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Democratic Talking Points

Define a Political Party?

In history, there are two main political systems of thought which make up a government. However, they have complicated variations; yet, their ways of doing things remain the same in history. One must judge the deeds, the trends, and the laws of the governments in history to draw a correct conclusion to its system. Most governments use catchy names that have no similarities in terms to the systems of government they use. A democracy (All people rule) is opposite of a kingship ( One man rule). In between lies variations that we call various names; for example, varying types of  socialist states ( Some people rule) and varying names that sometimes implies right-wing, but they are not even cloze to the system of freedom.  Usually a good judge for a democracy is that the middle class has more in number than the poor or rich and they control the political weight in people power. The national defense is number one and toleration of diversity in skin color has as its ideal in this society. The defense keeps the culture and nation secure and  diversity keeps the nation strong. In order to run a strong nation under democracy one needs have common sense. This usually applies the first principles in a structured system of belief, morals and agreements to ethics'. It should have nothing to do with the color of ones skin, but the power of their intelligence. Another way to figure out if a society is leaning left is if its individuals who are intellectuals are criticized, ignored, or eventually banned. When the attention span of the people decreases so does the leftist ideology increases which mimics polarization of the opposing parties.

General systems of government.

The two main thoughts: These are placed at the extreme for clarity.

What is Nationalism?

The Variations used in history:

In times of war Left-wing centralization rules.

Why is socialism mean non-equal rule when their slogan is equal rule for all?

How do you correct the problems that socialist governments fail to succeed at?

Do great civilizations or periods begin right-wing?

Is the United States of America only Conservative?

What does this term mean?

The United States of America's government is comprised ( made up) of all three forms of the most used governmental systems in history: Democracy, Socialism, and Kingship.

To show exactly how the system was set up. America has three main branches of of government. The representatives that equals the democracies process, the Congress that equals the Republic (Socialism) process, and the President that equals the kingship process.

These three branches make up the tirade system of compromise that the Framers settled on.

The House of Representatives is the direct democratic system for America. The Congress is the Socialism system of America, and the Office of the President of the United States is the system for kingship.

The Judicial system (courts) Are in all three systems of government in history. However, the kingship, socialism, and late Athenian courts had ties to the political leader wishes. This often produced unfairness. The courts in America try to be separate from the wishes of the Congress and president and made law only from the "Law" itself, the Constitution of the United States. The judges are there to interpret the law from this Constitution.

How is Freedom compared to non-Freedom in governments?

What are the attributes of Freedom?

What are the attributes to non- Freedom?

Freedom's codes.

Freedom implies responsibility, and responsibility implies risks. And if one does not risk something he or she will usually never get what they want in life. When the left complains and blames others for problems as is their way it promotes fear and anger that furthermore erodes a society. The Media which is overwhelming left according to in-depth polls in the '90s and '00s show the leftist media which dominated the airwaves promoting endless fear onto its American audience.

What party Dominates the world?

Overwhelming majority in the western world are leftists - not democrats in the original sense of the word. The eastern Hemisphere is almost entirely leftwing.

America for the last 80 years the rightwing has taken the left wings moniker (Republican) and the leftwing has taken the original rightwing moniker (Democrat). See American History (Jefferson and Hamilton parties).

Just like the western ‘slang’ use of the term ‘ bad' to mean ‘good,’ that manage to go mainstream in culture, and the twisting of political party terminology has done the same. In the world it is the same. For example, China’s army is called the Peoples Republic Army (PLA). Or the Saddam Hussein Army was called Republican Guard. These two terms meaning socialism are used, in these two contexts, are not wholly accurate descriptions. Hussein is a absolute dictator. China’s Army runs the social side of political spectrum dominating the form of Communism/Socialism they use.(See: Two governmental divisions in Chinese system).

Why do some people believe that Hitler (Leader of Germany) was right-wing?

People believe that racism is the entire argument between right vs. left. This is not the case. It is about freedom and self local governing vs. big-governmental control (Bureaucracy). Some say that despots are all right wing? Link...Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin and Saddam Hussain... etc..?

Nope. Communism in its 20th Century practiced form was despotic (State control - Big Gov - despots) the way that many of these people (above) played it is left-wing. And this is what historians say. I do not know what books people are reading that claim otherwise? Mostly they are specious arguments and hold not objectivity or rational reasoning of basic systems of government and how and who controls the policies.

Hitler even mentions in a letter that his administration was 10% right and 90% left. He had no reason to lie about it. He ran an entire nation; he knew what he was doing and what he could do to get it.

A democracy (All people rule) is opposite of a kingship ( One man rule). In between lies variations that we call socialist states ( Some people rule).

 The Best early books on Democracy and Communism are what?

In the end Plato chose communism, with slaves, and a shadow government called " The nocturnal council." [All the bad stuff in it- no human rights, ect…] Why did Plato choose it? Because he came to a hurried conclusion that not every minority is gifted enough with the same intelligence in levels that society needs to be run on.

Socrates said to Plato "Your out of it!" It is better to have a leader who is like a philosopher, extremely intelligent, and not looking for money deals (Special intrest groups) - like former United States President Bill Clinton's $44,000,000 [documented] illegal contributions from Chinese Military officials for Nuclear weapons technology! Communism of the 20th Century is just that. An elite government forms when socialistic ideals began to control its citizens by special interest groups that influence business deals that do not looking out for the general freedoms of people. Capitalism is not bad. The system works well. What is wrong with the American form is special interest and soft money and media blackout on relevant issues. The media loves to report that Americans vote in low turnout numbers, but they do not air the issues to get the people involved. This is in part to ratings would be low forcing sponsored companies to take advertisement dollars elsewhere.

One of the biggest issues not argued in democracy it that groups ( Cultures) have not had the necessary evolution through their respected histories to run this complex, restrictive, and compromising government system. For one thing, an educated populist needs to be in place to make sharp decisions in voting. For a culture to evolve it must take the necessary steps on government reform. It took the English and European 1000 years to get to the American Constitution. The ball got rolling during King Henry II (1200s), “Common Sense” laws. Imagine that we are trying to change a culture in Iraq presently to run a democracy that has no prior will, or experience. They the people must make the political drive themselves and fight for their own rights.

Communism governments fail because of the same problem that plagues Democracy. Bad leadership. Good leadership is a necessity for both, yet, only in a democracy can you vote out your elective law makers, where in socialism, that turns closer to communism, it is much harder to do.



Then democracies can run efficient! Democracy is the only bastion of justice left in this evil world! To say that it has fallbacks, then take a look at all the leftist government and you will see that it means BIG GOVERNMENT and/or Dictatorship like Hitler’s regime. (Regardless of genocide) All dictators do genocide. Against minorities, one cannot say that a dictator who kills  minorities is right wing because he is white and kills a colored person- at all. If you become aware that Democracies guard against these out-of-control dictators, then you can make progress in a peoples controlled government.

America in history

The great Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn once wrote this warning,
"To destroy a people you must first sever their roots."

America was born with mostly right wing colonists in the north and leftwing colonists mostly in the south, then the framers appeased the left by employing some socialistic policies into the American theme. Then, a balance was achieved by making the three branches of government work as checks and balances, employing Kingship, Socialism and Democracy as defined above. However, in the Federalist Papers, a document of debates for the best systems of government to use in America,  the falling of a society in history was preceded by a large war that brought influence and bounty into the home country making it fabulously rich. The result would be the two opposing sides having enough money to start special groups to campaign for their parties to become extreme. Bickering would result and the slow fall of unity would ultimately bring its collapse.  The victory of Hollywood and the left in the McCarthy Period proved fatal for the United States staying power as a unified country. The media and left made it impossible for more little McCarthy to step in and squelch communistic leaders in powerful positions of society. Although, one can see the extreme opposite example of Mao Tse-tung's orders to seek out and find capitalist-right-wingers in China and suppress and murder them. He succeeded, establishing a strong ideological communist state for himself that lasted until his death. The point is that McCarthy was stopped and the left won. From then on socialist agendas have creped in making Americans weak.  No more can one say what they want about another person without being accused of racism, insensitivity, or stupidity.  The extreme has shown in the media allowing anyone who is right-wing being falsely accused of everything under the sun including being the party for Nazis. Mao Tse-tung's used the same tactics in China to vilify capitalists and freedom seekers winning decisively and almost destroying the Chinese people as a race. Mao Tse-tung's fierce battle against the right-wingers and intellectuals is mirrored in American's leftist political talking points today.

> Since then, we as a people have become complacent.

You can blame, money that America made after WWII in the New Imperialism stage of its existence. The framers predicted this,
because their models were the Romans and Greeks who fell to the same perils, of spoils of war and first place status among the world as  a

The 1960s Civil Rights Movement and Leftist Infiltration periods:

I believe once the media and Hollywood destroyed the people who were searching for lefties in our country they kept coming and now they are here. Regardless of the civil rights movement, envisioned by many framers long ago – but had to wait on the overwhelmingly lefty south to stop their greedy ( And some rightist too) slave farms, America has been infiltrated with leftist policies. Political Correctness is one of them. This is an age old concept employed for many centuries under different names and guises, but with them drastic affects. America, by-en-large, was a rightwing country when it started, minus discrimination by mostly the  leftist southerners with their slave farms. Almost all great civilizations had slavery of some sort. The Romans had white slaves, the Egyptians who are considered by many historians of the black culture definitely had black many slaves. The Post Muhammad era, had seen white slavery  ( Christians) for many centuries enacted by different Islamic dynasties in their history. In the far east their were slavery. In the middle ages the serfs who were white were slaves to their white owners.

Then by the ‘60s and ‘70s, many factors played into the country going for the most part to the left. Even many Republicans
today have tended to appease the left while still claiming right-wing values. Freedom was at the heart of rightwing societies in history. Socialism and Kingship are not. They are built on class designation. There never has been a real communistic civilization that was run purely on its concepts of equality for all. Many have tried, but fell away to classes developing into Subject-Privilege polarizations castes.

Leftwing brilliance of the anti-intellectuals theory.

Here is a mundane example of how leftwing runs their civil programs:

If you want to talk about leftwing waste in my city. The City employs about 30-50 men for two weeks to put up dainty, pretty, delicate center dividers on city streets that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and looks like crap; but the pot holes in the middle of the road go unattended for decades. That's lefty politics for you. Meanwhile people still get into accidents because they roads are pitted with gaps and holes. How do I know there are leftwing decisions made in my city? My whole city has overwhelming leftwing officials at all levels of our cities government.

Now we live under the shadow of the so-called Patriot Act.

There is nothing different about the Patriot Act and the fierce acts of imprisoning Japanese during WWII and ' loose lips sinks ships' policies which were of no-free speech values in times of war, especially WWII. . So the Patriot act which has a time limit will be put out after the terrorists succumb and stop terrorizing the west.

Many argue the American Freedoms are eroding - our freedom, our way of life.

 'Our Freedom' is still here but eroding  to the PC spearheaded crowd  which is mostly enacted by the leftwing now in American society that I said has now infiltrated our highest offices in the land.  You want to see less freedom elect J. Kerry who is said to be more left than Ted Kennedy – Now that's bordering on 20th century communism. If you remember your history in communism there was not freedoms but you could work all day for the state and on the weekends stand in 2-5 hour lines at the grocery store.

Our constitution gives the President authority to do many things.

That's how the framers set it up. He has limited powers. He cannot call martial law forever, or become dictator – the constitution does not allow this, and neither would the American people. I believe you are exaggerating some type of fear. There is not fear. It's the best laws in the history of the world.

The government no longer is required to verify the need for the presidents actions for war.

The president can issue a war up till three months, then after that the Congress must ratify the funding. Also, this policy has been going on since Vietnam era, and I agree. But again Congress votes in the funding so they still have the say!

Every part of the Patriot Act was already in place in our government before 9-11.

It's called FEMA and was in place a long time before you and me were born. Presidents in the ‘50s tried to use it but the Supreme Court shut them down. That is in Law History Books.

Certain individuals in the  government gave themselves authority to act without any checks or balances  in place.

Unfortunately this is not totally true, but it has came out that the Congress passes the majority of Bills without reading them. Then small loopholes are found by lawyers and then the results are as you say. In regards to this,  Bill Clinton executive ordered the State Department to turn over jurisdiction of selling munitions list items to the Commerce Department, and the Congress did not get wind of this for seven years after the damage to national security had been done.

I do not know what the next 4 years will bring, but if America continues its current path, my children will not be growing up in the same safe, secure America I did.

When was America safe? Never. America is the land of the free and uses  guns when one feels threatened. That is your RIGHT! 2nd Amendment.

We no longer question why things are done.

The left media is another factor. Go to Gallup to see the trends from statistics 10-20 years ago. The media has moved right-to-left in
numbers of organizations promoting leftwing policies.

                Free Will

Democracy allows new social groups and interests to express themselves and join in the general political consensus. On a group level this advocates free will for the many, compared to the few in a oligarchy or dictatorship. In a dictatorship only a few have any political right to have free will. At least, in the numbers game, more people have more social power which heads toward our argument that more free will is gained under capitalism/democracy.

United States of America: Three major branches of government.:  legislative branch , judicial branch, and executive branch. These are all liberal institutions. They are comprised up of a complex system of checks and balances and were formed to allow patience in making laws and forming solutions in that humans often time jump to conclusions when they angry and impatient.


Articles one through three of the U.S. Constitution make provisions for three separate and independent branches of government: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. Each branch has its own set of powers and responsibilities, yet many of the powers and responsibilities overlap.

The Constitution calls for a system of separation of powers in which three branches of government can check and balance each other. Those three branches are the executive branch which includes the president, the legislative branch which includes Congress, and the judicial branch which includes the Supreme Court. The men who wrote the Constitution spread the powers of government among these three branches to keep any one branch of government from becoming too powerful. Each branch performs separate functions and checks the other branch's functions in different ways.



June 7, 1787
State Houses Elect Senators

U.S. Constitution


Who should elect United States senators? When the framers of the Constitution convened in Philadelphia in 1787, they struggled over three possible answers to this question.

Under one plan, each state legislature would send a list of candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives so that the House could make the selections. Yet this would have made the Senate dependent upon the House, ignoring James Madison's advice that the best way to protect against tyrannical governments was to balance the ambitions of one branch against those of a corresponding branch. Madison and his constitution-writing colleagues had in mind a system in which the Senate keeps an eye on the House, while the House watches the Senate.

Or perhaps the people could elect their own senators. This had the disadvantage, as far as city dwellers and those with commercial interests were concerned, of favoring the nation's more numerous agricultural population. Connecticut's Roger Sherman warned against direct election. "The people should have as little to do as may be about the government. They lack information and are constantly liable to be misled."

On June 7, 1787, the framers settled on a third option. They decided that state legislatures should select senators, without any involvement by the House of Representatives. The state legislatures, they argued, would provide the necessary "filtration" to produce better senators — the elect of the elected. The framers hoped that this arrangement would give state political leaders a sense of participation, calming their fears about the dangers of a strong centralized government. The advantage of this plan, they believed, was that all laws would be passed by a "dual constituency" composed of a body elected directly by the people (or at least the white males entitled to vote for members of their state legislatures) and one chosen by the elected representatives of individual states.

After several decades, as service in the Senate became more highly prized and political parties gained wider influence in directing state legislative operations, this system of indirect election began to break down. When separate parties controlled a legislature's two houses, deadlocks frequently deprived states of their full Senate representation.

A plan for direct popular election lingered for decades. Finally, a campaign to make governmental institutions more responsive to the people propelled the measure to ratification in 1913 as the Constitution's Seventeenth Amendment.

Reference Items:


Crook, Sara Brandes, and John R. Hibbing. "A Not-so-Distant Mirror: The 17th Amendment and Congressional Change."  American Political Science Review 91 (December 1997):  845-853.



Bookoflife The United States was envisioned by Conservative to allow them their own laws within each states boarders. The Federal Government was in the beginning only there for centralizing forces in case of attack upon the United States boarders. Otherwise, it stayed out of issues. The National Laws that do not concern this is not what the American conservative founders envisioned. However, the Liberals ( A nice name for Socialists) Believe that national government should play a role in the decisions of the state. How far the federal government goes is usually what is at stake when we hear of issues.


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Copyright © 1999 - 2015 Michael Johnathan McDonald