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Apokálypsis; "Article V." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 18 February. 2012,  in sections,  around  1:40- 1:43 p.m. , Studio City, Los Angeles, United States of America.  α Orionis Eastern Horizon. Belt-Stars Centered, Neptune moves into tropical Pisces.


Milkey Way Galactic Center

Topic: Stone : Pyramidial Astreological Matrix : The Large Pyramid at Gizah, Galactic Center Alignments

Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone


VLA Radio Image of Galactic Center

  1. The Astronomical Stars of the Pyramid. PAGEREF _Toc317774596 \h 2

  2. The Large Pyramid at Gizāh Galactic Center Alignments PAGEREF _Toc317774597 \h 7

  3. Zuben el Akrab, (γ) Gamma Libræ. PAGEREF _Toc317774598 \h 7

  4. Pyramidic scored-line Stellar Angles PAGEREF _Toc317774599 \h 8

  5. Aruna ( resembling Erichthonius, son of Vulcan and Athena, raised by Gaia (Earth) PAGEREF _Toc317774600 \h 8

  6. 11 September 1999 Nostradamus X. LXXII. PAGEREF _Toc317774601 \h 9

  7. 153 a repeated number in the large Gizāh pyramid and in the Heavens PAGEREF _Toc317774602 \h 10

  8. Hell is 153 Light Years Away. PAGEREF _Toc317774603 \h 10

  9. 286.1 B” Scalar systems how they are conceptualized in Astronomy. PAGEREF _Toc317774604 \h 11

  10. Merga, al-mar’ah al-musalsalah The Chained Women = 153 light Years. PAGEREF _Toc317774605 \h 12

  11. The Pyramid and the Earth’s Orbit PAGEREF _Toc317774606 \h 14

  12. According to real scientists Egyptian still have not figured out the Wheel or Tropical Year. PAGEREF _Toc317774607 \h 15

  13. Mysterious 26 Pyramid Value. PAGEREF _Toc317774608 \h 16

  14. 25 million light years = 153 millimeters, so Hyades’ Distance (652 LY, Divided by 25 million LY = 26. PAGEREF _Toc317774609 \h 20

  15. Definitions: Large pyramid at Gizāh Progressatory. PAGEREF _Toc317774610 \h 20

  16. Research and Data: PAGEREF _Toc317774611 \h 22

  17. B.C.E. Before Common Era. PAGEREF _Toc317774612 \h 22

  18. 589 B.C.E-4,700 B.C.E. (4,699 B.C.E.) al-Cyone Culminates PAGEREF _Toc317774613 \h 22

  19. Polaris, idiomatically means, Satan. PAGEREF _Toc317774614 \h 22

  20. Constellation of the OX/BULL First Sign of Zodiac. PAGEREF _Toc317774615 \h 23

  21. Hydræ, 4,699 B.C.E, 70 degrees or 45 degrees in half PAGEREF _Toc317774616 \h 24

  22. -4000 B.C.E. and Signatures. PAGEREF _Toc317774617 \h 24

  23. -3740 B.C.E Orionis Sets During the Summer Months. PAGEREF _Toc317774618 \h 25

  24. -2626 B.C.E., Bos, Sun, Pyramid’s Entrance, Culmination, PAGEREF _Toc317774619 \h 25

  25. -1650s Heqa Khasewet 1650 – 1500 B.C.E. Sphinx signature. PAGEREF _Toc317774620 \h 26

  26. -1453 B.C.E. and the asaid Intersection in Pyramid. PAGEREF _Toc317774621 \h 27

  27. -836 B.C.E. lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, G.C. = P.E.D. M.C. PAGEREF _Toc317774622 \h 28

  28. Girdlical Stony Stars and Astronomical Sgr A* Positions PAGEREF _Toc317774623 \h 28

  29. 589 B.C.E Gorgones, al-Cyone, All Set as The Temple Destroyed, Homeland Returns Seven multiplied by Sidereal Measurements. PAGEREF _Toc317774624 \h 29

  30. -599 B.C.E. Head Stars of the Lion. PAGEREF _Toc317774625 \h 30

  31. -587 B.C.E. Jewish Captivity mean annals PAGEREF _Toc317774626 \h 30

  32. Persian Royal Stars on the Angles as they Take Hebrews Hostages PAGEREF _Toc317774627 \h 31

  33. -470 B.C.E. Signature geometries PAGEREF _Toc317774628 \h 31

  34. 399 B.C.E. Not the Last but next to the Last Earthly Chronocrator PAGEREF _Toc317774629 \h 32

  35. 349 B.C.E. Another Challenge. PAGEREF _Toc317774630 \h 32


The Astronomical Stars of the Pyramid


Gamma classified, Archangel Michael 2011-12



Neptune Enters Pisces: Released in sections, 18th and 19th of February, 2012.


Pyramid Astreological Matrix: Vernal Equinox, 12:06:15 p.m. Local Time, -2144 B.C.E. Christian Calendar (2145 B.C. astronomical calendar, Gizāh, Egypt. Sidereal analyses.[1]

Galactic Center of Milkey Way 26,000 Light Years to Our Solar System: (Andrea Ghez, U.C. Los Angeles, discoverer, Eric Becklin, U.C.L.A. Mean 26° slope-angle interior passages of pyramid.

Scalar form: The Galactic Center is 26,000 light years from our solar system. The Precessional circuit estimations use a mean value of 26,000 mean tropical solar years. 13 th of April 2012.

Cross at Hendaye, former Basque region, S/W border of Spain and France: four stars on pedestal = , Lambda (λ) aquarii (my sp. llambda ), Ekkhysis, Human, Western Horizon; alpha (α) Hydrae, al-fard, Eastern Horizon, Lion; alpha (α) Pleiades’, al-Cyone (pronounced Zion to some, Pleiades), Ox or Bull,  153° longitude from Sgr A* (i.e. Galactic Centre); Gamma (γ) libræ, al-Zuben al-Aqrab,  Eagle’s claws, approximately 153 light years from our Solar System, nick-named gangster 6. These are the angled stars on the scored-line Pyramid Astreological Matrix while valuing al-Cyone’s closest culminational approach, using the Swiss Ephemeris.

Anno Kalendarii (18 phoenix cycles of 329 years, fictitious king’s lists).

Anno Pyramid (’00’ – ‘6,000’ + primitive inch/pyramid inch per year, equidistant geometry from outside of the north of pyramid equating passages to chambers ( discrepancy to British Inches, 6.6 per 6,000 integers).

Star and constellation positions? predicated upon the precessional model used. No such thing as cycles.

Tropical affiliations? Right Ascension (RA) or = α 00° 00’ 00”.

Sidereal affiliations? Pay attention to signs, unless indicated they are all in sidereal approximations.

A conjunction = two bodies at any point where α ‘00°’00’00’’ is the meeting.

A relative conjunction usually specified; but if not then the aspect is less than 10 degrees. There is no doctrine on aspects.

153 billion light years in inches = 56,987,864,660,000,000,000,000,000,000 / mean solar year 365.2424 = 1.560275167∙ 10 26.

y = a(some) mean solar year.

B” = British Inches.

Prim” = primitive inches

1.0011 = British inches to primitive inches (D.D.&H.A.).

greg. cal: Gregorian Calendar.

astron. cal. Astronomical calendar (- 1 year each B.C.E.).

Ancient Egyptian supreme deities by usurpation: (old Kingdom): local, Ogdoad, today’s Heliopolis: celebrations of the deity of the Sphinx, Anubis; (New Kingdom, post heqa khasewet): Osiris, Ra, Horus, Aten, Horus.

Sphinx = Præsepe, cancri.

Pi (π)∙century - 366° (sidereal year mean over millennia) = 51.8407... or 51° 50’ 24” (Sexagesmal system), close to slope of pyramid’s faces!

Sgr.A* (Sagittarius A, not a star, but the Milky Way’s Galactic Center, 1.0x1.0 arc seconds.): notation G.C.

Samian cubit: 20.62 B” (Petrie)

Egyptian cubit: 20.63 B” (Petrie)

Egyptian Auroura[2] used at Stonehenge (Petrie).

Egyptian Auroura derived by an Earth/Sun relationship, (Horapollo): this is correct. John Taylor used Horapollo’s ideas to create the pyramid or primitive inch.

Egyptian Auroura is a square of 100 cubits (Herodotus).

Quarter Auroura is 1163 B” mean value of multiple measurements ranging from 1162-4 B”), Petrie’s survey at Stonehenge claims 1168 B” as its diameter.

Cult of Amen-Ra commences post Dynasty XVIII; thus Howard Vyse’s claim of finding ‘ra-ufu’ as the cartouche of Cheops (Egyptian, Khufu) above one of the construction chambers above the King’s chamber, remains puzzling.

End-Times: a compacted term; mostly used to specify not the world, but a specific culture in a period of historical time.

Astrological formulations: Principles: #1 Gravity = Time, time = condition. to understand gravity, back engineer; discover condition, link it to time, and this explains gravity signatures.

Scalar Forms: moving the decimal point. Example 1: {[π∙ 100] – 366} + 365.24 = 416.24 integers;[3] so moving the decimal up one position gives us the height of most of the low sections of the passages inside the pyramid. 42 B” ,vert..

Example #2: One Year for One Day: 100 years multiplied by four 90 degree angles and then dividing by 360 degrees = 1.11111...1. (i.e. 100 ∙ 4 / 360°). Example #3: 100 ∙ 4 / 365.242 = 1.09516.[4]  Each 90° has a value of 5² or a quarter century. Example #4: 3652.42 found all over the pyramid’s architecture will scale to a mean solar tropical year = 356.242. The riser step vertical height is 35 B” (whole number) and some fraction, and doubling this number arrives at 70 B” and we see the ascending floor of the gallery intersect the king’s floor at 70 B” into the corridor form the corner of the riser step’s surface-face at the angle of the slope mostly found to be 26° some minuets and some seconds.

Example #3: 1881 B” / 7 = 286.7142857 (Gallery floor divided by the sacred number 7 provides the pyramid’s axial offset. 

Example #4: 1832 B” / 153 = 11.97385621 ( Gallery roofline divided by one of the pyramid’s scalars of 153 integer provides the mean revolution value of the planet Jupiter.

Example #5: 1881 B” – (366∙5) = 51. The gallery floor reduced by 5 mean sidereal years equals the slope of the pyramid in whole values as degree(s).

Egyptian Book of the Dead (lit. Coming Forth by Day), compiled millennia after pyramid’s construction; claim: the pyramid’s correspondence written all over the inner passages and chambers – reality: there are no correspondences’ at all in the pyramid. So suspect.

Tradition: Claim the large Gizāh pyramid has its twin somewhere in the western hemisphere.

Hyades: Hell in Greek Symbolism.  delta taurii, 3 systems in central Taurus, all members of Hyades, such as ‘second hyad,’ other names such as 61 taruri, HR1373, HD 27697, Hyadum II, are 153 light years away from our solar system. Last occultation by Venus in 1818 A.C.E., January 3 rd.

Integer hexakósioi hexēkonta héx: 666 - 360° / two right angles or ‘2’ = 153°.


Hydor aquarii



For those who are critics, of Seers, Prophets, mystics, or Biblical topics on revelations of the secrets of the universe, always want to control destiny. They get upset that they cannot get their information as easy as going to a fast-food joint, and getting their quick fix on junk food. Most of their writings encounter emotional statements, such as ‘if we can save just one life.’ These are the same characters that remain silent, thus guilty as ever, when their governments kill innocent women and children from a fictitious war against Islam radicals.


The reason that the pyramid may perhaps encode the Jewish legends of their journeys and historical dramas partially explains the first large effort to civilize a large group of people under a unifying idea, when the world at that time looked the other way at suffering of the human condition. There has been studies on history by throwing out all complications of religion, ethics and morality, and taken to see how life evolves under an atheist social disciplinary society. The results claim all are predicated upon the human physical body. Either you have what the rulers want or you are worked to death, and viewed as a non-human. In this manner a world without caring and love for each other is rather bleak.


For most of the populations of the world this page will challenge you to the extreme of your intellectual capabilities. I myself am restricted from taking these evidences at face value. Academics incorrectly claim Astronomy/astrology predicates its ideas upon cycles. Cyclical ideas spawn the elementarists, such as rote memorization. Nostradamus never mentions cycles existing. Perpetual a term he used, means “never ending,” not anything cyclical. Even the esteemed academics of the twelfth ( monks) century and onward to our modern age intend the Chronocrator is a 30 year cycle. This remains a fallacy. While a select few Chronocrator series do indeed offer 30 year conjunctions, most do not. The advancement of the Chronocrator explains the pyramid’s multiple off-sets. Projecting a 30 year interval to 300 years as in most cases with the academics you fail to mirror reality. This is why Nostradamus astreology trumps all other methodologies. It does not look for cycles but signatures.


You will notice in this paper, the Galactic Center has many pyramid signatures with no cycles.


To teach you about stars would take a considerable amount of time for a person in my circumstances. This is also to say that I have my own additional unique interpretations. There remain only a few star astrologers in the last two centuries and the ancient star-astrologers or historically mentioned star astrological influences, and even Chinese histories included star-references to social, natural, and economic climates in their ancient languages, for the most part. Top academics at the universities from Israel to universities of Europe translate the prime sources and study them but are still confused to what it all means.


Fortunately, skepticism arises from the inability of your own shortcomings to understand astronomy/astrology, and know that time is gravity – both are interchangeable and multifaceted. If you want to know the future to change the future, the stars will predict this, and then predict your change.


Large orange and red giants give long lasting fame, and blue and white and/or young stars are disaster stars, increasing to a more weighted nebula trigger. However, young stars are our future. Old stars will transform. These Pleiades’ are linked to a young cluster and are much younger than our solar system. The star eta taurii or alpha Pleiades’’ is 153 longitude degrees from the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. Many take al-Cyone to signify Zion. The first exoplanet discovered by some European pseudo-scientists (mainstream claimed for 100 years we are basically we alone in the universe, and today mainstream uses the pseudo-scientific methodology to discover now numerous exoplanets, which is basically standard procedure) is about 153 light years from our solar system. The cluster around central Taurus, Hyades (realm of Hell in Hellenist literature) has four stars that are 153 light years from our Solar System. The first exoplanet and central Hyades have an equidistant relationship so they share a signature. However, Zion to Sagittarius A* takes on another dimension. The longitude remains a ‘constant’ upon the perspective from Earth to these two points in the Heavens. Finally, all share the number 153 which is calculated by a consistent mathematical model. Since two different dimensions have the same model, we can now apply them to a third dimension. This is basically how star astrology works. In this manner one does not have to change the system if they decide to live on one of the Moon’s of Jupiter or sit on an asteroid – stars will have relatively the same distant and be in the same local.


The Large Pyramid at Gizāh Galactic Center Alignments


Key stars to the foundational chart for the large Pyramid at Gizāh. llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis. This term is one of the few Greek named stars; most are named in Arabic, some in Chinese. Ekkyhsis (lambda (λ) aquarii)derives from the Grecian term Ekklesia, where a democratic committee met to speak and vote on important issues of the day. Think of it as a club council, your union monthly meeting, the capital hill process of approving and voting down a bill, a collaboration of like minded individuals who need to address concerns of the day.


The constellation of Aquarius has also represented in esoteria as unique or different than the norm. Democracy, it has many forms, is not the normalized government system of history for a state or a nation rulership. So its refinement of ideas falls under these auspices of uniqueness, a mainstay Aquarian trait. We are slowly, however not quite there yet, falling under its age radar, following the Vernal preference, and for millennia we were rather un technologically gifted then suddenly in a few hundred years we have invariably increased exponentially. Rather, in social science, oligarchies promulgated as kingships (e.g. with court advisors making up the oligarchic models) are the normative hierarchical systems of human governance.



Zuben el Akrab, (γ) Gamma Libræ


Gamma Libræ is part of the ancient Eagle symbol and by the time of the Abassīd contributions (Arab scientists named most of the bright stars, and did an excellent job) the constellation of Libræ  as we know it today is surrounded by the constellations of Ophiuchus, Virgo, Scorpius and Hydræ. It is one of the stars depicted on the Cross at Hendaye. Of course this is an opinion of mine.   The phrase al-Zuben al-Aqrab has a popular meaning of ‘shears of the scorpion,’ but literally in classical notation implications mean “price of the conflict.”[5] This redefines Libra’s modern defining qualities as being measuring weight scales, rather than the ancient claws of the Eagle.


Pyramidic scored-line Stellar Angles


Signatures, the same stars al-Zuben al-Aqrab (I.C.), alpha hydræ, al-fard (AC), llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, ancient name, Hydor ( thus hydrogen), Situla (DC), and These Pleiades’ are in a relative conjunction to the M.C. That is to say, eta taurii or alpha Pleiades’ al cyone culminates to the closest approximation.



Midheaven: zeta (ζ) Eridanus, Zibel, is the true midheaven star. West of Rana ( delta eridanii), and northwest of gamma eridanii, Zaurak ( an Arabic boat),  where in 1998, and onward, it appeared that this part of the constellation of Eridanus had a solar-system with an accompanied asteroid belt, Jupiter like planets, and a rocky planet that may have water on it,  making it a tier -1 NASA project to study this Epsilon Eridani System.[6] Between Rana and Zibel is epsilon eridanii. At this time at Gizah, Zibel was visible, however during the autumnal season and not during this vernal intersection because of the sun-light.


Aruna ( resembling Erichthonius, son of Vulcan and Athena, raised by Gaia (Earth)


Alpha (α) Auriga, Capella is the heliacal rising star, and currently the sixth brightest star in the night sky. Auriga was a latin word for charioteer, and this observation is very ancient because these Pleiades are seven horses which are commanded by a crippled Aruna ( ‘Hindu Pantheon Surya, the sun, is shown drawn by seven horses’[7] or Erichthonius (Hellenist mythology). In Astronomica, Manilius ( 1 st century A.C.E.) proposes that Capella belongs to no constellation, thus it is an asterism. Capella, Betelgeuse, and Saturn on this date are in a local paran. Capella sets as Saturn culminates with eight minuets of arc and approaching, and Betelgeuse culminates as Saturn sets with two minuets of arc and separating. This star sets after sunset. That remains a very powerful paran.


For the Sidereal Compass (compass rose), Capella is the star marked for northeast, as Polaris is north. Altair is east, and Antares is southeast.


“The Akkadian Dil-gan I-lu, the Messenger of Light, or Dil-gan Babili, the Patron star of Babylon, is thought to have been Capella, known in Assyria as L-ku, the Leader, i.e. of the year; for, according to Sayce, in Akkadian times the commencement of the year was determined by the position of this star in relation to the Moon at the vernal equinox. This was previous to 1730 B.C., when, during the preceding 2150 years, spring began when the sun entered the constellation of Taurus; in this connection the star was known as the Star of Marduk, but subsequent to these dates some of these titles were apparently applied to Hamal (alpha Aries), Wega (Vega), and others whose positions as to that initial point had changed by reason of the precession.”[8] Stars of importance to the ancients were usually elliptical stars or the often more brighter stars of their times.  The Moon’s true node culminates as Capella lower culminates with fifteen minuets of arc and approaching. Capella was visible tot he naked eye approximately on 2 April (+12), and was a cosmic setting star thirty days after this chart-event. It cosmically rose on 11 March (-10) before this chart.


Mars in a tropical setting (10GEM17’10”) opposes Pluto and the Moon. Mars forms a paran to Bos, as Mars rises Bos sets with 0°00’.

11 September 1999 Nostradamus X. LXXII.


When progressing the Pyramid Chart (-2144 B.C.E. greg. cal.) to 11 September 1999, the old style calendar system Nostradamus and Europeans lived under, as the seventh month according to the New Year which demarcated the Annunciation of Mary ( later March), Capella is smack on the western horizon, and the Galactic Center approaches its rise on the eastern horizon.


The Four Beasts: On each angle of the scored-line pyramid chart, the Ox/Bull, Eagle, Human and Lion are duly represented at the theoretical quadrants of ‘00°’, 90°, 180°,270°. The Hebrew Bible was written millennia after the pyramid’s construction, so why does the Bible have the key signatures (also found in the New Testament, book 27) of the Four Beasts? The 11th of August of 1,999 A.C.E. when a major Solar Eclipse took place over Europe and south Asia, the path mimic the crucifixion eclipse, and at both instances of maximum (greatest point of Eclipse to Earth) the Four Beasts were on the angles.


153 a repeated number in the large Gizāh pyramid and in the Heavens.


The integer 153 (numerological factor of ‘9’) repeatedly comes into the metrologitectural accounting of the massage for future rebirth acquisition. The value of 1881 also resolves to 9.  The first sign intends al-Cyone spaces a longitude to Sgr. A* of 153 degrees. No one seemed to notice this little fact. That is because the galactic center studies in our modernity are rather novel.


However, Hyades clusters such as delta taurii, a three star system around a central Taurus, last occulted by Venus on 3 January 1818 (greg. cal.), traditionally named Hyadum ii, and other names 61 tauri, HR1373, HD27697, parallax mas 19.99 (0.16) also approximately reframes a 153 light years away from Earth. The signature of al-Zuben al-Aqrab consists of a magnitude of +3.91 (~ 4 mag.), approximately 152 light years from Earth. So as we speak, we have two foundational scored line stars with connections to 153 and to the Dragon, Hyades, as well. Hyades progresses rather well, it culminated during the decade of the Jewish-Roman war and subsequent destruction of the temple.


Hell is 153 Light Years Away.


The famed place of the labyrinth of Hell, Hyades also has signature of 153 light years away from Earth. The central band of stars in the Hyades globular(s) are also 153 light years away, or 1.447 ∙106 astronomical units or 1.447 ∙1018 meters. 1.58277672915 miles (~158,000,000,000,000 miles). The Galactic radius is 1/332 or 0.003 multiplied by the galactic radius 4.8 ∙ 1017 km. Also 153 light years is 46.91001325 PC (parsecs). So pay attention to Hyades and the Historical content thereof to factor in some type of expression of Heaven mirrors Earth (as above, so below).


286.1 B” Scalar systems how they are conceptualized in Astronomy


This signature has a half-rate of Jupiter’s mean revolution around the Sun, at 11.9582...years. [286.1022/2]√ [9] =11.95826074. This also converts to the mystical number of seven, in a scalar form. √286.1022³ = 69.56292116 or ~ 70. In addition, the concaved sides of the pyramid’s 70 inches (Petrie) are the value to the indent. Pi (π) times 286.1022 = 898.815697. This then squares the factor to about 30 degrees. So, √898 = 29.96664813. This then is a close approximation for the revolution of Saturn. In some respects, father –time was Saturn, and Saturn took about 30 years to traverse itself around the Sun, and therefore a 30 degree division of 12 parts because it fit into a circle and remains the most obvious constructed case of the ideas behind domain management of astrology/astronomy.


Some 286.1 British inches remains the off-set of the pyramid complex, where the king’s chamber, the antechamber and queen’s chamber form a half-envelope around the apex vertical axis of the pyramid. We discussed some of the applicable scalar forms, so here is another.  Regardless of numerological ascriptions 286.1 B” , this value holds no real scientific value or metrological value in the historiography of survey’s of the pyramid.


Yet, some fardāyrīya postulated by Abū Ma’sār will correct the gravitational flux so that this integer actual intends ‘186’ which is a scalar whole number of the speed of light of 186,262 miles per second, in an empty vacuum. Light has different speeds under different mediums, so the famous E=mc² (Einstein, 1905), where ‘c’ is a constant of light is not constant.  Some Nobel prizes awarded for slowing down light in certain mediums came from U.C. Berkeley experiments, experiments of our last thirty years, convinces us that this equation remains a myth. However, Einstein’s equation is a conceptual idea of matter transforming into some other form of energy.


The National Aeronautics and Space Agencies of the world calculate distance to light. The Hubble Telescope had managed to take deep space photos, and according to the digital matrix of the scale of the photo, discerning the metrology the furthest newborn galaxies which took place about a billion years after the Big Bang the furthest galaxies in the photo are delineated as 25 million light years will equal 153 millimeters.[10] This then scales down to 160,000 light years per one millimeter of distance. So, 153 Million light years will equal 956.25 millimeters. Therefore, some 95.625 centimeters or some 37.29375 English inches defines the scalar difference between those emerging galaxies some 12 billion years ago.


The Gallery’s roof cord is 12 multiplied by 153 (1,836 B”). Therefore 447.525 light year inches can be a devisor in the 1,836 B” to resolve to 4.102564103 intervals. [[FINISH THIS LATER]]]]]


If a case in the pyramid’s architecture defined a space-time to quote Einstein, astronomical calculation then long has been due to running the pseudoscience-pyramidicallogical-prædestination – program; all account from a pseudo scientistical perspective.  I explain Abū Ma’sār’s 1 degree application not well understood by the academics, and only a few had ever read his actual translated or in the original work; but some of his works was the most revered astronomical/ astrological writer on judicial astrology of the tenth century period attributed by a larger classical civilization of the super prosperous Abassīd conglomerate of cultures and ideas – adopted by European Christians as authoritative. Therefore 286.1 B” becomes a negative deletion to arrive at 186.1 B”.


Merga, al-mar’ah al-musalsalah The Chained Women = 153 light Years.


Merga, 38 Boōtēs, h* boo, Arabic, al-mar’ah al-musalsalah , The Chained Women) has a distance from our solar system of 153 light Years. Its color is a Red (F).[11]  This constellation first recorded as such by Ptolemy, has the famous α boo ( alpha Boōtēs), an orange giant, and the third brightest single star which is 36.7 light years from our solar system (11.3 parsecs). It is a type K1.5 IIIpe, and according to astreology, it denotes fame or good fortune. It is popularly called Arcturus. Since this star rises after Spica, and Spica was denoted as a benefit star because it was prominent in the sky during the late summer months when harvest was about to commence, the Egyptians or Mesopotamians usually sang its praises.


While modern European efforts to understand these complexive ideas and translate the prime sources exist on shelves in private academic libraries, all scholars that investigated confirm Ma’sār’s to a sixty fourth of a second of arc for calculations into the millions of years! What cannot be ascertained remain about 90% of the historical and mundane observations of the peoples, cultures, and border states have no historical record. Historically, Islamic cultures destroy writings or lose them due to a complex understanding of their linear modernities.


For example, the Ottoman state, often misdialed as the second wave of Islam, even I academically use this ascription sometimes because of academia requiring a classification,  do not have indigenous historical records for 400 years. This remains problematic for persons affirming Ma’sār’s judicial claims.


The small amount of correspondence between Ottoman officials indicates a superior educational system somewhere garnered by any of the remaining Byzantium locations (prior to conquest). I read some of these translated letters in a history class at U. C. Berkeley and they implicate superior penmanship and high education. But without detailed dates and places judicial astrology remains a guessing game. But these problems are minor compared to the amount of information we can correlate to a scientific examination of Ma’sār’s judicial claims.


The Catholic Church dominated history because it can pull of deeds, and licenses, and decrees and other documents from centuries in time. Prior to the de’ Medici, the Vatican archives were compartmentalized in various monastery storages. It would take a monumental effort to academicals provide evidence to test Ma’sār’s judicial astrological propositions. Yet, what I do is just prove the propositions by applying western history. There seems to be plenty of that, and indeed a Nostradamus method invoked these scientific propositions.


Abassīd scholarship waned mid-twentieth century, a lack of historical archives derail, conveniently if from a skeptical perspective, any attempts at a scientific method. At least three similar instances or case studies and measurements must be comparable for any such modern disciplinary scientific methodology takes notice.  This is what makes Nostradamus astrology so applicable to the scientific method, it uses at least three definitive controls, supporting evidence he was outdoing Ma’sār’s geometrical complexity.  So it works like this.


These Hyades’ are 625 million years young. Like the Pleiades’ these young star clusters emerged long after the creation of planet Earth. These young clusters are acting like galactic competitors. Evidence of difficult times when Hyades approaches angles for any state of any culture defines a universal language.


The Pyramid and the Earth’s Orbit


The external geometrical base circuit of the pyramid is 36,524.2465 Prim.[12] As well, another example explains the base diagonals of the pyramid is 3652.42 B” and applying the scalar methodology applies to a standard tropical mean-solar year. The internal geometrical base circuit is 36525.997317 Prim” and this again suggests perhaps a mean solar year of 365.25 days in one year. 


Flingers’ Petries base circuit values are 9118.36 B” (n/w-n/e socket), 9129.8 B” (n/w-n/e socket), 9130.55 B” (n/e-s/e socket), and 9141.4 B” (s/e-s/w socket). This adds up to 36,520.11 B”. Converting to the pyramid inches from British inches of D.D. & A.H.’s facsimile of Petrie’s plate of the measurements of the base level of the pyramid, we have to add 40.172121 B” to find the summation of the base circuit values. This comes to 36560.28212 Pyramid inches. Rather than disputing the arguments to fudge these values to fit the mean solar year, the approximation appears to support a sidereal year rather than a tropical mean solar year. If this is the case, this adds more weight to the proposition that astronomy functions as a natural science of the movements oft he heavenly bodies from the perspective of seeing these bodies move about in the heavens form our location on planet Earth. The scalar notation then comes to 366. days for a sidereal mean year. This then gives a hint that the base circuit describes the constellation shifting rather than focusing on the Earth and the Sun only.


According to real scientists Egyptian still have not figured out the Wheel or Tropical Year.


Again, according to real scientists, the ancient Egyptians did not know of the real tropical solar year. Several long periods, the Egyptians had to correct their calendars by at least five days, and for many centuries, long after the building of the Gizāh pyramid they never incorporated a leap-year. During the Biblical times of the pharaoh of oppression, Egypt adopted some modern calendar forms that Israelite scientists pointed out to them as more of a competent time-keeping procedure, inscription of Ramessu II indicates. Time-Space, accredited to Einstein is actually the scalar concepts of the ancient Israelites. Time, one day for one solar year relates the exact same concept as Einstein’s space-time fabric. Einstein claimed space-time are one in the same, but so does the Bible many times, in the Hebrew and the Christian Bibles’. We already know the Big Bang exists in Genisis I., but this academic explanation came only about a century ago and no-one has yet to explain how people writing some millennia ago made such an educated and accurate guess. So this paper uses the Biblical figures notion that space-time are equivalent.


For a moment let’s throw out the year for an inch measurement of time and turn to astronomy. The astronomical program used is from astrodienst, Swiss Ephemeris, current edition as of January 2012. It varies precession about the 1850s; based in part by an semi analytical Moshier revision of Jet Propulsion Laboratory PO3 (2003) model. There are approximately 11 working long-distant precessional models and these topics will come to a fore in the next International Union of Astronomers meeting to see which one they can at least understand and accept. The concern directly influences astrologers, not NASA.  However, when wormholes begin to be navigated, astrologers led the way.


In my opinion after 1850 a little is known of the true positions of the stars, constellations and heavenly bodies. One will note that the Galactic Center stays on target on the angles with 100 year divisions for our modern times, but prior to 1700s the precessional model moves and the heavenly bodies are out of sync compared to the modern models.


Mysterious 26 Pyramid Value


The entrance to the pyramid has a position at the 19th course and the slope of the passages are at 26 degrees some minuets and seconds. The gallery and other slopes, real or a part of the architecture are spread-out all over the pyramid’s metrological functionality by values of 26 degrees and some minuets and seconds. Petrie vacillates about 50 minuets of arc in many different areas of the pyramid with discrepancies to a mean value somewhere as 26° 18’ 9.6” ( some use 9.7”).  The most fascinating empirical property of this value is that about 26° 30’ from the pyramid portents a hororary angle, and the cord from the pyramid’s north/east position passes Bethlehem, Israel. British pyramidologists noted this as more corroborating evidences that Jesus of Nazareth is the supreme deity or soul inscribed into the mysterious architecture of the large pyramid at Gizāh.


However, what is the mystery? There are many examples in my writings on this, and here is yet another one.  No one as far as I know has figured it out. Well, here it is and with complications.


It takes about 26 conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn for Mars to also be in its most appropriate position. This pertains to Saturn-Jupiter conjunction over history that astrologers even before the Roman period had classified as the Chronocrator Series. In this case, Mars has a meeting with the Chronocrator.


Saturn being Chronus, father time, this terminology links to the concept of a Chronology, and other normative ideas of space-time still yet this remains to complex for a discussion on this page.


But there are some small things one should know. There is no such thing as a 30 year or even  as some 300 year intervals between conjunctions as speaking of a cycle. This remains a myth; and was promulgated by medieval lay and medieval church authorities trying to decipher the astute heavy weight astrologers from every culture that employed this advanced astrological application. Ma’sār recognized this, and Ezra surely complained about Ma’sār dealing in ‘mean revolutions’, these are two major authors on astrology Nostradamus surely read.


Rightly fully so, some Biblical Astrology guesses include this triple alignment between the traditional outer three planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, which does not have a name in the Chronocrator series. Twenty-years after Nostradamus at Madrid, geometrical aspects of these out three planets were deemed Biblical Astrology. This is because Nostradamus says he uses all the planets in judicial astrology, but he writes out three planets by name: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.[13]


A small conjunction implies any such Saturn-Jupiter conjunction.[14] The 26 small conjunctions take part in a multifaceted application to the pyramid in astronomy. Ezra cried out for a sidereal application to Judicial Astrology and Nostradamus heeded the warning. Nostradamus’ no. 8592, Horoscope of Jean de Chevigny, National Paris Archives, constructs a sidereal domicile, and has two Mercuries, which comes strait out of Ma’sār’s conjunctional judicial precepts.[15]


Māshā’allāh ibn Athari (Pingree 1974, 159-152), a Persian- Jew,  argues that he “composed the earliest history that we posses based upon a millennial theory in which each millennium is measured by the passage of conjunctions of the two planets furthest from earth –Saturn and Jupiter –over the four triplicates of classical Greek astrology.  This passage is completed in 51 mean conjunctions [note Chiron’s ~ 50[1] cycle] spread approximately twenty years apart.  Leaving out the unspoken Biblical books of Daniel and John of Patmos, which symbolically encode astrological functioning, “Māshā’allāh’s history, the Kitāb fi al-qirānāt wa al-adyān wa al-mili (“Book of Conjunctions, Faiths, and Religions”) is preserved for us only in the Kitāb al mughnī (“Book of Satisfaction”) composed by a Christian named Ibn Hibintā at Baghdād after 909 [CE]. Māshā’allāh had written his Kitāb fīal-qirānāt 1523 in 810. So now we have 51 (external slope of pyramid) and 26 (internal slope of pyramid) existing as mean Chronocrator and added too some Martian qualities the famed Chronocrator Series.


Jesus was born under a very rare triple, triple, 26th type of conjunction, meaning that over a short span of time, three successive conjunctions between Saturn and Jupiter took place because of the Earthly visual phenomena called retrogration.


Only those of expertise of judicial astrology can contemplate the meaning of this, when we speak on progressions of a religion or a person;  At the final Earthly Grand Conjunction in May of 2,000 A.C.E. we had another. There were three separate cases in the Early Modern Age, the middle small-conjunction happened during the birth period of Nostradamus in 1503, he wore the geometrical sign of this alignment opposed to his Sun on his signet ring, and the final one of this bizarre series took place as New York was discovered and named La Nouvelle Angoulême, ‘the new’ Angoulême by Giovanni da Verrazzano, his brothers, and crew– which of course took place in a watery sign of Pisces (1523).[16]


The whole of Europe believed it was the sign from heaven of a new global flooding. It is for this reason Astrology receives bad press, people cannot read it worth a wile. Atheist academics and general scholars have a field day [17] because this was the first instance of the printing press spewing doomsday pamphlets all over Europe, the first doomsday fear mongering of early modern times which saw Judicial astrology banned by the Church for the umpteenth time. This episode forewarned by popular astrologers, led to attacks on real astrologers like Stöffer. With the first publishing of Johann Stöffer’s Ephemerides in 1499 (reprinted at Venice in 1522) a debate was launched by academics which eventually spilled over to the common people, some who were mere soothsayer astrologers.[18] Stöffer [Stoffler] associated the “multiple planetary conjunctions”,[19] as a bundle of planets as group in the zodiac sign of Pisces, as catastrophe. Stöffer, blamed as a scapegoat, never mentions an inundation or some world flood, according to Niccoli Ottavia who detailed this European doomsday episode in chapter six on “Astrology and Prophecy: The Flood in piscibus [Pisces].” The rise of the divinatio popularis reacted to the warring pope periods, which had nothing to do with the Church, but with Spain, Austria, England, threats from Muscovy, and France who all wanted Italy as their vassal state and sent diplomats or militaries – Spain sacked Rome one year later and politically dominated the Church for about two centuries. This implies deep changes.  Stöffer’s only claim was this alignment would bring about multiple of catastrophes – it did, as local flooding did materialize in Europe, but dwarf the massive floods of the East and massive Earthquakes during this period to which the Europeans could not judge Stöffer’s for a lack of global communication. The Church and State lay politicos just could not control judicial astrology, neither could the Romans – although they kept banning it every so often and it was used as a social protest tool. Pisces’ symbol is of the oceans, Neptune’s domain, and as this alignment in Pisces took place in the 1524, New York became the first major land of the North America to be claimed in the early modern age. This had ‘deep’ and ‘far-reaching’ consequences in history, such as the character of Pisces traditionally exhumes.


Nostradamus took this type of Biblical Astrology a level higher and began to geometrically shape these three planets across the lattice of history and rote-memorize its effects. It is tempting to allow the Hebrews credit for this development, and certainly they are invited to participate as a founding player in this astrology but Persians were doing this as well, and even Chinese court astrologers hundreds of years prior to the period of Jesus of Nazareth had engaged such rites. It should be noted that a purist definition of a conjunction are when two bodies form a 00° 00’ 00” aspect to each other, when just a pairing in a relative close alignment when involving Mars to the Chronocrator series will not happen.


The Chronocrator series is a scalar astronomical series to the Chironian revolutions. So every 20 years, a mean value (not real) to the Chronocrator series applied to the mean value of 26 successive conjunctions gives us a near, half, millennium (520y), whereas the orbit of Chiron gives us a near, half, of a century. Chiron’s 50.7 (orbital period, 50.71387 yr) year reoccurrence around the circle represents a fourth of a bicentennial or some half-century of an advancement of time. We account for our centuries in spaces of 100 years and mark them as time signifiers.


What does Chiron mean in this light of progression? For those whom are not aware, the Greeks named the zodiacal constellations, or at least the western astrology form, and the sign of Sagittarius is actually Chiron, a centaur placed by Zeus for offering to take Prometheus’ place for eternal torture. Since Sagittarius is a cardine sign, it represents higher knowledge, but not necessarily material wealth. The idea that knowledge and wealth go hand in hand is a misnomer.


25 million light years = 153 millimeters, so Hyades’ Distance (652 LY, Divided by 25 million LY = 26.


Hyades is a young cluster of stars, three have a light year distance of 153 light years. The majority of stars are 625,000,000 years old. And using NASA space maths, some 25 million light years is equivalent to 153 millimeters of space distance in deep space field measurement.[20] So Age divided by scalar in millimeters equals 26. That is to say, 625,000,000 Age/25,000,000 LY= 26 ∙ 153 mm (millimeters).



Definitions: Large pyramid at Gizāh Progressatory.

Original Research.

Scored Line in Descending Passage remains a mysterious marker.

Sun’s culmination 2144 greg. cal. 21 march, vernal equinox.

12:06:15 local time. al-Cyone, M.C., Sun are in conjunction, the closest approach according to J.P.L. P03.


Nostradamus astrology: Inter subjective with no objective signatures.


Progressions to 21 March, apparent Vernal positions, not actual, but a consistent date for scientific purposes.


Progressions to desired dates of world influence.

Results, staggering.


Christian Cal.) Used.

AC= Ascendant, eastern horizon.

DC= Descendant

I.C. = anti-culmination.

M.C. = Culmination.

~ or Relative, implying not exact. Usually I will give an estimate such as plus/minus degree(s).

Sgr.A* = Galactic Center (G.C.), a 1.0x1.0 arc second vortex in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.


Sgr.A* = location, the Dark Rift (Mayan terminology for nebulous regions in our vision from Earth’s perspective of a band of gaseous regions located with density around the galactic plane.


Tropical Intersections: Four per precessional cycle. There is not cycle with equivalent time. However these intersections can be classified by ‘relative cycles.’


Signatures: there are 8 signatures with Sgr.A* and there are eight sides (besides the bottom which is side nine) to the pyramid, because of concaved middle-sections apparently about 70 inches as a mean at the most concave indicating an inverse to the quickening as the Earth approaches one of the four pointed sections of the exterior of the pyramid. The reason that humans feel that we as a whole are speeding up is that the closer we come to the intersection the quicker our pace results. This was one of Einstein’s greatest, and admitted mistakes, to which later in his life he accepted that God possible exists, he did not know it all as he thought when he was younger and the universe is teaming with acceleration and deacceleration when speaking on gravity-space-time.  So this explains one of the mysteries to why the pyramid has 8 sides and not 4 sides. It demonstrates that life is not a simple slogonry explanation.

Research and Data:

Level Elementary: Juridical Mundane Astrology, Nostradamus.



B.C.E. Before Common Era




589 B.C.E-4,700 B.C.E. (4,699 B.C.E.) al-Cyone Culminates


Mars and Saturn form a conjunction over Hyades and on the angles are alpha (α) Pleiades M.C., Eagle I.C., Lion A.C., lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, D.C.  So this is back engineering the Pyramid Astreological Matrix! D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith (1924 A.C.E.) give the equidistant divide of the northern hemisphere constellation of the Serpent, Hydræ, at 45° division of an otherwise longest conceptualized constellation of about 70 degrees.


I found that the Pyramid Astreological Matrix foundational chart at the scored line places alpha hydrae on the eastern horizon at the point the Sun culminates with al-cyone at the Vernal equinox. Hydræ, a female serpent with her mate, a male serpent in the southern hemisphere, gave Herkules problems with his second labor; ordered by Hera (Hyadian type of), wife of Zeus (e.g. Set, son of Adam,  in Hebrew mysticism or Set, brother of Osiris in Egyptian mysticism).


Draco or Dragon is a circumpolar constellation and it twists all around the upper portions of the night sky, and therefore every century this constellation has meaning, so-to-speak. Therefore it holds no real ascription to the pyramid, but is traditionally discoursed with alpha draconius as a ‘sighting’ tool of the pyramid’s builders. Piazzi Smyth places alpha draconius true polar position at 2170 B.C.E. Besides this period, the next relative Pole star is Polaris, the star of our modern times.


Polaris, idiomatically means, Satan


Ursa Minor’s Polaris, idiomatically means, Satan. This idiosyncratic expression in the Hebrew Bible defines an adversary (Book of Ezra), like a judge or a lawyer representing a plaintiff, and this is our relative (never true) northern pole-star currently. The Pleiades’ resides about 33 angular degrees form the projection of the off-set of Polaris, from the perspective of the vernal point on a Cartesian graph, and Polaris makes an 1°-2° hororary off-set P.E.D. to gamma draconii and 66 Serpens Cauda, and one of the minor Herkules stars. As we follow this cord, M20 lays west and north of the ecliptic just prior to 18 hours of right ascension. This is the Trifid Nebula, and the Hubble Deep Space lens shows dark clouds and dust, dramatically backlit by intense radiation that will one day leave and reveal newborn stars. At the moment, these gases form some horns on a beasts’ heads, poking-out of the clumps of stellar dust and debit. It is what is blocked out by these massive nebula, star forming, regions that gave the traditional identification as ‘dark-rifts,’ in an otherwise dense starry regions. The French Astronomer Charles Messier who compiled and contributed to a catalogue of star clusters and nebula in 1781 A.C.E. remained his whole life fascinated by the overwhelming and numerous nebulas found in and closely around the zodiacal constellation of Sagittarius (Chiron of ancient Greek times). These numerous nebulas form a 103 degree offset-row of nebula from the vantage point of viewing from Ecliptic to the pole star in oblique ascension.


Constellation of the OX/BULL First Sign of Zodiac


D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith discuss the date of 4,699 B.C.E. and Petrie’s section on royal tombs of the first dynasty, and focusing on predynastic traditions, Alap or Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew and Chaldean alphabets signifies Taurus’ bull-horns, a symbol looking like this ‘>’ or ‘A’ on its side. This, according to Petrie, was the first sign of the year, measuring from the Vernal Equinox. According to D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith, Petrie shows definitively that prior to 4,699 B.C.E., the letter ‘A’ was known in Mediterranean and the middle east as associated to the a constellation of Taurus, and our ‘alphabet,’ Petrie claims, derives from this symbolism in the heavens.[21]


Aleppo, called by different names is an ancient central trade junction in Anatolia (modern day Turkey), and was for millennia, when not meddled with by foreign rule, to be the trade junction of the world between the east and west. This town’s name too is derived by a conceptualization of being ‘first’ or the best as number one.


Hydræ, 4,699 B.C.E, 70 degrees or 45 degrees in half


The very long Hydræ constellatin extends some 70 degrees, and the ancient zodiacal systems derived two constellations for one, this practiced continued into the Roman Empire times –even after Ptolemy reorganized the tropical conditins, by ancient astrological enthusiasts. Thus, Pisces with Aquarius = 60°; Capricorn with Sagittarius = 60°, Scorpio with Libra = 60°; Virgo = 40°; Leo = 30;[22] Cancer with Gemini = 50° or Cancer =30° and Gemini = 20°. Taurus was 60 degrees, which included stars of Aries, the Ram. Babylonian star catalogues expound on these things. D.D. & H. A. argue that from 4,699 B.C.E to 1870 B.C.E., from “the extent of Taurus from the toe of Castor to the tail of Aries is 40°; Aries = 20°; total = 60°.”[23]  So the ancients had unique tableaus of heaven, and precession accounted for this correlation to the division of Hydræ and thus the 4,699 B.C.E. date. So we are not dealing with draconius for the pyramid except preregressional scored line applications. D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith never found out that Hydræ rises as al-Cyone culminates at the Vernal point in 2144 B.C.E. or they would have certainly bragged about its correspondence to their 4,699 B.C.E datum and supplied some meaning.



-4000 B.C.E. and Signatures.


This similar aspectual one arrives at with the back engineered foundation chart to -4000 B.C.E. gives al-Tarf rising, al-Pherg M.C. with Sun, Dorsom as the zodiacal setting star and al-Thaim, al Mizan, as true descendant arcs, Heze at the I.C., Mars with true arc conjunct al-Cyone, Ras-Elase, also intersecting the ascendant, the Moon is over the Eagle’s claws’ stars, Neptune is over Dschubba, and Venus and Pluto are conjunct in a relative but tight order to lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis. Both Bos [24] and Spica are relatively close to the angles and we have precessed this chart a long distance. This would be the anno pyramid ‘’00’ – ‘6,000’ integer chart. Both Mars and al-Cyone are 153 longitudal degrees from the Galactic Center, and tropically Mars is in its home sign at 00 Aries 44 minuets and 24 seconds and two minutes north. Longitudally, the Galactic Center is in a relative trine to the M.C. and sextile to the I.C.


The lunar node is over Regulus, and Uranus is over Zavijava. While Jupiter has passed the zodiacal constellation of the twins, and Saturn is about one-half way through the constellation it makes a relative waning conjunction. The Sun and the node are in a trine, tropically in water.


-3740 B.C.E Orionis Sets During the Summer Months.


At the Summer Solstice for around -3740 B.C.E., Orion is on the eastern horizon at Gizāh, although its elliptical intersection was found to arise around the celestial equator between 1,500 (α 42.92) -  1,400 (α 44.18) B.C.E., for the entire world with Alpha Orionis: Betelgeuse.


-2626 B.C.E., Bos, Sun, Pyramid’s Entrance, Culmination,


The date 2626 B.C.E. the entrance to the pyramid, back measured from the scored line gives the frontal Arietis stars, Mesathim and next Sharatan will rise and Mars is one-fourth of its passage intersecting the Ram, and at the same time al- Pherg, Pisces has risen, and Spica sets, and Decapoda is on the I.C. and the Sun is in a relative approximation to the ‘Bos’ and, Jupiter is over Dshubba. In the year of 797 B.C.E. also the frontal stars of Aries are about to rise. At this chart a stellium with Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury all near the M.C., has the Sun aspecting ‘Bos’ and Praesepe on the I.C. The numerical value of 2,626 when divided evenly /2 = 1,313. 1,313/13 = 101.


-1650s Heqa Khasewet 1650 – 1500 B.C.E. Sphinx signature.


Hyksos (Egyptian heqa khasewet)  ruled as the fifteenth Dynasty (1650s – 1550s) from Avaris, northeast of the Nile at Tell el Dab’a, and at this time had adopted many of the western cultural trappings at this time. The Egyptian name is assumed to mean foreign rulers, and most believe of an Asiatic origin. This was a period which would experience the rise of the Cult of Osiris – for national rallying purposes to throw out the invaders – and to resume the Pharonic power – a play which would decentralize the chaotic period.


The Minoans suffered a massive tsunami from Thera, a cauldron, today commonly called Santorini, in the Aegean Sea, and conferences today are held by debates to the actual dating of this historical Volcanic Eruption – one of the largest in recent history. While the Minoans were not wiped off the map, they started to decline after this disastrous period.[25]


The traditional dates for the Santorini Eruption is the mid-1550s,  the end period of the Egyptian fifteenth dynasty and the overlord Hyksos change period. Pumis which washed up and deposited near el Dab’a, northeast region of the Nile dates to 1540s. The modern tsunami estimates place this event between 1645 – 1628 (’28 Chinese tree-ring carbon dating), but these dates do not match the traditions, and tsunamis cane be caused by a myriad of natural events, not just material from a volcano disrupting the water-volume.


Sphinx = Præsepe, cancri. Since precessions take a long time, the Constellation of Cancer on the autumnal equinox angle remains its Sphinxish signature. it remains safe to say that the captive Hebrews as slaves in Egypt during the Ramicide period told these Egyptians what their symbols represent. On Seti II’s tomb-murals of the cosmos, the celestial Sphinx sits exactly where cancri is posited in the zodiacal band.


The so-called rubber people, named by moderns as the Olmecs, proto-Mayans who possibly build some pyramid and civilization complexes associated to high-technology, were a Meso-American and a mysterious civilization that seized power in the Yucatan Peninsula.


All over the world, praesepe, cancri on the autumnal, intersection, resulted in a birth, a rebirth and a death, shifting of collective movements of humans.


At 11:56:09 a.m., local time, U.T. 9:15:17, Sidereal Time 12:00:25, three minuets and forty-eight seconds after the Autumnal Equinox at Gizāh,  -1650 B.C.E., Gregorian cal., 1651 B.C. astronomical calendar. The sun is about three minuets of arc from culmination, and Praesepe graces the descendant at 20 minuets of arc and approaching.


-1453 B.C.E. and the asaid Intersection in Pyramid


After the Asian Yoke at Egypt created the Osiris Cult, Egyptian nationalism,  and the Pharonic competing leaders period, a new war mentality unified a newborn kingdom period (Valley of the Kings), expressing the period of Moses and the Exodus that relates to the Pyramidologists to be measured at 1453±25 B.C.E. greg. cal. This takes place about a century after the Egyptian unification, and the drought period(s) from the Chinese tree rings. So, if,  the drought was a climate change event and world wide as Joseph had predicted it in the Bible this takes place some generations prior to Moses’ period (Chinese tree-rings 1624 B.C.E.). Exodus according to D.D. & H.A. is 1486.


The Raamses’ Period demonstrated some large and some bold building projects which would have been a monumental effort at gathering human labor. It was a golden age period for Egypt and fits symbolically to the Arian Age (Aries Age by Precessional Epoch thinking at this time) and Ramessu a personal family name accompanies the connotative Ram associated to the constellation of Aries. The ancient zodiac consisted of Taurus and Aries as one constellation, a larger Ox figure superimposed upon the stars.


The year of 1453 A.C.E. has a Plutonic signature of sidereally passing the Tea-Pot stars of Sagittarius, and thus just years-prior traversing this portion of the Dark Rift – as it did in the early 2,000s A.C.E. For the autumnal equinox of 23 Sept. 1454 B.C.E. greg. cal., at 11:55:29:30 a.m., local time at Gizāh, Egypt, [ need to finish this]


After the world had transformed, the Old Kingdom at Egypt gave way to the New Kingdom after the Hyksos yoke, the Exodus period foreshadowed the assumption for the period of 1450s B.C. E. The northern occupation of the Egyptian Hyksos remains archeologically suggested for 1754 B.C.E., the Super astrological chart for 23 February 1754, 11:56:09, Gizāh, the control data system. Praesepe, here at this moment of space-time makes the arc to the ascendant and the ecliptic. The Assyrian people of the Akkadian Empire had its first demarcation period end in 1754 ( date? S.T. 18:00:04, U.T. 9:51:17), as the Nostradamus signature trigon (his idea) where Mars, Jupiter and Saturn make a stellium ( or a relative gathering at the western quadrant.


-836 B.C.E. lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, G.C. = P.E.D. M.C


A.C. = relative, llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, G.C. = P.E.D. M.C.,  Moon, Praesepe, 839 B.C.E. ±3 ° = G.C. True Arc, Venus P.E.D. G.C. This heaven has Mars, Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Neptune, with hard angles to Node and Pluto, and trine to Jupiter with a hard angle to Praesepe and the Moon, and Saturn is in a relative conjunction to Uranus.


Girdlical Stony Stars and Astronomical Sgr A* Positions


1:794-752 B.C.E.

2:589-556 B.C.E.[26]

3:381-349 B.C.E.[27]


794 B.C.E. = ‘Bos’ = M.C. Gorgones = A.C.

752 B.C.E. = G.C. P.E.D. = D.C.[28]

589 B.C.E. = al-Cyone & Jupiter = D.C. Yed Prior = A.C., Sun/midpoint/Regulus = M.C.

556 B.C.E = G.C.= A.C.

381 B.C.E. = bow of Orion = A.C., Moon al-Pherg, Castor = true A.C. arc.[29]

349 B.C.E. al-Pherg = M.C. + Sun, al-Tarf = A.C. Spica = I.C.[30]


Three girdle stones in relative proximity detail some measurement corrections. These are in the before common era (B.C.E.) and the first ‘edge’ of furthest in girdle- time, if dated to 794 B.C.E., Praesepe = I.C., Sun = Bos= M.C. The end of the stone I date to 752 B.C.E., and Sgr A* on the angle tells us something about timing? For the 794 measurement Spica and Heze intersect the D.C., with the closer of the two, Heze in aspect. The Middle of the constellation of Aries in on the eastern horizon, the node approaches llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, the Moon is in Aquarius (true arc). Interesting observations the Neptunian signature has a true arc in a relative connection to the galactic Center. So the commencement measurement of the first girdle has Neptune in the dark-rift and as the person follows up the ascending pathway they will see Neptune advance.


The second girdle stones has arrival at 589 B.C.E. and completion at 556 B.C.E.[31] This is the second girdle stone and like the first and final edge of these stone astronomically link to SgrA* on the back-end. The Galactic Center rises, and the raised arm of Orion sets about half-way. Vernalis is on the I.C., and The Sun/Mercury relative conjunction is over Zavijava.  However, the back end of stone three has Spica as a prominent signature. The node is over Deneb, Capricornii. Jupiter is over Taurus, and Mars swapping position of just leaving Gemini to where Jupiter’s position of the regress to -4000 B.C.E. signature. For this measurement at this part of this girdle stone, the Sun is in paran to SgrA*.

589 B.C.E Gorgones, al-Cyone, All Set as The Temple Destroyed, Homeland Returns Seven multiplied by Sidereal Measurements.


The beginning of the second girdle stone intends a period when the Hebrews are captives at Babylon and their temple is destroyed and their will broken. The Hebrews will return under a leader named Cyrus (the names means ‘the Sun’) but the interval to the return in the 20th century is 2589 integers, Christian Years or 2590 astronomical years. This figure is 7 multiplied by a sidereal year (7 ∙ 366 = 7.073770492 [32] (589 B.C.E. – 1948 A.C.E.).


So the year of 589 B.C.E.[33] has many parans with the gorgons and al-Cyone with true arcs at the western horizon; Yed Prior’s cord forcing an interpretation at the eastern horizon to claim a dark-rift signature, the node has passed but still is in a relative conjunction to the I.C. the Sun is at 29 GEM51’15” so it is approaching a new sign. Venus is close to a conjunction to Zavijava and is preceded by Mercury and the Moon. Mars is approaching the frontal stars of Gemini.


-599 B.C.E. Head Stars of the Lion


Ras Elase is at the M.C., and the war between the Hebrews and their enemies commences about this time. It will lead to Nebuchadnezzer II laying siege to Jerusalem, and the true arc of the ascendant cuts Libræ into two, these I found to be violent stars associated to Earthquakes, when other signatures are present. Mars, the symbol of war, aggression, hatred, and action of desires has a true arc over Betelguese, indicating this will be remembered as a ‘destructive’ memory to those whom are involved. Astridsagne, a head star of Taurus is on the western horizon.


-587 B.C.E. Jewish Captivity mean annals


No one is for certain of the Jewish captivity commencement for all the peoples of Israel and Judea. The forced immigration took place in stages, and we derive a mean value for teaching methods. The frontal stars of Scorpius, especially Dschubba are found in many of these markers in the pyramid, when speaking of progressing the foundational scored line chart. Here, the ascendant is found with a relative conjunction to the arc of Dschubba. The P.E.D. of Jupiter, and al-Cyone’s true arc describes the descendant. The I.C. = ~ ancha aquarii, the Moon is approaching Spica, the M.C. has Regulus and Mercury, and Venus are over Zavijava.


Persian Royal Stars on the Angles as they Take Hebrews Hostages


Hyades begins to set on the western horizon on -583 B.C.E., Jabbah, Scorpius, is about to rise. Fomaulhaut is on the I.C. (-583 B.C.E.), Hyadum, I, II, are on the D.C., and  the P.E.D. of the Galactic Center is about 37 longitude degrees by oblique ascension to the western horizon. In tropical astrology, almost all of this paper does not use it, but to show how it works, here: Moon squares Mars, Moon opposes Pluto, Moon squares Neptune, the lunar node is approaching the I.C. and Mercury, Venus and the Moon are part of a T-Square to Neptune and Pluto as Neptune is the handle. In -582 B.C.E., the Moon passes the true and P.E.D. arc of the Galactic Center, in the fourth quadrant. The Persian Royal stars, Regulus, Antares, Fomalhaut and al-Debaran are major stars in Persian mystical lore. Here as they are capturing their enemies, the Hebrews, Antares rises, al-Debaran graces the setting of the western horizon, and these two out of four signatures are accompanied by the local perspective from Gizāh, where llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis approaches anti-culmination.


-470 B.C.E. Signature geometries


Socrates birth year, in a relative sense is estimated at 470 or 469 B.C.E.  For 470, The Sun is about two degrees from the projected elliptical degree of SgrA*, progressed to 5 March, Mars is passed the true arc of Regulus and is approaching Shir. Jupiter is approaching al-Cyone, and currently at this chart Jupiter does not intersect any zodiacal constellations by its true arc. The Moon is approaching ‘Bos’, node is over Deneb, Capricorn, Neptune intersects the arc of theta ophiucii, the I.C. intersects Orion, and lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis is on the ascendant. Saturn and Uranus are at the Eagle’s claws and Venus approaches. Mercury is close to many Sagittarian stars, and has passed Ain al-Ra.


850 B.C.E.  NO GC angle, Moon al-Cyone, Mesha Stela. Homer Iliad, Odyssey.


1000 B.C.E. = NO GC angle, pentagon.


399 B.C.E. Not the Last but next to the Last Earthly Chronocrator


Earthly chronocrator series exhibits western civilization movements that influence the globe. Just as other chronocrator series highlight other historical culture and their contributions to the human experiment. When these things end, a transformation takes place and a handing-off of the cultural superpower takes place.


399 B.C.E. GC= approaching DC. Socrates executed by Democratic Mob, under false charges. Athenians humiliated and dominated by foreigners needing a scapegoat, and later twentieth century academia taught children that Socrates singlehandedly destroyed Democracy, and no one else is to blame. The reality, the end of an Earth Chronocrator Series spelt an end to white rule dominated by Hellens. Brown rule commenced by the Macedonian overlords, and eventually by the time of Aristotle’s proclamation during the period he was teaching  Alexander the Imperialist, son of Philip of Macedon, he claimed Democracy was all but dead. Alexander coming from a hereditary kingship culture proclaimed the natural course of human affairs was to be ruled by tyrants, like him.


Sparta only attacked and subjugated Athens because it was the bully on the block. Athens spearheaded imperialism and human subjugation such as forcing foreigners to work in mines hundreds of feet below ground and die early of poor working conditions – all to fund the Athenian building projects. Socrates complained incessantly over this and was executed by his own people. In fact, after Socrates died, the Persians aligned with their archenemies, Athenians to beat up on Spartans, and the cycles continue. Since ideas exist in mysticism or repeated circumstances, in a relative sense, in Islamic apocalyptic culture, Christens align with Islam to battle the forces of Evil. Even though Persians and Athenians were not Islamists nor Christians, they were relatively historical competitors and the relative repeatable circumstances for the future are not all that difficult to conjecture.

349 B.C.E. Another Challenge


At 349 B.C.E., Spica is on the I.C., al-Tarf is about to rise, Dorsum is close to the descendant and the node; al-Pherg is at the M.C. and the Sun is tropically about 00 Pisces 02’46”. Here Neptune is in a relative conjunction to the Galactic Center. Mars enters the frontal stars of Leo, Ras Elase...s. The Moon is in the anti-dark rift past el-Nath. Here the Sun makes a paran to cancri, and to the lunar node. Alexander III, son of Philip II of Macedon was born in the Summer of 356 B.C.E. at the modern day location of Pella Prefecture of Macedon, Greece.


At 349 B.C.E. Saturn close to the true arc over Zubenelak and Uranus with a true arc over Zubenelge, flank the Eagle’s claws. Jupiter’s true arc is approaching the center of Hyades. So there is a disturbance in the ideas of ruling and leadership. After Alexander told Aristotle, the natural rule of humans was to by a murderous tyrant; the warrior boy made inspirations that one day would influence Genghis Khan and his numerous hordes. Western history intends this warrior boy, who believed he was Zeus at the time in the body (remember Zeus/Jupiter is in Hyades as he is feeling these sentiments!) decided to take his militaries and set out to conquer the world, turning south-east. This remains a challenge to humans, because this was not a pay-back against the Athenians, as the Persians had allied with Athens to defeat the Navy superpower of Sparta, after centuries of fighting each other.


Western academia claims Alexander was this ‘great’ person who culturally infused the world to higher civilized ideas – when in reality, he cause great retribution ideas in the minds and memories of the middle and south Asian continent peoples.


The star, al-Tarf (al tarif) cancri is the ascendant star by true arc, and at Gebal al-Tarf (Jabl), Egypt, the famed 20th century Nag Hammandi collection was ascertained. Both of these ideas remained synchronistic. The Nag Hammandi codices have some literature that denounces imperialism, and Alexander III defined the Imperialistic model that seems to be posited as the remaining ‘girdle’ stone’s relative signature.




[1] D. Davidson, and H. Aldersmith use the same year but the autumnal equinox. Before reading this work I derived the year by al-Cyone’s closest approach to a midheaven culmination to the Sun and the Vernal point. However, no one on Earth, now or in the past, knows for sure about precession. The rate change, the Copernicus, at least from the modern age, makes it clear to his audience of the fluctuations in history.

[2] English spelling, American has no ‘u’. Many ‘u’s  in Early Modern English derive from the French dominance culture at the English court.

[3] this is to say, pi multiplied by a century (100 years), minus the days in a mean sidereal year ( taking into account millennia of flux) added to the tropical days of one mean solar year, found encoded all over the pyramid and move the decimal place up one position and round off the fraction, as 5 or large, means increase the mean, to above.

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[26] 163 integers.

[27] 175 integers.

[28] not a true arc, relative to only a projected ecliptical degree. Moon is on Zaniah, al-Hecka is the A.C. star, Mars is over lambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, and Leo intersects the I.C., Aqurius front star equals M.C., Tauruis equals A.C. and only the dark rift equals the D.C. However, a large portion of the invisible cord from Ophiuchus from Yed Prior to Sabik, and the close approximation of theta ophiucii are the western horizon signatures.

[29] Scheat is the culminating major star here, and Pluto culminates, relative that is, and Sun conjuncts in a relative position to Mercury, and the I.C. has Denebola approaching.

[30] Jupiter is in Hyades so 153 applies.

[31] controls for progression are to 21 March, however this does not mean an equinox, it was used just to keep the dates the same across the centuries.

[32] 2,562 = 7∙ 366.

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