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 11 September 2001 In Prophecy

Crucifixion Eclipse Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’ Birthdate at Giza Pyramid : © Michael

Released: 12 th September 2013, Studio City , Los Angeles county, United States of America.  (3:33 p.m. will be updated, released on front page Fri. 13 th September 2013 A.D., around 11:30 a.m., updated 21 Jan 2014; 09.11.2001ad stone chart updated 30 Jan 2014, 5:36 p.m. studio city., CA.). ( for inside stories on people and events connected or not to 9/11 go here) GAMMA CLASSIFIED: OPERATION IMMORTALITY:  Article vii, sec. i, i [ part two sec i. j. ]



Part 2  the top portion is intermixed with new information, as with some  later update on the intricacies of the current news cycles on KSM, sitting in a Cuban, American imperialized space, called Guantanamo Bay.

Part 1  Topic: 11 September 2001 In Prophecy.

John Kerry fax-docs warned of Attack on May 7 th, 2001 A.D. Told to amp up security at Logan Airport, He laughed and placed recommendations into garbage can. John Kerry is more interested in yachts and lazy vacations. The RINO ≡ DINO believe if a political party caters to the whims of an enemy of on enemy is my friend, until further notice, then zombie like creatures are in power as we speak. Moslems' or Christians' or Hebrews' do not partake in orgy, whoremgering and drunkeness, violent sports and media shaming, complaining, warmongering, imperializing, cheap labor replacement practices, gay cooking classes, homo edu, gay Hollywood Mafia. Muslims, Christians and Hebrews are being forced to worship the pagan alter to the Gubernment of Saudi American Arabia.


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Apokálypsis; "Article VII." Sec I

points of history. First video interview Usama bin Laden said God attacked those buildings ( New York 11 sept 2001). 911 News April 2016 ( 16th New York Times) Saudi Royals do not want to admit any role in the hijacked jet-plane that slammed into the Pentagon on 11th September 2001 A.D.

Predictions for 11 September 2,001 A.D. were there for the world embedded in the anno paramid count ⊆ 4‚600 ⊇ years ago by stone and markers> for over 450 years, but no one cared to take notice. According to NASA, the millennium began on 1 st January 2,001 A.D. Nostradamus X. LXVII says, that in the  year of our Lord 1999, seven months. This means the completion of the end of the millennia and plus seven months ( e.g. 11 September 2,001 A.D.).

You can use time travel Nostradamus, yehoshua uses, such as understanding in a future reincarnation you will devulge that Bill Clinton just before June 1999 ordered a co-C.I.A. and Academia report on all known world, and dangerous terrorists, with profiles and historiograghies. This report ( released with heavy redaction ) was laid on the Oval Office Desk on 11, Sept. 1999 A.D. as Bill Clinton was meeting with Asian Pacific leaders in Auckland NZ. This report smack in the middle, a section on gathered intelligence that terrorists thought of using planes as missile and at this section there was a large photo of the New York Twin Towers, a reference to a potential future attack. Bill Clinton's Hebrew Germantia and Greek Germantia both come to 666, a number revealed in the Poem. So the connections are there and there are many more so, making it rather easy to connect the dots. This should entail Bill Clinton and Usama bin Laden have some topical astron signatures in co- demensional relationships, to baten kaitos cetii, they do.

The late American Psychic and astrologer Jean Dixon, and personal astrologer to Nancy Reagan, claimed the bad dude or an anti-Christ ( in this sense a false politician bent upon promulgating peace ( in the case the Highest Honor, Nobel Peace Award)  but in fact promulgates war and destruction for excitement) will be  born in Africa. Obama was born in Africa, and Usama bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia, a part of the Middle or Meso Global Earth lands. Barack Hussein Obama ii whose real birth certificate with his baby footprint, Mombasa doctors signatures, official Mombasa authorities stamps and signatures place Obama's birth in then the British Protectorate of Kenya, which was once a part of the ancient wider Ethiopia. So an African born native kills an Saudi Arabian native and so these two must also have some co-dependant astron sigs.

Barak Hussein Obama II (A.K.A. many aliases) claims to be born in 1961. The large pyramid at Gizāh has the inverse triangle arc at the king's floor at '61 English Inches. Since I began a scalar measurement at the surface face of the riser, those born around '61 (without using the secret step) have Uranus close to alpha (α) Leonis, Regulus. According to twentieth century star astrologers this position denotes a ‘potential’ (not fated) assassination or an insane person who cares nothing but for his own personal aggrandizement & even killing others to achieve their evil desired results. Usama bin Laden had his Pluto PED to alpha leonis. So Barack’s relative Uranus dominated Usama's natal Pluto position over Regulus. 

Extreme Advanced Biblical Astronomy. No one does this,  so do not read it. However, there are but a few that can. so just leave it up top them. methodology: Earth relocated soul trans interdated.


Notice that the Saturn, al ghoul persei and the horizon had major symbols for RA 000000 Vernal 2001 A.D. that said heah, attack these foundations;   some subcategorize buildings as a physical manifestation of the qualities of Saturn's influence.  The Moon (red) is in the ancient Egyptian place called the eye of thoath. alpha orionis on the descendant arc and tells us of a long, very long lasting fame or memory. Pluto still in the Dark Rift has a near PED to the ascendant, and the symbolism goes on and on and on .....

13 May 1957 at 9:30 am uses advanced Eastern sidereal methods and places beta persei above the luminaries, which by a tradition makes the native murderers with an untimely end.

Of the top interpreters on Nostradamus and kicked off mainstream media for accuracy, John Hogue plays the anagram perspective, thus utilizing the hidden code of 9 (sept modern numbered month) 9 /91 and using some methods to drop one 9 and replace it with a 1 for a signal. If you take Usama bin Laden's birthday here and use 11:09 in the morning, same day and local, you get serious 911 aspects which again shows us that anagrams are codes as well. Hogue use to get a lot of flack for this type of stuff.

Then current CIA Director Michael Hayden nor Bill Clinton saw fit to assassinate bin Laden. Bill Clinton complained about News Agencies saying he had authority to get bin Laden but kept refusing to do so. Obama does not use the Constitutions, he assassinates whomever he pleases. Hillary Rodham Clinton helped Obama invade a foreign territori, illegally, and assassinate many people that even the Seal Team 6 had no idea if 'Geronimo' ( alledged code name for Usama) was actually at the Attobad compound, but it did not phase either of these people, nor Panetta that was influential under BIll Clitnon.


So Bill Clinton had Usama bin Laden on his radar since 1995 and Saudi Arabia gave a go ahead to Clinton but on recorded audio tape, Clinton says he has no authority to get bin Laden. Clinton holds this belief even until today. Even after 9/11 and some reporters questioned Bill Clinton over the 11 Sept 1999 terrorist profile report where the main target was the Twins Towers and admission that hijacking planes and using them as missiles was the plan and Bill Clinton ignored this. Again, Clinton said he did not believe the report had any merit. Someone's name that adds up to 666 surely does not like to take blame for total incompetency. Perhaps he was too busy getting his little clitty sucked off by various very young women inside the White House and on vacations. Like Nero, Bill Clinton loved to party, worship himself, and play candy giver to his constituents. and ignore major foundational problems.


NSA's SIGINT was used by Michael Hayden who refused to share the pre 9/11 hijackers whereabouts with the C.I.A. at the same time, during the U.S.S. Cole bombing, the C.I.A. would not allow the F.B.I. to perform a proper investigation. The system was not broken it was being broken on purpose.

The Reason that George W Bush, Jr. spent seven more minuets reading 'My Pet Goat' to young school children before he decided to address the 9/11 distress calls from New York was that this was suppose to happen, everyone knew because it was a part of a plan to get back into the Middle East for global control purposes. In fact, Usama bin Laden was Tim Osman who purchased $2.5 million dollars worth of C.I.A. funded Stingers during the Russo-Afghan War, Usama bin Laden was a C.l.A. asset, and they often allowed him to go to Paris to receive the best medical doctors in the world. He may have had lunch with the Bushes, as interested party chums.

This near exact date (14 September 2001 A.D.) was also given by primatologists, Davidson, D., & H. Aldersmith, as early as 1924 A.D., with multiple editions and updates into the 1960s. They gave diagrams and illustrations and almost shouted, heah! dudes and dudettes, look at September the first 1/4 th of the Month in the year of 2,001 A.D., the Pyramid-inch codes highlights this blatantly, as a prime point in its metrological relationship to our lives! And, then, numerous normative astrologers claimed something big would happen in the summer time, and one astrologer even named the source, terror and the actual date 11 September 2,001 A.D., but no one cared.  In the late spring and early summer, Fox News ( today a leftwing corporation) claimed something large was to happen, they had sources of chatter. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN chose to ignore the chatter and claim things as normal. Even President Bush got a telegram that this attack was to take place on 6 August 2001 -- to which the New York Post ran a Front Page headline, Bush Knew, and Hillary Clinton held up in the U.S. Congress in protest.

1557 - 1558 A.D. two poems appeared in Europe in published print which gave stupendous hints to the location, the time, and the event.

In Europe, in the mid sixteenth century, the first Month was always March. The liturgical calendars ruled the civil calendars, only the new almanache producers such as Nostradamus brought back the Roman Calendar, but the kings and Queens and their families always deduced their years at March, accordingly. This places the seventh Month in September ( the Latin term mean seventh!). If adjusting the old Julian calendar to elapsed missing days, reformed during the Gregorian Calendar reforms three quarters of the way through the sixteenth century, Nostradamus already had passed away, then the adjustment makes the 11 th of September as the first day of the seventh month mentioned in Nostradamus’ X. LXXII. All prime source versions except the French National Archive version have the second line of the poem as reading, ‘ From the skies will come a Great King of Terror.” Nostradamus rarely dated his poems, so why did Pen and Teller ignore this poem. They knew of it well in advance,  & after targeting Nostradamus as a fraud, and then going on documentaries, on television shows,  and to claim charlatanism, they promised to destroy anyone that knew prior in advance of the events of 9.11? So why have they not committed suicide yet? They are violating their own pact!

Then Nostradamus, usually wrote in duplicates and has a poem in his century six that claims, VI.XCVII,   Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruſlera, i.e. '45 degrees the Sky will burn.' Jupiter is the sky lord in western astrology and it was rising in the sky for the 2,001 New York Judicial chart, and it was in Hell, Hyades, smack inside the constellation; a group of stars denoted in Greek terminology of the location of fire, brimstone, which is of hell. So the skylord was indeed buring.  So the first line of VI.XCVII aligns to the Judicial Astreology chart, as the Sun was at 45 degrees in the sky for the exact moment of the vernal at New York on the year of 2,001 A.D., and the sky was buring. 

= 45º  2001 New York, New York, R.A. 00º00′ 00″ !

At forty-five degrees the sky will burn

The geometrical signature of the New York ( new city) loosely describes an isosceles trapezoid. In the Maths language, this term is called a TRAP! These geometrical shapes are found in morbid examples of life itself.

The left bottom has beta persei ( the historical Demon Star) by ecliptical projection.

The left bottom has hyadean stars ( the historical Fires of Hell) by true arc.

The left bottom has sidereal ( JA decapitation of government, corrupted law, and removal of world leaders).

The left bottom has Pleiades  at 5° true and points to one of the four pyramidial stars.

The left top has 11th house of the masses.

The left top has at 45° to the New York Horizon.

The right top has bos capricornus one of the four pyramidial stars.

The right top has sidereal M.C.

The right bottom has 7/8th cusp of death by true arc. elevated latitude to the serpent bearer constellation.

The right bottom has   by ecliptical projection.

The right bottom has Galactic Center, Sgr *A,  7/8 th cusp of death by true arc.

The descendant star is (Arabic) zuben el akrab, (English) Shears of the Scorpion, one of the four pyramidial stars.

Below is ephemeris DE 404 NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory. For the Vernal at New York, 2001 A.D.

According to Nostradamus’ first biographer and personal assistant, there are usually two poems to describe a same event.



Quatrain 97 Century 6
At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great
new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When the one will want
Normans to make proof.

 V.XCVII ( Prime Source, original poems here)

Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruſlera,
Feu approucher de la grand cité neuue:
Inſtant grand flamme eſparſe ſautera,
Quant on voudra des Normans faire preuue.


The Normans are an old name for Europeans,  a type - caste used to differentiate between Latins or Romans.

Just after the first plane hit the south tower on 11 th September 2,001 A.D. (Arabic: أسامة بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن‎, Usāmah bin Muhammad bin ‘Awad bin Lādin;), Usama bin Laden was blamed, with 100% no proof by the European media. By 2008 A.D. C.I.A. apologized it had lied, KSM never met UbL a second time after Usama told KSM was an idiot; the C.I.A. made bogus videos 2003 A.D. with humans that looked like bin Laden admitting to his role in the events, and even Barack Hussein Obama assassinated someone in 2012 A.D.  said to be bin Laden as retribution for 9/11; and the 9/11 Commission Report claimed Usama bin Laden had absolutely no role in 9/11. The last line is that the world wants the Europeans ( e.g. Normans)  to prove who did it, because it was not Usāmah  bin Lādin! Before the end of 2,001 A.D., Usāmah  bin Lādin had told T.V. news and reporters over 161 times that he had absolutely no involvement in 9/11. By 2005 A.D., then U.S. President G. W. Bush, Jr. told reporters and European news outlets that finding Usama bin Laden was not a priority. After Bush’s admission, the Democratic Party became unhinged and declared as a truth Usama bin Laden was the leader of the attack and at fault for 9/11/11 and they brought out the pitch-forks and torches. the Democratic Party had 100% no proof.

The 45 degrees:

This judicial chart places the Sun at the exact Vernal Point at New York for the year of the Lord 2,001 A.D. at 45 degrees in the north-eastern sky. That is to say, when the Sun reached Right Ascension Zero ( 00 ARI 00,00) the Sun placement in the New York, or New City’s skyline was at 45 degrees.



Ian Wilson: 'Nostradamus: The Evidence' (Orion, 2002, hb, 304 pp) was the first academic to suggest people in the future will link the Nostradamus poem X. LXXII ( q. 72, c.10) to the events on 11 th September 2,001 A.D.

Quatrain 72 Century 10

The year of the Lord, 1999 seven month,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To Resuscitate  the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck


X.LXXII ( Prime Sources, 1558-1605, original poems here)

L'an mil neuf cens nonante-neuf ƒept mois,
Du Ciel[107] viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur:
Reƒuƒciter le grand Roy d'Angoulmois,[108]
Auant à pres[109] Mars regner par bon-heur


Angolmois + New City = Nouvelle Angoulesme, the original name given by Giovanni da Verrassano (his brother and shipmates), to honor patron François I of France in 1524 as they named the land that become known as New York  ( Source, Columbia University, Italian, French historical documents, archives of François I of France and these Verrassanos, Italy.).

JA = Judicial Astreology.

Part of Fortune is a primary indicator of prosperity, but it is more than that. It is created out of the longitudes of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant ( Rob Hand).

House ( domicile)  system used: Placido de Titi ( Padua University, Magini’s student) both trigonometric pioneers, created a day and night arc and then divided by 6 ths, thus advancing the astrological domicile system to more of a reality.


People who in part correctly predicted at least one or two of the aspects ( local, date, event) of the event of 11 September 2,001 A.D.


Major Edward Dames, appeared on Coast to Coast am with Art Bell in 1998 A.D. stated specifically a terrorist attack on a large group of humans at New York, linked to Nostradamus X. LXVII. Method remote viewing, source, me, I listened to this show and heard him say this. Local and Event were correct, the time was not, he did mention the year of 1,999 A.D.

Mario Gregorio ( , post to usenet, Alt. Prophecies. Nostradamus in February 1,999 A.D. mentions the location for sure is at New York, based upon French and Italian history of Nouvelle Angoulesme, already mentioned above. He asked the question, who is the king of terror? Bush? He correctly predicted the local. He has a copy of his post on his website, I have the original post archived.

George W. Bush, Jr. was Born with a true Arc of a classic Anti Christ Symbol. He, Hitler, and others share in this abode. These symbols have been discoursed for centuries, recorded and discarded by MEAMICs of the medieval to pre modern to early modern to modern to post modern to uber post modern, etc... whatever their flavor of alcohol drives their damaged synaptic utterances. Some mystics will just place a label of stupid, but the media played George as a bumbling idiot which took the mystics power from them, but gave it back when he left office and they did nothing to make an example of him to the world, you do not launch wars in the middle east because Daddy helped put in a Tyrant leader, Saddam Hussein, who turned coat on you and you needed to cover this shit up, you retarded ass. The world should be sick and tired of these individuals that take entire countries peoples and kill and destroy lives all across Earth for their foolish Games of Slaughter.

George W Bush 43 rd Pluto paran chart from hell


Why would anyone in the world allow an individual with these astreonomical signatures to have any power is proof that the human experiament had failed. This is a very disturbing chart or someone that sees things from only a single perspective and cannot make human rights evaluations. So the Daddy ( Bush Sr.) helped kill President Kennedy and his son does not such thing to warn the people, so Bush must be a world terrorist working directly for Satan’s Army. There is 100% no proof he knows, loves, and likes God.  Why would anyone in the world allow an individual with these astreonomical signatures to have any power is proof that the human experiment failed. This is a very disturbing chart or someone that sees things from only a single perspective and cannot make human rights evaluations. So the Daddy ( Bush Sr.) helped kill President Kennedy and his son does not such thing to warn the people, so Bush must be a world terrorist working directly for Satan’s Army. There is 100% no proof he knows, loves, and likes God. George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton both have confessed to being almost like son like father, Bush being the father. THere are no political parties in Washington D.C. they are work for the same goal, to enact Satan’s desires on Earth. 

Bush totally stopped using the U.S. Constitutions, and the Media ( leftwing) allowed, and no Obama threw out the U.S. Constitutions, despite his lies prior, and so people are now asking about Emperors and Imperils of the barbarian Imperial State of the ‘country of Bowing States to the Dictator from Hell’ which is what the U.S.A.’s official title would truly reflect.  When Iranians call America the Great Satan, the blame falls on its people that do not assault the White House and Congress, to eliminate by any measures these infestations of Demons. In this sense, democracy did not fail the people failed. Last night, many across the country and world are complaining that the Grammys were only an advertisement medium for the worshiping of Satan, an ever increasing fad of Hollywood/Disney/Music Industry. The Illuminati is another term for stupid bully atheist which has its connotations to Italian Mafia behaviors because hurting others gives sexual excitement (Satanic Bible) and that was exactly what the Grammys represented last night – and blogs and posts of Christians exiting during the show the commenting on the Satanic Worship by Kate Perry and Jay-Z, who thanked a god, but In many opinions not of the god of Hebrews, Moslems nor Christians not Buddha  but of the infernal prince.  The progression is obvious, soon there will be staged orgies, human sacrifice and all the people from the Congress to the elementary children will be placed on Satan’s ownership list. The Grammys were nothing to do with music but an ad campaign for Satanic ( Please me only and first, screw others and it is fun to watch them suffer) mentality.

So with a state environment like this, Bush(es), Clintons or Satan can be running the U.S.A. and the U.S.A. People, now heavily Hispanic are to blame. Migrants Hispanics believe the U.S.A. is run by Satan so they have to learn and mimic it, precisely, they believe if they are to hold their own Grammy Satanic services on a moving pictures medium.


sky will burn :

Hāidēs ( Christian,  Hell) haydes are a group of stars in the center of the constellation of modern Taurus , not very visible, and the Greeks mythologists gave this location to Hades, the ancient Greek god of the underworld. Eventually, the god's name came to designate the abode of the dead. Jupiter, the Sky Lord  of Greek Mythology made its abode here, true arc to the M.C., for the vernal at New York in the year of 2,001 A.D. Since Jupiter represents the Sky, and Hell represents souls burning in damnation, the Christian version, the poem hints at two of the main astronomical components for the Judicial Chart for New York’s attack on 11 th September 2,001 A.D.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius ( both traditional and modern) and this constellation is all about legal, law, religion, and higher knowledge. The phrase mentions that the sky will burn, and this is indeed a fact after the events of 11 September 2,001 A.D. The Law of the Land, The U.S.A. Constitution ( and other countries legal apparatuses’), after the events of 11 September 2,001 A.D. have gone to the way side, and a new global surveillance society in the guise of corporate fascism has arisen form the burning embers of Hell.

4 April 1973 New York 8: 30 : 45 a. m.

anno pyramid 6,000 King's Floor Lintel under Boss. Thus a Gizāh large Pyramid major signature.


The War Axis Appears in relation to the Solar bi-quadrant position, with the Hunter's Arrow under the Symbol of a State or Government, ., and on the  or near the ascendant and war axis threading interdemensional maths to the New York Vernal Chart ( called here a mundane) and can be used as a Judicial ties 1 dimensional low mind reality to multidimensional universe coding realities.

As Flight 11 takes-off we have a similar match, you can see Saturn and the Hunter's Arrow in a near match, at Logan, the first plane to hit one of the New York Twin Trade Center Towers takes off but this chart below is for the event, thus New York.


How to read this judicial chart.

Poisoned Lessons

CHIRON:  in 8 th house means the banks, co-world-economy, economic institutions will be hurt, very hurt, and the lessons are ignored. Chiron's symbol is a key to understanding its astronomical position is the constellation of Sagittarius.

= Venus (Cul-Rise, 0°02'a,vaa), al gol (Cul-Rise, 0°07'a,vaa), these are two of the major astrelogical signatures for this chart. Venus is economics, al gol is decapitation, and Chiron is poison, and then the lesson that follows.

The Famed Morning Star Signature

The Morning Star = Venus   (19 th of March Cosmic Rise). heliacal rising planet.

A trumpet Sounds:

heliacal Setting alpha cygnii ( Deneb) directly in the Mayan dark rift,  edge of western Galactic milky way Plane. Cygnus = "the voice of the trumpet bellowed," and (Vergil, Aen. 3-556).

Pyramid Stars

al cyone 05 minuets, true.

Government Honesty?

acubens (LCul-Set, 0°13'a,ms), the governments will not be honest about what happened. alpha cancri is a notorious star for dishonesty. This aspect indicates that in memory, the world will see the governments as not very honest to the reality of what was the issue and what really took place.

For 60 years, the Democratic Party and Republican Party refused to solve their energy issues and because of evil went around to other lands and raped their resources, and then claimed hope, change, justice, equality for all – which is a bunch of rubbish. A handful of Iranian heritage family members fought back and attack the U.S.A. on 11 September 2,001 A.D.

Global Destiny Leftwing Fascist Control. Serpentarius, the Serpent-holder

Mean Node to sinistra ophiuchii (Rise-Set, 0°04's,mr). Sinistra means left-side or left-path, and has been linked to states struggling with overt fascist central control ideologies. Most if not all persons agree that the events of 11 September 2,001 A.D. had resulted in a fascist surveillance state and potentially a global surveillance state as countries are now following in the Footsteps of Obama’s program of Control all human beings information to use as a black mail against them if they do not become a proper serf. This Serpent Bearer star will grace the Winter Solstice around 2,020 A.D. which indicates for all of te world a fascist world government system.

- sinistra (Rise-Cul, 0°14's,mr), the most powerful of parans.

The Sun at 45 degrees in Bogus, Theta Aurigae

Bogardus (Rise-LCul, 0°03's,ms), (θ Aur, θ Aurigae) , 166 light-years (51 parsecs). 10,400 K, this star is hot with an abundance of silicon. he star completing a rotation in only 3.6 days.[7] The axis of rotation is inclined by an angle of 51◦ ± 6 to the line of sight from the Earth.[6]. This star hints that the driver of the Sun is white, so white people are some how responsible for 11 September 2,001 A.D. "Erichthonius was said to have a snake or dragon form for his lower body instead of feet. He is represented in the statue of Athena in the Parthenon as the snake hidden behind her shield," c.f. Auriga,COW.  Bogardus in our modern day represents the true meaning is hidden from us behind the Warrior mentality, that of Athena, the female Venus figure of Greek Athens and warrior protector of the city's people. In popular language, Bogus means ' that's terrible, it was based upon a lie. lit., Counterfeit or fake; not genuine. Just minuets after the first plane hit the south tower at New York, Usama bin Laden was blamed for the attacks on 11 September 2,001 A.D. by the general media and then adopted by Bush and both main U.S. political parties. This was indeed a bugus claim. What this star is telling the world is that the U.S.A. government is bugus, a lie, and is very harmful to the global populations. It is no wonder that Jupiter was buring in Hell at this moment of the Judicial astreological chart.

War astreological signatures on Economy

rules and scorpio rules co-ownership, co-monies, banks, lending instatutions, general economics. Here in this chart, is conjunct to , so a war () will be ragging with the economic structures of the world. This astreological signature is conjunct to the 7/8 th domicile axis, indicating a critical degree of bringing this into existance. = Galactic Center by true arc, and therefore the Galactic Plane is involved on the 7/8 th cust of death or destruction.

Violence Expressed to the World

Baten kaitos cetii (Rise, 0°04'a,es) is a star in the body of the water fish, often called a whale-like fish and this star shows up on many terrorist attacks, one such recent case was the boston bombings.

Gizāh Pyramid Link to Timing of Event

Bos capricornus (Cul, 0°23'a), this star represents the Boss of the Pyramid and the anno pyramidio measurement of 6,000 intergers.  Davidson, D., & H. Aldersmith estimated the ascending coords, running off the floor line intersects the boss gable at mid-point on the first two weeks of  September 2,001 A.D. This star is at the Mid heaven of the chart, otherwise one of the most sensitive points in the chart. Since academia, media, popular culture ignores mystics, they ignored this warning. It was first published in 1924 A.D. and with illustrations. So no one could miss it. Photos not related to this website can be found here. Look for the term, Boss! This sould have told you that this is big-time.

Lack of Kenetic Element

Sidereally, there is a lack of Fire. This means that the element is stored kinetically and will explode at some point and time in the future. Earth and Water are the Aristotelian lower elements, they pertain to physical low energies; whereas Air and Fire are the higher elements of the mind, information, ideas, and knowledge. Fire is mostly related to knowledge, and the lack thereof indicates a total collapse of knowledge for this event.

Government Decapitation.

beta persei is on the ascendant, by PED, and is on the ascendant with this star. The constellation of Capricorn is culminating at the vernal. All these signs indicate the government will lose its head figuratively and literally. America’s unique place in the world where one did not believe terrorism would strike was a shock to the system on 11 September 2,001 A.D. The U.S. government lost its head and started the U.S. longest war to date, Afghanistan. It lost its head because it is using the première military in world history and it cannot defeat a bunch of unarmed farmers. This shows that the U.S.A. is pathetic in the eyes of the world.

World Leaders connections: 43 rd U.S. President G. W. Bush, Jr.

G. W. Bush, Jr. 43 rd U.S. president, his oscillating Lilith is smack over Antares! This alpha scorpius star is noted as a bully star or a semi-literate star. The astrological signature of oscillating lilith is 'obsession.' I analyze this as come hell-or-high-water, Bush was going to get his way with his world views on who was responsible, to which he never knew but made war non-the-less on innocent people.

G. W. Bush, Jr. 43 rd U.S. president has conjunct to his ascendant at birth and in praesepe (M44). At 2:40 a.m. (U.T. 6:40) the day and local of Bush's birth, Prasepe crosses the I.C. as Antares crosses the western horizon, i.e. the descendant. in praesepe means war, it was the World War II main signature, and Antares is often semi-literate aggression. Five minuets later the western horizon matches the New York 2,001 A.D. Vernal, and the entire G.W. Bush chart shows eerie similarities to the angles. at 2:48 a.m. Pluto ( )  begins I.C. transit. al ghoul ( beta persei) and al cyone are relatively near the same position as the vernal for New York 2,001 A.D. And because New Haven Connecticut is not at the same latitude as new York, the angles do not align perfectly.

G. W Bush, Jr. Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, he does not have an al ghoul signature.

World Leaders connections: 42 nd U.S. President Bill Clinton

William Jefferson Bylthe iii ( or iv, Clinton makes up stories constantly) adopted family name ‘Clinton’ who became the 42 nd U.S.A. President. His Sun is squared to al Ghoul, and his natal al ghoul is situated about 5 degrees from his Moon in the 8 th house of death. Hitler had his al Ghoul on the 7/9 th cusp of death. Bill Clinton ran the largest transfer of WMD in this history of the human race. He made-up the War on Terrorism, adopted by Bush to make an exscuse for the Democrats to go into other people's lands and rape their resources. He signed the executive order (EO) to remove Saddam Hussein, leader of Iraq from power in November 1998 A.D. during operation Desert Fox, his love or NAZI Rommel’s outfit of the same name. He was the one that brought Usama bin Laden’s name into the mix, falsely identifying him as responsible for the war of terrorism against the U.S.A., when in fact Usama bin Laden put at fatwa on Bill Clinton’s personal head for killing innocent children and humans in his shoot cruise missiles into aspirin factories and destroy the infrastructure of the Muslim Lands to force them to submit to the Democratic Party’s Rape the Middle Eastern Lands of Oil program. Bill Clinton has Mars rising, he was all about aggression, war and getting his way at the expense of all people on the planet. He was the first U.S. president ‘wounded’ as a head of state, being the first to be impeached but her recovered from his head-wound. Satan paid Bill Clinton for his loyalty, and Bill Clinton in 2013 has about $150,000,000 in his personal bank account, almost all of this money is un accounted for in reality. 

When the Saudi and Yemen authorities had Usama bin Laden in north Africa and asked Clinton if he wanted to capture the person, Bill Clinton famously declined. Bill Clinton’s purposes in life was to party, party, and have more parties as he never cared about human beings or his job. For this attitude, Bill Clinton was worshipped all across the Earth, by most not all.

Bill Clinton’s natal Saturn is exactly at the I.C. of the Vernal for New York and the prediction of the 11 September 2,001 A.D. attacks upon America. This indicates the person most responsible for the events on 9/11.

Like G.W. Bush, Jr., Bill Clinton has BML and Asteroid Lilith  over the alpha scorpius bully star, Antares. This means Bill Clinton was, is and will be obsessed with dominating people, bullying them and hurting them for his own sexual gratification, a twisted psychosis.

World Leaders connections: 44 nd U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama ii

Barack Hussein Obama ii has al ghoul, beta persei in a super-grand trine to Moon, Mars , Jupiter , and Saturn , This says that the demon star is in super-harmoney with Brack Hussein Obama ii, and describes the obsession and passion to this individual, seen during his rise to power.

Both Barack Hussein Obama ii and Adolf Hitler were born in the Same Chinese Jupiter-animal cycle, and this ancient Chinese astronomical position denotes people that have hypnotic grasp on the masses.

Barack Hussein Obama ii in 2012 invaded illegally according to international law, Pakistan and killed and covered – up a person he declared was Usama bin Laden, and hid all the facts from our world. Obama then gave a press conference on television to the world and claimed, he alone, ended terrorism by assassinating Usama bin Laden, who had absolutely no part in the events of 11 September 2,001 A.D.

World Leaders connections: to U.S.A. Astreological Chart

I use the U.S. Sibely Chart, at 5:00 p.m., the most used chart with times varying from 4:50 p.m. to 5:10 p.m., I use the mean and Antares is smack on the ascendant, which describes the obeseness of the U.S.A. people -- as this star is by far the largest of the zodiacal stars and one of the largest stars we know of today. It is a massive giant. Antares a large star mimic the school yard bullies that are always or seem to be large body and semi-intelligent people who push you around and if one is not careful will hurt you or kill you out of raw pleasure. The ascendant is the outward notion people perceive you or a state, and the world has seen the U.S.A. as the bully state upon the weaker individuals across the Earth. 

On the descendant, i.e. the western horizon of hte U.S.A. Sibeley Chart, al ghoul is setting and this star’s position notes that when al goul is prominent in the sky, such as the case for the New York vernal of 2,001 A.D., the end-times of the U.S.A. are nearing.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the World Trade Center

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony has Sun conjunct Chiron and Venus, and Hyades Hell is on the ascendant. The time used is the reverse engineered 2,001 New York Vernal Chart. The date, 4 April 1973, this is the year The U.S.A. CIA overthrew Chile's popular socialist president Salvador Allende in bloodshed. The Twin Towers represented the two twin trophies of Capitalism. This is why Caster and Pollux geminorium transited the culmination at the point of the planes smashing into the towers, as I wrote just a month after the attacks. true arc at the ascendant at New York for the ribbon ceremoney has its position in hyades, hell. This means that the 11 September 2,001 A.D. attacks happened just prior to Saturn's natural return.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the World Trade Center in Prophecy

The over bos capricornus = ( sorry, luck   ). 

The Sun represents the USA and it is indicating some sorry type of lessons.
Comparisons: in relative sidereal positions for ribbon and 2001 vernal  charts.

the Pentagram chart shape mirrors the alpha - alpha hydro signatures found near the stars of Persei. The the Pentagram/Pentagon are not very well liked in the world as a whole. Each are domination geometrics.

= al ghoul by true arc and by relative to ascendant.

Ground Breaking ceremony for the World Trade Center in Prophecy

The hyadian signatures are all over all charts and here is no exception. Ground breaking for the (WTC) begins 5 August 1966   al debaran and Hyades are culminating at the reverse engineered New York 2,001 A.D. vernal chart’s time.

hydor aquarii is on the descendant, a pyramid star on the angle, and (Pluto) is on the ascendant.

The Geometrics is a solid ‘ease’ aspects. In most astrology around the world, the positive or all good aspects denotes luck, success, fortune, good times, wealth, prosperity, and all things good. But these are novice astrological views,  because most wars and attacks happen during trines and sextiles, and the 11 th of September 2,001 A.D. was no exception. It had a massive multiple Grand-Trine, claimed to be one of the most favorable of personable aspects.

The descendant arc of this day as by true arc , thus indicating 'death' of something related to governmental institutions. This aspect also makes up the handle for the kyte geometrical formation. kyte geometrical formations are important astronomical signatures in our collective histories.

parans for ground breaking: ASC. M.C. hyades I.C., antares , pyramid star DEC.


U.S.A. MEAMIC used ESP and other metaphysical ( e.g. a word to mean Academics have no clue)  experiments from the 1950s – 1996 A.D., when the program was publically called ended. The U.S. Military, Navel Intel ( N.S.A.) wanted to have an edge over enemies of the world if they could get someone to read the minds of their enemies or someone to predict the future.  They had a difficult time finding who had that gift. One of the real dilemmas is people like I who have it actually detest the N.S.A. and U.S.A. government. They killed me when I was just 16 years-old, they continued to attack me and burnt my eyes on 26 Feb. 2009 A.D., trying to permanently blind me, and have consistently tried to eradicate good people of this world. Why would I give something to me enemies?

I live homeless, eat poor food and thus constantly sick, my legs are damaged, my eyes are damaged, and have no family or support so I’m a walking dead man to the Lion eating crap-shit that is the privileged elite. And so they want to access the future to control it for their own continuance of suppressing me, which is not going to happen.

N.S.A. motto on the page that talks of Crypto Suit B programs to unify all data so the N.S.A can do more non surveillance, let us use this for the president’s suppression programs, crapola. Their model is to protect against Terrorists. Well in Los Angeles, the Italian and Spanish/Brown Latin L.A.P.D. are murdering terrorists, and police brutality and even Prison Guard Rape is plethoric in the independent media, and the video ( would not confess for over a month until a video came out) of 6 policeman crushing an non-violent . no arrest history, homeless person with ‘words’ before the police attack to the idea that this was a murder, premeditated. These are the terrorists, it was purely racist. Kelley Thomas was White an L.A. R.A.Z.A., in all U.C campuses and schools in the U.S.A. claim no Europeans are allowed. This is like the K.K.K. and the N.S.A. does not shut it down, so there is no use for the N.S.A. or any military as the people can take matters into their own hands. Instead we are government  by a secret N.S.A. link to the President and we must bow down to racism that flows out of it. Why then help the N.S.A. if they are killing my people – why show them how to protect Earth, solve problems, see the future? I cannot allow that when they allow Terrorists to assault me and my friends ( see my bio) and thus break all of my Constitutional Rights. In this manner, their website which proclaim to protect Americans for their Constitutional Rights is a lie and liars are to be eliminated.

National Security Act, Legislation.

War Codex Archangel Michael 2013

eta tuarii or alpha pleiad, a.k.a. Zion ( modern arabic, al cyone). This is actually my same brith position in 1966 A.D.


OCT 2015 We Enter War Period, so this is a future system process that is 100% accurate.

John Kerry ( currently Sec of State) was warned of Terrorist Hyjackers in May of 2001 AD.


air in astro


LA TIMES : KMS Manifesto calls for non violence:
HuffPo KSM 'alledged' Manifesto:

ǖ These types of decisions have been reproduced in every culture and every color of skin and remains not unique to this example. During times of tribal or in this case a small nations' threat of survival, the sole purpose of day to day activities is to survive. Male homosexual communities do not therefore produce a safety or survival net during hardships and times of sacrifice. 

Why use 11 Sept? This is the beginning of the real Hebrew Calendar used long before the adoption 500 B.C. of Neo Babylonian lunar-solar calendar that begins around our modern March. However, you must be a deep historian to know this because apparently the U.S.A. intelligence agencies train their people to believe truth is whatever pops into their minds, at any moment.