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Hillary Clinton Ordered Murder of Christopher Stevens

#CONFIRMED #01242018AD

#FBI director just threatened #POTUS to kill him

Who is Director “(FBI Director) FBI Director Chris Wray said Tuesday He wants a lid on this [ Peter – Lisa emails] ,” the FBI official said “ This is much larger than just texts between two FBI agents .” Yes, there is an assassination email, already everyone has been talking about it and most of the Congress are criminals who work for James Clapper Black Berry Fiefdom of Child Traffickers and Cannibals and Satanists. You touch Trump, You have been warned by America! By the Way, you are going to the #SecondDeath. #JesusReturned

5:55 p.m. #mason #level34 #bookoflife #01242018AD

Christopher Asher Wray, b. December 17, 1967 , New York City, New York, U.S, sD 6:03 p.m. Sherman Oaks, CA. #01242018AD

Does Google officials fund and support Islamic State and Muslim Brotherhood? why are these things not important as the masses of migrants about 160 Million that ushered in LatinJews, ArabJews, AfroJews and GermanYellow Jews, south Deccan yellow and brown jews?

Arc Michael #oldnews been on my website for two years now. It is global #whitegenocide and done openly. Man white people are dumbasses. They believe the media when it speaks to 10% of the U.S.A. population, at most. #bookoflife.org

I have no solutions or offer any. #world is gone, they rejected the solution makers. Oh ,well. I am working on self love now; I no longer care about this world or its inhabitants.

dude, really WikiLeaks ? this is two year old news. The founders have dna ISIS in them, look at their faces, Mussad/ISIS looking people. ISIS is bad, real islam is good. They are not around on planet earth They kill libtards by the billions, They are the badasses and My People.

They have 100% permission to take off all #jews from the four corners of planet earth. I do not care anylonger. 30,000,000 people are all that are addressed, I said this two years ago. and some superpac came out with the same findings.

#hillaryclinton #superPAC funded research into Democratic Obama 2008, 2012, voters who voted both times for Obama but in the 2016 General Eleciton, they switched to a bigot, racist, zenophobe, tax evader, liar, white trash, world criminal, #donaldtrump.

so the #Hillary Camp super Punks asked their people, #why?


hey came to a conclusion that the #Democratic party in our government supports only 10% of the U.S.A. general Population and the Republicans support only 1%, making a total representation since 1992 ( #Beast ) of about 30,000,000 or a little more of U.S.A. PEOPLE our federal government is only interested in addressing ∏

Hillary Diane Rodham’s Wellesley College‚ May‚ 2‚ 1969 thesis

Hillary admits on television to starting Da´ish ≡ Islamic State > I.S.I.S.

Health In December 2012 crookedhillary suffered from a blood clot behind her ear near the brain. She fully recovered, and on 1 February she handed in her resignation as secretary of state. Sounds like her health is an issue and sometimes this means barring someone from being a POTUS.

5th July 2016 A.D. James Comey #FBI head said no charges for Hillary Clinton for having two hacked and off> site National Security Servers, emailing Islamic groups and emails containing the transfer of Multi millions of dollars to her secret off shore bank accounts. In my opinion, The Beast’s wife can rape a young child and live on Television broadcasted to every home in the nation on Good Morning America and the co-hosts and audiences would cheer for Hillary Clinton – that is how far gone the human expedient has become for our Modernity. Everything is plastic, a lie, camouflage, duplistic , egotistical, uncaring, fearful, and suppressive. About seven out of every ten new immigrants here and working jobs are here only for the cash and fight and oppose any nationalistic tradition. In the 1980s I was attending highshool and the founding fathers were being banned back then, so this helps explain why the majority of the new U.S.A. population are all walking zombies.

#FBI #jamescomey took to congress to say again, #hillaryclinton was grossly negligent < extream carelessness >; he did not interview her for 2.5 hours, his staff did and said #FBI does not know what was said. #US is a freaking laughable joke. Congress persons gawked, and protested, "You must be a total Idiot." black congress democrats reacted, said: " Don't hate him, he knows what he means" = they are on Hillary Clinton's side no matter if she rapes a billion people. #Comey said he got a 10 year contract, so his bosses and he need to get along, so no need to prosecute wrong doing, imo. Comey said 50 ? ⟨ unknown but more than one⟩ persons perhaps were using #classified illegally, but will not prosecute because " It is just the culture of the state department." The duplicity and hypocrisy from the FBI is stunning and Comey's number one argument for not prosecuting #crookedhillary : "Well no one else gets prosecuted for 50+ years why start now?" Comey made the USA a freaking joke; a mere laughing stock to the world. Clinton´s ⟨c&rang editing of classifieds to hide the fact of cut and paste jobs said someone broke the law but it is his job not to prosecute anyone, because it is just how the system is done. #07072016ad

Clinton Foundation ≈ Blood Money to all the Moslem nations for Hillary Clinton's opposition to American energy independence. Qatar‚ Yemen‚Arab Emirates‚ Saudi Arabia‚ Haiti < all telephone charges go to Clinton business, so they Haitians are not independent but must pay the Clinton foundation to use the phones companies on Haiti.> They took advantage of this after the large Haitian Earthquake. Hillary Clinton wrote she had zero money in the bank after exiting as the First Lady. She continued to work for public office which pays little and she has amassed $240‚ 000‚ 0000 since 2,001 A.D. the idea was to have Saudi or Arab Oil officials bank Hillary Clinton's opposition to American energy independence. In order to do this she and her Beast husband set up two Private State Department illegal servers in secret bathrooms < Colorado>or at one her numerous expensive mansions, the one in Chappaqua. she and Obama < Committee findings> sent emails to each other and So Obama will not prosecute her at the Justice Department because he would become a real court witness. Obama would likely be charged too. the State Department officials sais they warned Hillary about non legal server, Hillary Clinton told them she had no private classified document ⇒ She continues to lie about all of this and Donald Trump and the people angry at the Arabs taking all the good jobs by Affirmative Action. I have suffered here in U.S.A. by the Reagan, Bushes and Clinton and Obama´s policies of globalism preferences. THey import jobs on visa and they do not go home and have 60% of all local government jobs now and by policy the native Americans with white white skin are not hired, not in L.A. county and these LA RAZA policies have been in place since 2006– – Los Angeles Times‚ the Daily L.A. news‚ et al. and Sacramento Anti–American policy. Two of the most bigoted racists are the top Latinos in our State of California Sacramento Capitol. Although in 2013 A.D. and few white girls were hired for a city jobs but males were only white jews which are arabs too. All I see on the streets are white white ‚ WASPS and black–blacks suffering as the Arabs who do not speak English well control all the social institutions and including the purse strings.

Rejection of Arab faceless Brussel €Rule ‡ Brexit
1917 A.D. Britain kicks out Jews⁄Arabs 2016 A.D. about 100 years later a referendum on the overbearing Arab populations and their control of the power of the European Union

Hillary Clinton wants globalism and anti–natinal policies.

Give € back to the People!

17 ‚ 000 ‚ 000 people voted to leave the European Union.

BrexitBrussels was forcing Britain to accept 1 ‚000 ‚000 Middle Easterners < Arabites > and charging the British’ Brits‚ Scot and Ireland working class to foot the bill and Brussels was running Immigrant affirmative Action. the Non European immigrants are freaking out. we cannot beat, rape and hurt these white anymore and have eu legally back us up? Damn this suxs. That is the real word on the streets. Scotland looks like it was taken over by olive to brown skinned and brown eyed people. The PM is Muslim and an Arab and Scotland voted 67% to stay in but these were not the young affected persons but the establishment old guards that voted to stay in and convince their family members .

The Arab terrorists were infiltrating the borderless EU and so the Paris attacks allowed the main cell leader to hide out in Brussels for four months, and the Europol could not figure this out because it never tracks the immigrants and keeps track of second generation immigrants who are pulling off most of the U.S. and EU attacks, we found out after each attack.

Big Bank Issueκ The six largests BailOut of Banks by Obama created a Democratic Anti Progressive Ideology; and Hillary says that was a good idea’ we need to do it again. GOP and Hillary suppprt the same idea of keeping corpo taxes at Zero; so Hillary Clinton is not about progressive tax system.

Bernie Sanders Feb New Hampshire 2016 debate said the Wall Street Model is a “ Fraud” and Hillary laughed out loud.


Hillary supports loop hole of off shore corpo Tax Heavens like Obama and the Establishment Republican Party. These corporations make Trillions & pay no taxes at all. Bernie Sanders wants to stop this and I agree. Hillary Clinton has known this corruption for 25 years and has done nothing to stop it or bring it up in conversation because she has been given over $100,000,000 by the corporations that do not pay taxes, but pay off the leaders that allow them to skip paying taxes.

Hillary Clinton is not a progressive as she claims. She is anti-progressive tax, anti progressive nuclear proliferation, anti-progressive on dirty donations from Foreigners, anti-progressive on unity, anti progressive on jobs for the middle to poor class. Hillary too 30 Million from Goldman Sacs and they were fined for $5 billion dollars by the Federal Government but no one goes to jail and that $5 billion comes from the  poor peasant tax payers, and Clinton during the debates who got speaking fees by the millions laughed and said Bernie Sanders does not understand anything and we do not need to reform wall street. Under Obama the 1%ers crooks got away with metaphorical murder and destruction of our economy. Clinton is the Obama administration. Six largest U.S. Banks have 58% of the GDP or about $15 trillion and write 36% of all the mortgages. Clinton does not want to break them up because they donate $10,ooo,ooo millions to the Clinton Charity < Front > Foundation.

This is a Political area of this website; theory of all types of government are discussed. 

Congress > three investigations found Bill & Hillary Clinton selling nuclear weapons to Pakistani scientists, Libyan scientists, North Korean scientists and Chinese Military firms for $44,000,000 in small $2,000 contributions by 10,000 unknown Chinese laundromat workers?

Hillary Clinton ran trade missions to China for U.S. Corporation leaders and Commerce Dept. officials who later were assassinated; all for campaign favors, an illegal act of traitorism.

Democratic Party held all the Television and most of the talk radio controls so no one knew of the Clintons and U.S. corporations selling duel use weapons of mass destruction components to foreign militaries for personal cash. Why? Jews rule the media and Jews vote 70‡ % as a pattern for the Democratic Party of the United States of America. These Jews are not religious but are gay atheists and low level intelligence but very bully big bodied organs of malfunctions.

1997 Special Investigation in Connection with 1996 Federal Election Campaigns⁄Section 33

Hillary Clinton intends Christians are radical and are extremists and ISIS and other 'Struggling socialists' are the good Samaritans or the good citizens. This was a pattern for many years, not a single instance but a pattern, a scientific pattern. Hillary loves how the women orphans are sold and are raped, in my opinion, by the Islamic State ever since February 2014 A.D. So she imports this culture to the . United States of America, in part based on Ted Kennedy's 1965 Amnesty legislation which placed a minimum quota of 100,000 Muslim Migrants a year. She is Atheist, 80% of all members of the Islamic State are Atheists and these barbarians murder, rape, suppress, and torture religious folk, Muslims, Christians, independent religious and perhaps Jews too.

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Hillary D. Rodham's Ideas of Power of Super Salvation and Back-Room politics

Saul Alinsky was a Luciferian tactician. Anyone who's read his Rules for Radicals has to recognize that his rules work to hurt nations. Most are immoral. (He believed the end justifies the means and would use just about any means to achieve his goals.) He dedicated his life's work to Lucifer ( Satan) and Hillary was accepted into Yale Law school because they love and loved Satan. Malcome Wallace, GHWBush's buddy, Yale was the shooter on the 6 th floor of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository, opposite end of the fake patsy nest.

Hillary Clinton today admitted she had deleted as many as 31, 830 personal emails she had sent as Secretary of State and deleted them all; and many were done in the late 1990s. However no one admits she just had deleted her private emails. This was full blown treason, and she was finally caught in Feb-March 2015 A.D. by an EU hacker who got a hold of Blumethal's emails; and this is where he found a secret Hillary Email in his inbox; and then he hacked her estate, using a lifted N.S.A. "Harvester" program, ultra secret. The hacker, now in prison for  other charges, goes by the name of Guccifer. Hillary believed she was above the law, and all else can go to hell, as far as  her and Bill were concerned. Condi  Rice, the previously State Dept head never used a private server, and so Hillary could not make a comparison.

-- updated 10 March 2015 A.D.

Hillery's Biography  record. Helped Bill ( her Husband) sell WMD for cash ( impeachment legalese, the real impeachment way before Monica was ever known!!!), then said a Christian made ben Ghazhi happen, when it was an al shari'ah a local terror group pissed at the UN for killing Libyans, and starting ISIS. She dedicated her Senior Thesis to Saul Alinski, a Luciferian, a real satanist, so Yale said, wow, we  love u. She then  takes $25 million from Saudi Royals while at the state dept, they suddenly have an accredited University at Berkeley California ( 2015 A.D.) , and she is exposed to having a secret server in her home, 31,000+ emails erased, and Condi did no such thing; She claims there is "a vast 'Right Wing Conspiracy" out to get her and her estranged hubby.  Chelsea Manning ( a hero of mine) outed her in wikileaks, of those documents showed that world leaders treat Hillary as a subordinate because Bill cheats on her, every day,  every year and all the time and she does not stand up, so she must be weak. Then in the last week of April 2015, the Clinton's various charities, including their own daughters took in $140 million in 2013 but paid only $35,000 to their charities and kept over $139 million dollars. It was also shown that HIllary ( Sec. of State 2009-'13) gave permission to a Putin business man to buy up 33% of all the North American Uranium mines and other rare metals 'extraction' and then Bill and her daughter, and she, all received like $250,000 each to speak at certain Corpo/Business functions, as a way to say thank you for pulling the economic/political strings.  Then in December of 2014, Bill Clinton came out and told the media that Hillary Clinton has BRAIN DAMAGE.

Does that sound like a good resume?

no trust

"A Radical is one who advocates sweeping changes in the existing laws and methods of [ def or indef article needed to clarify  what types, sic] government," HDR, page 10.  A Dictator is a radical if he/she takes on a Democratic Government and then issues kingship 'EO's over and over again! Oh Wait, that's Obama's Healthcare policy. Nevermind.

a radical vs. a conformist? Today, most Americans see both Democrat and Republican political & national parties as NEOCONS — NeoLiberals → faceless bureaucrats bent on appeasing foreigners and suppressing natives at the foreigners´ wishes. (e.g. privledged American class of families and individuals, colors need not apply here, just a willing yes-man to MEAMIC and will do whatever Satan says ). & a split by  a movement calling themselves 1776 Tea Party summer of 2008; it was forming already, over the overtly lame birth certificate when Obama's real birth certificate was published a long time ago with his baby footprint, with Mombasa Hospital and Mombasa local official signatures and stamps!   so Wikipedia is just propaganda for its later 2009 spring start date of their version of the so-called Tea Party -- in order to blame the anti ObamaCare crowd!

In the last week of April 2015, Bush Jr. (43rd) finally criticized Obama's foreign policy ( Bush had signed at 2011 pull-out it in 2008 A.D. Nov, but apparently forgot that!) and Obama came through on that Bush promise. But to explain the why? Bush correct implied, by a statement, that Obama 'owns' N.B.C. news, and yes that is true. The media was first begun by Arab - Jews, Meyer, Goldwin, and Fox ( first big Hollywood Studios, here in Los Angeles and since then have attacked the KKK ( with African American J. Edgar Hoover, he has African DNA in his system and looks black in younger photos) and promoted brown to black culture. Obama is a product of that culture and why he favored the creation of ISIS, because they are his homies: "I will stand with Islam...[...]" - B.H. Obama ii, in Audacity of Hope. Obama was intelligent to put Hillary in as a Secretary of State, so she would not work behind the scenes to derail his 'hope and change' policies. So Hillary has to take part in helping Obama create his beloved Caliphate.

Hillary Clinton attacks Women and Children to Hide the Fact She worships Beasty-Men who love to abuse Women. So why can we support a hater of Women, at all on planet Earth?

"I have been informed that the complainant [12-year-old-girl ] is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and to engage in fantasizing," wrote [Hillary] Rodham. [in, July 1975 affidavit signed "Hillary D. Rodham" ].

"Hillary Rodham Clinton often invokes her "35 years of experience making change" on the campaign trail, recounting her work in the 1970s on behalf of battered and neglected children and impoverished legal-aid clients."
"But there is a little–known episode Clinton doesn’t mention in her standard campaign speech in which those two principles collided. In 1975, a 27-year-old Hillary Rodham, acting as a court-appointed attorney, attacked the credibility of a 12-year-old girl in mounting an aggressive defense for an indigent [hard-drinking factory worker named Thomas Alfred Taylor] client accused of rape in Arkansas - using her child development background to help the defendant."
Hillary Attacks Young Children of Rape and defends their male assailants aggressively

The Tea Party arose over   the Birth Certificate issue summer 2008 A.D., and not the MEAMIC and medias claimed opposition to Obamacare in the spring of 2009 A.D.  People of the Earth Demand Truth, Justice and Fairness, not Racist Government NAZIs.

B.H. Obama ii  Real Birth Certificate /w Footprint confirms his wife's often used utterance to his home town,  Kenya! Yes, Michelle often slips up! lolz.

The birthcertificate was  the real motive -- this was really a great deception that tricked many but not all. The point is both sides want to change existing laws and methods to their profit and banker buddies, so therefore radicals can be bank robberers or lazy privileged daddy-girls and -boys that after the money runs out, they go do really important things, like Hinckley's plan to wed Jodi Foster and both to live in weded bliss in the White House --- he had no understanding of Reagan nor Politics -- this was just a rich-ass white kid that was lazy, taught by the Democratic MEAMIC school system to be corrupt and racist, and lived by traveling off his parent's rich bank accounts. When he was in his 20s, and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting and doing nothing and his parents said, "wait, no more money" -- he then devised a plan to get attention for his problem ---- his problem was no one wanted to pay him for doing absolutely nothing, so he attempted to get attention of the world by day dreaming of a Hollywood actress and thus believing she would be his if he shot the U.S. President.   He is cited in all Democratic MEAMIC books as 'a radical' that saw Ronald Reagan as some form of racist, anti-black, anti-brown, elitist, and so he went to shoot him to stop it. It is like Hillary's husband who believes the father George H.W. Bush, Sr. of his enemy, George W. Bush, Jr.  is now his real father he never had, he cares less if his father helped kill  John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald is clearly photographed outside, on the steps of the Dallas School Book Depository with Bill Lovedale., his working boss, in Associated Press photog. James. Altgens, click 6 for all to see, and the media, academia, governments, industry nor anyone cares at all?  So MEAMIC and Hillary, like her liar-charades during media events on ben Ghazī are nothing to do with her thesis;  she acts, behaves and lives 180 degrees from what she suggest we all do and be more transparent.  We do not need people on planet Earth like this.

That is just a part of the overall lies by MEAMIC. Hillary is now a long standing member of MEAMIC. So in her thesis, if you read all of her stuff, she cannot define anything worthy of excellence, just like her definition of radical shows an epic fail and how the U.S.A. system of education was deplorable in the 1960s regardless of Californian claims I have often been caught up in that it was the number one school system in the world, oh Wait, Yale is on the East Coast; and Yale said, 'Heah, man this is good stuff, let us get her!' -- indicating they are of Satan's Army. In the 1960s, Yale academics working to advice the office of the presidency ( John was a reader of history, so he did not buy this crapola) told the President Administration that Guatemalan farmers were secret Soviet Superhumaoid soldiers to invade the U.S.A. and so where Gooks, a term used to define Asians. So they set off performing coups and wars and throwing in the peasantry as human fodder, just to put smiles on their faces, because killing humans was so much fun.

 Hillary D Rodham’s Wellesley College, May  2, 1969 senior thesis

Hillary Clinton’s Senior Thesis to which she submitted to get into Yale University decries ( her thesis) that politics should be transparent and not a back –door closed-off Democracy ( back-room decision making where democratic people of the state cannot see the deliberations of arguments.). But she is a fraud and a lair, & all of these decisions such as healthcare (Obamacare & Stimulus(es)) to wars in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Northern Pakistan nearly completely destroyed,  and Libya, well these are all back-room American imperialism deals that the U.S.A. citizens have no idea to what is being decided as to the path of democracy. She is filth and a liar & of the utmost importance in history to deceive. Obama is a Neo-Con +1!  Innocent Muslims are being slaughtered by her actions, funding Venezuelan anti Democratic militants, out of touch with reality ---daily and no one of the media, as a rightist nor leftist ( who control, including Fox News) contests nor complains.

As civilization's mentor Yale, and even More Harvard has failed global civilization. She gets into Yale, not for any brillance, although she writes well, rather a standard targeted political essay which has become the normative educational narrative. To react to the status quo, one must use ' whatever means possible' to defeat the enemy. We hear the Democratic Party in the American post World Wars communist slogonry such as "The War" on everything. All papers and essays must be aggressive with a targeted enemy -- which is higher intelligence. In my state, for example, California churns out brain dead robots with technological aggression, easy to adapt from civilian support the rich to a fighting global army for the rich and evil. Most Californians I run into on a daily basis are functional illiterates, almost brain dead to reality. The due however have anger and aggressive views ( usually what is dumped into them by the media system).

To get back room politics out of Government a radical pro elitist ( we can say today, a Pro 1%er) was used as Hillary Rodham's thesis model. ( Hillary Clinton is a known liar and Yale's theses readers for this term were rather functionally retarded and/or haters of the human race.). The first mention of Republicans in history is the very , and very ancient Rome. They were the lower and suppressed working class. To make sure the rich class will not be ruled by the lower class, the rich class must own the 'life' narrative. So in most ancient books, there are usually a 50/50 split on which ideology ( yes, even Athenian philosophers spoke in 'left' and 'right' political theory) but since the 1960s ( starting in Europe in the 1920s) the ideas of the elite' were to control the narrative , thus taking the original 'peoples' out of the hero political party but replacing them as the target.

When I went to one of the highest rated community colleges in Los Angeles ( where it schooled a modern Los Angeles mayor and a bevy of Californian politicans, I saw John Kerry speak there and almost got thrown out by the Secret Service (He was there with Verigosa, an alumni of Valley College) for screaming if he had repaid the $80,000 that the Chinese Military had funneled into his election campaign as a part of Bill Clinton's 'Dear Freiends' program to transfere duel use nuclear technology to the Chinese Military, but after I shouted the fanbase yelled back -- or what that just the secret services? ) and there the English Professor ( Ph. D. U.C.L.A., and she was an expert grammarian) forced all of us students to bash Bush (43) in our English 101 ( mandatory ) class. You could be writing about daisies and their nomenclature, and you throw in " Bush is the meanest person on Earth," or " He is big oil, and a terrorist." And she was a good professor compared to the normative narratives. There are no right - wingers in American politics today, nor has there been for a long time. Perhaps Jimmy Carter is among one of the last ones the skimmed the surface, Ronald Reagan was only a half right wing, and John F. Kennedy was assassinated and everyone knows the proceeding administration carried it out and no one protested, such as an entire nation because the educational system blames the wrong agents for evil.

The world follows or mirrors the U.S.A. at this time and it teaches all the peoples of Earth to be Evil Greedy and uncaring. So they will produce off-spring in like manner, as the educational system is all but completely broken. You have corrupted the minds of the youth by claiming in Every Text book in school that bullets flying 2000+ mps make a 45 degree sharp turn in midflight and blame the Right Wing --- in every text book in all pubic and even at Yale and Harvard --- which authorize this demonic crap.

In the 1960s and the rise of social 'privledged' class based upon MEAMIC's destroy the world and force them to pay for rebuilding effort created a false narrative of a high standard of living, and thus Demoncrats try to hang onto the past's boom as if it was the norm. Out of the chaos of globalization ( post WWII) every sub social group wanted to experience the 'exceptionally' of America and then teach their children, in these school text books that this lifestyle and all of its material wealth are based upon voting for the Democratic Party and all the ills must be from the opposite parties. So each sub group all across the Earth seeks the Hollywood Hills Castle as Heaven and fights  ( Federalist Papers) for that piece of the pie. To keep this piece of this pie going, constant warplans and chaos must ensue to rape the resources from other lands, and this takes the most powerful military on the planet. There, at this time, are no equivalents to the global reach of the U.S.A. Military. No country on Earth has the capability of going anywhere at any time, and the U.S.A. has the grid of Earth on air refueling mechanisms which makes it nearly unstoppable, except for ICBMs.

For example, Hugo Chaves supplied heating oil to much of the East Coast of America, when America’s supply ran short or was put on hold. Now, Obama and Hillary are funding anti democrat movements in Venezuela ( 2014), now that Chaves is no longer with a human body, the U.S.A. does this ‘totally’ as a back room decision. So by reading Hillary's thesis, we no longer see a caring person but a total monster that needs to be caged. She wants to be a U.S.A. president ( impossible if her mother's time of birth is correct, astreology) but she has already been running political governments by use of threats, force and torture, and this makes her already a leader of many countries. This is not a Democrat this is a Satanic Witchranny. This is pure Evil. So the biggest fraud is that the right -wing is the case of all bad social behavior in all of these American text books. To make things perfectly clear, both Bushes ( 41, 43) are more leftwing than Hillary Clinton. It matters not what the Republican Party puts up as a narrative for American's right-wing ideology , the Democrats have proven over and over that Republicans are almost totally, at least, functionally, illiterate. Ronald Reagan was not a right-winger, therefore Republicans cannot fight the system as they do not know how it operates --- and this must be collectively & mentally unmanageable. So on a higher sphere of intellectual brilliant analysis, Hillary's thesis is to attack the intelligencia and replace the top criminals with 'other' criminals, and not work for the people. This is why an elite school will often accept your work because they know you can be controlled by Satan.

So Hillary's Target is Intelligence  & Saul Lewinsky's ( al linsky) style of elite suppression of the targeted culture's poor agrees! Democracy is about sharing ( Athenian structure for living) but Hillary Clinton has $175,000,000 ( 175 Million Dollars) to her name ( joint sum w/husband, to which is publically known) and no salaries that the people had voted to pay her had ever amounted to elitist wealth such as this. She is the enemy of the people ( Archangel Michael). 

She blames Republicans for back-door politics as ‘bad’ for Democracy in the American experiment, where there is no transparency; but this is her number one policy in the Obama’s leftist administration,  and no liberal is opposing her -- from George Clooney, and all of Hollywood to University leftist political hacks. Transparency has many angles, for example. Hillary knows what happened to Vince, she knew her husband philanders ( accused of multiple rapes) and called it ' a vast right -wing conspiracy' trying to trick the people that he does not cheat on her, and when she ran for office she made commercial about always being there for the people ( 3:00 am phone call) but left the country, feigning sickness, and feigning work schedules to answer the Christ Steven's emergency phone calls on 11 th  September 2012. But what was more serious to her self accomplishments was murdering the first Black Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown because he was to quite over protests of Hillary's duel use nuclear weapons deals to China. She thanks the MEAMIC plane-accident-assassination bureau, a real big time BEHIND the close door political entities within the Democratic Party, and so we see that America is gone so far as to worship her husband as the Beast and she as his slave.

Her Thesis to get into Yale claims the good policies of government are transparency. Her example are Chicago politicians and back-room decision making – it hurts the commoners, a part of the fabric of Democracy. Yet, she consistently does not tell the American public she and her boss, Obama, order drone strikes on innocent people in the middle east, and call for boots on the ground and then ordering her media partners to lie to the Americans and the world. It is not national security, it is a continuing of a Neo-Con over lordship, and she is the dragon master now. Does Yale feel duped or are they the same liars as an institution for teaching the world how to operate – lie, kill, rob, repeat-rinse-redo!

Hilary Clinton helped her husband sell nuclear weapons technology to the Chinese military.  There is a large profit in his covert business. She was once poor, and now is one of the richest political women on the planet. U.S.A. private business corporations that were the tool for Chinese nuclear weapons ascendancy all contributed to both Bill Clinton’s election campaigns; all were staunch Democratic Party contributors. So the lies from the left that private corporations are subjected solely to right wing political establishments are just as filthy a lie as Hillary’s thesis claims it is a bad policy to have back-room decision making in a democracy – a practice she ignores and back-room politics continues to shape her political legacy.

In political science, liberal is associated with radical while conservative is associated with reactionary. Here Hillary redefines liberalism as a reactionary ideology. 

Most violent civil rights ideologues’ promulgated power-up from the bottom is achieved by violent opposition to ‘the power.’  This was not Hillary’s genus, it was just the going thing at this time in U.S.A. history.

Hillary’s points by implicitly; Yet, do we really understand what is actionary v. reactionary?; or is it an illusion based upon holographs of quantum and special relativity arguments by the world famous physicists?

  1. Bring problem solving to the streets in a radical fashion ( no – longer behind close doors, an example cited was Chicago Mayor Daley’s methodology.
  2.  If one attends a poverty activist club, one will come out an activist against Poverty – ( this is reminiscent of the sloganry in Mao’s communist China & implicit in the thesis argument: a direct result created by the government of the United States of America, implicated to suppress the average citizens of the United States of America) [ See cartoon illustration page, 81, titled “ Super Salvation.”])
  3. A statement: Power can only be achieved by a public unit.  [ note: A Karl Marx claim, yet stated, elucidated, and elaborated ad nausea in many cultures and texts since the recording of history began.]

This is the essay that Yale University had read that decided her writing and logic skills could qualified her for acceptance into the University. In part, Hillary’s thesis is of the common’s role of power and it ties to the human condition for everything the common lower class intends is that of "super salvation." This type of ideology, the antithesis of republican & pragmatic representation and of slow and deliberate planning and by argument played the role in her destiny of meeting and falling love with William Jefferson Blythe IV, a radical, in which they had a child they named Chelsea. Since the common see themselves, in general, as continually suppressed, Karl Marx concluded the only solution was a policy for continuous chaos ( Proletariat World Revolution) , i.e. disabled social spaces in a perpetual chaos,  it is the argument for perpetual social war that seeks change for change itself. Since there always will be poor, they will always see themselves as repressed, so there will all be this “super salvation,” some quasi-religious common furor over a justice and its role in society. It is an empirical result of historicism. It is also a part of forbidden discourse. The solution is to wave you hands in the air, like you just don’t care, and claim the world’s people are generally bad, corrupt and unjust. By framing the world as negative, the common can place guilt upon the forces above them, who then start to argue among themselves; then indefinably the lower take the higher social positions along with the economic power, and replace the aristocrats and begin the process over and over again. The lower become the high, and high become the low – then the critical criteria forms again and the lower takes the position of the repressed.

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Instead of hiding 900 FBI files under the bed where they are useless until nighttime, Burglar ( Sandy Berger document thief of Bill Clinton) taught Hillary to have them assessable on her person, by various methods of taping pages to the inside of the pant-leg, and around the calf area on the leg. This way Hillary can do her, “cough,” work with more accessibility. Burglar brings to the Hillary’s campaign years of research of document espionage.  When Hillary cannot remember vital “top-secret” information against her enemies out on the campaign trail, having Burglar around to tape “classified documents” to her legs so she can peek at them at rallies and political campaign functions is a vital function to the sinister strategy to win the USA presidential 2008 election.  This can be explained that Hillary doesn’t’ have much of a platform, and that suggesting a  $12.3 trillion dollar healthcare system, the first year of her Husbands presidency,  Obama took over the role to pass the tax the poor and give a tax break to the very rich program he calls Obamacare.  The issue of 900 FBI files came up when Vince Foster, Clinton's sandbox buddy alledgeldy committed suicide with two gun shots to the head ( science claims Bill and Hillary and Reno are liars and are murderers for covering this up).

Here's the bottom line of the latest HillaryWorld scandals: Clinton Inc. embodies what's wrong with America. ( usenet post 10 March 2015)

It's about getting stinking rich from the inside connections forged in a life of public service.

It's about using your "charity" and your high government office as adjuncts of your political machine. ( most Africannations complain they helped the Clinton Foundation raise over $100,000,000 and were promised a big slice of the pie to perform infrastructure work, but it never came, it was stolen.

It's about refusing to play by the rules even as you want to set the rules for everyone else.

Start with the latest shocker, the email lunacy. You don't get to keep your government work a secret from the government.

Anyone with a regular job gets it: Your work product belongs to the folks who sign your paycheck. How can that not be even more obvious when the signature is Uncle Sam's?

That the question never occurred to Hillary is just one more sign of her overinflated sense of entitlement -- as is the fact that she set the whole thing up right when she was taking the job.

And that none of her staff at State ever raised a question tells you what a pack of flunkies she gathered 'round herself.


Q: What's the difference between a hillary clinton and a carp?

A: One's a scum-sucking, bottom-feeding scavenger. The other is a fish.

updated 27 th Apr. 2015: Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has been placed on the “watch list” of problematic nonprofits by the top Charity Watchdog Group. These Clinton family’s mega-charities took in more than $140 million in grants and gave to Charity only $95‚000<ninety five thousand> and kept the rest arguing they need to pay off 15 castles and homes across the Earth, because they work for the people and need places to stay on their many vacations. < New York Post reports>

$140 million ; in 2016 we learned this ballooned to $240 ‚ 000 ‚ 000 U.S. dollars. I have no home and this Beast wife is importing the Arabs, getting kickbacks, and stoping American's energy independance futures by meddling in U.S. working class polices for personal gains which is anti–American.