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Released: 29 July 2013 ( updated a part of Chloë Grace Moretz )


Topic: Advanced Astreology


Violence Stars

Boston Marathon Bombs

Holder of number one spot on most killings of innocent humans in all of history.

Mao Tse tung
born on Tu., 26 December 1893
in Shaoshanzhan (Hunan), CHINA
112e31, 27n55
Time 6:41 a.m.
Univ.Time 23:10:56 (25 Dec.)
Sid. Time 12:59:44
Planet positions Jul.Day 2412823.465851 TDT, ΔT -6.5 sec

Lilith  29° 33'52" H1 speed 6'43" β 4°56'55" S δ 28°24'12" S .

Sun 4° 27'32" H1 speed 1° 1' 8"β  0° 0' 0" N δ 23°22'48" S.

Asc. 1° 30'39" 23°26'48" S.

Gal. Center  4°14',s. ecliptical, not true.


 Mao Tse-tung founder of Communist China (1947 Oct 1) has his ,,asc, and GC in alignment, relative.
He was ‘obsessed’ with his image ( Idol worship), there was hardly anyone else in the world more infatuated by themselves.

, true arc less than 1°

, ecliptical about 4.°


( most of his personal cabinet officials, memoirs, testimony, and books, claim the dictator purposely killed between 20,000,000-60,000,000 Asians and other ethnicities, and Mao had some pathological, perhaps psychotic, self importance to his personal beliefs which were extremely rash and unfactual.). Western and even Asian Academics because of racial tensions and global geo politics do not offer any criticism of the Communist Dictator’s biography. Mao also has Venus in visual Capricorn, so he was driven in carrer purely by ambition. Mao's Asc. Gal. Center a pathological obsession to oneself at the detriment of others or even large groups of people. Mao never liked to be told bad news, so his officials complained at trials after his death, they were scared to lose their life if they said his policies were killing numerous towns and cities of people. According to a Hong Kong native I know that went to school in Hong Kong before that region ceded to the Chinese, he is seen as the number one mass murderer in all of history -- not hilter, stalin, nor Bush. or alexanger of macedon or Ghangis khan.


Original Female Vampire

  Báthory Erzsébet ( Elizabeth)
born on We., 7 August 1560 jul.
in Nyírbátor, HUN, 22e08, 47n50
Time 12:00 p.m.
Univ.Time 10:31:28
Sid. Time 9:42:46

alpha leonis , cosmic. ( 0°40',s).

Gorgona Quatra (Set-Rise, 0°11's,cp).

alpha leonis , ( 4°44',s), a warrior.

Lilith 25° 13'15" speed  6'41"β 3°27'45" N δ13° 0' 6" N ( true approaching gamma (γ) arietis ).

Jupiter a 24° 52' 9" speed stationary - 35" β1°28'59" S δ 8°16'23" N.

Because of massive immigration of non Hungarian and non European ( mainly middle easterners) into the lands of Hungary (mainly from the Ottoman Empire), after Elizabeth’s husband died, she was accused and bansihed, and witnesses and proxy courts were set up to investigate countless missing peasant foreigner girls. Her mistake was killing of a noble girl, which sparked outrage from the nobility who later locked her up in a castle, where she starved herself to death. The in the forthcoming centuries, a legendary myth was created that Elizabeth bathed in her victims’ blood, giving rise to the number one female vampiresih person in history. Hollywood, then continues the myths by reproducing this theme. She like Einstein had al Pherg piscupus ( 4°54',s) Lilith. Still her lilith ( ) will progress during her activities to approaching gamma (γ) arietis, which denotes a protective-administrative quality.Therefore having Lilith in this position offered Elizabeth with an ‘obsession’ to keep her domain  (kingdom) in Hungarian culture and Christian attitudes – a very obsessed position, padded by the fixed fire sign when addressing gamma arietis, as a frontal star of the Constellation of Aries. al pherg tropical 1560 A.D., 20° 41'28" β 5°20'57".


Vlad III Drăculea, the male Vampire

Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476): This was no different than House of Drăculeşti, Vlad iii, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler. Like Báthory, Vlad fought with horror tactics against invading non-Christian conqureors. He is seen as a local hero, even today. Vlad fought with horror tactics against invading non-Christian conquerors. He is seen as a local hero, even today.


Miley Cyrus ( née Destiney Hope)  has in a near conjunction to theta (θ) aquarii,  ancha and in her 11 th domain, if 2:28 p.m. is an accurate birth time? This is a fortunate position, and in the constellation of Aquarius, Cyrus’s Lilith desires to have the masses worship of her image. This is a place of obsession for Miley. Miley got her name, according to her father, because she smiled allot when young ( her soul understood it was only growing up and then vast fortunes and fame would follow ( if 2:28 p.m., Spica is on the angle and near the western horizon, success!), and cyrus from ancient Persian means The Sun. Miley middle birth name was Ray, her fathers, following an Eastern European tradition of the middle ages; this then implies a Smilë Ray of Sunshine, as a compound-composite of Miley Cyrus’ name. Miley's parans alpha virginis, Spica monetary sucess. There was on comment Miley made early on in her twitter which I happened to come across. She spoke that she could start a bank, she has so much money. The sad thing in the last few albums of Miley is her adherence to the Mafia theme, not a particular role model like self-expression. This is because la costra nostra, often the progenitor of U.S. Italian- Sicilian families has battled the public to the presidents for monetary control of the U.S.A. business communities, often killing scores of innocents ( Tommy gun period(s)) and extortion, intimidation, racketeering, and later drug trafficking.). Transiting Pluto   at this time is over the top of Miley’s astrological chart and in conjunction to her venues (MRC, 2013 n t ~ M.C.), thus the Pluto transit expresses a natal paran to Spica, in some-form-or-another. This gives her exopersonal global reach ( her personal planets already show a global reach), and thus a sexual adoration. Miley was voted, 2013 summer , the most likely women for a married husband to cheat on their wives, with , – not a very comprehensive study, most likely a men’s magazine poll.  Miley's (MRC, 2013 n t ~ M.C.) will also means a lot of women connected to fashion designers mimic or adorize Miley Cyrus’s quirky fashion moods, like cutting-off-all-her hair and dying it whitish-blond, then Emma Watson, and many others follow. Even Jane Aldridge, Texas, independent Fashion blog, Sea of Shoes, also admires some of Miley’s fashion faux-pas. Short hair looks good on Miley.


Hollywood's Director's son Goes on Killing Rampage in Santa Barbara, CA, Friday night, 24 May 2014.


Elliot Rogers, son of Hunger Games co-director Peter Rogers posted a video claiming he was affluent and privileged so he went around Santa Barbara in later May 2014 and killed, at least eight people, driving his luxury black BMW shooting randomly at people around the campus of Santa Barbara. He complained about blond women on campus not giving him dates, perhaps Hollywood teaches that one does not need to be intelligent to get girls, you can sleep with girls and be stupid as long as you have Hollywood power.


A video posted to YouTube and Friday night's mass shooting near the University of California, Santa Barbara, appear to be linked to Hollywood Producer's son, complaining he is superior to peon peasants, he apparently grew up affluent and privileged and was disassociated from reality.



Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Progressions.

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games

Galactic Center hovers by Biblical Progression at the top of the astreological chart for Jennifer Lawrence, during her skyrocketed clime to fame ( in 6 years) and the ancients called the galactic center "the Beehive," also associated to smaller clusters of stars, such as praesepe.

alpha leonis (): major power of wealth.

Personally, for Lawrence, this intends the galactic plane ( popularity, if other outers are angled, and personal stars indicate localized fame) is on the career angle of the astreolgical chart, and can give us a quasi hint to the success of Gary Ross’ vision. Esoterically, many females wanted this role, and for Lawrence as destiny, the role was handed to her by Ross. Reflectively, he says he made the correct choice. Since the galactic plane localizes historical stars, such as alpha orionis, the proximity in tropical astrology provides avenues of ‘intense’ fame, such as the case to Lawrence’s Biblical Progression. The galactic plane is rather novel, and I have been doing this stuff for a while now and on the angles, especially in judicial astrology ( an older and more mathematically advanced form than modern day ‘mundane’ astrology) points to significant shifts in all things possible.

al nitak, the star associated to the large Gizāh pyramid for those who believe in the Orion mystery in the Summer of 2013 runs through Lawrence’s' anti-culmination arc, her I.C. or the lowest point of the astreological chart. An apparent Earth visual time-periods, praesepe, hyades and this star, have similar creation origins for our linear time-frames, based upon the Earth’s revolution around our Sun. These are new clues because these are some of the heavy weight stars happening now in astreology.

The New Astrology ( , , ), Uranus, Neptune and Pluto represent transpersonal connections -- thus to one's Sun, if connected by a main aspect can indicate ( if fame stars are present) to localized to global fame. And by Biblical Progression, if one is born at an auspicious time, the pass these time-markers at varying periods of their lives and experience 'recognition,' in some form or another. So Kick Ass I, II, and Carrie ( have not looked at other's) do have these luminarious signatures to their respective start-charts. The First Hunger Games movie had , because it was released near the vernal equinox, this is currently where resides, sidereally. is at the region where linteum piscipus makes its heavenly abode. In the last three times this relative transit occurred with the star, Uranus and the Western civilization experienced a western hemisphere economic crises.

Hunger Causes Violence, Long Before Hunger Games was a thought for a Title of a Book, turned movie.

Jennifer Lawrence has Alpha (α) Aquarii, Sad al melik on her eastern horizon at the time of her birth. This star in Arabic means ‘the Lucky One of the King.’ In a simplistic interpretation people with authority over her career will give her special breaks.

is transiting, slowely sad al melik during late 2012 and onward in 2013 A.D. This means Chiron () is or has poisoned the subordinates of the king, any country as this is mundane.  This reflects Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, two whistleblowers ( leaders) that are not classified as traitors because they were not out to aid an enemy but to prove the U.S.A. government are the enemies of the greater American and world populous. This same visual aspect happened in the 1960s, and instead of flower power we have surveillance power, drone strike power and U.S. central government kill anyone because they do not like your face power. It was not until 2005 that a confession came from Washington D. C. that actually the N.S.A. existed ( created in 1947, by Presidential legislation and a Capital Hill affirmative vote.). In communist, unfree societies, that use preference, such as I like your face so I will promote you, another way to say this is feudalism ( rich vs. the greater masses of the poor), always use secret organizations to police the state to protect the humans in power; and is no different than dictatorships, kingships or tyrannies. In Democracies, transparency is the ideal motive to progressive civilization. Transparency, while it may breed early conflict, it does foster trust and trust fosters caring about one’s place they live. Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden being put on a pedistal of shame by Obama, Democrats and republicans, and many independents, this shows the power of Chiron to poisoning the king's helpers. However, we in the U.S.A. supposedly live in a democracy , so Chiron in this position is beneficial. For example, when it passed the same Aquarian stars in its last bizarre orbit, we went through the 1960s, and found out the U.S. government was making a fraud war in Vietnam to test U.S. military equipment against Soviet equivalent equipment and innocent Soviet, Vietnamese’s, other Asians including troops sent by Mao Tse-tung, and Americans were innocently ‘used’ and discarded to the grave for political Politian’s games. Chiron therefore taught us , at least in the U.S.A. our government is out of control making war for profit ( military industrial complex), forced John F. Kennedy out of office, he did not support this Vietnam war and the war had continued under cheerleader. Lyndon Baines Johnson, who had leant a valuable lesson and stepped down from reelection because Vietnam was a war with no other purpose than testing military equipment and seeing the body counts;  We finally realized after 20 years after the war, the U.S.A. dropped more tonnage of explosives than the entire combined militaries of World War II.

Chiron ()  as a teacher: The leftwing academics professors that vocally and literally supported the war were never reprimanded or punished. There were never proofs that hungry and poor peasants living in straw-mud huts were a threat to taking over the world, as these U.S. ( Democratic Party) academics and politicians advertized to the world. The Hunger Games has this mundane aspect as well. In the first movie, the central government takes human scarifies as a penalty for worker rights and revolts toward the privilege will ensure I imagine in the next installments.  Chiron’s poisoning, the death berries, used in great symbolism in the first movie, are tools to poison the lucky ones of the king, played by Donald Sutherland.


Huger Games 2 ( Catching Fire, scheduled  for 22 nov. 2013) does have another grand trine, of the Sun-Moon-Uranus which again points to our current astrological idea of the Uranian ideas. The P.E.D. of  the sun opposes These Pleiades. 


Superman Began as Bullied Man


Superman is all about a story of a school boy being bullied in front of girls he like. Jerry Siegel created the character over a long period of time, the original impitus was found in his memoirs, later discovered, he had written out his processes of his world famous character.  Superman was created by writer Jerry Siegel (October 17, 1914 – January 28, 1996) and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933; the character was sold to Detective Comics, Inc. (later DC Comics) in 1938 for a measly $130 U.S dollars. They sued for 20 years and Disney and D.C. Comics said, heah! We are Hollywood, we are Capitalists we will steal your ideas make billions and give you nothing. Siegel committed suicide. Such a charming story of avarice and greed. The latest box office Superman: ' Man of Steel' domestic was close to $200,000,000 dollars with international pushing one half of one billion dollars.


Traditional but fallible meanings on basic popular astrology.

Good aspects:
0 degrees (Most Powerful)
120 degrees (Very Powerful)
30, 60 and 150 (Powerful) equal

Aspects that can be turbulent but can still be good:
180 degrees (Most Powerful)
90 degrees (Very Powerful)
45, 135 degrees (Powerful)

For persons unaware of real astronomy/astrology of the great figures ( 300 B.C. to current) good aspects, conjunction, trine, sexitle are supposedly good for a person, but these aspects are found in many dictators, mass murderers, killers, politicians of suppression and native arrogance, and also of large natural disasters. Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein, Josef Stalin and Barack Hussein Obama ii.  Each one of these leaders focused on self – importance and self-preservation, often hurting others who were innocent but in the wrong place and wrong time of their civilizations. All these people have commonalities, they were born with the best astrological aspects and everything was handed to them on a silver platter. Life was so easy for them, the only excitement they had was to make others’ life miserable, a very narcissistic reality. What broke the astrological doldrums ( good aspects do not make good people) are the specificalities of astronomical placements. In case of the U.S.A. 44 th President, his chart has a super-Grand-Trine, the most beneficial of all aspects. This is why life was/is very easy for him. However, he is not good for any human government position on any culture or country. His super-Grand-Trine has its handle ( Moon) and it has an elliptical degree over one of the most unbalanced stars in the heavens, beta persei. This star is called al ghoul, i.e. the Demon. So good aspects may be good for an individual but act in a non-productive, and even damaging relationship with others. This star provides a very emotionally unbalanced person who acts out in rash and unpredictable ways upsetting order and progress. Famous mass murdering Tyrants like Mao Tse-tung had beta persei opposed Mars, for example. Mao Tse-tung’s life was filled with rash ‘actions’ (  a Martian Key-word) and unbalanced policies – he was actually deposed twice and pushed himself back into power for his finally—to murder horrendous amounts of innocent peasants in his emotional The Great Proletarian Revolution Against Capitalist Marauders ( official name 1965-1976). This was China’s true low point in history. Mao Tse-tung was notorious to use the peasants to get into power, and once he was in power he formed programs to destroy the very group that put him in power.



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