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Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, then students at Cleveland's Glenville High School‚ first conceived Superman as a bald telepathic villain bent on world domination.

 Evil on Graghics Google + Arc Michael, sec. Race, Superman superman of Steel Evil dude A Sumerian hymn to the god of the west gives a warlike description of the Amorites (Amurru) [Arabs] who migrated from the Arabian desert into the Mesopotamia and Syria around 2000 B.C.E.

They migrate and later are a big part of the rulership of Hittite and Egyptian administrations.

Black Race Needs to Halt Blaming Scandinavian and nordic whites for slavery

1200 to 650 BC, The Minaean kingdom, Gold and human slave shipping existed. At this time, Bengal was the trade sea port and merchant global destination, linking east and the west, where Arabs were already expert shippers. No different during the post Exploration New World period, the Arabs took over after Philip IV’s period, and Napoleon destroyed the Spanish World Empire. Arab shipping of humans helped start U.S. slavery in the colonies, Caribbean and north America. It was on Arab captained ships that the Boston Tea Party became a historical battle cry for freedom from a white race of British dominion. This is not taught because blaming European wealthy aristocrats, the main founding fathers controls social structures of rulership.

Brown vs. The board of Education

Arabs forced arabs into white–white and white –arab mixed suburbs in the 1970s by forced bussing, an outcrop of forced integration of mixed DNA. This was for white–white genocide purposes only. The secret society jews figured “we have most of the whites on the run around the world, except Russia ( 20 thcentury target by arabites) and now China ( 21 st century target by Satanites ‡ Am e rica‡.” Why? Because northern Chinese that control China are white–white and so are most of the main Russian population. So Jews said‚ “we attack and target here” ≡ Henry Kissinger √Jewite freako boy and mass manipulating arabite‚ would happily intend.

Queen Hatshepsut (1504- 1482 B.C.E.) of the 18th dynasty was one of the few female pharaohs of Egypt spoke about a land called Put that had settlers on both sides of the Red sea

Citizens Global

Arab or arab mixed and black black and black mixed vote for Hillary Rodham also arab DNA and is indicated by the blue globe. The Red globe is highlighted by white white peoples: Chinese are white white, the northerners and the Russians also a white white country. So by using DNA you can began to map the global and also these historical conflicts by these patterns of genomic codes.
So to keep white–white people from ruling the United States of America after world war II was to assassinate them as these arabites and black DNAers performed on the white–white clan . The U.S. Congress can take pitch forks and open up these archives but they too are arabites and thus DNA says they automatically are wired to racism against the white–white race or the non color race. The color race will deny this to the non color race as it is also a wired response.

Arabite and admitted criminal Mark Zukerburg has a Facebook policy that claims Donald Trump is racist for wanting to build a wall on the Sothern boarder of the United States of America; In real life the Criminal is building a giant wall around his super city complex to keep out the people that live south of the United States of American boarder or the new arab middle easterner. This hypocritical viewpoint is a sign of damage genomes in its DNA sequence.