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Released: 08 January 2014 (2:12 p.m.  studio city )

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Topic: Advanced Financial

1792 Buttonwood

Global Human Control Banking

Money From Nothing

Wall Street Always is/was/will be a Gambling Institution

Whomever Gains ALWAYS indicates a Family is Destroyed.

  • Islam outlaws Usury , such as Wall Street, although the sinful Saudi Arabian princes ignore the rules on Islam, almost all of them, thus they are going strait to hell, the practice of usury is connected to market and bank manipulations, in order to get a few interested people rich and destroy millions or billions of families.

Wall Street, named because the location was next to a street with a wall, is the financial district of New York City, named after and centered on the eight-block-long, 0.7 miles (1.1 km) long street running from

Broadway to South Street on the East River in Lower Manhattan. Over time, the term has become a metonym for the financial markets of the United States as a whole, the American financial sector (even if financial firms are not physically located there), or signifying New York-based financial interests.

Like Greenwich mean Time, located near London England ( today’s United or Imperialized Kingdom) sells to the world they have the hegemony on time, as its financial equivalence is that Wall Street or more correctly New York has a hegemony on all financial markets around the world.

On December 13, 1711, the New York City Common Council made Wall Street the city's first official slave market for the sale and rental of enslaved Africans and Indians.[20]

In the late 18th century, there was a buttonwood tree at the foot of Wall Street under which traders and speculators would gather to trade securities.[21] The benefit was being in proximity to each other.[21] In 1792, traders formalized their association with the Buttonwood Agreement which was the origin of the New York Stock Exchange.[22] The idea of the agreement was to make the market more "structured" and "without the manipulative auctions", with a commission structure.[18] Persons signing the agreement agreed to charge each other a standard commission rate; persons not signing could still participate but would be charged a higher commission for dealing.[18]

In 1789, Wall Street was the scene of the United States' first presidential inauguration when George Washington took the oath of office on the balcony of Federal Hall on April 30, 1789. This was also the location of the passing of the Bill Of Rights. In the cemetery of Trinity Church, Alexander Hamilton, who was the first Treasury secretary and "architect of the early United States financial system," is buried.[23].

2014 A.D. The DJIA is based on just 30 companies - yet those 30 tend to set the mood
for thousands of stocks. Those 30 are:

3M, American Express, AT&T, Boeing, Caterpillar Inc, Chevron Corp, Cisco
Systems Inc, Dupont, Exon Mobile, General Electric,  Goldman Sachs Group
Inc,  Home Depot Inc, Intel Corp,  International Business Machine, Johnson &
Johnson,  JPMorgan Chase and Co,  McDonald's Corp,  Merck & Co Inc,
Microsoft Corp,  Nike Inc, Pfizer Inc, Procter & Gamble Co, The Coca-Cola
Co, Travelers Companies Inc, United Technologies Corp, UnitedHealth Group
Inc, Verizon Communications Inc, Visa Inc, Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Walt
Disney Co.

These companies have bailouts by U.S. Tax payers, and no one goes to jail. Obama or the Feds just print tens of trillions of dollars and the market inflates to 1,700 with no real worth but paperless money. Apple Inc. does not pay taxes, nor does Facebook, they get money from the U.S. Tax Payers.


The U.S.A. Government and Most Businesses and Academia are corrupting the minds of the youth.

They intend Wall Street is good for family investments, for retirement and savings, when it is a just a gambling institution that the Feds have deemed most gambling a restricted practice because it destroys families and individuals, of which it does.

A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme. This is the global financial market place, decided at Buttonwood on 17 May 1792 A.D.


How it works: week 1

1 Person puts in 10 apples. (says the price is at $1 an apple (e.g. a share).

2 Person puts in 20 apples.

3 person puts in 5 apples.

4 person puts in 10 apples

5 person puts in 5 apples.

How it works: week 2

so now after one week, there are 50 apples in one bank stock or holding.

But now the price has jumped 100% to $2 a share and more people buy beliving the stock will keep going up.

6 Person puts in 10 apples. (says the new price is at $2 an apple (e.g. a share).

7 Person puts in 20 apples.

8 person puts in 5 apples.

9 person puts in 10 apples

10  person puts in 5 apples.


so now after one week, there are 100 apples in one bank stock or holding and the price of the stock has jumped 100% to $2.oo a share.


after week two 100 apples = $200.

This means person 1 now has $20 dollars to his/her name not just the intial $10 dollars they invested into the stock.

The price jumps up again another 100% to $3.oo  a share.


11 Person puts in 10 apples. (says the new price is at $3 an apple (e.g. a share).

12 Person puts in 20 apples.

13 person puts in 5 apples.

14 person puts in 10 apples

15  person puts in 5 apples.

so now the apples are worth $3.50 a share

This means person 1 now has $35 dollars to his/her name not just the intial $10 dollars they invested into the stock.
Let us use reality now. The insider or private companies ( a key word on Wall street for the middle man to go between the private corporate and the Wall Street investors) trade in the $1,000,000s on insider trading. SEC is only a small example of a larger problem. Now let us put this to our example. Theoretically, then, person 1 invested 1,000,000 for his initial bid and after three weeks he now has a net worth of 3,500,000 so he decides to bail and pull or sell all of his shared and cash out. He has made $2,500,000 in three weeks and so he or she is a winner. But then who is the loser?

If each share started and followed the model at $1,000,000 a share the combined sum is $300,000,000 which is a piece. But as we cited, person 1 cashed out with the shares of 10 at 300% profit-gain. This means he has gained his wealth to $30,000,000 million dollars on the initial $10,000,000 he or she invested.

That means person 14 bought their shares at $30,000,000 but now has a pool of $280,000,000. This means if person 14 cashed out at the same time or just after person 1, they will only get $20,000,000, thus a $10,000,000 dollar loss and everyone else loses out too, their investments were taken by person 1.

This is called an illegal Pyramid scheme and is illegal to U.S. citizens, but not to anyone in Washington D.C. they are not a part of America, just the ruling body. They have permissible insider trading laws. Nancy Pelosi, dirt poor has made some $50,000,000 on Wall Street, insider trading is allowed, although she denies this, the proof is she is a greedy bully that is an ignoramus so she is not that intelligent, just a bully, so she must have had help.

The Stock Exchange, all around the world, based upon Greedy bankers at New York in 1792 (Nostradamus writes the year 1792, a rare occurrence of date recording) is also regulated by government printing of money from nothing. Pre renaissance Italy ( i.e. 1350 A.D. – 1500 A.D.) Italian banks met a need for trade and development from the newly acquired technology from the 200 years plus of Crusades. They said, we can keep or invest your money when they had no money at all. But over time, charging fees and selling bogus insurance, they became the most wealth families on Earth. This is because they stole everyone else’s monies based upon the same pyramid scheme that Wall Street uses and Obama and all the rich support.


Wall street Model exact!

Wall Street Invester: A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent investing plan that has unfortunately cost many people worldwide their hard-earned savings.

Manhattan New York. 1792, 17 May.

= eta taurii or Zion ( al cyone) PED at 11:50 a.m., Man at M.C.

When these Pleiades culminates with a luminary, as such was the case for the Global Stock Exchange, this is one of the most powerful signs in the heavens.

batian kaitos cetii true arc to Sat/Mon at M.C. = terrorism to gov and families by banking families. Posited in 8 th near 9 th cusp, when M.C.


Since Pluto & Uranus are at relative opposition during the formation, then the triggers, if linked to the star, will intend when things change. During the first passage, the market crashed and struggled. During its next passage, again, it struggled, and both solutions were to print money from nothing, which led to a major global war. When the War Code is in the 10th or the activating domain, we can see that Wall Street creates Global War, just as John F. Kennedy was killed so Lady Bird Johnson could put her new international war company, Halliburton, on the stock exchange to live the lifestyle of a slave plantation owner just like her dreams of the past.

Barack Hussein Obama ii on 4 April 2012 signed the Stock Act,  to stop the U.S. Washington D.C. crowd from ' legal' insider trading, started by The Democratic Party leader and mass murderer Lyndon B. Johnson. This decision is the most ethical of all of Obama's policies. However, Obamacare is an insurance fraud system based upon the Wall Street Market model, so it is doomed to hurt the very poor. This is some of the very few things I approve of during his leadership. This took a lot of guts.


You can see in advanced ideas like mine, I use multiple realities and times to peer into reality or the future, past, or present. Linteum piscipus ( a star in the zodiacal constellation of Pisces) has a signature of a constant financial trouble when on the angles of judicial or inter-dimensional astrology, like Biblical or mundane or the planets in relevant time-frames. For the global financial crises of my time, linteum piscipus is near the intersection of the vernal equinox, indicating we have a super major financial problem that will affect the earth. As I have pointed out, only 30,000 U.S. families gathered 70% of all the U.S.A. wealth into their hands in the last 43 years.


delta (δ) piscium ( and linteum  as the star is popularly called ).

When Uranus  ( ) moves past Linteum every 84 years or so, we have a global financial crises, at least as far back as the 19 th century.

This means that Uranus is in the visible constellation of the Fishes.  When we apply this to the Wall Street Foundational Chart we can pin point the year of ‘serious problems’!   

Like Obamacare, a fraudulent system based upon Mitt Romney's model of Massachusetts healthcare insurance system that needs constant MA tax payer bailouts, Wall Street is also a ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme. Begun under Bush, when the Democrats took control of the House and Congress, quantitative easing, the Federal Reserve, must have permissions by U.S. President or the U.S. President will kill those who screw with them, print monies from nothing in the $52 Billion dollar range since 2007 A.D. This is the only reason that the U.S. Wall Street stock market has seen general gains, because Obama is flooding the market with White House basement printed cash. What this means is that the U.S.A. will never run out of Money. For example, the Department of Water & Power in Los Angeles is a corrupt leftist union that stole $41,000,000,000 from Los Angelinos over the course of Obama’s term. Since Eric Garcetti has taken over Los Angeles' governorship, he is investigating as this ‘private union slush fund' is paid directly by Los Angelinos residents with no oversight.

So Obama has the solution. He announced to Los Angelinos he will be printing millions and millions of dollars in the White House basement and sending it to rescue his leftist robber baron unions in Los Angeles. The idea is from the African free colonies period model where you just print endless amounts of money from nothing. In the 1970s,  Zimbabwean dollar  and other African states were on the British Pound System, they began to print money from nothing and by 2,000 A.D. their money was worth zero pounds. But Obama does not care about this falsifying of money, it is about him enjoying the party lifestyle while it lasts, and screw the children and next generation. Harry Reid was the prime pusher of this type of robbership leadership.

Although the dollar was considered to be among the highest-valued currency units when it was introduced in 1980 to replace the Rhodesian dollar at par, political turmoil and hyperinflation rapidly eroded the value of the Zimbabwe dollar to become one of the least valued currency units in the world, undergoing three redenominations, with high face value paper denominations, including a $100 trillion banknote (1014).The third redenomination produced the "fourth dollar" (ZWL), which was worth 1 trillion ZWR (third dollar), or 1025 ZWD (first dollar).

What is Inflation by Printing Money From Nothing? a price of bread in the early 1980s was 65. cents, and today it is close to $3 or $4 dollars and rising.

What this means is that if you invested $10,000 in 1980, and you took out $30,000 in 2014, you lose your worth by the U.S. officials just printing money from nothing. Your equivalent should be near $65,000 to $90,000. but it is not due to inflation. This is because pyramid schemes are just gambling institutions, where someone has to lose their wealth or the system does not work. So it is unjust and non democratic.


Button Wood Connection to 11 September 2,001 A.D. Attacks on America.

For advanced celestial coding, see buttonwood meeting, first fed. res. chart to K.M.S.’s Biblical Pro 2,001 Chart with matching ‘particulates’ of codes. beta persie is counter parallel to Mercury. The Moon ( Cancer, New York is ruled by Cancer) has a PED to alcyone or eta taurii in KSM Biblical Pro Chart, and this links to the judicial astreological chart ( 10 th century Abassīd contributions) for 2,001 at New York, that indicates the target, government and buildings. At the Judicial Astrological New York 2,001 chart, alcyone is rising by a true arc. Unfortunately, K.M.S time of birth was incorrect by the standards of the F.B.I., Homeland Security, C.I.A. , the general MEAMIC crowd, because they act like idiots. I got his time of birth from a declassified file pertaining to his biography when he was younger. If you are too stupid to ask why? KSM claimed to have told Usama bin Laden that he did not support the Lion Sheik and that targeting ‘Financial Centers’ was the way to inflict the most damages. Usama bin Laden was against killing innocent humans because it was against his religion. Bill Clinton who does not like or love God, he made up the Usama bin Laden was a terrorist thingy, for MEAMIC’s pleasures. This means the chart for the world financial centers, most intend was the button wood meeting comes therefore into play and is quite accurate.