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Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’

GAMMA CLASSIFIED: Chloë Grace Moretz


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Released: 29 July 2013 ( updated Aug 3-8th, cont... editing and updates as of 30 Aug 2013 & 23-24 Feb 2014, review of KA2; update 22 april 2014)


Topic: Advanced Astreology

Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace's Personal Stars

Chloë Grace Moretz : Hypos & Garden of Eden

Chloë Grace's Jupterian-Uraniod Alginment

Bad Language in Movies:

Carrie White & Astreological Symmetry


KAI ( Kick Ass 1), KA2 (Kick Ass 2).

KA1 Comparisons KA2 (Table Gragh)

Suggestions for KA3

Violence and Televisions' origins in the stars.

Why is Chloe Grace Important to me? After being destroyed at Berkeley by my views for support of Jews and God, and then having my eyes burnt by the U.C. Optometry Department & with lawyers and many department officials making a cover – up, I came back to Los Angeles, and within the first two months ( I was planning on returning to house painting, residential and business, day –labor). I was bullied and attacked by Wade Bohenke, son of Richard Bohenke and a different mother, Richard who remarried to Sandy Boehnke’s.  After I was permanently injured at U.C. Berkeley and they covered it up, like good elitists they are, I had problems with being able to see and drive. So I did not drive for one year, living in the co-ops and when I finally got in my car to drive down to Los Angeles, my only people I knew were the Boehnke’s. Sandy allowed me to live there but her husband has never liked me so he got his sun to permanently injure my leg. They had me complete an online training program because Wade and Richard are illiterate, I had little choice as living in my car with fuzzy vision, still after one full year, I was scared and did this for them so they would get a $2 hour raise. Because I did not want to do it at all, it was illegal, I was attacked and the injury to my left-leg changed my life. I was going to return to some sort of day-labor painting. Everyday I wake up and have to live with a painful lifestyle of a internally damaged knee area, and have been taking pain medication, secretly for this. The pain if often unbearable, but it is not a clean bone break but vast internal damage. So I hid away from the world, and decided to watch movies ( never have been a fan of Hollywood, as my writings indicate). This is when ( 2012 summer to winter) I discovered Chloe Grace Moretz, checking out DVDs from a local library and watching them on my old computer.

The movie was hysterical and had a decent moral theme. Kick Ass in the end rescues his princess or the person that finally persuades him to put his life on the line and become not a fantasy superhero but a reality superhero.  Maybe not to every kid, but when I was a child saving a princess or a girl I like was a normal day dream of mine. Hit Girl is the tragedy of the film, losing both her mother and father, despite the revengeful outcome. I think many people picked up on that theme and this in part helped explain the success of the film, even though it was from a mid-budget perspective.

Jim Carrey’s tweets against the senseless violence of the film  first garnered a negative reaction to him, I included; perhaps I overestimated Chloë Grace’s choices in films. However, Jim Carrey is correct, and the themes of the first movie do not resonate in the second. I write a little upon this toward the end of this page.

Moretz Chloe Grace

The bully themes and injustice themes of Kick Ass and complex but related Abbey ( Let me In) got me thinking about how many times I have been bullied, beaten, harassed, killed (Yes, I was in a massive fight  and was dead and revived and had one of those most common N.E.D.s while in McClaren Hall being picked up by the police for being under-age and homeless), and pushed around, robbed by friends for my whole life. So I was looking for solutions. She does not seem like a person that would be bullied in real life. So what does an astrology chart of these types of individuals look like?

Then one day I came across a passing reference on an astrological blog of how beautiful was Chloë Grace’s chart. That was someone else's opinion.

Names of Polygons
Name Sides Angles
Triangle 3 3
Quadrilateral 4 4
Pentagon 5 5
Hexagon 6 6
Heptagon 7 7
Octagon 8 8
Nonagon 9 9
Decagon 10 10

Who is Chloë Grace Moretz? Fashion Model, Hollywood Actress, Broadway actress, gymnast,  etc...

 Fashion Model Chloë Grace

At and least one astrological website has commented on how beautiful Chloë Grace’s chart appears. Chloë Grace’s chart is an Isosceles trapezoid,   Given, AD=EC=AC’ ; ang. DAC= Ang ECA, proff DE ║AC. An isosceles trapezoid, scientific language for an acronym is TRAP.  A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides (the parallel sides are called bases, and older texts intend legs. ).This is a part of the polygone-set of varying types of quadrilaterals. 

Therefore, to begin Chloë Grace's astreology:

= . | and | =

Kick Ass Astrology perview:

When Chloë Grace's | culminates on the day of her birth, at Atlanta, prasepe cancri is at lower-culmination. Chloë Grace’s movies, Kick Ass ( now called KA1) and Let Me In, two movies that could be said to contain pilled-up-corpses ( Hannic-Korean texts 150 A.D., defining the cosmic connection, see my writings on this) have esoteric heavinly alingments. While | has a mundane ( worldly) influence in 2010 A.D., this transiting | moved accross Chloë Grace's . | and therefore triggering her natal . | and | and while transiting moves over   ( and natal lunar node is close by) , this saturnie transit helped the confluence of triggering all of Chloë Grace's = . | and | =

This may be complicated for everyone, and especially not of a simple caliber of Sun-Sign astrology (most used today, re-begun post late 15 th century A.D.).  While | has a mundane ( worldly) influence particular to Chloë Grace's life, the pilled-up-corpses theme will activate on the movie date release for her starring role as Carrie. White. The character, Carrie, is viciously attacked and harassed by high-school girls and Carrie decides to make a point on violence, and thus slaughters her assailants – taping into all angst of high-school drama revenge against aggressive assailants.

Chloë Grace and family's paternal symbol appears as a fish (The Moretz Family Crest was acquired from the Houseofnames.com archives, a Swyrich Corporation.);  and the Forez ( variants of Moretz'  heritages traced to medieval Southern France) coat-of-arms would contain a traditional royal symbol: 

Many French coat of arms consist of a fleur-de-lis or fleur-de-lys   and a knight's shiny silver helmut. King Louis’ of the 12 th century used the lily as y'Hoshuan symbolic authority, later authorized by the Church, as a symbol of Franco-royalty claims to the throne of France. Joan of Arc (Jean d’Arc, pronounced Jo-an Dark) carried a white banner with the lilies into Battle against the English Throne Claimants wars. Religiously, The Church claims the lilies are a representation of Mother Mary, and also the three lily peddles depicted as the main symbol of the fluer-de-lis represent the Holy Trinity.

Forez ( Southern France)  lay on the "west bank of the Rhone river and extending to the Alps. The ancient tribes of the area were the Ligures, Celts, and Massaliotes. Forez began as a province of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. Its capital at that time was the town of Montbrisson. Under Roman rule, the region enjoyed great prosperity." (Houseofnames.com archives, a Swyrich Corporation.).

In Esoteria ( e.g. linking anything possible by conceptual association(s)), Moretz is a play on the French concept of Death ( mort!). Hence, Chloë Grace Moretz, while not exclusive to films revolving around death, her career so far does have some of these moribund themes. In esoteria, the paternal side of the family does not establish the off-spring’s ‘entire’ character. So the motif to Moretz as equals death or to a forest, the original enquiry carries weight, otherwise this does not have a total influence of the whole of Chloë Grace’s soul.

My nick name for her: Chlō Bird.

Chloë Grace MoretzChloë Grace Moretz

Princess C.G.M. (born. 10 FEB 1997), Atlanta, GA (US), 84w23, 33n45, noon chart (not solar noon), U.T. 17:00, Jul.Day 2450490.209055 TDT, ΔT 62.4 sec. , Ephemeride NASA PE 2003. Jet Propulsion Laboratory (J.P.L.), Pasadena, CA., just east of greater Los Angeles.  PE is the direction vector of the Earth's pole. & DE404, analytic before 1850 B.C. & after 2100 A.D.

CGM: 05°  libra 47 02,  retro.


Heliacal Events

rises before the on 20 January 1997  (~ 30° ) and is visable at 5° on 11 th of February 1997 A.D.


Chinese animal cycle astrology: Fire OX. OX is a Capricorn in western astrological equivalence. Since Chloe Grace has her natal Sun partly in the vicinity of the sky where the stars of Capricorn lay, the Chinese Jupiter cycle and the tropical sign of Capricorn link-up in harmony – providing Chloë Grace with an advantage over others. Oxen like Capricorns are hard workers and career oriented, not a bad thing.



Chloë Grace Moretz Noontime Coordinates Ecliptical. (Basic Tropical Astrology).

Sun 22° 0'29" speed 1° 0'44" β 0° 0' 0" S  δ 14°10'19" S

Moon   11'38" speed  14°34'19" β 0°32'39"  S  δ 1°33'50" N ( birth time unknown)

Mercury   7'21" speed  1°27'45" β 1°13'11" S δ 20°52'25" S

Venus   25' 9" speed  1°15' 6" β 0°52' 2" S δ 18°43'50" S

Mars   47' 2" speed 5 - 3'35" β 3°32'27" N δ 0°57'16" N

Jupiter   41'28" speed 13'50" β  0°23'42" S δ 19°28'21" S

Saturn   33'19" speed 6'12" β 2°14' 6" S δ 0°14'29" S

Uranus  37'20" speed 3'25" β 0°34'18" S δ 19°25' 3" S

Neptune  28° 20'51" speed  2' 8" β 0°25'13" N δ 20° 4'43" S

Pluto   24'28"  speed 54" β 12°34'13" N δ 8°49' 9" S

 Mean Node   54' 1" speed 3'11" β 0° 0' 0" N δ 0°21'29" S

True Node  29° 12'17"D speed  35" β 0° 0' 0" N δ 0°18'59" N


Chloë Grace

Vampire Teen-Age Goat Fish ( drawing, Asia).

Chloë Grace’s Dominant Constellation, Capricorn. In tropical astrology, about 26 degrees off from its setting about 300 B.C. has Chloë Grace’s dominate element as Air. So most astrological websites that interpret her noon chart will advocate for the air-type explanations. I’d rather use the old version of astronomy/astrology, the ancients worked in this manner and this was the foundation of astrology in the first place.  The theory states, where in the sky is the body, that is the symbolic meaning. Chloë Grace has her Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus in the visual constellation of Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn views its personal relevance based upon career accomplishments, this makes the native happy. There is nothing wrong with this, at all. Uranus has an affinity to Capricorn, because it rules Saturn’s co-ruler-house of Aquarius. In antiquity, before the use of Uranus, Saturn also ruled Aquarius. Therefore, Uranus in Capricorn, in Chloë Grace’s chart has dignity. Still Chloë Grace’s Sun has a wild-card position of being in both visual Capricorn and in Aquarius by visual perspectives.  My ascendant and descent have no zodiacal constellation at all, for example in visual astrology.

Over the years the mental list of Hollywood semi-to very successful actresses with visual Venus in Capricorn or near the ecliptic over Capricorn end stars and above Venus the frontal stars of Aquarius has been plethoric. It probably has a relationship to attractiveness as well as ambition. It is more likely that physical attraction leads to confidence of ambition. I guess, since I have Venus in visual Capricorn, I’m solely attracted to likeness sea-goat- veniods. Jennifer S. Lawrence does not have Venus in Capricorn. However, her node is and is close to bos capricornius and her Venus, alas, lay at its projected elliptical opposition to visual Capricorn. This is often called an axis and while opposite, there seems to be a parallelism to characteristical influences.    

Chloë Grace’s tropical natal sun-sign is Aquarius. .

22° 00 29 U.T. 17:00 , 94w23, 33n45.


Chloë Grace lay in the region still associated to the tail stars of Capricorn, . caper + cornus entails a goat with horns. Horns represented authority to the Mesopotamian culture, and remains a very ancient sysmbol of a leader. Michelangelo sculpted his Moses with horns, not because he was anti religious but because this was an ancient and observed tradition which was evidently known during the late stages of the Italian Renaissance. Each star in Capricorn has some form of association to the cattle or to the oxen group. Capella (alpha aurigae) is the female form of the he-goat name Capricorn. Goats have been scholarized as the first known domesticated wild animal of the ancient world.


The fish-goat carries great influences over the affairs of humans, and its first western civilization mention of this mythical animal speaks-on war with the giants who forced humans to flee to the lands Egypt. This mirrors Abraham’s departure from Southern Iraq, as the Mesopotamian civilization was under constant war and under constant fighting, and complicated by natural disasters. While Abraham did not sojourn to see Egypt, his descendants did and the story is told in the Hebrew Book of Genisis.

At ancient Egypt, bos capricornus (rho (ρ) CAP) helped identify the constellation of stars to the heifer or generally a cow (Egyptian deity,  hathor). This position sidereally containes Chloë Grace’s   | . The natal   is pre- deneb alghedi (Delta (δ)) capricornus, and . Chloë Grace’s natal sun posits under the stars of Aquarius. Chloë Grace’s is inside the modern boarder stars of Capricorn. However, by a true arc, her resides near al bali aquarii, of the front stars of Aquarius. This is because these two constellations overlap at one end of the zodiac.

Tropically, This means Chloë Grace has two solar constellations from an astrological true visual perspective, and still using a projected elliptical degree vantage.  This accentuates her Venus, Jupiter and Uranus and these solar system bodies lay inside of the body of stars associated to Capricorn.

Chloe Grace as a Model

Chloë Grace came to public prominence under multiple astrological transits over her natal astrology in 2010 A.D. Jupiter conjunct Uranus at the end of tropical Pisces would influence her natal Moon and Saturn conjunction. All the while transiting Saturn would oppose her natal Moon/Saturn and these mundane ( worldly) transits to which her natal lunar node and Saturn are posited over the first third-section of the constellation of Virgo. This axial alignment gave public prominence, as symmetry,  to her own natal Jupiter conjunct Uranus which is conjunct bos capricornus, a pyramid foundation star and the real star of the Constellation of Capricorn which gave rise to its name, from reproduced older texts, Neo Babylonia star catalogues tell us these stars of the fish-goat were associated to Ea (Earth), a Sumerian deity that was involved with the war of giants and brought wisdom and knowledge to humans ( a play on the serpent in the garden of Eden, Jewish Bible, Genisis). In ancient Greek mythologies, The giants making war on humans drove civilization toward Egypt, and those that escaped jumped into the Nile and their bodies morphed into half-land animal and half sea or water animals. Pan, not related to the Roman Pan of sex, also escaped into the river changing into an animal of the likes of a fish-goat. Capricorn is pictured sometimes as a Dolphin (Egyptian), one of the most intelligent sea-animals, and the basic anatomy comprises of a head and torso of a goat and a tail of a fish.   This is perhaps due to the fact that Capricorn graced the winter solstice of the B.C. eras, and preceding the stars of the fish – goat is the Milky Way plane – which could be seen as a river or a mass of water – thus the stars of Capricorn are coming out from the sea and thus the tail-stars are galactically bordering the galactic plane ( loose).

Capricorn Fast Facts [symbolisms]
  • Symbol: The Sea Goat

  • Glyph: The Sea Goat’s horns and tail

  • Key Phrase: I use

  • Element: Earth [ the heaviest of the four traditional elements].

  • Quality: Cardinal [ ]

  • Ruler: Saturn.

  • Natural House: tenth

  • Anatomy: Knees, lower legs.

  • Opposite [ tropical] sign: Cancer

  • Key Concepts: Resourcefulness, pragmatism, ambition, authority.[3]

Again, “Everyone wants love, but Capricorn in particular cries out for a partner.” The geometrical relationship places the small constellation of Cancer, and the dimmest, to oppose the constellation of capricorn, and its name comes from a very pretty set of  blue stars of which bos capricornus reveals the name associated to our modern animal of these group of stars, a goat. Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games fame has her mean lunar node close to bos capricornis.

Examples of art imitating life: Abbey uses Owen, played by played by Kodi Smit-McPhee (Let me In) for self-preservation, and Hit Girl uses Kick Ass ( KA1) for the same thing. Both characters fit the visual characteristics toward Chole Grace's personal talents. Within both these ‘ I use’ themes there seems to be a mutual beneficial friend-arrangement. Owen gets protected by a superpower vampire, solves a serious school attacker problem, and Hit Girl ( subconsciously, the filmmakers may not have understood well) begins to court in her mind, Kick Ass, form the beginning of her knowledge of him; she knows subconsciously, that her father will not survive in the revenge business he is engaged in at the moment.

While there are little film bungles, in KA1, Hit Girl falls and lays different after her daddy shots her in a training session, the real discrepancy of this near perfect film remains near the end, after the wheelhouse-internet-big-brother episode that kills ( apparently)  her father, and she saves Kick Ass. When Kick Ass and Hit Girl return to gather up some of Hit Girls belongings, and she convinces Kick Ass to help her finish her father’s work, she smiles when after Kick Ass agrees, looking at the jet-pack, with a crazy girl smile. In the Comic ( I do not read them, these references are from Miller, I believe, Hit Girl’s character is banefully described as ‘a crazy girl,’ to which the people associated to KA1 then compound this and turn Hit Girl into a semi-Ninja. The mistake, no matter how one views it, would be if Hit Girl ( Mindy McCready) actually loves her father, and he had just died that night, she would have no smile on her face when preparing Kick Ass to help her destroy and kill humans, as a revenge against them being a part in killing of her Mother ( by default) and falsely imprisoning her father. It did not make sense, and if she is told to smile on set, which was most likely the case, following the script and screen play, because the comic book paints her ( Hit Girl) as Crazy; ( film personnel make changes to her character)  then there is no point to the film. The problem is a narrative thread. Hollywood has a knack to tell the world ( every damn Academy Award) it is the teacher to the world. On the streets people communicate by movie discourse. Most often, like Argo and Abraham Lincoln, see my writings on these, are historically wrong and damage the truth being taught to the greater world at large. Hollywood has no vetting device but take the pedestal of promoting its emotional-immature world views.  

Praesepe (Latin for "manger")

Egyptian (King of Terror)

(Arabic: أبو الهول Abū al Hūl, English: The Terrifying One)

Chloë Grace's Venus culminates at 12:01:41:45 p.m., M.C. trop. 09° 24′ 35″ & 09° 25′ 14″. at I.C. to Praesepe Cluster ( 1°51',s). Money is made through a medium that deals with piled-up-corpses. A true angle of venus to praesepe cluster (Opp 2°21',s). Susceptibility to infectious diseases. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.44.].

Praesepe Cluster: Vivian E. Robson suggests a potential to found large businesses. Well, war has gotten staggering economies to come roaring back, so this is a logical suggestion.

It is the largest monolith statue in the world, standing 73.5 metres (241 ft) long, 19.3 metres (63 ft) wide, and 20.22 m (66.34 ft) high.[sphinx. 1] It is the oldest known monumental sculpture.

For those who believe in esoteric knowledge of the past, Armageddon will be fought in heaven, between the exist of souls (Capricorn constellation) and the souls who must return to Earth or even go to hell ( Cancer).  The mystery remains that Capricorn rules collective and group government and is always opposed to personal, family, tribe, cultural group, and individuality. The macrocosm of massive government and group contributions has an opposing conflict ( 180 deg) to our m microcosm of relaxation or comfortable surroundings, our notions of home, represented by Cancer. The Gate of Heaven is post winter solstice galactic plane and this is where the tea-pot stars of Sagittarius are just post of the concentration of Milky Way stars, and the galactic plane. The next constellation is therefore the stars associated to Capricorn. Praesepe cluster, the most famous cluster of the ancients will have outer planets in them during massive wars on Erath. For example, post World War I had Neptune, an outer planet,  in Praesepe, 1 October 1917, and this period saw the historical Russian Revolution and the Communist Leninist conquest of Russia which led the state to become the Soviet Union.  The connection to the gate is that Neptune represents spirituality ( things scientist cannot explain yet) and Lenin and his Comrades outlawed all Christian churches and deposed the metropolitan from Russian civics. It is only during the transformative Pluto transit of Praesepe during World War II, that Joseph Stalin, for patriotic purposes, for a short time allowed the Christian Church to operate once again – done for traditional moral purposes – Russia has a long history with protecting, facilitating, and honoring y’Hoshua.

It is 1938 A.D. that Pluto begins its visual transit of the constellating of Cancer. Europeans were fighting over their traditional pasts ( a cancerian thematics of family, tribe, traditions, home) By late 1941, when the world gets involved to which we now call it a World War, Pluto is smack in the region of the Praesepe cluster. In 1947, The N.S.A., modern F.B.I., modern C.I.A. are all created to stop world wars, along with the United Nations ( 1945, Pluto is still in cancri, close to alpha, a dishonest position, perhaps why the U.N. is involved in so many scandals). This then describes Pluto’s exit from visual Cancer, in 1947 A.D. Also the first atomic bombs detonated over populations ( summer of 1945 A.D., Japan) to see how many people a scientist can kill, all happens when Pluto  is just post and above the praesepe cluster.

In September, 2012 two planets which orbit separate stars were discovered in the Beehive Cluster. The finding was significant for being the first planets detected orbiting stars like Earth's Sun that were situated in stellar clusters. Nostradamus publically wrote, in a vague language sort-of-way, that after the world gets its act together, humans will make a first mistake at colonizing stars in Cancer, and then after this mistake we will find our new home in the constellation of Aquarius. During his lifetime, people naturally believed he was insane. The first few decades of the twentieth century, during the New Age movements, this was first proposed, recorded by a popular Nostradamusists in the 1980s – 1990s, and criticized by anti-Nostradamians in turn. During the first few decades of the 20 th century, beginning even before this, the concern of global population explosion garnered a need to rethink a place for humans to survive. This led to vast euthanasian cults, in American, Italy, Germany, Britain and Europe in general. Today, it does not seem like a wacky idea, but a real need as we have learned that species come and go on this planet and humans, of the last main species have cycles on planets and extinction is great possibility. The crab, Cancer, is an animal that walks sideways and when it walks it appears to go backwards. This is not a western astrological reflection, these themes are abundantly found also in Chinese court astronomer/astrologers of the ancient hannic past.

Sethos , Greek, Seti I, prospers after earlier generations kick out Hebrews and Asians and then take on some of their culture -- which often happens when different cultures collide for any length of time. The Pharaoh leaves a large tomb complex which even has the ancient Egyptian zodiac, at least how it may have been represented at some time in Egypt’s ancient past.

On the famous seti i tomb (below), modern day Egypt, archeology 20 th century, I found the (Painted limestone Sphinx of Hetepheres II)  sphinx sitting where the constellation of the crab (cancri) is located on our modern zodiac. We see the Bull/or Ox followed by a human that represents Gemini, and then we have The Sphinx, which represents the small constellation ( actually the smallest of the zodiac) of cancer, and then we have the next zodiacal sign, the Lion, all in order. We now can align the anceint Gizāh Plateau with precessional heavenly movements, and place Cancer on the eastern horizon, picking a time we desire to be a marker.

seti i tomb of Egypt

The nw' ( New Kingdom) indicates the coord of the equinoxes, held by an Anubus creature (the oldest Egyptian traditions have annubus ( from earlier Sumerian, Akkadian, and early Babylonian supreme god, Anu (nubus, Egyptian adoption from Mesopotamian deities)  as the supreme God, before Isis, Osiris, and the much later Ra.), and These Pleiades, above the Bull or Ox, represented by a Sun disk and three string with six sides protruding from the knot, represent 2,300 A,D, but the equinox cord has already passed the Pleiades according to this tomb mural, indicating Seti I, the son of Ramesses I and Queen Sitre, and the father of Ramesses II, lived sometime in the 13 th century B.C., which shows a thousand years of heavenly movement away from the vernal Pleiadian equinox and is very unnoticeable in drawings.

Anubis (varient spelling) is the dog-headed Egyptian diety ( sothis, ancient Egyptian star perhaps of Sirius which gave rise to canis major and canis minor ( big dog and  little dog) constellation meanings. Anubis depicted in ancient Egyptian art presides over the judgment of souls, a place later adopted by Jesus Christ ( y’Hoshua) at least in Christianity.

In the ancient Hannic astronomical/astrological texts, leaders of China, regional or local view Praesepe as a seat of human rulership ( their government stars are all located near the polar constellations, this is specific to a zodiacal perspective!). When there was abundant water vapor in the early morning air, Chinese leaders would get up early and go outside, perhaps next to a mountain, and peer at shimmering (because of the water in the atmosphere and as affected by heat rising up from the surface of the planet) souls, they believed, who were ready to come down from heaven and be born into the Chinese kingdom – this then are their future ancestral generations, being held in a chariot in the heavens.  Because Mesopotamians have this narrative pre- Hannic settlements, this adds more weight that the world was once interconnected, and not as modern social scientists intend humans were separated from each others cultures and knowledge. Thus a limestone Sphinx of Hetepheres II illustrates that 1,000s and 1,000s of miles away, different cultures are relating the same exact thing about a heavenly constellation. Perhaps there were telephones or cell phones in those ancient times and the modern day scientists keep this covered up so the cultures will war with one another, fighting over their differences rather than their communalities.

The estimated ages are ~600-700 million years since the creation of these stars and now some brown dwarfs.

The globular cluster, praesepe (Messier 44 linked to ages with hyades taurii) one of the faintest but most historical positions of the ancients forms an paran at the 30s north from bos capricornus.  The sphinx, locally known as the King of Terror, has a special place for the Chinese Court Astrologers about 2,000 years ago.  During their historical rise in civilization under the Han ( the original name for The Chinese) when the center of the Crab was prominent, civil wars and political wars saw many politicians end up dead and in ditches or mass graves.  This became known as the star for piled-up-corpses. In the 17 th century, William Lily, an historical English Astrologer must have had his hands on old copied Chinese astrological ascriptions, because he cast the role of piled-up-corpses to that of the Demon star, al Ghoul, beta persei.  But the original King of Terror of the skies were these globular clusters, as recorded in 150 A.D. by archivists of the Chinese Courts who like ancient Mesopotamia or Egypt used astrologers as astronomers – they liked more accuracy than the average lay-man, and they would record their omens.  So the Egyptian Sphinx, at Gizāh’s plateau overlooks the Nile but is facing East. When the Sun rises and a child is born, most Roman and astrological communities after witnessed competent dictators. When you have a prominent praesepe in the sky, such as Pluto in Praesepe ( a long lasting transit) you have regional to world-changing wars. The planet Uranus was in praesepe for World War I, and Pluto was in praesepe for World War II. Apparently, the sphinx, if we accept Seti II’s tomb mural of the Egyptian zodiac, points to warning from the middle of the crab constellation.

a sphynx cat, the caption should read, cloning sucks!

Traditional Elements in Astrology

The general rule is that an absence of an element indicates a lack of something important to the makeup of the human being.

CGM: Elements: Tropical: Air, Fire, only one Earth , and one Water, .

CGM: Sidereal Constellations: (water), (water); (earth); ( earth) (empty).

The earthly and watery elemental-sidereal gives Chloë Grace her beauty characteristics.  The detriment to the 'y' generation, many having will intend they know the truth or in Chloë Grace's explanation on Superpowers, and real life, "I’m a big fan of turning my head and not knowing." ( in context *).

Millennial Generation ( moral challenge: "I do not Care about anyone else but me or my family!")

People born in 1990s and onward will be born into the Armageddon state of human history. Modern Astrologers placed the mini-planet, Pluto (yes, it has two moons, so it is still a planet) in the home of Scorpio, or the Ancient Identification of the Eagle constellation, with the stars of Libra. This gives the elements of Pluto the most power over human events. Therefore the 'y' Generation. or '?' generation will determine if the world is destroyed and the human group is eliminated or not. Turing your backs or your eyes to the problems surrounding Erath and humans is exactly what Pluto wants you to do, so that it can destroy the earth.

Baby boomer generation the sidereal or tropical, warrior and  I do not care about our world's family (Sidereal) or  do not care about the corruption of kings/world leaders and their administrations ( tropical). A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic Post–World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The breakdown of the family unit ( Pluto in sidereal) and the breakdown of the ruler ship authority ( Pluto in ) are evident in all government and academic or even top institutions  around the world. Academics teach that government corruption is normal and must be tolerated and the family unit is immoral social idea because it has been linked overwhelmingly to spiritual matters, notably organized religion. Today in America, 51% of latins are born out of wedlock, at times, not always, 65%-70% of black babies are born out of wedlock and even today, some 40-50% of whites are born with out of wedlock or marriages that end quickly in divorce. This has been needed for the state (corruption of the professors born as baby boomers having all the cultural power to our minds) to take control as the number one family unit provider.

Baby boomers spawned generation '?' or 'y'.

Women’s liberation movement, found in the 1963 A.D.  book The Feminine Mystique, by  Better Freidad argued that women’s roles as mothers were racist and illegal in lieu of women’s rights to be equal to that of men. Today, there are more females employed in the U.S.A. workforce than anytime in history and this coincides or correlates to the observed breakdown in the family unit. Freidad argued that a women’s equal rights role was not at home attending to the children, modern appliances allowed for this non-parental agreement. Machines now completed most of the chores that took women all day or all week to perform as their husbands were at work. Now they had free time, and they wanted ambition. The only pitfalls to the women’s claim of equality were their physical muscles. Women, for the most part, cannot perform manual labor, backbreaking labor young men have been engaged in for all of history. Why are not the women building bridges, paving roads, working in mines or other back breaking work when they screamed equality? It was more of I’ll have my cake and eat it too. Women’s liberation was born out of the same Babyboomer astronomy that created the entitlement mentality, or the Pluto in Scorpio I do not want to see poverty or other things around me, I turn my attention away – the world is a beautiful place, especially in Berkeley Hills or Hollywood Hills, 8 bathrooms, 5 large bedrooms, a pool, multicar parking, gardens, and luxury castles galore. Most of the world live in tiny boxes and work hard their entire lives and die poor. But in the U.S.A. women’s rights movement ignored the world and complained that new Frigidaires, washing machines, air-conditioners were suppressive and so they needed to go out in the work force and make tons of money so they could go out and buy those expensive castles that only men once could afford. They lived in a fantasy world in regards to women’s rights, because it was only the rights of those women who had men make wars and bring them the material to which feminism was putty in their lives.

Anne Hathaway who has been receiving heat from fans and the Hollywood community for an unnatural obsession of me, me, look at me, I need attention, does have all the elements to her chart, from a sidereal perspective. I personally loved her in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) with Meryl Streep and in part because Meryl Streep is a dominating talented actress – yes she knows the art of lying. Anne's personal planets, that is to day the traditional planets and luminaries have Earth, Air and Fire. Only Pluto and Uranus are in water, Scorpio. Anne's central focus is Air, the stars of Libra: . This air quality allows her to take on those intellectual roles, such as the Princess Dairies, and the damsel in distress roles, Ella Enchanted and others as Chloë Grace I belive have stated she does not prefer damsels in distress. This is in part because of her sidereal lack of Air.  The way to understand this is that if it does not feel natural to one’s ability, then why takes on these roles. Anne was born during the commencement of the ‘y’ generation, most note it was about 1982 A.D. Pluto’s elevation, just like Chloë Grace's is high above the ecliptic. Therefore, one can do a hypothetical arc around her chart and Pluto will run through the stars of Ophiuchus that Chloe currently possesses. Trademark: Often plays sassy, free-spirited women who attempt to remain independent.  Anne's is in fire , a very independant element. These air signs show 'free spiritedness. ' Chloe Grace’s persona is that she is always in control ( the lower elemnets, earth and water), at least in most of her projects. The Carrie White ( I have not seen yet) she claims is her most vulnerable role – where of course, she is mainly not in control for most of the story. However, since Carrie has spiritual connotations the water and in her chart fits perfectly and the war axis in on a water and earth parallel; which helps describe her movie choices with aggression and with  action in them, as they relate to the storyline.  


Elemen ts: Fire gives a person independence and enthusiasm, Earth gives practicality and dependability, water gives sensitivity and compassion while air gives intellectual and social skills.

"Not having air in a chart does not mean that the person has a low IQ, it just means that he doesnt feel compelled to seek out or analyze information. Also, he may have problems being objective and unbiased when relating to others. This can cause serious problems" ( The importance of AIR in a natal chart astrologernyc, at keen.com).


Galactic Center & Serpent Charmer

Gal. Center ( 0°07',s) to descendant at Univ.Time 18:33. 1:33 p.m. Pluto’s arc to the Galactic Center from Atlanta on the day of her birth is about 5 degrees. People born during this year will have a similar position at these common latitudes. Because of Pluto’s elevated latitude to the ecliptic, Pluto is near the main body of Ophiuchian stars, the serpent charmer. This constellation is noted for hypnotism and Pluto being the dark lord of the three outers, thus the collective masses' planet, and being in its home ruler ship, these generation ‘y’ will either tend toward a robotic existence, swayed by the hypnotic medias and their suggestions or they will seek to over throw these ‘snakes’ in the public arena to make the world a better place. The lack of air or fire in sidereal to Chloe Grace’s soul will indicate a difficult struggle with overcoming the illusions or trappings of the mass hypnotized humans directed by the central media authorities.

Chloë Grace Moretz Stars

  • Sun   Nashira ( 2°34',s), Deneb Algedi ( 3°00',a)

  • Mercury  Bos ( 3°51',a)

  • Venus  Armus ( 3°54',s), Dorsum ( 4°23',s), Bos ( 4°46',s), arc at M.C. to Albali CAP ( 0°?',a)

  • Mars  Zaniah ( 2°23',a), Porrima ( 4°23',s) ( both associated to prophecy stars).

  • Jupiter Bos ( 1°39',a)

  • Uranus  Bos ( 1°50',s)

  • Pluto  Han ( 3°53',s), Yed Posterior ( 4°18',s)

  • Mean Node  Zavijava ( 3°50',s), Zaniah ( 4°08',s), ( both associated to prophecy stars).

  • True Node  Zavijava ( 2°11',s)

  • Lilith  Subra ( 1°55',s) Omicron (ο) Leo. 

  • Chiron Khambalia ( 4°56',s) ( transits n+p 2013 late spring into summer).

  • Asc. Alcyone ( 1°59',s)

Solar Graces

Chloë Grace Moretz is neither a true Capricorn nor a true Aquarius, solar Sun sign. She has both, as

epsilon (ε) capricornus & xi aquarii, bunda are true solar stars of Chloë Grace. Only 8 minuets of arc, if using 12:03 p.m., does Chloë Grace's Solar arc skew toward Aquarius.

Chloë Grace : Affectionate: Uranus (PED) to GIEDI PRIMA capricornus, trop. 03AQU46 J2000.

Chloë Grace : Integrity and justice and knowledge of man

DENEB ALGEDI, 23AQU33 J2000 General  Capricornus, also, between , if, NASHIRA  21AQU47 J2000 General  Capricornus, Chloë Grace, yes.

Chloë Grace Trine PED: Quick speech

 CAPELLA 21GEM51 Sun Auriga (CBM Jupiter).

Chloë Grace:  Sagacity.

KITALPHA 23AQU07 Constellation Equuleus.

Chloë Grace & CBM:  Somewhat odd people ( e.g. fits of goofiness)

 CAPELLA 21GEM51 General Auriga, CGM .

Chloë Grace Sun trines, PED. less than 15 minuets of arc.

Chloë Grace & CBM:  Quick wit

ARNEB     PED      21GEM23 Constellation         Lepus  ( a rabbit accelerates quickly).

al taire = dominating character. ( bethlehem star seen and recorded at Hanic Korea). General;  01AQU47,   J2000, as well as ALSHAIN  02AQU25  Constellation  Aquila. Chloë Grace  Mercury, CBM loose Mercury.

to Hyadum I (Cul-Rise, 0°14's,ms) power.

to epsilon (ε) capricornus, castra; Castra (Cul-Cul, 0°09's,alh) positioned in the fish-tail of the goat, this is a powerful beneficial position. 

to xi aquarii, bunda (Cul-Cul, 0°01'a,vaa),  proper names,  Thani Saad al Suud or Secunda Fortuna Fortunarum (the second of luck of lucks). This star, along with β Aqr (Sad al suud) and ξ Aqr (Bunda), were Sa'd al Su'ud (سعد السعود), the Luck of Lucks. (Allen, R. H. (1963). Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning , p. 52 reprint. ).

Chloë Grace Moretz: Pleiades

Strongest Pleiadiean paran(s):

Pleiades with Uranus () : Active mind.

...deformity from birth or through accident in childhood, many accidents and troubles, many unexpected losses often through fire or enemies, marriage partner proves false especially if female, troubles through women, occult interests, unfavorable for children, if any, and lack of harmony with them, heavy losses at end of life, violent death. [Constellationofwords.com, eta taurii, c.f. Robson*, p184.]. Note that this star astrologer wrote during the two 20 th century World Wars, a very negative time in the sky.

"[...] deformity from birth or through [an] accident in childhood,[...], Robson*, p184.

Pleiades with Jupiter (: Artistic Talent. Deceit, hypocrisy, legal and ecclesiastical troubles, loss through relatives, banishment or imprisonment. [Vivian E. Robson, p183.]. Hypocrisy here has a benefit for actresses or actors, they must convince the audience they are something else than they really are in life. Hollywood loves to convince us that Art ( their art) imitates life. So, according to this sold to the world theory, Chloe is a vigilantly, serial killer, flying vampire with superhuman strength, and that is just for starters. A group of Abbys’ would decimate all the types of vampires in the Twilight Series, including the Vultura. Why, because Abby had wings and could fly.

CGM: paran(s) Achernar (Set-Cul, 0°07's,pb), Bos (Set-Set, 0°15'a,mr), two powerful stars. true arc to Praesepe Cluster (Opp 1°50',a).

CGM: paran Bos (Cul-Cul, 0°02'a,mr),


Chloë Grace Grace Moretz mean node trines al cyone less than two tropical degrees. Me and Chloë Grace , therefore, have a trine with al cyone, tropically.

Combative movements oppo. CBM loose Mars natal

ZAVIJAVA     27VIR10 J2000           General           Virgo

Chloë Grace Moretz: Mercury

Chloë Grace to baten kaitos cetii (Cul-Rise, 0°10'a,es), It gives compulsory transportation, change or emigration, misfortune by force or accident, shipwreck but also rescue, falls and blows. [c.f. Robson*, p.145.]. This star is a major Boston Bombs star signature and is found in violent movies openings as well, such as Kick Ass II, Manila, first showing, and in many other circumstances associated to violence or more notably of explosions.

Chloë Grace Moretz: KA2 Ecliptical Geometry

KA1 Moon parallel to These Pleiades (U.S. Release): shocking to society.  Artistic superiority.

CGM: Mars parallel Saturn < 1°.

KA2 ( Mid-August 2013): if 11:46:30 a.m. chart, then CGM personal , 45 minuets of separation. KA2 has not been received well, and this may activate this difficult astrological aspect. While Chiron may act as a teacher, it also poisons the situation. And Chloë Grace’s young life so far cannot possibly bring up painful experiences of the past – in this incarnation she has not lived that long. But it may be a reminder that she cannot be in every super-hit movie, there will be struggling profits of movies she is in that are not of her doing or later may in part be if she continues to game and her mentality gets stuck in the escapism, video-gamers retreat too, into a world of fantasy. 

KA2 will do fine in the DVD/ out of movie theater context. But if the context, again, questions heroes, in the form of superheroes, and these as the Democrats and leftist intend are immoral for society, then Big Daddy’s revenge in the first movie was a misunderstanding of its writers. Real heroes face death, that is a part of their worship. Have you not read Phaedo, by Plato? 

When my Chiron traversed over my Moon my father told me ( at age 14) that I should go live out in the streets, it will teach me to survive. He got his wish. At that time, my Chiron and Saturn were conjunct and Saturn is the father figure here, but in general it was a difficult time for me because it was a time of separating from a so-called family –which from the onset was never a real family, despite periods of normalcy. Chloë Grace is still in her formative years. Her views on life should not be counted against her or anyone about this time of age.

I did not grow up with a traditional family. I lived on the streets, in and out of state-placements, a group home and two boys homes before emancipating because I had turned legally adult. Since the Moon in general represents family, and more so than Saturn represents the father, a more general idea is that Capricorn represents impersonal authority, the Chiron-Moon conjunction in progression brings up family and life aims in a personal manner.

Batman Ben Afflict New Movie Outline of Story Revealed

Since heroes are the enemies of Washington D.C. and Hollywood ( here is a link to the U.S. government calling anyone who like Liberties a terrorist) let me write the outline for the new Batman, rumored to star Ben Affleck who is campaigning to bring his friend, Matt Damon aboard, perhaps as the side-kick Robin. This new Batman will have the Washington D.C. and Hollywood anti-hero narrative. Batman discovers he likes boys and so does Robin, this is a part of the beginning of the film, its revelations to a new Journey. The Joker had identity crises because he wore a penguin face mask and is being cited as  a racist. The Penguin incites the insensitiveness of the Joker and they have a bonding moment of clarity. Now all penguins make jokes and all Jokers have wings – they paste them on with some type of glue. The Penguin, on the other hand, has issues of being different, having wings and so he marches for his civil rights to be treated as equal with the other non-winged creatures. After Robin and Batman discover their homosexuality, they hook up to marry and find out they cannot get married. So they, in a very bizarre twist, align themselves to their former enemies (remember there are no more heroes, these are outlawed and old forms of non-progressive humans) and the Joker, Penguin and Batman and Robin form a million man march upon Washington D.C. to decry these uncivil liberties. Cat women will claim she is being discriminated by the dog community and she also will march along with the other crusaders of former heroes and villains. The Hollywood producers then can be totally in line with political correctness – the philosophy being shoved down our throats by Hollywood and shoved down our throats Washington D.C. In a small way, KA2 is this type of confusion. When one reads the trades or the box office websites and commentaries, all one is exposed too is profit – if the movie makes money, it is a success no matter what the critical acclaim or repulse the moves reviews.

Hollywood producers have accepted the key to profit making is through senseless violence. You can be violent, Hollywood claims, just not against our friends from Washington D.C., these people, even if they are worse than any villain in all comic books, these criminals are always off-limit. When Hollywood claims it teaches the people; its message is allow the profiteers and criminals that are voted-in or celebrated in media to go about their business of profits and of crime  -- and always at the expense of the masses. That is the legacy of modern Hollywood.

In America we do not have official royalty, we have celebrated icons, and the fastest way to achieve royalty in our modern period of America is through acting or making music and now the U.S. Presidency. The terms ‘star’ and ‘celebrity’ are titles of royalty in America, since we do not have king nor queen. However, Pop-music worships non-democratic themes, e.g. the queen of pop, the king of pop, the king this or king that. The founders of America wanted absolutely no one to have a title. However, as states progress they leave behind the archaic ways of their forefathers/foremothers and change to the times.

activates with the Moon for Chloë Grace in 2016 A.D. By this time Chloe Grace is an adult and war is on the horizons, and her angle here will help her get a wider acceptance for her work. What movies she will have finished filming by 2015 and released in 2016 will perhaps be a more popular and accepted view. Persons born in early 1997 and at 30s or 40s north have Pluto by a true arc to the descendant and the galactic center.

Chloë Grace Moretz on Violence

After Jim Carrey voiced his opposition to supporting KA2, Millar responded that most blockbusters ( big budget) have more carnage ( paraphrase); and Millar remains absolutely correct. There was no overkill at all in KA1, and I have not seen KA2. [update,] I recentl saw this in late 2013 on librar DVD, Jim Carrey was awesome, everyone I spoke to also claims such -- why he was short lived in the film is beyond me, it suxed. Aaron and Clohe and Chris were awesome, the storyline suxed big-time, and very amateur scene filming, really bad at some dialoge angle changes.  However, according to reviews, Jim Carrey may be correct about KA2, because Carrey is excused because KA1 has a  purpose. It is too clear that the first movie blurred he lines, the second move went against its own principles, most of the blame on Millar ( pronounced Mil- are). Mark believed Superman was a real person to the age of 16 years-old.  By this time most of us had already multiple spiritual experiences and beginning to organize our thoughts on our multi complex destinies. But the case may be the principle, to blur the lines was just a Mark Millar fluke, a one time deal, and comic bookary remains his forté, as 'Wanted' acchived. But even I had a piece of fannatry to KA1.  n Even Peter's deer in the headlights was duly missed! Here is a hint, KA1 is a near masterpiece, for its weird genre so do not try to reproduce it, which was the overall theme of KA2 and thus its lukewarm reception. [/ update apr 22, 2014].

So if he saw the first movie, like I did but on DVD, he would have chosen to accept KA2. But maybe he saw the raw(s) of the movie KA2 to which gave him a hint to its confusing overkill. Here is what Chloe Grace was asked in response to Jim’s tweets – and from me, she is only 16 years-old, so do not judge her harshly!

"If you are that easily swayed, you might see 'The Silence of the Lambs' and think you are a serial killer," Moretz said. (And her quotes have been confirmed to Yahoo! Movies by Moretz's rep). "It's a movie and it's fake, and I've known that since I was a kid ... I don't want to run around trying to kill people and cuss. If anything, these movies teach you what not to do."

"Moretz softened her statement a bit by adding she respected his rights to his opinions, adding, "Each to his own."(Mark Deming, Movie Talk, fri. Aug 9 2013, 1:06 P.M., EDT., http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/chloe-grace-moretz-blasts-jim-carrey-stand-against-170623974.html; internet, retrieved 26 Aug 2013).




2027 A.D. CGM: t . | as t |

Chloë Grace Moretz :  tropical & cosmological symmetry:

Ven β 0°52' 2"  δ S 18°43'50" S =  β 0°34'18" δ S 19°25' 3" S ~ bos capricornus trop. β 5° 7'12", 1°11'55" N δ 17°49'22" S.

CGM: :  bos capricornis potential to unique legal-wisdom.

CGM:  and parallel. , a  potential for super ease on masses and influence, a good aspect for Fame., and just visually under bos capricornus; Capricorn thematics are relevant.

1914 cholë, , constellation  position almost the same pattern as 10 Feb. 1997. Just swap for . Saturn was the traditional ruler of .

CGM:   MOON Sesquiquadrate-150 degrees CHIRON  ( finding a Prince Charming, if female. This is a conflict with family, a desire for a family or a close personal relationship is a key ‘desire.’ ).


CGM:  SUN -135 degrees MARS ( wide). These aspects, a challenge with issues of impulse, anger, pride, and aggression (etc...) are tempered by CGM’s natal Sun in visual Capricorn.  

CGM: : MARS Opposite-180 degrees SATURN ( a balance is needed between personal power and a wider acceptance of power structures that limit personal power). In Kick Ass and many other aggressive movies CGM engages, her characters  fits this narrative. This aspect, at times, can indicate a cruel person, and in turn personas in power have a falling out with the natives also in power.

CGM: Chiron Uranus (Rise-LCul, 0°12'a,mr), lessons on relationship to the masses in regards to power structures, and how personal actions are seen later in life on Urianian influences.

CGM: :  


CGM: physical energy: physical energy leads to hard workers and successes through hard work.  

CGM: MARS Trine-120 degrees JUPITER
Attracts good luck; abundant energy.

MARS Trine-120 degrees URANUS
Massive amounts of energy.


MARS Sextile-60 degrees PLUTO

Supercharged energy; powerful muscles; this paring is a strong energizer of power and big business . With in visual virginis, an obsession to Virgonian things are emphasized. is at the frontal stars of the Constellation of Virgo.


CGM post omicron leonis, Subra leonis, and approching alpha leonis. This means having an obsession with power, as alpha regulus is located at the cheast of the lion, which gave its 17 th ascprion as core leonis ( the heart of the Lion). . These people can be 'obsessed' with power. Barack Hussein Obama has his pre Subra, and  his ( trop. 20 30 57″. The fire side of the constellation of Leo ( it has a mid-drift section of massive quasars, between coxa and al jabhah leonis, thus intense energies, very far away in the visible universe) with Lilith will indicate an obsession to power, healthy or unhealthy. With a slew of other astrological signatures, here in visual Capricorn, already mentioned, this adds weight to the desire of the native for power, fame, and control.

Albert Einstein has his lilith just post of al pherg piscipus ( perhaps the first astrological domain of the ancient Babylonians.).  This position denotes a. determination and final success. Not many people know that when Einstein claimed there was no God, in his early 20s, and he pushed Special Relativity as a fact, he was dead wrong. Later in life after his mistakes and rethought that perhaps God exists, he was not that smart. Einstein did finally introduce acceleration and de-acceleration into special relativity, and thus his success and massive fame.  Pisces, rules the 12 th house of hidden or hard to find secrets. The Lilith in Einstein’s chart represents his relentless quest ( an obsession) to prove special relativity.


Hunger Games:

Original Female Vampire +  the male Vampire + Holder of number one spot on most killings of innocent humans in all of history. + Miley Cyrus  amd  more




Lilith Algol (Squ 0°10',90°58',a),


Chloë Grace Moretz :  Hypos & Garden of Eden

 Lunar apogee/perigree axis

All Three of hypothetical Liliths are devoid of major aspectual qualities in Chloë Grace Morets' chart. The strong aspects are these oppositions to the , mean -3°57a, natural -4°45a.

Lilith are hypothetical points calculated on the Moon's motions. Moon at the lunar apogee, therefore, describes the farthest point that the Moon gets from Earth. Osculating  orbits vary widely, while mean lilith, a close calculation is about one astrological sign every nine months, about the human gestation period.

Jules Verne learned of French astronomer Frederic Petit's claim, director of the observatory at Toulouse in 1846 A.D. he had spotted a second Moon. This claim led to Jules Verne who took this idea and formed his influential "From the Earth to the Moon." (Lilith, 2007 AquarianEssence, updated Feb. 17, 2007) Modern scientists claim that by now we would have spotted a second Moon and so this was just some fantasy.

CGM: Osculating Lunar Apogee ("True" Lilith / Hypothetical Moon):  oscul. lilith long. ecliptic 16 ° 12 48 r., sidereal just post of alpha cancri, acubens. β 3°33' 4" S.

CGM: Interpolated Lunar Apogee (Lilith), also called 'Natural Apogee':  lilith long. ecliptic 26 ° 45 03 r. sidereal, near Omicron Leonis (ο Leo, ο Leonis), it marks one of the lion's forepaws.

Lilith al ghoul (Squ 0°10',90°58',a), not known.,a challenge to retard obsessive-compulsive actions.

  Sun Lilith (Rise-Set, 0°04's), buffered because CGM’s natal Sun is visually just above Capricorn stars.

Pria' pus:  Interpolated Lunar Perigee (Priapus), also called 'Natural Perigee,' reverse gender

In some legends, Priapus is a male large phallic, ugly, scarecrow, that protects animals, gardens and bees.

Most Pria' pus  legends deal with issues of lust over love.

Pria' pus : Τυχων, Tykhôn,  Tychon Fortune.

Sun Pria' pus (2° 02′  long.):  natal  trop.  24° 2' 0" speed  33'54" β 2°59'28" N δ 10°41' 5" S. A late deity, not mentioned by Hesiod nor Homer, perhaps the most worshipped  at Lampsacus on the Hellespont, was worshipped as protector of the agriculture; more specifically personal gardens, and protector of life-stock, food-sources and usually was depicted like Pan, short body, sometime depicted physically as ugly, but with a overlarge phallus – acting like a scare-crow to keep birds and other animals out of the garden. Some link Pria'pus to the set of gods of fertility, and at the same time to prophecy. At Lampsacus the later writings link Pira’pus to the son of Dionysos and Aphrodite. However, most likely an adoption of early fertility gods, the large phallus represented a source of sexual pride and human power in the physical form. Ovid, Fasti 6. 319 ff (trans.Boyle) (Roman poetry C1st B.C. to C1st A.D., c.f. Theoi Project 2000 - 2011, Aaron J. Atsma, New Zealand). There is also a definite link to the garden of Eden.

Ovid has the most R- rated version of Pria' pus. The large phallic deity tried to rape a nymph, named,  Lotis, who had too many, became inebriated, and passed out; and she was saved by an ass, that brayed and woke up Lotis, which caused Pria' pus to lose his erection. The Olympian gods hid Lotis, and enmity arose between Pria' pus and asses, hencemore.

Pria' pus: The only symbolism here are the male virile attributes which proposes that this position of the Moon’s closest point directs away from the female ascription to Cancer and the Lunar Ruler, as it relates to female attributes.  I often see Chloë Grace Moretz as a male reincarnated into a female body.  This is not rare, but rather common. One of the most difficult conceptual ideas on reincarnation are we believe, our current gender is a consistent reality, so we do not look for the opposite gender in regards to thinking about past lives. I myself have lived in the opposite gender form on Earth. This knowledge is troubling for anyone to handle, and one of the reasons God keep reincarnation from soul’s memoires. The gender switches in reincarnation can have damaging effects upon the psyche of the current human gender form.

Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae 1. 30b (trans. Gullick) (Greek rhetorician C2nd to C3rd A.D.) Pira' pus is is the same as Dionysos. This explains at Lampsacus on the Hellespont, Pira'pus, for a period, became the supreme diety. the region, therefore, scarified donkey's to their supreme deity.

The Persians called Leo Ser or Shir, and in Akkadian/Sumerian cuneiform, SIR is the symbol for our modern day ascription of the Serpent. Pria' pus in almost 'all' commentaries in history is associated to a guardian of the garden. In the Holy Hebew Bible, there is an unnamed cherubim guarding the garden with a flaming ( Fire sign ) sword, pointing every which way for confusing anyone that tried to trespass. Pria' pus has been regarded in almost all tales have this figure as the guardian of the garden.

Because Pria' pus was associated, for a period as Dionysos ( a link to a supreme deity, as he was chosen for Hellespont for a period) , his ascription also said he was from Hermes, () which then describes why this figure may have had a gender-bender psychological problem. Mercury is a neutral gender planet, in general astrology. This sounds so R - rated I'm not sure it is fit for public consumption ( these writings are by me on an astrological forum, under a pseudonym, Z.B.) .

The four Royal stars or Guardians of the Sky were a group of stars noticed by the Persian astrologers, and mentioned by Zarathustra, around 3000 BC and used as a rudimentary season calendar. (Gillentine, Julie (May–June), "Persia's Royal Stars", Atlantis Rising Magazine, common knowledge too, Most astrologers know this). Regulus (Venant) alpha leonis , ascription to summer solstice (Watcher of the North). These ascriptions are duplicated or known form Enochian texts, which are recording over a millennia before the first books of the Holy Bible. This then claims, Regulus is the Archangel Raphael.

Uriel (Auriel) , the archangel of the west had been linked to the west and alpha scorpius α . This is the biggest star in the zodiacal region of the sky, and amoung the largest known so far. Archangel Michael ruled the east, and by the fourth century, the Catholic Church took out Uriel from public mention because of its association to Samuel ( Enochian texts) or the ascription of the Devil himself. Therefore to understand the problems of the East verses the West and the Bible explaining that in Armageddon, Archangel Michael battles Satan for world and heavenly domination.

These Angel ascriptions:  many reproduced by Pseudo-Dionysis, while original texts of Enochian works are being found today, and shed new light on older forms of knowlege. Samael (Hebrew: סמאל‎) (also Sammael, Samil) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore.  Samael was linked in some enochian scripts to the star,  Antares.

CGM: lilith: osc. Apogee Acubens ( 3°01',s) obsession to lying, dishonesty.

CGM: lilith: osc. Apogee Acubens ( 3°01',s) obsession to lying, dishonesty. Actors ( gender neutral) must be the best liars there can be in order for us to believe their adopted roles of others in storytelling as film. In academia Acubens helps corruption and maintaining conservative values, even though the subjects vote and advocate for liberal policies – thus their expertise in lying. Family members usually lie to each other about small matters but this gives comfort against painful truths. However, the abusive alpha cancri actions can lead the world into death and destruction. Often lies are not the correct course of action. ( time of aspect, Univ.Time 16:46:30, Atlanta, GA, CGM birthday).

Chloë Grace Moretz :  parans

Scheat , beta pegasie (Opp 0°07',148°51',a)   destiny to genius or breakthroughs, perhaps after many challenges.

to Gorgona Secunda (Set-Cul, 0°01's,ms).

Chloë Grace's Jupterian-Uraniod Alginment

Sidereal Venus

bos capricornus, a Gizāh Pyramid Foundational Scored-Line Star.

Persons born in February or Early March will have Venus ( because it remains always near the Sun) in the region of the Capricorn stars, for our modern times. p = progressed modern, a standard Biblical, n = natal or birthday. = paran. & symbol bos, only in the part of the discussion.  

Chloë Grace Stars and Life

Let us take a younger Cholë Grace film role to illustrate Venus (sidereally) in Capricorn. While most Hollywood producers do not fit films to certain actors, these actors gravitate to roles in associations to their sidereal references.  In a sense the group ( film productions) will have similarities astronomically that fulfill the function of the project. An example indicates a generalized geometrical shape: Jenifer Lawrence a star of the Hunger Games is born with a grand-trine. The release of Hunger Games I happened under a grand-trine. These were not planned; they were happenstances, where astrology shows linkages to generalized themes.

I do not usually review films, I do not watch them except to get along with the larger populations of Erath that intend films are a mirror to reality.  During this viewing period,  this time, my computer was broken, still is, I was in limbo and rented films from my local libraries. I walked with Elkee Sommers on a floating [path-extension of a boat port] dock on Malta, in the Mediterranean ocean, when I was very young, so my parents could take a photo to make it appear we were walking on the waters of the Mediterranean.  

Ronald Getty “in a partnership with veteran producer Leon Fromkess and business man Richard [Albert] McDonald [ my father], Ronny set up a company called GMF Productions at 8730 Sunset Boulevard. The first production was Flare-up which gave Rachel Welch the opportunity to show she could act.   This was followed by the movie Zeppelin with Michael York, Elke Sommers,  and Shiela.  The movie ended Ronny’s career because it featured a white man and a black women falling in love – and was too premature for its time.  ( House of Getty, Russell Millar, Bloomsbury Publishing, Sep 28, 2011 - Biography & Autobiography – pp. 546).

Growing up during periods of my life in San Fernando Valley, known as ‘The Valley’, many of Hollywood and the greater entertainment industry make their homes, from C.B.S. studios on Ventura Blvd., in Studio City, to the Warner Brothers and Disney International Corporations at Burbank Studios. Then there is Universal Studios which produced The Munster’s, Lucile Ball, and a bevy of Hollywood bread-n-butter shows: Mates, some secret musical rooms are located in North Hollywood behind the train-tracks – all the large international music groups either prep for World Tours or practice there.  During the late 1980s and into the 1990s ( not know) this was the pornographic location known throughout the world, with its multi-billion dollar industry, decimated by free online porn, signed into law by Executive Order of Bill Clinton during his second term. The San Fernando Valley had a long history with various entertainment genres. One has to work rather hard not to bump into so-called celebrities.

Sidereal Venus in Constellation of Capricorn.[1] Both Chloë Grace and I have this sidereally. “The dark side of Capricorn’s tenacity is a certain ruthless single-mindedness, and our bonds with others often suffer when we give too much to our work, sacrificing the soft, Cancerian shapes of domestic pleasure. Everyone wants love, but Capricorn in particular cries out for a partner. Specifically, he [she] needs a mate who can help him achieve his [her] ambitions while simultaneously keeping the home fires kindled and reminding him of his [her] core values and important emotional values.” Here I superimpose the generalities of April Elliott Kent’s interpretation on general things of “Capricorn in Love.” Here, Venus can be cruel, because it is linked to ‘ruthless single-mindedness.’ For explanationary purposes, Capricorn seeks to raise its-self, as well as bringing along those to whom they love to ‘higher statuses.’[2] As Kent relates basic tradition, Capricorn, tropically, lay at the lowest of our modern declination(s) in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, we seek to rise above the lowest level.  

Oddly, the tropic of Capricorn where the Heaven’s Gate vs. the Gate to Descend from Heaven to Earth ( Cancer) have its thematics. The winter solstice ( now tropically late Sagittarius and moving backwards toward earlier Sagittarius) is the lowest  point of the  ecliptic from our ‘apparent’ motion of our Sun ( actually the Earth is tilted, orbiting, and spinning!). Therefore, astrologers placed at at the natural top of the astrological chart ( square or circle charts) and astrological placements in Capricorn are signifiers to what we want to ascend too.

  • To me, we also have al tair, aquilae,  above Capricorn and this alpha aquilae (bayer cat.) star is legendary and a very historically powerful star. This was the position around 6 AD ( astronomical calendar) when the hannic korean expert astronomers cited a temporary star in the sky, some say lasting 70 days, some text say 7 weeks. This was recorded in a work around 150 A.D ( see see my writings on The Bethlehem Star ), at modern day China.  The Eagle, aquila, flies to dazzling heights and is close to beta aquilae, of the hindi astronomical legends to be the ‘sacred fig tree.’

paran  Bos (Con 0°08',s), Zubenhakrabi (Squ 0°11',s), two pyramidial main stars.


Bos ± 2° spiracle perspective

Miley Ray Cyrus, p 2013, bos & approch M.C., n = cusp 10/11. Placidus, if 2:28 p.m. (2012-'13, trying too hard to become the queen of pop, there are no natal signatures to solar system bodies!).

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence n bos (Took the academy award for her artistic performance in acting)

Natalia Vodianova ( fashion model) true at desc. 3:00 p.m. bos ( top model agencies).

Nicole Renee "Niki" Taylor n bos. ( a supermodel, top model agencies)

Emma Roberts n bos (The art of sleuthing, love to see an adult & big-production of Nancy Drew ).

Franklin Delano Roosevelt n bos. (Never wanted to let go of being the unofficial King of America, ruled 16 years, and died knowing he could not get another re election. A very unique artistic solution to government involvement to the greater states ).

Napoleon Bonaparte n bos. ( took the art of war to an all new level).

Tiffani Amber Theissen n bos ( Saved by the Bell & 90210 fame and general actress).

Jennifer Eve Garth n bos ( 90210 original cast member, & What I Like About You).

Albert Einstein n bos (helped formulate quantum physics, took astrophysics to a new level).

Michel de Nostredame n bos  (a.k.a. Nostradamus, true at 30s n. 1533 A.D, near mid-point of natal. Took mysteries of the universe to a whole new level.).

Ariel Winter n bos & n  at 3° ( Modern Family and  Dora the Explorer).

Michelle Trachtenberg n bos ( actress & socialite).

Chloë Grace Moretz  n + 3.5 ° bos.



The Princess

Venus (sidereally) in Capricorn are signs of Princess desires. Over the decades of my life, when analyzing Hollywood actresses, many of them have tropical Venus' and sidereal are located with an arc to the Capricorn stars. This relationship shows the professional drive associated to the Capricorn narrative. Venus being money, and also material comfort, Capricorn's connections to power, explains some or a part but not all the story. Venus' priority is fame and recognition when its co-ruler is assumed as Libra, an air sign. This contrasts its home rulership of taurus, an Earth sign and element ( sidereally speaking).


Bad Language in Movies:

According to reports, Chloë Grace’s parents approved to the provocative language used in the movie Kick Ass. She uses the c-word, and f-word(s) and many parental groups protested against Hollywood in general for child exploitation. This was never the first instance of public outcry over Hollywood’s child exploitations.

The Bad News Bears, with Academy Award winner Walter Mathieu, displayed foul language of children sports and became a runaway hit, spawning at least five more movies.  This movie also shocked the parental groups at that time, but the movie portrayed what actually young American children experience on a daily basis,  out and about amongst their peers in America, on a daily basis. Also, Kick Ass’s foul language does not compare to the number one horror film of all time, at least to many by consensus.

Linda Blair was a child in the masterpiece horror film, Exorcist. Linda’s mother also attended the meeting with William Friedkin ( Director, married now to Sherry Lansing, former C.E.O. of Paramount Picts., and Just stepping down form the head of the U.C. of California’s  Regent position and her predecessor, the D.O.J. head, Janet Napolitano)  and approved of the intense and awful foul language of the film. The Movie from the Producer, Screenplay and also author of the novel of same name as the movie William Peter Blatty, was released 26 December 1973. Kick Ass, the movie, came 37 years after The Exorcist. The foul language used by the child star, Linda Blair in the movie, has never been reproduced on a major film set. Kick Ass is no exception.

There is no character in Kick Ass that used any bad language as intensely provocative as used by Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Chloë Grace’s character was timid in comparison. Both females were about the same age in their provocative films. The Exorcist, based in part on a true story, but with a young boy, also produced a backlash against exploitation of child actors. Linda Blair over the years has been very adamant that her role did not affect her later in life, and it was only a movie, not a real life persona.

The scariest major horror films for me are The Exorcist, Carrie (with academy award winner Sissy Spacek, née Mary Elizabeth Spacek, 25 Dec. 1949), and Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist ( based upon real Colorado events of city planners and the city government building a park over a native American burial cite, and the outrage of citizens who later learned the deplorable methods of relocating these deceased corps to another location). Steven King’s first novel was brought to life by famed director Brain de Palma, and released on 3 November 1976. Sissy Spacek plays a high school girl who is bullied and her life had been shaped by an Epistolarian mother. Carrie White the character discovers she has psionics and seeks and completes her revenge killing many of her offenders, and a not so clear reason why she also kills her mother by the end of the movie – her mother tries throughout the film to protect her from bullies by keeping her daughter secluded in her home. Carrie, rebellious and perhaps a little naïve, chooses to go to the prom with a handsome boy who is cahoots with the high-school bully-crowed that seek to shame and embarrass Carrie by making her the prom queen and then dropping pigs-blood onto her as she receives the coronation crown. It is after Carrie has been dumped upon with pigs blood that her psionics take over her self-control and rage turns a little sissy-bullied girl into a paranormal serial killer. The scene just after she is doused has become an iconic moment in the movie. Movie remakes, while many make loads of money have a dismal record of being equivalent or better than the original. The movie had a budget of $1.5 million and grossed $33.2 million dollars, a resounding hit at the box-office and perhaps the reason why the studios are remaking the film in hopes of another large capitalist pay-day.

Carrie White & Astreological Symmetry

Like Kick Ass I, which was a difficult sell to the movie studios, the lucky release just post of the vernal equinox energized its push for a sequel. Carrie was originally slated for a 15 March 2013 release. At this time, because this astronomical aspect was present during the 2013 Vernal for the whole world, Jupiter was in Hell ( Hyades, around the center of the Taurus constellation, Star Wars, 25 May 1977, post hyades while , conjunct in hyades taurii.).  Carrie White is all about personal justice and Jupiter in Hell retards that relationship. For the 18 th October 2013 adjusted release date, Jupiter is near wasat geminorium. This gives Carrie White an advantaged to do two things at once – or in modern civil language, multi-tasking. Also, Gemini’s natural house is the 3 rd house of acquaintance, such as school chums one might know for a limited time of one’s life. It also rules daily communication, such as texting, and blogging, which of course is an updated version of the high-school experiences, which today finds a medium for new types of vicious bullying.

& alpha scorpius The Bully Theme

This brings us to the 18 October 2013 position for Venus. Venus visually is just post of alpha scorpius, the largest of the zodiacal stars, called affectionately 5,000 years ago, ante ( before Aries) or little Mars, as the ancients describe the color and the brightness . This star has a sordid and famous history of being overly and unjustly aggressive and violent. In personal charts, people will lie and take advantage of another for their personal gain, even killing them, and trying to cover it up. The U.S.A. Sibley chart ( 5:00) the first and most used of the astrological birth – time for the U.S.A. has alpha scorpius as a true arc on the ascendant.  Since the United States of America’s rise to superpower, post World War II, the world has consistently branded the U.S.A. politicians who run the international programs as dangerous world bullies. Venus’s relationship to the star and with the release of the movie can indicate a female is bullied and/or a female will bully others. In some sense, Carrie White gets bullied which makes up the base of what is to come later in the movie when Carrie fights back and in the end, well, she is the aggressor. So Venus over the overtly aggressive star affirms, yet, again, spiritual/astronomical symmetry with reality.

In the first movie, Carrie White can start fires, a part of her paranormal powers.  We probably expect Mars to be in a fire sign. Perhaps the many aspects of the 15 March 2013 release just did not have the astronomical symmetry. But on 18 October 2013, Mars is between Shir leonis and just past alpha leonis, Regulus ( Leo Constellation). Mars in mundane purposes, even in a personal chart has a military application for conflict and success in war. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte’s progressed Mars hovered over alpha leonis during his brilliant military campaigns, leaving it when he was deposed. Also, there are many wars and a conflict which Mars has this mundane transit. Here, Mars is in fire, and Carrie can make things burn in combat for her advantage.

Moretz recently said about the film:

“That’s a movie that really pushed me to my limits. It’s the most vulnerable I’ve ever been as an actor, and it shows things that no one’s ever seen me do… and it made me realize I need that feeling of being stretched and emotionally pulled and going home exhausted– and then starting all over again the next day. That I want that, totally. And it’s probably only going to make me even pickier about parts, because I know now if they don’t do that for me I’m going to be bored.” (thelesfilms ). 

With the rash of senseless murders claimed by youth to the police or authorities, stating they were “bored,” let us hope Chloë Grace does not go off the deep end and murder persons not warranted to death. Chloë Grace playing Carrie White is such a stretch for Moretz because being outcasted and constantly harassed and a victim to violence is not a Chloë Grace reality. There is little evidence, at least that I know of, that Chloë Grace had been a victim of a constant pattern of bullying. Her roles, for the most part, have been the aggressor; and often in a form of a strong women with take no bull, countenance, from anyone.

The Carrie White Mundane symmetry to Chloë  Grace’s natal symmetry.

The 18 Oct. 2013 mundane lunar node and its relative approaching Saturn/node conjunction in esoteric has one of its defining mechanisms as destiny in death. Chloë  Grace’s node and Mars oppose her Moon/Saturn conjunction, indicating a geometrical relationship between a birth and a release of a major career accomplishment.

Neptune, a slow moving planet has a mundane position over middle stars of the constellation of Aquarius. At the latitude of New York, the culmination point places Neptune ( for our world currently) in the position near the lucky one of the king, and has a near true arc to "The Lucky Star of Hidden Things" ([The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.111.]). In horary it indicates the ability to discover that which is hidden or lost, The star,  Gamma (γ) Aquarii .    “Sadalachbia, is a 4th magnitude greenish star in the right arm of the Water Bearer, and the westernmost star, at the inner edge of the Urn.” There was during the Islamic Empire period advances in judicial astrology, to which here is one of its observations on this star. The influences of the 23rd Arabic Moon Mansion Al Sa'd al Ahbiyah: Favorable for besieging and revenge, destroys enemies, causes divorce, helps prisons and buildings, hastens messengers, hinders childbirth and hinders the action of the body. [Robson*, P.74.], The history of the star: Sadalachbia.

The religious overtones of Carrie in the book and the movie remain immature. Many novelist and Hollywood movie writers have little to no knowledge of theology, and usually use popular negative views against religion – to describe the ills of the human group on Earth.  Religion, a dogmatic doctrine to spiritualism, helps explain what scientists of the age of Reason always ignore. What really made Carrie fight back? Neptune near the favored stars of the king, situated just before the urn sections of the constellation of Aquarius ( where many of Chloe Grace’s progressed planets have passed during her youthful rise to actress and model recognition).  Somehow in Steven King’s mind, his star character, Carrie, becomes so angry she can summon spiritual forces ( thus the unscientific reason of modernity) to find the strength to fight back against, in this case, the privileged class of the high-school she attends. In Kick Ass, there is no spiritualism in the discussion. Science creates domination. And, also, science created gun-powder ( China’s contribution), and guns will stop your bullies or your enemies, not paranormal superpowers.

The Sun, a star, has its position just post one of the most favorable stars in history, with its modern name Spica. This is the alpha virginis star ( of the constellation of Virgo), and is situated in the middle of the maiden, and pertains to harvesting ( of anything), which had been noticed as success. Mao Tse-tung had his natal Saturn right over Spica and he ruled China with an iron-fist of tyranny ( in this case, a malefic reading). Barack Hussein Obama ii, during his 2008 A.D. run for the U.S.A. Presidency had his progressed Mars conjunct Mercury over this star and on the angle and he dominated in speech ( along with his solar-animal- Chinese sign, the same as Adolph Hitler), everyday giving a mesmerizing speech, holding people in a trance, falling on his every word as gospel. Mars, again, in this position is a malefic. Hitler’s speech were said to hypnotize the masses, and from what I heard, saw, and witnessed, Obama’s 2008 and continuing, a slow separation into his first terms, his speeches are hypnotically mesmerizing ( which does not mean what he sais is a fact or true).

“[ Spica or alpha virginis ] With Sun: Great and lasting preferment, eminent dignity, immense wealth, great happiness to native's parents and children, help from friends among clergy, favorable for public and legal affairs [...]”.[Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.211.]. Spica lay near the true arc of one of the most beneficial stars in the localized heavens. Arcturus.

Chloë Grace has already finished filming the remake to Carrie.

This role is a change for Chloë Grace and it will be a difficult sell to the public of the movie public persona of a Hit Girl, or Abby or other acting roles where she has been the aggressor form the onset. Can Chloë Grace sell to us that she can be a weak and timid high-schooler and convince us of her being bullied?  Well one first has to consider it is Chloë Grace, a person with insurmountable talent.

The original movie had ( née [ i.e. ‘born as’] Mary Elizabeth Spacek) Sissy Spacek,  who later became an academy award winner, and the movie was popular. When I was young and my mother, sister and me were living at 9211 Encino Ave, Northridge, in the San Fernando Valley there were many vacant lots during the late 1970s, and around Northridge, a lot was chosen for the last scene in the movie, where Carrie’s hand comes out from the dirt-ground to grab one of Carrie’s enemies. If you saw this in a movie theater and did not know it would happen ( it was the first movie) it was quite shocking and scary. The first movie was a hit, at least communicatively; many people in the local community were talking about the movie. The movies also spark a discussion on high-school life of girls and in general the problem with bullying. Chloë Grace has beautiful arms and tough shoulders, and it will be difficult to see her in a bullied role. One can imagine Hit Girl’s gymnastically moves putting a hurt on the high-school prissies (Chloë Grace had practiced gymnastics, which she used to the movie studios  benefits  in the first movie, Kick Ass.). 

Sissy Spacek’s waif body does correspond to weakness that bullies instantly identify as a potential victim. On screen this was evident and perhaps why the movie seemed believable (the bullying part).  Many high school girls could and did identify with Carrie’s dilemma and this help make the film a success. Chloë Grace’s body on the other hand can be if she works on it, as hard as a rock. She has beautiful arms, and her looks, which can be deceiving, does not appear as a bullied-type of victim. However, according to Chloë Grace she worked extra hard on the film, staying in character on the set ( some actors do this), and perhaps dismayed by her mother who accused her of taking her characters’ home with her. There is one evidence of video I saw where Chloë Grace does a long-stair and then a grow, but her eye-roll, perfected on the set of Dark Shadows ( all the actors were excellent but the movie scrip was awful) and used on her Mom when Chloë Grace should have been reading for her school projects instead of playing Call of Duty (a popular video game), can disturbing to others.  However, like musicians, they can be out in the public but in their minds and facial expression they are lost in their talents of music, creating, editing in their heads – so actors practicing in public is not some odd-behavior – however, I can understand Teri ( Chloe’s mother) becoming dismayed her daughter is casting the ‘ evil eye’ at passersbys.


update: viewed DVD, Carrie on vid library 6 July 2014.

Julianna Moore plays Carrie white's creepy mother. A film should be about how White's mother behaviorism developed. The time that she is introduced it is not about Christianity, but about her mother appears to have been severely abused emotionally and physically by her parents or people that brought her up and then she repeats these 'bizarre' attitudes ( trying to protect her daughter) toward her daughter. Many atheists like King will use religion as some sort of catalyst to describe the general world problems. But in reality, the broken home family people are not really accepted into society. The proof is you take an atheist and put them into a similar family and abuse relationship and they too will find life challenging, competing against others that come from a strong and loving family. King's moral message, as with many of his stories, relates how troubled youth unfairly become their own victims when placed in a capitalist environment ( school), where career and respectability are based on 'outward perceptions,' and during a time ( 1980s) when these things mattered to society. Today, libel , slander, and illegal bullying are normative concepts in the world, but it would be difficult to accept any student caring about the less fortunate in society. This does not happen, and again, Steven King has to turn the story into ‘extra sensory abilities’ for anyone to take an interest in the film. Otherwise a bullied person from a broken family do not receive help and this describes whey Carrie's mother moves her daughter form one place to another, to escape being found out that they are 'unprotected,' by society's norms ( male dominated).

Semantics: Again some pans from the camera as dialogue happens changes expressions, breaks the continuity of viewing and is perhaps a financial decision, as shooting and reshooting scenes, done on major financial productions often consider these things.

The sunlight of Canada reflects the shadows to mean they live not in the U.S.A.  The same bedroom where Marcus has Hit Girl living looked like the same set-room in Canada as the kick-ass set.  Jerry Brukenhimer recently discussed the ideology of being a Republican ( the issue is not a conservative, Hollywood leftists are LeftCONS) in Hollywood and the bottom line is making money for the studios or your bosses.  This helps describe why Hollywood chooses to film in Canada where they get special privledged tax breaks and not in Los Anglees, which is the home of Hollywood and where production should be at least at 50%. But Los Angeles is 71% and growing Latins, who believe South and Middle America are not enough to own, but they want North America and later the entire world ( no different from KKK, Mafia, CIA, ,Trilaterials, Washington D.C. ) and shooting in Los Angeles always gets you into racial conflicts. Hollywood ruled by white colored skin people choose Canada because it is white dominated and therefore the culture is more attractive to due filming. ( end update 07 July 2014).

The narrative of Carrie. Bully and anti Bullying campaigns are selectively solutionable. What society needs is legal murder. If bullying happens on campus , just shoot or stab or kill your assaulter and not be punished. If people complain you were unfair, kill them too until they shut their mouths, permanently. Otherwise there are no solutions.  The movie is a drama of unreality, Carrie only gets revenge because she becomes some sort of deity that can manipulate matter to her advantage. In real life, this is not the case. And so there still needs to be a solution. King’s was like the UN when it gets  mad, it offers a letter or suggesting to be good, and of course, nothing changes.  So we need laws that will finally end and  correct these bullying episodes. So if Carrie was to have WEAPONS and kill her abusers and the parents and police that could complain, and not  be punished or even reprimanded then bullying will be once and for all nearly eradicated.  Bullying seems to be at every level of society, every culture, every period of time, and it does not get solved by story tellers and moral suggetionists. What is needed are real solutions. When you post some’s embarrassing moments on-line, and then you shoot and kill the person, the family complains, and so you kill them too. The police or some authority complains and you kill them too, then perhaps the people viewing the embarrassment video will have counter thoughts to this person is a dictum. That victim turns into a victor when laws of repression are denounced by society and done away with in full. The people against this idea are those that  abuse. Since this is the majority of the human population, there is no need for them to exist.


Child Endangerment

The relationship of the mother and dughter becomes muddled in a greator society relationship. The first half and hour of  the story, it is apparent that Carrie should leave her troubled mother for safety, such as the state child protective agencies, such as group homes, foster care or homes for girls.  Carrie understands her mother, who did not tell her the truth, and forces her daughter to pay for the pain she had inflicted upon her by others we have no idea of, because the story is not about the mother’s upbringing.  The very hateful things that are said, over and over to the daughter about not being wanted, a murky issue of coming into the world over rape charges and the fact her mother keeps emoting she should have killed her daughter out of the womb, as the opening scenes displayed rather horrifically is something disturbing in this film. The only connection to the State is the gym teachers’ duties to keep the girls in social alignment at a school.  King works around this by making the White family move to new locations so no state person can get to know the daughter and if they did would call social services immediately – the mother was unfit at  all measures to carry out a proper upbringing of a child.

Carrie Whites' shyness comes from no family or parental support. Her mother was abused and the state did not help her and she therefore cannot help her child. The child then is uncomfortable attending a capitalist system ( school) where other privileged students can abuse the weak and helpless – and most bullying cases go unpunished.  King’s message at the end of  the movie is that if you treat someone bad enough, there is a possibility there will ‘crack’ and do something seen as awful.  So it is a critique on society but goes a long way to explain the inside of  some  very bizarre happenings.  King  demonizes Christianity, he is an atheist or  was one as stated in biographies of him, but that is not a Christian making problems to the mother. She appears to be physically abused as  child, to which we are not apprised too, and has some very difficult mental problems. There are plenty of atheist families that scream and blame their children for all of their problems when no religion is found within a family unit. So blaming Christianity is a non solution to the film and King may not have the intellectual ability to argue its merits.  From what the mother was citing over and over in the film were the misogynist society and how men treat women like pieces of garbage.  According to the dialogue between the daughter and mother,  a man rapes the mother which produces Carrie and helps to fill in the voids to the opening scenes  why the mother wants to sacrifice her child, perhaps  just by the knowledge that life would be too difficult for her because the  State or people –community will not help out in a capitalist society. Many film critiques (reviewers, commentators) will incorrectly take the bait and blame Carrie’s bizarre word view ( which she has none, she still is a child) on religion.  Since these people are too stupid to know and promote falsities then need eradication. The family unit needs a father figure desperately, but a carrying father figure and not described as a hit-and-run, one night stand of rape and the man flees – which is the basic narrative, correctly, of the Movie Carrie.  Christianity is the solace and not  the problem with the Whites.

The overall theme of teenage bullying was set to film by King , one of his first projects, and that was over a quarter of a century ago and no bullying data shows that it  has reduced in number of bullying episodes.  It even goes to the point Moretz made in public about wages for women in Hollywood, taken out of context by some teenage poor kids on blogs --- saying in response how Chloe can be insensitive to women’s wages when she is not poor and starving, like more people.  She is just stating the facts that women, only a few are paid in decent wages like Demi Moore or Angela Jolie, while others are used like garbage. The same treatment of Carrie White’s mother; Chloe made a comment that hinted she  was not paid enough, and I agree. A $250,000 salary for a lead role in a major studio remake is in fact ‘A War On Women.’  I recently pondered Anne Hathaway’s money, she started about 2000 A.D. and has made over 20 major starring or  lead-co—star roles and had little to show for it in regards to eqyal pay to the men. And Hathaway does carry movies on her back.  In the last year, Hathaway has collected a larger sum and is now well off in regards to pay scale, but still she works constantly, and has little to show for it. The Icon of all time, The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland, the second choice to Shirley Temple was forced to where a plastic nose to look like Temple, and then was used and abused by the men of Hollywood and died poor, a broken heart. She did so much for Hollywood that betraying her like this ( she faked she had money believing the Hollywood men would beat her up if she told the truth of a War on Women.).  Why was she treated like dirt half a century ago and today women are still treated like dirt?  A key understanding is Isaiah’s passage that during the Luciferian -Devil period of Babylon, women controlled the seats of power or were inclusive to the power structures.  Men still ruled Babylon, but like today, three women make up California’s most powerful political positions. Two State Congresswomen in power over 40 years and one historical First Speaker Lady of the House of Representatives, again ruled for over 40+ years and all are still in power. But when I looked at their legislation, and even Barbara Boxer admits she signs legislation of the men Democratic Party people and agrees only to what they say.  I find Diane Feinstein, only at times, stands up to men. Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi feel to me as submissive women behind close doors --- to scared to challenge men and accept their positions protected by men, as long as they remain submissive. In the Movie Carrie, the bullies would be alive if Carrie acted like our Modern female Californian political rulers, and just allowed the bullying to continue – Carries choose to fight back.


(end update 07 July 2014).




Chloë Grace will be going through her Chiron and Moon progression during the summer of 2013. Her two big box-office movies, Kick Ass 2 and Carrie will be released as she is going through this aspect. In an interview in the spring of 2013, Chloë Grace revealed, her mother Teri had been diagnosed with Cancer. The Moon rules the constellation of Cancer ( and tropical western astrology too) and Chiron ( the constellation of Sagittarius) is a comet trapped in a bizarre orbit in our solar system that has rocked the astrological world. The original idea of the disease comes from ancient Greece that described the disease as a crab ( like growth) under the skin of humans. This is why Cancer ( the constellation ) and Cancer the modern term for  a disease of uncontrolled cell-production are linked by antiquity. This has no implication that Chiron/Lunar progression reveal family members or friends with a cell-disease ( it is mostly caused by unstopped gamma rays from our sun, which can also be present in soil, meaning captured particles. Gamma rays that make it through our protective atmosphere ( cannot stop all) can chip-off a piece of an RNA or host cell’s DNA production center, and this mutates a RNA section of  the body, that will then replicate the mutated DNA to the body, and depending which cell and RNA directions are revealed the spread of Cancer is then directed to a specific location of the body.) This is basically Cancer and this disease has been around since recorded time because it is a phenomenon of the Sun.). Chiron moving past the Moon by progression reveals the painful episodes of our past, a type of reflection. It can also be a time where others will unjustly attack you and start false-rumors of your past. Everyone goes through it, deservedly or not.

 If one does not have their time of birth, for whatever reason, Chiron now remains the best choose for discovery of it. The astronomical and later adapted by the astrological community gave Chiron the symbol of The Key. There are 26 major classical sources for Chiron and 25% of these sources have Chiron acting in roles that have nothing to do with healing or helping and teaching classical heroes. Chiron and change are synonymous and after Chironian major aspects one has a change of perspective, to-say-the-least. In most cases, the transit, in this case a Biblical secondary progression often causes some type of injury, physical or emotional.

KA2 Hit Girl, as mentor.

One of the other Chironian thematics occur in KA2 where Hit Girl teaches Kick Ass and others to defend and fight. This is exactly the teacher, mentor, martial arts expert, Chiron represented in some form or another. So Chloe Grace Moretz has been going through her progressed Moon over her progressed Chiron and this mirrors many of the Chiron mentoring classics. At some time or another, Chiron teaches almost every Hellenic hero or figure in mythology. In one such account, Chiron is a the military helper of Greek Hero Achilles. Chiron, smart, trained in the arts of warcraft, makes special deadly and poisonous arrow-tips, so Achilles can have the advantage on the battle field – why do we know that Achilles was one of the greatest military soldiers, because of wisdom and technology. Since the Moon is female and Chiron is the teacher to other Heroes, the film character of Hit Girl then mirrors the personal astreological signatures of the actor ( gender neutral folks) – which is why astreology works. .

Kick Ass 2 will be released as Chloë Grace goes through this Lunar-Chironic progression ( everyone goes through them if they live long enough!) when this period in American history violence, video-games, gun-killings are often public topics of disproval – and with the governments seeking to legalize measures to suppress these violent thematic expressions in culture, as it relates to politics, Kick Ass 2 will be viewed in a negative light. This is to say the U.S.A. Sibley Chart ( I use 5:00 p.m.) has the progressed Moon moving over the progressed Saturn during the Summer of 2013, for the U.S.A. natal horoscope.

Kick Ass Astreology

  Kick-Ass presented moviegoers with a very different kind of superhero story.


KA1: Hit Girl was in the womb when her father was set up by a New York Cime Family in cohoots with local Big Brother and some of the NYPD's top brass.

Hit-GirlHit-Girl (real name Mindy Macready) was raised by her father, Big Daddy, her mother being murdered by frustrated criminals. For an unnamed amount of time, Big Daddy has been training Hit-Girl to kill, allowing her to fight alongside him to avenge his wife's death by killing many criminals, ending with boss-man Johnny G. As a result of this, she has a high knowledge and interest of weapons. It is revealed in her diary that, because of their operation, Hit-Girl and her father move constantly, record time being six weeks. ( Hit girl appears in 40 issues). Hit Girl,,  Comic Vine & CBS Interactive Inc.

She wears an improvised superhero-style costume and wields a pair of katanas in combat. She carries a selection of small throwing blades. She is also very skillful in the use of a flamethrower. In the last two issues, she uses a pair of Glock 23 pistols to slaughter mobsters en masse.

Hit Girl's birth

KA1: Hit Girl was in the womb when her father was set up by a New York Crime Family in cahoots with local Big Brother and some of the NYPD's top brass. They planted narcotics in the home of Hit Girl’s daddy and he went to prison. The mother found it difficult to manage life and ‘accidently’ or on purpose took pills to end her life, so she dies and this leaves on Hit Girl’s father who is in Jail. She is sent to Marcus, Hit Girl’s father who was a close partner on the Police Force. He takes care of Mindy until her father is released from Prison. Sill in the forming years of the mind and body, Hit Girl’s father’s life mission is to destroy those that put him in jail and caused the mother to give up hope on life. He trains Mindy to be a superhero assassin and vigilante. Because she is so young, the writer placed her role as a ‘game,’ which is plausible, being she is still young and naive like all children. This is the backdrop of Hit Girl’s character. The Academy Award Winner (The Rock) Nicolas Cage was stupendous in his role and brought his A-game to the set and I believe it influenced Chloë’s acting. He dies in the first movie and Hit Girl with the help of the main character, a bored youth from a loving family finishes the job in what was a most spectacular ‘different’ superhero movie. Just so people know, I do not read, buy or check out Comic Books. They are fun but are geared toward the semi literate that still wants to be exposed to A-Game philosophical arguments. I also do not like the way the Superman originator had his ideas taken ( $200 dollars? really?) and spawned a multi billion dollar industry, only very late in his life, did he get a stipend form the Movie Studios says, here are some table crumbs chump , we took your idea made gazillions and we sued to keep you from your idea and money. The Superman originator, of the real story, there are too many false ones out there, and I did his chart, so yes I ‘m correct. Superman was bore out over a young school child wanting to talk to pretty ladies but was bullied at recess in front of her and being too weak, he dreamed up a superman. Comic book semi-human, semi-other, characters mirror Greek mythos, a paganistic way to give hope or at least understanding into the events and circumstances surrounding our world; But at the end of the movie KA2, the topic of the dangerous of being a real superhero come to light. But there are no real superheroes to model after and this was a big mistake by the writer. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, et al. man or women, such as wonder women, do not exist but real heroes exist. Therefore, Mindy’s comments on what is a superhero in movie two were & all one needs is ‘courage or bravery,’ and that is about it. This is because superheroes are subjectives, as with almost every other words.

Writer pros: John Romita Jr's distinct style contains (1) A-Game sets. (2), And the screen play  (as in part the way of the panning of the camera during a dialogue scene or the close ups) are spectacular. The visual of KA remains tops in the industry and in understanding budget costs.

The challenges if heeded: KA franchise only came with the success of a complete movie in KA1. This is because Movies or producing them are much more difficult than producing a serial comic book, based on the same idea. Then a quick write was agreed and based upon ages of the characters, they are growing up in real life. In the first movie, Dave and Mindy are the real focuses of the franchise. KA2 moves away from that and began to incorporate a slew of new storied characters to which a normal length of a movie cannot do justice to the characters. I felt cheated in both Dave and Mindy in KA2 and I did not mind that Marty or Todd were a bigger part, I liked that. According to internet rumor so no facts, but only guesses Lyndsy Marie Fonseca asked not to have a big role in KA2, which I would think limits the writer’s options. I would have like to see a more engaging role. I also wanted to see Marcus role expanded even more than in KA2. It was a big mistake to introduce Carrey’s awesome character and have him ‘offed’ ( killed) just as quickly as he came into the movie.

  My personal feeling on KA2, after watching the DVD, this entire story could have been an addendum in KA1, a KA narration. It was obviously quickly written for film, and not well though out.

There is one truth about Hollywood is that although many take careers there from non traditional families, when a child has no support, even if it is bad support which cannot understand the role of orphans in society. There are no clicks, there are no jobs markets for them, and there is no ‘industry’ on orphans, only holding management and eradication systems. The comic books makes out Hit Girl as the number one vigilante of all time, and then when she is displayed in public such as school, a nervous wreak and very uncomfortable – ‘always dependant on what others say!’ for approval ( thus the rip – off of Mean Girls, noted by so many reviewers).

Kick-Ass 3 is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics' Icon
Comics imprint. Created by writer Mark Millar and penciler John Romita Jr.,  and the third installment is much like the second installment.

  Mark Millar:  "I'd always planned it as three books and three movies.”

  The sixth issue of Kick-Ass 3 will reveal the origin of Hit Girl ( her father's training, some believe it will be sadistic, making her father not an hero but a monster).

KA2 U.S. Première, Friday,  16 Aug 2010. sunrise chart, Studio  City, Los Angeles. 6:20:30 a.m., L.M.T. (~ 05 min. separation form horizon).

KA2 Première pre- ζ Leonis ( true acr & sidereal) beta persie, at M.C. with gorgones = symbolism of explosives, losing one's head literally or figuratively. the base notion of intense passion.  

Imad ophiuchii with POF ( un official 13 th constellation, the Serpent Bearer).

al hena geminorium () as the focus kyte & with fast moving + multi-Grand-Trine(s).


KA1 U.S. Première 16 April 2010. ( Westwood, Los Angeles County, CA., U.S.A., 6:00 p.m.).


KA1 = Chloe Grace Moretz  n near true arc = she killer + obsession to Hit Girl).

KA1 U.K. Première 26 March 2010. ( London, 6:00 a.m. used)  Key Solar-world influence, Sun conj. Uranus, s., and Sun square Pluto which squares Saturn (conflict to authority). KA1 U.K. is released a few days after the Affordable Health Care Act ( Obamacare), March 23, 2010 at 11:57 am at Washington, D.C.  If you want to link this to Hollywood Movie openings, 25 March 2010, London opened ' premiere' of Kick Ass 1, all about local, state, federal and media corruption and human superheros ( no superpowers) fighting back with guns, with weapons, and with passion to stop the corruption. And of people that make wages and are poor such as $150 per week will have a significant deduction by the State of Cal. for mandatory health insurance. The workers are mad, angry, they cannot buy food for their babies -- and feel Obama and the Democrats are punishing them and trying to kill their families. Obama sees this and has freaked out, but no one will challenge him because he is viewed as The Smartest Person on Earth, by our US and some world media. Obama has exempted most of the rich government jobs, and private and pub. Unions. These are the only people left that have any money. So his decisions are damaging his own plan. That is why he has pushed this until he leaves office -- it was a disaster to exempt your buddies and place all the hardship onto the poor to pay into this gamblin' racket.

Almost every one in the world I have listened too or met and spoke on ignores that Universal Free Health Care was enacted by our U.S.A. Congress in the 1950s – no legal or illegal was ever turned away from care or major operations. However, one may have to wait in long – lines, and wait for doctors to give care, could take months, but it was always free for the poor or struggling family. Obamacare was sold as good but it is a massive, across the board, tax on the poor. Like the Police Detective, played by Xander Berkeley, who gets paid to bust the bad guys, and Frank D'Amico pays him not to bust the bad guys, this does mirrors the Affordable Heath Act of 2010. It is a typical Mafia racket. The middle man or the double dipper is the Federal Government that takes from the private citizen and the state as well. The Affordable Heath Act of 2010 at the time of Obama signing, has no water nor Earth signs on the angles ( visual astreology). These are the creation signs that give life to any thing. The Fire ( passion) and air ( ideas) are admirable, but not practical.

Now the poor who must pay under federal and state laws, have a legal mandate that will put you in jail, or a penalty for first time offenders, and this Democratic Party system forces the poor to pay to the rich that Obama exempted. Again, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan had a higher tax code ( all sections) than all the proceeding Presidents, including Obama who has done nothing about progressive taxes, the earmark of Liberalism of the Democratic Party. This style of competing astrology charts for mundane things has a long tradition.

Quick Fact: KA2 Manila, has Sun oppose Pluto but in a sextile with Saturn which forms a kyte ( an astrological aspect that looks like an outline of a kite.  

Let me Kick in Ass as Chironian Bully Themes.

When we address Kick Ass 2 ( Star Wars symmetrical Lilith to natal Star Wars Sun, visually in Hell ( Greek Hyades)) and Chloë Grace Moretz Progressive Moon/Chiron aspect as KA2 goes worldwide, the thematics of a lesson to bullying in KA2 has a correlation. Hit Girl’s film role  ( separate comic, I believe, not a comic book reader, never have been) her story takes up much of the first half of KA2. (± 10° long. ) will take on these issues of bullying personally and bullying publically. The two major movies of the Summer for Chloë Grace demonstrates astrenomical symmetry, by Biblical Method.

: Chiron conjunct the Moon can indicate an outsider. Mindy McCready ( Hit Girl's real name)  tries to fit into a normal life after the episodes of KA1, and of course, Carrie White tries to fit in by accepting a good looking prom date because she believes it will stop the bullying.  The outsider interpretation is by others, I intend when Chiron hurts one, they somehow feel they are on the outside and no one can understand them. This, perhaps in literary story telling of King, Carrie’s backlash, because of her feeble mother, takes one of the few routs she has to consider to stop the relentless bullying – mass murder. In this manner, Chiron is teaching the Moon ( a type of third-person perspective) that to solve the problem, one must take the matter into their own hands – no one else will help you – and this can be a valuable lesson.

Chiron’s role after the initial hurting stages is to heal, the placement offers us a way to heal our self. Carrie White, after her hurting stages ( being bullied) finds a healing mechanism by her paranormal talents and then goes about healing in the form of revenge, in this case, the upmost kind, murder.

The Carrie White narrative, Steven King's views, she has no school support or police support, and her mother appears to have the effects of being bullied herself ( although this is never revealed, she turns to scriptures to help off-set the pain) and cannot cope but the mother's only solution is for Carrie to stay-home, thus out of peer-pressure danger, and in the end, Carrie and her mother die, Carrie takes the suicide way out -- but after her revenge.

In many novel Chiron astrological books ( focuses in the rogue comet), the interpretation is that Chiron is a bridge (Barbara Hand Clow, Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets (Llewellyn's Modern
Astrology Library)), such as a concept of crossing over to something else. About 25% of the 26 major classical works on Chiron have this bridge theme, and have no relation to the teaching and mentoring prospects to Greek Heroes. Chiron is viewed in a highly different light of being not fully human (group of Centaurs) , and thus needing to make up for this lack of a status quo with finding new paths and new ways to deal with old problems. In essence, the stronger angled aspects with Chiron over ones natal signatures the more bridging’ a natives purpose reveals. It is probably do to the hurt and learn aspects associated to this rogue comet. Kick Ass 1 is a bridge comic book to real life. It is under the genre of superhero comic structures but these superheroes have no superhuman powers – they could be real humans.

For example, the costume of Hit Girl is a practical real fighting consume compared to superhero films and their tight spandex ( gaudy) or robot suits, which in real life would be too restrictive for flexibility in real action.  Hit Girl’s jacked is loose, so she can perform ninja moves ( Chloë Grace has practiced gymnastics), which came to a benefit for Vaughn. 

Chiron has a penchant for showing us realism, and the historical triple conjunction of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune, which lasted over a year – during the filming of KA1 – only reinforces astreological/ astronomical symmetry. . One thing we learn fro m Chrin and legality ( Jupiter) and spiritual (Neptune) is that the so-called War on Drugs is a money making scheme for an advanced civilization. By putting coke, meth, weed, addicts and their pushers into jails, provides local and federal monies to left-wing unions, contractors that build prisons, the police which have little to do when thing are quite but to harass or imprison homeless and people living in the streets in pain, self-medicated  but somehow seen by civilization as the root of evil. –Crooked cops who understand the War on Drugs is a shame altogether and profit from it, nevertheless. And to the most, the families it destroys, such as the McCready’s. at the end of KA1, Hit Girl is orphaned, indicating a troubled adult, due to a broken family or  in this case a War on Drugs casualty of society.

Star Wars Original First Movie Première hyades

Ain ( 4°19',a), Hyadum II ( 4°23',a) ( Hollywood, CA, 25 May 1977) Hyadum I ( 3°01',a), Hyadum II ( 3°03',a), Ain ( 4°40',a) hyad. Star Wars 1977 consisted of a Grand-Trine with . It is only KA2 which has a Grand-Trine, but also involved in a kyte -- a more difficult interpretation. The Hunger Games has a première chart with a Grand-Trine (claimed, and I agree it was a much better movie than anticipated), as long as one of its stars ( as far as I have done charts of these people), Jennifer Lawrence, who has a G-Trine natally. The Star Wars 1977 chart of the Grand-Trine indicates the loyalty shown by fans accross the world, to the beloved movie (at least the first three installments.) .

SW: Praesepe Cluster ( 4°50',s), Hollywood, CA. 25 May 1977.

KA1 - mid-point ± 2 ° true arc by a coord from Moon to Mars, passing over Praesepe Cluster, London U.K. 26 March 2010.

KA1 is in Praesepe Cluster, New York, 16 April 2013.

KA1 & KA1 2

In KA1, .  Chloë Grace's natal Sun is transited by Lilith ( a She killer) for the U.S. and U.K. Premières ( Visually and by a true angle!). Lilith, all about ‘obsession’, along with the mundane and Chloë Grace Biblical Progression transits helped launch her fan-base as in mundane purposes, the Lilith position over her Sun provides an avenue for the fan-base-passion of her role and, of personally her as an actor. Like the original Star Wars ( 1977), this time KA2 ( as perhaps suggested by Wadlow) is better than the first ( each movie is inclusive as a story, but with references like this, we may see a huge cliff-hanger, such as Kick Ass’ potential demise) will have Lilith conjunct the Sun ( this time not over . Chloë Grace Moretz’ positions, and is just off of the galactic plane’s anti-angle, when we look at the early releases, such as Manila, Philippines, 26 June 2013.

Note Hyades plays no direct active role in KA1 nor KA2.

KA2 Mars is in the Eye of Thoth ( near ecliptic, and before  al nath (sometimes in between and in front of  Hebrewish el nath), and al hecka and always post Hyades. Mars is relatively unaspected at Minila.

'Kick-Ass 2' review: a mean and brutal miscalculation. When I read a film discussion, perhaps trying to sell KA2 to the studios, it was erroneously claimed KA2 would be on the caliber of The Empire Strikes Back. Without the George Lucas budgets and real expertise ground breaking effects ( now common place, and the story which had some of the most shocking surprises ( actually what made KA1 great, were these shocking surprises) it was difficult to accept. If you look toward Lucas’ Star Wars release strategies, he released this first three movies ( and his prequels) about the same time as the others – this then led to a repeated hyadian themage, as the first released illustrated. When I saw the date release of KA2 and its push-back , I started to have doubts. The real stories are the inclusive divisional movie ideas. In Star Wars, the movies blend into each other and are not, except for the first film, a complete story. The Empire Strikes Back was the first block buster to leave its audience in a cliff-hanger, Han Solo is carted off by a bounty hunter, and the film ends. KA2 was sold as a inclusive divisional movie within a genre of a thematic, Kick Ass, and his taking a fantasy, super heroism and putting it into reality. One review for KA2 discusses a reverse of this philosophy: realism turns fantasy. That destroys the entire conceptual notion of what KA represented. It is probably realistically a good point to say that KA2 did not have a green light immediately after KA1 showed a profit. In this manner a new story could have been energized by the go-ahead form the funding studio or private investors. Writing a story and not knowing if one will pick up the production costs perhaps did not five an impetus for making the sequel exceptional like the Empire Strikes Back.  But KA is not alone, most sequels fail expectations from the first, the fans claim.

The first movie, KA1 leaves off with the nation watching an execution. Do the authorities leave these media sensations alone or do they too have an interest to finding out who were a part of this massive slaughter? Is not forensics a viable science and perhaps, Big Daddy or Hit Girl , even Kick Ass had left some incriminating D.N.A. or relatives of the slain had clues to who were targeting D’Amicos? Hit Girls entry into civilized life and the feds coming after her could have made this movie a smash-hit! However, we are supposed to believe that slaughtering about 100 people means the media, police, the feds do not care and will not uncover what took place? It is not about the story of the Feds reactions or detectives, but a common thread to the story. Hit Girl, both parents gone, still has memories and experiences of something very out of the ordinary. At the same time, Kick Ass, did something no-one else had ever done, and he was truly visual on the video feed pumped into the Television Newsroom and so  the assassination or not would have peaked interest in those who had discovered Kick Ass, during this time.

Chris D’Amico (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) does not find out, he plays a brilliant frustrated and naieve son of the protagonist, Frank D'Amico (played by  Mark Strong, née Marco Giuseppe Salussolia at London, England, 5 August 1963), that his father runs a criminal organization. The first question of the sequel would be how does Chris D’Amico cope with the fact that his father lived on the wrong side of the law and he was also a serial killer – he kills anyone that got in his way! Are father and sons always loyal to eachother?  So if someone murders your father for whatever reason, you immediately go on a rampage and start to kill randomly? Perhaps consultations to social scientists, such as cultural and psychology or even a famed psychiatrics could have helped key-in some soul-filling pieces of the human puzzle. People desperately want to connect with characters on screen, but they must have normal human instincts and behaviors and any wild – fluctuations upset the connections and thus a not so stellar benchmark.

Both Strong and Cage helped solidify the solid acting skills needed in KA1 to keep the audience riveted – both are career actors, because of their film history and because of their ages. While Kick Ass does kill Frank D'Amico at the end of KA1, does Chris D’Amico ever understand that Mindy McCready had her mother die and later her father by the efforts of his father? The contrast with Star Wars remains these types of details, which  were always by Lucas considered before writing the next installment. Basic violence for entertainment value is what people are complaining about in Hollywood’s association to violent films. I believe that is some of the criticism being handed down to the sequel. The human narrative which made KA1 a phenom was reversed in its sequel – to perhaps soulless kids and adults questioning their roles in a larger violent world.  The Movie’s entrance, the Mindy McCready absorption into civil society was correct, but also its biggest KA1 survivors. Chris D’Amico mother should have had a huge role of influence for the second installment. She could have prattled concepts to her son on how to deal with her and her husband ( if she knew about his enterprise and hints in the first movie is she does not, but one would expect by the end of the first movie, her world also would have been shaken to the core by revelations of Frank’s secret life-style) unexpected death.

Also, having no parents at such a young age, Mindy McCready would never have had a normal life, even adjusting to high-school. The most common discourse in high school is one’s parents and your difference and likeness from and to them. I know I had to deal with this my whole life; it is rather aggravating to say the least.  Does Mindy McCready find out the truth about her mother’s death in KA2 or has she forgotten?  

A lot of Hollywood films are failing summer expectations, at least in 2013 set, because of poor and lackadaisical idea-writing. You can win in two ways in film: an academy award, which usually means a low box office result but a critical acclaim or you can write a blockbuster with a good narrative that is coherent and spectacular. Special affects are now passé, and story telling is in need of a come back. Ben Afflict, George Clooney, and a few others want to turn toward real history making of storytelling in films because they mean more than bash-them-up special effects.

How many worlds saving films with almost soulless characters can there be in a year – which is almost all of these films. KA1 breached the soullessness of the superhero genre and tried to make us believe, and it was convincing, that these things could perhaps take place in reality. Maybe not all of the serial killing but the concept of fighting back made us believe in a better world and in the movie. 


Kick Ass 2 Poor Reviews


This update, only one, on 23 feb 2014

I checked-out from my local library KA2 in Feb. 2014, and so here is a review from watching it.

Filming screenplay: When actors during a scene are exchaging sentances, at the same time, a change shot-change position to another view, such as two actors speaking and  the camera cuts to show the other actor listening or answering, and there were so many problems that perhaps were in part budget as well as novice mistakes. When these camer pans or changes during scenes where two or more actors are speaking and during mid sentence an actor head tilts 30%, and just a millisecond before the camera changed positions, that actors head was stable, the affects the audiences attention and breaks it to the unconscious trying to figure out if this is reality or not. It is like those 1970s Japanese monster films, where the sound never aligned to the actors mouths moving. Here, so many head changes during camera shots, and within midsentence it makes me uncomfortable.

Most of these problems are always solved by multiple camera angles to eliminate the possibility of human involuntary movement between ‘cuts’.  There were several during Mindy and Marcus’ exchanges, to name just a few of the many instances. A few times during a movie to me is excusable, but this film perhaps holds a record. Your subconscious mind does not want to be dealing with unnatural body movement when your conscious mind is translating the multilogue and meanings.



KicK ASS 2 : Incredible disoriented narration and story:

At the end of the film, Mindy tells David, she is leaving she cannot go home, face Marcus, and she must leave. She states while she saved the city from a massive bombing attack, she killed six people with a cop’s gun, and the law disregards good samaritans ( in this term usage, Vigilantism ) , so she tells David goodbye. First, she did not kill six people with a Cop’s gun. She killed perhaps two and the rest during the Van on freeway scene, she uses her body and then takes a gun from one of the criminals before saving David.  While that is a small problem, the larger problem is that Marcus knows she saved the city, he knows her Hit Girl, past, she killed, allegedly, between 50-100 ( a few with help from KA) in the first movie. Her handprints may be on the gun, but stopping  the bombing of New York should get one a pass, and one does not need Marcus. And, Marcus could help cover up the crime scene, and retrieve the gun from the Freeway , where Mindy dropped it when the driver swerved. That is what MEAMIC does?

Why is this important? In the first movie, Big Brother and a mainstreamed network News aired the BD/KA terrorist assassination scene, and continued on the internet, the one where Mindy ( as HG) appears out of no where and kills 50 men, in an abandoned warehouse. This is regardless of being cut short on Network Television News, the Federal Authorities would be on this case because of the massive carnage. HG’s blood would have been left at the scene, the cover up at the beginning of the Movie by the Mother of Chris was vague and lame, but she did act correctly trying to deny a cover up by it was a fire – which does not hold when bullets and a bazooka residue and shell, plus body evidence would be too obvious. What are comic books, just mindless moments of thrills? Jim Carrey was correct to indicate this was senses violence, and it is really the writers, producers and visionaries of this film sequel. Carrey’s acting was superb, and way too short. You could have built a franchise from his character or did some amalgamation.

Mindless spectacle: The MF’s limpscene, after the Van chase, HG/KA imply castration and consumption of a criminal’s genitals, and then do not even show it which is worse then teasing the movie goers with barbaric superheroturnedfreakos, and a lawnmower stunt. There were reviews where many posted they loved the movie, because the action is usually top notch, the first film did the correct thing and expanded upon “Wanted” and “Matrix” fight concepts – which was indeed what added the ‘fan’ base for the expectation of a second installment.

One perhaps problem for the director was the insistent need by the writers to make KA1 into KA2, by doing similar things, such as Mindy shooting David at the start of the film, mirrors BD/HG in the first, and the way Mindy shows up late to KA in the alley mirrors ‘the surprise’ aspect of Raul’s drug den. I found this taxing and exhausting. I want to see an entire new story, new narrative and new idea rather than hash what ‘almost’ worked before.



“The sequel is set up to deal with the consequences,” director Jeff Wadlow told Reuters.

The consequences of vigilantly justice aim to provide the rich and elite comfort that no heroes in society will exist. Hollywood knows that keeping Heroes down will allow the filthy rich to retain their monies and wealth. This is why no one really likes KA2. It is Millar’s writing that is too blamed. The studios do not want to fund a movie or a franchise movie when the message is aimed at their expense CBM/AM(me)

"Wadlow said he hoped the film stood out in the flurry of big-budget action films with its themes of responsibility and redemption, as the vigilantes consider the long-term effects of the violence caused by their campaign against criminals.

“We show consequences to the violence, unlike some of these PG-13 blood-less movies you see this summer ... We’re dealing with those consequences in a somewhat realistic fashion, to both mine drama but also comedy,” he said." Reuters, gulfnews

Moretz also commented "It's a movie. If you are going to believe and be affected by an action film, you shouldn't go to see Pocahontas because you are going to think you are a Disney Princess . If you are that easily swayed, you might see The Silence of the Lambs and think you are a serial killer. It's a movie and it's fake, and I've known that since I was a kid... I don't want to run around trying to kill people and cuss. If anything, these movies teach you what not to do. (# Rollings, Grant (7 August 2013). "It’s a movie.. it’s a fake. I don’t run around trying to kill people and cuss - Says Chloe Moretz". The Sun (London). Retrieved 15 August 2013. (subscription required), Mosbergen, Dominique (8 August 2013). "Chloe Grace Moretz Defends 'Kick-Ass 2,' Disagrees With Jim Carrey's Stance On Film's Violence". The Huffington Post. Retrieved 12 August 2013. c.f wikipedia KA2). Also later offered, C.G. Moretz said, ‘to each their own.’ which is rather a grown up comment for such a young lady.

FOREIGN TOTAL - 8/14/13 $6,070,203 26.1% $23,300,000 9/1/13

 Domestic Total as of Sep. 3, 2013: $27,203,810,

Production Budget: $28 million.

So it appears the movie made its bottom line. Because in the end the all-mighty-dollar is what Hollywood is all about, never is it about teaching ethics and morals that are beneficial to society. Since KA1 illustrated that Police, Big Brother ( State and Federal and Media authorities) are corrupt, Millar writings proclaim that only these units or organs of society should fight city crimes in KA2 - - because as in KA1, they are the criminals. This sends the opposite message they were trying to get across – or was the message that the privilege should never be accountable for their criminal actions. And people wonder why violence exists in society. Heroes suffer and die to bring justice and this is the complaint in KA2 about vigilantly justice. Why try to change society's corruptness, it is much easier to float along and celebrate corruption. 

Kick Ass 2 has been getting poor reviews, three stars compared to five stars for the first film, which intended that Kick Ass as a franchise may have a loyal audience . I saw on websites two and a half stars, early reviews, two stars later in the week,  and now many websites are proclaiming perhaps this is the worst movie of the Summer of 2013. or of the year.  After reading Chloë  Grace’s twitter posts during the first week of release of KA2 there seems to be a somber mood to her positing. Things picked up as the move made its bottom line. There has not been a very positive reaction to this film. A part of the reason in my opinion is that many people, including me were waiting for years to see this next installment and it came up short in the story-line and people are complaining about a senseless violence from do-gooders’. Personally I do not like viewing movies of violence for violence sake. KA 1 has a totally inclusive story and allows for the permissibleness of violence as a last resort. Big Daddy loses his wife to corrupted cops, and the government is the big brother and supporting this corruption so the only solution is to weed-out the corrupters, murder the corrupters – and people like I went googoo for this type of narrative and with the shocking adolescent foul mouth girl, and her acrobatics, there were much more to love about this movie and its violent scenes. This made people anxious for a sequel. according to Chloë Grace she turn down four movie roles to make this installment. Almost all the reviews do not blame it on Chloë Grace’s performance, the other way around it is all the other actors, except Jim Carrey who complained it had senseless violence he could not promote – and I was skeptical of his claims but that is what the general public is actually saying, thus vindicating Carrey’s response to the film.

In the reviews, often it is said that  Jeff Wadlow (screenplay and directed), the director tries to make social points about the violence in society. But as I have said to myself, I hope I wrote it down, reality needs to be a part of Kick Ass and the movie tends to go toward total fantasy. Gangs do not attack gangs with nun chucks or knifes in Los Angeles, you will get automatic weapons turned on you in an instant. It is not a fantasy game it is real life. However, that was the initial feel of the first film. Can reality break the incessant idolization of superheroes beating up all people because they have superhuman strength – so never on an even playing field with reality? In an increasingly atheist world, superheroes and their fascist like ways trend toward a quasi- excuse  as an alternative religion.  A part of the reality narrative creped into KA1 and that along with good acting by all characters solidified a perhaps ground breaking milieu of superhero-cross overs into real life circumstances.  There are people on the Internets decrying if anyone criticizes a superhero film you are a heretic, acting as it is a religious movement. 

In a particularly vicious review, which has some excellent points, while others are overbearing and perhaps in need of a little more vetting, Ali Arikan  wringing-out in Roger Ebert’s website "Kick-Ass 2" is a badly made film with a nonsensical plot, lackluster performances, confusing action, excessive violence, and deplorable morals. Avoid it at all costs. If you have a date this weekend, and they want to see it, avoid them, too. Forever.”

The first suspicion came when Waldow writing to the public that KA2 would rival or be better than The Empire Strikes Back. That should have gotten those famous eye –rolls, Chloë Grace perfected on the set of Dark Shadows. It is an outrageous claim and the only saving grace would have been making a movie that was outrageous, great, spectacular. It should be noted that Ali Arikan did not like the first movie, believed some of the good vs. bad was a little confused – I did too, but only in that there is really a bad program of the War on Drugs, and therefore the real enemies lay in the seats of government at Washington D.C. It is now a proven fact that government supported pharma drugs create 'more deaths in the U.S.,' direct or indirect by the government promotion and use of pharma drugs than any real illicit and illegal type-1 drugs which of course fuel the programs of civil living, such as the police department the militaries and departments of the illegal drug enforcements; and these jail systems to house pot smokers, weekend crack heads and pain relieving opiates. . For more than 10 years, the Congress approval rating has a mean of lower than 25%, which is generous by me. It is corrupted so badly that KA3 should be a movie of taking-out  these career politicians, 30+ years or more and voted in by an apathetic electorate; and kill them all as a political point that they are not doing their jobs but just supporting criminal organizations sold to the public as legitimate. In essence that was the role Big Daddy played within its microcosm to his war with the D'Amico family.  Millar tries to hate on the mysterious forces when in fact putting the poor into jail to get drugs to relive their pain is a massive governmental economic program for the middle class and the rich; there are so many humans in jail for buying opiates or pot on the street and then going to jail because the local public hospitals deny ‘correct’ treatment to the poor because of the voices of middle class to rich politicians’.

Hollywood makes terrible movies and teaches terrible things to the masses.

Modern Liberalism is based on a progressive tax system when civilizations are in a need to fund social programs which are tied to politics and the economy. However, Hollywood individuals are run by capitalist greeders and they say, we are the poor and suppressed.

Eric Garcetti, the new Los Angeles Mayor, a career politician, cried that Hollywood, Television, and their revenue sharing with the city has reached a ‘state of emergency. The Reason that movie and television productions have moved out of Los Angeles remains a higher profit rate. In the old days, actors ( gender neutral) were paid relatively low wages, and only the long-time successful actors actually made a living. Today, many actors are the richest persons on Erath, and like Bruce Willis, he demanded $1,000,000 per day ( 4 days) for an appearance in one of the mish-mash action movies, this was news in the Summer of 2013. He is by far not the only one, but how can anyone pay city-taxes and crew taxes on such monstrous capitalistic-pig offerings? Hollywood slams in our faces they are anti Capitalist ( because leftwing is equality and anti-capitalism is the only rout, thus the favoritism to Barak Hussein Obama, charged by Hollywood as the solutioner) and so we should be too – like Obama who claims we all must suffer economically , while he takes unnecessary $100,000,000 ( that’s right, $100 million dollar vacation for the summer of 2013 at Africa to visit the family, and this was only one of them of this summer, albeit the most expensive; but his daily party allowance is $230,000+ dollars – which is basically a king’s ransom or a king’s fee for a day. It is rather difficult that Hollywood hates on the masses, tells them what to do, and never does what they teach nor promote.


Kick Ass 1

Kick Ass 2

Hysterical (issue #1)

Too serious (issue #1)

Inclusive story


Ground Breaking

Rip-off of Mean Girls

Violence morally Permissible

Senseless Violence

Hit Girl Finishes her father’s duties

Confused to why Hit Girl exists after finishing her father’s duties?

Hit Girl subconsciously courts Kick Ass as future protector.

Hit Girl abandons Kick Ass to play high school peer pressure.

Nicholas Cage, Action Hero ( top of game)

see KA2 issue #1, shows confusion!

Jim Carrey, Comedy Hero ( top of game), see KA1 issue #1, shows confusion!



Screen Play, Music Editing, and adaption to screen, near perfection! The Author of the book, its vision, totally awesome.

Screen Play, Music Editing, and adaption to screen, suffered from author of book writings so did not matter about screen play, music or adaption to screen.

Conditions: Made KA1 for desires to make a good movie, get acclaim, labor of love. 

Conditions: Made KA2 to please the studios to make a profit, poor writing, epic fail.

Reason for KA1 to show Kick Ass, and to explain the role of a hero in society. Since humans are not superheroes with special powers, there is no sense to dispute this, like the second movie – it bores people and wastes their time, they see you as pretentious.  

Reason for KA2, to preach, to show sexualization of teen, not much Kick Ass/Hit girl bonding. Superhero vs. supervillan, totally fantasy, no bridge issues like the first movies.

KA1 Serious plot in which many humans can relate, revenge, some one or an entity destroying your only happiness, a family.

KA2, ignored the first film’s plot, a thread of any serious plot, and then starts to make arguments about superheroes – which do not exist, because in real life, humans become super only when they have technological advantage, such as guns or in Big Daddy’s case, two safe houses full of them!  

Logic: Spot on, continuous and believable.

dialogic: No one goes on a massive killing spree at the pre-teens and then just goes into high school and battles teen peer pressure without conflicted overall life issues. The first movie makes all understand the Feds will try to find Mindy McCready and Dave L., everyone saw the abbreviated live News Cast, and there were no forensics left at any of the event places? really? Movie 2 of the KA franchise, if there is ever to be one, is these two superstars ( media sensations in the first movie) are now Enemy #1. From that narrative, movies 2 and 3 would have been Star Wars epic. In some sense, Waldow should not be 100% blamed for a break –even KA2. It was the overall conceptual writing that doomed the movie. Red Mist does not find out what his father does until the very end of KA1. Does he agree with the War on Drugs? Does he accept his father’s lifestyle of crime and automatically says, heah, I will follow in his steps. Did he ever really understand Hit Girl’s plight?

KA1 Overall Theme: Is the War on Drugs morally and ethically permissible? See my writings on this. KA1 shows the consequences of the War on Drugs. Today, the #1 killer of Americans are the federally permissibly pharma drugs. The logical enemy is Washington D.C. and its 15% and long standing approval rating for the Congress – nothing to do with Democracy.

KA2 Overall Theme, do superheroes really exist? This was already solved in the first movie, so why second guess it or play redundant?

KA1 Real life villains of society make people connect to the movies fictional representation of the real life villains. The most vileness of KA1 is Gigante. We do not know what happens to him. He is the link between NYPD and Fed corruption but he is not linked to any source cause of Hit Girl’s family’s demise.

KA2. People with expectations other than visual violent entertainment question what this movie is all about? What is the point?

KA1 an inclusive movie with a real morality check.

KA2 is a failure because the progression for Kick Ass in general are the superstructures of society that allowed Hit Girl’s family to be persecuted and finally destroyed. Hollywood’s flops remain fantasy garbage. The real modern enemies are apathetic voters and continuing corruption of Washington D.C. Since Hollywood is wedded to Washington D.C. the writers must make up fantasy villains and sell that narrative to the people. Over time the movie goers get tired of the same old false histories and false narratives and Hollywood then, like all communist regimes, always look to sell to teen crowds because they are still in their naïveté ages of human growth. Most if not overwhelmingly weighted support for KA2 comes form teenyboppers just truing 18 or living in their 20s with a mentality of 18 year-olds. If this is the Movie’s demographic audience, then its lackluster performance confirms the claim.

This movie is soooo not politically correct. In today’s political correctness, going after anyone connected, loosely too, to organized city, state, or federal institutions is considered, at least offensive and not politically correct. Even if those civil institutions are a breeding ground for corruption, the targets of any government institutions remain politically incorrect.  This is why so many connected to the first movie and the critics of the first movie were critics that espouse political correctness. Political correctness in the first movie would be Big Daddy is set up and goes to jail. He learns his lesson not to get involved with NYPD and their crime-family business connections. Big Daddy is to learn his lesson in jail and then never bother big brother again, like a good little serf. This is our modern political correctness directive today. The movie connected because rather than be a good government praddler, Bid Daddy trains in jail,.  and once out,  trains his daughter and then go ape-sh*t in revenge against big Daddy ( e.g. political correctness). People desire this soo bad, it was not a phenomena that so many people, even if they did not see it in theaters and later saw it on DVD, became huge fans, and actually believed someone in Hollywood was sticking up for them, the little guy. .   The first’s movie’s lesson was fu*K government ( which today is seen as heretical) and we will do everything including put our lives on the line and kill you.  Kick Ass remains confused until the near end of KA1, and Hit Girl says “I’m going to finish what my father started,” and Kick Ass replies, “You cannot do this alone,” and Hit Girl replies, “Exactly!” It was here that Dave L. becomes the hero and all was forgiven of his youthful exploits of dreaming in the comic book universe. Where this part left off in the KA narrative is where the second movie should have continued its procession to the story.  


This movie is 100% politically correct. Being a hero and battling the bad people remains in our modern times socially incorrect. In this case, the real bad people were the police and big brother complicity in protecting the rich. Hollywooders are the rich so it is understandable that lying and giving false narratives to whom are the bad people in society is a given.

Are brothels really bad things in society? In the 1820s-1850s Paris, France, and other places in Europe, allowed registered prostitutes to operate. In history almost all places and cultures had for times allowed these avenues for poor people. Prostitution is a crime in most places of the United States of America. However, the reason be is that poor women often become prostitutes and the rich and elite hate the poor – that means Hollywood hates the poor. If Hollywooders get involved with prostitutes it is kept very silent because of the social pressure stigmatism, unless you are Charlie Sheen and cannot keep it under raps. Hollywood’s morals are so out of whack that it is very transparent they support the rich criminals in society and try to brainwash the people they look out for the commoner and the poor – hiding behind the couched language of art.

New research (New York Mag....) suggests that more money makes people act less human. In fits of guilt, Hollywood makes superhero movies and other drama movies to show the little guy facing the big and evil overlords (Hollywooders) and in the end, most often and not always, as pointed out in KA1, near the end, movies show the triumph of good over evil by the little people. But in reality and in most cases the overlords are the winners. People want to see a movie where in reality, going up against the bad guy can be done and a new form of life can exist on planet Earth. But if Hollywooders have anything to say, their plans to show this will not come anytime soon.

 Who is to blame? no one. It was a labor of love.

 Who is to blame? the writers, not the actors!

Suggestions for KA3

Moretz has shown interest in returning for a third installment, and would also be interested in exploring Hit-Girl's dark side: "I want to see something we haven't seen yet. Now we've seen who Mindy is, now we've seen who Hit-Girl is, I think we need to meld the characters together and have Mindy become Hit-Girl and Hit-Girl become Mindy. Maybe her natural hair has a streak of purple in it, maybe she really does go kind of crazy and go a bit darker since she lost her father." She also added, "I would only do the third one if it was logical. It needs to be a good script and a director, probably Matthew. The third film needs to fully wrap up the series and has to be a good note to end on."[47] On 30 August 2013, Millar stated that the film is in the pipeline.[48] (wikipedia, Kick Ass 2, retrieved 4 Sept. 2013).



1) Forget the comic book and focus entirely on Chris D'Amico Red Mist/BM, Mindy McCready/Hit Girl, and  David Lizewski / Kick-Ass.

2) Release the 3rd film, exactly as the first, near the vernal equinox.  Remember the big boy directors and film makers, George Lucas  ( first weeks of May for SW, first trilogy, has hyadian signatures) and James Cameron ( Titanic and Avatar, late Nov. and December, near winter solstice.).  They do not, to my knowledge do astrology but decided these are lucky times for them. KA1 was first released in the U.K. near the spring equinox ( called the vernal for short) and Uranus sits near linteum at this time and the Sun was conjunct (loosely) to Uranus for the first film. This will help tie the spiritual to the physical. 2016 A.D.  will be the next major astreological signatures for Chloë Grace Moretz ( Biblical method, 2016 p p .). 

2015 A.D. 26 th of March. = winner. ( repeate of U.K. KA1 release).

2015 A.D. 5 th of March. = more grand trines, with + to the above = money, lots of it, and with in the mix a unique beauty.

2016 A.D. close to vernal we will be in short war, mundane. From here on out there are bowl geometrics as far as I have looked as of 2020A.D.

2016 A.D. anti-vernal or autumnal equinox. CGM:  t + t + , although by mundane, not very symmetrical.

3) What is the role of human superheroes in today’s world? Do we need them or do we let the corrupted agencies dictate to us our combined destinies? From Hercules, Zarathustra, myriads of Hannic heroes, South Asian heroes ( legendary too), to middle east and near east heroes, all scarified themselves for the greater good. Today, academia, media, and Hollywood claim there is no more need for heroes, because any hero implies there is an enemy. This false narrative form my perspective means that government corruption, seen in the first movie cannot nor ever be the enemy of the human race. Try telling that to the millions of Chinese victims who were tortured and died at the hands of the city-government working youth during the reign of terror in China. Mao Tse-tung had his kids ( the youth brigades) plant dynamite under families accused of capitalism ( they had one chair in their home and that constituted death by torture and terror) and blow them up – and Mao became sexually exited – which became an addiction for him and so he never stopped personal tortures and sex parties --- was kicked out twice for this behavior but won the people back because of government corruption. There are real life insane and morbid individuals to model after here for a real good story. The problem is that even though most academicians having tenor know of the horror of the Communist Regime, they never speak a bad word against him or his policies. It is as if these professors and faculty all fantasize they too can have children naked and dancing and then Mao picks one for rape and torture and often murder for ‘beyond erotic purposes.’ Mao, despite the false lies, came from an upper-class farming family, was never poor and had enough money for education. He was never the leader of the Long March, this was made up after his lies and tales so he could gain weight as the potential leader of the New China, and he never went to a university to learn Marxism, which is also falsely claimed that he was an expert at – when proof points to he perhaps only he had read the Communist Manifesto which is nothing on which Karl Marx wrote about 20 volumes of books on his thoughts. So in KA3, you can show how the government always wins and always heroes die. There were many heroes trying to stop the madman at China, and they were crushed, tortured, and killed. So the narrative that heroism is bad for your health and society can remain a solid truth. It happens all the time in history. ( Sarcastic: you then can claim, do not try to fight corruption, you will fail).

4) General rule of thumb on trilogies, books or film. If you start just with a core of characters, the next films should stay the same. If you start with an assemble, such as was introduced in KA2, then stick to that, but it needs to start off with an assemble in the first film. One critic got it right, that there were too many characters in KA2 to have any ‘depth’ to their stories. 

5) Psychology: Now all fathers have been axed, dearth. But how does Red Mist feel that his father killed Kick Ass’ father? Does he care and/or does he have no soul and only see revenge. How do we know that Red Mist approved of his father’s lifestyle ( already mentioned above)? Does having an evil father automatically make a son an evil person? Absolutely no proof in history. Many of the 1970s-1990s sons from South American Drug Cartel bosses chose to not follow in their fathers' and family businesses.

6) Themes: Selling drugs on the streets is not a crime in my opinion. The War of Drugs is a real criminal organization. It pads the union of Prison guards, and all construction contracts, city-police, and prison system buildings, putting people in for years for having a joint or weed so to tax the public ( in Calif. about $76,000 of public tax dollars per inmate a year). This funds the apparatus of the economy. Do we really need it and too treat the poor like this?  The pharma companies that love the War on Drugs because they can sell, methamphetamines ( couched in medical language, sold as all the depression drugs) and have the federal authorities put into prison illicit methamphetamine producers. Most of the psychotic drugs are mirrors of the molecular chains ( look like triangles) of P.C.P, Phencyclidine. In the 1980s the street name was Angel Dust. these ingredients are buffered and targeted into the bio-system by the pharmacopeia producers – but there is no magical drugs they have found, they just use the illegal street drugs and get approval by Congress after billion dollar buy-outs to the F.D.A. Most of the shootings that have occurred of recent have been individuals hopped up on these pharma meds – handed out like candy at the local pyche office.  

Liberal estimates on pharmaceuticals, now the leading U.S. death producers over Drunken Driving, Cancer and acts of violence, have the U.S. population at about 70% addicted or on some form of pharamcopiea. This now is a multi-billion dollar private ( but taxes and payout) business in the U.S.A. and are sanctioned as legal by the Washington D.C. crowd.



Melanie Griffith lashes out at 'superficial' Hollywood machine...

Current scripts are 'stupid'...


Chloë Grace progressions: commencing  2016 ( and influences prior) Sun over true Ekkhysis (hydor) aquarii, and PED Moon to Pluto ( do not have her birth time, so Moon position not available for pint-pointing transits.  ( not revealed).



SW: 1977 alpha virginis (destiny of success).


Moretz recently said about the film:

“That’s a movie that really pushed me to my limits. It’s the most vulnerable I’ve ever been as an actor, and it shows things that no one’s ever seen me do… and it made me realize I need that feeling of being stretched and emotionally pulled and going home exhausted– and then starting all over again the next day. That I want that, totally. And it’s probably only going to make me even pickier about parts, because I know now if they don’t do that for me I’m going to be bored.”

pre Early Modern Age, this was already a scientific belief. This observation was personal to community specific. Although each feudalistic overlord treated their populations slightly different from the next overlord, the common belief were the feudal barons treated the poor with contempt and often abused them, killed them, took their women for first sexual conquests.


CGM: Sentiments: 'Don't talk and spread rumers behind my back, I will shut your down [ perhaps a website of gossip], and you'll know I did. Id rather have 1 true friend than 100 fake ones." 30 July 2013 Tweet. 

*Congratulations to Chloë Grace Moretz on winning the People's Choice Awards 2015 01 07 2015, I'm so proud of her.

I watched ' If I stay' on video last week, it was wonderful. Also, happy 18 th BD to Chloë -- feb 9, 2015.


[1] Kent, April Elliott, Practical Astrology, a contemporary approach that reveals possibilities and pitfalls in all areas of life ( New York: Penguin Group Inc, publisher Marie Butler-Knight, 2011), p. 71.

[2] Ibid., Kent, p. 70.

[3] Ibid., Kent, p. 73.


[Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923].

Histories. WMag. Chloë Grace Moretz: Generation W This kick-ass actress is way too cool for school.  * September 10, 2013 12:00 AM | by Lynn Hirschberg

( in context * c.f. Wmag.), Have you ever dreamed of having a superpower?
It’s pretty cliché, but I’d like to fly. I would not want to be invisible. I don’t want to see things that I don’t want to see. I’m a big fan of turning my head and not knowing.
Her ancestry includes German and English, with a smaller amount of Scottish and Welsh roots.

quotes: CGM:  a wise man once told me, "if you shut someone up, you're also shutting them down." a very very wise man. 06 Jan. 2014, ~ 1 p.m., PST. twittermobile

* added 01 07 2015 A.D.



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