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[Gamma HRes 463 ] U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China

[ Gamma ] Hillary D Rodham’s Wellesley College, May  2, 1969 senior thesis

World Leaders treat Hillary Clinton with distain knowing she is less human than their male political officials equivalents because she allows her estranged husband to philander, be accused of rape-assault, lying under oath which constitutes a high crime -- thus no national security excuse -- and for the counter, Hillary called all these accusations a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy, against her husband to which we later found out, and rather quickly he was lying and now holds the title to the first U.S. President to be impeached, thus Hillary’s judgment can be formulated by the opposite behaviorisms than her ‘helped’ Senior Thesis. In the thesis, she sounds awful smart for her age, and perhaps as she has gotten older, she has reversed adult brain mechanisms to increase knowledge through experience and this seems not to be the case. She has become petty and stupid, rather dysfunctional and relying only on the U.S. dysfunctional family. In fact, if the U.S. populous was operating at a normal level of functionality, Hillary would be executed for her shenanigans. But we live in Satan’s Military State, and have done so since 1937 A.D., and only John F. Kennedy tried to dismantle it before it when pan-global to operate murder-global Inc. to eradicate the Poor ( that were just let out of mandatory mental institutions, passed under Reagan’s term, and the undesirables of blacks at  10% and all the while kill ‘gooks’ their term, used in Military Handbooks as late as the 1940s by conducting wars form South Asia, South America to the Middle East without any elected officials or democratic institutions allowing this to be approved. Hillary is a part of this machine, and in her thesis she fights this machine only to one day become a vital cog in its  hierarchical  power, to which she feeds off the energy like a demon to which death and pain become feelings of joy and happiness.






OI Article i, sec. ii

[OI Article i, sec. ii, a ]  Milky Way Galaxy & 2012 [ 29 October 2011, z e-lak, paran Mars]

[OI Article i, sec. ii, c ] Total Solar Eclipse Jesus Period [ 16 November 2011].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, c ] Chloë Grace Moretz & advanced astreology [ 29 July 2013].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, e ] Chloë Grace Moretz  ii & Movie astreologies [ 29 July 2013].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, f ] Wall Street, Advanced Financial [ 08 Jan. 2014].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, g ] Racism In Panethnos  [19 Jan 2014].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, h ] Fathers the Role of the Husband and Children  [30 Jan 2014].

[OI Article i. sec. ii, i] Marijuana, The War on Drugs and War on Health [ 19 Feb 2014].





IO Article 1, sec iii

[OI Article i, sec. iii, a ] What is life?  All life forms compete against other life forms for energy. [ 24 th October 2011, 9:51 p.m. Burbank, CA]

[OI Article i, sec. iii, b ]  race addiction 2013 July 24

OI Article ii, sec. ii

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, a ] Nostradamus Scholars who preinterpreted prediction: Nostradamus Predicting the Soviet Union’ Imperialism Called Communism – Seen Prior to the events by Scholars in our Modern Age.

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, b ] Egyptian Deity Horus and Astrological Terminology [ 13 Sept. 2011]

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, c] Claudius Ptolemy, Copernicus recordings of astronomy and the Star Regulus and the Basilide Movement, and Astrodienst conflicts. 07 December 2011, 2:10 p.m., Studio City.

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, d]  Precession Mean by Copernicus, one measurement. [08 Dec. 2011]



[OI Article iii, sec. ii, a ]  11 September 2001 & 1999 [ written mostly in 2009, released September 2100]

[OI Article iii.  sec. ii, i] Drone The Rise of [ february 4 , 2014]. MEAMIC foreign policy change 2009, Jan – current. Just intimidate and murder to achieve advantageous extraterritorial contracts.






OI Article v, sec. i

[OI Article v, sec. i, a ]  The Stones at Gizāh & Its Star Angles of World Human Management 1 Dec. 2011 6:03 a.m. Burbank, CA..

OI Article v.  sec. ii

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, a ] Large Gizāic Pyramidic Metrological Relationships, Ancient Measurments [ for rel. 15 Feb 2012]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, c ] The Stone’s Concaves  [ Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, d ] The precessional rates of Copernicus’ derived the mean-value and its alignment to the large Gizāh pyramid (Galactic Center Release 2011).

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, e]  The Holy Grail Stone: The Re Adjusted Measurements  & Stone & Apophis [ Galactic Center Release 2011]
[OI Article v.  sec. ii, f ] Epoch Yeshua 26° 10’ 18.03”  & Angle A, Copernicus, Piazzi Smyth, Epsilonic change  [Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, g ] Cross at Hendaye & The Pyramid Stars [Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, h] Crucifixion Eclipse, Pyramid Scored Stars, 1,999 Eclipse & Subterranean Pit  [+1° Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, i]  Stone: Scalar Systems, some ideas [ Winter Sol. Sundown, 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, j ] Elements : Signs of Apokalypse [ ? Sept. 2013]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, l ] Edgar Casey 1998, Return of Jesus & Pyramid Chronology. ( 4 th Jan. 2012, around  Sunset , 4:44 p.m. , Studio City, Los Angeles).

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, n ]  No scalar changes system: Raw Data & Pyramid Chronology. Nostradamus' BirthDate at Central Axis of Pyramid.

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, o] Who built the pyramid : A Dynamite boy blows up Sphinx, and Gizāh pyramids. 4 Feb. 2012.

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, p] 2001 A.C.E. Gizah Pyramid Date Fortold & Other Mysteries (date of release)

Pyramidial Astreological Matrix

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, q] The Large Pyramid at Gizāh Galactic Center Alignments B.C.E. section: Release cords: studio city, 18 feb. 2012, α Orionis Eastern Horizon. Belt-Stars Centered, Neptune moves into tropical Pisces..

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, r] The Large Pyramid at Gizāh Galactic Center Alignments A.C.E. section: Release cords: studio city, 19 feb. 2012, α Orionis Eastern Horizon. Belt-Stars Centered, Neptune moves into tropical Pisces..

Economy And Human Control

OI Article v.  sec. ii

[OI Article iii sec. ii, c] Economy And Human Control. [17 January 2013, 8: 15 p.s.t., p.m. Burbank, CA. ].


OI Article v.  sec. iii

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii c]  Economic Celestial Coding (ECC) 03July 2013. Wealth + Avarice 17th January 2013, 8:15 p.m.

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii d]  Democracy is only run by Transparency : In a democracy, you must talk politics because that is what democracy forms its justice out of and corrects its mistakes. The news media over the last 25 years has switched to headline celebrity news and suppresses any real discourse on politics. This attitude is always relevant in kingship or in tyrannies. ( 28 Aug. 2013).

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii e]  Hollywood Violence,  Scientific ( June 27 th , 2013).

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii f] Oil Wars [ 5 th September 2013] History of Oil Wars & violence in the Middle East, Modern Era.

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii g] Apokálypsis: Ben Ghazī: attack kills U.S. diplomats, Hillary Rodham covers up, Barack H. Obama covers up. New York Times deceives the U.S.A. people and promotes racism against Moslems.


OI Article vi

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, a]  666 Venus & Sun Elicpse of 2012 .  released 5 June (U.T. 6 th of June) 2012 at 6:06 p.m., Studio City, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, b] Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Miss Earth on February 15, 2013 [17 an 2013].

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, c] (99942) Apophis = 2004 MN4 [ 17 January 2013].. 

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, d] Catholic Church, Prophecy of the Popes, 2013 Cardinal College Election. [ 1 Feb 2013, ect...]

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, g] Illuminati Barvarian and Current [ 14 Feb. 2014 ]

[OI Article vi. sec. i, h] The B E A S T Apokálypsis  Bill Clinton's CIA files + [ 11 feb. 2014].




OI Article vii

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, a] The Little Book, 20 May 2012: Revelations: 10:1-11; Jeremiah 15:16; Psalms 19:103; Ezekiel, 2:10, 3:3, 3:14.

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, b] Jewish Biblical Astrology, Elementary. Become a prophet. , 1 st July 2012, 5:49:30 a.m., PDT.

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, c] Y’hoshua Arc(s) [ Biblical] (AMUC) (15 Oct. 2012)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, d] Archangel Michael Universe Catalogue (AMUC): objects A 1 - A 49 (15 Oct. 2012)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, e] Rare Astrenomical Occurances File 2013 Lists. ( 27 April 2013)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, g] NSA Astreology, Stars and Predictions. (26 July 2013).

[OI Article vii. sec. i, h] Genisis astreology. (19 Aug 2013).

[OI Article vii. sec. i, 1] 11 September 2,001 A.D. In Prophecy (12 September 2013 A.D.)


Economy And Human Control





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