herbal cannabinoids are derived from their respective 2-carboxylic acids (2-COOH) by decarboxylation; that is, catalyzed by heat, light, or alkaline conditions. Herbal cannabinoids occur naturally only in the cannabis plant, and are concentrated in a viscous resin that is produced in glandular structures known as trichomes. In addition to cannabinoids, the resin is rich in terpenes, which are largely responsible for the odor of the cannabis plant.

There are over sixty known herbal cannabinoids. Of these, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) are the most prevalent and have received the most study. (, 6th March 2005, higher logic, poster, accessed 19 feb 2014).

This was posted in 2005, and it is 2014 A.D. and very new research conducted by medicine pot growers, licensed, are developing marijuana without T.H.C., and close to 50%-70+% C.B.Ns.

What is becoming clear is that marijuana has over 180 different molecules and many of these are showing cancer curing or cancer abating effects, due to parts of the marijuana plant that are not associated to the paranoia or anxiety feeling, most believe is found in high levels of T.H.C.  ( still unconfirmed).  

Sativas are generally higher in THC to CBD ratios, which gives a sativa the "clear, energetic, head high".


Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk has won multiple awards, including a cup at Spannabis and two annual top-ten strains High Times Awards, both from California Growers.

Lemon Skunk was created through careful selection of two skunk plants that were specifically chosen for their lemon characteristics. The mother was special and kept for 20 years in Las Vegas, Nevada, while the father was selected in Holland and was originally a donation from Eddie. Eddie was the owner of one of the oldest and most recognized and prestigious marijuana seed banks in the Netherlands for several years ( theweedsblog June 2011).


Lemon Skunk won 1st place in the Indoor Hydro category at Spannabis in 2008, 1st place in the Outdoor category at the Highlife cup 2007, 2nd place at the IC420 Breeders Cup 2008 and was the winner of High Times Top 10 Strains of the Year for 2009. [ and in 2010].


Indoor growers only get (16.65 percent THC) while outside growers get fantastical levels of T.H.C. and C.B.Ns. While many dispensaries use clones and proclaim Lemon Skunk has a nice taste, this was not obvious in my case. It tasted like mud, had a sandalwood taste and 15-30 seconds after this horrible taste ( not in favor of wood tastes) your lungs and stomach absolutely feel as if someone purred a full jar of sweet honey down your throat, and it lingers for about 15-30 seconds after wards, then it dissipates. The next thing to do is wait for 15 minuets because you will be numb, fully numb.

High Time 2009 - 2010 Champion + other awards

Votings of English speaking at users: Lemon Skunk gets 6.96 of 10 possible Points in the average!


Dec 17, 2013 ... A grower for Oakland's Harborside Health Center bested 260 other growers to  win first place in Northern California's premier pot competition  -- the weed used to win, Lemon Skunk.

YouTube Lemon Skunk Awards


In June 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs." Nancy Reagan, began a highly-publicized anti-drug campaign, coining the slogan "Just Say No."


During Ronald Reagan’s first term in office there actually was a real bloody drug war in South Florida, hundreds and hundreds of murders recorded there in one year, and almost all were cocaine market share for the rich and elite of the U.S.A., called at that time, the Rich Man’s Drug.   Famed Hollywood Movie Director and Producer, Brian de Palma, shed light on this War on Drugs in his, now a cult classic, but still a first rate movie,  Scarface, which premiered some little known actors, Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer, and included  Robert Loggia,  Best Actor in a Supporting Role Jagged Edge (1985),  Steven Bauer, who was born on December 2, 1956 in Havana, Cuba as Esteban Ernesto Echevarria (Steven Bauer played Pacino's partner-in-crime Manny);  Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio whose performance was riveting, and of course, F. Murray Abraham who played Omar Suarez and later won the Academy Award for his role as a trickster-court composer, in Amadeus. Pfeiffer who professes not to watch her own films claims this is the movie she is more remembered for and why not?


Besides the very adult topic and the violence (not overdone because Miami with E. Blanco killing and her crews and mentoring Pablo Escobar and other later notorious Columbian Drug rulers) the movie was well acted, filmed, organized, and produced. Everyone I know whom have seen the film, now of DVD or Netflix, says it is one of the best Hollywood films ever made – and of course because of its director, the staff of the film, and all those involved. So this film depicts a small amount of what was actually going on in South Florida, the Cuban Revolution, after Castro threw out his undesirables, all came on rafts and skips to the mainland and they had just left military fighting for 30+ years and brought it to the U.S.A.


So G. H. W. Bush, Sr. under Reagan’s directive began to send the U.S. Military into the state of Florida to clean it up or otherwise it would never have been cleaned up. However, after this problem was cleaned up the War on Drugs turned back to the draconian and hateful things that it does.


In the early 1980s, at Miami, the first consistent use of motorcycles and drive by shootings occurred in these Columbian-Florida Drug Wars. Then a few yeas later, when the MEAMIC ( C.I.A. in this case) flooding the South Compton and Long Beach Streets with Crack Cocaine, the automobile drive –by shooting system started to appear out of nowhere. So the C.I.A. not only plants drugs to put the poor into prison, they show these people how to kill each other and with a method of escape – a fast car. The leaders of the United States of America have some serious explaining to do, because this is outright EVIL as in Satanic Evil.




The book “Keep off the Grass” was the only U.S. Federally funded study on all forms of marijuana in the 20 th century, and was kept from the public for 25 years. The government feared the findings. It was not what they expected. All researchers and federal scientists found marijuana had caused a lowering of the sperm count, temporary and only in very heavy users, returns once stopped; and short term memory lose which also returns after an absence of heavy use – otherwise, for some 5,000 years they could not find the smoking gun that marijuana was this gateway drug or some monster killing drug. In fact, in history, it was used for almost everything, from pain treatment to Roman soldier recruiting, to making textiles and building materials. “Keep off the Grass” was damaging for proponents on the War on Drugs, at least the medical marijuana issue. The War on Drugs is an excuse by the U.S.A. to use its para-militaries to invade foreign countries or throw the poor into jail. The  issue is that Washington D.C., Media, entertainment, movies, film, television, sports, college campuses, teachers private rooms, to night clubs and fancy rich restaurants, one finds Americans smoking marijuana. So to win the War on Drugs, you must stop the addict and not the supplier. So marijuana had an issue of murdering innocent civilians because of the secret War on Drugs to hurt other humans, which means the U.S.A. leaders has been sucking on Satan's boots for decades. Marijuana remains on the scheduled 1 List of the Federal Government's Law Books, banning all forms and possession of marijuana. Fluoride, the substance that the FDA and U.S.A. treat drinking water is also a Schedule 1 Drug, illegal to posses, intake, and distribute. If you do not exclusively drink bottled 'fresh water,' you are in violation of the Federal Law for drinking tap-water and must report to your nearest Police Dept. for booking and jail time.


Some brave celebrities show off their support for the people.

Marijuana Social Relevance in History

When Marijuana became the brand for all social ills of  an American society, these attitudes of European Americans who clearly ruled the power institutions had disallowed marriages to non white Europeans. An Asian falls in love with a European, the U.S. courts ruled against marriage because of country of origin or in leftist academic ideas, because white skinned people inherently hate all colored skinned people ( lit. MEAMIC definition which includes many of the still living original civil rights leaders).

So in my American Cultures class ( pre req for baccalaureate at U.C. Berkeley, at least while I attended) I was taught by Postel, Charles, he had done his Ph.D. work at U.C. Berkeley and was teaching in Sacramento, but visiting professor that semester. He taught that pot/’weed was stigmatized by some mural of a Mexican or Latino looking insane, with marijuana  references to their unacceptable behavior. For those who do not know about America, the northern Europeans kicked out the Spanish and Latinos from north America, they have been crossing the boarder ever since the founding of America, and so southern migration north from an already unhappily French Ruled Mexico, all social ills were, like today, and some for good reason, weed was blamed as a sly way to implicit racial divides. So if brown colored people were a social, economical nuisance ( and many Latinos built America, but so did Asians and Blacks but Latinos are not taught this in schools for political soft imperialism reasons) and their culture smoke this ‘wacky weed’ then to get rid of these people, first stigmatize this ‘weed’ and tie it to a color of a skin or ethnic idea. So that is how Marijuana was inherently banned. Again, the U.S. 20 th century government and academic study for two decades found no harmful affects associated to ingesting all the chemicals found in marijuana. So this narrative I tell you, a little revised from Postel’s view, he is MEAMIC anyway, demonstrates a thread in prophetic categorizing on social movements.  

After World War II,  the U.S. farmers got outraged, as masses of illegal Mexicans flooded over the boarder and took jobs from struggling southern families both black and white. The U.S. government ran Operation ‘Wet Back’ throwing out over 270,000 Latinos from the lands of the U.S.A. These groups of Latinos promised Armageddon, and they always claim they founded the U.S.A. first – which is an outright lie. However, this worked in the late 1950s and we did not hear their war cry until the 1970s when a second wave of Operation Wet Back should have taken place, but it did not, so the LA RAZA  ( same as NAZI or KKK) plans a world domination by 2060. This is called only brown people allowed, no one else, unless under slavery. So the concepts of tribal and or family identification and lifestyles including what we ingest are often tied to larger social and political issues. However, by the 1970s weed was no longer tied to the ills of the Latino cultures and masses coming across to seek and to expand into the U.S.A. Finally, that ban on Marijuana? a term directly coming from Mexico, weed had been known by hundreds of different names, and Marijuana is just another reincarnation of the term, still exists. So like it or not, every time you see a Latino, you can thank scared European white richly people, so in fear of the poor they banned a free herbal remedy.

So far Two Main Types of Marijuana Weed StrainsPrivate non sale liscenced to grow 2012 a firend of mine grew five plants, this came from a small one, the weather in the Summer was a continual heat wave which made these plants grow in hot weather

The Indicas (named for the plant form the Indus valley, ref. Keep of The Grass, historiography of the plant) give a totally different feeling and affects the body in a much different way.   The Indicas, the pure form, are Shorty plants with large flowering buds, and have much more carbon matter to their flowers, than a large treelike sativa. Of course, these plants of indica perhaps grew in warmer climates and had thusly shorter stocks. Some Sativa reach a large tree like statuses, towering high and giving a much larger yield, thus the cash crop-issue which sparks thoughts of avarice and greed, and that most type of weed on the street is the paranoia-inducing marijuana. To me, in all of my experience, Indicus are full body and contain chemicals that attack lower body pain. While some correct uses of Sativa stimulate mental abilities, thus college students that are pot-heads will smoke Sativa before a test rather than a full bodied Indica. The mellowness ( do not get confused by strength of the marijuana, both can be strong as in the strongest on Earth, it is just all dependant upon strains and the grower and climate conditions) of indicas is a surprising good thing, and if  correctly given and managed. However, with large amounts of CBNs ( usually chemical reactions for optimal strength appear if grown outdoors with real soil) indicas can make one feel wobbly. An 100% indica should help with all insomnia issues. Some indicas have a small alcohol feel to them, mimicking the relaxing state of having a beer or two: after that there is no comparison to strong drink or alcohol, as drinking too much can take over your senses and led to inebriatedness. On the other hand, if you are feeling ‘stoned,’ a common by-word of the effects on injecting T.H.C. etc.. cannaboids,  a simple splashing of water on the face will bring you completely down to earth. People that dispute this may want to see if the person they are examining is not also combining marijuana with prescription drugs ( a fad) or any of the heavier drugs such as meth, cocaine or any of these new designer drugs. Otherwise, marijuana is almost harmless.

The Mexican drug cartels grow ground based marijuana, usually high – grade brown Sativa, large trees, and these plants have these increased amounts of CBD/CBNs which then gives an intense, but short high, about 15 minuets and an almost uncontrollable munchies attack. This means the Drug cartels are not working scientifically; they just want kids to be stoned out of their minds. To remedy this, marijuana growers, in the business as well as personal research are turning out weeds that are not as ‘crack-like’ strong as those 1980s weeds called Columbian Gold, very potent strain of Sativa that was littered with red hairs and one would get really stoned without the pain management affects of the new modern strains.

The strongest marijuana I had tested was Guatemalan B. there are 30 volcanos making some of the richest volcanic soil, often La Pearl ( the flash point of the 30+  year Guatamalen war, in which U.S. ran various assassination coups over its course and blamed poor farmers as threats to the world because of communist beliefs, all lies) a secret famous coffiee city ( 3,500 permanent farmers, two air stripes, five churches, 25 stores) has coffee sold at auction each year to the very rich and entrepreneurs. in the late 1970s and early 1980s Maui wowi an indigenous indica ( back then) was also grown on rich volcanic soil, and like Guatemala, Hawaii has also tropical seasons increasing the chemical exposure when these Indica plants grow.  -- U.S. went to promote covert Fruit Global Corp, a U.S. Military Suppression cult to secure slave labor to appease Hollywood's insatiable appetite for luxury and sophistication.


 It was brought in by Drug Cartels, because the weed was smashed, a sign of smuggling, and some white dude found some L.A. Connection, which was sold at a much cheaper price than normal street prices. It was dark green, and had to cut it with a razor blade, because it was so compressed, and after cutting it, the T.H.C. and other chemical crystals made the dark green go away and turn into a white snow  ( e.g. consentrated trichomes). Because I was never a big user or proponent, went most of my life not touching any marijuana, at all, never touched it once while I was in community college and then transferred to U.C. Berkeley, so I was no heavy weight, but this weed was too strong. And others that had tried it got spaced out, and it was way too strong. This batch, I got it for $40 because this white dude was a fellow musician and his weed connection saw him as a life long client, I got more than a half ounce, which was so much it was scary. After I had turned on friends and smoked much of it, I thought all weed ( see I was novice) was getting this strong, but today, this was not the case.

1.94 mb click for enlarged photo unknown aug 2011 San Fran Park

New soil and hot house grown California weed comes in much stronger than any top-shelf of these world’s dispensaries.  However, it is difficult to find, if almost impossible This type of weed, here in this photo was not sold for profit, but to pay bills and mortgages, by a private person who had a passion to help those in need of medical attention. There is a need, that is why they exist. These  free government facilities are stocked with imbecile and bully doctors, rude staff and semi-literate nurses – so many California patients seek treatment outside of the harassing and the hatred style of U.S. Federal Healthcare.

Some strains and even a strain but grown in the correct conditions can be something quite different than the norm. Guatemalan B must have had some serious other chemicals other than T.H.C., because it was very body felt and if one took six inhales, one could feel paralyzed for about 15 minuets. The only chemical I know of the marijuana strain could have been a very, and I mean very high level of CBNs ratio to T.H.C. But in the 1997 A.D. canniboids were still almost unknown. I quite for 15 or more years after that bag, I believed all weed was tending toward this strength, but that was not the case. Weed management can have wonderful benefits, and managing serious diseases are one of them.

hydroponic never as strong as correctly grown ground marijuana.

Marijuana sold in the park areas of Haight and Ashbury , for example, in the heartland of San Francisco main city, Mendocino county growers, some licensed some not, come and pass off their wears – off to the public, even when there are numerous dispensaries all around town.  This is because many come to sell weed to pay their electric bills, their mortgages, their tenant rent, etc.. and some of this weed is far superior than any dispensary. The historiography of weed and growing competitions, with trophies and awards, recognition and bragging rights were for a long time totally owned by the Europeans. Today, Mendocino County in northern California produces some of the most cutting edge medical research and new strain and concept production as no T.H.C. strains, but still health qualities associated to medical marijuana, the T.H.C. is blamed for those anxiety attacks from feeling of being ‘wasted’ when many strains will not get one wasted but still perform the pain healing and medicinal benefits that marijuana provides. While Amsterdam was in its heyday, they began to ban drugs again, and European weed was winning all the awards, alone came Mendocino and produces or perfected strains of Lemon Skunk ( not Lemon Grass, Not Lemon Kush, et al.) but a strain that won the championship two years in a row.  So on a good day, hanging out at the park, one could score for cheaper per gram than the dispensaries the strongest marijuana on Earth, as happened to me. There was even a strain of homiest grown that was stronger than any weed, even Guatemalan B. I only bought a small amount, and don’t be fooled, when these people say, $20 a gram, it always comes out more than 1/8 th of an ounce. Most of these dealers are not really dealers in the profit making sense. They come to the park rarely and sell their wares to pay important life bills, while providing services to the public that otherwise is forbidden by the rich that control the hospitals and medical institutions. You see, the pain medication for the poor is banned, for example, Michael Bloomberg, when a mayor of New York, made it nearly impossible or a poor person to acquire prescription pain killers, citing anecdotal abuse by a few individuals, when in fact, Bloomberg, $3,000,000,000 who is worth more than three billion dollars only banns these pain medications to the poor of New York City so that cops can arrest them for purchasing the same drug on the street, and thus put the poor person into prison where the rich want them all to be, as the second option, the first being genocide.

Most medical marijuana is grown indoors under bright and hot lamps, with temperate climate, and without soil. This science was typecast as hydroponics, and in associated to these marijuana plants.  Hydroponics is fantastic science for a consistent quality, such as science demands. However, growninsoil and outside growing vary with seasons that cannot be perfectly predicted. Some in Mendocino County, licensed again, grown in the soil, but under tents that allow sunlight in during the day but block out the cold-snaps that otherwise would cool-off the plant considerably for a large portion of the 24 hour day. These sciences are extream in breeding powerful strains. most dispensaries, such in California law forces  business persons to grow on site, and not anywhere else, which decreases their options to manage a scientific and good quality health-weed.

click for 1.22 mb photo? Award Winning Marijuana Treats almost everything pain and attitude related

technically the winner for one of the top ten strains of 2,009 & again, 2,010 A.D. This batch here was ground-grown, so more CBNs.

The biggest problem today is Satan’s Army, they intend that weed needs to be regulated as a schedule 1 drug, dangerous to your health. Then they shove Meth, in the form of what is called anti-depressants, the main ingredient is Methamphetamines, and almost no one knows this, not even the doctors I spoke too. You can see this in academic terms in Texas University’s biology dept. it has the molecular chains and molecules of these mental health drugs and they are all exactly like the banned street drugs. Psychotic U.S. federal drugs, such as Zyprexa,  have a molecule chain with one pep-tide bond difference from Angel Dust, or P.H.P, one of the strongest illegal drugs ever produced. All the anti-depressants are remains meth-amphetamines, because nothing else works to pick one up and get them going (Perhaps coffee). I have not met one medical mental health or psychiatrists or doctor that understands what is in the pills they shove into the children to adults of U.S.A. citizens.

College professors, staff, faculty, students and kids on campus all smoke marijuana. It is an open secret that almost all on college campuses pad the coffers of the Latin drug Cartels and local dispensaries.  There are many lawyers who must fight against drugs for the Federal Prosecutors, HASS Law School, but after trial, they go home, sell marijuana, smoke out with friends before a barbie, and complain about these stupid federal Marijuana laws. So the Feds and local police bust a homeless person smoking a joint he found discarded by a rock star or Harvard Professor and the Authorities put him into jail for 25 years or so. If Paris Hilton or even Paul McCartney get busted for pot, which they have in the past, they do no prison time, and are asked for autographs by these authorities. Duplicity will not be tolerated. The stories of cops raiding the police vault to collect their weed for their weekend smoke outs while putting about 10 kids and adult poor into prison for the same offence will be halted. This forces us to consider the Police at local to federal level are all RACISTS.

The People Call it 'The War On The Poor' and the Rich & U.S. Federal Legislators call it the 'War on Drugs.'

Why was marijuana banned? Racism is the quick and accurate reply. The rich elites, even later in American history, Richard Millhouse Nixon promoted that the poor acted funny when they smoke reefer (a common street name) and so they made signs and banners showing poor white and poor colored smoking weed with their eyes bloodshot and goofy looks on their faces, with salacious warnings to the rich white folk. So Weed was banned, and by the hard sentence Drug Laws, Richard Nixon who was a full blown racist said, hey, now that blacks are free, we need to find a way to put them back into a cage, so let us make it a federal offence to smoke, posses, grow or distrusted God’s natural remedy. Besides a tacit agreement to cover up the John F. Kennedy assassination, he would have legalized weed, for its medicinal as well as its easy and cheap production costs, Nixon placed inhuman jail sentences on marijuana offenders. In this manner, the jails show an increase in the poor, including blacks, to prisons, a direct correlation to the 1960s emancipation and full citizenry rights of all forms of humans and colors of their skins, including women’s rights to vote. So L.B.J. who formulated this plan, he tried to kill the poor whites and blacks in South Asia in the 1960s because he worshiped Satan, millions upon millions of innocent humans have cluttered the jail cells due to the rich elitist making marijuana a scheduled 1 substance. Richard Millhouse Nixon and Lyndon Baines Johnson are enemies of the human people and should not be worshipped in any way, and in any form, ever.

Prohibition (no imbibing of any alcohol)  teaches us these Washington D.C.  elite are criminals.

During Prohibition, almost all ethnicities, not only the Italians, that is a myth, got into bootlegging, and illegal banned 'sprits'  distribution. It was a dangerous job, the feds asks their local municipalities to use fire power to stop the importation or distilleries of alcohol. However, while most American were bone dry, and adhered to the law, the rich businessman and women imbibed in secret cellars and restaurants (the famous ones in Chicago)   but the worst thing was the Washington D.C. lawmakers who asked white Irish to distribute directly to the U.S. House of Representatives, and the House of Congress -- both parties and independents needed their alcohol on a daily basis. So while prohibition lasted the read drunkards were these lawmakers that banned it in the first place. Why this anecdote? The Problems of Prohibition were the same as the War on Drugs.

How the War On Drugs Really Began

While Nixon placed most drugs on Schedule 1 banning all uses or possession of marijuana and cocaine (used to be in most products, F.D.R. snorted over an 8 – ball during writing his Pearl Harbor speech, well documented today, so this is not a fallacy. He was crippled and always had a large jar of cocaine in his White House medicine cabinet. So Cocaine was illegal nor seen as a harm to the body. Then in the 1950s in Medellin, Columbia, a young girl claimed to be abducted and then rapped, and she then killed her rapist. Turing toward the underworld to survive she met men in Columbia who introduced her to the business side of cocaine. At this time, the Coast guard had no idea to watch for boats full of tons of packages of the white powder. But here is the catch, it was the rich people that demanded this lady, named, Griselda Blanco ( mother maiden name was Restrepo) provide this new and very expensive product of white powder to the elite of Miami and the greater South Florida. She mentered Paublo Escobar in Miami night clubs, that is where he got his start! (ref. Cocain Cowboys, part 1 & 2 ) At this time, she was able to sell cocaine at $100 a gram, and back in the 1970s to the very early 1980s, when her story changes, she began to make millions of dollars per week off of U.S. Congresspersons, Washington D.C. elites, Businessmen, disco owners, entertainment, television executives, the film industry, and of course the varied music industries. They all had these $100 bills to spend on a ‘gram’ of cocaine. So it was never the poor that were targeted like the C.I.A. did to the Watts and Compton blacks as a way to deflect the real problem that the rich used these illicit drugs and it turned the U.S.A. into mere war zone. It was not the poor but the C.I.A. thought to frame the poor, and of course, blacks by getting rid of Blanco’s main dealers and introducing a faster and more addictive form of the drug, called Crack Cocaine, in a solid form, smoked, like free basing, which was a more expensive way to ingest cocaine and more powerful, at least in the first few minuets. But back in the `1970s and early 1980s, South Florida became the displaced Cuban Revolution. Well, that is what the feds first believed because they had no idea of what was going on and there were at times, 39 murders in South Florida in one month, which sparked media attention and a national combatant policy. Ronald Reagan declared open war on drug traffickers and this allowed a little known C.I.A. person that helped cover up J.F.K.’s assassination, George Herbert Walker Bush, good friends with Malcolm Wallace before he was assassinated, both took key roles in the killing of a U.S.A. president because John looked to create peace between the nations and peace does not bring avarice wealth, Bush and other Satanists believe. Both  Bush and Wallace were Skull & Bones members, a Yale Fraternity that intends U.S.A. has a bunch of idiot slaves that must be manipulated, and Bush rose to the U.S. media attention over this issue of stopping the murders in Florida. Newspapers at that time said, Florida was lost – as it was no longer an American property, it had been turned over to cocaine para militaries. So Bush, under Reagan’s auspices, launched the first Real War on Drugs campaign, and it was successful. Blanco just moved to New York, for a short period of time, she first traveled there when she first arrived. The five Italian Mafias began to get into small drug distribution, but Blanco came with tons of cocaine and shut them down. The only thing was she could not run her ‘sicarios’ ( assassins) against the Mob, because of too much public exposure, so she moved to California to evade getting caught. Bush combated a para military with the U.S. equivalent para military, coast guard, etc.. and won the battle but not the war.

The problem with Reagan and Bush and the Democrats in high positions of power was who was to blame for these cocaine wars?

The real blame were the Washington D.C. elite that bought large amounts from the Columbia Drug cartels for their own private parties, and Hollywood, media, and education were all American institutions responsible for the invasion of these para militaries and mass murders of innocent Americans on South Florida streets. So what was the U.S. government to do? It said, hey, let us blame the poor blacks by dumping free rock cocaine, very addictive, and get them hooked, put them into jail because we hate blacks ( white racism) and then blame them for the role of being the people that wanted cartel bosses like Blanco to operate and to kill. So the Federal Authorities lied, blamed the poor, and in this case the Los Angeles poor blacks, just so they can continue to snort loads and loads of cocaine.

The need or the ‘epidemic’ of the use of illegal drugs were blamed on the poor, when this was opposite of the facts and truth. It was, and always will be, the rich that created the problem. Again, I was there living during these times and was in the presence of world class musicians and knew many of the illegal LA immigrants that were in bed with these organizations, so they knew the inside information.  Before the year of 1992 A.D. cocaine was very , and I mean very, expensive. It was called, ‘The Rich Man’s Drug,’ which can be modified to include the ladies, as they too were operators and users. So the War on Drugs was a way of U.S. Institutional Racism. You see, the White C.I.A. dropped a new substance of an old drug, Crack Cocaine on South Central to force into addiction, get the draconian laws, Nixon’s legislation, and then put all the black into jail to rot to hell. I say, all the blacks need to rush and invade the C.I.A. headquarters and kill everyone of these people because they are still running programs like these and will not apologize and make up remedies for their rich elite racism. So, the new CBN research is curing and abating certain forms of cancer, but the U.S. Government runs the War on Drugs to  make sure the poor and unwanted, the colored people remain or go to jail and do not pass go.









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